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  1. All those years? I think you're exaggerating.
  2. mjmooney

    U.S. Politics

    Easy vote winner in America, though.
  3. My four year old granddaughter has started telling jokes. I shall share them on here. First up... Q. What do you call a banana? A. Banana
  4. It does annoy me when footballers celebrate scoring a goal, having been fed a brilliant pass, without applauding the assist.
  5. Bit late now, but... some of you may remember my post from some years ago about my mate who's a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike (and supporter - pic below). Anyway, this week he sent me this message about a recent encounter with the Villa (he's a WBA fan, BTW)...
  6. mjmooney

    U.S. Politics

    No, it's a very common - and understandable - mistake. It would be a logical assumption that it means 'get in line and do your share of hauling on the rope'. In fact, it refers to standing where you're told - with your toes against a chalk mark or line in the sand (e.g at the start of a race). Similar to 'give free rein (to)'. Often wrongly written as 'reign' - makes sense, in a 'ruling' context, but it's actually derived from horse riding - loosen the reins and give the horse its head.
  7. They still have .357s, .38s, .44s, .45s, .50s, etc. All inches. The 7.62 mm 9 mm, etc. calibres tend to be European imports.
  8. He's not dead, he's just resting. Pining for the fjords.
  9. I believe some languages/cultures don't distinguish between blue and green, but consider them shades of the same colour. And I sometimes wonder why pink has a name, rather than just 'light red'.
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