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  1. I didn't recognise the lyric, but I know what Bicks likes and I know that the Bunnymen frontman (frontbunny?) was called Ian McCulloch.
  2. That would have been a better ad. When one of my kids was about four or so she asked me "Where does water come from?" I wondered whether an explanation of the rainfall/evaporation cycle was a bit too much, but had a go anyway. She certainly listened carefully, and I think took in at least the basic idea.
  3. Very good. It's incredibly close to the original.
  4. Where's the teamsheet, then?
  5. That BBC Bitesize ad, where the kid doing his homework asks his parents: "Why do we have day and night?" - and they look completely baffled and shrug. What parent couldn't answer that?
  6. It's very difficult to gauge how public opinion is going, when all we have to go on are polls (which have been spectacularly wrong in recent years) and the echo chamber-cum-bearpit of social media. But, subjective and skewed though it may be, I think I detect a slight shift in the tone and numbers of rabid Brexiters on Facebook. Yes, the "We won, get over it" mob are still there, but not quite in the numbers they were a year or so ago. I think the Yellowhammer revelations, Boris's behaviour, the Tory defections and so on are starting to erode the Leaver numbers. The question is, by how much?
  7. Nice zingy new strings on the guitar.
  8. No it isn't, it's nothing remotely like worship (which is one of the most bizarre and loathesome concepts ever invented).
  9. Don't feed the trolls.
  10. That made my head hurt. I'm strictly a 4/4 or 3/4 sort of guy.
  11. Depending on how you look at it, Corbyn is either admirably principled or suicidally pigheaded. He has a chance to shut up the propagandists and slanderers, and become a real statesman as a PM heading a coalition. Sadly, I don't think he will.
  12. I have very similar feelings. A lot depends now on how Corbyn and Labour respond. Overturning Brexit is my priority, which inevitably means swallowing some pride and backing people I have little taste for (in any party). Right now I'd welcome an electoral pact and a broad left coalition government (Lab/LibDem/Plaid/SNP/Green) to see off the Tory/Farage lot. It would come loaded with problems, but I'd live with that.
  13. mjmooney

    Ice rink

    Saw this while out for a walk yesterday. Doesn't really count, as it's deliberate, but I like the farmer's style.
  14. Tea and Symphony: An Asylum for the Musically Insane

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