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  1. If you had better KW material you would be
  2. Or maybe stream a live Panorama style investigation into the missing Es at the club shop.
  3. Shame it’s off but sensible with the positive tests from Forest. I don’t see why they can’t screen Buendia doing keepy-uppys for an hour instead though.
  4. That’s where you’re wrong, they can print plenty of Gralish shirts.
  5. I still don’t think he’ll leave but if he does, then my love of him will disappear overnight. He’ll have the same kind of status as someone like Barry (Gareth, not Fry) and I’ll join the thousands of fans that criticise him for being a greasy diving cheat. He’s got the chance to be Villa’s greatest legend. I hope he can see that for what it is and make the right choice.
  6. That should convince him! And for some reason made me remember this: https://tenor.com/view/peep-show-johnson-turkey-****-gif-13072856
  7. If that chemical waste explosion doesn’t motivate him to get out of Leverkusen, nothing will. Come on Leon, get yourself on the first plane to Brum.
  8. Some comments underneath that Ronan tweet saying that Bailey’s more consistent than Rashica. I hope we can strike a deal with Leverkusen soon.
  9. I know but with the speculation, it wouldn’t do any harm for someone at Villa to put and end to it soon and confirm he’s not for sale and happy at Villa. Maybe we’ll get that once he’s back, and it sounds like he might be offered an improved contract.
  10. So much rubbish being written about Jack going to Man City at the moment. I can’t wait for the day his future is clarified and we can get on with the season.
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