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  1. Thought it was a proper attempt,very similar to brook v GGG fought well but that orbital is a killer, hope he takes his time on coming back as we all remember brook doing it a 2nd time against Spence
  2. Can't argue with dazn, 2euro for me per month
  3. Ya terrible decision, loved the response by Takayama, the guy had me with the min he walked out to the rocky music
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/us/south-carolina-firing-squads-executions My cousin wrote a classic song that is sang in Celtic park since covered by rod Stewart called Grace, it might feel along time ago but it's only a few generations for many of us, mad to think this kind of thing still goes on
  5. Ya that's basically it, but in no way do they say that in the bet, they should really phrase its group rounds by stoppage, they send ya a link to tapoligy when I asked about it
  6. Bet on group rounds between 5-6 , they don't want to pay me out
  7. I should know better now to bet against canelo but think Billy Joe causes serious problems , I'm up few pound after the Castro fight so gonna go for Saunders by points(I know judges in Texas are bellends but don't think billy can stop him)
  8. Average with great moments is what sums him up
  9. Watkins says hello, but seriously think this has been best game in a villa jersey, had good games before working off jack but this was more standout for me , still wouldn't buy him but well done ross
  10. Didn't looked bothered at all, walked around the field and offered nothing , didn't need to help Targett because of work sanson was putting in. Has to be gone in the summer , as good as he has been at times this season, he just is too unreliable
  11. It's because the shift sanson is putting in beside him, have given John a lot more license to play football in the right area
  12. Elmo could have done with trez in front of him, Bert better put a shift in
  13. Problem is , is he worth more than his release clause ?nothing is stopping them buying him and selling him the next day, only thing that might stop this might be the market being slower during the pandemic
  14. Only got to see first half today , looked to be having good game again but was times where I thought he looked tired, it's concerning that we have Taylor waiting to come in if anything happens to him, everywhere else apart from up top we look like we could probably give players a break like Luiz today
  15. Before this season I would have agreed with you but anytime I've seen them this season he has been excellent
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