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  1. I agree that we don’t want to make wholesale changes. But Mings needed an injection before the Everton game so I’d be resting him. With the amount Guilbert and Jota put it in in the last game I’d rest both of them too. I’d take the chance to give Target a start too. I’d 100% start Wesley, another goal here and he’s on a roll.
  2. Our centre backs have been in the wars so far.
  3. I think it's important not to lose tonight. I'd take a point right now. Hard to know what will happen with the starting 11. Did DS see enough after the terrible start to keep the same 11 from the Bournemouth game? Is it time Guilbert or Targett to get a start? Surely Marvelous can't be far off at least a spot on the bench? Does Jota get a start over ElGhazi?
  4. Glad Elmo has signed on for another year. Has been very good for the last 7-8 months. For the first time in quite a while I'm pretty happy with our 4 first team full backs. Hopefully we will see Guilbert get some game time but it's always good to know we have a good back up in Elmo available.
  5. There is one thing that is very important to understand if you are to understand the way VAR is going to be used in the Premier League this year. VAR is there to correct "Clear and Obvious" errors made by the on field refs under the headings mentioned above. So what the ref does on the pitch is so important. In reality you could have two identical incidents and one will be a pen and one will not. Let's take the Villa game at the weekend. The ref blows for a pen in the first min against Heaton. So the on field decision is pen. The VAR can only say no pen if it is a clear and obvious error by the on field ref and that bar is set high. Even if the VAR feels he wouldn't give a pen the ref has called it as a pen and the VAR may take the view it not clear and obvious error so the on field decision remains. In the second half Wesley goes down after a collision with the keeper. On field decision is no pen. Again, the VAR needs to tell the ref, if he wants to overturn the decision, that he has made a clear and obvious error and it's a pen. Another example of this was the pen not given for City against Spurs when the guy is wrestled to the ground. The ref said no pen and the VAR didn't have the balls to overrule it. It seems to be the VAR as used in England is having it's hands tied by the rules. 90% of the time the VAR will stick with the on field decision because the bar of 'clear and obvious' is set too high.
  6. I was away over the weekend so didn't get a chance to watch the game live. I did keep up with it here and on Twitter. As with most sports this game hinged on a few key moments. None of these points are criticisms, just discussion. Heaton kicks a striker that is knocking the ball out for a goal kick 40 seconds in. Douglas steps over a ball in his own half and Wilson takes what I'd call a speculative shot from distance which deflects off Mings and in off the post. Billing should have seen 3 yellow cards in the first half. Somehow missed by the ref. Ake does well to clear a Trez shot off the line. McGinn has a few decent chances to get a goal back. Big Wes could had a pen for an awkward challenge from the keeper, not unlike the pen given in the first min. Jack misses an easy header from 4 yards out. Douglas scores a screamer. Bournmouth could have a pen for a kick by Trez. I'm not 100% on the order but for me they are the big 9 points of the game. Poor judgement and a bit of bad luck meant Bournemouth scored from 1 and 2. We could have scored from 4, 5, 6, and 7. But we didn't and that is the difference, when you make chances you have to put them away. The fact is will not make this number of chances in every game so we have to be ruthless. For me the heard Jack missed is criminal. At a time we needed a lift that has to hit the back of the net. I think Everton on Friday night will be a much tougher game. They have real talent in midfield and good pace on the break.
  7. This is a completely different game than the Spurs game. It's not enough to get behind the ball at home to Bournemouth. We will need to show some attacking intent here. In terms of the team I think those that played well vs Spurs should keep their place. So for me the only change I'd make would be Jota for ElGhazi. I actually thought Jota was poor when he came on for Trez but by that time Spurs were completely on top and he didn't get much of a chance to influence the game. I'd like to see Guilbert for Elmo but don't see that one happening.
  8. For everyone having a go at Wesley they need to wise up. When he took the ball down he was usually on his own. He held the ball up well and brought other into the game. We needed players running past him. He needs help.
  9. The positive thing we can take from this? We don’t have to play spurs every week. Disappointing second half. I think Grealish was fouled for their second. I think we need to be smarter. McGinn not losing his shit at the pen decision and Jack not getting rid of the ball quicker.
  10. Top class half. Both full backs have been very good. Some chances in the second half I’d think.
  11. The ref is so shit he’s starting to block our passes.
  12. Taylor has been absolutely top class so far!
  13. We have had all the chances so far. Fantastic so far!
  14. Surprised Jota hasn’t got the start either. For me him and Guilbert were the best two for us in preseason.

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