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  1. What's your tipple this evening then?

    Pretty sure I've mentioned this here before, I'm pre drinking getting ready to go out warm shower + cold bottled beer = heaven
  2. Neil Taylor

    Yeah I agree, 3 match ban from international level, returns to villa as normal with Bruce hopefully putting an arm round him getting his head right and making sure he doesn't do something similar again all the best to Coleman with his recovery thats it...move on... or we can be like stoke fans and boo Colemans every touch next time we play them I suppose
  3. Neil Taylor

    Not sure how UEFA works in terms of his ban, don't know if there's a precedent for extending bans due to the severity of the injury, I'd be amazed if he got more than 3 games fair few idiots on twitter calling for the fa to get involved and ban him fromleague games, simply not going to happen
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    adrien brody...
  5. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    It's not going to happen, the lad culture surrounding away days is getting worse, social media is all over it as for accepting it, I'm not saying that you should but at the same time I'm saying I don't know how you stop it without it being detrimental to football and yeah from my experience it is true, we didn't trash Hamburg (Ajax did) but we sang ten German bombers in the town, on the train and in the ground, last year Everton trashed Lille, Chelsea trashed paris, half of it isn't even reported anymore
  6. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    How? Like or not every club team in the country has that lad element of their away support, villa has it, make no doubt about it if villa were playing Dortmund we would be in that square drinking, we would trash it, we would boo the anthem, we would sing ten German bombers it's a huge part of English football
  7. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    My experience from the euros when I watched 4 games and spent time with Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Albania, Northern Ireland and Ukraine fans is the locals and the organisers treated England fans like utter words removed, Romania were fighting amongst themselves, Croatia were throwing flares on the pitch...England fans were pissing in the street because all the bars shut and UEFA didn't put enough facilities on
  8. Top Gear 2017

    To be fair to him Matt le blanc seems to have taken the reigns and I quite like him watching it now it's the celebrity bit, it's always been shit and this is no better, it's not as bad as dragging out a joke where you kill the celebrity that wasn't funny in episode 1 but you're still doing it in episode 10...but it's still shit
  9. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Does it make you concerned for the defenders? Doesnt seem the guaranteed smash hit that it did after DD and JJ
  10. The Film Thread

    Saw Brett rather moaning that people didn't go watch BvS because of rotten tomatoes nothing to do with it being shit mate
  11. What's your tipple this evening then?

    Picked up a bottle of captain Morgan private stock for the weekend, good old captain was my introduction to rum but it's lost its way, still haven't even bothered with the white yet if it fails I've got a miniature diplimatico in reserve
  12. London attack March 2017

    there seems to be a fair few people who dont seem clever enough to realise their "i was there 5 minutes before" pictures unfortunately have a big **** clock in the background telling everyone that they werent
  13. London attack March 2017

    not sure if this has been posted already the guy in the glasses is tory MP for bournmouth east tobias ellwood giving CPR to the unfortunate policeman who lost his life, tobias' brother was killed in the bali attack
  14. London attack March 2017

    he's quoted a headline from the independent
  15. London attack March 2017

    yeah who do you think you are? donald trump junior... theres a lot of people paraphrasing it wrongly