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    Presumably that will be her role, no?
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    Promising? Bloody love crosswords me
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    Apparently there is a national round of applause planned for the post/delivery drivers working on the frontlines throughout this crisis. I’ve been told it will take place at some point in the next 3 to 7 days between the hours of 8am and 5pm.
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    It's funny to hear the outraged comments about people reacting to Boris getting the virus. It mostly makes me laugh because it's only about two weeks since his plan appeared to be for 60% of the population to get it.
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    There isn’t one location for the blame. We had what could have been a perfect storm, lies and secrecy from China . A take it on the chin, herd immunity attitude from a government lead by a man that tried to employ a eugenics enthusiast. Pour that on top of an NHS focused for a generation almost entirely on management driven KPI’s and lowest price wins contracting. Throw that in the mixer with a long line of Government Ministers that cannot help themselves lying on any and every subject. Then ask for co-operation from a public that have been drilled for four years not to believe experts.
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    Just found out that a work colleague of mine based up north has died due to covid-19. Someone i've dealt with on deals sporadically for 10 years. Real nice guy. Married with 2 kids
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    Our financial director gave me a call this afternoon. It's one thing when HR calls to check up on you, but I really appreciated that someone high up, who really doesn't have to do this, made the effort to call. I'm also loving working at Aldi while I'm on leave from my main employer. The people are fantastic, and the job itself is pretty simple, but the time passes incredibly.
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    Just picked up my Nan's test results!
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    My criticism of the Government is more about what was done over the last 10 years, rather than what they are doing now. They are desperately shoring up a sinking ship that they punched holes in.
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    No. The government’s response is a key issue in the entire thing.
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    I was previously unaware of these euphemisms.
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    Back on topic, what the hell is going on with that website?! Needle play, surgical instrument sex games, catheterisation and skin stapling.... whatever floats your boat but some of that just looks downright dangerous. And painful. To make things worse, they can’t even deliver my order for three weeks!!
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    Regardless of anybodies political allegiance or any other difference there may be I just don't get why people are glad someone has got this virus or wishes that someone gets it !!! Goes against the grain of human decency. It does not matter who is in charge, some things they will get right, some they will get wrong. They will never please everyone. It's impossible. Absolutely anyone can get this virus, anyone.
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    He is the Prime Minister so maybe quite important to know the answer, don’t you think?
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    Mate, I feel more sorry for those NHS staff as they are going to encounter this every day for quite some time now. I'm either gonna be over it in a few days or another victim - either way I'll be out of the firing line. It's criminal how they don't have enough gear to protect them. Im feeling OK right now. My breathing is calm.
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    I am a Civil Servant and a key worker. I am close to the edge now. We have no hand sanatiser, no antiseptic wipes and we’re all crammed together in one office. Colleagues who care for elderly or ill relatives are being bullied to come in against their will. Work has gone up 10 fold. Workforce has halved. I am not stupid enough to walk out. But I do feel the stress is making me ill. It’s a time of crisis and I want to help. But no-one seems to give a damn about supporting us as we support others. For the first time ever I have tears in my eyes because of work. It feels better just sharing that.
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    There's definitely the distinct chance this will end up being like Y2K, where everyone wonders what the fuss was about, but not connecting that the reason it wasn't worse was because of the efforts made to prevent it being worse.
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    Remember about ten days ago, when he was on a conference call with manufacturers asking them to produce ventilators, and suggested the name 'Operation Last Gasp' for it? But sure, yes, humour is completely inappropriate for the plebs.
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    That’s what you get for eating an old bat
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    My mom is 91 and doing so well self isolating. I went to see her yesterday. Took some shopping, I didn't go in. I am so proud of her. I see everyone flaunting the stay at home rules as a threat to my mom, my friends and my family. He should have stayed the **** at home. Like every other sensible caring adult
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    This does not look good. Posting that message and then going out. I'll wait for all the facts but just the one fact that he was out and about after that message shows lack of judgement and character. Was he drunk as well? I'm a doctor working in this pandemic every day. When you see hypocrisy like this from a person who can, and SHOULD, be a role model it makes me furious. Arrogance, stupidity and selfishness. If anything this Covid period has made me see that football isn't that important to me anymore. Why bother when the captain of your club is a child?
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    Yep. I feeling a lot of anger and frustration at this at the moment. Not many have given a shit that nurses had to pay parking fees to go and save lives but now it's a disgrace. Not many cared about lack of resources and equipment. But now it's a disgrace. Yeah it was a feel good moment to see the clapping and cheering last night but it also pissed me off. **** go and clap for a minute but you couldn't be arsed to vote or apply pressure on government to respect and fund the NHS properly. And in 12 months time no one will care again.
