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  1. So this is another game without a recognised striker. I think we will stick with 3/5 at the back but we need more from the full backs so I expect Guilbert and Targett will start. I think I would go with this: Reina Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Drinkwater Targett Luiz Hourihane Trez ElGhazi Grealish
  2. I've looked at a few videos of him and what's clear is that he is two footed. That is such an asset to have as a striker defenders don't know how to deal with you. The price seems quite reasonable so let's hope he can hit the ground running.
  3. I've said this many time but I'll say it again. The way the upfront 3 works in the system DS was playing previously (4-3-3) the front 3 were interchangeable. I think DS and the recruitment team would have looked at the 6-7 players they had to fill those three spots (Wes, Kod, Davis, Jota, ElGhazi, Trez, Jack) and thought they had enough. No doubt DS would have preferred more cover because, as you say, none of those players have played in this league before. For me I think this is a real shame for Davis, he could be getting an extended run in the team right now if he was fit. I do fear injuries might mean we never see the best of him.
  4. For me it's the weight of pass that makes that goal. Means the attacker doesn't have to touch it to shoot and the defender can't get a tackle in. Seems we might have another gem in O'Hare!
  5. I'm on the fence about Benteke. On the one hand I'd love to see him come back and score goals that keep us in the league. But you have to understand we won't be signing the Benteke we sold. He's just not the player he used to be. But that doesn't mean he can't make a difference. The talk now is a loan to the end of the season, I think I would take that if there is an option to buy in the summer but it's not mandatory.
  6. Herman22

    Pepe Reina

    Happy with this. Smart signing in a position we are seriously short of quality.
  7. If you want some perspective listen to Souness on Sky. Thank f**k for him. He's the only one who talks sense on Sky.
  8. The only positive I can take is we don't have to play City every week. The main issue today was the work rate of City. They never gave us a second on the ball and we made so many mistakes. 5 at the back only works if you can get the wing backs up the pitch Elmo and Taylor never got forward and without them we have no width. We are missing McGinn so much. We badly need his energy in midfield.
  9. People will point to us spending 150m in the summer. This City team a 1.5 billion team. And they showed that today.
  10. Bring him on for ElGhazi. We can't afford him to get a second yellow.
  11. This could end any score. We now have 5 defenders in our own box and we still can't stop the shot. Drinkwater and Costa offering nothing in either direction.
  12. One thing that's clear from today. We badly need Pepe Reina. First and third are goals any decent keeper should save.
  13. Drinkwater needs to be taken off at HT. He's miles off the pace. A bad team will makes us pay for a passenger in midfield. City are destroying us.
  14. I hope everyone has noticed the change. Hourihane has gone back a bit as Drinkwater passing and control is all over the place.
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