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  1. So, the missus says "Get what you'd like for Christmas, I'll give you a wodge of dosh towards it". I wonder how this sits with her "You don't need any more guitars" mantra?
  2. Southern France has both Basque (Atlantic coast) and Catalan (Mediterranean coast) minorities.
  3. BBC 6.00 news at it again. Bishop Auckland voxpops, all about ex-Labour voters who don't like Corbyn, and plan to vote Tory.
  4. Been playing the box set today. What it brings home is that he couldn't sing harmony. With Johnny Cash, particularly. And it was unrehearsed studio jams, never intended for release. I still like it.
  5. Yeah, I do think he's somebody I should like. And I certainly don't hate what he does. But it just doesn't seem to grab me. I've mainly listened to the Bad Seeds stuff. Dunno, maybe it's just the voice.
  6. First hot buttered crumpets of the season.
  7. Well that's got me longing for another Wine and cheese trip to southern France.
  8. I agree, that's equally bad. But I was thinking of the better journos. For example, Charles Shaar Murray was a huge fan of The Faces (as was I). But he quite rightly slated their "Overture and Beginners" live album, and explained why - he knew they were capable of better, and justified his criticisms. That's the only sort of bad review I like. Incidentally, I've tried to get into Nick Cave, including the new album, but I can't.
  9. Rhone valley vineyards? EDIT: No, hang on, there's a patch in Corsica. Syrah grape-based wines?
  10. This was a big irritant for me during the punk era. The NME in particular would give a gig or album review to someone guaranteed to hate the band, for 'comedy' effect. Utterly pointless. I'd far rather have a fan do it, who would be prepared to be critical if the performance was sub-par, because they at least understood the genre.
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