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  1. Am I the only one that thinks they’ve got his age wrong, he looks at least 30.
  2. Late to the party but don’t believe a word thatchelover says, I’m not on twitter any more but I was on there long enough to know that account is full of fake ITK shit.
  3. Chelsea single handedly keeping our rivals up. words removed.
  4. I’ve got a West Ham supporting mate at work. I’ve already told him that the last game of the season will be a straight up fight to stay up. Obviously I’d rather we are safe by then, but if it turned out that the winner of that game stayed up and the losers went down. I’d be very happy to see West Ham go down.
  5. How much was Targett’s fee? I thought it was £11m - £14m. I’ve seen the figure increase loads lately, both on here and the Villa View podcast.
  6. Come on Chelsea FFS! Time to start destroying Mr Potato Head’s barcodes.
  7. One pass created the goal. He also had a second that nearly ended up with a goal.
  8. Call me naive, stupid or unrealistic, but I really think Jack will make sure we don’t go down.
  9. I’d say it’s vital we get 4 points from the next two. Watford at home is a chance to exact some revenge, let’s hope the new manager bounce wears out soon. Then Bournemouth away, they’ve got Brighton at home next. We could do with them losing that before we face them. Either way, we need some points before the next run of games.
  10. He seems much better coming off the bench, he did well today and I remember he changed the game to some effect against Chelsea too. If he could find some consistency he’d be a starter every week.
  11. That ‘shot’ in the first half.
  12. I thought he did well, chased the ball down and had some good touches. Looking forward to seeing him develop. If we haven’t got Samatta in for Tuesday, I’d be tempted to start with Indiana up top. The balance would be better.
  13. Quality save, he looks assured and confident. We’ll need his leadership qualities this year.
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