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  1. lp_villa830

    WWE: General Chat

    Enjoyed most of that, but thought main event was poor though.
  2. lp_villa830

    WWE: General Chat

    Nakamura finally does something interesting.
  3. lp_villa830

    Football for fun and fitness

    I still stalk about on here We had @smudge too i think he was until he broke his foot. I'd be up for a kick about every week anyway.
  4. lp_villa830

    Glenn Whelan

    No. I just expect more from him.
  5. lp_villa830

    Glenn Whelan

    I'd have agreed, if he hadnt been looking at exactly where he passed it too (Im in no way saying he did it purposely) and the fact he had time to bring it down or just knock it out wide to Taylor. I just think a player of his expierence should be showing a bit more composure and/or awareness.
  6. lp_villa830

    Glenn Whelan

    All players make mistakes, but as a very expierenced senior pro that was a shocking choice to make. I'd love to know what his thinking was.
  7. lp_villa830

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Definite improvement needed if we are to go up via the Play-offs. We need a new striker desperately its no coincidence that no Kodja and our form drops off a cliff everytime. We cant keep relying Davis to lead the line, we need an experienced head next to him to have any chance. McBurnie if we really are signing him isnt the answer. Neither are Gabby or Hogan with this manager. Next year is going to be depressing.
  8. lp_villa830

    Ashes Cricket

    Yeah, i got around to playing it a bit last night and this morning. I started an Ashes series and have only tried the batting so far. 320-7 at the end of day 1 after being 76-4 at lunch. Im not sure what i think at the minute to be honest. The batting controls are good and gives you a lot of different options to score runs but they can take some getting used too hence my poor start. All the wickets i have lost i lost in proper England fashion by playing stupid shots. The A.I bowling seems a bit erratic, theirs no real grouping and each deliverys line and length seems a bit random. Whether that is a case of the difficulty level i have it on or not im not sure. I'll up the difficulty for my 2nd innings and see how it goes. When they took the new ball aswell they decided to give it Lyons and Cummins which seemed odd too. Cummings was avg over 5.0 an over when Starc and Hazelwood took the initial new ball. Graphics arent at FIFA level but are decent enough. The presentation is clean and smart enough but the commentary despite having multiple commentators is as usual boring and repetive. The detail that you can go into with the editing of players,stadiums,teams,bats and logos is very impressive and the community creations are bang on. Without having had a go at bowling yet id give it 5/6 out of 10. IF the A.I bowling is more realistic at a harder difficulty setting it could easily jump to a 7/8.
  9. lp_villa830

    Ashes Cricket

    I bought it earlier today. Not got around to playing it yet though, after i give it a go I'll post how i find it.
  10. lp_villa830

    Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    Yeah I'll sign up after work. 9 is ok for me too.
  11. lp_villa830

    Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    Yeh ill do the other one.
  12. lp_villa830

    Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Building nicely for the next two weeks.
  13. lp_villa830

    Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    Forgot about this but fortunately I did a watchlist so my team isn't to bad.
  14. lp_villa830

    Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    I'd like in.
  15. lp_villa830

    General Election 2017

    Paxman didn't seem to want him to actually answer any of hes questions.