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  1. Practicing for the sponsored bungee jump in aid of Notre Dame.
  2. mjmooney

    Do you read?

    Depends on how long it is. The William Boyd was about 300 pages, and an easy read. Maybe ten days. Back in the 1990s, I read Marcel Proust's A La Recherche du Temps Perdu (3000 densely packed pages). That took me a full year. But that's only the fiction. As I've said in this thread before, I always have several non-fiction books on the go. Because I only read a few pages at a time, they can take years (or in some cases, decades). EDIT: I haven't yet decided whether to read the 12 book Powell series straight through, or to intersperse a few other things (which would obviously increase the lead time).
  3. mjmooney

    Do you read?

    Well, the Boyd started off very promisingly, but rather fizzled out at the end. And so onto a re-read, and the first of the very long ones. Volume one of Anthony Powell's twelve-volume "A Dance to the Music of Time".
  4. It's OK, they saved Jebus's ACTUAL CROWN OF THORNS.
  5. That "EU Settlement Scheme" TV ad - nothing to worry about, but you must apply for the appropriate papers - has a horrible Nazi feel about it.
  6. Now that DOES make me feel old. I was 35.
  7. mjmooney

    Dean Smith

    Rees-Mogg would be horrified at the thought of being middle class.
  8. I thought we'd established that all of today's ills are a consequence of the permissive society of the 1960s?
  9. Yes, it's a technicality, for the above reasons.
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