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  1. That is an ideal formation for us. Utilising AM's instead of LW/RW. Also that front three in April McGinn (AM) Grealish (AM) Samatta (ST)
  2. Yeh in theory it works. Bayern used to play the formation, and Juventus have played it in the past. When you dominate games with a lot of possession it's effective. Because we don't dominate the possession, the formation means a lot of holes are formed in the middle of the pitch. Holes defensively, but also holes when trying to play the ball out from the back meaning mistakes are made. Our best centre midfielder in Grealish is also shunted out wide and receives little of the ball. No doubt about it he has been effective on the left in terms of goals, but in a free role he could play through the middle primarily and drift left when required; this would then allow us to get him on the ball more in useful areas where can drive at defences. I do agree with you though, Samatta up front may actually this formation along with being able to move El Ghazi back into a wide position. He ended the game against Watford well when he went out onto the wing.
  3. Right now we are playing a 5-2-3 formation. And it sucks... Our last lineup being: Reina Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Targett Drinkwater Nakamba Trezeguet El Ghazi Grealish The problem with this formation is that we have two players in the wide positions and nothing through the middle. Playing 5 at the back should free the wing backs to cover the wide areas themselves. If we want to continue with the 5 at the back we have to change to either 3 in midfield, the extra midfielder can be a flat midfielder or a number 10. Grealish would suit this role perfectly as a number 10.
  4. wilko154

    Louie Barry

    Dr Tony is going to fix this soon though as it's something his company specialize in. He's just finalizing the theme park plans at the moment though.
  5. wilko154


    Flying into China in March, so following this closely at the moment as I don't fancy dying anytime soon. Seem's to be just a stronger version of the flu, the 20 people that have died were all elderly with health conditions. An article I read yesterday seems to imply that the virus has come from Bat Soup, literally a bat in a bowl of soup. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7920573/Revolting-footage-shows-Chinese-woman-eating-bat-scientists-link-coronavirus-animal.html
  6. Triple Captained Mane, have been building upto this week for ages. B*llocks.
  7. wilko154

    Kortney Hause

    Starting to wonder what game I watched. Thought he was defensively sound. But his passing and decision making on the ball... christ.
  8. I was disappointed with some of the reactions in the Holte End last night, from Drinkwater's first touch of the ball people were on his back slating him. I thought he was good in the first half, a bit sloppy in places, but his movement and touches were good. He helped Nakamba by offering him a pass whenever he was struggling to move the ball on. He's clearly playing games to get his fitness up at the moment, once that has been done we will see the best of him. As someone said, he's a clear upgrade on Hourihane and Lansbury who are both passengers when the team are out of possession.
  9. Don't shoot the messenger but he shouldn't be starting games yet. No doubt about it he's a talent and he's changed two games from the bench. Starting, he looks weak and complacent sat in front of the back two. He makes mistakes and has cost us in games. Off the bench he looks fresh, dangerous and determined to create something for the team. Last two games he has been a joy to watch and he will become an incredible midfielder. He's only 21, he's improving but right now he's benefiting the team coming on for 20-30 minute cameos and long may it continue!
  10. wilko154

    Pepe Reina

    Absolutely fantastic tonight, it looks like an inspired signing. I thought his distribution against Brighton was poor when he went long. Last night he pulled players about for him and passed balls out of the back in a way we haven't seen for a long time. Absolutely brilliant. Nakamba is the player that benefited the most from him. Instead of receiving the ball in difficult areas Reina was constantly dictating where he wanted him to be to receive the ball.
  11. What a night that was! Still buzzing over the last minute winner, the carnage in the Holte End when it went in was magnificent. Felt like we deserved the win over the course of the 90 minutes, mainly for the amount of possession and chances we created. Unfortunately we have made a habit of playing poorly for at least 45 minutes in games, we make mistakes, move the ball too slowly, overhit crosses and generally waste opportunities. The first half was typical of Villa this season, we played the best football, we created nothing and then we conceded from a mess at the back. The second half was a huge improvement. Luiz changed the game with his introduction, and then Vassilev going on up front and allowing El Ghazi to move out wide again made a difference. Konsa/Mings goal was absolutely perfect. Hause and Drinkwater are the worry's in the side for me. Drinkwater will no doubt improve with match fitness, for all the bad he does there are signs of a player in there. Hause worries me everytime he gets hold of the ball, there's complacency on the ball and then there is Kourtney Hause. Nakamba was immense, his best performance in a Villa shirt. It reminded me of the performance he put in against Norwich away. He is a better player when he has a player behind him bossing him around, both Mings and Reina did that last night. Both wing backs were good, defensively and going forward (bar the crossing), Reina and Mings were defensively sound and Grealish was superb. Jack grew frustrated near the end, trying to carry the ball into the net himself, but drove the team on upto the final whistle at a time that we needed it. Hard to underestimate how big that victory was. With a striker in Samatta now going into the side it will be a huge lift for the players ahead of Leicester on Tuesday and Bournemouth next week.
  12. Think the injuries have actually hit us harder than people realise. I agreed with everything you said in terms of recruitment, we did well with the players we brought in and it was always going to take time for some of the players to adapt to the PL. The problem lately has stemmed from injuries to Mings, McGinn, Wesley and Heaton. At the time of the season you would be hoping the team would gel and start to improve we have had to adapt to missing big players in games, juggling new centre back variations, new midfield variations and playing midfielders up front. I'm hoping that after the January business is concluded we will start to stabilize and the performances and results will improve.
  13. Guilbert will be playing tonight judging from his Instagram
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