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    It was. He came on, changed the game for us to win and had thus had enough in the tank to absolutely run the show tonight. Absolutely perfectly managed.
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    Three subs, at 2-0 up, Albert, Kodja, and Davies. No holding DM, no inviting pressure on, no nail biting clinging on. And great credit to Smith also for doing a better job of sorting our defence out in a couple of months and one Window of loans than had been achieved in the previous 6 months.
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    I would argue he was unfortunate Grealish missed 13 games.
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    Only 6pts from 2 games though. A better manager would have got 7.
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    That's a brilliant performance, worked hard to a man and Mings/Hause give us a real resilience at the back - they're both big, strong and quick and Mings is a really good leader of a back four. Credit to the two full backs for playing an astute simple game and not trying to do too much. I thought the midfield was outstanding at times including the old fella that came on at the end. McGinn looks like he's missed the game and he's as fresh as a daisy - he was our best player for me. Front three are still a little concerning, El Ghazi is inconsistent but working hard, Abraham isn't quite clicking and Green is working his socks off but not dominant. If they click, we're in. Picked the right side, made the right subs, played the right way - well done to the manager. This is a really good win.
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    Humble pie time for me. Ive put the boot in as much as anyone. But that performance today was totally and utterley top draw ...from defence, to midfield, to attack - at times it was breathtaking Well done DS. Have a good weekend youve earnt it.
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    Loving that I'm getting to post this so often again
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    I wouldn't say we would have thrown it away if we didn't make the Playoffs from this position now. Whilst it's nice being in 6th spot, it is somewhat of a fake position with a few of our competition still to play 1, or even 2, games. We're still chasing rather than being chased. It's more than feasible we're still 4 points from the playoffs. Obviously rather have the points than the games in hand though but I wouldn't say it's even ours to throw away as it stands. The mini run has been great but until we're in the top 6 on a level footing with everyone else then I don't think we can really be that upset if we don't make the playoffs. We've done remarkably well to even be in with a shout after two appalling spells this season. I still think the odds are stacked quite heavily against us; this run needs to carry on, we can barely afford to drop any points and we need a few other teams to fall off the pace. I think people assuming we're making the Playoffs have got a little carried away, it's still going to be a hell of a fight. I'm just pleased we're still in it.
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    It was a day to treasure Out at 10am Telford to Cannock, pop in to moms and dads in Hednesford for an hour, then to my daughters spent an hour with the grandkids, then to my sons in Heath Hayes for an hour with other grand kids. My turn to drive me and son to the match . Park in electric avenue, Bacon and cheese burger from outside the social club, pint of Guinness in the Holte . Brilliant brilliant display from all players fantastic result. Soaked on way back to the car. Nearly an hour to get back to main road, dropped off son in Cannock, arrive back in Telford ten past seven. Mrs T had dinner ready. Fell asleep twice watching TV. Told to go to bed at 9:20. Dreamt of a return to Wembley beating Baggies in the final. will actually have a smile at work tomorrow until I bump into the Wolves fans
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    It just occurred to me that we could get sponsored by Kwik Fit. As we have Steer, Axel, Jack, Wheel-an, And Tyre-one.( In Albert Adomah we also have AA.) Sorry. Theres that really interesting analysis from @A'Villan Then this.
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    I can't recall anyone on here saying that Whelan is a spectacular talent. He's a decent pro who has 'done a job' for us. Do we now need better than him to move on? Of course we do, but I don't think he's been quite the failure that some people are making out.
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    Damn, small heath just conceded in injury time at Preston. Not good for us...but oh well
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    I've heard that when Tyrone Mings lost his virginity he simply won it back.
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    I thought we played very, very well. Dominated from start to finish. We've made several decent teams look very average over the last few weeks and I'm increasingly convinced they've not all just had bad days. What I like about us at the moment is how balanced we've been, yes, "Jack's back" and all that, but the whole team is contributing, the much maligned (by me) Elmohamady has been coolness personified at right back, Taylor has added a bit of drive to his game, we've got two big, strong physical centrebacks, at least one of whom is absolutely top quality, McGinn looks unstoppable after his little suspension break and El Ghazi is looking dangerous and confident. I'd pick out a couple today - Whelan firstly, he was very good on the ball and in the tackle, but it's his defensive positioning that I can't help but notice. Every time a team breaks and we have a man missing - a full back up the field, a midfielder caught in the opposition box or a centre half gone for a wander, I worry, I look at runners from the opposition and then when I look back, Whelan is there, filling in. Not every now and then, not often, but each and every single time - he gives our back line the freedom to try things - it's a massive asset to us. He's in great form and loving his new cult status. The other one is Andre Green - he's not quite quick enough and he doesn't have a trick as such, which means he can at times look a little disappointing - but what I've noticed about him is how smart he his - for a young footballer, he makes good decisions, he's where his team mates expect him to be, he makes the runs they want and he understands what's happening around him - it's not going to change the world, but it means we have a balance up the right hand side that works for the team. Abraham looks a little tired and I hope his calf is okay, but he's not playing badly; he's working his socks off, leading the line and occupying defenders - creating space all over the place. Hopefully he'll get a little rest, we need him. The manager got everything right, Terry gave us a wave, the players did the right things very well, the crowd was excellent and it's hard not to feel very positive about things - at the end when the players applauded the fans, you got a sense of togetherness and alignment - it feels good at the moment. Good things can happen. Bring on Blackburn.
