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  1. Tegis

    Crypto currency

    Sold at 14603 USD
  2. And there it is, Kelly is now the confirmed backup. All aboard the $wag wagon!!!!
  3. Tegis

    London 2018

    From an Email:
  4. Bengals bring out trick specialteams in preseasion. Good job morons
  5. Tegis

    The 'Who Supports Who' topic

    Thanks for your late season rally. Got us Chubb
  6. Tegis

    Ron Saunders in care

    I just LOVE that this quote is firmly recorded and saved. I've replayed it 10 times. LEGEND!!!
  7. Dogpark You guys Motuapuaka, I totally lost it Chark and Harrison are the muts nuts. That gunner play was sweet
  8. Oh, Darnold will be a starter pretty soon, Rosen, not so much unless Bradford breaks again
  9. Yep, he'll be the starter in a committee backfield. Bit miffed not getting to see more of Sutton. Jewel will be a starting linebacker for us very soon. Just started watching the Jags game, will get back to you
  10. Looks like a kicker playing QB. Chad Kelly will be the backup. Such a difference in demeanor and performance. And our starters where run over by the Vikings.
  11. Baker looked the part too.
  12. UEFA Super Cup, Not an error, but