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  1. mjmooney

    The VT "It's the weekend!" thread

    Last weekend my mate from London (whom I hadn't seen for 44 years!) came up to Leeds to see The Decemberists - who were excellent. He's currently undergoing chemotherapy, and due for surgery, for œsophageal cancer (which killed another friend of mine two years ago). Yesterday, another good mate had surgery for prostate cancer. Life is getting scary.
  2. mjmooney

    Are Dreams Significant ?

    Funny, isn't it? Yes, I get the exam anxiety dreams, but the running and music ones are always euphoric - presumably wish fulfillment. I'm always somewhere near the front of a race (although never actually winning), and running fast and effortlessly. Although it then usually goes surreal, and we end up running through a department store or some such.
  3. I don't understand that Graham Brady joke. (Not quoting, due to sweary word).
  4. mjmooney

    Are Dreams Significant ?

    I get one like that. Specifically, there's an exam coming up (like, today or tomorrow) - usually geography - and I realise I haven't been to ANY of the lessons, opened a single book, or basically done any work at all, for a whole year. And I feel sick.
  5. mjmooney

    Are Dreams Significant ?

    I think there's already a dream thread, but hey ho. My dreams mostly fall into one of the following categories: Being back at school (hardly ever university for some reason) Being back at work Playing music (much better than I can in reality) Running in a race (ditto) Meeting old friends/girlfriends that I've lost touch with (or are dead) Driving Looking for a toilet with a door on it They're usually about 80% realistic, 20% surrealistic. All pretty much what you'd expect from me, really.
  6. mjmooney

    General Chat

  7. Surely the Conservative Party have already had a vote for a leader when they elected May. Why should they be allowed a second vote?
  8. Sure I would. I'd sleep like a baby. Once I'd dismembered Lord Snooty.
  9. Unfortunately, Leave voters have the same ostrich mentality as Trump supporters. No matter how overwhelming the the evidence is that they've been duped, they will stubbornly stick to (and even harden) their stance, rather than admit they were wrong.
  10. There should have been cross-party consultation on what Brexit would actually entail upfront, rather than a referendum. Indepth investigation involving Parliament, business leaders, trades unions, police and the military, local councils, environmentalists, etc. At that point, both parties should have had a pretty good idea on what their stance was. If the majority of their MPs had doubts, then no Brexit. If there was a clear party split, put it all in their manifestos and call a general election. But no. What did we get? A TV game show vote. Criminal.
  11. You answered your own question: "Only a fool would interpret it as a promise". They did. Lots of them probably still think it will happen, provided we are 'tough' enough with a 'hard' (good fighting word, that) Brexit.