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  1. Really pleased to see him do well. Hard work paying off
  2. Quoting myself as I just saw I had posted this but reading the recent interviews again, I forgot!
  3. Never thought I would be happy to see anyone score for Chelsea but certainly pleased for Tammy. Gave his all for us, I hope he's a success.
  4. I have a man crush on him and suspect I'm not alone
  5. Think it will be a draw. A win would be very impressive.
  6. No Jimmy danger. Our attack is so weak.
  7. Ooh we get to play Crewe. First time for everything I guess
  8. Shame but at least the club is being run properly and we're no mugs
  9. Need a meltdown signing to get this thread to the magic 1000
  10. As brilliant as this window has been and for all the potential signed and money spent I'm amazed we haven't got a proven goalscorer. I appreciate we want all players contributing but I would feel more comfortable with a proven target man. Still the rest of the day to go though!
  11. chrisvilla4

    Tom Heaton

    Blimey, no messing with this one! The position I was most concerned about. Welcome Tom!
  12. Coolest guy in the hospital, the ultrasound guy....

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