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    I’ve read the thread and the Reports and it’s at best a Red Herring, at worst deliberately deceitful. The question isn’t about the long term lack of preparedness, or even the assessments made in early February. The scandal is that from early March it was crystal clear - crystal clear - what was coming, and what was needed. At that point there could have been : concerted efforts to acquire PPE concerted efforts to acquire Test kits, to create a testing program, to initiate locate and trace advice that those who were elderly or vulnerable should limit their movement and uneccessary contacts an huge advertising campaign on what was coming, on the fact that IN ADDITION to hand washing, surfaces and packaging needed diligence, and that the virus could be spread by those without symptoms, and through the air regardless of coughing, the cancellation of mass crowd gatherings like Cheltenham and football. the introduction of shopping limits, queuing markers, specified shopping times the coordination of care home capacity / transfer of Community Care staff to Home work a request for volunteers a request to friends and relatives of those in Care to either take their people home or volunteer to man centres the diversion of local government officers to essential tasks directions to certain industries to switch production to ventilators. None of that requires hindsight. It wasn’t done because of incompetence, ideology, economics and some barmy ideas from the PMs advisor.
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    I'm a GP. I'm currently spending my time phoning our palliative, housebound and life limited patients to discuss DNACPR with them. It is, quite frankly, a horrible task. Sadly, it is a necessity so more resources are available for those with a better chance of survival.
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    As someone who has done one or two stupid things in life, I think you have to have a little empathy with the players position. He looks like he hasn't slept since yesterday and that he's cried his eyes out - he'll know more than anyone that he's been an idiot, that he's let himself and the club and all of us and all the kids that idolise him down, he'll know what that means for him and he'll know what a knob he'll look because of that - and he'll only be able to blame himself for it. That ain't a good place to be and it takes a little courage to come out and speak on it, directly, rather than through a press officer. I'm happy to call him whatever we want to call him, depending on what it transpires he's done, but I'm not going to put an extra kick into a 24 year old who's telling us how embarrassed he is and wearing the weight of his own foolishness on his shoulders. He's been a wazzock. His face says he knows it.
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    My wife is a nurse, who is already working with possible Covid-19 patients, but because she used to work in intensive care, will probably be re-deployed there soon. Every day in the news, there is some nurse or doctor ever here in this country who is seriously ill with the disease or died, and I am worrying each day about what could happen to my wife. I really don't care whether morons who break the new rules get Covid-19, but I care that next, while asymptomatic, these morons will then start passing it onto every other person they come into contact with. Some of these people will die. And some of these people will be in intensive care beds. And if those beds are full, then people will start to die from other causes, such as heart attacks, strokes and car accidents because there are no intensive care beds. Even more galling, some of the beds will be taken up by some of the aforementioned morons, who are happy enough to put themselves at risk of getting the virus in the first place, but will likely not be gallant enough to accept the consequences of their decisions and decline treatment when they become seriously ill. If this is true about Jack, then I have gone from feeling sick about him going to feeling sick about having to watch him play for Villa again - and really hoping we can sell him, because I don't see how I can ever clap or cheer him again or celebrate one of his goals (although VAR has sort of fixed that last one anyway). I don't care if he was drinking or taking drugs or what cars he smashed or didn't smash (edit: unless he was drink/drug-driving). What I do care about, is that based on the current evidence, it appears that he is one of the morons who thinks it's ok to spread Covid-19. To me, people who break the current Government rules are murderers - it just takes 2-3 weeks for the bullet to hit the victim.
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    I just saw a bloke in Tesco’s buying chorizo, morcilla, paella rice and a sombrero. I thought to myself... Hispanic buying.
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    Whoever had the idea of getting Kate McCann to beg people to stay at home has a either a sick sense of humour or a lobotomy
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    People saying to not criticise the Government ? What planet are you on ? Their handling of this has been an incompetent disgrace. This thread was started in January. We debated things in here that were OBVIOUS weeks ago. Emergency Planning Organisations have wargamed this scenario many times. There is so much they could’ve done - WITHOUT the benefit of hindsight. At the lowest and simplest level even once they did decide to get involved their advice was inconsistent, lacking key information, and poorly disseminated. History will show their incompetence led directly to people dying, and suffering, needlessly. Why should we wait fifty years before saying that ?
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    So , The police now have powers to break up groups. Hopefully they’ll start with little mix.
