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  1. Sweet, thats the game booked for the Swedish Villans, 100 peoples hotelreservations to sort out. words removed
  2. Looks like we have a new CBA, at least the owners signed off on it
  3. Hmm, dunno. But removing one preseason game is good.
  4. Tegis


    2-0 baby I thought Connor Cook was the QB to be here, guess not
  5. Tegis


    Turnover-party in LA.
  6. Its the no check that bugs me. And frankly, I have no idea what a handball is anymore. Seams to depend on who you ask and what club is involved
  7. No check..... https://photos.app.goo.gl/XiB43fmjTY3ntaaj8
  8. Laura Sanko on the mic at tonight's UFC event.
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