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  1. Sunday Premier League Arsenal v Everton Burnley v West Ham Chelsea v Sunderland Hull v Spurs Liverpool v Middlesbrough SS1 Leicester v Bournemouth Man Utd v Palace Southampton v Stoke Swansea v Albion Watford v Man City SS2 MOTD 10.30pm Wednesday Europa League Final Ajax v Man Utd BT Sport 2
  2. Saturday League 1 Bradford v Millwall SS1 Bank Holiday Sunday League 2 Blackpool v Exeter SS1 Bank Holiday Monday Championship Huddersfield v Reading SS1
  3. Friday Premier League Everton v Watford Albion v Chelsea 8pm SS1 Saturday Premier League Man City v Leicester 12.30pm SS1 Bournemouth v Burnley Middlesbrough v Southampton Sunderland v Swansea Stoke v Arsenal 5.30pm SS1 MOTD 10.20pm Championship Play Off 1st leg Fulham v Reading 5.30pm SS2 Sunday Premier League Super Sunday Palace v Hull 12pm SS1 West Ham v Liverpool 2.15pm SS1 Spurs v Man Utd 4.30pm SS1 MOTD 10.30pm Championship Play off 1st leg Huddersfield v Sheff Wed 12pm SS2 Monday Chelsea v Watford 8pm SS1 Tuesday Premier League Arsenal v Sunderland Man City v Albion 8pm SS1 Championship Play off 2nd leg Reading v Fulham SS2 Wednesday Premier League Southampton v Man Utd SS1 Championship Play off 2nd Sheff Wed v Huddersfield SS2 Thursday Premier League Leicester v Spurs SS1
  4. Pre Season 2017/18

    Played Cambridge last summer
  5. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW46 (Final)

    Villa 0 2 Brighton Brighton Brentford 3 0 Blackburn Brentford Bristol 1 0 Birmingham Bristol Burton 0 3 Reading Reading Huddersfield 2 0 Cardiff Huddersfield Newcastle 2 0 Barnsley Newcastle Norwich 2 0 QPR Norwich Forest 1 1 Ipswich Draw Rotherham 0 2 Derby Derby Wednesday 2 1 Fulham Wednesday Wigan 0 2 Leeds Leeds Wolves 1 0 Preston Wolves
  6. Friday Premier League West Ham v Spurs 8pm SS1 FNF Saturday Prmeier League Man City v Palace 12.45pm SS1 Bournemouth v Stoke Burnley v Albion Hull v Sunderland Swansea v Everton 5.30pm BT Sport 1 MOTD 10.20pm Sunday Prmeier League Super Sunday Liverpool v Southampton 1.30pm SS1 Arsenal v Man Utd 4pm SS1 MOTD 2 10.30pm Championship Final Day All kick offs 12pm Brentford v Blackburn SS Mix Bristol City v Small Heath Burton v Reading Huddersfield v Cardiff Newcastle v Barnsley Norwich v QPR Forest v Ipswich SS3 Rotherham v Derby Sheff Wed v Fulham Wigan v Leeds Wolves v Preston Football on 5 8pm Monday Premier League Chelsea v Middlesbrough 8pm SS1 MNF Tuesday Champions League Semi Final 2nd leg Juventus V Monaco Agg 2-0 BT Sport 2 Wednesday Champions League Semi Final 2nd leg Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid Agg 0-3 BT Sport 2 Thursday Europa League Semi Final 2nd leg Man Utd v Celta Vigo Agg 1-0 BT Sport 2
  7. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW45

    Cardiff 0 2 Newcastle Newcastle Barnsley 1 0 Burton Barnsley Birmingham 0 3 Huddersfield Huddersfield Blackburn 0 2 Villa Villa Derby 2 0 Wolves Derby Fulham 2 1 Brentford Fulham Ipswich 0 2 Wednesday Wednesday Leeds 2 0 Norwich Leeds Preston 1 0 Rotherham Preston QPR 1 1 Forest Draw Reading 2 0 Wigan Reading Brighton 3 0 Bristol Brighton
  8. Friday Championship Cardiff v Newcastle SS1 Saturday Southampton v Hull Stoke v West Ham Sunderland v Bournemouth Albion v Leicester Palace v Burnley 5.30pm BT Sport 1 Sunderland will be relegated this weekend if they fail to beat Bournemouth and other results go against them MOTD 10.20pm Championship Barnsley v Burton Small Heath v Huddersfield Derby v Wolves Fulham v Brentford Ipswich v Sheff Wed Leeds v Norwich Preston v Rotherham QPR v Forest Reading v Wigan Brighton v Bristol! City 5.30pm SS1 Football on 5 9pm Sunday Premier League Man Utd v Swansea 12pm BT Sport 1 Middlesbrough v Man City 2.05pm Super Sunday Everton v Chelsea 2.05pm SS1 Spurs v Arsenal 4.30pm SS1 MOTD 2 10.30pm Monday Prmeier League Watford v Liverpool 8pm SS1 MNF Tuesday Champions League Semi Final 1st leg Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid BT Sport 2 Wednesday Champions League Semi Final 1st leg Monaco v Juventus BT Sport 2 Thursday Europa League Semi Final 1st leg Delta Vigo v Man Utd 8.05pm BT Sport 2
  9. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW44

