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  1. I don't care how this finishes, I love this group of players, they have given us our pride back after how awful we were in the seasons leading up to the relegation. Hearing our fans roar at Old Trafford and get behind this lot is an absolute joy. UTV.
  2. Anyone else noticed that Keinan Davis is 5'6" in this year's edition of the game?
  3. Heaton looking like an inspired signing. Also, United should have dropped that 80m on Upamecano, he looks class.
  4. Jarrod Bowen. Just wanted to bump his name in this thread in the hope one of the lurking journos uses it for their next "transfer gossip" piece and I can indulge in the idea we might sign him. Can just be a "Villa considering a bid" or something like that, we don't have to pretend it's anything too concrete. Ta.
  5. It depends on how the deal is structured, we may be paying very little now to secure the deal with most of the fee paid later causing it to fall into the summer budget (that is purely speculation though).
  6. West Brom are as good as you’ll find in this league and they were glad to come away with a point through a bullshit goal on their own ground. We’re a great team to watch right now, and that’s not something that people have been able to say for a while. In Bolasie, Grealish, El Ghazi we have players who look like they’d be at home in the Premier League and should terrorise defenses in this league for the rest of the season. Also want to give a special shout out to Hourihane, it was kind of fitting playing against Barry who is a player who used to get us ticking over in midfield to see someone who is doing the same for us today, he might not be the most eye catching player but when he plays well, we play well. Bring on the games, I just want to watch this team play. UTV
  7. Trying to keep track of where we're at squad depth-wise, using the formation from the last game I've got this so far: Cover for those wide positions seems like a must.
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