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  1. By my rough, back of a fag packet maths, for every band 9 you move down to median band 8 pay, you can give all nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants a 10 pence per year raise. I hope there's a lot of them. And I'm sure they'll all stick around doing the job at much lower pay.
  2. The US population seem to have far more reason to fear the police than the police have to fear the public. The video of Lieutenant Nazrario's traffic stop doing the rounds earlier this week was chilling. Another example of someone being stopped for driving while black, stopped at gunpoint, given contradictory commands, and being absolutely terrified to move because it's clear from the cop's demeanor that he was looking for an excuse to shoot. If the victim hadn't been so switched on, it'd have gone the way of Daniel Shaver.
  3. That's one perspective. The other is that humans are overcoming nature's defenses
  4. I sometimes think just sacking all of the refs and operating on a system of compromise and concensus between the teams on the pitch would be more fruitful.
  5. Son: for a novel approach to recieving less abuse on social media, try being less of a word removed.
  6. I'll cheer the baggies pulling off the greatest escape ever if it relegates Bruce.
  7. Your post is excellent, and I agree with it. There are a huge number of courses in which really, spelling and punctuation aren't particularly relevant, and I have no objections at all to the universities making that clear, and not reducing marks due to poor spelling, grammar or punctuation. Claiming that the requirement to spell correctly is white, male and elite" is the kind of nonsense I expect to read on a student's Twitter feed, not announced by a university, it's nonsense, and I don't think it's a pre-requisite to be a bad-faith right-wing arsehole to object to that description. I'm only
  8. Got to be honest, the miserable bastards moaning don't sound like people I'd want to go to the pub with anyway
  9. Fargo series 1-3 is some of my favourite TV ever, it's cracking stuff. Season 4 may as well be a different show, and it's a bit shit.
  10. Why? It's not a desperation to get shitfaced, I can do that at home. It's a desperation to get back to seeing my mates, having a pint and a laugh, and getting back to some sense of normality. Of course we could meet somewhere other than the pub, but a pint or two makes most things more fun. You wouldn't find me queueing to have a pint at midnight on a Sunday, but we have a table booked, and I can't bloody wait.
  11. Full article behind a paywall, but **** me.... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/its-elitist-to-mark-down-bad-spelling-universities-insist-bmw5j2jlfhttps://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/its-elitist-to-mark-down-bad-spelling-universities-insist-bmw5j2jlf
  12. It was just an excuse to accept agbonlahor being in the list
  13. Ronaldo was nowhere near being one of the best players when he was in the PL, though the rest are a fair shout.
  14. I don't buy that argument, really, @villa4europe, it's not like he's going to play in China, and wasting his talent for a big payday. The 2 or 3 clubs in the world that could meet his wage demands are also almost certainly going to give him among the absolute greatest chance of domestic and european success. It's the best of both worlds for him. He's going to be an incredibly wealthy man no matter what happens, but if he plays his cards right, his great-grandkids will also be incredibly wealthy, and he'll have an awful lot of medals to hang up.
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