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  1. I get that thought process but remember some players will take a public shaming like that badly. You may also see the manager making an example of some of the senior players and playing kids. I think Everton are soft at the back. Both full backs are decent going forward but aren't great defenders and Keane is their only fit centre back right now. We will need the same mentality as yesterday high energy press, try win the ball back in their half and get some shots in, Pickford has been shaky since the restart.
  2. Subs Dean. Hourihane is out on his feet. Freshen up the front line.
  3. There is no consistently in VAR decisions. The difference is that VAR couldn't give a pen to United quickly enough. For us they looked at 500 replays to see if there was anyway to overturn it.
  4. On the Palace goal that was ruled out I don't get the handball rule anymore but Ayew takes Reina out. I'll take a decision going our way for once.
  5. That game will end in a draw. Will suit both teams and all but relegate those below.
  6. I think that's the problem we have right now. I don't see where a goal is going to come from. Grealish needs to be 20 yards further up the field playing passes in and around the box to unlock something. But right now who would you expect to take a chance when it comes? Davis, Samatta, El Ghazi, Trez? I just hope it falls to the left foot of Hourihane as I think he's the only one I'd be confident of hitting the back of the net.
  7. I totally agree with the first post. I think the 'behind closed doors' games happening right now show you how the fans are the sport. There no spectacle without the fans, they might as well be playing chess or checkers. A full and loud Villa park might have been the difference in some of our home games but unfortunately that advantage has been taken away. Add to this the way the game has been killed by a terrible standard of refereeing and an even worst standard of VAR. There isn't much left to get you off your seat. I don't think I've been excited about a Villa team in the premier league since Houiller, the day McLeish got the job relegation was a matter of when not if.
  8. I think Konsa has impressed since the restart. Playing out of position at RB he has been more than a match for some of the top attacks in the league. For me I would accept defeat when it comes to Jack and Mings, both will be gone. I hope that financial clout will mean we can turn down bids for McGinn and Luiz as I think that is our ticket back to the prem. People like ElGhazi and Trez might leave, maybe Targett too. Decent championship level players like Elmo, Taylor, Davis, Jota will be useful back up. Build the rest of the team around: Heaton Guilbert Konsa Engels ??? ??? Luiz McGinn ??? Wesley Samatta
  9. I think DS has to make some big decisions. For me the first would be to drop Jack. He's a passenger at the moment and Conor brings so much more to the team. Maybe fire him up and bring him on second half.
  10. We need to perform and we need some luck to pick up points against these top team. We had neither tonight.
  11. Watford and West Ham will know that they need to get 4-6 points from their next two games or they are in trouble. We just need to be contention by the time we play West Ham. I think we need to pick up a big win some time, maybe tonight?
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