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  1. If the best argument you've got is that shit occurs in nature, you may as well go on a murdering spree. Stealing is alright as well, squirrels do that shit all of the time. Typically we hold humans to higher standards than animals that have no concept of morality. The militant vegan is as annoying as a militant anything else, but the vast majority of the times I talk about it it's because someone else starts a conversation, says something demonstrably wrong, then gets all arsey about me "preaching" when I correct them. Militant meat eater, keep it to yourselves!
  2. I thought I'd heard all the bullshit criticisms, but this is a novel one.
  3. Davkaus

    Dean Smith

    His tactical tweaks have been things people were calling for from the start, so he gets little in the way of plaudits for them. Especially when he had to learn the same lesson twice in half a week.
  4. Wait for someone to find some stats that show that contrary to what you may see with your eyes, he had a really good game.
  5. Having a great time tonight, are you? Vintage performance!
  6. There may be a player in the, but he'll have **** off by the time we find out.
  7. I fully accept kodjia didn't look up for it, but I maintain it was shocking management just binning him off and playing several games with no striker at all.
  8. As things stand, Norwich are the only thing that make me think we won't finish bottom. We're not very good at all.
  9. I presume it's a disciplinary reason, because of it's through choice, it's bonkers.
  10. Playing a striker, even an inexperienced kid, would be a massive improvement as well. They'll press forward without a care in the world.
  11. We see what this team and formation could do at the weekend, and it was **** shit.
  12. That team is a **** disgrace after the last game. He's lost the plot.
  13. Here we go. Pretty hyped for this tonight. Got to be better than watching the Villa tonight that's for sure!
  14. I can't stand either almond or soy milk, I find both have quite an overpowering flavour that dominates a drink. Probably ok in cereals, but I don't eat that shit. Oat milk is my go to for drinks, just rounds them out nicely without overpowering the drink.
  15. I occasionally visit a coffee shop which does have proper baristas. You can choose from a selection of their hand roasted specialty beans, which they grind to order different depending on whcih type of bean/roast you've chosen. A couple of them have competed at the world barista championships, they're really in to the science of it and I've had quite a few interesting conversations with them about improving my home set up. It's a bit wanky if that's not your thing, but if you're really interested in coffee it's worth the premium, these guys really know their shit. Minimum wage lackeys in Costa/Starbucks serving burnt, mass produced coffee following head office's instructions are not baristas.
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