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  1. Hudson-Odoi has some pace and a few tricks but he’s nowhere near the level of Grealish, in terms of influence.
  2. From Villa fans? Or are they (Wolves, Blues, WBA etc...) England fans?
  3. Mings has been fine. Passed the ball well and organised well. His back pass to Pope which resulted in a corner wasn’t great nor was his header back towards goal. Apart form that he’s been decent.
  4. A fairly boring game so far. Feels like a friendly with nothing riding on it, which it effectively is. Good touch by Winks to take it round the defender and finish. Kosovo look decent, closing and pressing with intent. I struggle to get excited by the these games though, it’s only down to Mings I’m even bothering.
  5. I’ll have forgotten what football is by the time this game arrives.
  6. It’s really vital that we have Jack, Heaton, Targett and Heaton back for this. It’s nearly two weeks away so let’s hope that’s enough time. We’re at home and against Bruce so the atmosphere should be up there with the best. We need a big performance to put a stop to this losing run.
  7. Martin Danks is a total word removed. He’s more interested in Villa than his own team. He blocked me a long time ago for calling him out on his bullsh*t.
  8. Looks best when he drops deep, his passing is pretty good but when he’s deep the only players in the box are Trez and El Ghazi.
  9. On the positive side. We’ve just lost three in a row and still sit above the relegation zone. Our goal difference is -3, but Watford have -15, Southampton -18 and Norwich -17. That in itself gives me hope we’ll be okay. a lot to improve on, of course, but I think we will do that.
  10. Their second goal came from Taylor losing the ball near their penalty area.
  11. Released but only when we have an alternative. Striker and LB should be up there in the jan window.
  12. We were poor, that’s all I can be bothered to say on the matter. A day to forget, topped off by one of my clown loaches dying midway through the game. I’ve had a pair of them for 10 years. I hope these injuries are sorted for the Newcastle game.
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