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  1. Not just VAT free, taxpayer subsidised, I believe. Any other businesses that let you get pissed while you're working? These guys do it, exempt themselves from the law to do so, and do it on our **** money. Parliament has no moral authority to impose laws on the people that they exempt themselves from. I can't imagine I'll have much luck in court with that argument, but I feel perfectly justified taking their regulations as "advice" at this point.
  2. Chauffer driven cars are exempt from masks as well, for some reason.
  3. Fox "news" have themselves argued in court that they are entertainment and that no reasonable person could think it's news.
  4. How do you spend 70k on your hair and have it end up looking like that? I'm not sure there's a huge amount of tax evasion going on, I think he's broke. This very stable genius managed to bankrupt a casino ffs. He's a terrible businessman who inherited a fortune and squandered it. He'd have been better off putting his money in a savings account than using it to fund his business ventures.
  5. I don't recognise any of those, and I can hardly make them out, anything worth trying to procure, @fightoffyour? I opened the evening with this. Very smooth for 9%, quite subtle on the flavours and mostly tastes like a traditional stout with a peanut finish. I'm glad I picked up a couple.
  6. Just watched the goals. Vardy really is a special player. I can't see how Leicester can replace him in a year or two.
  7. I'm not happy by Labour pandering to the rich, but I think the party is handicapped by being held to a significantly higher standard than the tories. Yes. I will accept a Labour government with compromises if it's what it takes to get these bastards out of power.
  8. The rules simply need to be changed if that's a penalty. It's disgusting.
  9. It's not VAR, it's the rules. The rules are bollocks. We may as well insist every outfield player has their arms amputated. It's not handball, it's not in the spirit of the original rule, and it's ruining the sport. It's bollocks.
  10. I never fail to be amused by the commentary team getting hyped up for Andy "Crocked" Carroll coming up...for him to inevitably do **** all.
  11. I would agree, until I felt that unmistakable dopamine hit of "@chrisp65 has liked your post"
  12. But now you can tell how many posts there were on here on some eventful days in 2011. And you can see some random images with no context We'll get used to it, I guess! I'd be happier if I could just read posts across the full width of my screen though.
  13. I feel like there's way too much wasted space, and there's really no need for each post to be in its own card with a gap between it. And I don't need that massive section at the top of each thread telling me the name of the thread I just clicked on and who posted it. I feel like I could see way more content on one screen on the old one. That seems to be the way web design is trending over the past few years though. How can we put less stuff on the screen? Nb: I'm aware @limpid doesn't personally design the forum software, and I appreciate everything you do
  14. The forum is all different.
  15. You'd often be forgiven for thinking the UK government has as well, so you're not alone.
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