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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Peter Enckelman just turned 40. Time flies etc.
  2. Science Thread

    Mmmm, brain-massage. These scale-comparisons usually stops at VY Canis Majoris
  3. What do you drive?

    New XC90? Had a look in the new V90 and is bloody nice. They've stepped up on the interior big time. Dunno about engines, drive-ability and such though.
  4. Dwight Clark diagnosed with ALS
  5. UFC/Pride/MMA

    And SUCKS for Pickett He was clearly winning that one. Farewell "One Punch"
  6. UFC/Pride/MMA

    No kidding
  7. UFC/Pride/MMA

  8. UFC/Pride/MMA

    Effing hell, 2 bouts called off. Good thing I didn't go this time Ian Entwistle and Tom Breese not medically cleared
  9. What do you drive?

    Another thing I'd newer thought we'd own. A Caddy Maxi!! Bio-Methane version. Still got the blue S80 from page 1. Oldest kid is about to start learning. And the red V70 (page 76) is still great.
  10. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Until their menstrual cycle syncs
  11. What do you drive?

    Dammit Dem!!!