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    My Dad took a group of kids to BMH as they’d been invited to watch The Villa train. The security then wasn’t as it is now and so Dad just parked up the minibus and walked into the changing rooms looking for someone who might know they were coming. He immediately met Brian Little who was an absolute gentleman, knew Dad’s name and said he’d go and find the boss. My Dad thought Ron would say a quick hello and get someone to show them around, but that wasn’t the case at all. Ron was charming, made a big fuss of the kids and took them all out to the first team training pitch, stopped training and set up a match for the kids to watch. All the players were equally wonderful to the kids, everyone got autographs and had a kick around with the team. Dad was so impressed with Ron, the players and the whole club. We were both immensely proud of our football club. I apologise to anyone who has heard me tell this story before on here, but I thought it might be a fitting time to recount it again. Thank you from all of us Ron. Rest in peace boss, you were hard as nails but had a big heart and truly knew people, a man’s man.
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    You call getting us promoted against all odds sentimental value? He's not in the job because he's a Villa fan. He's in the job because he's the best manager we've had in a decade. Literally performed miracles to get us in this position. But I guess we should sack him and get in Sam Allardyce or something.
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    Liverpool FC informed by the FA that they won't be eligible to host any England matches if they don't allow The S*n back into the Anfield Press Area LFC informed the FA they didn't wish to be considered for any England games. Credit where credit is due
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    This’ll give you an idea of what level I can play at. I was chatting to someone on the sidelines of an old style plastic pitch. The game was going to start so I had to finish the chat and get on the pitch. So I jogged on backwards, did some sort of trip up, landed on my arse, first bounce caused my shorts to get pulled down, second bounce burnt my arse. Laughed it off for about 5 / 10 minutes, but the pain! Subbed off with arse burn.
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    I reckon we will win tommorow ? "Do you want to bet against us ?"
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    I think we have it all wrong with parenthood. We seem to give the most praise and admiration to the people doing the easiest bit (unprotected sex, squeeze a baby out, keep it alive). Save the praise for when that kid has reached adulthood and we can judge the outcome! I'm much more in awe of the parent who has had to deal with a teenager's mental health problem, or their child's divorce or whatever. That's the heavy end of parenting where you really prove your worth. Cleaning up a diarrhoea explosion in a nappy is nothing compared with that.
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    Now you're just taking the piss
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    What is that, a list of reasons people vote for them?
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    Just a prediction but I think On Topic is going to piss me off.
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    Not a terrible scoreline, but Heaton was easily our man of the match. We're not as good as Chelsea, who knew? Next!
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    . " - Dean Smith https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-dean-smith-chelsea-17357876
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    No no, great cross from him for the goal. I'm more worried about you being happy.
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    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-wesley-compares-aston-villa-17387893 Note that all (Except Benteke) those players came into an established Premier League team with some top players as well. The likes of Angel were slaughtered as well. But yes I know "But with those, you could see that they had kicked a ball before, Wesley can't trap a ball, pass, head, tie his shoelaces or shit in a bucket" etc. Just saying though.
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    Yeah and in 12 months he took us from mid table in the championship to playoff winners and promotion, so not a bad 12 months.
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    We are a Striker away from mid table.
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    I would find it disgusting if he admitted he drowned a cat
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    Forgetting the Wesley debate. Which btw I agree he has to be dropped. However today was the first time I was genuinely disappointed in Smith's tactics, team selection and game management. 1. guilbert had to start, he is a better defender and his pace would have helped massively against the vardy threat. 2. Hourihane has to play our home games (I thought we had finally settled on that) playing luiz and nakamba today set us up to try and get a point in a shut out. But our strength is attacking, we were imho very unlikely to keep it goalless with Leicester so should have had more attacking option on pitch in CH. 3. The Ming's injury was pure amateur hour. He had pulled his hamstring. You get him off immediately and hope we get to play him in some of the Xmas fixtures if lucky. You don't send him back on to try it out FFS. He was immobile, unable to run and get into position. It cost us the goal and most likely has made the injury worse. It is moments like this the manager has to intervene and get him off there and then. I was sat a row from where Ming's went down and even Ming's was shaking his head and telling the medics he needed to come off. Putting him back on the pitch was absolute idiocy
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    No it isn’t. What’s madness is playing a league 2 level striker (at best) up front every game and plummeting down the table. That’s madness. Changing it around and trying new things to stop the rot isn’t.
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    For a number of reasons I have no idea what went on today other than the score. Have read the comments before this and felt very deflated however this makes perfect sense, We are a new premier league team with defects and apart from Liverpool they are the team of the season, the next few games are very important but we did not become a lost cause in 90 minutes this afternoon
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    History will I think be a lot kinder to Gordon Brown than the Tory press were during the global economic crisis. Listening to him now I would take him back in an instant.
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    Three nervous laugh-likes from three swedes....
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    Also, if you never saw it first time round Parks and Rec is on there too.
