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  1. I really hope there's a zombie sean bean.
  2. Solid performance. Unbelievable we only scored one, their keeper was MotM for me. 10 in a row. **** incredible.
  3. Or passed it back and held up the ball. Anything apart from what he did.
  4. Could have easily been 3 or 4 nil if it wasn't for him.
  5. Their keeper has made some bloody good saves today, he's kept them in this.
  6. Not a classic half of football, but we're on track for ten
  7. Cowering from a shot that wasn't taken is classic Taylor.
  8. Even when we have the ball up there, Kodjia may as well be marking the defenders. He doesn't look like he wants it at all.
  9. Christ, that'd have been a hell of a sucker punch.
  10. I'm guessing it's due to their white shorts.

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