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  1. Another player that's nowhere near good enough for us, but starts for Man United all of the time. And they wonder why they're in the shit.
  2. I genuinely can't believe how bad a footballer Fred is. I wouldn't want him anywhere near our team. £50m? Christ.
  3. He looks like he's absolutely fuming. Poor guy.
  4. I don't think it's annoying at all. Scouser melt down and bringing them down a peg or two (and helping City get back in touching distance with them), plus potentially helping to prolong the Ole disaster? It's win win.
  5. Only if you believe politicians will do what they say. It'd be...interesting, but fairly bad for the country either way, wouldn't it. If they're put in a spot where they have to pick no deal or no Brexit. I know which I'd prefer, but I don't see either outcome doing anything to help heal the rift in the country.
  6. You can't. It's why, regardless of your feelings on Leave vs Remain, it should have been dealt with via our elected politicians not by the popular vote of people with no clue what they're really voting on, there shouldn't have even been a first referendum. We couldn't even be trusted to name a **** boat properly, and we're leaving the EU because of the will of the people.
  7. Went to see Killswitch Engage last night at the O2 Academy, damn good show. In the queue, there were a couple of middle aged blokes in shirts and jackets, who looked a little out of place among the strictly black tees and piercings, but cool. After queueing for about 10 minutes, and giving several bewildered looks at everyone else who was queuing, they realised that they weren't in line for the O2 institute, and all of the metalheads around them weren't Gary Numan enthusiasts.
  8. People should really choose a platform suitable for the message they're trying to send. 1 of 19? Yeah, I'll pass.
  9. Owned companies he didn't, had an academic background he didn't, suddenly couldn't get money out of the country because China, but honestly he's really rich. Except now he can't pay domestic bills either. **** him. And if you swallowed his BS, I have a bridge for you. It's a magnificent bridge, absolutely massive. You've probably never heard of it though, but there's nothing to worry about.
  10. Karma? If there was any, the Chinese government would be looking for this bellend as well.
  11. You mean he wasn't a self-made billionaire that made his money through completely unverifiable companies? I'm stunned. It'll turn out he wasn't a professor next.
  12. Davkaus

    U.S. Politics

    Erdogan reportedly just threw it in the bin. I can see why.
  13. Davkaus

    Global Warming

    Did you see the idiot last week that blocked off a bridge, confronted a cyclist that wanted to get past, and told them they should have got the bus? There's some right morons involved.
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