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  1. This window has been a bit mad but it has been needed. The amount of players lost from last season was crazy and then when you factor in the step up in level we needed to recruit big. Like most I think Trez and Luiz are done. I still really hope we get a proper keeper and maybe a few more additions like a centre mid and a winger, maybe another striker. I think Davis, RHM, Green, etc could do with loans to the Championship to get experience. I think the likes of BB and Hogan may be on the way too, depending on additions.
  2. Only saw the last 20mins of the game, so can't comment on the game as a whole. Was happy to see Hogan getting a goal, he needs a bit of confidence badly. Great assist from big Wes too. Hope by the next game we have Douglas and Trez in the team to get some mins. Most are saying it, but I think a new keeper is essential. A poor keeper at this level is the difference between staying up and going down.
  3. Herman22

    James Chester

    I assume if you are saying Chester is 5th choice he is behind Mings, Hause, Konsa and Engels? Of those 4 only Mings has played in the Prem and I'd guess he's played less games in the prem than Chester. For me Mings is the nailed on starter and Hause is a left footed CB who can step in if needed. Konsa is a signing for the future and won't be starting many games, at least not in the first 2-3 months of the season. That leaves Engels and Chester battling it out for the right center back spot. I haven't seen much of Engels just yet and I hope he turns out to be a bargain but given the choice right now I'd go with Chester over him. What will be interesting is, has Chester lost even more pace after the injury. If so this league will expose that!
  4. Herman22

    James Chester

    Chester should not be allowed to leave under any circumstances! He is the club captain and we have bought too many players this summer to let one of the longer serving players walk out the door. If he is fit for me he starts next season alongside Mings. Then it's up to Engels/ Konsa to force their way into the team.
  5. DRAW! Both would just run until the Spurs game and still play well.
  6. If I was a Newcastle fan what I would be most worried about is the fact that they have brought in Bruce. A poor manager, so surly there are no expectations on him. So he could lose 10 in a row and still not get sacked. On top of that Rondon and Perez are gone so they have no goals in the side. Longstaff, the biggest talent they have will most likely go this summer too. I don't see them spending big so they are 100% relegation fodder!
  7. They will want him out long before the cabbages have time to grow from seeds. Send them fully grown cabbages!
  8. Luiz flying home isn't a big deal. He was training with the rest of the team and was most likely told he wouldn't get clearance in time to play the friendly in the US so has flown home to sort himself out. I would assume the deal is done aside from the technicalities and once they come he will be part of the squad. I expect him to play in the next friendly.
  9. I think we need to remember that DS is a manager that likes to have options and if having more centre backs means he can change the system DS will want that. I don't expect us to set up in the 4-3-3 we ended last season with each week. Even first day out at Spurs we could go to 5 at the back with wing backs. In the championship we were expected to dominate the ball and other teams. It won't be like that in the Premier League. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to be a threat going forward.
  10. The longer this window goes on the better value our deals look. 70-80m for Maguire, Swansea turn down 15mil for McBurnie. It's complete madness. Shows the value of getting deals done early.
  11. I wanted SB out when at Villa but throughout I said he was a decent man. But to resign after only a few months in charge after taking a month holiday before taking up the job to watch cricket is about as bad as it gets. It shows a complete lack of respect for the club and the fans. We all know he won't last a year at Newcastle, so this is really a move to get some decent compensation when he gets fired. And to think the Newcastle fans don't want him either. Only SB could be hated by 3 sets of fans at the same time. I wish him no luck whatsoever, I hope he gets pumped 6-0 every game.
  12. One of the most consistent performers last year. Has worked hard and deserves his shot at the top table. The goal again West Brom in the semi was so crucial. Delighted for him.
  13. BBC are reporting that we are offering 10mil for this Egyptian Trezeguet. The BBC don't tend to report rumors so there seems to be something in this. Mentions Hegazi too.

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