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  1. Thanks useless, that was... useful!
  2. I hope Boris pulls through this, not that I’m a fan of him but I don’t wish him dead. He might just gain a new found perspective on the great work that the NHS do.
  3. That’s what they want you to believe.
  4. It’s calcium powder, most reptiles benefit from it
  5. Good old Ed, I guess I won't be seeing him walking the streets of Doncaster much any more. He'll be too busy for that now.
  6. I met Tony Daley last month when I did the Villa Park guided tour. He seems a very genuinely nice fella. Very softly spoken but was happy to give everyone a bit of his time. Have you planned what your opening line will be? It's hard not to appear like an excited school child
  7. I'm surprised that the bookies are still holding a presence on the high street. I guess once the older, less smartphone savvy folks die off, they'll be closing them down.
  8. Yes, certainly for the larger town centres or high streets in more affluent areas. Some high streets such as the one in my small South Yorkshire town, will have nothing left to offer. I repeatedly see new shops open up, full of hope, to then disappear again within 12 months. There's nothing there any more, at best you've got a couple of banks, a Greggs and a Poundland, everything else is failing or empty.
  9. I've been thinking for a while now that in ten year's time, all of our high streets will be gone to make way for further housing. The only physical shops left will be in retail parks and huge shopping malls. It's already heading that way, and this impending recession will only serve to speed up the process.
  10. I found out this morning that my uncle died from Coronavirus in the early hours. He was in hospital down in London where he lives. There wasn’t much love lost and to be honest he wasn’t a nice person at all. He was 68 and lived in sheltered housing after being stabbed a few years ago, he lost part of his lung in that incident. He didn’t go out and had shopping delivered to him, so I can only assume he contracted the virus from the deliveries. I won’t miss him, but I feel for his kids.
  11. He’s not wrong, they do seem to be everywhere nowadays!
  12. Light skim reading today, I got a copy of Rob Bishop’s excellent ‘Euros and Villans’ last month so dug it out today. There’s some great memories of Villa’s European conquests as each and every one of our European games is detailed. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, they say. I’m inclined to disagree.
  13. His dad wrote the book on disaster capitalism, literally. Utter words removed the pair of them.
  14. Ah, your doubt in me has cost you a fiver. I put the lights up and didn’t watch any TV. The biscuits did help me with the job though so I guess you can get paid out each way at 1/4 the odds
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