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  1. He signed a contract to 2026. Milking that Mahomes for all it's worth. Fun being in the AFCW isn't it
  2. I'm tired of rooting against the inevitable Just hope Barrett and JPP bury him enough times to make it competitive. Apart from that, beer ahoy
  3. February 7, 2021 Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida Referee Carl Cheffers Ceremonies National anthem Eric Church & Jazmine Sullivan Halftime show The Weeknd Network CBS Announcers Jim Nantz (play-by-play) Tony Romo (analyst) Tracy Wolfson, Evan Washburn and Jay Feely (sideline reporters) Gene Steratore (rules analyst)
  4. That was exiting, for about 10 minutes. That Tampa passrush better be on their toes or this will be a very onesided SuperBowl
  5. Tegis

    General Chat

    Cheers all. It's ticking along. I'll look into the subtitle thing, Youtube has a automatic one, might be hilarious and actually create a Wallander
  6. Need a TD either way, same starting position as a kickoff. Just weird
  7. This is it, Packers need the points on this drive
  8. Jensen was way too early blocking on that pass. Refs letting them play. What is it, 3 pens so far?
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