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  1. That is a **** disgrace, no way was that a penalty. Corrupt as hell thats what that was.
  2. Let’s just hope we perform to our absolute best and actually take a chance or two. And that united have an off day. It’s massively likely Villa will lose, but there’s always some hope, otherwise what’s the point.
  3. Can bring Davis on around 60mins, gives us something to aim the hopeful punts at.
  4. Let’s hope our crossing is significantly better than it has been then.
  5. I know, even Charlie says he doesn’t know why he’s predicted us to score two. I agree with his assessment in terms of us being due a break. Not sure that’ll be tonight though.
  6. Sky Sports’ Charlie predicting 2-2. I’d take that now.
  7. Grealish is already gone but I’m hopeful that we can keep Mings and McGinn. I’d like to think that they feel a certain level of responsibility for our relegation. I know Mings now has his England place to think about and the exposure that brings, but if he really loves the club like he seemed to last season then he might just relish captaining us to another promotion. He’s in contract and I doubt anyone will want to pay £30m for him seeing as he’s not the finished article. McGinn’s injury has taken away his chance to prove he’s a consistent premier league player, not sure anyone will pay big money for him now. If we don’t need to sell then I can see him staying on.
  8. Anything can happen tonight, you just have to believe! It could be 0-4, 0-5, or maybe even 1-7. Though our goal seems a little unrealistic in that scenario.
  9. Keep the same defence as started against Liverpool but I’d move Jack back to the left forward role, he’s so much more dangerous there. Who plays in midfield, probably Luiz, McGinn and Hourihane for me. El Ghazi on the right, or maybe Elmo. Up front, well, it would have to be Davis or Samatta, neither of which are very inspiring. Praying for a lucky night, we need a huge flukey win from somewhere and quick.
  10. Well I couldn’t help but tune in, and have to say that Villa have been much better! McGinn looks sharp, as does Luiz. We’ve given them no time on the ball and have battled well so far. Keep it up Villa, we might just nick a point here.
  11. Trez scored against these lot in the home game and hit the bar. Smith is probably just hoping he can do the same again today. He won’t but ya never know.
  12. We scored at Newcastle and got a draw. Same as what West Ham are doing now.
  13. Just need a Newcastle winner now. Come on Brucie, I always said you were a top manager!
  14. Good to see Guilbert back on the bench, could be useful in the run in.
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