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  1. Burnley are a anti football side with an old style manager. It's not fashionable and it's not good to watch. But you saw what they did to Liverpool during the week. We will need to be at it from the start and take chances when they come. Glad McGinn is back for this one as we will need his fight in midfield.
  2. Probably not the right thread for this but if they sack Bruce they have to back the new manager which Ashley doesn't want to do. I think they will keep SB until after Jan so the new manager can't buy players and is brought in to work with the squad they have. I think SB will be be there unless they look like getting relegated and they need a new manager bounce.
  3. Such an easy win. We could have won by 4-5. Love this team and the way we are approaching games.
  4. One thing I can't understand and no one has been able to explain. Why was that rule brought in in the first place? Like in what situation would having that rule make sense and help the game? I sometimes think rules are brought in because there's a team somewhere who are getting paid huge sums of money and have to change something to vindicate their existence!
  5. This is such a different game to the City game. Bruce played an attacking line up last time out and it didn't work so I expect to see Wilson on his own up front with two defensive midfielders in a 4-5-1. I think we need to focus on ourselves here. Get the game winners on the ball and take the chance when they come. Disappointed McGinn is out but it gives someone else a chance to step up. Is there any update on Targett after he went off last night? Hopefully this line up: Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz Traore Ramsey Barkley Jack Watkins You could drop
  6. Good first half. We've been more than a match for them. MOTM so far has been Targett. Another great half from him.
  7. We look so dangerous. City playing really well too. So good to watch so far.
  8. Brave team but pretty much the starting line up I was hoping for. Glad to see Barkley back in the starting 11 but don't expect him to finish the game. We are going to have a go, defending well is paramount.
  9. I think the starting line up this evening will be based on who has had the virus and who has trained most. Probably a few who have suffered badly but from what I've seen of training vids most are now back at training. If all are fit I'd go with: Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz El Ghazi McGinn Barkley Jack Watkins
  10. For me 3 the memories stand out from Conor's time at Villa are these. The half volley against the scum. The strike against West Brom in the play off semi. The winner against Norwich when we were really struggling for points. I'll miss Conor if he goes, always gave 100%.
  11. I always like to see one or two well thought out transfers in the Jan window. The way I look at it is like this. Is he better than Houirhane? I hope so, so is it a step up in terms of quality of squad? Again, I hope so. I've been a big fan of Conor since he arrived. He has been really quality in both the Championship and the Prem. I'll miss him.
  12. Conor is a player I've always liked. Come through the leagues and has always been able to make the step up. He started this season well but DS seems to have lost faith in him. I think he would be a good addition to a lower level premier league club. His set pieces are always good and he has a good shot on him. I agree with other above he is the type that want to play, he won't be happy warming the bench. I can see him leaving this month, likely on loan.
  13. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-sherwood-garde-agbonlahor-19615676 I liked Gabby when we tried but this is the biggest load of nonsense I've read in a long time. Tiger Tim was IMO the worse most underqualified manager at Villa in my life time. So terribly and totally out of his depth. There is a reason he has never had a job since.
  14. There will be a lot of teams that won't sign a player in this window. I think we may be one of them.... and I'm ok with that!
  15. They obviously won't tell us but if the Everton game goes ahead we will know who in the squad has COVID. I wonder will this change our targets in this Jan window? I think Fred will leave either on loan or permanently so a back up right back may be useful. I think Taylor is gone in the summer so maybe a left back too. A lot of talk about Engels going too so a right sided centre back may be needed for cover too. I also wonder about Hourihane, he hasn't seen a minute of action in months. I'm sure he was penciled in to play in the FA cup but he can't be happy warming the bench at 29 yea
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