    Norwich 0 2 Brighton Brighton Brentford 2 0 QPR Brentford Bristol 1 0 Barnsley Bristol Burton 0 2 Leeds Leeds Huddersfield 2 1 Fulham Huddersfield Forest 0 3 Reading Reading Rotherham 0 2 Ipswich Ipswich Wednesday 1 1 Derby Draw Wigan 0 1 Cardiff Cardiff Wolves 1 0 Blackburn Wolves Villa 2 1 Birmingham Villa Newcastle 3 0 Preston Newcastle
  10. Friday Championship Norwich v Brighton SS1 Brighton win clinches the title Saturday Premier League Bournemouth v Middlesbrough Hull v Watford Swansea v Stoke West Ham v Everton MOTD 10.20pm FA Cup Semi Final Chelsea v Spurs 5.15pm BBC Championship Brentford v QPR Bristol City v Barnsley Burton v Leeds Huddersfield v Fulham Forest v Reading Rotherham v Ipswich Sheff Wed v Derby Wigan v Cardiff. Wigan relegated should they fail to win and other results go against em Wolves v Blackburn Football on 5 9pm Sunday FA Cup Semi Final Arsenal v Man City BT Sport 2 Premier League Super Sunday Burnley v Man Utd 2.15pm SS1 Liverpool v Palace 4.30pm SS1 Monday Championship Newcastle v Preston SS1 Tuesday Premier League Chelsea v Southampton SS1 Wednesday Premier League Arsenal v Leicester Middlesbrough v Sunderland Palace v Spurs 8pm SS1
  11. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW43

    Fulham 2 0 Villa Fulham Barnsley 1 1 Brentford Draw Birmingham 0 1 Burton Burton Blackburn 0 1 Bristol Bristol Brighton 3 0 Wigan Brighton Cardiff 2 0 Forest Cardiff Ipswich 0 2 Newcastle Newcastle Leeds 2 0 Wolves Leeds Preston 1 0 Norwich Preston QPR 0 3 Wednesday Wednesday Reading 2 0 Rotherham Rotherham Derby 1 2 Huddersfield Huddersfield
  12. Saturday Premier League Spurs v Bournemouth 12.30pm SS1 Palace v Leicester Everton v Burnley Stoke v Hull Sunderland v West Ham Watford v Swansea Southampton v Man City 5.30pm BT Sport 1 MOTD 10.30pm Premier League Super Sunday Albion v Liverpool 1.30pm SS1 Man Utd v Chelsea 4pm SS1 MOTD 2 10.30pm Monday Prmeier League Middlesbrough v Arsenal 8pm SS1 MNF Championship Barnsley v Brentford Small Heath v Burton Blackburn v Bristol City Brighton v Wigan Cardiff v Forest Ipswich v Newcastle Leeds v Wolves Preston v Norwich QPR v Sheff Wed Reading v Rotherham Derby v Huddersfield 5pm SS1 Football on 5 11pm Tuesday Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg Leicester v A Madrid BT Sport 2 Agg 0-1 Real Madrid v Bayern BT Sport 3 Agg 2-1 Wednesday Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg Barcelona v Juventus BT Sport 2 Agg 0-3 Monaco v Dortmund BT Sport 3 Agg 3-2 Thursday Europa League Quarter Final Man Utd v Anderlecht BT Sport 2 Agg 1-1
  13. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW42

    Wigan 0 1 Barnsley Barnsley Brentford 0 2 Derby Derby Bristol 1 0 QPR Bristol Huddersfield 3 0 Preston Huddersfield Norwich 0 2 Fulham Fulham Forest 2 0 Blackburn Forest Rotherham 1 1 Birmingham Draw Wednesday 3 1 Cardiff Wednesday Wolves 0 2 Brighton Brighton Burton 0 1 Ipswich Ipswich Newcastle 2 1 Leeds Newcastle Villa 1 1 Reading Draw
  14. Midweek Football 10/13 April

    Monday Premier League Palace v Arsenal 8pm SS1 MNF Tuesday Champions League Quarter Final 1st leg Juventus V Barcelona BT Sport 2 Dortmund V Monaco BT Sport 3 Wednesday Champions League Quarter Final 1st leg A Mardirf v Leicester BT Sport 2 Bayern Munich v Real Madrid BT Sport 3 Thursday Europa League Quarter Final 1at leg Anderlecht v Man Utd 8.05pm BT Sport 2
  15. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW41

    QPR 0 2 Brighton Brighton Birmingham 0 2 Derby Blackburn 1 1 Barnsley Draw Bristol 0 2 Wolves Wolves Burton 0 3 Villa Villa Cardiff 1 1 Brentford Draw Fulham 2 0 Ipswich Fulham Leeds 2 1 Preston Leeds Norwich 0 2 Reading Reading Forest 0 2 Huddersfield Huddersfield Wigan 1 0 Rotherham Wigan Wednesday 1 3 Newcastle Newcastle