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  1. villa4europe

    God of War

    platinumed in 6 days and i thought i was putting some time in to it! not sure if i can be bothered with the birds that said i think the next game i have lined up after this is spiderman in september
  2. villa4europe

    Wembley Stadium Sale Plan

    as for the actual news... he's an NFL owner, he will no doubt push for the jaguars to relocate (which isnt a shock) but that could be 10 years away, I'd be surprised if part of his offer doesnt tie the FA down for england qualifiers and cup finals, will be interesting to see what else he tries to bring in, the stadium will be busy in may, busy in autumn but spend 340 odd days a year empty, if it is an NFL team then he will have to spend a hell of a lot of cash still in regards to training facilities etc and i dont see how the relocation can work, can the NFL really force players to move to england? how much of a piss take it is depends on where the cash goes, not sure how the FA secured the financing of the stadium in the first place but if they walk away with a sizable chunk of cash in their pocket then questions have to be asked as to why and what they can do with it edit: interestingly he's also just had planning permission to expand craven cottage so that isnt going to be his answer on what to do with the place
  3. villa4europe

    Wembley Stadium Sale Plan

    yes game 1 vs utd, not the stadiums fault really but it highlighted to me how the ticket sales are ill thought out by the club, i was in a group of around 25 holte enders who tried to stand in a group of around 50 trinity road / DE fans, it didnt go down well, spent pretty much the entire second half sat down doing nothing, we were everywhere outside, can remember game 2 vs chelsea, changed my seats so i could stand, was in the lower part behind the goal, can still remember the lighters and coins being thrown at the chelsea fans sat in the middle band posh seats, can remember a 10 minute long my old man chant game 3 vs liverpool, i had excellent seats and the atmosphere was brilliant, incredible game game 4 vs arsenal, i sat low down near the pitch, with the sun shining and a lot of arsenal fans wearing yellow, couldnt see much at the other end of the pitch and watch a lot of the game on the big screen, the atmosphere was flat compared to the semi final IMO outside in the little park or whatever it was that the police sensibly let us have was good i think at 3 games i've witnessed violence with the middle band, all 4 games i've witnessed violence villa fan vs villa fan and 3 of them i've witnessed violence outside the ground also been 4 times for the NFL, its just a big stadium with average facilities, ridiculously expensive kiosks, personally i think awful infrastructure and until recently in an absolute shit hole, the place has received a massive injection of cash since the utd game and it looks like more construction is still going on, not sure if the stadium is pulling the investment in or if its a concerted effort to tart the place up
  4. villa4europe

    Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    3 billboards outside manchester missouri... to be fair to the city fans that have done that i think its brilliant
  5. villa4europe

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    another one that nuremburg will probably be best placed to answer... id assume that the club would be able to give luke previous kit sales data and they will take off their design heads and analyse that data, if white kits sell significantly more than black or yellow then its a no brainer that their first away kit will be white i would then take that further and look for sales trends with different neck types etc kits are a hard thing to judge, id say from my amount of wearing of it my favourite kit is the england 2009/2010 home shirt and that was just a plain white polo shirt
  6. villa4europe

    God of War

    Yes and no, you can button mash, you can also do the shit thing of dropping off and throwing your axe a lot but theres a good counter system and combo system as well as various special moves to unlock which keep it interesting Its not dynasty warriors but its not dark souls either Theres a fair bit of fodder, some good boss fights
  7. villa4europe


    Not really surprising given theyre now a PL problem, something tells me if the likes of utd raised a concern the PL will be more interested than the EFL And if wolves do actually start to threaten someones place at the top table then it will raise a concern
  8. villa4europe

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Yeah i watch it with the other half, the personality traits thing is what does it for me, keeps it interesting The main story arc of seeason 4 doesnt do it for me though so the new episides have dipped big time
  9. villa4europe

    Media and punditry

    yeah but salah does it for an english team... to be fair it would be good if the award went to someone who has had an exceptional year rather than to messi or ronaldo who are maintaining their incredibly high level of performance, the crazy stats for those 2 are pretty normal by now
  10. villa4europe

    John Terry

    im hoping the club will try everything they can to keep him here, i think he will want another year playing which i think we should give him, failing that we should offer him a good coaching role within the club unfortunately i think if he hangs up his boots chelsea will do the same
  11. villa4europe

    The Championship thread

    If derby get 6th and cardiff 3rd that will be a really interesting tie, derby will be full of beans after the result tonight Same goes for us and our games vs derby and millwall, if we lose and turn up at their place again 2 weeks later the crowd will be well up for it
  12. villa4europe

    God of War

    @chindie im onon the chisel, how much have i got left? And can you carry on exploring after the story is complete? Still not sure how much time to put in to the lake
  13. Reports of a stabbing too
  14. villa4europe

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Cardiff look really poor too
  15. Yessss **** off cardiff