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  1. Accidental post. Please delete
  2. My missus needed to see the doctor last week, earliest appointment she could get with any doctor was 2 Weeks later. In the end she went to the walk-in centre in Erdington and they told her to go A&E.
  3. Well the two lads at my work who say it are ex-squaddies so I'd assume they know they what it means. Its all just meaningless ranting mainly, but it does show you how entrenched people's feelings are on the situation. People expecting Johnsons latest outbursts and actions to massively negatively effect him in the polls are mistaken based on my personal experiences.
  4. At my place of work(a small manufacturing firm of about 40 people in the middle of Brum) I'd say the vast majority of people voted out, unfortunately despite the tactics being so transparent most are falling for it. Even when the odd person disagrees with one of Boris' tactics the usual caveat to it is that the Remainers/EU are forcing him to do it. Every time Brexit gets bought up or discussed the usual bluster comes out and theirs no changing minds or opinions. I've heard it all, including people saying their will be civil war if Brexit doesn't happen.
  5. Just did me out of £188 Representative for Wellingborough.
  6. Thought this would be all over by today. To now have half a chance after that s**tshow in the first innings is crazy.
  7. S**t Got stuck playing monopoly with the kids and didn't notice the time. At least I got a star striker... Lukaku
  8. lp_villa830

    Tom Heaton

    Solid keeper, will also add vital experience to our, at the minute very inexperienced backline.
  9. Any time after 7 is good for me, not bothered about the day.
  10. Villa report, just reports what he sees on other 'news sources' to be fair. They never pretend to be itk like lots of other Twitter twatters.
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