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  1. No matter the outcome of the playoffs, Smith, his staff and the players deserve a huge amount of credit for putting this run together and earning a playoff place. The way it’s going right now I’d think Derby (or whoever finishes 6th) will fancy their chances against Leeds. We need to focus on our own game. No doubt if we perform we will win more than we lose.
  2. I’m not sure who the commentator is on sky sports. But he’s dying for Millwall to score. He also loves their keeper as he’s Nigel Martin’s son.
  3. I think a bit of rotation is required here. We need McGinn and Grealish fresh for the playoffs I’d put Hourihane, Davis, Green and Lansbury in the starting line up. There is talk Chester is getting back towards fitness. But if Tuanzebe is out Jedi needs to start.
  4. So close from Davis. Great feet, shot just wide!
  5. Looks like Tammy has done his shoulder. Hopefully not too serious.
  6. Need to up the pace. Seems like a training match at the moment. No doubt DS will be in their ear at HT. I wonder if we could go a little more direct. Get Davis on for one of the midfield 3 and start moving the ball forward a bit quicker.
  7. This game is going to be all about taking chances. No doubt we will create plenty and they will create less. But unless we put the ball in the net it could be a long night. I remember people saying when we were first relegated that there are no easy games in the championship and me thinking that was BS. But it really is true. Rotherham beat Forest last time out so are no pushovers. Still, I think we will win this one. I'm hoping for a comfortable last 20 mins and a clean sheet. 3-0.
  8. Herman22

    Tom Carroll

    I thought DS said when we signed him that there was a buy clause? I assume if we have sent him back we won't be making the signing permanent? Pity we didn't get a chance to see him play, I think if he was fully fit he wouldn't be getting on the bench at the minute anyway.
  9. Of the senior players that expire this summer the only one I would even consider holding on to is Whelan and maybe Steer as he's only 26. Bunn, Elphick, Hutton, Jedi, Richards can all go. Besides Richards I don't dislike any of these players but just don't think they will add much to the team and I'd prefer to see younger players get a place on the bench.
  10. Bruce will set up to not get beaten, and I think that will play into our hands. We will have all the possession and I would think the majority of the chances. The question is can we take those chances. The keeper Westwood has been in cracking form recently so finishing is going to have to be good to get past him. Also, SB will be well organised from set plays and will no doubt target the likes of Taylor and Hause. Expect long balls from the back landing on Taylor, SB will put someone who can head the ball at RM. I don't see anything other than another win.
  11. With Tuanzebe and Lansbury also fit we will have quite a few players to choose from. Getting on the bench isn't guaranteed.

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