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  1. Web Browser

    To answer my own question, Waterfox will continue down the XUL/XPCOM trail, so support for addons will continue there. Mine are working at first glance. If the addon-devs will keep up and continue remains to be seen
  2. Web Browser

    So, with Firefox 57 breaking a truckload of good extensions, is anyone going to switch? I checked mine and all but X-notifier will die. Most dev's I've seen will abandon it because 57 will not allow the deep digging they require. I'm a bit sad frankly.
  3. Why do I feel like I'm going too need a pillow to hide behind before watching that
  4. Stink and Shannon knows their stuff. That Bayless dude sounds like a twunt. And Hard Knocks this year should be named the Gerald McCoy show. Cool dude
  5. Sure looks like it. And our D is too good to have a tank season to get Darnold and that lot. Then again, $WAG Kelly baby!!!!!!!!
  6. Things You Don't "Get"

    '" *Random American internetprovider* now with speeds, up to 4 times faster" So, you get at best, 4 times faster than what?
  7. Yep, first impression is that it is a step up from last year (Which was crap). The Texans one the year before was also good.
  8. Tackling Fournette looks like fun......
  9. My stream froze at a weird moment. The new gamepass is pretty iffy at the moment.
  10. Paxton looked like shite. Trubisky on the other hand looked very much the part. Apart from everything else, he is accurate, IMO the MOST important aspect of being a QB.
  11. That I did, and only because Mayock said so
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    This is getting annoying as F, and I guess it's happening more and more as most of my facebook contacts are posting less and less. Hopeless to filter out as well.
  13. First "Hard knocks" episode tonight. Please be better than last years crapfest
  14. Siemian gets the first game, Lynch the second. After that the starter will be named. Sigh Hate that none of them can separate themselves from the other. Give me $wag Kelly next year!