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  1. Tegis

    Midweek Football 10/13 December

    The only problem is that there is a risk of one club earning waaaay more money than the others and run away with it. I have no problem the league being a bit shitty, as long as it's competitive.
  2. Tegis

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    The yearly Swedish air-force Christmas-tree flyby
  3. Tegis

    General Chat

    &¤%#/¤& We almost completely wiped out the measles in this part of the world and now, lo and behold, it's back thanks to these nutters. They then infect infants at hospitals when seeking help (yeah, now you want help), who are too young to get the protecting jab, it's a lethal decease ffs. words removed words removed words removed words removed words removed words removed
  4. Yup, you don't get many chances to write history, and it's not like they would have needed to shoehorn a play in for him.
  5. He needed 5 yards in the second half. Shanahan gave him zero. WTF
  6. Just lost to a tanking SF with the 3rd string QB and leading rusher out. **** off Vance
  7. We have more 4th down conversions than 3rd
  8. Throwing short of the sticks on 4th down, twice. words removed