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  1. Brady and the Mannings are pretty darn good fun
  2. Tegis


    Darren Elkins is very much unable to step into the cage and not look like he chew on a hand-grenade
  3. Hmm, I need to check if this qualifies being a staple of Swedish hangoverness Sausage on bread with ketchup, mustard and creamy shrimp-mayo
  4. Watched some tape, looks awesome, hopefully not a Butt/Heuerman injury fest but there's a reason he slid
  5. Not much of an upgrade you can do from a S10. Apart from the one you listed, (Huawei might lack google play services) I would look for a phone with a 90 (OnePlus 7 Pro) or 120 (OnePlus 8 Pro) Hz refresh-rate screen. That should make the biggest difference in feel compared to the S10. And they have good cameras if thats your thing
  6. How has Kay Adams managed to get hotter during quarantine?
  7. Tegis


    Nowhere near Askrens level, but yep, he will be his biggest wrestling test yet. That said, Abel Trujilo is quite a good wrestler and Khabib rag-dolled him That's my hope, otherwise it will be like the Porier fight.
  8. Tegis


    On big wrench here, Gaethje is a stud wrestler, NCAA All american. We just never see it. This could turn into a helluva fight but for very different reasons than Khabib - Ferguson Damn that was enjoyable, Luque - Price was worth the PPV alone
  9. Windows doesn't read the particular filesystem used on a mac. Do you have space on your IMac to store the files while you format the MP to exfat or something that can be read by both systems?
  10. Quality mooney-image-search that. EDIT, NOT your lower regions
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