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  1. In all this I think it's important to remember, whatever happens, we will have a club to support next season. Some of my L1/L2 supporting mates will probably not be so lucky.
  2. I think if the PL does manage to finish but the Championship doesn't then there won't be any relegation. I think the PL will tell the EFL to go fly a kite.
  3. Fulham will stay down as they will only promote the top two, relegating the bottom two from the PL (Norwich and Us) That way West Ham, who would drop into the bottom three, would be saved. They will not want to relegate West Ham in that manner.
  4. Sadly not true. The test produces false negatives of 3 of every 10 i.e. if you have 10 people who definitely have the virus, three of the tests will still come back saying they don't. The test is in no way a failsafe way of assuring that a group of players is virus free, it helps but inevitably the virus wills slip through even with testing.
  5. Scrap the **** out of that game week then
  6. Trying to work out whether that Police chap is very thick or has become an, ahem, 'interested party'. And which is worse.
  7. Behind closed doors games will be shit whatever. Don't fool yourself that this about entertainment, it's about fulfilling contracts.
  8. He's a fair weather player. Its all gravy for him when we're on top, but when under the cosh he goes and hides in a Bush.
  9. Hmmm.. Did you see the colour of the taxi drivers nose?
  10. The fact that the corona virus test is only about 70% accurate also has to be taken into account.
  11. Yep. It's going to be a farce whatever happens as any game I've seen without a crowd has always decended into dull shit football but the least we can do is try and make it so players don't get injured
  12. Balls to the players, make 'em stay! They'll get over it
  13. Would we be forced to sell? My guess is FFP may go by the wayside for a season or two so might well be better keeping our players
  14. Also, if you need any highlight that it's not all about the wealth of the owners, you'll notice Liverpool are missing from the 'rich list' yet easily this seasons best team
  15. That is far less likely to cause a mass gathering. I think you know this.
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