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    Another all-English final as well. Amazing stuff.
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    i've had some great news last night mate. i signed all paperwork and I am now Academy Regional (Staffordshire) Recruitment Manager for Crewe Alexandra. My first paid role in football after 2 years. I know exactly who you rate Andy. And they are great suggestions.
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    It was foretold long ago that a hero would rise...
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    For those who don't read the introductions; Afternoon all. Congrats on making the playoff final. You have every reason to be confident here as you are massive favourites. The feel amongst us Rams is that we almost have no right to be here but we're enjoying the ride! Word of warning though. At the moment we are nothing like the Derby you have played previously. On our day we can beat anybody, although our defence is a bit of a calamity at times (especially from set-pieces). Our best forum if you want to pop by is dcfcfans.co.uk May the best team win!
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    My Mom will be 84 in August. She's just text to tell me that the course of treatment she's been having for the last six months has worked and the NHS has saved her eyesight. I'm sat at my desk crying tears of joy.
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    I don't think it's outlandish to say that Albion could and should have had another 8-10 cards over the two legs. I genuinely believe that would be a fairer reflection of the play. Johansen could have had four over the two ties, Brunt could have had two of each colour last night. It's all very well other managers and teams talking up the idea of Grealish as a diver or someone who is in the ear of referees - but the result is that he and his teammates are getting kicked all over the park at the moment and getting no protection at all. We absolutely need a stronger referee in the final. For Albion's part, they can be aggrieved at not getting the penalty at Villa Park, they can have legitimate grumbles about El Ghazi's possible handball, but the Grealish penalty at Villa Park was absolutely nailed on, both sendings off were not just the right decision but both players could already have gone for earlier offences and the general refereeing of the two games meant that they were allowed to play an overly physically style that under other referees they simply wouldn't have gotten away with. There are a couple of decisions they can legitimately be unhappy with - but the weakness of the refereeing in both legs is what kept them in the tie. I thought their fans were brilliant last night, got right behind the team from the first minute to the last and I thought they defended really well and really intelligently, but they deserved to go out on the lack of ambition they showed over two legs and their approach to the game - Albion have been a footballing side for most of the season, but under the pressure of the big occasion they went full Pulis - Albion fans should be more disappointed about that than they should be in anything else. I'd expect Shan to go. I know they're in a fair bit of financial trouble and I think they'll be in the championship for a while - which is a pity. Whilst I very much hope we don't have it for a while, it's a derby game with a great atmosphere, a fierce rivalry and none of the idiocy that comes with the morons from the heath. I like the rivalry with the Albion, they're generally okay. For us, the thing that struck me about last night was how much of a genuine emotional attachment there is between the fans and the players - particularly those players who are only here on loan - when I look at Mings, Tuanzebe and Abraham, I'm struck by how much they seem to be enjoying it here, how much they genuinely seem to be having the time of their lives, how tight the friendships seem to be within the squad, how much they've embraced the club and the pride they have in the shirt. This looks like a club that any player would want to play for - there will be players at other clubs who watched this last night and wondered why their fans don't care about them like that, why their backroom staff don't feel the same passion - being a Villa player looks like the best job in the world. That's going to help us next season, whichever league we're in and no matter what else happens they'll be in dressing rooms talking about their time at the Villa for the rest of their lives. We didn't play well, we're not quite clicking, not quite fluent - but we're determined, there's a steel born of confidence and we keep finding ways to win. Any of the teams in this playoff competition are capable of beating any of the teams in this playoff competition on any given day - there's not a bad team left in it - but I'm not afraid of anyone, we'll give anyone a game and if we do find that fluency, we have the capacity to overpower an opposition. When we're good, we can be very good indeed - the best in the division - when we're bad.....well, when we're bad, we're capable of heroic nights of epic proportion like last night, and that ain't a bad combination. It's been a season of big games, last chances and heroic characters - one more obstacle remains. Bring it on.
