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  1. Brumstopdogs

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    We got the third biggest home attendance in English football for today's matches. We deserve better than this. Bruce out.
  2. Brumstopdogs

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    It's not that bad that you should Kermit suicide.
  3. Brumstopdogs

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    “I am convinced Mile Jedinak will be a centre-half. I saw it the other night. He has been, in my opinion, unfairly criticised because results have not gone for us. “If you analyse the goals we have conceded, we have had far too many individual errors, far too many. However, the team for me has not functioned defensively. “I think I know what I am talking about with a centre-back. I am convinced it is his way forward. He proved it the other night. He provides a certain physicality which the team don’t have if he is not in it.”
  4. Brumstopdogs

    Pre-match thread

    Apart from playingJedinak at CB again I like the look of the rest of the team.
  5. Brumstopdogs

    Ticket Info

  6. Brumstopdogs

    UEFA Nations League

    No - I don't think we should sack him but I do think he has got the balance of the team wrong and we're set up too defensively and we have been for a few games under him. The goodwill from the World Cup will soon be gone if we don't start winning.
  7. Brumstopdogs

    UEFA Nations League

    Southgate is too defensive a manager. Look at the startng 11 and there are 8 defensive minded players at home to Switzerland. Southgate out!
  8. Brumstopdogs

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Khan showed his usual vulnerabilites but I think a Khan vs Brook fight would sell well and would be worth watching just for the fun of it. Also watched Garcia vs Porter with Garcia losing on points.
  9. Brumstopdogs


    Till didn't perform on the night no doubts about that. He's going to need to do some significant work on that ground game to get to that next level. T-Wood's knock out power is ridiculous!
  10. Brumstopdogs


    Brutal head-kick! As for the banana split submissions - lovely.
  11. Brumstopdogs

    Steve Bruce

  12. Brumstopdogs

    Steve Bruce

    Certainly didn't EXCEL today.