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  1. chrisvilla4

    Tammy Abraham

    He's young and well paid, I'm sure he'll get over it
  2. chrisvilla4

    John McGinn

    He needs a rest and seems the type to have it enforced. No wonder he gets so many bookings doing all the running
  3. chrisvilla4

    Dean Smith

    It's all just so sad. We want good times and relative success and to see our team at least put a shift in. We just seem to lurch back into mediocrity. I'm willing to give DS the start of next season probably because I'm so apathetic about it all at the moment.
  4. chrisvilla4

    Dean Smith

    Thing is if he was brought in for the rebuild surely we should have stuck with Bruce for longer, seems like Smith has just had pressure heaped upon him just to dismantle the team at the end of the season.
  5. If we score, that's how we should celebrate
  6. chrisvilla4

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    I don't get this "we need certain players to play this way" or "the squad is too old/slow" etc. Balls to that, they are paid a hell of a lot of money for what they do - or should be doing -and they aren't. A complete embarrassment. A footballer playing at a high level should be able to do just that - play football or at the least show motivation, desire and a will to win. We show none of that and it's a disgrace!
  7. chrisvilla4

    Tyrone Mings

    Got enough with Sky et al having a pop at him without his own fans doing it too. If he says it was an accident (and his reaction would seem so) then it's good enough for me. He's a villa player and gets my support.
  8. chrisvilla4

    Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Ahh the excitement of a villa match disappearing into an all familiar outcome
  9. chrisvilla4

    Leroy Fer

    I reckon he could get to Fenerbace in 30 minutes
  10. Another member of our Spanish contingent?
  11. chrisvilla4

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

  12. Sorry, nothing to report, just wanted to bump the thread before it disappeared off page one