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  1. pete101

    Paul McGrath

    As an Irish man I'm still tore between McGrath and Keane , really find it hard to separate them, but being a kid from an Irish family growing up in Birmingham in early 90s , he pretty much gave me a place to belong, he is more than god to me
  2. Devastating news, only seems like yesterday that I was watching him play in youth cup final
  3. The state of that ,5:0 to us all day long
  4. Thought he was terrible today, beginning of season I thought he was gonna be a top player but seems to be going backwards
  5. We are at the 2am point of the nightclub right now, we started the night with great ambitious but now we will take home just about anything at this point
  6. Gutted I couldn't be there for this , the whole night looked amazing. Would love have asked any of our players coming off the field would you prefer play in a cup tie or have a night off (this is what football is about klopp) On side note the whole pitch invasion looked good natured only for one or two , if the tit that put up the video on YouTube of him running towards Leicester player swearing at them is reading this , take your stupid video down
  7. If you're in negotiations for a player it is probably the smartest thing to say , be pretty stupid to say , " ya we got this one guy that we really want and no one else "
  8. pete101

    Louie Barry

    Hopefully this is our biggest signing of the window when we look back in few years
  9. With Sammata in and set to start for Bournemouth game , I can't see us doing anymore business until deadline day , probably the best day for getting in players of a higher quality who are more inclined to us when time is running out
  10. Huge result , that is sickening for Watford , have to wonder what effect that might have on them On and upwards
  11. With exception of the American's, the general population of these countries are very poor, great to have them all behind us but on commercial aspect I can't see them being very effective
  12. Would have to wonder what issues might arise with permit here, not the greatest time for an Iranian to apply for a visa in UK
  13. Not a hope of him agreeing to this, at that age he will be looking for something a bit more secure then a 6 month deal with us having an option , 18month deal might get it over the line
  14. pete101

    Kortney Hause

    This is the problem with statistics in football , they tell a story with math and the game football is an art which in my opinion can not be broken down with mathematics. Yes it can point you in the right direction at times Think all you really need to do is go to the in game match thread to see the proper picture, from page 6 on (think we are about 15 mins into game from here on) you can see people start to react to hause from here on
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