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  1. Can see this move making him England number 1 , think Pickford is a disaster in waiting
  2. Quick Google search and we were also linked with him last summer
  3. Seen it earlier, seems link started on a fake Twitter acc, the guy is linked with move to Lyon
  4. Hasn't changed for last few weeks , we have been 5/6 for a while now
  5. Because we are all greedy greedy people and we want , we want
  6. Lobov and malignaggi are fighting tonight in that bare Knuckle fighting, I really am against bare Knuckle fighting , especially after seeing the state of lobov and last guy he fought after the fight , but curiosity will get me here and will probably check it out
  7. Would be an amazing signing but probably unrealistic , arsenal are very closely tracking him aswel as some of other bigger clubs around Europe
  8. Think he would be very good squad player if price was responsible
  9. This whole " the price is this because you guys wanted 35-40 million for Grealish" is pure nonsense, the players we have looked at in championship are good players but Grealish is not a good player , he is a special player , only Madison I see as anything similar to jack , as good a player the likes of Webster is , there is 3 or 4 similar options in the championship , you would be lucky to find 2 or 3 similar type of players to Grealish in the prem league never mind the championship
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