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  1. We would be mad to let him go this month. He's been dropped out of the side multiple times over the last few seasons and always come back fighting. A great option from the bench and offers quality in squad depth.
  2. Disappointing not to have a game again this weekend, but realistically it's a blessing preparation wise. We now have a pretty brutal run of games, but we could really pick up some momentum with a couple of early wins. Midway through January it will be interesting to see if we now bring in some recruitments to add to the depth of the squad. I would hope Barkley and Trezeguet are now back fit (playing wise) and that Covid hasn't affected anyone long term.
  3. Watched episode one of The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV last night. Good so far, I know very little about them which always helps make it more interesting.
  4. Free Hit activated. Just going to play the game weeks as they come and worry about the later ones when we get there. You can't predict anything this season.
  5. My worry is how match fit will the players be on Sunday... Most come out of isolation on Friday.
  6. Superb, so proud of them. Hope to see some of those players in the first team in the next few years. Did themselves and the football club proud tonight.
  7. I agree with him to be honest. His argument was that if all footballers are vaccinated then the money going towards testing the players twice a week can go to the NHS.
  8. Worked my way up to 9 players this week; 5 are Villa & Spurs I took a -4 to get my squad sorted; if I play free hit now will the -4 be taken off?
  9. Ten players with Covid. This could impact us massively over the coming weeks.
  10. I'm about 99% sure the Euro's are going to be cancelled. There's no way all of the leagues around the world will finish in time for them; plus the logistics and potential spread with a global tournament would just be ridiculous before the vaccine has been circulated.
  11. The problem in playing the U23's would be that we have one of the youngest U23 squads currently due to the rebuild of our academy and youth system. Most players are between 16 and 18 years old. Against a Liverpool reserve side they would most likely receive an embarrassing beating; it just wouldn't do well for them going forward. Forfeit the cup and concentrate on the league with a stack of midweek games to catch up on.
  12. It's against our transfer policy; and it's also against my re-signing a player policy... But Idrissa Gueye is available from PSG; no idea how much they are looking for. He would be an ideal player to bring in with the possibility of Luiz leaving in the Summer. I also think he would be the perfect player for Nakamba to learn from. I would imagine the fee, for a 31 year old, and the wages would be a stumbling block.
  13. Jack mentioned in an interview at the start of the season that we are aiming for between 12th and 8th this season. We are on course to achieve if not better that. I would highly doubt he is planning to leave after signing a 5 year deal if we finish within the plan. This season so far has been a revelation, we so far look to be ahead of the plan in terms of where the club is at after signing 5 players. I truly believe the owners plans are HUGE! The next two summer windows are likely to be some of the most exciting transfer windows in this clubs history.
  14. I've been planning for these two game weeks for over a month; then last week changed my plan by avoiding the FH. 9 players in the BGW with a -4 seems the sensible option. This then gives me 13 players with DGW's to use my Bench Boost on. I'll most likely have picked all the wrong players when the games go ahead if current form continues; but on paper it looks great.
  15. wilko154

    Keinan Davis

    The question I answered was how many games has he played 90 minutes in. The answer to that was 7. I explained earlier how he's not had a consistent run in the team, I can't be bothered to repeat myself.
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