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  1. Hmmm.. My theory is that he was shit
  2. In fairness there's a lad in blue to the right of the post that starts celebrating at the same time as John.. He knew!
  3. Exactly. Anybody who allows Pulis to do what he does to football waives all rights to comment on other teams.
  4. I had this game as one we would have to outscore the opposition what with our defensive woes, without Jack I'm not convinced we'll get the 3/4 goals I think we will need.
  5. Bum! It's not just Jack being out, it's the only having the one CB fit as well. Would take a draw if offered it now.
  6. Don't you worry Wilko, your 'ifs' are lovely and your 'buts' fine #MeToo
  7. Big Bird tells me A is for Apple. We shall see!
  8. Don't think anyone said it did!
  9. Is there a more corrupt and stupid organisation than the FA? They've had four days since the game and have decided the most important thing to tackle is this? Utter morons.
  10. I do wonder if NSWE have 'gently' pointed out that the reason for a lot of our financial woes are due to an obviously completely unfit person passing the fit and proper owners test and that who ever did the test should be more than a little embarrassed. I would hope NSWE would point out to the Football League that they themselves are far more responsible for the clubs current financial plight then anyone now attached to the club.
  11. I hope that we will have returned to the PL by the time I am 50. I'm currently 43.
  12. picicata

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, he's doing rubbish, but so will the next guy so it barely seems to matter. We are terminally shit.
  13. picicata

    Dean Smith

    Not sure what your point is, the current defence has one player signed by Smith, one by Bruce, one by RDM and one by.. well honestly I can't remember who signed Hutton! Surely, if we take anything from that, its that we need to give a manager time to build a coherent defence?
  14. I read an article before the play off final last year that the average league position of the losing finalist the following season was 13th and only two sides have gone up after losing the play off final the previous year. Seems we are fitting in with the pattern.

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