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  1. Sturridge is rubbish. He's an injury riddled footballer who thinks he's some kind of A List Celebrity / Street Gangster. He would demand ridiculous wages and offer very little. I hope we have learnt our lessons on this and go nowhere near him.
  2. We really need to be letting Green, O'Hare & Davis all go out on loan this season. Championship or League One sides for all of them so they can get a full season of professional football behind them. Being backup/fringe players for a season whilst playing U23 football benefits us in no way long term. If we can get them all out on loan then possibly next season we will see the benefit and be able to bring them into the first team where they can push for places. This would also mean having to potentially spend less money on 3 positions.
  3. My home shirt arrived, it's actually quite nice. Not a patch on last season mind. The sleeve sponsor looks awful and is annoying, would have been better to have been an extra option. Word of warning on the sizes, I always buy a large as it is then big enough to wear over a hoody/jumper in winter. This year's large completely fitted, no way I can wear anything underneath it.
  4. I think Hourihane was found out at DM a few times, he's much better further forward. Bjarnasson is garbage, he couldn't cut it in the Championship, at DM in the PL he would be horribly exposed. Nakamba would be my 2nd DM if possible.
  5. Yes and me. I think we definitely need 2 DM's. Hourihane is a much better player when allowed to play as a centre midfielder, it's where his goals and assists generally come from. With two DM's available he no longer has to worry about playing out of position. Last night proved we need more depth on both wings. I imagine Smith knows this himself. RW needs some real quality, although Jota seemed to have a good game.
  6. Judging on the reviews from last nights game (I've only seen highlights); it looks as though our current squad going into the season should be: GK: Steer, Kalinic & Nyland RB: Guilbert & Elmo LB: Targett & Taylor CB: Mings, Engels, Konsa, Chester & Hause DM: Hourihane CM: Grealish, McGinn & Lansbury RW: Jota LW: El Ghazi ST: Wesley, Kodjia & Davis For the remainder of the transfer window I would be wanting: DM x 2 - Hourihane then pushes up to the fourth CM spot. RW & LW - We are slightly short on firepower up top, ideally we should be looking at a player who can play on one wing or as striker if we are short on funds. GK - Not a major problem right now, it could be put on hold until January. There is no point overpaying for Butland or Heaton when we have 3 potential goalkeepers on the books. Sell: Bree, Bjarnasson, Tshibola, Hogan Loan: O'Hare, Doyle-Hayes, Green, RHM & possibly Davis if we sign another ST
  7. In some regards it would be better to overspend in this window if it means we stay in the Premier League. Even if we break FFP. We then have a 3 year cycle to sort our FFP out, a lot can happen in 3 years and we have signed a lot of young players who could be worth a lot of money over the next few seasons. Relegation after spending £120 million would be a disaster. I think the board and owners are on this page, pay the money now to retain PL status going forwards.
  8. I was there last week and saw that they had started work on it, although very small-scale. As was mentioned at the time, there are much bigger problems in Paris for money to be spent on. Homelessness is a major problem there. I hope France don't pump money into a rebuild themselves, if the billionaires don't come forward then the building should be made safe and left as is.
  9. wilko154

    Wesley Moraes

    He complained to a team mate so he's no good as our new striker. Wesley Out Hogan In
  10. Couldn't be bothered to get up for the game and so I have watched the highlights on a dodgy Youtube video and then read through 20 pages of VT. Thanks to you all I think I've come away with a pretty clear understanding on how we are set for the season.
  11. The kit was due to be released at 3.30pm UK time. It moved back to 4.00pm UK time instead and was released on time. The rumours were Luiz would be announced with the away kit but it doesn't seem to have materialized.
  12. For anyone that has ordered a shirt and not received confirmation, I ordered mine last Thursday and didn't receive the confirmation email until yesterday. It will have still gone through I believe.
  13. I would like to know what the idea was behind the chav-tastic photo shoot they held to sell this kit. It looks awful.

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