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  1. My wife is back office staff at a surgery and she sometimes covers the phones. She sometimes comes home frustrated because of so many other people off sick and leaving her to do too many jobs, and also some of the people who call up aren't always particularly nice, even before they've asked for an appointment. I'm sure we've all had bad days at work, and having to deal with often stressed and upset people on top of that would make it much worse, especially when then there's so little you can do about it. That being said, at the surgery there's 2 doctors for over 8k patients. I think stats like that show why it's hard to get an appointment. I was also in hospital for a while last month, and it's the same there. I didn't see a doctor for three days and on some of the shifts there'd only be 2 nurses in to look after 24 patients with varying illnesses, majority of which are pretty serious if you're in hospital. The NHS has such a shortfall of medical staff it's unreal. Being a receptionist at a surgery is one of those jobs that I just wouldn't want. I'd rather mop the toilets at McDonalds.
  2. Kane has been awful. If his form doesn't pick up then he shouldn't be in the team. With the players in the team tonight a pressing striker like Watkins would be so much better suited. Dragging players about creating space for Foden, Mount, and Grealish. Jack has been class.
  3. Southgate has started down the Steve Bruce route of feeling sorry for himself style of management. In an article on the BBC he's credited to have said he "commits a crime" every time he picks an England team because of the players he has to leave out. To be fair, we complained each time he'd leave Jack out, but the greater crime is the negative football England play. Picking Jesse Lingard doesn't help though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58798060
  4. Belgian, strawberry and white chocolate
  5. Just ordered waffles on Uber eats. Much more exciting than this dross.
  6. Two questions for me on this (apart from the owners being in the top 1% of worst people on the planet) 1. Why Newcastle? Don't get me wrong, they're a big club in Newcastle, but they don't have the history of a Villa, Spuds, Everton etc... 2. What are the media going to be like when Newcastle win a trophy? The cringefest after Liverpool won the title went on and on and on. This'll be worse, they've not won anything for decades and Sky will be all over it licking the arses of the arabs.
  7. I don't think this is unique to most politicians at the moment. Who could forget BoJo in the fridge?
  8. That video is shocking. Not one of them is affected by the UC cuts, so they blatantly don't give a toss. Matt Hancock running away like the weasel faced coward he is was both funny and sad. I wouldn't mind if he was left alone in a room to face the families of the people who died of Covid in care homes....
  9. Had the Pfizer booster yesterday. Feel so much worse today than I did after having the two AZ jabs earlier in the year. Glad it's done though.
  10. It's nice of him to confirm the Tory policy towards Covid has always been wealth before health. We all thought that anyway...
  11. They won't actually do anything until people stop blaming each other for panicking. They can blame the unwashed masses for now. It's not like the Tories knew there was a massive shortfall of HGV drivers even before Brexit, and did nothing about it. Oh, wait a minute...
  12. Ford's not finished by a long way. His performance against Exeter on the weekend was the best he's played in a good long while. Saying that it's good to see Marcus Smith in the squad on merit, truly exceptional at the end of last season. There's still quite a few in the squad though that I don't think should be in there based on their international form. Some have gone backwards massively, but maybe Eddie should shoulder some of that blame. Regarding scrum half, Harry Randall is looking in the hot seat to replace Youngs long term. Having them both in the squad is a good plan. All this being said, I'd be very surprised if all of the omitted names aren't back in for the Autumn internationals, unless of injury. Eddie is leaving after WC23 so I think he'll stick with what he knows.
  13. The two DLC's for AC Odyssey are incredible, strongest out of the last three games by a country mile imho. Enjoy! Only drawback for me is you need to spend so much time farming to upgrade your gear, it costs loads at the higher levels and you have to keep jumping from the DLC back to Greece to farm high amounts, along with keeping your gold topped up. There's not many resources at all in act 2 of the fall of Atlantis. If you don't care about upgrading, you'll love it.
  14. Saint and Greavsie reunited for another run. Loved that show as a kid in the 80s. RIP Jimmy.
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