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  1. pete101

    Saïd Benrahma

    Love watching him in championship and last season I was all for us to get him , not as much this season I think he looks very much like an El Ghazi type player , if things are going well and we are dominating a game he looks incredible and one of best players on pitch. My fear is if we are chasing a game with little possession he will go missing similar to El Ghazi.
  2. I've been trolling a customer care chat for last hr and half over a coffee mug I didn't receive, dickheads wouldn't refund me, but my pure being the most annoying person on the planet paid off and got me the W
  3. Grealish 6.5m a year Bale 15m year from spurs and 15m a year by Madrid Think it puts into perspective how good a deal we have done for Jack
  4. For me neither are up to it , Hause just doesn't read the game well enough and poor Engles has zero pace
  5. Mind blown , record fee and sitting on bench
  6. This is a win Arsenal looked at this guy as there starting keeper , its clear he wants to come here . This is a huge moment moving forward , taking players off the so called bigger clubs really shows ambition
  7. Definitely like to see him get another season, if we are going to make comparisons with Gueye, think he had a better 1st season than Gueye . In Gueye's first season he made foul after foul and got us in a lot of trouble
  8. I'd prefer to loan him out to a shit league where he might get goals and then cash in on him, Celtic or rangers would be perfect
  9. pete101

    Josh King

    I can see this happening in next 24hrs , don't think Bournemouth can let this one drag on too long because of his contact situation, not sure he is perfect for our system because I see Watkins as our main striker but would be great signing all the same
  10. Congrats , with so many of the lower league clubs struggling through this covid , it's nice to see a club put into a stable position through a deal like this , spend it wisely
  11. You see this guy throw a ball? He makes Rory Delap look like a pussy
  12. Southgate in 90mins Starts dier on left side of a 3 with no left foot , Ming's in squad that would really have looked great playing in that position Starts a right back at left wing back , who basically looks lost for 90mins Phillips is asked to play in a two with rice who has zero creativity Subs off the right back and puts a left back to play right back , whilst still having a right back completely lost playing left back
  13. Your like the shopkeeper that has sold you the most expensive thing in the shop and you are trying to leave with the bus fair home but he won't let you leave without seeing one last item
  14. Delighted if this truly is done , think he is exactly what we need , can old ball up aswel as Keinan and knows how to score goals like Tammy The fee is disgraceful , fair play to Brentford for getting this . This is two deals in a row now that I feel like we have identified the right player (Cash) but have been tore a new one in negotiations, what scares the hell out of me is these guys could have been involved in negotiations if someone had bid for jack
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