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    Honestly, that isn't a mistake at all for their goal. I live about a 5 minute walk from the Forest ground; the gusts of wind (not from me...) this evening have been really strong and the wind was blowing towards our goal first half. There's actually an angle of their goal that shows the cross is just a normal cross, but gets caught by the wind and drifts in. It's a complete fluke and unavoidable.
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    It's staggering how someone can have so little grasp of what's actually going on.
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    The SSL certificate has expired. I've reported it and asked how it was allowed to happen.
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    We're a funny old club.. why do we batter rivals - when we absolutely have to - but lose silly matches against really, genuinely poor teams, or win 5 on the bounce, and then draw against bottom of the table? Why can we go through great purple patches, when it already looks like there is no hope, then when there finally is hope, we crumble back into annoying shitness again? Why do we look formidable against great individual players, but play like turkeys against run of the mill, over the hill strikers and attackers? How can we look so comfortable one week, with 3 games played, but look tired and lethargic after an international break? Why do we always score so many goals against league best defences, but go on to score naff all against teams who ship at least 3 a game the rest of the season? Why the **** **** have we drawn 16 times this season?! Why why why why why why why why why why?!!!!??? Anyway that was nice wan'it?
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    On Saturday afternoon we welcome Middlesbrough to Villa Park. A win would take us within a point of them and it would also take us into sixth place. Who would have thought a couple of weeks ago that was possible, or that it was possible so soon? We ended Boro’s play-off hopes at Villa Park last season. They have not won a league game against us since 2008. A win will bring us a double against them this season, after our 3-0 victory at the Riverside in December. Overall, we have won 60 and have drawn 32, of the 131 league meetings that there have been between the two clubs. Another win on Saturday would add to our growing confidence and would continue our winning run. Who knows, the two clubs might even meet again in the play offs? Those play offs had looked beyond us not so long ago and they still look a way off. We don’t have to win every game now though, as had appeared likely just a couple of games ago. Derby, Bristol City and Boro themselves have unexpectedly dropped points, so we now have them in our sights. Our new target is to get 2 more points than Bristol City do from our remaining games, 3 more than Derby do and 5 more than Boro do. We play both Boro and Bristol City at home, so wins from those games would make our task easier. We also need to make sure that no club that is currently behind us, have a better end to the season than we do. A fourth successive win won’t be easy, but it is necessary. Do it for us Villa!
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    I hope you don’t mind if I piss back ? I don’t normally bother arguing the toss but for the sake of clarity when do you mean ? Why do I ask ? Well, whilst i fully respect any fans views, I always find it odd when our own fans mislead ( in my view) themselves ! What do I mean ? Well, first off, in my view it’s 4 good results in a row. Why is a Point Away at a stoke not considered a good result ? That would mean our last bad result was against the Baggies on 16 th February. Three months back from then takes us to 16th November. Not sure how that can be considered the start of a bad period when AFTER that date we beat Blues 4-2, Boro 3-0, and Drew with Forest 5-5 and the Baggies 2-2. All top 8 sides aswell. I don’t think it’s a subjective idea to say that shouldn’t be considered a bad period ! But even after that, we lose just 2-3 to Leeds, the Second best side in the League, having drawn at home to Stoke then beat Swansea and get a point away at Preston, who have been on a storming run. Now, I agree that whether that block of results is ok is a little more subjective, but I’d argue certainly not dire. THEN, Form January 1st, we DO have what I think pretty much all would agree was a rotten run. Eight games where we manage just 1 Win and 4 Draws, with 3 defeats and as you rightly say some dire performances. So that run was from 1st January to 16 th February and covered 8 games. Very poor, yes, but it wasn’t 3 months, it was 7 weeks. To wrap up, you say the recent results don’t MAKE UP for the three months. How about this, Smith has had 145 days. I’d argue he had a rotten 47 days in the middle there. But it doesn’t DETRACT from the other 98, in which he got 32 Points from 17 games, (equal to 86 points over a season), scoring 36 goals and conceeding 20. Personally, for a new guy inheriting rather a mess, I’m delighted.
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    Oh come on guys, a flukey floated cross that went in off the post. What did he do so wrong?
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    I’ve never lost my faith. after the first few performances I saw the difference in the way we played, and I knew given time he’d work wonders. we just need a plan b for Jack and we’re sorted.
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    Fantastic performance. Energy, passing, movement, hit it long, Play it short, overlapping fullbacks, interchanging midfield, and granite at the back. As well as I’ve seen us play. Last 5 games, including 4 Midlands derbies, 13 Points, Scored 12, conceeded 2. The thing I liked best ? Watching Brentford the last couple of seasons what really stood out was how they could play the ball without looking, because they had been coached to expect players to be doing certain things. We had that in abundance today.
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    Gone from smith out to worried about who we play in the playoff final in 1 week. Brilliant.
