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  1. To be honest Jack, McGinn and Luiz can pick a pass too. surely that can only be good news for the attacking players. I think what this signing gives us is a bit more than Jack in the final third. I'm a huge Hourihane fan and pound for pound you will do well to get better value (maybe McGinn) but he lacks pace and the ability to go past people. Barkley gives us another dimension and another threat from midfield. He is a proper box to box midfielder with a great engine and he is fit and ready to hit the ground running.
  2. I really hadn't expected to get Barkley. A midfield 3 of Luiz McGinn and Barkley is strong and a really good sub in Hourihane.
  3. It was such an easy win. Fulham never really threatened, luck with to get away with another clean sheet but we look decent defensively. I went for Cash as MOTM. Thought he was brilliant. Moments of the match came from McGinn, the pirouette in midfield and then the crunching tackle on Bryan.
  4. El Ghazi not even on the bench according to the Mail.
  5. I think this is the kind of game where IF we take our chances we will win but they are decent going forward so we will need to be on our toes. Mitrovic is always a threat and he will cause to Mings and Konsa problems. I think we should go with the same 11 as last week but we need a lot more from the midfield and wide positions. Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz Trez McGinn Hourihane Grealish Watkins Subs: Steer, Elmo, Hause, Ramsey, El Ghazi ,Traore, Davis
  6. I don't like these early Monday KOs and the fact we've been on twice in a row is a little annoying.
  7. I think if we are going to turn down any footballer who had made any indiscretion at all you aren't going to have many players. James Milner maybe? Players, like Jack are thrust on the public stage at a very young age and they make mistakes. We live in a world where everything is recorded and tweeted and everything else so every mistake is caught. Back 20-30 years ago the players who were worshipped were often alcoholics and worse.
  8. Well done to him for showing a bit of class. People who are abusing him need to think before typing. He, like everyone else in the first team, kept this club in the Premier league last season. He never lacked in attitude or application and for me he played his part.
  9. All the best to him. He showed the odd glimpse of what he could do but never consistently. He'll be remembered for a good header in the Cup final.
  10. I've just ordered a Tesla Model 3 long range a few days ago. Won't be delivered until Jan. I test drove one a few weeks ago and the acceleration is amazing. Really looking forward to getting it home.
  11. Barkley is only 26. Still a lot of football for him to play. Like others I hope this is a loan with the option to buy but not an obligation to buy. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is only 2 years younger and but is more of a presence in midfield. If it's an option for Hourihane in midfield I think Barkley is the better choice.
  12. Sarr is only 22. If he improves he could be a 50m + player in a few seasons. Very much fits our structure. I still don't think it will happen but who knows.
  13. I'd say you are right with this start 11 but I don't think Engels will be fit. Mings or Konsa to step in. The more time we can give to Ramsey the better as we need options for CM and if we aren't going to buy we are going to have to promote.
  14. A win is a win but we will really need to improve if we are going to progress this year. Martinez was such a calm influence between the sticks. The back 5 look very assured. We need so much more from Jack and Trez. Everything we did was in front of SU.
  15. We've nothing positive on the bench. Just need to be patient. Make them chase the ball. The chances will come. El Ghazi for Trex after 72mins.
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