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  1. Elmo could have done with trez in front of him, Bert better put a shift in
  2. Problem is , is he worth more than his release clause ?nothing is stopping them buying him and selling him the next day, only thing that might stop this might be the market being slower during the pandemic
  3. Only got to see first half today , looked to be having good game again but was times where I thought he looked tired, it's concerning that we have Taylor waiting to come in if anything happens to him, everywhere else apart from up top we look like we could probably give players a break like Luiz today
  4. Before this season I would have agreed with you but anytime I've seen them this season he has been excellent
  5. Is a slight irony that of all the teams they play next ,it is us with the best keeper they have had in years and they won't have Leno
  6. Upgrade of Davis so yes but like you said 6 month deal
  7. pete101

    Keinan Davis

    All clubs you named I really would not like emulate, our goal has to be to push past these teams . Davis has had a lot of patience off the fans here and we all wish him well if he ends up leaving, but dream bigger mate , In my Wildest dreams didn't think we could be in the position we are , now let's push on
  8. That was pathetic from bale , he played 60 mins and never sprinted once, just jogged around the place, was funny watching him try get back up the field after defending a set piece
  9. Have we done business on deadline day under Dean before?
  10. Thought I seen a foul in one of them goals , the defender had jizz all over him
  11. So looks like we are going to be the first game in premier League next weekend against arsenal to have this trialed . Think it's great that we have finally acknowledged this as a major problem in the game and fully support this to go ahead What i would like to know is , what will be the punishment handed out to teams for trying to use this as an advantage ( Mr pep and Mr klopp trying to use this as a work around to use the extra sub that they have been crying out for. )??? I am a big follower of rugby union and it is worth googling bloodgate to see how teams attempt to use these
  12. Best of luck to him , never worked out for him here but was always professional about it and never created problems
  13. pete101

    Keinan Davis

    I think he would be lucky to start in league 1 he isn't championship level
  14. Any update on if we found that key to dressing room Ross got locked in at half time?
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