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  1. I thought you guys would have my back.
  2. I love this argument "Ok, yes I'm currently sunbathing, but I only left the house to get medication".
  3. Sure did save the economy though.
  4. So, quick show of hands from my peers..."Getting my leg over", reasonable?
  5. It's a fitting end to his pathetic tenure. Thank **** he's finally **** off to ****. 3 years too late.
  6. On top of postponed gigs being cancelled, a few bands I want to see have announced new dates in September/October as well. It's going to be interesting when they all end up rescheduling again. I don't expect to be able to see another gig this year, tbh. Certainly not at a venue bigger than a pub.
  7. My smell is slowly returning, but it's wrong. My coffee kind of smells of cheese. Still no taste.
  8. It keeps the money rolling in to keep other post affordable. They won't stop unless forced to.
  9. I don't think it's as simple as if he does it on the pitch, he can get away with anything off it, there's definitely a line to be drawn, but I don't think this is it and I'm astonished anyone would want to sell him over it. It's definitely a good reason to take the captaincy away though. He should never have been captain in the first place. He doesn't lead. He doesn't inspire. He sulks when things don't go his way. And as much as a wizard he is with a ball at his feet, the bloke is clearly as thick as pig shit.
  10. Sure does make you unpopular in the supermarket though.
  11. It's being acknowledged by some that by overstepping the limited powers they've been given, they risk doing little but fostering distrust of the police, which I think is fairly reasonable. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/mar/30/uk-police-guidelines-coronavirus-lockdown-enforcement-powers-following-criticism-lord-sumption
  12. Ouch. I don't bother because it's less than a third of the price here, but it's quite easy to make your own.
  13. At most he should be getting the first tier of FPN.
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