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  1. Davkaus

    Racism Part two

    Wasn't this a conversation about the media? Do you think the Beeb are going to stow her under a lorry and go through the channel? Or do you think the government is going to let them in but keep in quiet, in which case, what has that got to do with anything when you were going on about the media? And surely the government doing this would just make people like you angrier when it inevitably leaks. And why would they do this anyway when they're refusing to provide her any assistance in returning to the country?
  2. Davkaus

    U.S. Politics

    With morons like that elected and having a semblance of power, it's a wonder that Mexico doesn't pay for the wall. The Canadians will probably want one too.
  3. Davkaus

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Are we talking about the guy who's scored 5 goals in the last 2 seasons? Injuries have played there part, and he's frequently out on the wings, but he's 29 and has had 2 decent seasons in front of goal. We'd be completely in the shit without Abraham. He's an exceptional young talent who'll go on to compete at a much higher level. "Jimmy Danger" is a lower league journeyman.
  4. Davkaus

    Racism Part two

    You opened this conversation with some bullshit image about what "the left" (a term which should be a red flag on its own) think. Do you feel the BBC is a champion of left wing soyboy beta cucks?
  5. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    For me the question isn't Smith vs this squad of has-beens and never-will-bes.. Most of them are gone in the summer, we know that. The question is whether Smith has shown enough to be trusted to rebuild the squad. He was clearly brought in with the long term project in mind, but if we keep going like this, I think it's far from guaranteed.
  6. Davkaus

    Pre-Match Thread

    Without McGinn, I can't imagine what kind of Midfield we're putting out. May as well play 5-0-5.
  7. Davkaus

    Scott Hogan

  8. Davkaus

    Villa Park Atmosphere

    The family area is in the Trinity next to the North. Around the tunnel.
  9. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    Our squad has some really poor players, but I have one question for those who absolve Smith of any blame: is it worse than the blues squad? The fact we're below them in the table, and one of the worst teams in the form table after the games we've had recently beggars belief.
  10. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    Because he's been in the door for 4 months?!
  11. Davkaus

    Tammy Abraham

  12. Davkaus

    Tammy Abraham

    He's the third highest scorer in the league. The two above him currently play for teams in the automatic promotion spots, and actually have a midfield. He's scored 3 in the last 5 games. 4 in the last 6. 6 in the last 9.
  13. Davkaus

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2019

    I must have seen that dozens of times, and every time I think "really, that's the best ever save?". It'd have been forgotten about 5 minutes later if it wasn't from Pele.
  14. Davkaus

    Conor Hourihane

  15. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    I didn't see much commitment, with a handful of exceptions. I saw a lot of players strolling around like we were 3 or 4 up, without any sense of urgency.