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  1. Brilliant watch that @NurembergVillan Really enjoyed it! So many points that I don't even consider when you talk about certain shirts.
  2. Man City were taken over 13 years ago and have spent 1 billion in that time. That's roughly 77 million per season. If Newcastle are going to build a squad worth 16 billion in the same timespan then they will have to spend 1.2 billion per season. If Newcastle can bring in an income of 1.2 billion per season to pay for that then Keffiyeh's off to them!
  3. wilko154

    Keinan Davis

    How do you know he hasn't been pushing for a loan? He might have been pushing for it every season but the club weren't allowing him to leave due to a lack of strikers at the club.
  4. wilko154

    Keinan Davis

    The club have to take the blame for Davis' lack of development over the last few years; he's been incredibly mis managed from youth to first team. Thankfully he is one of the last from that batch of youngsters who came through. In saying that, he wasn't loaned because he was so highly thought of and there is a still a chance for him to prove people wrong.
  5. wilko154

    Keinan Davis

    Don't actually agree with the comments that this is the end for Davis. I actually made the comment at half time on Sunday that it would have been the perfect game for Keinan; we were struggling to keep hold of the ball up front with both Watkins and Ings not impacting the game. I actually think Davis would have been a good option to have brought on to bring a new dynamic to the game. If we can continue to play with two strikers there is room in the squad for both Davis and Archer to be the backup strikers. I do agree that time is running out for Davis though, and he will need to prove himself with goals and assists at his next opportunity. Although a run of games and 90 minute spells will help this if they become available after his recovery.
  6. Poor today but let’s be honest we created absolutey nothing for him and we barely played any football. Ings will come good, but we might need to revert to one up top for some games.
  7. Are we seriously writing Buendia off after a 20 minute cameo in our worst performance of the season?
  8. wilko154

    Ezri Konsa

    I think what goes against Konsa sometimes is that you don't really notice him in games; I didn't really notice him against United for example. However the reason for this is he's a rolls royce of a defender and he goes about his job almost effortlessly. He'll get an England call up this season, I'm almost certain of it.
  9. To be fair that part of it I understand and agree with. Face value should always be the way with resales; but it's also being done in away to ensure Vila get a portion of the resale value along with the initial ticket purchase.
  10. Absolute shambles from the club with this communication. They are trying to stop the home and away games becoming a closed shop; but unfortunately thats the way football works. It's the loyal following that have been there week in week out in the bad times that now deserve to be there for the success. This isn't me getting into a who's a better fan debate, but it's annoying that Villa are already starting to act big time like the top 6 clubs have done previously. The ticket prices for home games (Wolves in particular) just highlight how wrong Villa have got this; and makes you look upon the calls for the fans to return for the great atmosphere was all just PR like the Grealish stuff. They want our cash, and that's all it's ever been about.
  11. Thats where that statistic isn't the best. He had a 100% passing completion, but at times his passes are played to players at the wrong time when they are under pressure or are in poor positions. Saying all that he had a good game yesterday, and grew into it as he usually does.
  12. Nothing wrong with him today, but he's not a complete wing back. Targett is a full back or a wing back when a winger is playing in front of him; his link up play allows him to get around the opposition full back. Today he wasn't able to do that and it left him exposed. In a 4-3-3 this season he will be fine.
  13. Personally think he looks better as a 6. I like it when he drops into the back 4 or 5 and takes the ball off the centre backs. Unfortunately without wingers he struggled to find players in space to distribute the ball to in the first half. Second half he did a good job; but Nakamba wasn't able to distribute as well as Luiz.
  14. Don't really get the comments about Buendia and Argentina; we allowed him to go. He hasn't done anything wrong. He'll be back in the team soon. The great thing is we can leave out players like Buendia and still win games.
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