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  1. Tegis

    Would You...

    How strong was that mead????????
  2. What a ride, last place in January, then winning the whole thing. Amazing stuff, and with a rookie goalie. Thomas and Alexander Steen, with a combined 28 years in the NHL, finally get one
  3. 15 seconds of watching a Fox newscast should convince anyone that a national broadcaster is absolutely a necessity, and that just for news. Being unbiased is a problem most broadcasters have. BBC, SVT, NRK, YLE and the like at least have a chance to actually fix it. Privatized once will ALWAYS follow the money. Dangerous as ****
  4. I usually don't do TV-series, they always have a tendency to outlive their script-talents or getting dropped at the whim of a executive and not getting a conclusion. And I get bored But following the chatter on here and knowing it would only be a mini-series I thought I'd give Chernobyl a go as the subject is an interesting one for me growing up in the Nordic aftermath of it. , good choice indeed. The clicking in the dive-scene had my toes curling.
  5. Turn off "Bixby" before you chuck the phone through a wall
  6. Tegis


    And I thought Jimi last week was bad. Another clanger. Cejudo is in the conversation for Another masterclass and now champ champ olympic champ. Don't blow your nose Cowboy
  7. Between Golf, Boxing and Tennis only, I doubt that very much.
  8. It's even write protected, I love that so much
  9. Steak and BJ day is on my birthday. We will keep that as is, thank you very much
  10. 1 game to go, and they are at home next

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