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  1. This was in the Ale section, shome mishtake shurley. Solid pilsner
  2. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Stone Roses, and Vengaboys so I could machine-gun the whole last set
  3. Love cultural differences. Here you go by first-name, 95% of the time in a mail correspondence . Or at least everybody does it to me. Maybe my social status is a peasant
  4. @Brumerican Another Bronco. Good runstopper but he totally failed in Fangios D. Dunno why. Should be solid rotation
  5. Found another amusing horse. This one was better
  6. Tegis


    Walking backwards, and ping
  7. Yup, and the votes are cast pre-playoffs so that changes it a bit. I agree with the Wilson comment. Him on that Chiefs roster would be blowouts galore.
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