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  1. wilko154


    Haven't received mine yet either, bought them at about 5.05 on Thursday.
  2. Current record, just need to win the Champions League now, have come close in the last 3 seasons.
  3. Same with me, my academy at Villa is non-existant. My U23's and U18's have about 5 players in and they are all awful.
  4. wilko154


    You'll be alright, I went with 542 as I was up there last season. Had the option for lower. I've been in the lower tiers before but prefer being at the top, view is brilliant in the lower rows.
  5. wilko154

    James Chester

    I remember being seriously worried over the summer that Chester was going to have to be sold due to FFP.
  6. wilko154


    My email took 2 hours to come through, you'll be sound.
  7. wilko154


  8. wilko154


    Tickets are on sale online at 5pm today.
  9. wilko154


    So a bit of research into this shows that last year we played the second semi final leg 2 on 15th May. Tickets to the final went on sale the next day 16th May at 5pm. I would imagine the same will happen this year, so on sale tomorrow 16th May at 5pm Online. A link to last seasons details are below for anyone that wants to remind themselves prior to the 2019 release. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2018/05/15/play-off-final-ticket-news
  10. Delete this now, it needs to be Cup Final Three (of three) - Pre Match or The Cup Final - Pre Match created by @mjmooney
  11. Absolutely shattered today, got back from the game at 2am. What an epic night to be a Villa fan. Poor for the majority of the game, we dictated play for large periods but couldn't break them down. How we didn't score in extra time I will never know. We need to be better in the final, but I am sure we will be. It's easy to forget that it was a semi final 2nd leg, away to a local rival in a fairly hostile atmosphere, we have seen how nervy derby games can be during the season let alone in a game with these stakes. Abraham and Green didn't do enough for me last night. Green was wasteful in possession and sloppy with his crosses, we looked much more solid when Adomah came on. Nothing stuck up front with Abraham, but his work ethic and high pressing is always a danger. Hourihane was fantastic, worked his balls off in the middle of the park with McGinn and Grealish on each side being shut out of the game once again. Mings was back to his best, I watched him for 5 minutes in the second half and he constantly bosses the back line pulling them up and down the pitch like a Sergeant Major. And Jed Steer, what a man, he's been brilliant since coming back and I'm so pleased for him after last night; everything he did in that shootout, from the mind games with the players, getting the crowd worked up and pulling off two magnificent saves, has seen us through to Wembley. One for game and we are home. Up the Villa!
  12. Are you on Mac? FM19 has developed a problem running on Mac's since the last update. It has been unplayable for almost 2 months now and SI are yet to come up with a fix.
  13. Any idea if they will release any more of the training gear? I am desperate for the black hooded top they wear pre-game.
  14. I would 100% play Hourihane tonight for set piece delivery alone. WBA have made a point of trying to get Grealish banned from the game, they failed and will now resort to kicking him out of the game. Endless free kicks will ensue and we need to take full advantage of this.
  15. God I hope he scores tonight so this racism chat is lost in this thread.

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