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  1. Thought myself looked more like dislocated shoulder, not sure what time frame would be for that
  2. As great as we have been since jack put the armband on , the team's around us have gifted us some great results
  3. Still trying to grasp where in the hell did he get 6mins
  4. pete101

    Mile Jedinak

  5. Just finished series called Wayne , Good series and very easy watch
  6. Finished Evil Genius last night , Netflix documentary, only 4 episodes in it. Thought was very good , mad story
  7. Buying Christmas presents last few days and bought a remote control car for one of kids , after inspecting it after I got it home I realised it comes without a remote , turns out that it must be controlled with a smart phone , for McGrath sake anyone old enough to have a smart phone should be a little old to be playing with a child's remote controlled car , what has the world come to
  8. Seems to be a lot of Abraham linkin going on , Chelsea seem light up top
  9. Seems bit more serious this time hopefully
  10. pete101

    Uk Travel

    Flying into Birmingham airport in January and will be travelling to Gloucester for a rugby game , will be Friday afternoon , what would be my best route to Gloucester ? Train or bus ?
  11. pete101

    AVTV 2018/9

    Efl ifollow is how im watching it
  12. Last Belgian we brought in that was on strike wasn't too bad

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