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  1. We can't do that. We were weak on the wings last season. We now have Grealish, Traore, Trezeguet and El Ghazi. It's options and competition. El Ghazi now has a season as a backup player to prove his worth.
  2. People arguing that El Ghazi is a better player before even watching Traore play in a Villa shirt is just peak Villa Talk.
  3. Brilliant interview with our captain, he speaks so well. Love his goal this season of a 12th - 8th place in the league.
  4. Started the game last night as well. Probably at the same point as you and I'm enjoying it so far. Most I've looked forward to a game since RDR2, hopefully this is better.
  5. Thank you for the memories Scott If only we had played a system that suited you
  6. I think my phones playing up. Keep seeing repeat posts.
  7. Yeh just read it and it say's his agent came down from London, not to London
  8. It looks as though they have taken it down but the contents are in the below Twitter thread. I misheard him talking about living in London...
  9. Dare you to post that in the Rashica thread...
  10. Just watched his interview. Did I mishear or did he say that his agent and family were round at his house in London last night? Does Jack live in London and commute each day?
  11. Crazy how many people are against this signing. He's scored 33 goals in the last 4 seasons at top level clubs. In the first of those 4 seasons he scored 13 goals at the age of 21. Assisting goals seems to be his weakness right now, but in the market we are looking at we aren't going to be buying the finished product, those players are at the elite teams. If Smith and the team can make him more productive we have a real player on our hands. I think sometimes people forget that two seasons ago our wingers were Albert Adomah and an on loan Robert Snodgrass. Nothing against either of them, but we are now operating on a completely different level in a short space of time. Another reason I am for Bertrand Traore signing is that in my Football Manager 2019 save I bought him for Villa from Barcelona for 30 million and he became one of the best wingers I've had and valued at 50 million four seasons later (yes I went back and checked)... Obviously this means nothing but FM have some of the best scouts in the world and he's a highly rated player. EDIT - I've just read this back and noted it looks as though I'm half serious about wanting a player based on a Football Manager save... I'm not it's just the very little I know about him as a footballer since leaving Chelsea
  12. We just have to remember we can't upgrade every position on the pitch this window. So far we have done: Striker - Watkins Right Back - Cash We roughly have 56 million left to spend if the 100 million transfer budget was true. Left Wing - Rashica Goalkeeper - Martinez This leaves us roughly 8 million left. I would imagine we could pump our budget up to 120 million at a push and get one more player in. For me the priority now would be either central midfield or right wing. Central midfield is only a priority if we don't plan on moving Grealish there.
  13. Can we just leave this thread alone for a while? Keep's giving me a heart attack when I login and see it at the top of the list, makes me think he's off or we've received a bid. If we stop talking about him for a few weeks other clubs will hopefully forget about him...
  14. Halfway through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order but bored of it now. The rush is now on to play the really good games on this gen of console. The Last of Us 2 next up as the last PS4 Exclusive I need to play.
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