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  1. Honestly don't blame him. He's got 8 caps, how many more might he have the chance to get in his career?
  2. As Jamaica and the US are both on the amber list he could do the "Test to Release" thing which would cut the quarantine to 5 days.
  3. They mean everything when it comes to over the hill players on high wages that you can't sell on. Seems like a sensible contract all things considered.
  4. Jonathan David would be awesome, mainly so we have more fans here in Canada and the games will be easier to catch in bars. So yeah, throw all of the Jack money at him.
  5. This is like watching a bloke spam the "Offer To Clubs" option on Football Manager
  6. For what it's worth, WhoScored have rated his performances from last season very highly:
  7. Good first 15 for Spain, so going by the usual pattern of this tournament they're doomed.
  8. Got an Uber to watch the England game the other day and the driver was absolutely buzzing when he saw my Villa shirt. Turns out he was from Burkina Faso and Bertie is an absolute hero there, spent the whole ride chatting about good he is. That's all I've got, just love stuff like that.
  9. Seems like a good plan if we're going to test Arsenal's resolve on some of their young players. Given their lack of CL and how hard it would be to shift the big earners they're going to have to sell a few to balance the books.
  10. He's not perfect but Traore is fast becoming my favourite player, so entertaining to watch.
  11. Jean II Makoun. If one touch passing happened to be some sort of football cheat code this man would have been unstoppable. Unfortunately it wasn't. I hope he ends up a manager somewhere more committed to tiki taka than Pep, subbing off players who dare to take a second touch.
  12. He has an inferiority complex. He didn't believe he was good enough for the job in the first place and now spends every game trying to practice systems that he hopes will avoid embarrassment whenever we play the better international teams.
  13. We're not pressing as much and it's starting to put us on the back foot.
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