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  1. Afternoon all, I’ve finally managed to sort my password out for VT after something like two years. Getting a bit fed up of twitter so thought I’d come back (if you’ll have me). IF we do get promoted, and it’s still a big IF, I think we need to keep the majority of the first team and not make wholesale changes. Keep Jack, McGinn, Hourihane, Chester, Davis, Taylor, Green. Possibly even keep Kodjia and Elmo, as back up to new signings. Sign Mings, El Ghazi, Hause and for me if we can get Abraham, we should. We’ll lose a lot of squad players as their contracts end (Whelan, Jedinak, Hutton, Adomah etc...). Three or four quality, prem quality players that slot into Dean’s style, would be perfect for me. Whatever happens, come what May, there will be a lot of change. Can’t wait for the speculation to start.
  2. We've done amazingly well to get him. He's pure quality as you can see in the pre season games, even his passing is decent. Hasn't put a foot wrong yet and will contribute massively to our season. unless he gets injured against Hull
  3. Terrible news about Jack, I wish him a speedy recovery but it will take time. Who do we have that could step in? I'd be tempted to give Hourihane a run of games in the no 10 role. We could really do with some creativity in this team, maybe a loan would fix it. But who?
  4. I liked Muller too, particularly when I used to drive past the Muller factory in Market Drayton and see it painted claret.
  5. 'Bruce out comment on the Bruce thread' OUT!
  6. I wasn't a fan of the sponsor but the more I look at it the less I notice now, it could have been worse and we have to have one. I quite like the away kit in black, I also like that the collar has been removed from the home. I think i might buy one, but not sure til I see them close up.
  7. Could be worse I guess. Shirt still looks great.
  8. Lescott to the scum would be the funniest thing I've seen in... ages. After all the gloating from the knuckle dragging massive on Twitter, it would be hilarious to announce Terry as they 'capture' Lescott.
  9. I'll happily 'lose' out on SJ, provided we've got a better keeper coming in. I'd like an experienced shot stopper, someone like Westwood and I'd be happy.
  10. His first job is to get the data analysts organised. For their sake I hope that doesn't hurt.
  11. Don't worry another two posts and you'll have a nice round 10k posts to feel good about. And you're in control of that, no one else can take it away from you
  12. I had to like this, simply to ruin that perfect looking 10k likes sorry!
  13. We're all taller than Tommy Elphish!

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