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  1. Oh, and when I went to Morrisons last week, they had loads of milk chocolate digestives. No dark. Bastards.
  2. Watched Blinded by the Light last night. It's essentially a fluffy rom-com (insofar as any film featuring racism and the National Front can be fluffy). Adrian Mole meets Bend it Like Beckham meets Slumdog Millionaire. I like Springsteen though, so the soundtrack was enjoyable.
  3. In other news... The clocks went forward last night. Start of British Summer Time. Just looked out of the window. It's snowing.
  4. At a cost of six million quid. I can think of better use of resources. It'll be going in the bin, with the rest of the junk mail.
  5. My niece has just moved to Germany, and spotted this in the supermarket:
  6. This is kind of why I half want to get it. Assuming it doesn't kill me (big assumption), and that it does give future immunity (ditto), I'd very much like to get out and volunteer to help where it's needed. The snag is that I don't want to risk my immuno-compromised wife getting it, so we're both hunkering down as much as possible (apart from an occasional nervous shopping expedition by me).
  7. So far, I'm amazed at how well Mrs M and I are doing. I thought we'd have killed each other by now.
  8. This new police SUS law. How's it going to work? "Excuse me sir, you're only allowed out for essential work, or food shopping. Where are you going?" "Sainsburys" "OK then, off you go" (Drives round to his mate's house for a party).
  9. We had those When I Wor A Lad. They were called 'Sundays'.
  10. Ex girlfriends. Always as they were then, rather than now. (And 'then' was a long time ago for me, so they'd all be at least 60 now).
  11. I had a mate who always turned his supermarket plastic bags inside out, as he refused to do unpaid advertising work.
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