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  1. Unfortunately we don't have any friendly matches anytime soon. This time around they are both European qualifiers, then in June it is the Nations League Semi Final. U21 football is aged 21 in a calendar year - so if you turn 22 this month you can play for the U21's for the remainder of 2019. Unfortunately Jack is 23.
  2. O'Hare's passing is fantastic. Almost Grealish like the way he holds it and then plays it at the last second.
  3. Best situation for Villa, he's picked up a slight knock ruling him out of international duty and is now on holiday resting up for a week. From his Instagram he looks as though he will be fine for Saturday. He looked like a player who was slightly burning out, a bit like McGinn a few weeks ago. Hopefully he comes back fresh and ready to fire us into the playoffs.
  4. Love the Luke shirts and overall they have been brilliant this season, the gear in the club shop has been the best we have had for years. However, if the owners have found a financially better option for shirt provider and sponsorship's next season then I'm all for it. We all know that next season we miss out on parachute payments so we need to make as much money / save as much money wherever is possible. It would be brilliant to go up, sort out the finances and then give Luke another season or two when we are back in the Premier League.
  5. There's no rush, he's only 20. Another season out on loan in League 1 or the Championship next season if he won't get game time at Villa (which will mostly depend on which league we are in)
  6. Surprised Southgate has come out and said what he's said. He's effectively saying Grealish needs to leave Villa if he wants a call up to the England squad. I understand you need to see players doing it against the top opposition but players like Mount & Hudson-Odoi have been called up for doing far less than Grealish has. We really need to go up this season as there is a chance Jack now looks to leave if he is desperate for caps.
  7. I have read this also, and done the math's... This would be the current league table. Villa, Boro, Derby & Forest would also lose a fixture before the end of the season. 1 - Norwich - 72 2 - Sheff U - 68 3 - Leeds - 67 4 - WBA - 64 5 - Derby - 56 6 - Boro - 55 7 - Villa - 54 8 - Preston -53 9 - Bristol C - 51 10 - Nottm F - 50 11 - Sheff W - 49
  8. I'm happy for Grealish not to get a call up until next season after the transfer window closes. We all know what happens when a Villa player get's called up to the England squad, see Young, Downing, Barry, Milner, Delph... For this season and especially right now we need him regaining his fitness, steering clear of injuries and flying under the radar as much as possible whilst being the best player in the Championship as we all know he is. The same goes for rival fans calling him overated, let them think that whilst he tears them apart.
  9. wilko154

    Jed Steer

    He hasn't had a lot to do... granted. However he hasn't had a lot to do due to the defence in front of him performing so well. One of the key reasons the defence are performing so well is due to their organisation and Steer is key to that. I watched him on Saturday and he was shouting at all of them, telling them where he wanted them to be to take the ball. Between him and Mings dictating the back 4 are rarely caught out of position now, something that was happening on a game to game basis prior. For me it's his shirt to lose now, and I can't see him being dropped this season.
  10. First time I've ever ventured into this thread as I didn't know what it was. You lot are messed up I will be joining in in 2020...
  11. Grealish's song has slightly changed now after the Blues game.
  12. This bloke is an absolute monster. He's by far the best defender I've seen at Villa Park since Laursen/Mellberg. Defensively he is a machine, he reads the game so well and is relentless until he wins the ball. With the ball he is brilliant, his passing range is better than most players in our squad. He is so calm bringing the ball out from the back and it helps keep the rest of the back 4 calm, we rarely panic in possession now. The back 4 are a massive part of the way Smith is trying to play, and the improvement has helped the whole team. He could easily be our captain, but even without the armband he orchestrates the team from the back. If you watch him throughout the game he is constantly talking to those around him. Get him signed up!
  13. If's and But's A bit of a break before the next games. We now need to start pulling ourselves clear of the pack. Bristol City to lose to Sheff U Sheff W to draw to Stoke Preston to draw to Reading Derby to beat Rotherham Boro to lose to Norwich Villa to beat Blackburn 5 - Villa - 60 points 6 - Derby - 59 points 7 - Boro - 58 points 8 - Preston - 58 points 9 - Sheff Wed - 56 points 10 - Bristol City - 55 points Games in hand - Boro x 1, Derby x 1 & Bristol x 2
  14. If's and But's (updated) Going to keep this up as seems to be working well! Preston to draw to Blues - Preston Win Ipswich to draw against Forest - Draw Villa to beat Boro - Win 5 - Boro - 58 points 6 - Villa - 57 points 7 - Preston - 57 points 8 - Derby - 56 points 9 - Bristol City - 55 points 10 - Sheff Wed - 55 points Games in hand - Boro x 1, Derby x 1 & Bristol x 2
  15. So how did Beta survive a fall down an elevator shaft?!

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