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    At the game on Sunday, so many people around me that kept screaming that Wesley can't win a long ball. I feel like I'm watching a different game to them sometimes. Yes, he's not been great lately, and his first touch can be poor, but I've seen him win lots of long balls. It's not exactly Wesley's fault that when Heaton hoofs it to him, our wingers seem to be hugging their own touchlines, miles away from Wes. I know stats can be misleading and completely selective, but I was just looking on WhoScored.com, and for this whole season, he is 8th in 'most aerial duels won' (excluding defenders, who obviously he's not compared against). He's won more than Kane, more than Barnes, more than Tammy, more than Benteke, more than Richarlison, more than King. When compared to other strikers, only Haller, Joelinton, Calvert-Lewin, McBurnie, Wood and Ayew are ahead of him for amount of aerial duels won. I should add that this is based just on 'amount won', not the percentage won. WhoScored.com says that he's contested 123 aerial duels, with 47 won and 76 lost. As a comparison, Joelinton has contested 192 aerial duels, with 87 won and 105 lost. Chris Wood has contested 134, winning 52 and losing 82. By looking at those stats in isolation, he's pretty much on a par with the other 'target man' type strikers in the league. Haller has won the most, with Joelinton second, and I think Wesley's having a better season than both of them.
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    1998 rang, it would like it’s truism back.
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    I know but with those, you could see that they had kicked a ball before. Wesley can't trap a ball, pass, head, tie his shoelaces or shit in a bucket.
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    So, there’s this scorpion, and it asks a frog to carry it across a river...
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    You remind me of us when we got promoted. Clearly got the makings of a good team, but somehow need to find the right combination of ingredients for it to click. We nearly got relegated with that though, it was only the signing of Huth and going three at the back that made it all click and the rest is history. Finding a mobile striker who can finish would be top of my list a the moment, you created problems (not sure how much of that was our new system, which gave so much space to overload out fullbacks). But without a reliable striker to get on the end of them, I can't remember Wesley even being close to getting on the end of anything.
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    We were very poor against a very good side yesterday, losing to them isn't the end of the world but the way we lost was very disappointing indeed, from the manager down we were poor, why can't we keep possession? And it's not just this game we give the ball away far far to cheaply. Our defending is woeful again not just this game but it really stood out yesterday, if we hadn't signed our signing of the season in Heaton we'd be even deeper in the poo right now. I'm beginning to question the manager a bit now, I think because he's one of our own he's rightly or wrongly getting a bit more slack than most would, why didn't Guilbert start? he's our best RB was suspended for a game and should come straight back in even if Elmo had had played a blinder against Chelsea no room for sentiment start your best 11. DS's insistence on this 4-3-3 all out attacking football could be his undoing, Brendan Rodgers changed Leicesters formation during that game I don't see DS making those types of decisions it's all shit or bust score more than you concede football but with a questionable defense! If Kodj isn't good enough to come on for an under performing Welsey why is he on the bench? If DS has no confidence in him get Archer on the bench until Davies is fit! Our discipline was shocking 6 yellows is unacceptable and Targett's with a different ref could have been a red! To many players throwing there toys out the pram and getting silly yellows, wtf did Wesley feel the need to smash Schmeichel into the netting idiot! I'm a bit down on us right now, the next few games are massive. UTV!
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    Smith's stubbornness with Wesley may end up costing him his job.
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    I think we'll finish above Sheffield United this season.
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    Seems appropriate to say that I won't be backing against us.
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    A new striker is not the answer to all our problems, but is certainly the answer to one of them.
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    Just took about 2-3 minutes to decide to rule out the Luis goal that had about 4 players clearly offside. Come on.
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    I think so. Physically he has actually improved, he looks fitter and quicker than he ever has. But he's showing less over time in front of goal. Goals have dried up, chances have dried up, he seldom gets into good positions, seldom makes the sort of runs a striker should make. He also isn't particularly quick and his hold up play is very inconsistent, a lot of his touches on the ball yesterday were appalling. He just doesn't look like a striker to me. There's still time but he's shaping up to being a complete waste of money at this rate, has to improve and IMO has to be replaced in Jan (as a starter that is), whether that's with a more experienced forward on loan or with another forward that we sign permanently. With Wesley leading the line we're at more of a risk of going down.
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    Your never going to win a game when you surrender possession so cheaply. The central defenders were appalling on the ball tonight. Mings gets more casual with each game, if Smith dropped him, I, for one, wouldn't raise a noise.
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    You just cant help yourself can you? Luiz made a massive difference for us.
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    Douglas Luiz has been our man of the match.
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    I just find Dean Smith so infectious and a pleasure to listen to. Open, honest and everything he says makes perfect sense. Don’t think i’ll ever tire of listening to him. Dare I say it, but could he coach England one day? Some way to go in his managerial and coaching development, but I think he could.
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    The Brexit Party Policies were so easy to spot in that they were all populist bollocks with no hint of being realistic I also have to say that in some policy areas I had to go with best fit asI didn't really agree with any of the options. I also probably ruled out some green & Labour policies on the grounds that they were complete fantasy (planting how many trees in 2 seconds flat?)
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    I think we beat United if he didn't come off. Trez couldn't beat Williams? all game while AEG did it twice comfortably in 20 mins. Hope his injury is only minor
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