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  1. Honestly, **** these scumbags. I regret every penny I ever gave them. I'm heartbroken to know some of my favourite gaming experiences were made by sexual predators, who thought it was all one big joke.
  2. It's gone...I feel so powerful.
  3. People have so little idea about what I do, I've been asked if I'll sift the CVs and interview my potential replacements. This is lunacy, right?
  4. They might get to set that record in the Championship as well. 18 points is the number to beat, set by Rotherham. I believe in you, you dirty Derby bastards
  5. They can be repaired. While a software bug has revealed it, it's a hardware fault, people should return it to their retailer legally), or to EVGA under warranty (more practically). A higher level system should never be able to fundamentally break a lower level. If an application can break the OS, it's the OS's fault. If an application can break hardware, it's the hardware's fault.
  6. I'm getting a plasterer out tomorrow, he's been over for a quote and we've had a few chats over the phone. Nice bloke, very friendly. But he's a big, manly, muscular black bloke, and he keeps calling me "brother", and as a scrawny, pale, Guardian-reading type, every time there's an awkward silence before I reply "....Uh-huh".
  7. I've been there, with a Villa loss ruining the whole weekend, and really, it's like having a tantrum because you don't like how an episode of a soap opera turns out. It took a while for me to come to terms with the fact it's entertainment, it doesn't matter, and some millionaires losing at a game doesn't need to negatively impact my happiness. I still get a bit frustrated when we lose, but I'm working on it. I don't think it's new, but the constant bombardment of rumours and news online mean it's a passion that can dominate people's entire lives rather than just the day of the game and any news so big it's in the papers
  8. Fair enough, I wasn't sure of the exact implementation of it, but my observation has been that since the GIF button has made them more easy and accessible, things have got a bit crazy. Maybe the genie is out of the bottle with the GIFification of the internet though. I try to not use the ignore button at all, that's even more harmful for discussion, and if there's behaviour that makes people use ignore en-mass, it's going to become a fairly fractuous discussion board Personally, if enforcing limitations of it isn't technically feasible, I'd support @blandy's suggestion of tightening up the site guidelines to reduce low-effort GIF posts, but I recognise this is your site and not a democracy
  9. B. Limit GIFs in some way (x per day, like reactions, but a much lower number?)
  10. This has been brought up several times in off topic, and I thought it was worth there being a serious discussion about it. We've always had the odd GIF or picture posted, but with the GIF button being integrated into the forum, it's getting absolutely ridiculous, especially in on topic. They have a time and a place, but they're so overused now I feel it genuinely detracts from discussion. If I wanted to just scroll through memes, I'd browse Reddit. I'm not sure how configurable it is, but if I had the below options, I'd personally go for B: A. Continue as things are B. Limit GIFs in some way (x per day, like reactions, but a much lower number?) C. Remove GIF button entirely In fact, I'm going to post each of those as it's own answer so people can vote on it
  11. Indeed. Laughable attempt to rewrite history in their favour.
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