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  1. Lots of dodgy calls in favour of the Buccs. The toe-drag catch that the female line-judge correctly called a catch, only to be overruled by by the fat git further downfield, forcing the Eagles challenge.
  2. Just seen the Bowie MTV interview with Mark Goodman from 83 (yeah, late to the party). As a child in the 80s and hooked on MTV in the latter part of it, that cheered me right up.
  3. My gawd, look at that coaches emails. Lets retire some numbers Look over there, nothing to see here.
  4. Trust the Yanks to overdo everything by a factor of 5 Welcome the the NHL "Kraken"
  5. After that missed last second field-goal and lost coin-toss, you could see the Colts just staring inevitability in the eyes. They where done!!!
  6. OH FFS, and I still didn't see it. @Dante_Lockhart probably needed the explanation anyway the daft ****
  7. Nah, different this time. (Not whiny Vic ) The chargers wanted to run out the clock to kick a field-goal with no time left. The Browns D grabbed Ekeler and threw him into the endzone to save 90ish seconds on the clock. Herbert just needed to kneel 2 times but he handed it over instead.
  8. If you are running out the cock, why not knee it? Ah well, very heads up play by the Browns
  9. Ouch, that looked painful on Fields
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