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  1. Faultless once again. Going to be some big clubs knocking on our door soon.
  2. Great defensively today. But we really need Cash back to balance us going forward more.
  3. The offside calls should really be like the reviews on LBW in the cricket. If their is only fractions or mm in it they should stay with the linesmans decision.
  4. I think he looked better through the middle. When him and grealish swapped they both seemed to disappear.
  5. 7 My Teams is Gk Allison Adrian Def Van Dyk Alonso Coady Thiago Fernandinho Mid Fernando's Henderson Maddison Traore Greenwood Fd Kane Mitrovic Jesus
  6. Maybe, but the demographic they're aiming for aren't going to be paying attention to the MSM and won't be reading the stories and looking at the pictures that will be in the papers tomorrow. Their were plenty of attacks on the press today apparently. They'll be all over Twitter sharing the pictures and messages of gangs of black youths with knifes attacking them and using them to reinforce the stereotypes of lawless inner city gangs taking over their cities.
  7. I think the organisers of today's 'counter protest' will have got what they wanted out of today. On my FB I'm seeing people showing pictures/videos of the lad with the knife and bloodied protesters from people i went to school with and very few posts about the attacks on police. The circle of violence is well and truly rolling.
  8. Everyone that wasn't told to stop working should go back basically.
  9. How will these supposed 'neutral venues' work? If say Tottenhams ground is chosen as one of the venue's are they then not allowed to play there or are they still allowed the 'home advantage' denied to other clubs?
  10. Sitting in your front garden chatting to neighbours?
  11. My work did the same this Monday, To be fair to them their was never any guidance or legislation put in place that meant factories had to close, as far as im aware. I think most just did it because they felt it was the right thing to do.
  12. I'll give you another wave... Really struggled for motivation so far this year, hoping the 10k will get me back in the groove. Custard Creams have been my down fall, need to knock them on the head to get any improvement on my current times I think.
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