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  1. I had my antibody test back this morning, 201 U/mL, which is positive but quite low from what I understand. I've had two vaccine doses, last one in March. I too take immunosuppressants, Azathioprine and Entyvio and they've inhibited my body's response to the vaccine. However, from what I gather we shouldn't be basing how effectively we're 'immune' to Covid based on the antibody level alone. T cells will offer us some level of protection too. There has been no official standard or recommended level given yet as to what level the antibodies should be that would give us a safe level of
  2. Talking of players behaving like a clearing in the woods, Mike Brown can consider himself lucky he only got a 6 week ban for his assault on Tommy Taylor. Absolutely disgusting stamp and far too much leniency shown by the RFU. Punishments like this are bringing the game into disrepute.
  3. As a Champ Man lover, Nii Lamptey was the most excited I'd ever been about a signing. I even had his name on my shirt for my 13th Birthday in 94. Gutted it never worked out
  4. The worst part of this for me is that the Tories are going to see the results and be emboldened even further. It'll be a case of "Look what we've continually got away with, look at how we've behaved and they've still voted for us in droves. No-one can touch us! Let's defund/embezzle/cheat/lie/steal/abuse (delete as appropriate) even more". I feel for future generations, this country is sinking lower and lower.
  5. Astonished at some of the picks. I do wonder if he's gone for 'name" rather than form. Daly and Farrell have been poor at international level for some time. Only serious reason they would have been picked I can fathom is so they can be utility backs. Even considering that, I'm not sure picking a player with such poor technique in the tackle like Daly is a good idea against a very physical SA. On the flip side, I can't see either of them starting any of the tests. Too many in form players in ahead of them. Very happy for Sam Simmonds. Except that if he does get called up to the Englan
  6. It used to be a joy watching teams like Madrid and Barcelona back in the 90s and early 2000s. Now I can't stand it. Tackled fairly? Why not fall over and scream. I know a lot of teams play for fouls but Madrid take it to a whole other level.
  7. Can't disagree at all. This is the kind of wind up comment I'd expect from Talksport, not the BBC. He's probably not even Liverpool's best Premier League centre half, Sami Hyypia was massive for them.
  8. BBC debating if Van Dijk is the best Premier League centre half of all time. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/56982961 This is just blatant pandering. He's a very good player, but the best ever? There's so many more I can quickly think of who were far superior; McGrath, Laursen, Adams, Campbell, Vidic, Stam, Ferdinand, Terry, Carvalho, Kompany, King off the top of my head. I don't get the hype. Maybe I'm wrong. But I don't think he's as good as any of the players I've listed.
  9. This is a tricky one. The Glazers have spent a lot of money on transfers, however they've taken a lot out of the club too. Gary Neville made a good point earlier today as well. There's been no improvements or servicing of Old Trafford, with some of it in need of repair. The training ground hasn't been updated, and unlike some of the other top European clubs there's been no improvement to the area immediately outside the ground. Undoubtedly the ESL was the tipping point; it's pretty clear the Yanks owners along with Perez were the ones pushing it. That being said, the attempts to
  10. Never heard of IANAL before but a quick Google search and I've had my lesson for the day. Thanks! The technology is there to support greater home working, unified comms, hosted technology etc, all you need is an internet connection. A lot of companies have invested in this to support their staff. However there will always be a case for some office working, but I agree entirely with you regarding enforced changes. I believe there will also have to be enforced changes as a result of social distancing in the workplace. Some offices I've worked in have been 2 steps below a battery farm.
  11. I think you're right. He's made comments about being back in the office before, but this time it was definitive. Over the last 12-14 months there's been so much made of people being lucky to be in work because of the impact of covid on the economy, but I think the wider public simply have not recognized that so many companies would have gone to the wall if people hadn't carried on as normal whilst juggling families and/or crisis with work. My CEO certainly doesn't recognize that.
  12. Had a company wide "briefing" from our CEO today, via Teams. He wants everyone back in the office asap. His reasoning - "I couldn't get a table at a restaurant in Central London yesterday because it was so busy. People are happy to socialize, but apprehensive about returning to an office. I want to see everyone in." This was to 300 people. Nothing better than basing your company policy on sweeping generalizations eh? And I'm not paraphrasing my CEO. He really said this. I felt very angry at this and offered my resignation to my boss. I've been shielding since the first lockdown and haven'
  13. I don't doubt his ability, he's an incredible centre. Completely unique, so powerful and explosive. He's had so many injuries the last few years, I just don't think he'll be fit enough.
  14. Gueye off. PSG losing their heads
  15. Both Lawes and Tuilagi are injured and won't have much chance, if any, to prove fitness. Lawes was ruled out for a few months at the start of March. Manu did his Achilles last year, and I suffered that fate and it stopped me ever playing again. Granted he's a professional player, but it takes a while to recover from. Real shame about Lawes, his physicality would be great against the boks. Edit. With North and May ruled out too, I don't want any more drop outs. Be a shame if injuries ruined the tour before it started, as we'll definitely pick up a few in the warm up games.
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