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  1. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Complications during surgery by the sounds of it
  2. Wolves

    Put the fixtures in the relegation thread, they've got reading and Ipswich next, a lot of the other teams down there have got each other so will get points, they could out shit us
  3. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    yeah i should have done, its prime netflix hour but i was playing football manager not playing attention and it just kind of crept up on me i think ive watched emmerdale, corrie, eastenders, corrie again and gogglebox tonight, its what FM does to you
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    its shit tv watching people watch shit tv it always seems to fall perfectly in that "well theres **** all else on" slot
  5. Favourite city?

    saigon might happen as part of a wider trip round vietnam, jakarta and manila i dont ever see happening for me
  6. Midweek Football 20/24 February

    i like him as a player but he's falling straight in to the good enough for barcelona, worth £100m, world class bullshit that our media loves to ruin players with probably one for the media thread but all these ex pros spouting him being worth more than pogba shows how out of touch with football some of them are for me personally he hasnt got the reputation or more importantly the marketability to put him in the >£50m bracket, he needs to start making a heart with his hands when he scores or something
  7. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    i think on one hand now is exactly the time to do it, we have the upper trinity shut, reopen it, close the north i dont know if im seeing between the lines we will play a big part in Brums commonwealth games bid and in return we will get some favours when it comes to planning and who knows maybe even rates afterwards, its all about timing with the big city plan, enterprise zones, the commonwealth games, HS2, these economic zones and the advanced manufacturing hub etc
  8. Favourite city?

    ive done tokyo and shanghai from that list, would happily recommend both, seoul i think will end up being a short stop on my way to somewhere else (see also singapore, hong kong, kuala lumpur) mumbai my missus would never go to so its looking like i'll need villa to play there pre season did istanbul the other week, wasn't overly fussed if im honest, its ridiculously big and sprawling but it was fairly repetitive, there were only so many massive mosques i could be impressed by, got krakow, bratislava, salzburg, munich and cologne in for this year, salzburg for NYE im going back towards the states if im honest, i should tick off new york next year for my honeymoon and will be flying somewhere after which means i might have to fly in to chicago, for my 5 wish list id probably then add in san francisco and new orleans, me loving milan i think in part was me loving italy so i imagine i would love rome and florence too, did do a quick look of doing an italian city tour by train, it wasnt ridiculously expensive
  9. Midweek Football 20/24 February

    Spurs have won 2 in 15 EL knockout games, disgusting, it's a complete mental thing, it's beneath English clubs
  10. Leicester City

    What a strange time to do it, almost as if last nights good result was beneath them
  11. Favourite city?

    Trying to think where I've been since 2012... kyoto hasn't probably gone to the top of my list, Milan as my favourite European city
  12. The Film Thread

    Watched the 5 minute long alien covenant prologue its going to be shit, it's trying so hard also in a serious question way rather than trying to offend anyone *sigh* if you were sending a load of couples off on a space ship to a far away planet to colonise it (the covenant) would you send 2 gay men? Don't know if it was the way the reveal in the prologue was so badly written or if it was so uneccesarily blatant, it adds absolutely nothing to the scene, it's a real look at how modern and current we're trying to be thing that I can't get my head round, trying my hardest not to sound homophobic here...it's just a really bad scene that bugged me and that's before the awful choking scene
  13. Playstation 4

    to be fair industry in general has become lazy or they'd probably say financially astute, a sequel costs less to make and has a higher chance of success, whats lacking is new IPs being propped up by successful franchises, id say its only pretty much ubisoft running that model now agree about graphics over gameplay but at the same time after years on the gamespot message boards its amazing how much importance the market seems to put on it, the horizon review comments soon turn to fps i might be wrong here but the developers are building on an existing game engine, they dont build one from scratch for every game, therefore the graphics element of it is the easiest part to get to a really high standard, story, gameplay, sound etc all have to start from scratch, plus then you add in a top notch game graphically is easier to market than a game with complex but brilliant gameplay, case in point right now being death stranding, its already going to sell millions of copies based on the first 2 trailers but no one actually knows what it is
  14. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    i used to like haye, now i dont, that said bellew is a clearing in the woods too, not really fussed both of them will start gobbing off at someone else and calling out joshua regardless, think this is a precursor to try and show they can pull in the figures before an even bigger money making fight vs joshua that neither deserve got a bit of shouting the loudest about it all for me
  15. The Film Thread

    the girl with all the gifts is an excellent rip off of the last us