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  1. Given what he was wearing I presume he's on pretty strong meds. Or I'm getting old.
  2. Each season we and Smith have progressed. I've no doubt we will again if he is backed, which I'm sure he will be. If anyone expected us to be doing as well as we are currently then I'd be amazed.
  3. I wonder if covid impacted him more than we realise or whether he knows we aren't signing him so isn't wanting to risk too much. That being said you'd think he might try to impress other clubs.
  4. Had my Jab yesterday as a social care worker. Felt great albeit a little tired yesterday, even contemplated a beer last night. Feel crap today!
  5. Idiot. Pathetic excuse for a human. What an unfulfilled, poisonous existence he must have.
  6. Kind of feels like when he's good he's really good, when he's bad he's really bad.
  7. Just watched the actual footage. The pic made it look a hell of a lot worse than what it was. Get him reffing in the prem!
  8. If we had to buy him tomorrow I'd say no. Will wait and see what he brings during the rest of the season
  9. They may have jlingz but we've got Jlo Mcginn
  10. They're nike aren't they? Got the tick at the back...
  11. Have to say I'm finding all this jizz talk hard to swallow
  12. Wonder if I can get jizz on my shorts? Likelihood will increase if he signs.
  13. I still think we signed the wrong Lansbury. Should have been Angela. She'd have sniffed out Tony. And she'd have put a shift in.
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