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  1. Tegis


    My arguments, and very much an opinion, not facts The undefeated and the way he dominates does it for me. Jones has three debatable losses Gus1, Santos and Reyes (not conuting Hamill). GSP lost twice (though avenged both) and should have lost to Hendricks. Silva in his prime was on par in dominance but his way overdue retirement and 8 fight streak of no wins (Brunson won) spoils it. Jones would be my argument for being technically undefeated, dominating great fighters (Cormier twice, Gus2, Roid Vitor, Bader, Rua, Machida, Glover, Santos), damn that's a true murderers row I might change
  2. **** yeah. I think everything happened
  3. Lock better have a strong psyche to get back, he's been utter cack today.
  4. Stop them, 4th down. Yell at the ref, 1st down. Nice And TD
  5. oh shit, did Lock just crapped his knee No, just the kneebrace, looked ugly
  6. Oh, It was a botched fleaflicker. Marvelous
  7. Missed a few plays, I see Gordon fumbled again
  8. There is nothing wrong with the defense. 14 points from the pick six and kickoff though, blurgh
  9. Kevin Harland still can't say Okwuegbunam Lock on his backfoot is inaccurate as hell
  10. It's difficult enough beating them, giving them turnovers and pick sixes is death.
  11. Lindsay, has never fumbled, Gordon, twice this season
  12. Yep, they switch next sunday, all back to normal
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