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  1. Don't have any of these problems with Spotify.
  2. Davkaus

    Tyrone Mings

    I hope we're already looking at alternatives. I like the guy, and the effort he put in last season was a joy to see, but, as comfortable as he looked last season, he's 26 and has never performed at the next step up. If we're serious about staying up next year, I feel like a Bournemouth reserve shouldn't be where £15m+ of our money is going. A third of a decent season in the second tier and Bournemouth expect to be doubling their money on a player that couldn't get in to their match day squad? Nah.
  3. I just started Factorio. In some ways, it's like being at work, but it's bizarrely compelling.
  4. Absolute BS. Female Tennis players: "We get similar viewing numbers, why are we played less" Blokes in charge: "You play fewer sets" FTP: "Let us play the same number of sets then" BIC: "....No".
  5. I think the main issue that the drubbing last night highlighted was just how misguided it is to expand the tournament past the number of teams that can effectively compete at that level. It's not out of the question we'll see more scorelines like that in the men's tournament when the WC is expanded to 48 teams in '26. I can't wait to see Germany vs Syria.
  6. That was an absurd game, I don't think it really counters my argument though. That wasn't a normal game, it was the best side in the world vs some amateurs, I'm not convinced the size of the goal was the issue.
  7. Nottingham is no better. The city is at a bloody standstill for a couple of hours every day because the council turned a 2 lane major throughroad towards the m1 into a single lane with a huge, road width cycle lane. It's been absolute carnage ever since. Still, I often see as many as 3 cyclists on it while I'm queuing for 20 minutes, so it's well worth it. As for the bastard trams...
  8. This. It's a demographic that has done considerably better out of austerity than workers. And they're the demographic keeping the tories in power. **** them and their freebies. Someone's got to pay for it anyway, I reckon I know one or two people my age with TV licenses. I suspect it'll have to come under general taxation at some point, because the young are increasingly unlikely to have any interest in live TV.
  9. Exactly the same here. Anytime in the week following the final and I'd have dropped a grand on tickets for me and the other half straight away without thinking about it. since then, I've started to think maybe we could spend the money a bit more wisely and just go to a few more matches without committing to all 19. I'm sure we'll still sell loads, but it does seem very odd that they've not made the most of the excitement immediately following Wembley. It's been over 2 weeks, what on earth are they waiting for?
  10. Same. Some of these championship players may press on and do well in the PL, but I'll be very nervous if all of our acquisitions are Championship players with a few PL backup players.
  11. Anyone bother to watch the final? It's a big serious tournament guys, for real.
  12. I think the only reveal that's had me excited to play the game is Ori. I think they really could have done with telling GRRM to sit the **** down and write some **** books.
  13. I don't know whether to laugh or despair about Cyperpunk 2077 being up to preorder at £50. Please, rush to download our digital product that can never sell out, 10 months before release at full RRP. And people will buy it now, the better part of a year before there are any reviews, well before seeing any real gameplay, it's madness.
  14. I sometimes feel like I'm the only person on the internet who couldn't give a shit about Keanu Reeves or his mostly terrible back catalogue of generic action movies.
  15. I think it'll look good enough to blow most people away just on the current gen. GTA on the last console gen is going to be the model to emulate for most games this time around, I think, those **** managed to triple dip once you consider the delayed PC release.
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