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    Does history tell us that? I am not so sure it does and reading your posts I think you may be looking for potential negatives that are not there. There is no point looking any further back than what these players have shown as what a Villa team did 3, 5 10, 15, 20 years ago has no relevance to this squad. Recent history shows that over the last 2 and half months we went into almost all of those games knowing we had to win if we were to have any chance of getting into the play offs. We handled that pressure including managing to win after going a goal down away at Sheff Wednesday and a goal and a man down to Rotherham and absolutely annihilating fellow play off contenders and teams above us at that time in Derby and Middlesborough. Just two games ago we went a goal down against West Brom at home, had them putting every man behind the ball and frustrate us for 70 minutes and still found a way to come out of that game with a win. In the last game we found ourselves in a penalty shoot out after dominating a team over two games that finished 4th and failing to find a decisive break through. We could have felt we'd blown our chance but we still found it in ourselves to handle the pressure of penalties in a very hostile atmosphere. Recent history tells us that when the pressure is on we don't bottle it. We embrace it and find a way to win. We all need to have faith in these lads as they have earned it.
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    not a great performance but non the less, i'm happy...... and so are the players...
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    My pet peeve is when a manager makes a substitution that works and people say “aha! So you were wrong to start Player X.” I bet Alex Ferguson doesn’t worry too much that he picked the “wrong strikers” for the Champions League final in 1999 because it was his subs who scored. I can see a strong argument for starting Hourihane and a strong argument for starting Whelan. Good. That’s how it should be.
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    Big fan of Derby after that, nice bunch of lads in interviews - the EXACT opposite of Leeds who thought they secured promotion two weeks into the season. Right I'm going to find a Leeds forum to offer them our 'experiences' of failure in play-offs from last season. The utter C****
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    No. Now you can STFU about them.
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    Since SJM followed in the footsteps of the great Des Bremner in making the switch from one great club to another in the summer I have followed his progress very closely whilst finding myself becoming more and more of a Villain each week! My brother and I are going to travel down to Wembley from Edinburgh for the play off final a week on Monday to support SJM and Villa getting back to where they belong, in the Prem. Even if it is just to sample the atmosphere in the pubs pre match. On the off chance are there any Villa fans on here that could source or point me in the right direction of how I could source 2 tickets for the game? I know it’s very much a long shot but we would absolutely love to be there. Either way it’d be great to meet some of you guys down there for a pint! UTV!
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    Wembley here we come! We have not won a final at Wembley since 1996, having lost there in 2000, 2010, 2015 and again last year. Its high time that we put that right! Our record at Wembley in semi finals is better, we lost in 2010, but won in 2000 (on penalties) and again in 2015. We have beaten Derby at home (4-0) and away (3-0) this season. That doesn’t guarantee that we will win this one, but the fact that we have beaten them so convincingly twice already this season, is unlikely not to play on the minds of our opponents on 27th May. Overall, we have won 70 and have drawn 25 of the 138 games that there have been between the two clubs. I suspect that many neutrals will be backing Frank Lampard’s Derby on the day. They are the plucky underdogs after all, play such nice football and what a charming chap their manager is. He also had a rather good record against us as a player, but so did John Terry and he will be aiming to put one over his former teammate for a third time this season at Wembley. The Rams have been absent from the Premier League since 2008. Our own exile from it, began three seasons ago and it needs to end now! We are just one win away from promotion. Our team has managed to put together such a terrific late run to make the playoffs, that it would be just too cruel for it to end in tears of sadness, rather than in tears of joy. This team has already written their own place in Villa history this season. It deserves to be triumphant on 27th May. The impact on our football club should we not be victorious, is unthinkable. We remember the pain that we endured last year at Wembley only too well. We do not want to experience that again or to see our team having to be broken up, as it was last year. We need to be walking out of Wembley stadium with smiles and grins that will take days to wipe off. I recall how that felt and I want to experience it again, and to see those Villa fans who have yet to feel it soak it in on the day. One more win is all it will take. Just do it for us Villa!
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    I am on holiday with Mrs Lifeboats in Cyprus. A few days ago we were pondering a visit to a tourist attraction. "Don't worry," declares Mrs Lifeboats "I saw that yesterday. I know where it is". She is to navigation what Myra Hindley is to babysitting and I should have known better. So off we trot and 15 minutes later we arrive at the local bus station. I am thinking something must be wrong because Mrs Lifeboats regards all forms of public transport as disease ridden cess pits. Is she really taking us on a bus ride? "Err.........I saw this yesterday and thought it must be a tourIst attraction because of ALL THE BUSES THAT KEPT ARRIVING FULL OF PEOPLE.
