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  1. chrisvilla4

    Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    Shame we have another game so quickly Hard for Smith to implement things.
  2. chrisvilla4

    Dean Smith

    Can't wait for Swansea. I know it will take time to work but I'm so bloody excited!!!
  3. chrisvilla4

    Dean Smith

    Wow just wow. Smith wasn't my choice due to the size and expectation of villa and the fans but he knows this better than most (especially having been round with a broom!) What more could we want? A fantastic football philosophy and an avid fan to boot! It almost begs for a film to be made (hopefully with a happy ending!) Add JT to the mix (who I'm respecting more and more with everything I hear and see about him!) Then this really could be something special. UTV!
  4. chrisvilla4

    New Manager Speculation

    I know exactly who I want. The player who I absolutely loved that oozed flair,class and arrogance in equal measure. No more dour boring villa. I want charisma and people to take notice of us. Fall in love with us Thierry.
  5. chrisvilla4

    New Manager Speculation

    Not sure about smith. We need a manager that can handle the size and expectation of villa we really are a giant of a club. Look how many have tried and failed.
  6. chrisvilla4

    New Manager Speculation

    This appointment is bizarre and incredible in equal measure. Rangers - Gerrard Derby - Lampard We're the mighty aston villa - we need 2 modern greats!
  7. chrisvilla4

    New Manager Speculation

    In typical Villa fashion.....Paul Tait.
  8. chrisvilla4

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    My 7 year old being football crazy, reminding me of footballers names I'd forgotten and nagging me to take him to villa park
  9. chrisvilla4

    New Manager Speculation

    Nothing to lose really. Let's try something new. We always say football has moved on so let's move on our selves. 2 amazing players who have played in so many high pressure games in the past so will have no problem managing our expectations I'm sure. Get it done Villa. Let's have some excitement!
  10. chrisvilla4

    The Cabbage

    If someone had told me I'd have loved a cabbage cabbage and Glen Whelan so much this morning, I'd have booked them into an institution usually only reserved for blues fans.
  11. chrisvilla4

    New Manager Speculation

    Cabbage for me, the fan with the dildo glued to his head as assistant.
  12. chrisvilla4

    Steve Bruce

    Oh come on - be serious! Who takes a brick or an anvil to a match? No room in my pockets for anything other than cabbages!
  13. chrisvilla4

    Steve Bruce

    Think the pressure is too much for him now and it would actually be the decent thing to let him go. He's had an awful year in his personal life and could do with a break from it all. Maybe too proud to resign so it needs to be done.
  14. chrisvilla4

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Can't believe the cabbage missed. And as for Whelan....