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  1. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Saved me a few quid I suppose this decision as I will not renew to watch Bruceball I just can’t bring myself to pay to watch him anymore ..... love our club but also enough is enough for me..... Drops mike ..... Peace out villatalk it’s been a pleasure !
  2. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Maybe they’ve said thanks Steve but we are going in a different direction .... please stay one more day and we will chuck in an extra couple of hundred thousand to your comp package .... and all will be announced tomorrow...... or he is staying ?!
  3. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    The more the day progresses the more I think we are stuck with him...... oh well could be a whole lot worse I suppose
  4. thabucks

    Thierry Henry

    Well considering what has happened so far this summer I’d give any manager Bruce included a free pass billionaire new owners or not personally..... I just want to see progression and I don’t see Bruce delivering that imo
  5. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    I’m not sure Henry is the answer but I’m convinced Bruce isn’t... henry is a young aspirational manager looking to forge a career working his way up to the arsenal job.... we are an aspirational championship side.... every manager is a risk ... why not Henry or Bellamy (just throwing his name out there not because I want him !!!) fear of the unknown is not a reason to stick with something I personally think is wrong. New era all round for me .... new innovative kit set up... new mega rich owners looking for a high yield toy .... new optimism and hope that an actually workable plan will be put in place and actually followed .... new opportunities for our youth players .. so much has changed this past 5 days .... but my feelings on Bruce going havent changed . for me he just has to go .. I don’t want him putting a kibosh on my found enthusiasm and us wasting a new a few months or season on Bruceball when. It is the time to create and renew ... Henry ( or whoever ) in !
  6. thabucks

    Steve Bruce In or Out?

    Out ... he tried he failed he will leave with my gratitude for his efforts and being a gent but time moves on and so must we in my humble opinion
  7. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    No way .... so you have an inside track on what they are thinking ? Who is your source or is this one of your famous spoken as fact announcements ? I’m really interested in how you know for certain what the new people are thinking right now ? I really interested in how you are so certain
  8. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    He wanted out and only stayed around to see what the rumoured takeover would bring.... now he is desperate to stay....
  9. thabucks

    Micah Richards

    Funny that since Bruce blurted out he can’t (apparently) make two appearances a week.... No Interest... Who would of thought that would have a negative impact on selling him hey ....
  10. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Fat chancer out of ideas with excuses galore .... just go now with your antiquated take on the beautiful game.... please .... thank you ... that’s us my opinion if that is ok with some ?! We have this opportunity gifted to us to rebuild holistically two years after the last chance which was ignored where past mistakes were repeated ... we will never be in this position again (hopefully) so it’s is our chance to seize re-building the club to what it could and should be. Bruce doesn’t fit into this and should be shown the door where he will be handsomely rewarded for failing in his sole objective ...
  11. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Sorry I should of reacted like an adult not a stroppy teen.... day in a beer garden .... to back my statement up I used to work for OUFC and still stay in touch with the old owner who is a bluenose and close to Bruce (attended both recent funerals ) ..... he told me last week to ten days ago Bruce was close to walking and kept threatening to walk ... now he is begging to stay....
  12. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    you know nothing but hey ....continue as you were
  13. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    WTF I cannot believe people want the has been relic staying on just because of the fear of the unknown.. i know for a fact he was close to ditching us days before the take over and now is grovelling for his job.... not saying Henry is the option but Bruce staying and failing for a third time is just not palatable for me..... new start required new direction...
  14. thabucks

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    https://www.transfermarkt.com/statistik/vertragslosespieler Some interesting names ..... Which now we can afford ! I’d take Maxine Lestienne, Lacina Traore, Robert Huth & Tim Krul . Then maybe one of the two lads from Peterborough Maddison of Maddison....
  15. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Someone who knows Bruce well who I worked for at OUFC ..... was/is close to walking being sacked whatever .... I fully expect him to be gone next week... Put it this easy would you wanna keep him or go for your own choice ? Lampard went to Derby who are broke.... Gerrard went to Rangers who are broke .... just saying no money doesn’t mean we should stick with Bruce ...