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  1. I'm no expert in these matters, so feel free to tell me I'm talking shit, but I think you're kidding yourself. I honestly believe to need to quit drinking totally, it's doing you serious physical and mental damage.
  2. Do we have any Russian speakers on here? I'm led to believe that Russian pronunciation is logical and consistent, but I'm confused by surnames ending in -ev. Most of them seem to be pronounced as -eff, but what was going on with Nikita Kruschev (Krusch-choff)?
  3. It's like saying that embassies are the sovereign soil of their parent countries, therefore almost every country has a land border with every other one.
  4. Pah. Technicality. As far as I'm concerned France is The Hexagon.
  5. This. It's what they're not telling us. Positive tests don't mean shit if they're like all the people I know who've got it and exhibit only mild systems. If most of the hospital cases are unvaccinated, then that's where the problem lies.
  6. OK, I'll bite. If this is some South American colony, that's not actually France. Otherwise, I don't get it.
  7. Which is what I did for 30-odd years. Fortunately, working for a UK university, there was no chance of being sacked.
  8. Actually, no. England might come after Dean Smith. Win win scenario is Bielsa.
  9. It's fantastic. I assume you did the VR headset bit?
  10. This. Other than alcohol, my daily fluid intake is, on average: one small glass of orange juice, two coffees (am), two teas (pm) and about a pint of water.
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