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  1. I can resist everything except temptation

    I don't know what the tax man would do to you but if you stick it in a savings account and they don't come calling for it after 6 years it's legally yours...
  2. Football Fan Violence/Behaviour

    the rugby comparison comes up a lot and i know what you're saying but my argument is that if you picture the local scallies from where you live, round by me they're something like this - They're not rugby fans, they arent going to rugby games causing trouble because they arent going to rugby games full stop my issue with it all is the suggestion that football is the source of the problem, thats not necessarily true, i think football is just a catalyst for the behaviour
  3. The Film Thread

    I thought the first film was ok, it's not the book which upset a lot of people but it didn't bother me, I liked the world it set up, number 2 could easily set itself apart from the first film and just tell more stories from that world, it does t need brad Pitt (although I'm assuming plan b are still producing it)
  4. Football Fan Violence/Behaviour

    It's the same as always, football is a microcosm of society, if you look at social media and society in general what is currently all over the shop? LAD lad culture + football are made for each other and it's dangerous the thing that annoys me is when football bears the brunt of something that's shit, violent behaviour, racism, homophobia etc none of these are accepted or more acceptable in football, that's a myth but I personally think at times were treated like 2nd class citizens, the problem being people live up to it the reality is those Spurs fans who attacked the other fan are dickheads, Sunday to Friday they're dickheads, Saturday they go to the football and they're a dickhead but no one cares about the other 6 days a week
  5. Football Manager 2017

    is this FM or real life we cant sign a croatian goalkeeper and pay him £10k a week because the goalkeeper who isnt good enough for man utd, never will be good enough for man utd but will milk that £20k a week man utd contract for as long as he possibly can and when of course the penny drops that he isnt good enough for man utd it will of course be because of the pesky foreigner they play instead that stunted his development and thats before you get in to the realms of who they do let in to this country whilst not letting in a kid who will pay (lazy tax calculation) £260k a year in tax safe to say it boils my piss... as for FM...I've stopped doing it where i buy them anyway and then farm them out, current game where im villa (ive done a lot of saves this year) got villa promoted, went to sign pavon...no work permit...signed for Juve, went to sign ascaibar...no work permit...signed for madrid
  6. Grand Turismo Sport

    for me personally what set GT apart was the open path nature of it, you do your B license get a shit car, do some races, kev it up, win some more races, do another license, buy more cars, go off on a tangent and get your rally license, win some cars, go buy a mini cos you fancy doing the mini classic competition and the british compact car competition, win a super car, do an endurance race, decide that was a shit idea, go buy more cars... its like crack i love the "progression" of it all take that away and it'll do nothing for me regardless of visuals and engine sounds etc
  7. Players who you just don't like

    That's gotta be someone else!
  8. The Film Thread

    You are the soundtrack to me was important because it set it apart tonally from other marvel films straight away, it starts with the second scene of the film, I think the soundtrack itself is overrated but I can see why they did it, the fact that it's in space and has those visuals will end up being dragged across a bit of marvel, the new Thor for a start, the comedy element is in antman, the gang element is in avengers, the shooty shooty blow everything up final 3rd is in every marvel film, the music is GotG and it works unlike suicide squad...**** me that was painful, some of the music in that just outright didn't make sense
  9. Media and punditry

    I didn't even know BT did a Saturday afternoon live scores show, who's on it?
  10. Media and punditry

    the problem is they dont have to battle to stay fresh or get better because this is the alternative BBCs coverage of football is so shit that sky dont seem to care that their product isnt good enough any more
  11. Football Manager 2017

    i usually have an italy game, france game, german game, flirt with an ajax one as well as a brazilian, MLS if i can find a decent proper league edit and i tried a china edit this year also had a good red star belgrade game last year
  12. Football Manager 2017

    does anyone ever jump around? as in start a game with luton, do well get offered the villa job and go for it? i cant remember the last time i did
  13. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Saw him do Manchester vs cancer a few years back (they were incredible shows, the Noel one in 07 was weller and the charlatans, Bernard Butler and David McAlmont, Ian Brown, echo and the bunnymen with Peter hook, rouke from the smiths and a guy from doves DJying, Ian brown was joined by mani at the end to sing I am the resurrection) noel did half an acoustic set then brought out a string section for the second half, was utterly brilliant, probably better than the times I'd seen oasis, did a couple of songs with weller, covered there is a light that never goes out, played sad song and probably my favourite oasis acoustic song listen up
  14. Football Manager 2017

    I've never actually bought him myself, seen him get mega money moves a couple of times and not do much, dybala is my go to mega signing striker
  15. NFL 2017 Draft Topic

    chargers 1. Who do you realistically want to take? malik hooker 2. Who do you think you will ACTUALLY take? rumours they could do some sort of deal to get some more picks, cardinals and bengals the latest, wouldnt be that much of a slip down the pack, jonathan allen at 9th or maybe even 13th, the safety depth in this draft seems good so we could pick up a decent one in round 2 3. Who do you think might fall to your spot who you would take instead? jamal adams 4. Who do you want to completely avoid? any QB in round 1, none are good enough to go that early