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    I saw Paul from the chucklebrothers in Asda earlier I said "Oi, Two metre you"
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    These are the symptoms I've noticed this week: Shivering cold then overheating - four days Sweats Loss of smell Strange taste which seems to overrule almost all flavours - I've found Dandelion & Burdock the drink I can actually taste. Bliding headaches. Mainly behind the eyes, particularly my left eye which was a terrible pain. Lethargy in all parts of the body where I couldn't even make a fist for the previous three days. A strange sticky-like saliva in my mouth that makes your throat feel dry - probably where the nasty taste comes from. Loss of appetite although I'm forcing the food down me to keep my strength up. My nose, despite not being runny, is very sore on the inside. It doesn't look sore but sure feels it. I have neither wiped it or blown it more than any other day but it's really painful. I've become increasingly wheezier. Today, on a couple of occasions, I made a strange sound when I breathed. It was like wind blowing through a tunnel or something. I've coughed more today than all the rest of this week out together. I can actually feel an aching in my left lung when I take in deep breaths. Obviously, this has me concerned the most. I know I just have to stay as calm as possible and hope that it doesn't get as bad as it can be. What's strange is, I feel like I have more energy today. Although, the emotions are starting to kick in more because of missing my son and girlfriend. My son asked me when I'm coming out of my room. He asked when I get if I can go and see him every morning and night in his room as he wants to see me before he goes to sleep and when he wakes up. I dunno, maybe he's worried about losing me and wants that comfort of knowing I'm there? It's tough emotionally. Despite us seeing each other from a distance and chatting from a distance it's just not the same for any of us.
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    With all of the crap of the Premier League clubs hanging there staff out to dry and laying them off etc, I thought this was a rather pertinent tweet from Steve Froggatt. What’s going on Sums up the modern day game really.
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    I’m obviously not going to name sources so feel free to put this in the pile marked anecdote. Still, this morning there is a lack of basic ppe for frontline health staff. Some are literally casting around friends to see who might have a box of gloves spare or a mask or an apron. It’s April now, somebody needs a bloody good kicking after this. Absolute revolution needed In the fall out from this. Not some shit enquiry followed by a statement saying lessons have already been learnt and measures are now in place blah blah blah. Proper change, from what countries we do business with, to what industry counts as essential, to why we commute and how we want health and social care provided. State of the economy and the state of the world, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to recalibrate what we are about. I fear that at the end of this, we will simply plan how quickly we can get back to exactly where we were.
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    what play were you performing?
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    It probably helps that we absolutely never **** win
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    I don't think anyone is suggesting they are tying to kill people. Certainly no one on here. There is balance though and we shouldn't all be expected to be happy clappers going along with everything the government do without questioning it and criticizing obvious failings. No one can argue that you could ever be totally prepared for something like this but that doesn't mean we couldn't have been better prepared. We could have had more than 6 ICU beds per 100,00 people. Germany have 29, Italy 12, France 11, Spain 10. We could have ensured we didn't go into this with something like 40,00 nursing and 20,000 Doctor vacancies. We could have gone into this having not decimated social care since 2010. We could have gone into this without so many rough sleepers that we are now frantically trying to get off the streets. We could have gone into this with a decent welfare safety net. We could have been better prepared had we not buried a 2016 pandemic report news of which emerged today. As for the response now I don't think it is out of order to question why we have doctors and nurses on the front line still without PPE never mind those those tens of thousands of nurses and care workers not on the front line without it. We should be questioning why we are doing so poorly in terms of testing compared to other countries. Why we have given up on contact tracing. Why our PM just over 3 weeks ago was giving it the big un about shaking the hands of people with coronavirus. Why we allowed 250,000 people to rock up to the Cheltenham festival 2 weeks ago. Why we still allowed people to go to pubs/restaurants etc up until a week ago. Why non essential workers are still allowed to go into work on building sites, call centres, warehouses where 2m distancing is improbable. I don't understand why people, other than maybe hard line Tories, have an issue with stating a simple fact that we started from such a low base and why anyone would have a problem with questioning government action whilst we go through this. No one would deny they have a tough job on their hands now but I'd suggest recent history shows, given the tendency to want to avoid scrutiny of many of those now leading this country, it is right to try to keep them honest (good luck with that), and point out and criticize obvious failings.
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    We shouldn't be too quick to mock Boris Johnson for having the virus. It's news that will affect families all over the country. Boris's families.
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    It'd be a bit weird for us as we're key workers but the Mrs was sent home from working in the Wrexham Maelor Hospital yesterday for 7 days with a brutal cough, hot and cold flushes. I went into work this morning (delivery driver for Tesco) and let them know about her situation and they instantly sent me home for 14 days. We both feel like shit for not being able to do our part and help out now. The last few weeks, whilst hard has been insanely rewarding. I've delivered to many OAP's who are stuck in their homes now and it was great being able to bring them some relief, supplies and human interaction. The temptation to not mention the other half's situation was there but if she does have it and I was carrying it around and inadvertently passed it on to the most vulnerable, I don't know how I'd live with it. Hopefully 2 weeks time I can get back out there and do my part again and her cough is hopefully just a bad cold and she can get back to it too.
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