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  1. General Chat

    I saw something with idris Elba in it where it heavily criticised friends for not having any black characters in it, at the time it was something I'd never thought about but I think the only real recurring black character was the dinosaur doctor woman who leaves Joey for Ross in about series 7, other than Joey the Italian American it has hardly any diversity in it and doesn't really represent New York's demographic cant shake that when I watch it now
  2. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    I think they described him as having an English old boy mentality
  3. Villa Kit 2017/8

    I think Man City just signed a £10m a year sleeve sponsor
  4. Summer Footy. Confederations Cup & Euro U-21

    Other than the seemingly obvious "what tactics" can anyone who watched the Scotland and France games, the U20s and all the U21s see any kind of parallels in the way they're being coached? instill think much like villa they've still got absolutely no identity, no style, no shape, were not long ball, were not short passes, were not defend and counter were not pulis ball, were just kind of nothing cobbled together and hoping for the best watching ze Germans some of it is obvious, the way the keeper distributes the ball, it's the same at seemingly all levels with several keepers, keep the ball then spring forward with pace and movement, Spain asensio, Denis Suarez, merino, Saul, they're all ready made for the passing game of the main team
  5. Summer Footy. Confederations Cup & Euro U-21

    You on about Pearce or Southgate?
  6. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    It's a gray area because the specification of materials isn't necessarily good building practice in terms of the Fire the architect has to produce a fire strategy drawing, which CDM and building control both monitor, that takes in to consideration the number of people, the space, the distance between escape routes (in my mind it can't be more than 80m), it'll show the running men and statutory signage layout and then it'll show the compartments, usually a thick red line for 60 minute fire rating and I think a green line for 30, the only real details (as in drawing) the architect will do is the head of wall details and any large openings the builders responsibility comes in providing that line, they'll know if the specified doors will achieve it, that the glazing will usually need Georgian wire in it, that you have to batt all the openings to create a seal, the red line will usually wrap around the pipe boxing, they'll know that ply won't achieve it Most contractors doing £8m projects will target ISO 9001 or have their own quality control system in place which should pick it up but as the conversation I had with a site manager today you cannot idiot proof the construction and trust me it's full of **** idiots, all it takes is one bloke who doesn't have fireliner on site or he's on floor 22 and it's down in the yard and he can't be bothered to go down, throw something in there and cover it up the cladding is different, it's more of a trade that you depend on the experts rather than pretending to be one, most site managers will be brickies or chippies, I've met 1 who was a sparkie and a couple fresh from college, that's it from my experience, like I said the site guys will focus on the installation and the RAMS they won't take much notice of the product other than quality checks, the other difference with cladding is its commonplace that the architect will design elevation drawings and usually sections but it's more often that not what's know as a contractors design portion meaning that the subcontractor will design the details i can tell you going forward I'd expect contractors to question materials more for a while before finding a way to push the risk far away from them, again a grey area without knowing ththe contract details, if it's an NEC contract which contains a risk register and identified something along the lines of "suitability of the specified materials" and then contractually identified that risk as the clients (which I've seen before) then you'd have duty of care but the risk wouldn't be the contractors, they'd have to instruct you through the contract to change the material and pay you if necessary
  7. The retro gaming thread!

    thats what i meant by my post, apple do exactly the same, generate buzz using a marketing campaign based on queues of disappointed kids
  8. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    i think thats a myth personally, largely based on foreign attempts at replicating British food being absolutely awful think most of it has come from my grandparents post war generation but before that we have hundreds of years of spices, robbing the best bits of the empire with a lot of variance, i dont think people realise how much we do, especially when comparing american cuisine favorably to ours
  9. The retro gaming thread!

    dont know how it works but the comments from nintendo yesterday about significantly more being made suggested to me the early pre order buzz and inevitable "sold out" (the nintendo business model) should turn in to a fair few of them kicking about shortly after launch
  10. Summer Footy. Confederations Cup & Euro U-21

    i dont see how you differentiate between what is clear and what isn't everything about it is still going to be blurred, should it be reviewed or not, can a decision be made quickly enough, is that decision then even right after the review i dont think this is ironing out the cracks either, i dont think the principle of it works
  11. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    ultimately IMO its the architect's PI that would be paying out, they specified the product, the client, the contractor, the subbie, even probably building control might not have the knowledge. certainly not the knowledge that you'd expect the architect to have, my project the architect specifies alucobond, we know the product, we know the approved installers, we know how long it'll take to get and where it'll come from, how to install it safely and using what equipment, our expertise and role in the project isnt really to go over the finer details of the product and say if its suitable, thats the architect boxing around the pipes is different though, it probably wont have a detail drawing but should have a spec still, that works will more than likely come under builders work which is more of a grey area which is made up as you go along, if there was boxing of other pipes on site (soilent vent pipes etc) it would be acceptable to do it in ply (although you'd usually do it in MDF) when we did some gas pipe work on the high rise in sandwell it was definitely fire liner board with then fire sealant gobbing up all the holes in the slab as it went through the floors the ply used to box the gas pipe would IMO drag the contractor in to the blame, even if the architect had specified ply then they would know its not good building practice, it would more than likely have been done by a carpenter on site, building control should have spotted it too like id said way back at the start of this thread though, the fireliner board and the fire batt gobbing up the riser etc that should have been there will only be designed to give an hours protection, after that the liner will burn ive seen fire officers on site maybe 3 times, its usually for timber frame buildings that are in close proximity to other buildings and even then its a ball ache to get them there, they dont have time or arent interested
  12. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    ive been asked to check a couple of my previous projects, got 1 which i'm waiting to hear more details from, the insulation is fine, we tried to value engineer it to something different (think we offered the client about a £30k saving for it too) they checked with their insurance and they said no the cladding is likely to be the same product, who did those things you ask? everyone...its a product specified by an architect installed to the manufacturers guidelines, designed by the architect with fixing details designed by the subcontractor, signed off by the CDM coordinator (who was the same architect - commonplace), client, project manager, building control the lot our input in to the product used as main contractor was absolutely none, our input is in to the installation not the specification
  13. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    thats not really my experience of them, they tend to be involved or have consulted during design stage before the contractor is appointed, you tend to end up with fairly reputable companies ("fun" fact, ive done a few projects with tony pulis' brother who works for building control covering the midlands) and the fees arent anything special, on the contract im currently working for a local council its stayed in house on the clients side same with CDM coordinators who's role in this is a bit quiet so far, if an unsafe product has been specified they will have as much input as building control, the whole point of CDM is that risks should be designed out
  14. General Premier League chat 17/18

    its not west brom...its shrewsbury, not sure how it will take to get a yay or a nay, if they take a couple of weeks to approve it i doubt west brom will have time to put another request in
  15. General Premier League chat 17/18

    I think a safe standing trial is going to be announced tomorrow, rumours it will be West Brom