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  1. No they shouldn't need too but FFS they should be on his case for not learning. The whole coaching team "seem" too nice. and the team mirrors it.
  2. I'm really disappointed with Mings performances and am surprised at how bad he has got. The goal today where he didn't bother closing the ball down is similar to a number of times we've conceded goals this season. Does Terry or Smith not show Mings footage of where he is doing well (short clip) and where he is making mistakes? Surely you have to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them otherwise you have no chance to improve.
  3. A player that seemingly used to have a great engine now looking knackered after playing one half of football. Yes, he had a bad injury but he has had a fair bit of time to get back to a decent level of fitness level. Questions have to be asked at how effective our fitness training is / has been.
  4. The Dean Smith thread will be a laugh later...
  5. If they offered you a 5-0 defeat now would you take it?
  6. Grealish half hearted attempt to close down the ball and that's the club captain. Have to be more determined than that.
  7. Roy Keane bang on with his criticism of Mings - close down the f'in ball!
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