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  1. The Film Thread

    to me it seemed like an attempt by marvel to differentiate each film, they do it with the tv shows too avengers is still an out and out action film, captain america tried to be a thriller, dr strange had the special effects, guardians added the music, ant man went comedy, id expect black panther to go very hip hoppy, thor never really had his own kind of thing...the problem now is they seem to be trying to add a bit of comedy to thor, they apparently also add synth music, not sure if the films nails the 80s tone of the marketing but its in real danger of stepping on GotG's toes the only real negatives i've seen of it so far is that it covers too much ground and that the planet hulk side story is better than thors story im really looking forward to it personally
  2. Week 7. Any Given Hundley

    big weekend in the AFC west, it could either be put to bed or cat right among the pigeons, the 2 worse off teams at home too
  3. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    the ESPN documentary goes in to it properly, almost definitely a bit redemption the overall arc of his story is pretty incredible
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    yeah the ESPN documentary goes further in showing why he got away with it, theres what i consider a big thing missing from the drama too in the closing statements that properly blew my mind, thats beyond naughty
  5. Christmas Party Season 2017

    giving mine a miss this year, last year i had 8 pints and various shots before we got there and it was a free bar once there, i just got blind drunk, far drunker than those around me my company will also have a client do late November which ive been told i have to go to this year, usually starts at a swanky bar in brum and then splits out across the various strip clubs with the company credit cards, not as fun as it sounds
  6. Things you often Wonder

    so people dont sing happy birthday jesus anymore?
  7. Fortnite

    i saw it at E3 when it was a co-op fortress building game where you fought off waves of zombies that looked a bit like a fun cartoony version of left 4 dead...the battle royale mode completely changes the game and im not sure if its for the better
  8. Martin O'Neill

    yeah i can remember him once saying something along the lines of he judged making subs by their ability, frustrated the **** out of me that comment because to to me it meant that he wasn't basing his substitutions on how poorly the 11 on the pitch were playing (he went far more in depth and really riled me)
  9. Yeah they will, funnily enough about 5/6 years a go one man almost single handedly killed off the enjoyment of the Classico for me, he happened to be there today too... at least we don't seem to suffer from that, Liverpool vs Utd is still a fixture that's usually only played twice a year, maybe in the cup every 3/4 years, the Classico was being played 8 times a season and it couldn't live up to it anymore
  10. They can't use "best" or "most exciting" anymore, I thought it was currently "most competitive" or "hardest" todays game was a shit 0-0 draw...because both teams are so competitive...
  11. The Film Thread

    I thought moonlight was boring if I'm honest...acting was good, the mom was excellent but the story arc didn't really shock me or resonate with me in the way it seems to have done with critics
  12. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Tonight I will mostly be watching David finchers mindhunter on netflix
  13. Jack Grealish

    We all sit here and wonder / complain about why he's not fulfilling his potential and then throw in the comments about him not being a winger / playing LW most of his career...the 2 are almost definitely related his form and performances for England U21s where he plays behind a front 2 is a lot better than it is for us
  14. Media and punditry

    picked up a red top this morning that was lying around real madrid are going to offer spurs modric, bale and benzema in exchange for harry kane **** me how do they get away with it
  15. International Football General Chat

    to be fair to him slovenia and slovakia both have more tournament appearances in the last 10 years than them and in general have had better qualifying campaigns too, not that most of the scots would ever admit it (based on the utter disillusion of the majority of celtic fans) they're better teams...to get to within 30 seconds of beating england and finishing 3rd on goal difference isnt actually that bad if they beat us they may have got the playoffs