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  1. Bored of the transfer talk now, let's just watch videos of him and look forward to another season with him in our side.
  2. Silly, will be punished, but he's young and he'll learn. Nothing to see here, we move on and give him a chance as second or third choice striker. We really need him to come good for our own sake with the money we've spent; with no striker looking to come in we need him ready.
  3. Very interesting that clubs are looking at Nakamba; it’s actually a tough decision on whether to let him go or not. He’s one player who hasn’t really improved in the two years at the club, however in the last few games he’s started to show that there is a good player in there. The decision now is, do we keep him and give him a third season to prove himself at DM? Or do we sell him for more than the £10 million fee we paid for him and use the money to upgrade. Personally I think any bid of £10-12 million should be rejected. But anything above should be considered, as long as we have the intention of adding to that from the transfer pot and buying an upgrade at DM. There is a reason that we bought some of these players in 2019 for low fees; and some of those players will need to be sold for profit at some point to continue our new business model. Saying all of that, I’m not against Nakamba staying and starting games this season. He has been superb in some games, but he needs to become consistently good in games to hold onto his first team place.
  4. £10 a ticket, on sale today. This is going to be a sell out, a packed Villa Park for a pre season friendly will be something special.
  5. Hope we try and get this one sorted quickly, I imagine a few other clubs are now looking into Bailey as well with the knowledge that 30 million is a bit of a steal. He would be a very exciting signing for us, almost in the mould of Ashley Young back in the MON era.
  6. Does anyone know if there is an Away pub at Walsall? Or is it just beers in the ground?
  7. That Adomah picture always reminds me of this one, one of my favourites.
  8. This week is pretty quiet everywhere. A lot of players still away after international games. Clubs sorting the return of players for pre-season and begininng to play friendlies. Transfers will soon start up again.
  9. Fair assessment if I'm being honest. I'm perhaps only looking at the last 5 months when thinking of him as a potential transfer target. I don't actually like him with all his dancing etc; however as a football when in form he is very good.
  10. Sanches in the process of resurrecting his career; his stats from his whole career so far are poor. Lingard had a bad season with United, but he's proven it was a blip last season with West Ham. He's worth buying. Last season I wouldn't have touched him as he had become an unknown. Last season after January with Lingard in the team instead of Barkley we would have finished higher, no question about it.
  11. 1 goal and 3 assists from Sanches over the season, started 14 games and off the bench in 9 games. He has hardly set the world alight and would still be a risky move for his price tag. Granted it would be a statement signing, but a gamble nevertheless. Lingard scored 9 goals with 4 assists in 16 games. He's a risk free bit of business who would slot straight into a PL team; he would suit our style of play perfectly. I also think we have no chance of signing either.
  12. I would be disappointed with Renato Sanches in all honesty. The whole resurrecting a career thing has backfired on us in the past; see Drinkwater and Barkley in the last two season. I hope that we are looking at Lingard in the event that West Ham are unable to sign him; he's now proved last season that he is a good player and a player that would improve us. I also still think we need a defensive midfielder, I've been beating the Bissouma drum for a while but I just can't see it happening now unfortunately. Looking at the stats from Anguissa he could be a very interesting player if we could get him in this window. I still feel we need a real statement signing this window. We don't yet have the pulling power of Man City when they brought in Robinho but if we can try something similar it could be huge for us over the next few seasons. I really don't know who it could be though.
  13. Hourihane will be available, I imagine McGinn will make the bench. Davis will also be available so possibly looking at a 4-4-2 with the limited numbers in the midfield.
  14. We've been heavily linked to Tino Livramento from Chelsea, an 18 year old right back. Seem's like a strange move but he is a very good player. Could possibly mean Guilbert is moving on or Kesler being loaned out.
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