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    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    West Brom are as good as you’ll find in this league and they were glad to come away with a point through a bullshit goal on their own ground. We’re a great team to watch right now, and that’s not something that people have been able to say for a while. In Bolasie, Grealish, El Ghazi we have players who look like they’d be at home in the Premier League and should terrorise defenses in this league for the rest of the season. Also want to give a special shout out to Hourihane, it was kind of fitting playing against Barry who is a player who used to get us ticking over in midfield to see someone who is doing the same for us today, he might not be the most eye catching player but when he plays well, we play well. Bring on the games, I just want to watch this team play. UTV
  2. kingysilvers

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Trying to keep track of where we're at squad depth-wise, using the formation from the last game I've got this so far: Cover for those wide positions seems like a must.
  3. kingysilvers

    The Ex-Villa Player thread - Keeping tabs on old Villans

    Brad Guzan played the MLS All Star Game with a mic fitted so he could be interviewed as the game was happen, crazy stuff:
  4. kingysilvers

    Luke Organ

    Wouldn't trust him with any serious negotiations, think he'd end up getting played.
  5. kingysilvers

    January 2017 transfer window

    "Leicester turn down improved Sunderland bid for Ulloa" from the Guardian live blog, I hope they get desperate and go for RMc.
  6. kingysilvers

    January 2017 transfer window

    Rhode to nowhere.
  7. kingysilvers

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    In keeping with the thread title... hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. kingysilvers

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016 Sorry if this is very old news.
  9. kingysilvers

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Some topical light relief for everyone: David Squires on the transfer window
  10. kingysilvers


    The Sunday morning rain, the touchline refrain...