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  1. I think there is no doubt he is good on the ball but spends too much time running away from the ball. When McGinn when deeper after Lansbury came on he demanded the ball off the defenders to get us moving forward. For me Luiz's game was shown in Wolves second goal. Everyone knows Adama is all pace so either block him off or jump on his back. It's a smart yellow and the fact he didn't do it ended the game for us.
  2. Couple of weeks now to get Grealish, Heaton and Engels back for and firing. Newcastle is a huge game now. If there was a positive from today I thought Konsa looked assured beside Mings.
  3. I think if there is one player to be picked out today it's Luiz. Nothing going forward, nothing defensively. Is it Westwood in a mask?
  4. Right sub. Marv looked like a red card waiting to happen.
  5. I think he's a decent player but ElGhazi never wins a 50:50. I can put up with a lot from players but cowardice isn't one of them.
  6. Is it just me or are the Wolves fans calling for handball every 10 seconds?
  7. The fact that 2 subs have been forced on us I don't see what DS can do. Maybe go to 5 at the back using Guilbert and Trez as wing backs and replace ElGhazi with Hourihane.
  8. That is a very poor 45mins. Lucky to be only 1 down.
  9. Only a matter of time if we keep playing like this.
  10. I don't think he will start at the weekend but Davis has done himself no harm last night. For all of the back up players BHA played Duffy is a good prem level centre back and I though Davis bullied him at times. Ran past him for Hourihane's goal too. Wolves at home in the next round is good too. Glad to get back to VP.
  11. I agree with most of the line ups. I see Chester played for the u23s last night. I think it would be good to get him some mins. Ramsey scored twice in the u23 game too so I'd like to see him make the bench too. I'd really like Targett to stake a claim for the starting LB spot. I think Taylor has been better than I'd have expected this season but I think Targett brings that little bit extra. Steer Elmo Konsa Hause Targett Luiz Jota Lansbury Hourihane Trez Davis Subs: Heaton, Chester, Guilbert, Marv, Grealish, Ramsey, Wesley
  12. Time for us all to look forward now. The next three games in the league will, in my opinion, tell us a lot about where we are going this season. Burnley at home will be a tough test. We all know what they bring and Dyche will have them well organised and they carry a threat with Barnes and Wood up front. At home I'd expect to get something from this. Norwich away is a game we need to target. Yes they beat City at home last week but they are no world beaters and we are a very different team from the one we were last season in the Championship. Then we have the int break and Brighton at home. Another game we have to be targeting for 3 points. We have City away after that so the less said about that the better. But we should be looking at 6-7 points from the three games and start moving ourselves up the table a bit. I still have full faith in DS, UTV!
  13. Herman22

    Dean Smith

    I think we all need to take a few deep breaths and think before going nuclear. Dean has taken us from lower mid-table in the Championship to the Permier league and he's not been here a year yet. If we were getting tonked every game there may be some cause to get rid. But as it stands we are on the verge of getting things right. But for poor refereeing decisions we would have picked up draws at both Palace and Arsenal. We should have done more at home to West Ham when they were down to 10 but everyone in this group is still learning including the manager. I never expected us to get promoted last season so for me DS is ahead of the plan. No matter what happens this season DS should not be fired. Even if we do go down (I personally don'e see it happening) I'd have 100% faith DS would bring us straight back up.
  14. It’s a terrible result in the circumstances. It would be one thing to draw the game but to lose it from a winning position against 10 men is not good enough. Huge game next week now.
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