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  1. The Film Thread

    yep history of violence is a good film, viggo has a bit of an underrated track record since LOTR, eastern promises is an absolute gem of a film, appaloosa, the road, a dangerous method, 2 faces of January, captain fantastic all good enough films
  2. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    one of the first partnerships the doctor signed us up to was with resorts world, could be something behind the scenes making sure we dont step on any toes (or even that they conspired to send a casino less star city under ) the hotel, restaurant, casino idea only works if they can bring in people who stop over in the area, im sure resorts world dont struggle if there is a massive convention or gig on Villa would need to do the same, we'll have match day (but do we really bring in the tourists?) we would need some office developments and international businesses in the area first
  3. London 2018

    i think they've changed the number of season tickets allowed which might increase the ticket demand or might piss people off
  4. Lessons in car buying

    and me, get your head around that you're effectively renting it so you'll be losing money anyway, at the end of the lease or the voluntary termination point just throw the keys and run, on my latest one im about 10k miles over my allowance but i worked it back out and the fine is still cheaper than paying for more miles and being under so im not too bothered about that, ive been way under my allowance previously and got **** all thanks for it i did learn on my last one that the service plan was a waste of money, gap insurance is cheaper through someone like ALA, wish id taken tyre insurance but alloy insurance depends on whether you're bothered by scuffs or just dont want to pay at the end, if its the latter than its cheaper just to get them done at the end rather than take the insurance out
  5. The Film Thread

    haha thing is reading it fast thats the way i actually read it... both are right
  6. The Film Thread

    id have to watch it again to see which bits i mean but im sure the theatrical release is rushed (until the 5 endings...) not all of it but definitely witch king stuff, mouth of sauron, the gothmog stuff, the still pretty shit saruman stuff, gondor stuff, faramir is a better character etc
  7. The Film Thread

    im the opposite, i think the theatrical release is near unwatchable because of the things that are missing
  8. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    netflix added season 3 of fargo over the weekend I'm half way through the sinner, its another one thats pretty good and worth a watch
  9. Wolves

    I don't doubt the ambition, or the excitement that's coming from it...but what is a "top club" ? I think that's where it starts to become a bit blurry for wolves fans, established in the prem? Top half prem? Top of the mini table challenging for 7th and that final European spot? Any one of those whilst also making an effort in the cups? Or top 4? because I'd say villa fans are maybe 2nd only to Everton fans in telling you that the last one isn't happening bar a Leicester sized miracle (also known as a Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City collapse ) the jump between a good well established prem team and a champions league club is monumental, and it's nothing to do with your owners ambition or money, it's the way football is, it's broken and stacked so unfavourably it's almost corrupt, it's sounds almost purposefully negative and a knock from rival fans but these great prospects you have would leave to sit in city's reserves, that's a fact of life, said before though at least wolves seem to be doing it in the right way in that they'll make money from player turnover, it's keeping that production line going that's the hard bit if in 5 years time wolves have a couple of top 10 league finishes and a Wembley appearance under them I think you should be over the moon, if you get to watch your team in Europe it's one the best days you'll have bar winning something, that imo is realistic ambition for wolves right now, or you could just be like the baggies and not care that your team is shit and plays dreadful football as long as you finish above your West Midlands rivals
  10. The Film Thread

    VV annoyed the **** out of me in hacksaw ridge, I thought it was a terrible film the bit where he picks the body up and runs at the japs with the big machine gun...Jesus **** Christ
  11. January Transfers

    Robin van persie back to feyenoord goretzka to Bayern on a free in the summer
  12. Harsh, the Willian and hazard penalties they've sold him on the run up and then tucked it the other way, the Luiz penalty is struck so hard that its pure luck to have dived that way rather than reactions, the azpilacueta one and especially the Kante are pretty much side netting and would have required incredible saves good penalties im a firm believer that top top pros should be able to take an unsavable penalty, the technique should be there, it's only then nerves, gamesmanship, arrogance etc that then impact that ability, that's why for me it's a much better test than extra time (which tests fitness, use of subs etc)
  13. Some really good Chelsea penalties, the Kante one was pretty much unsavable unless the keeper is 7ft
  14. Other forums

    Skyscrapercity joined to watch people talking about construction projects that I work on, it's not as good as here but at times it's a bit more worldly which is interesting
  15. 2018 Holiday Plans

    If you had 8 hours in Mexico City airport would you risk popping in to town to see s bit and grab something to eat?