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  1. Ole on TV claiming Utd aren't getting penalties since there was discussion about amount of penalties they've been getting up until about a month ago. Hypocrisy. Utd have been given the most amount of dodgy penalties in the last 18 months above any other team. This also flies in the face of the amount of dodgy challenges Maguire gets away with in the box when defending set pieces.
  2. The problem I think we have with centre, especially 12, is that traditionally it's that player who really decides if a move is on, or whether to go back inside. We've lost that now, especially under Jones. I don't really understand what he wants from his centres, as Farrell slows things down too much, I don't think he's a crash ball carrier, and he's never settled on someone at 13. I guess a big part of that is Manu's many injuries, but we've had so many other players in there, all with different strengths including Joseph, Lawrence, Te'o, Marchant etc. Slade seems to have taken the shirt for
  3. Maunder for Youngs, with an eye on Randall. He's been terrific for Bristol and can move to other positions as the game demands. Youngs kicking has been poor for a while, and he doesn't seem to find space like he once did. There's also Dan Robson, who has performed highly consistently for many seasons now. I go and watch Wasps quite a bit so I may be biased there. Obviously Edwards for Ford, with Joe Simmonds also given time. Jacob Umaga has huge potential too. Move Lawrence to inside and keep Slade at outside. Watson to fullback for me, although there are other options there. We have some
  4. Not an excuse for our indiscipline when we got it back to 24 each, but the ref gave them 14 points. Disgraceful from the official. However the results against Scotland and now Wales have been coming for 18 months. Time for Eddie to go after the six nations. Time for some of the players to be moved out of the squad to make room for some seriously exciting talent. You might argue that we won the last six nations and the 'competition' at the end of the year, but we've always been far from convincing.
  5. At least we know not to start booking holidays now, and I can focus on the garden instead.
  6. The rights for this show, along with Jessica Jones, have reverted to Marvel now away from Netflix. Would not be surprised to Frank pop up in future marvel TV shows at some point, very popular show and character.
  7. It's not just Jericho either, there's quite a few who are much more conservative than you'd have thought. The Young Bucks are also Trump supporters, and the Khan family gave 1mil dollars after his inauguration.
  8. Martinez. Love you. Poor display, but no scapegoat imho. Dean Smith needs a plan B. Positively, after conceding 3 against Burnley and Spam we've not conceded in two. Something to build on. Would like to see us play with more men deeper in the centre against teams playing with 3 in the middle and wingbacks. Think we'd control the game better.
  9. Dean needs to change the system, and not just for this game. I know we were terribly affected by covid but teams have worked us out now. At least have a plan B
  10. I think a big problem for us this half has been when we're releasing the ball. We seemed to be giving it to players with less time on the ball than the player releasing it. We've got to time that better.
  11. Was just about to say they look like they've got more men on the pitch; their work rate has been very good.
  12. I disagree, he along with Watkins and Jack stop teams from pressing us high, which is crucial to the way we play. But I do think there's more to come from Barkley. He's a good player who can carry the ball, create space, get forward, and pick a pass. Teams worry about him.
  13. Football is so much more than stats. I fail to see how anyone can't see with Barkley in the side we get more from Jack. They link so well together. Barkley hasn't been totally match fit, but he's the best fit for Villa in this system.
  14. I don't see a problem with Barkley starting so long as Luiz and McGinn sit in front of the back four, with one occasionally breaking forward. When either are out of position we look vulnerable. But at the same time having those three in midfield is a big reason why we are so enjoyable to watch going forwards. If we score first in this one I think we'll win handsomely.
  15. I think the only reason we're likely to be in lockdown for a while longer yet is because of the fear of virus mutations. If people continue to get the virus in such large numbers, especially after they've been vaccinated, then the likelihood of the virus mutating into a much worse strain only increases and at a quicker rate too. If that happens we're worse off than when this started. More deaths, more lockdowns, less effective vaccines. We simply have to get the number of new cases down to an absolute minimum before opening things up again. Yes it's a pain, and I especially feel for
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