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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'd be out the door instantly if I heard outsourcing mentioned, unless I'm being moved to the company taking over. (not india obviously)
  2. General Chat

    On that note, always double-check certificates when navigating to a site you have been linked to from somewhere. Especially when logins are used. And ALWAYS use 2 factor authentication when available.
  3. 65 yards standing on his knees
  4. All Gruden QB camp vids downloaded. Time for a beer I think
  5. Very solid blocking o-line and you cant stack the box with Brees back there. This could be a good fit.
  6. Next one with an over the top prepared excuse Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers tested positive for dilute sample
  7. NFL 2017 Draft Topic

    1. Who do you realistically want to take? Forrest Lamp, he has experience in LT which we need a lot, or he'll be a long time Pro bowl guard. 2. Who do you think you will ACTUALLY take? Ramzyck is a probability, or McCaffrey if he falls. 3. Who do you think might fall to your spot who you would take instead? Foster would be niiice, excellent partner for Marshall 4. Who do you want to completely avoid? Mixon for being a muppet. And Bolles because it looks like we are heading for a more powerbased scheme.
  8. General Chat

  9. UFC/Pride/MMA

    OSP with another Von Flue Choke. Coold as F. But Stann got it wrong him being the only one in UFC/WEC to have multiple finishes. Jason Von Flue himself had 2 in the WEC and 1 in the UFC, so he's still the king with his own sub. https://oddshot.tv/s/tZDNIM Perry by murder Al Iaquinta can crack
  10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    ACL and PCL gone by the looks of it. Damn shame
  11. Ugo Ehiogu

    No words, just empty RIP big man
  12. Oh, and Wow, who the hell did we Piss off to get this schedule? We get a bye on week 5 We play three road games in a row including a Monday night at KC and then an away game at Philly at 11 am and follow that up by hosting NE who is coming off their bye. At Indy and Washington followed by KC at home to end the year. If we don't hit the ground running it could be a rather terrible year. And the AFCW looks pretty darn good again.
  13. Very true, but of the BPA he's the only one I see dropping. The RB class looks pretty deep, no need to put a first rounder there. And apart from Lamp, linemen looks meh. All this knowledge from watching 3 College games plus the Senior bowl, so what the hell do I know Very typical On topic from me here
  14. Excellent, do a Shane Ray and fall to the Broncos