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  1. Villa Fan George embarassing himself on TalkSport. Sulking cos Gareth took Jack off. It was a big call yes which invited them on but we won. Heard an interview where Gareth has said it was Grealish or Foden and Foden came on later so realistically it was only ever Grealish. Job done on. Jack will play a part Sunday unless we are 4-0 up after 60 mins
  2. Sensational today. Him and McGinn our two best players today and not just because they both scored either!
  3. I think Joe Calzaghe has attended a few games due to our man Brian Doogan who co-wrote his autobiography.
  4. The image is from Howard Hodgson. This tweet of his explains: @HodgsonHoward: Having meeting today 2 discuss #avfc with corporate finance house + other investors. Just prelim at this stage but something has 2 be done
  5. Chris Barnes is being wound up by his mate.
  6. Arison and Ellison mentioned in Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/citydiary/10875766/City-Diary-Lord-Mandelson-rents-modest-farmhouse-from-billionaire-Rothschilds.html
  7. using a flipped version of that photo definitely a fake...
  8. Hi VT, i've been a lurker on here for a while and would love to participate. I've lived in London for 15 years but i'm originally from Warwickshire and been a Villa fan since birth, passed down from my Dad and Grandad. I have blurry memories of seeing Andy Gray in the eighties at Villa Park as a child but much clearer ones seeing Villa circa Big Ron as a teenager. Don't get to go too often these days but follow the might Villa week in week out.
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