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    Kappa it is, nice clue
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    Voicing praise and favour is easy in times of prosperity, just like it is to be chummy and in good spirits when celebrating achievement. For me, one of the biggest indicators that we are in good hands with Smith has come from moments where the desired result eluded us. Take the game at Stoke for example. We managed 62% possession and more shots than Stoke, at their stadium. Our pass accuracy was 84% and theirs was 73%. As midfield and wide players are responsible for linking defense and attack, they are most responsible for ball retention and require the skill and nous necessary for that. If you look at the personnel in midfield and out wide for that fixture against Stoke, Stoke have a far more accomplished lineup. Where they are currently is not the point. Who would you pick to win the contest? Joe Allen and Charlie Adam or Glen Whelan and Conor Hourihane to be more effective with the ball at their feet? Like them or not, the former are the more accomplished and individually skilled with the ball at their feet, yet they lost to the latter when the two met. Add to this that Stoke had a three man midfield and we had a two man midfield, as well as their wide men being more established than ours, you see that Smith was at work. We might not be trailblazing the world of football at the moment, however I believe that we are in capable hands with Smith. Hopefully he proves me right.
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    great win. Boro losing means we're 4 points off 5th with them visiting us on Saturday. There are two spots in that top 6 up for grabs. Well done Dean Smith and team.
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    Brilliant win over the Alliance.........well done. Turned out to be a great decision not to start McGinn.......by the time he came on he was chomping at the bit and added so much to change the course of the game. As for the ned who attacked Grealish ( what a player by the way , not just with skill but the positive influence on the whole side) I hope the authorities and the law come down on him hard and of course, banned from all football grounds, for the good that does................ I know "fans" who had this ban and still attend games! We had a similar incident last Friday where one of our so called "fans" had a bust up with Tavernier of sevco.........however that was at least face to face and Tavernier could see a punch coming but the attack on Grealish was total cowardice as he did it from behind and could easily have broken his jaw. As for the SHA fans who cheered him .......I will make no comment as words fail me Push for a play off place now...............................
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    wrong froum , I think you want mumsnet needless to say that's a no from me ... from the limited amount of articles I've seen i get the impression its mainly a load of bollocks , this weeks coconut oil was last weeks vinegar and acacia berries before that ..
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    I wish I hadn't used (quoted, actually) the word 'trashed', as it implies a more aggressive attitude than I intended. I would never do that sort of sly dig with a work colleague - but if we get into a discussion about religion, I could not do otherwise than be honest, and say that I consider all religious faith to be founded on nonsense. If that's offends you, I'm sorry. None of which takes away from my disgust at the vile creature that perpetrated the Christchurch (ironic place name) attack. I don't consider Muslims as any sort of 'enemy' - that makes no more sense than blaming harmless Christian churchgoers for these fascist psychopaths.
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    What we haven’t seen much of in the past few years, is players playing above themselves. In fact just the opposite, players at the top of their game for former clubs have been very disappointing. We now seem to be getting the best out of players. Ok players like Jack, SJM and Mings are obviously very talented and really having a huge influence on games. But players who have often been written off, by fans anyway, the likes of Taylor and Elmo are now really finding some form and making us a much better and balanced side. We’re becoming a side that is better than the sum of it’s parts. I know a lot is to do with the confidence and momentum that a good run of results brings. Nevertheless if we can maintain that togetherness and confidence in each other, then we can really build a team. So many times we’ve been beaten by teams, that on paper and in terms of cost, we should have had no trouble with. We’re learning how to be a proper team and one that can play in a way we can enjoy and be proud of. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season and next season, regardless of which division we’re in.
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    I have no interest in getting involved in this argument but I do find it funny that you mention education not being as good as it used to be in a post littered with grammatical errors. Strange how I get my kicks.
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    Who would have thought it would take the liberal wearing of joggers to find something @Dr_Pangloss and @Stevo985 shared common ground on.
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    Grealish being injured or not has zero impact on Smith's coaching ability, if the results would have meant that those calling for his head became the majority and the club saw it the same way then it would have been a massive and stupid mistake. Smith was looking to use Lansbury, he broke down on his return, and Carroll who immediately got a knock too. It's not like he wasn't trying to sort it out, either way it has no bearing on Smith's talent whether Grealish plays or not. It has had an impact on our results, personally even without this great run he should have been allowed to have the summer to build a team that could play how he wants. As it stands only an idiot would still be suggesting that Smith isn't good enough.
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    @momo postings on these tragedies have become noticeably fewer across all types of mass shootings. A new one in America, barely raises an eyebrow and maybe the odd exasperated comment about gun laws. We're all exhausted by it. It's not because of the victims religion and harbouring passive aggressive grievance complexes helps no-one
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    Jesus people, he's been a great servant of our club who has probably played his last game for us. Is it necessary to keep criticising him?
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    Walking into work past the Blosers like...
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    It was played perfectly to be honest. Smith has every right to keep the midfield the same after the last game. But he gave McGinn enough time when he came on to show why he should be starting. Which he absolutely did. There can be no argument when he starts the next game now.

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