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    Let's not get carried away, there was a time we were delighted to get Bradford in a cup semi. Derby have more than enough to beat us if we don't show up.
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    I woke up today an hour late for work, wearing my Villa shirt, with a sense that I'm still too drunk to drive, and a note from the gf saying "we should probably talk about last night". Worth it.
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    Rubbish. It was TWO billionaire owners...
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    Gives himself a 6.5 for the season. Get's in the car and says "Hello I'm Anwar"! So humble he makes me want to cry. He's always affable as well and he looks so much more relaxed both on and off the pitch to when he first came, there's still some untapped talent in there IMO even though he has been bloody decent for a while now. If that Bristol performance is his peak then that's more than enough for any league, but I still want to see him do it more often. Remains an absolute must buy for me, no matter what league we are in. He's my favourite player though so I may be biased.
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    I'm looking forward to putting on my accounting visor and going over to a Leeds forum to tell them how FFP is going to screw them over next season!!!
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    I'm not sure why there is such a lot of credit given to West Brom for their "strong defensive display". The tactic was to foul as early and as often and as hard as they could manage and hope that the ref doesn't give early yellow cards. The fact that the ref was totally complicit and allowed them to body check and kick their way through the game and only gave out the one red late in the game is not the result of a strong defense it is the result of a weak ref. Every pass had to be rushed because every Villa player new that if a West Brom player got near them they were getting kicked up in the air or pulled to the ground and there is a better than average chance the ref will give nothing therefore the chance of losing the ball in a dangerous situation goes up. If West Brom had been promoted this season they would have been worse than Cardiff. West Brom are an awful team and they got more than they deserved over the two legs, I'm glad to see the back of them and the Prem has no idea what a favor we have done them by taking out a team that no fan is going to want to pay to see play. The world has moved on from set pieces and long throws, they got everything their ambition merited.
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    Well done. Good luck in the final, hope to see you up next season.
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    Best thing about it, it's already died down. Yeah they won the league and there were some clips on the telly and the obligatory articles in the papers but one day later and everyone has moved on. Had Liverpool won they'd be banging on about it and would be people from every paper and channel on hand in Liverpool doing interviews and we'd be hearing from Ian Rush, Glenn Hysén, Jamie Squealing Carragher and a 3D hologram of Bill Shankly
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    Can we have a ratings and reactions thread?
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    Anybody seen this? Haha
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    Love him just for this -
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    Oh - and the FA have cleared Jack of diving for the penalty. They've also cleared him of stealing Shergar, being the Ripper (despite having a similar first name), and standing on a grassy knoll in Texas in 1963. He was found guilty of being permanently resident in the minds of Bloose, Boggies and Leeds fans, and given a friendly pat on the back.
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    Our most blatant weak points are our flanks. I genuinely feel if we had a quality left back, and another quality winger on the opposite side to El Ghazi we would blow alot of teams away.
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    I haven’t been this pleased with a matchup since we drew Bradford in the league cup semi final........
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    "Haha! Can't wait to beat those cheating bastards Villa in the final, it's all a conspiracy I tell ya!..."
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    No, absolutely not. They're cheating scum.
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    I didn’t even cheer I think. I just broke down in a massive sigh of relief, almost breaking into an embarrasing cry. That was horrible to watch.
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    £25m I doubt will seal his signing. If we do go up though, I would spend "stupid money" on him though. Purely because I have seen him on the pitch, I have seen his desire, his workrate and determination. How he backs himself on penalties and how he has the character required to bounce back from missed chances and keep going. This is exactly the type of kid we want to build a team with. He is a top class lad.
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    Watching the changing room celebratory videos after the match, you could see the squad harmony and passion that Dean has fostered in the players. Even fringe players or those not involved in the matchday squad are all enjoying the ride together. You can see how it's all based on the core principle Dean's spoken about in many interviews - "Being a good teammate." He, along with the rest of the backroom team, deserve so much credit for what they've been able to accomplish so far.
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