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  1. Just catching up with Years and Years. It's like MotherFatherSon crossed with The Royle Family.
  2. Don't need it much now, obviously, but when I was working I got pretty good with all that stuff, Word tables particularly. Used to run courses in it, in fact. Mostly forgotten now. But I did like Word.
  3. I guess they don't want to be that guy that zooms past them, undertaking all the way up to the obstacle, and then indicates, expecting to be let in.
  4. Never heard of him, but that was interesting - made me wish I had that sort of command of music theory.
  5. mjmooney

    Do you read?

    Well over a hundred unread on my bedside bookcase (the 'short list') alone. Hundreds more around the house. I am 65, so if I'm lucky (not a given) I won't get anywhere near reading them all. And I keep buying more. They make me happy.
  6. In 1965 Bob Dylan recorded "Like a Rolling Stone".
  7. I saw a brief moment of that comic relief match the other night, where Hanks seemed to be refereeing the game - they'd just finished interviewing him before KO - anybody know if Villa were mentioned?
  8. Is there a single shred of evidence that we are even interested in him?
  9. Commentator referring to 'man marking'.
  10. Cascarino playing up front for France.
  11. How about "? and the Mysterians"? I remember reading an interview with them where they insisted that it should not be pronounced "Question Mark", but indicated by a puzzled facial expression (like, "huh?", but without actually saying it). The little scamps.
  12. mjmooney

    Kortney Hause

    Opening night nerves, entirely understandable. Big Ugo was the same, and if KH can go on to be half the player Ugo was, he'll be fine.
  13. There's a 'guilty pleasures' thread somewhereabouts.
  14. You may need to refer to the ASCII collating sequence to correctly position Sunnyland Slim and Sunn O)))

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