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  1. Tegis

    The VT Baby club

    My god What did @BOF ever do to her???
  2. Tegis


    Well, he made quick work of that. Striking looked very Gracie-ish but his grappling is textbook. And Cain broke again, shame but not surprising
  3. Tegis

    The Game's Gone

    A quick headcount gave me about 70% born and bread Qatarians. Thats pretty good actually. Kinda like France. I thought they would do their usual collection of a national side like some of the other sports they represent.
  4. Tegis

    The Game's Gone

    Just wait until Qatar presents "their" WC squad
  5. Tegis


    I've totally missed out on Kron Gracie being on the UFC roster. Fights Alex Caceres this weekend
  6. I see it mostly as a sideways move costing money and a draftpick. Very meh, much blah
  7. All the messageboards turned into VT ontopic. Poison
  8. Gets drafted 1st by the Cardinals and Elway trades for Rosen. *twilight zone music*
  9. So, the "Alliance of American Football" league has started. Mostly castoffs from the NFL looking for a place to showcase themselves, and Trent Richardson. Off-season football, it might just catch on.
  10. Tegis


    Rob Whittaker makes wheight for the fight tonight and then has to get immidiate suregry for a hernia. Title fight off the card.
  11. Tegis

    Saudi Arabia

  12. Cant find a complete list of stupid new names, but here are some of them Beau Benzschawel Ben Burr-Kirven Mecole Hardman Andy Isabella
  13. Nick Foles informs Eagles he'll void $20M option So that means he'll be a free agent and no trade for the Eagles, unless they franchise-tag him.
  14. Tegis

    VillaTalk Pickem 2018

    Final standings
  15. Tegis

    Superbowl LIII

    Kupp and Edelman shows how much shiftiness, smarts and rout-concepts are so much more usefull than outright speed. Same goes for CBs for that matter. I'll put size over speed as well but that's more of a TE story