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  1. Monday Championship Blackburn v Bolton Derby v QPR Hull v Sheff Utd Ipswich v Swansea Forest v Middlesbrough Reading vAlbion Rotherham v Small Heath Sheff Wed v Bristol City Stoke v Norwich Wigan v Preston Brentford v Leeds 5.15pm SS3 EFL on Quest 9pm Norwich promoted if they win and Sheff Utd or Leeds fail to win Premier League Chelsea v Burnley 8pm SS2 MNF Premier League Spurs v Brighton SS2 Watford v Southampton Wednesday Premier League Man Utd v Man City 8pm SS2 Wolves v Arsenal
  2. Friday Championship Bristol City v Reading 12pm Sheff Utd v Forest 12.30pm SS3 Millwall v Brentford 1pm Small Heath v Derby Leeds v Wigan SS3 Red Button Middlesbroug v Stoke Preston v Ipswich QPR v Blackburn SS3 Red Button Swansea v Rotherham Albion v Hull Norwich v Sheff Wed 7.45pm SS3 EFL on Quest 10pm Saturday Premier League Tv Games Man City v Spurs 12.30pm SS2 Newcastle v Southampton 5.30pm BT Sport 1 Bournmouth v Fulham Huddersfield v Watford West Ham v Leicester Wolves v Brighton MOTD 10.30pm Sunday Premier League Arsenal v Palace 4pm Super Sunday Everton v Man Utd 1.30pm SS2 Cardiff v Liverpool 4pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
  3. This will not be on Sky. Bolton midweek games at home have not been shown on red button
  4. Monday Premier League Watford v Arsenal 8pm SS2 Tuesday Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg Barcalona v Man Utd 8pm BT Sport 2 Agg 1-0 Porto v Liverpool BT Sport 3 8pm Agg 0-2 Premier League Brighton v Cardiff Wednesday Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg Man City v Spurs 8pm BT Sport 2 Agg 0-1 Juventus v Ajax 8pm BT Sport 3 Agg 1-1 Thursday Europa League Quarter Final 2nd Leg Chelsea v Sparta Praugue 8pm BT Sport 3 Agg 1-0 Napoli v Arsenal 8pm BT Sport 2 Agg 0-2
  5. Friday Premier League Leicester v Newcastle 8pm SS2 Saturday TV Games Spurs v Huddersfield 12.30pm SS2 Man Utd v West Ham 5.30pm BT Sport Brighton v Bournemouth Burnley v Cardiff Fulham v Everton Southampton v Wolves MOTD 10.30pm Championship Ipswich will be relegated on Saturday unless they beat Small Heath - but even that will not be enough if Reading, Millwall and Wigan all win at the weekend. Derby v Bolton Ipswich v Small Heath Middlesbrough v Hull Forest v Blackburn QPR v Swansea Reading v Brentford Sheff Utd v Millwall Stoke v Rotherham Albion v Preston Leeds v Sheff Wed 5.30pm EFL on Quest 9pm Sunday Premier League Palace v Man City 2.05pm SS2 Liverpool v Chelsea 4.30pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
  6. Monday Premier League Chelsea v West Ham 8pm SS2 MNF Tuesday Champions League Quarter Final Spurs v Man City 8pm BT Sport 2 Liverpool v Porto 8pm BT Sport 3 Championship All games via SS3 Red Button Blackburn v Derby Bristol City v Albion SS3 Preston v Leeds SS7 Sheff Wed v Forest Swansea v Stoke Bolton v Middlesbrough 8pm Wednesday Champions League Quarter Final Ajax v Real Madrid BT Sport 3 Man Utd v Barcalona BT Sport 2 Championship All game on SS3 via Red Button Small Heath v Sheff Utd SS3 Brentford v Ipswich Hull v Wigan Millwall v QPR Norwich v Reading EFL on Quest 10.30pm Europa League Quarter Final Arsenal v Napol 8pm i BT Sport 2 Slavia Praugue v Chelsea 8pm BT Sport 3
  7. Friday Premier League Southampton v Liverpool SS2 8pm Saturday Bournmouth v Burnley Huddersfield v Leicester Newcastle v Palace MOTD 10.30pm FA Cup Semi Final Man City v Brighton 5.30pm BBC 1 Championship Norwich v QPR 12.30pm SS3 Small Heath v Leeds Blackburn v Stoke Bolton v Ipswich Brentford v Derby Bristol City v Wigan Hull v Reading Millwall v Albion Preston v Sheff Utd Rotherham v Forest Swansea v Middlesbrough EFL on Quest 9pm Sunday Premier League Super Sunday Everton v Arsenal 2.05pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm FA Cup Semi Final Wolves v Watford 4pm BT Sport 2
