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  1. Worst sunburn I ever got was on a cloudy day. 1996, Nottingham, out in a park all day playing for the old Villa mailing list team. Thought nothing of it till I got in the car to go home, looked in the rear view mirror and my head looked like a giant tomato. People were laughing at me all next day at work.
  2. Yeah, lung cancer, just read about it. Race against time to complete the album as she knew she was on the way out - much like Leonard Cohen and David Bowie with their final albums. Can't imagine what that must be like.
  3. The question is: how many (say) Londoners would try to sound less English and more Scottish when north of the border?
  4. Shocker. She'd only just released an album with David Longdon (of Big Big Train).
  5. I wouldn't have bought the records if I hadn't known them socially! Come to think of it I probably got them as freebies anyway. As I've said before, I spent that era trying to convince myself I was enjoying stuff that hasn't passed the test of time. Never feel like playing it now. Are they worth anything?
  6. Used to know these guys a bit, was mates with Terry Swift the bass player and his brother Nigel. I was playing in a band on the same circuit in Leeds, they came to a few of our gigs and vice versa. I think I've still got all their singles plus the LP.
  7. Yeah, I'd lose Derek Dick, too. But... Fish? That's like going from Harold Jenkins to Conway Twitty.
  8. I don't mind that. I don't mind singers changing their names to something slightly more cool than their given one - Harry Webb, Richard Starkey, Robert Zimmerman, etc. It's the pretentious 'titles' that I dislike - The Edge, Fish, Prince, Rag & Bone Man - and practically every rapper, ever.
  9. He's right though. And I've heard of (like, even) Weyes Blood. Stupid name, mind. What's wrong with Natalie Mering?
  10. In strictly legal terms, it looks like cut-and-dried libel. He may well have smacked his missus about - but as far as I'm aware she's not taken him to court over it, and he's never been convicted of the offence. So the best The Sun could say is 'alleged' wife-beater if they wanted to avoid being done.
  11. Indeed, and confirmed by his follow-up hit: "Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you".
  12. I'm the same. Can't keep time with a click track. But my DAW (Reaper) metronome can be tweaked to use drum samples, so I generally set it up with a big loud kick and snare (or hi hat), then I have a fighting chance of keeping to time with my initial rhythm guitar part.
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