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  1. So let me get this straight. The air-raid Kingsbury system works in collage because of crappy corners and teams afraid to blitz and bring pressure because of it? Sounds like defensive coordinators in the NFL are going to feast on that?
  2. Tegis


    Dammit, I can't find the lead-up to this. Stipe threw about 10 (edit: 17) haaaard bodyshots before that in round 4. Swung the match 180. It was beautiful, and then the icing TKO
  3. Jets, Texans and Browns from memory are great. Avoid Rams.
  4. edit: Holy crap, that was a bit bigger than expected
  5. 8-8 at the best of times I think. The Chargers and Chiefs are a handful. Flacco and competent coaching should add a few W comparing to last year if he stays healthy and plays to a somewhat normal standard.
  6. Murray is so tiny. Looks line a child in there. Interesting to see how it works out

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