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  1. Two episodes into Squid Game, about to watch the third now. I’ve probably missed the discussion on it but I can’t be bothered to read back through. I’m enjoying it so far, and it was a real game changer to find out you can switch the American dubbing off and just have Korean with subtitles.
  2. I’d rather Bailey be fully recovered before we play him again, just in case there’s a chance he can actually play the rest of the season for us. It’s bloody frustrating though, just want to see him tearing teams apart now.
  3. I impressed with how quickly you were able to post that JV! Do you always keep your newspaper clippings handy?
  4. Same here. I had no idea that people pronounce quarter as quarter, every right-minded person knows it should be pronounced quarter.
  5. What is this? I’m conflicted. I’m tempted to reply yes to the three way, on the proviso that it might help, but it’s not guaranteed. But the Skegness thing makes me think psychopath, massive alarm bells there.
  6. It’s not surprising that so many people are catching the virus now, most things are pretty much back to normal and people are taking much less care. Myself included. Just reading through this thread has made me rethink how relaxed I’ve become about getting Covid. My wife works in a care home, I don’t want to be the one that inadvertently sends the virus in there. People can still get seriously ill or die, even with the double vaccination, so time for me to be a bit more careful I think.
  7. ‘Sup wit Burminum, G? Suttin wrong with dat? Yeah, it annoys me too.
  8. To the weirdos that say korter, do you get funny looks when you ask builders for their best coat?
  9. We’re capable of beating Wolves, but also just as capable of not showing up and losing or drawing. Not having our key players available doesn’t help. I wonder when we’ll ever see Dean Smith’s first choice team fit and available. These international breaks are doing my head in.
  10. Whilst the Grealish pain suggests a cautious approach to player fandom, I can’t help it with Martinez. He’s so good it’s unreal, but I can’t see him moving on yet. We’re in the ascendency and we’ve backed him in his international escapades. He looks happy at Villa and I think he appreciates the chance we gave him. I think he’s here for another couple of years at least.
  11. Thanks for the updates @Hornso. There’s an awful lot of unused substitutes and ‘not in the squads’. The club won’t be too happy with that, I can see a few being found alternative loan clubs in January.
  12. Not exactly a new series but I’ve watched the entirety of People Just Do Nothing over the last few weeks. Don’t know how I missed it the first time, but I have to say it’s brilliant! I’m now making my way through the various YouTube features now, the Mixmag guides to DJ’ing and MC’ing are great, as is any content from Chabuddy G.
  13. He’s much better at playing dead.
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