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  1. A russian players sole fell off the shoe. Obviously he didn't have spare shoes so he taped the **** out of it
  2. Had my second today, shoulder aces like hell but its not spreading. Hopefully it stays that way. Glad it's done
  3. Installed a new tap in the bathroom. Only 2 visits to the hardware-store to get the right pipe-fittings. New record and no leaks....yet
  4. Sponsor-name.......and model number.
  5. Womens softball...is really boring
  6. Oh, and the Finns might as well be Russian, there isn't a single word or phrase that can be deciphered from that
  7. Born in Stockholm, lived there for 30 years and I'm now in my 15th year as a Skåne-påg. Still talk like a inner city capitalist but have adopted some of the southern traits, especially the short "ja" when agreeing to something. On thing that hasn't changed is my urge to murder when I hear the posh-speak of Djursholm/Danderyd/Lidingö. Even more so from people who don't live there. I do pretty well with the Danes if they talk slowly, and vice versa since I myself is as fast talker. Norway is either a piece of piss or utterly impossible depending on the region of the person. It's a minefield. And a shoutout to the "shhppp" of the far north
  8. USA has conceded 8 goals in the last 31 games, including this one. Sweden has scored 7 of them
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