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  1. It made a few road-solutions very strange. Slussen for example was geared towards Left-hand traffic. It's being rebuilt as we speak Fun (not really) fact, I used to work in that office
  2. His (parody) twitter is rather amusing
  3. Sorry about that, but those roads are narrower than the car itself, the weather is ALWAYS foggy, the hedges are 3 miles high and you drive on the wrong side. Me visiting a few years ago:
  4. VT, always the goto place for us second language folk to learn something new.
  5. Tegis


    Those new Venum outfits are an improvement. Mackenzie Dern with a bit of striking is a problem
  6. Got a text form Tegis Senior. (72) "Just got the Fajser jab. They had to use a longer needle to get through my bulging muscles" word removed
  7. And they traded 4 picks to move up one spot to do it.
  8. Please be careful. And it's looks properly mean. Fantastic
  9. PEDs, CTE, Painkiller-addiction, access to lethal weapons What could possibly go wrong
  10. QB-hunting when you are not "first" is a high risk low reward business.
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