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  1. picicata

    Dean Smith

    Yeah, he's doing rubbish, but so will the next guy so it barely seems to matter. We are terminally shit.
  2. picicata

    Dean Smith

    Not sure what your point is, the current defence has one player signed by Smith, one by Bruce, one by RDM and one by.. well honestly I can't remember who signed Hutton! Surely, if we take anything from that, its that we need to give a manager time to build a coherent defence?
  3. picicata

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I read an article before the play off final last year that the average league position of the losing finalist the following season was 13th and only two sides have gone up after losing the play off final the previous year. Seems we are fitting in with the pattern.
  4. Did you watch the Newport v Leicester game?
  5. picicata

    Kortney Hause

    One to play in the Hole? (Insert Big Mick here)
  6. picicata

    Luke Organ

    I think 'heart' was the important part of Don's post
  7. He's been assimilated into his local Tesco Express
  8. picicata

    Relegation thread

    In fairness I think everyone thought we needed new central defenders, a left back and a new goalie. That is Bruce's legacy. We will struggle on until January, get the defence sorted and then start picking up. We won't go up this season because the defence is shit, that would be true whoever was manager.
  9. picicata

    John McGinn

    Bit unfair, he seems like a nice lad
  10. picicata

    Anwar El Ghazi

    The fact that we have the forth highest scoring attack in the league despite being a disorganised bag of shit is your proof.
  11. picicata

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Or Kodija - After struggling since his injury is at last finding some form again and is joint top scorer. Hogan - Has been playing for a manager who has no idea how to set up to his strengths Bolasie - has looked good in his cameos and is scoring despite not being fully fit Adomah - average player that had a decent spell last season. Al Ghazi - is settling into a new league and has managed to both score and provide a couple of assists Grealish - top player. Hardly scores goals and small number of assists. Poor form. Abraham- Been impressed so far. Not saying we have an embarrassment of riches but I think you are being overly critical just to try and highlight a point of view you hold.
  12. picicata

    André Moreira

    Yep, it's up there with only having two centre backs on your books And loaning one of them out.
  13. picicata

    Awful Loan Signings

    Gilles De Bilde
  14. picicata

    Conor Hourihane

  15. picicata

    Pre-match thread

    Think this will be the game that shows the weakness of our defence fully. 3-1 to Sheffield.