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  1. Purslow was probably shocked at how much of our future revenue we've mortgaged just to get through the past two seasons. Hopefully this is the start of running the club properly.
  2. So Sky have lost La Liga, Eredivise and Chinese Super League to Eleven Sports whilst BT have lost Serie A and Ligue 1 to them as well. Expect prices for Sky and BT to go up in the near future though...
  3. The sooner this gets moved to OT the better. Xia mortgaged everything we owned and banked on gaining promotion, it didn't happen and we were in the shit. End.
  4. We were so negative after we'd scored our first, as we had been in all the games except Panama. As much as Sterling has the pace to trouble do defences, Rashford does too. Rashford should start ahead of Sterling from now on.
  5. The training top looks utter shit. Looks like piss poor materials which will fall apart in a few washes and the design is utter shit. I've still got one of the Nike training tops from 10/11 which I still wear to 5 a side, which is made of decent material and is still in great condition.
  6. I hope it doesn't become like the 2002 WC, when South Korea got to the semi's by benefitting from a shitload of dodgy decisions. Spain should have had a pen at the end of extra-time, then Akinfeev was literally on the edge of the six-yard box for the two penalties he saved.
  7. We should have played our strongest team tonight, end of. By the time we play Columbia, our four most important players so far (Kane, Lingard, Trippier and Henderson) won't have played in over a week.
  8. Sam Hain has produced another fantastic innings for the England Lions, got 54 against India A yesterday and then 145 today against Windies A. He really should be the backup batsman in the ODI squad instead of Billings, who has never performed for England. Gutted that Warwickshire lost too, great effort in the second innings. Shame we were so awful in the first.
  9. Brilliant from Roy, Bairstow and Hales so far, think we'll end up with about 450.
  10. And Kane get's wrestled to the ground and nothing is given? F*** off
  11. This Belgium team are like the England 'golden generation'. Collection of exceptionally good player's, but struggle to function as a team.
  12. Avfc96

    Going Under ?

    So we've already been advanced cash for the transfer money due on Sanchez, Amavi and Westwood. Now we've done the same with the PL parachute payments. Is there any income stream that we haven't mortgaged off? Season ticket money would be next I guess.
  13. Oh great, we've managed to get some of next season's parachute money early. So what happens when we get into the new season, when we've still got the likes of Richards, McCormack etc to pay. If we don't go into admin before the start of the season, by the end of September we will surely be in.
  14. AC Milan's problem isn't currency issues. It's the fact that their owner has no money and bought the club with a high interest loan that needs repaying in the very near future.
  15. Really cheered me up after that shit performance at Wembley. Couldn't happen to a nicer club... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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