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  1. 4 points from safety with a game in hand. Their great start to the season is **** already and it could well be the year
  2. I approve! Regular brew for me, one of the nicest dark beers you can routinely get in the supermarkets, and there's a few places around here that do it in casks as well. St Peter's brewery do a plum porter too, but it's not a patch on this. 7/10 is probably fair, doesn't blow you away, but if you can find a better porter/stout in the shops, I'd be surprised. Correction on my post in another thread, it's a cherry and *cognac* infused stout I have waiting for me, not bourbon. This will be my Christmas beer, I think
  3. I posted that a few weeks ago, have you tried it, @Xela? Not sure I'd get through 4 cans of it, but it's a weird, smokey beer that's worth trying befoire they inevitably discontinue it.
  4. Got home a few hours ago, I'm hungover on the same day. Jesus christ. Started with a half of an old favourite of mine, Storming the Emperor's Castle, at 11:30 this morning. 13.5% of stouty deliciousness, and my highlight of the day. I got a couple of bottles of the cherry/bourbon infused version to bring home, which they'd sadly ran out of in cask days before. Magpie was in second place, a tie between a strawberry/vanilla stout, and a passionfruit/marshmellow stout. Two brilliant imperials around 8%, with some very generous pours from their head brewer who was happy to spend ages talking about them. their classic cherry stout, Cherry Raven, was available, but I can get my hands on that in local shops so I gave that a miss. Delicious stuff that's well worth a go, though. Other highlights were a mango/guava sour from Vault City, and a 13% smoked stout from Holy Goat called Goatsmoke. Also had a blueberry and mocha stout (about 6%, I'd call it a session beer) from Shipstones, well worth a go if you get the chance. Dishonourable mention for Brecon Brewing's 10% dark IPA named "mind bleach". Flat, rancid shite that went down the drain after a sip. The day was broken up with a nice view over Trent Bridge cricket ground, and curry and samosas from Memsaab, but sadly I was pissed and on the way home before the live music started.
  5. RIP, agreed with those who say we need to do more to protect our representatives. An attack on an MP ought to be considered an attack on our democracy. It should be life imprisonment with absolutely no possibility of parole.
  6. 2 stouts in at the robin hood beer festival
  7. International competition is a fair argument, but wage rises don't increase prices proportionally to the wage rise, and if the prices of products can't sustain a livable income for the workers, the price needs to go up, or the business should be left to fail.
  8. I don't think I've ever, ever heard anyone say quarter without the w, and I would mercilessly rip the piss out of someone if I did
  9. Needs an extra step after going on holiday to return and take personal charge, before ignoring warnings all over again.
  10. I sometimes put videos of squirrels on the TV, and it seems my cats get something similar out of it to you weirdos and this ASMR thing
  11. Finally gave in and checked my prize. I don't want to brag, but I only lost 10% of my ticket fee.
  12. I don't want to sign in. Going to keep this dream alive for a while
  13. One of the things Southgate talks about in the interview is that he knew Grealish wasn't fit, and he was only really playing games for us in order to be available for England. He was only training for a couple of days at a time, then needed a rest. This is probably the reason he didn't play more, rather than the anti-Villa agenda that's so popular on here.
  14. Genuinely the biggest prize I've ever won in anything 8 bottles of free cider, better than a kick in the teeth
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