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  1. Just want him to be stronger when he comes back , he was on the ground half the time he played
  2. Alderweireld is as slow as Engles , if jack can isolate him he could do serious damage
  3. Just watched Franco v Maloney , was the fight before Crawford v Brook , biggest robbery I've seen in a title fight , the ref declares an accidental headbutt has happened in first round that has caused swelling to Franco's eye and two rounds later calls it a no decision Replay shows it's a punch that causes the swelling and was no headbutt , they then go to replay and the commission and official on reply bottle it and stay with refs no decision. Hard to get excited about this main fight after watching that rubbish
  4. Spot on , type of deal spurs did for Dele Ali for a young up and coming player that is getting game time regularly
  5. When was last team we had that you thought we are capable of beating any team any day ? even under O'Neill , I think that team had a ceiling , ofc let's not get carried away 40pts is our mandate
  6. Ya thought he played it perfectly today , 2nd half was superb , loved his 2nd goal , that little shoulder to shoulder by grealish was my fav part of it
  7. I feel like a spoilt brat writing this we have 12 ponts in 5 games with him up top but gonna say it , he has scored in 1 game out of 5 I'm sick of being a villa fan that says oh but he works hard . It feels along time since the season angel scored all them goals ( I can't include Tammy in championship , no just no )
  8. Thought jack was terrible today but he dose have days like this , Southampton of last year comes to mind but let's hope that's his one poor game of the season
  9. Brazil are playing Peru at 1am Not sure it will be on any normal platform but should be found online somewhere
  10. Best case would be city given a transfer ban , can only dream
  11. No evidence that plane has anything to do with this
  12. Norgaard injured today . Nakamba part of a deal for Said ? his wages would obviously need to be a bit more realistic
  13. Think most of us had little doubt over his ability ( even with fairly average stats) but most were concerned how long he would stay fit
  14. Don't think he belongs there either , maybe off-topic
  15. How do ya think this might effect transfer fees? On one side the market for these players to go abroad will be gone but then they will be the only market for premier League clubs
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