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  1. If it helps soften the blow you've saved me reading them and my times much more important than yours
  2. Yeah.. .. but it'll still be hilarious if Maguire drops a bollock
  3. Well done Scotland. On what planet is Rashford a centre forward? He's a wide attacker! DCL should have come on for Kane, but no, Rashford MBE had to come on and be shit. Not even his fault really as it's not his position. You, Southgate, are a prune.
  4. Yeah, Southgate is generally a rubbish manager but he got it right for Croatia in fairness. Southgate is correct in that he has to manage the way he believes and if that means leaving Jack out and moving Ty to the bench then so be it. He'll regret it.
  5. I think you're right, Sancho looks tense whenever he is in an England shirt and has yet to put in a single impressive performance. He's clearly talented but isn't ready for England at the moment.
  6. This is why stats tell, at best, half a story. To judge a player properly you have to watch them over a prolonged period, it's the only way.
  7. Do you watch football or just check out stats at the end of games?
  8. They're dipped in sadness before frying.
  9. I can say he's worse on the right than Traore because he is Traore has been inconsistent but, at times, brilliant out on the right. Ollie was a good, but not outstanding winger, whilst playing in the championship. Traore played a number of games upfront in the French league, and was pretty good at it according to his stats, but I don't feel like I need to see him play upfront for us to state that Ollie is a better forward than Traore Ollie is a forward, it's what he was signed as and is by far his strongest position. He can do a job on the wing in the same way Elmo used to do a job at centre back. That doesn't stop us buying another forward, but we shouldn't try to shoe horn players in. If we sign a better forward than Ollie then Ollie moves to the bench.
  10. Nope. Ollie is not a right winger, he is a forward. He is worse on the right wing than all of Traore, Trez, El Ghazi and Beundia. Playing him out of position diminishes both his confidence and worth. By all means hope we sign another striker but accept that we either play two up front or one of Ollie or, in this case, Tammy is on the bench
  11. Disagree. He's been one of Scotland's better players. Although they have largely been poor.
  12. I think we will see one of Foden or Grealish rather than both together. Southgate obviously wants to play with one 'fast' winger - even if they're in shit form.
  13. Both Taylor and Elmo thanked the club and fans only a week or so ago! I think the sun might be getting to you..
  14. Personally, I don't think we've ever been in for him and that this is just a mad rumour made up by a journalist with more fingers than brain cells.
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