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  1. Poor game. Grealish showed his quality though to play through the hate and score what was a great perfectly placed finished. Mings was quality - we need to do all we can to sign him for next season.
  2. Must say Elphick is doing well so far. Winning headers and using the ball well.
  3. Bolaise doing his impression of Heskey.
  4. Probably haven't been able to register him yet. I think you have to register a player 24 hours before a game and the window opened today so I imagine that's being done today.
  5. Papers saying he might be going back to Chelsea
  6. Not a lot he can really do with the back 4 now. If he is still there when Elphick is back we can critisce Smith then.
  7. Yeah i agree he needs more minutes before starting again, i just dont think he is shit compared to Whelan in that role. I'd put them about equal, Bjarnsson has better energy and Whelan is a better on the ball in my opnion.
  8. To be fair to Bjarnsson he has just come back from injury too, i think he just looked off the pace.
  9. Not all, our game v Chelsea on boxing Day in the O'Neill days was far from boring. But I'd agree most are.
  10. 'something' Villa Park would be fine by me. I'd imagine that they would plaster the new name on the outside of the Doug Ellis stand. You get a decent view of that going along the expressway and M6 so would work as a giant adboard too. Surely that exposure would be worth £20m a year to one of Sawiris or Eden's businesses. ?
  11. Its in your profile under the information tab. If you go on the SI forums and find the right data thread for Walsall they'll probably change it for you.
  12. You're a Newcastle fan in mine apparently. Closet Geordie. ?

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