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  1. 7 (Watkins) vs 5 (Mitrovic) according to whoscored.com
  2. How did Mark Bunn keep a clean sheet? Don't believe it!
  3. Wasn't sure where to post this but Dean Smith seemed heavily involved so put it in here. Well done Villa
  4. Good luck with it all - sounds like you are in a positive place.
  5. The assist from yesterday - good to see him looking up and seeing the run from Traore. Shows real talent!
  6. Apart from one moment when I thought he was going to give away a penalty he was one of the best players on the pitch.
  7. I think he can be decent going forward but is poor overall defenisvely. He'll do in the short term but really IMO left back is a position we could do with strengthening.
  8. He did OK and came very close to scoring. No concerns!
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