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  1. Move our top goalscorer out wide to accomodate a player with no PL goals, no thanks. It will have it's uses in games but we should be setting up with Watkins up front either alone or with Davis alongside.
  2. Not confirmed yet but the rumours are that he's done his cruciate. Hopefully it's not as bad as Wesley or Heaton given that he walked off the pitch.
  3. I don't agree with this I'm afraid. After promotion we had to rebuild the squad; but you can't go out and buy world class players from the off. We had nothing to offer them other than a relegation battle. We signed some good young players in our first Summer back in the PL; the majority of which have improved and increased in value. Last Summer we added some quality into the side in Watkins & Martinez for some serious money. Cash & Traore were cheaper and were effectively bought in the same way we bought players last Summer; Cash has performed well and Traore has been hit and
  4. I thought Wildcard week would be fun; it wasn't. The most stressful week I've had trying to choose which players to include and a plan for the BGW coming up.
  5. I would actually like to see Tammy Abraham back at Villa and playing with Ollie Watkins. I've mentioned it before but I think Watkins in behind Abraham would work really well; Watkins work rate out of possession along with Abraham would mean we could utilise the high press well; and in possession they could combine together as a front two. Something like this: Abraham Grealish Watkins Traore McGinn Luiz And then able to adapt to this in some games or during periods of games: Watkins Abraham Grealish
  6. I don't think you earn money from likes on Twitter; only for sponsored tweets.
  7. We should have enough in our team to beat Fulham without Grealish. Unfortunately based on recent performances I just don't have much faith.
  8. Silly thing to do really. Villa Twitter has turned into a race to release information before the club for likes. It's embarrassing and doesn't help Aston Villa in the slightest. Fulham have now had an extra hour to prepare for the fact that Grealish may not be playing.
  9. Very annoying. For Smith to have come out and said it's not a recurring injury, yet stated in this weeks press conference that its a shin issue is quite frustrating. It basically is a recurrence of the same problem he had in 18/19. I actually think he won't go to the Euros now; Southgate is only going to take reliable players for the tournament and at this time Grealish is completely unreliable due to this injury. We really need to find a way to play well without Grealish for the remainder of the season and beyond; his injuries are now becoming a regular thing as are our perform
  10. Unfortunately I think this may be true. A Grealish return would normally have the club posting images of his arrival on all of the social media forums... nothing so far.
  11. I think you need to check the kick off time
  12. Loaning players at a young age is necessary in my opinion. Listening to podcasts of former professionals its pretty unanimous that loans played a huge part in their development. Anyone thinking that Chukwuemeka, Kesler, Barry and Ramsey are going to waltz straight into our first team and hit the ground running in the PL needs a reality check. In my opinion there are 4 or 5 in the U23 setup that would benefit from loans next season in the lower leagues. Regular competitive football, grounds hopefully open with fans in, games that mean something to a local area and improving their game
  13. This doesn't sound to me like a football club about to drop £100+ million on Jack Grealish. With Aguero leaving and the issues they've had up front this season their main priority in the Summer transfer window is a striker.
  14. Wesley off injured after 37 minutes. We won't see him this season, looks a mess at the moment. Understandably worried about injuries throughout. Needs to build himself back up in the U23's and come back strong next season.
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