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  1. wilko154

    Aaron Tshibola

    Personally I would also recall Tshibola from his loan now. He's 24 so not an U23 needing first team appearances. We are stuggling in the midfield and so the worst we could do is bring him back and let Smith and the team have a look at him in training. I would rather give game time to Tshibola than relying on players that don't fit the team mould. Tshibola would be a good fit in a pressing style of play, ability wise I haven't seen enough of him...
  2. At some point we have to pull the plug on buying Championship players for high prices or aging Premiership players on high contracts. Smith is a coach that will develop players, as he has done for Brentford in the past. It seem's we are now going down this route and long term it will be for the best. I'm sure we are looking to develop our own youth players but unfortunately some may not be good enough. In terms of a left back I don't believe we have another at the club.
  3. wilko154

    2019 Holiday Plans

    Going to book a city break for a few days to Paris, then the plan is to get a train over to Belgium for 2 nights before flying home. Would people reccomend Bruges or Brussels?
  4. Realistically... and I'm going to take some flack for saying this... We could get by without a left back until the summer, but a midfielder is a priority to get the team playing the way we were playing before Grealish's injury. Obviously Grealish coming back will massively help. If we don't have any other options than Rico Henry I would prefer to wait until the summer and find some rather than splash out 10-12 million on him. There must be left backs around the world we can pick up for 3-4 million that would improve our team. Using the Derby and Middlesbrough games as markers, Taylor played in both and we kept clean sheets. The only significant changes are Tuanzebe and Grealish. Hause and Elphick are now available at centre back, and Grealish will soon be back (but a midfielder would help ensure that this situation doesn't happen again with an injury in the midfield)
  5. This is our problem and has been since we have been in the Championship, out rectruitment plans have just been to buy the best players that are available in the Championship. Other teams are buying from outside of the Championship or using their academys and then developing those players. However in saying this if our only option is to buy from Brentford this season then we don't really have a choice as we desperately need a left back and a midfielder...
  6. wilko154

    Jack Grealish

    I actually think these statistics are 100% down to Grealish and not a lot to do with Hourihane. Hourihane plays the defensive midfield role and for the most part passes the ball to Grealish who is actively looking for the ball in the midfield, if he's not he's dragging players around to create space for Hourihane to pass to others. When Grealish isn't playing the midfield are completely static and the job of the DM is far harder.
  7. wilko154

    Michael Tait

  8. I like what you've done there. Transfer ROMers... ROMaine Sawyers...
  9. wilko154

    Pre-match thread

    I would be really tempted to try something different for this game. The current formation is just not working, and if Grealish or Lansbury aren't fit and able to play at least 70 minutes then chances are it won't work again. Kalinic Chester Elphick Hause Bree/Hutton Bjarnasson Taylor/Hutton McGinn Hourihane El Ghazi/Bolasie Abraham The defence is currently our weakness, we now have 3 centre backs and it may be time to utilise them all and sure things up. Full backs are also a problem, having 3 at the back will allow the full backs the chance to get forward as they seem to want to do. Bjarnasson in at holding midfield, I don't think he's the best for the job but Whelan hasn't looked great and Jedinak seem's to be gone this season. El Ghazi or Bolasie in behind Abraham, or Smith can gamble and play O'Hare or a second stiker in Hogan or Davis. I assume Kodjia is injured and out of this one. The wingers in our current formation are completely pointless as we just aren't using them, we need to get some numbers in that midfield until we have players who can carry and pick passes to the wide man (aka Grealish)
  10. wilko154

    Dean Smith

    We were already shipping goals for fun before Bruce left. Under Bruce we managed 1 clean sheet this season Under Smith we have had 5 clean sheets. It's not Smith that is the problem, it's the defense he has inherited from Bruce.
  11. wilko154

    Jack Grealish

    It's a good point and all very true. But there is a reason why we have stopped pressing as a team, and there is a reason why the team looks so tired all of the time. When we have the ball we don't have anyone who can get their foot on it and hold it, play the passes that help to retain possesion, carry the ball forward; when you have players who can do this it gives the whole team a breather as the high pressing they have been doing is stopped. Instead we now spend most of the game without possesion, or when we do have it we completely waste it; it means that our players spend more time trying to play a high pressing game early on and then can't see it through for the entire game. The problem is, as I have said before, we haven't changed our game plan since Grealish and Tuanzebe have been out and we now don't have a team capable of playing in the way we are trying to get them to play.
  12. wilko154

    Dean Smith

    I imagine the Bradford fans weren't too sad to see him go... in fact I bet they didn't give a toss seeing as though he was managing Brentford. Since Smith left Brentford they have nosedived down the league table, although over the last 5 games they have picked up a fair few points to drag them away from a relegation battle. The honeymoon period is definately over, by DS hasn't been a massive failure at all. He's shown exactly why we brought him in as manager, he just doesn't have the squad to implement the football style he wants. He has been massively let down by the lack of squad depth in certain areas, something we were all aware of over the Summer transfer window and the dealings Bruce made. It's far too early to be saying it's the final straw, it could well be the kick up the arse that the players need.
  13. He looked out of his depth because we asked him to play the number 8 role with Scott Hogan ahead of him. We tried to shoehorn him into Grealish’s role. Had we set up the team with two midfielders and O’Hare free in the number 10 role with Kodjia or Davis for him to play off he would have benefitted massively.
  14. wilko154

    Dean Smith

    This is the criminal side of the management team for me though. We’ve now played 5-6 (possibly more) games without Grealish and haven’t come up with a way to play without him. Instead we’ve just pressed on playing the same way as when he was in the squad and dictating games. Its a massive worry, no team can rely entirely on one player. Smith either needs to change the formation and way we play until Jack is back or he quickly needs to bring someone in who can also play the same role.
  15. Can anyone tell me what the point in having an academy is? We have players in our first team who are clearly not good enough yet they play week in week out.