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  1. Apparently that's 3 wins from 15 games for the baby faced clown.
  2. I think it's only fair to give him a couple of years to put his ideas in to practise.
  3. Stunned that he's still playing in the Premier League.
  4. I almost forgot about the guy that got on to the pitch at full time. The first steward to get there gave him a bloody good hiding he won't forget.
  5. Davkaus

    Tyrone Mings

    Yup, can't see what more Mings would be doing with the arm band, it's fine to have a leader that's not the captain.
  6. Still bloody deafening in the upper holte though. I'm surprised all our st holders up there aren't deaf. Crazy Train is always painful. I'm genuinely planning to take some ear plugs until the players come out next time.
  7. Could do with replacing the bulb in the big villa badge on the holte side of the trinity fascia. The badge was just a pair of dangling legs.
  8. Quality goal. I hope he makes people look like **** mugs saying he's not good enough for the PL.
  9. Tammy's scored a second. Just not up to it at this level.
  10. Quality penalty save from Johnstone, stopping a bellend of a linesman from ruining their game https://streamja.com/GEEb
  11. I think it's fair to say Friday night football was a good idea. Straight to the pub after work, looking forward to the weekend, then to VP for some football under the floodlights. I love it.
  12. Davkaus


    They created a reasonable amount, just couldn't finish them. They should have had 2 goals in stoppage time last night before we finished it. They hit the post and then Walcott shit the bed. They'd gone close a couple of times before that as well.
  13. I think some people think he's had a bad game if he doesn't completely dominate the match. We're not playing Rotherham and Millwall anymore, he's not going to be able to just take the piss out of the opposing team and glide through the lot of them, he has to play a much less flashy game at this level, but he played well, imo. He's still making an incredible amount of space for the rest of the team.
  14. Me too. I also put my knee out trying to stop some unit flying down in to the next row and the chunky **** took me with him. No regrets. I've never felt anything like it at Villa Park. The goal celebrations in the upper holte were like a mosh pit.
  15. We saw the best and worst of him tonight. Some brilliant defending followed by some of the worst crossing seen on a pl pitch.

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