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  1. Mings and Konsa are as good a CB partnership as we’ve had since the days of Southgate and Ehiogu.
  2. That would have been a brilliant goal. Barkley’s obviously lacking some match sharpness, he seems so reluctant to pass the ball quickly. Get him off and get Ramsey on now please Dean, sorry John Terry.
  3. Steve Bruce picking his teeth and wiping his nose on the back of his hand, live on TV. Stay classy Steve.
  4. Someone’s gonna get sent off you’d think. Some shocking fouls.
  5. Carol should have been booked for the first one, that could/should have been a red. Dirty Geordie word removed
  6. I missed Traore’s goal, anyone got a clip they can share?
  7. “Are you Keenan in disguise, are you Keenan in disguise”
  8. I reckon he’ll get “Dean Smith’s claret n blue army” going for a full 45 minutes.
  9. Come on now, take it to the murder thread in off topic!
  10. As I understand it, Dean will be up in the stands but still very much in control of the team. He’ll be in constant touch with the coaching staff, who consist of Richard O’Kelly, Craig Shakespeare, John Terry and Neil Cutler. They will give the orders mid game and let the fourth official know when Dean wants to make a sub. It won’t be the John Terry show.
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