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  1. Some strange opinions on here tonight. I fully expected to lose today, Liverpool are absolutely miles ahead of us in every way and played in second gear today. However I am encouraged by what I saw. Defensively we look a lot more resilient, we now need to get firing at the other end over the run in. If we can get the Man United game out of the way within reach then it is down to the team to secure some points in the 'easier' fixtures. We are still in this.
  2. wilko154

    Dean Smith

    Deluded opinion. We've lost to the European and English Champions. You're acting like we lost to Solihull Moors.
  3. wilko154

    Smart Watches

    Just got myself an Apple Watch, first one I've ever had. Anything I should know in terms of setup tips? Anything annoying to turn off? Any recommendations on useful apps? Mainly using it for mountain biking, messages and general fitness. Does anyone know of any apps that display football scores easily?
  4. Thanks, think I will give it a try looks interesting as a bit of a different game for a change of pace. Will let you know how I get on.
  5. Uncharted 4 complete. Not as good as Uncharted 2, but still a masterpiece and an insanely polished, good looking game. Death Stranding is going to be next. Anyone played it?
  6. Well we don’t. I would happily take a point or two points from the next two games. They aren’t the games we are going to be expecting to take points from. Unfortunately it means relying on the teams around us losing. If West Ham lose their next two all is not lost. The must win games are Crystal Palace, Everton and West Ham. Whether we need to win all of these will depend on the results of Watford, Bournemouth and West Ham. If I’m being honest I can’t see us picking up 3 points in any of our remaining games, the quality is just not there in our side as we have known for a while now. Would love them to prove me wrong.
  7. Just an update for anyone who hasn't watched The Soprano's. I've only been watching an episode a day due to work/football. Currently on episode 6 and I'm growing into it. I wouldn't yet say I can see what the hype was about but it's getting there slowly.
  8. We needed to compliment our signings with some experienced, almost boring players. Cahill would have been perfect at centre back alongside Mings. He's excelled for Palace this season. Jedinak or Whelan should have been kept. They wouldn't have seen much game time but would have been huge in the dressing room. Either could have been brought on late in games to see out games from a physical and mental side. Up front and on the wings we could have done with an experienced player who's been there and done it. We are so short in that department and it shows every single week.
  9. Grealish has almost become a problem in our team, and one of the reason's we're playing so poorly. Hear me out. Everytime players on our team get the ball, they look for him. Play goes in his direction to get him on the ball. At times he drops deep and out of position to get on the ball. When he does get the ball he holds onto it for too long and is reluctant to pass to his team mates, likely as he knows they will lose it. We no longer play as a team, we are a one man team and it shows. Don't get me wrong he's a special player and we are going to miss him massively but we need to become less reliant on an individual.
  10. Finally a team and formation I can get behind fully. I've been calling for it for two months. Looking forward to seeing it fall apart hopelessly
  11. Question for you all. I've started The Soprano's, currently watched the first two episodes. When does it get good? Am I missing something so far? The reviews are so hyped but it hasn't grabbed me yet. Do I push through a few more episodes or do I give up on it?
  12. It's an added extra regardless of how you were reimbursed for your season ticket. I believe Sky and BT have given them to clubs to use for all of their season ticket holders.
  13. Let me know how Days Gone is, it's next on my list. From your list Spiderman and Metro Exodus were both good games. Spiderman was the better of the two though, once you get into it it becomes quite addictive.
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