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  1. Good luck Jimmy. Your last seasons feel like a waste. Good move for all.
  2. Just reading back through some posts, I think we may have him! Well, nearly!
  3. Cheers mate. Ahh shellsuits! I've a 13 year old, for Christmas he got the most awful, chav tracksuit ever, its hideous! Exactly like the ones I wore at his age!
  4. Hurry up and buy some flowers Villa so we can announce our signings!
  5. He's 16. I'm sure if I went back through my wardrobe as a 16 year old there would be some questionable gear in there! I'll stick to my M&S slacks from now on.
  6. As much as I'm concerned and frustrated regarding the striker situation I would rather wait and get the right one(s) in rather than panic buy.
  7. Is he not allowed to be pissed off and reactionary? He is a Villa fan like we all are. I'm glad hes not passive and accepting.
  8. No striker on the pitch. In the premier league. No wonder.
  9. chrisvilla4

    Pepe Reina

    Potentially a masterstroke and all done so quickly, presuming we weren't looking at him before Heaton's injury. Pleased with this if it comes off.
  10. chrisvilla4

    Pepe Reina

    He's friends with Benteke
  11. Sod it, bring him back, I haven't stopped loving him.
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