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  1. lp_villa830

    Tom Heaton

    Solid keeper, will also add vital experience to our, at the minute very inexperienced backline.
  2. Any time after 7 is good for me, not bothered about the day.
  3. Villa report, just reports what he sees on other 'news sources' to be fair. They never pretend to be itk like lots of other Twitter twatters.
  4. Well in that case why do we bother debating about potential signings, matches, sponsors, contracts, kits etc. We have no input into any of them either.
  5. I'm sure it would come up in negotiations, but we wouldn't be the first club sold without the stadium to some chancers in the future. The 'us' part referred to the Club In general potentially having to pay millions in rent every year out of its own income if any future owners are unwilling to invest. Admittedly all hypothetical and they haven't done anything to doubt they're current motives are anything other than to get us promoted, but you never know what is around the corner.
  6. What would happen if they decide to sell the club whilst the Stadium is leased, where would be the motive to sell back the ground for £1 then? They could potentially rinse us for millions more in the future if things don't work out.
  7. No idea how I finished 3rd, I had about 3 wins at Xmas.
  8. Poor game. Grealish showed his quality though to play through the hate and score what was a great perfectly placed finished. Mings was quality - we need to do all we can to sign him for next season.
  9. Must say Elphick is doing well so far. Winning headers and using the ball well.
  10. Bolaise doing his impression of Heskey.
  11. Probably haven't been able to register him yet. I think you have to register a player 24 hours before a game and the window opened today so I imagine that's being done today.
  12. Papers saying he might be going back to Chelsea

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