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  1. Brumstopdogs

    Alan Hutton

    Get the masks back out!
  2. Brumstopdogs

    Jack Grealish

    Not a surprise if Tottenham do come in with a low offer. We'll have to make the decision whether to take it or Levy it.
  3. Brumstopdogs

    Tony Xia
  4. Brumstopdogs

    Tony Xia

    That is CRAZY!
  5. Brumstopdogs

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Was on BT SPORT.
  6. Brumstopdogs


    Time to call it a day for Rashad: Curtis "Razor" Blaydes gets in done in style!
  7. Brumstopdogs

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Better fight in the stands than in the ring As for Crawford deserved to win and now on to some tougher challenges.
  8. Brumstopdogs

    Pierluigi Gollini

    Oh dear!
  9. Brumstopdogs

    Tony Xia

    Will the financial problems impact the loan deal for Januzaj?
  10. Brumstopdogs

    Keith Wyness

  11. Brumstopdogs

    Tony Xia

  12. Brumstopdogs

    General Chat

  13. Brumstopdogs

    John Terry
  14. Brumstopdogs

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    RIP Dean Francis
  15. Brumstopdogs

    Jack Grealish