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  1. It’s not so much about not signing quality because they won’t want to be on the bench. We need quality competition and we need options. The first XI won’t play an entire season unchanged. Players need to rest, get suspended, injured, lose form etc... so everyone will get their chance throughout what’s going to be a very busy season.
  2. Yes!! I’m well happy with this as a loan. It improves us no end.
  3. He’s also holding out ten fingers there, which is a significant clue. Ten is the number of letters in Aston Villa. Coincidence? I think not.
  4. They should really be investigated for their cash harvesting racket. SSN pump out the bullshit and the gullible flock to Sky bet to lap it up. I do sometimes wonder how much money would make a difference to the odds. Like if someone put a grand on Barkley to Leeds now, would it bring it in from 16/1. If anyone has a spare grand to waste, send it to me and I’ll put it on and see. Honest
  5. That’s a really good explanation. I didn’t realise David Ellary was still involved at such a level. He was one referee I couldn’t stand back in the 90’s. I remember once when they attached a microphone during a game (Arsenal I think?) he came across as a right word removed
  6. That’s a great suggestion. Makes it all a bit more fair, and we don’t see anywhere near enough indirect free kicks in the box. The issue comes with determining intent, but then that was always the difficulty with the old hand ball rules. Still seems much better the current any contact is a penalty phase.
  7. Nice one Omar, I’ve listened to them all so far and can safely say it’s now my favourite Villa podcast. You’ve managed to get a good idea up and running very quickly so big well done from me.
  8. It’s a disgustingly cheap and nasty looking forum, much like their fans. This comment is particularly stupid, he’s given no thought to how he would set fire to 10p coin made from cupronickel Bela's About 10:55, Mon 28 Sep Declanh1875
  9. He makes it look so easy. Picking the ball up midway inside his own half and dribbling it all the way up the pitch like that, with four Fulham players chasing him. Its four or five passes worth of transition play that’s executed by one man. We’re so used to seeing it now, and slowly other fans and teams are starting to notice. The thing is, there’s nothing they can do about it but foul him (or cry that he dives on social media)
  10. 6 PL games: Fulham, Sheff U, West Ham, Arsenal, Everton, Palace. Plus the two in the league cup. Impressive stuff so far, the work that Dean and the team put in lockdown has transformed us. We’ve continually improved since Dean took over, long may it continue!
  11. I can’t really add anything that hasn’t already been said. So I’ll just say up the **** Villa and disappear off to a quiet place with a picture of John McGinn.
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