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    Added time appears to just be a complete mystery really. It'd be about as consistent if they drew a number from a hat. How often this season have we seen 3-4 minute stoppages for VAR alone, yet only 1 or 2 minutes stoppage time added on?
  2. Fortunately it is illegal to pay for a pardon. It's just not illegal to pay someone to lobby for a pardon for you. And obviously no president would take that money via proxy. The Trump presidency has shown again and again the dangers of checks and balances assuming that the president will always act in good faith. I agree with you though, presidential pardons are one of those things that make me wonder how their electorate accept that nonsense.
  3. You know that rocket polisher at the Marine vs Spurs game last week? The Representative for Wellingborough blasting the air horn every 30 seconds? He's the type to loudly have a phone call on a train or walking around the office. There's basically two types of people, one group who assume everyone is really interested in whatever bollocks they're up to, and the others have some basic human decency.
  4. It should be funny, if it weren't for knowing that there will be a good percentage of their readership nodding along as they read it.
  5. Why pardon the rioters? Can't charge a premium for your product if you're giving it away for free https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/17/rudy-giuliani-associate-john-kiriakou-trump-pardon?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other I'm sure Trump never met the guy. Doesn't know who he is. Never spoke to him.
  6. It's more competitive because the top teams are shite. Much more entertaining this way, but the quality is way down on previous seasons.
  7. I think it's fair to say it's a season with remarkably low quality throughout the division. I hate to imagine how much these 22 players cost.
  8. I'm watching this in the hope of a meteor strike at Anfield.
  9. A recovering fish population due to it not being profitable to fish for them in the UK might be the best thing to come out of Brexit
  10. God, Xia in charge, and Bruce stinking out the league. I was absolutely gutted that day, and remember the coach trip back being silent for the most part, but yeah, you're right, it was a huge day for us, just not for the reasons we thought.
  11. That is very cool, I think I'll follow some of this, thanks for sharing
  12. I would love it if Newcastle Bruceball a shithouse 1-0 win in their next match.
  13. For a slightly bigger picture: Average weekly earnings in 1965 was £13 a week, or 676 a year, so the average house was about 5 years average earnings. Adjusted for inflation it's £13,200. Current average weekly earnings are about £500 a week, or 26,0000, so wages have gone up way more than inflation, yet the average house is now about 10 years average earnings.
  14. The lengths Lawrence Fox will go to in order to get attention constantly impress me.
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