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  1. Maybe if/when we rebuild it. I wouldn't want to put his name on the current shithole, personally.
  2. Look at their record with education and the NHS and tell me that Blairite Labour was the tories with better PR. Look at homeless numbers and social care provision and tell me they were tories. Look at how they treated the unemployed and those on disability benefits. It's absolute bollocks.
  3. I'd have given it a like but you forgot to mention getting Brexit done.
  4. The tory spads sounding rather lonely in the audience. Is there anything sadder than the sound of one man clapping?
  5. I'd completely forgotten half of that lot had played for us. I use the word "played" in only a certain sense of the word.
  6. These bloody meat-eating snowflakes are easily offended, aren't they?
  7. Ah, I see. I can absolutely understand why you responded in the way you did - it might have seemed like it but I didn't post that after reading your comment, and I have no problem in your usage of it at all. I just came here to have a bit of a moan after reading some comments that annoyed me elsewhere.
  8. I think mods may get angry if I post the whole original meme
  9. Perhaps I'm throwing out the baby with the bathwater to an extent, this particular incident has annoyed me. Someone saying it's "a dog whistle" because he said "people of talent" rather than "talented people", which is just absurd to me. When it comes to people like Johnson and Trump, weak criticisms like this annoy the hell out of me. He's *clearly* a bigot. He's demonstrably a liar. There's enough clear, hard evidence out there without throwing shit at him that's either 50/50 or just outright wrong. I think it just serves to help discredit the stronger arguments when you throw stuff like this at him that's easily batted aside,
  10. It is a word with meaning, of course, but it just seems to be abused to the point of ridiculousness. Mostly by the people that think anyone over 35 is a "boomer".
  11. I **** despair. Elsewhere this is being posted. It's clearly wrong, and when it's pointed out, people double down. "Well, it's the kind of thing he would think". Argh. People calling it a "dog whistle", which as far as I can tell is modern nomenclature for "someone I dislike said something that wasn't offensive, but I wish he'd said something outrageous instead".
  12. Have you watched the video a couple of posts above you? He's a bellend, but he absolutely did not say 'people of colour'.
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