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  1. Brought a defender today aswel, but this is our transfer thread , so I'll leave arsenal mostly horrible business alone
  2. I'd argue arsenal have improved , they have spend the money in an awful way but they have improved their defence
  3. Think with every team improving around us we have had a window that will keep up with them but think the hopes of Europe will be out of our grasps unless some of our young lads push on at huge rate
  4. Business to replace grealish has been superb (EmiB, Bailey,Ings as that's what we were told was his replacement) , after that we have brought in young and Axel, that's not enough for me , I understand we might go again in January but at that point prices generally are inflated . Think we have all said a 6 was most important and possibly a backup GK , probably 20 million would have gone a long way to secure that, just feel a bit flat considering the great start to the window we had
  5. pete101

    Louie Barry

    Relax a little , he needs to earn his right to play and when he gets going , I'm sure he will do well, can't just panic the second he is being asked to earn his place
  6. Were you abducted by aliens for the a whole summer during the Phillips pursuit ?
  7. Brilliant today , could have been even better only for a referee that was targeting him all day
  8. Young in the more central role isn't working great imo, get Ollie on and let Carney and Dougie sit deeper
  9. Big day for Carney, best of luck lad
  10. Only thing I can think is with grealish and Terry both gone , Connor offers experience around the squad , has always been quite vocal in his time in a villa jersey
  11. Better in second half than first , he is gonna play a big roll in team with all the injuries , wasn't brilliant today but when it counted he put the ball in back of net
  12. Really showed his intelligence today, targett imo gives away a penalty in first half where he pulled out of the challenge , got himself between man and ball and won a few fouls
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