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  1. Interesting topic! I've lived in Ireland, England, Scotland, Greece, Qatar, Bahrain, USA and UAE. Then I've visited Northern Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Norwary, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Monaco, Italy, Vatican, Czechia, Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Canada, Panama and Costa Rica. I think that's 40! I've yet to get to Africa or South America so plenty of travelling left to do.
  2. I never thought of Melberg at RB. I know he played there a lot but he was always a CB in my mind.
  3. I'm going to do this in my own era, I wasn't born when we won the European cup so can't really talk about those players! Friedal (USA) Delaney (WAL) McGrath (ROI) Laursen (DEN) Bouma (NET) Grealish (ENG) Petrov (BUL) McGinn (SCO) Yorke(T&T) Benteke (BEL) Angel (COL) Might have gone a little attack minded!! Hard not to have Milner or Barry in there, Young too. I think the best left back I can remember was Steve Staunton but you can't leave God out! I Alan Wright was a top right back but I can't leave Jack out!
  4. The Government of Britain's response to the virus has been nothing short of criminal. Essentially saying "let it play out and we will deal with it when's it's at it's peak!". If this is allowed to continue you are looking at somewhere in the region of 1 million deaths.
  5. By September we should have Wesley and Heaton back too.
  6. I'm no expert on this but I have been involved in similar cases. It will come down to a number of factors. Firstly, the contract between Villa and Chelsea will have terms that most likely say we pay X% of his wages for the remainder of the season. Chelsea most likely have no recall clause and Villa have no terms to terminate the agreement so the agreement finishes at the end of the season. We can send him back but that most likely is allowed for (we pay all remaining fees). That's the contract. A lot will come down to Jota. Villa have a duty to every employee (player and staff) to ensure they work is a safe environment. If this incident happened during the course of normal footballing activities (two players getting a bit wound up and acting out) then it's most likely not a sack-able offence. But if Jota doesn't feel safe to be at work or the assault is seen as particularly vicious then Villa may push to have him removed. Either way it will turn into a legal battle and they are never cheap.
  7. I think Villa need to act now more like a company than a football club. If I had a person working for me short term and he assaulted a permanent member of my staff he would be gone within the hour. Even if it means paying whatever wages we have agreed for the rest of the season. It only takes one or two bad eggs in a group to really bring the morale down. Get him out the door as soon as possible.
  8. Herman22

    Dean Smith

    I've said this before and I will most likely say it again. Smith over achieved last season, no one expected us to be promoted and he is learning the hard way with a really tough season in the premier league. If we had missed out on the playoffs and were top 3-4 of the championship right now everyone would be saying what a great job he is doing. Even if we go down, and I think now we will, DS deserves a season in the Championship to bounce straight back. We cannot afford another relegation and another hope for the best manager with a raft of new players going into a championship season. DS knows the league and will be best placed to get us out of it with a team he has assembled. There's no doubt we will lose players, I'd be shocked if a prem teams doesn't come for Grealish, McGinn, Mings, maybe even Targett and ElGhazi. But that will still leave the nucleus of the team we have and a manager who hopefully knows how to play us out of the championship.
  9. Chelsea are starting to hit some form and we seem to be sinking without a trace. What stood out for me most against Leicester was our aimless passing, we seemed to hack it out of defense for the entire 90mins. I think I would go back to 5 at the back and try to get the full backs going forward rather than back. I also think Hause is strong in the air and might help us at set pieces. There were so many terrible performances in the last game you would drop everyone given the chance. I think only Nakemba can hold his head high after last night. I think I would go with this: Reina Elmo Konsa Mings Hause Targett Nakemba Grealish McGinn Davis Samatta I know McGinn won't start. I suppose Douglas would slot in there, I assume Drinkwater can't play against his owners. All I can see is another loss here!
  10. Chelsea, Wolves, Liverpool and Man United up next. I have zero hope!
  11. Yeah that's the one. A truly useless footballer.
  12. I'm starting to think Douglas is actually Westwood with a fancy haircut. He offers nothing. Nothing going forward. Nothing in defense.
  13. You have to do the basics and tonight our full backs haven't defended or attacked.
  14. There's no coming back from this. We are down!
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