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  1. Davkaus

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I still can't decide whether to buy a ps4 pro or wait until the PC release comes out in a year or two. A game like this deserves better than the poverty spec of the base ps4,
  2. Davkaus

    Pre-Match Thread

    Less than 10 tickets left! When did we last sell out?
  3. Davkaus

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    You've got to get a dishwasher. It helps, but so far, I've been unable to train the gf to fill the dishwasher properly. No you don't just balance shit on top of other items. And you'd think a grown human with at least a partial education would realise that plates should be rinsed before putting them in. And if she puts another dirty plate in there when everything else is clearly clean and needs unloading, I'm going to need to lay a new patio. Apart from that, she's great though.
  4. Davkaus

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Since yesterday, I've had a conundrum on my hands. I can't decide whether to view people who buy ready-meal mash with more or less contempt than people who buy 'instant' mash.
  5. Davkaus

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    If anything, surely it ought to be awakened? **** youths, and their words.
  6. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    Bizarre. It's presumably a part time job, and he can stay in Scotland and just travel when he needs to. you know, what with finding it difficult to acclimatise to the midlands.
  7. Davkaus

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'm pretty pissed off by supermarkets' continued move away from stocking ingredients to make more shelf space for premade shite. There's no room for butternut squash in my local supermarket, but there is space in the aisle that it used to be on for chopped carrot, and 3 different varieties of 'fresh' mashed potato, for the discerning idle Representative for Wellingborough. No harissa or sesame seeds anymore, but they have expanded their range of jarred bolognese and curry sauces for people who don't cook, but are in denial about it
  8. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    Tbf, there's a big difference between being isolated as a midfielder, and being stood 40 yards ahead of everyone as a lone target man.
  9. Davkaus

    Saudi Arabia

    I'm surprised Turkey have openly stated they had recordings of this. They're admitting they've bugged an embassy? Regardless, SA will continue to act with completely impunity. These words removed got away with funding 9/11 and ISIS, so what's a single murder, eh? If ever a country should be a target for regime change.
  10. Davkaus

    What game you currently playing?

    I'm about 3-4 hours in to Hollow Knight.. I love it, but I hate it. I've never managed to finish a Souls game, and I can't see me containing my rage well enough to finish this either.
  11. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    I think I'd rather watch that training session than most of the games we've played in the last 5 years.
  12. Davkaus

    Loan watch 2018/19

    Absurd really. He's been there for 3 months, his team have played 8 games, and he hasn't played a minute of football. We may as well have kept him here. I'm not hugely hopeful, he's 21 in 3 months, and he's made 11 senior appearances, all in League 2, across 3 seasons. If he's not starting to command match time at his age, at this level, I'm not sure he's got it in him.
  13. Davkaus

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Don't mention the vandalism of the Trinity road, it's a sombre day for us all.
  14. More than half of the clubs don't even bring in enough t o pay the wages? What the ****?! That can't be right?
  15. Davkaus

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Saved the **** club? Tell me more about how he saved the club when he took over a club that were champions of Europe then dismantled the side and promptly saw us relegated. Mr aston villa my arse.