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  1. Just keep calling her speccy four eyes until she stops.
  2. However, that doesn't mean you can get to Greenland from Iceland by travelling directly east or south.
  3. As far as I can understand it, vaccine protection and natural antibody protection are two different things. You may or may not have antibodies (their presence possibly due to a previous covid infection). The vaccine provides a different form of protection, it doesn't create new antibodies (although it may stimulate an antibody response). I think. My wife's situation is more complex, in that her rheumatoid arthritis causes an overactive immune system, and she takes an immunosuppressant drug (methotrexate) to counter this. What the implications are, vis a vis covid, nobody really knows.
  4. Did my UK Biobank antibody test last night - positive. I have antibodies. The wife's tested negative.
  5. The point about the vast amount of music available rather emphasises my point about not falling prey to Fear Of Missing Out - it's inevitable, so don't worry about it. If anyone pities me for my utter ignorance of a genre that fills their world with joy, I would counter with some enthusiasm of mine that they would find equally baffling. But I wouldn't press them to persevere with it at the expense of their own 'thing'.
  6. Same (despite my fully admitted blind spots). I am the most musically obsessed person I know, my friends make jokes about it.
  7. Both. There was a HUGE amount of stuff coming out from the mid 60s onwards, but relatively few channels for hearing it - the weekly music papers, one or two good DJs on Radio 1... and word of mouth. If you missed it (and it wasn't a chart hit), it was gone, the next band had come along. But nowadays, loads of specialist reissue labels, and crucially, internet forums (VT included) and streaming apps. I could probably spend the next six months listening to nothing but (say) previously unheard San Francisco psychedelic bands from 1966. Not to mention scores of young bands playing music totally in
  8. I have everything up to and including Wish You Were Here, nothing beyond - and I greatly prefer the pre-Dark Side of the Moon Era. Atom Heart Mother is actually my favourite.
  9. It's not a conscious decision, it just happens. You can be as open minded as you like, but if you find you're not enjoying it, it just becomes a pointless chore and a waste of time when you could be listening to stuff that gives you pleasure. As I suggested in my above post, I'm not one of those people that just listens to the same old familiar 'classic rock' tracks on repeat - I mean, I love The Beatles, Stones, etc., but I don't really need to ever hear those 'greatest hits' ever again - they're already hardwired in my memory anyway. But I do still keep discovering previously unheard gems fr
  10. Can't be arsed to actually draw it, but we could have one of those 2 x 2 matrices (e.g. like the Johari window) to place ourselves on. The four squares are essentially: A : Older person who DOES listen to new music B : Older person who does NOT listen to new music C : Younger person who DOES listen to old music D : Younger person who does NOT listen to old music How you define older and younger listeners and old and new music is of course open to interpretation. I'd put myself largely in square B, with the caveat that by 'new music' I mean new development
  11. My niece is married to a German bloke and living in Leipzig. He's 40-odd, and just got his first jab. But he can't persuade his ageing parents to have it, because having lived through the GDR era, they mistrust anything whatsoever coming from the government. In a parallel story, one of my daughter's friends told her that her dad was also refusing it, not because of any worries, but because it might in some small way reflect credit on the Tory government!
  12. I've forgotten that Beck album already, as I will the DMAs track. Both filed under "Not totally shit, but no need to investigate further".
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