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  1. SGC got this spot on. Some might say even a stopped clock is right twice a day but I'd prefer to say he called it Nice one SGC!
  2. Jack plays like he's still that kid at school/ in the park that's the best player and head and shoulders above everyone else. He just loves playing football. Fearless.
  3. Watched the game with my daughter who is a Leeds fan. Quite simply once they scored they were the better team and very impressive to watch. Hate Bamford even more though. Making him look world class is not acceptable
  4. Prime candidate for a move to the USA imo
  5. I looked and initially thought all games winnable! Think the toughest there is West Ham and Leeds a possible banana skin. I don't fear Arsenal.
  6. Simply put, I think he'd get into the starting 11 of any team in the prem
  7. Balls to England, let's get back to admiring him play for us. He's come back unscathed from an international break and will no doubt be fired up to have a go at Leicester on Sunday I bet if he continues his upward trajectory then once Southgate is gone and a more forward thinking England manager is in charge he will build his team around Jack.
  8. Probably signing him to appease the fans and Mark Noble.
  9. I'm getting quite bored of it all now tbh and I've been pretty apathetic towards England for quite some time anyway, and, a lot of it is to do with the 'favourites' being picked regardless of form. Also, if Southgate's only reasoning not to pick Grealish is to do with something personal then he shouldn't be in the job.
  10. I think Southgate thinks he's some kind of managerial god. Me, I think he's a prick. Jack will light up the stage.
  11. That wasn't my point either, I'm not sure how he holds any revelance in this day and age...
  12. Who gives a fook what Garth thinks.
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