  8. Saturfay 28th April 12pm Elland Road Allocation: 2,595 Adults £39, Over 60s & Under 23s £26, Under 16's £18, Under 11's £9 Away Season Ticket Members - Online from 5pm, 8 April - Phone/In Person from 9 April Season Ticket Holders with 15 or more away league games 2018-19 - Online from 5pm, 10 April - Phone/In Person from 11 April Season Ticket Holders with 12 or more away league games 2018-19 - Online from 5pm, 12 April - Phone/In Person from 15 April Season Ticket Holders with 6 or more away league games 2018-19 - Online from 5pm, 15 April - Phone/In Person from 16 April Season Ticket Holders - Online from 5pm, 17 April - Phone/In Person from 18 April Claret & Cub Members - Online from 5pm, 19 April - Phone/In Person from 22 April General Sale - Online from 5pm, 22 April - Phone/In Person from 23 April
  9. Monday Premier League Arsenal v Newcastle MNF 8pm SS2 Tuesday Premier League Wolves v Man Utd SS2 Watford v Fulham Wednesday Premier League Chelsea v Brighton Man City v Cardiff SS2 Spurs v Palace
  10. International break thank god back to the prooer stuff Friday Championship Albion v Small Heath SS3 8pm Saturday Premier League Brighton v Southampton Burnley v Wolves Palace v Huddersfiel Leicester v Bournemouth Man Utd v Watford TV Games Fulham v Man City 12.30pm SS2 West Ham v Everton 5.30pm MOTD 10.30pm Huddersfield will go down on Saturday if they lose to Crystal Palace and Burnley and Southampton both win. Championship Derby v Rottherham Ipswich v Hull Leeds v Millwall Forest v Swansea QPR v Bolton Reading v Preston Sheff Utd v Bristol City Stoke v Sheff Wed Wigan v Brentford Middlesbrough v Norwich SS3 5.30pm EFL on Quest 9pm Sunday Premier League Cardiff v Chelsea 2.05pm SS2 Liverpool v Spurs 4.30pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
  11. Saturday FA Cup Quarter Final Watford v Palace 12.15pm BT Sport 2 Swansea v Man City 5.20pm BT Sport 2 Wolves v Man Utd 7.55pm BBC 1 Premier League Bournemouth v Newcastle Burnley v Leicester West Ham v Huddersfield MOTD 10.20pm Championship Leeds v Sheff Utd 12.30pm SS3 Brentford v Albion Hull v QPR Ipswich v Forest Preston v Smal Heath Rotherham v Norwich Sheff Wed v Blackburn Stoke v Reading Wigan v Bolton EFL on Quest 9pm Sunday FA Cup Quarter Final Millwall v Brighton 2pm BBC 1 Premier League Super Sunday Fulham v Liverpool 2.05pm SS2 Everton v Chelsea 4.30pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
  12. Quarter Final Ajax v Juventus Liverpool v FC Porto Spurs v Man City Barcalona v Man Utd Semi Final Spurs or Man City v Ajax or Juventus Barcalona or Man Utd v Liverpool or Porto
  13. Friday Championship Norwich v Swansea SS3 Saturday Premier League Cardiff v West Ham Huddersfied v Bournemouth Leicester v Fulham Newcastle v Everton Southampton v Spurs TV Games Palace v Brighton 12.30pm SS2 Man City v Watford 5.30pm BT Sport 1 MOTD 10.20pm Championship Blackburn v Preston 12pm Sheff Utd v Rotherham 12.15pm Bolton v Millwall Bristol City v Leeds Derby v Sheff Wed Middlesbrough v Brentford Forest v Hull QPR v Stoke Reading v Wigan Albion v Ipswih EFL on Quest 9pm Sunday Premier League Liverpool v Burnley 12pm BT Sport 1 Super Sunday Chelsea v Wolves 2.05pm SS2 Arsenal v Man Utd 4.30pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
  14. Friday Championship Leeds v Albion SS3 Saturday Premier League Bournemouth v Man City Brighton v Huddersfield Burnley v Palace Man Utd v Southampton Wolves v Cardiff TV Games Spurs v Arsenal 12.30pm BT Sport 1 West Ham v Newcastle 5.30pm SS2 MOTD 10.20pm Championship Brentford v QPR Hull v Small Heath Ipswich v Reading Millwall v Norwich Preston v Bristol City Rotherham v Blackburn Stoke v Forest Swansea v Bolton Wigan v Middlesbrough EFL on Quest 9pm Sunday Premier League Super Sunday Watford v Leicester 12pm SS2 Fulham v Chelsea 2.05pm SS2 Everton v Liverpool 4.15pm SS2 MOTD 2 10.30pm
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