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  1. Never thought I'd say this about JG but what a prick. Sorry he got caught. The fact that he made the post about staying in hours before would have surely meant it was fresh in his mind and to then go out and try and drive whilst pissed. I'm sorry but there is no excuse. Sod being young (24? Is that really that young) he will be media trained, have all he needs at home, mentored -after his misdemeanors before - surely. No excuse Get him volunteering in a hospital until he can play again. People making excuses for his behaviour are part of what is wrong with society today.
  2. This is why this has peed me off (again, if true) Just spoke to my son who lives over 2 hours drive away from me and I've not seen for 2 weeks due to isolating. He's written 3 poems: one about De Gea, one about Ramos (I know!) And one about Grealish. He's reading the Grealish one to me with the hero worship and innocence of a 9 year old, I'm thinking I hope he doesn't find out about this and it isn't true as I'll be embarrassed and ashamed for him. Like it or not footballers are role models and now even more so kids need people to look up to - perhaps we all do. Grealish will be absolutely slaughtered for this - the public outrage will be huge if this is found to be true, and if it is Villa's best player, fan or not I certainly wont be defending him.
  3. So annoyed at this (if true) the vast majority of us are complying and staying in, not seeing people we care about etc and he goes out to a party with guys over 30 (who should be mature enough to know better) This is our captain ffs. No excuse and undefendable.
  4. Well if he counts Mccormack as one of his mates then he will get in bother. Absolute idiot if true.
  5. Just went and did the biggest of big shops, great set up in my local Aldi, social distancing observed, and not too busy. So surreal seeing people wearing masks, gloves etc but also good to see them not taking chances. Ended up going to the co op and sainsburys mini markets as unable to get gluten free stuff from Aldi. Really feel for the retail workers at the moment, in at least 2 stores a couple of staff visibly shaken/ scared about being at work, horrible situation to be in.
  6. One of our volunteers at work passed away in hospital last night, confirmed virus. Was well 2 weeks ago and deteriorated. I last saw him and his wife beginning of feb and had a meal with them. His wife was unwell and just returning to volunteering, such a selfless couple, always driving up and down the country looking after grandkids and volunteering with asylum seekers/ homeless etc. We really need to look after each other.
  7. The guy is a grade A, Blues supporting prick.
  8. Crazy world at the moment. I'm generally a laid back guy but am worried about this. My son lives with his mum 2 hour drive away and his mum has developed a cough, not a dry cough though she said! I have a slight temperature. Generally things like this wouldn't bother me, in fact, I'm rarely sick but now I'm worried if I'll see my son anytime soon. Due to see him next weekend but so unsure.
  9. If we stay up, the best thing to do is get some mentally and physically strong, experienced midfielders in,and take him out of the firing line to continue his learning.
  10. Have to say I'm not sure on Smith now. I would go for Sam as he has the experience. The romantic in me believes in Smith saving us but nothing has changed since Christmas to make me believe he can turn this around and, if anything, we are going backwards (and downwards!) Think we need a kick up the arse which Sam would provide.
  11. Same shit different owner/player/ manager at Villa. Wtf is going on with this club.
  12. Heart says 2-1 Villa. Head says 5-0 city. Just hope we give a good account of ourselves, all I ask for.
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