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  1. Worthy GIFs 2017

    ^^^^^^ *sonofabitch page break
  2. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Star Wars’ Han Solo spinoff directors quit in the middle of shooting They obviously should have shot first, and then quit. (sorry)
  3. UFC/Pride/MMA

  4. UFC/Pride/MMA

    Certainly was!! On a more awful note. Former UFC fighter Tim Hague reportedly declared brain dead following brutal knockout loss in boxing match
  5. Bitcoin

    Just Bitcoin, and I would be wrong in saying I play with it. It's more or less sitting there.
  6. UFC/Pride/MMA

    In Dan Hardys quote form an earlier fight: She now has a nose that can smell around corners. Pretty boring main card, hopefully the prelims was better, I've yet to see it
  7. Bitcoin

    Yup, this is more or less what I did. All of them could crash and burn so only use "play" money. All of them are too volatile to hang your hat on and they will be for some time going forward. Needs more loads more volume to get a stable curve.
  8. Cryptocurrency

    Theres some more chat in the tech-room Bitcoin thread. Ask away
  9. Bitcoin

    Oh, and lets not forget, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!!! There is no one to turn to if you lose your key. The coin will be gone forever, for everybody.
  10. Bitcoin

    Yes, you deal with a broker in the same way that you deal in stocks. The value is set at the time of transaction by the broker/market and it's up to you if you feel the deal is good enough, or you go to another broker or sit tight. The "digital money" sits with you, in your wallet, not at some holder like a bank. It's more or less cash.
  11. Bitcoin

    Try this one for a pub-like chat. It's couple of years old so things have happened but the concepts stays put (minus the first 10 minutes of podcast sponsors) Andreas has been on 3 times more on the JRE podcast with more info. Then you can explore other short how-to's in setting up wallets and how to buy coins. But understanding the concepts is important.
  12. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Finalllyyyyyyy!!! We have a date for this nightmare to finally be over! Death by double K.O (Conor won't lay a finger on Floyd)
  13. That would make a rather serious tandem. If West/Woodhead turns up it could be a good year on offense
  14. UFC/Pride/MMA

    Not even then mate