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Community Answers

  1. Foot like a traction engine etc
  2. Makes a change from the great scandi wars of yesteryear
  3. Fitting that both @chappy and @WakefieldVillan got the England result spot on. But it also means that we have a winner even before the final with an 4 point gap.
  4. Should have gone full Eric Dickerson
  5. Ha! I had that once. It went away the next time there was a page-break
  6. Semi-finals coming up. I've lost my spoon \o/
  7. Enjoy the **** out of it. Mine are suddenly 21 and 23. Time flies at an extraordinary pace.
  8. Tegis


    Woah, thats a 37 year old record. What a jump
  9. Good on you SAKA, WELL DESERVED
  10. I will always admire GK shithousery. The panaltytakers have all the advantages
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