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  1. Based on what ... Please share your Freudian insights with us or is this just based on ignorance ?
  2. thabucks

    Wesley Moraes

    The thing is with our goals from crosses record people somewhat automatically presume headers however, the majority of our goals from headers was a low % ...... This guy could prove to be lethal given time ...
  3. Maxime López or Morgan Sanson would be unrealistic I know but worth cheeky bid ..
  4. I love Tammy for what he did last season and will fondly remember him ... however £25mill+ I’m not so sure ... IMO the best play would be try and get him in Jan or next summer at a reduced fee after he tanks (which he will inevitably do as he will never cut it @ Chel$ki) and get him sub £20mill which is more realistic given the fact that I have this nagging feeling he is the next Dwight Gayle.... too good for EFL but not quite good enough for higher than lower/mid table Prem and considering the costs involved I’d wait and see how it pans out personally than chuck £€$¥ at the situation in the hope he signs this summer or seek better value on the continent .... #maxigomezissigningforvilla ...
  5. Maxi Gomez = yes please and I could a actually see it being realistic ( well at least us being interested and bidding maybe not signing him btw) I sense that the team of Suso, NSWE & Smith know it will take major £$$¥£££ to really progress and maybe £35-40mill+ potentially is better spent of Gomez than £25mill on Tammy ... I’m not convinced Tammy is better than Gayle ... too good for the EFL not quite good enough for the Prem considering the fee .. Anyway who knows but wouldn’t call this link 100% BS ..... Maybe just 78.23% BS with a slice of realism ...
  6. https://www.statista.com/statistics/254580/aston-villa-revenue-from-kit-sponsorship/ Jersey sponsorship revenue in million GBP 2015/16 (Intuit Quickbooks) 5 2014/15 (Dafabet.com) 5 2013/14 (Dafabet.com) 5 2012/13 (Genting) 8 2011/12 (Genting) 8 2010/11 (FxPro) 5 2009/10 (Acorns) 0 £10 million at a guess ?
  7. Not sure how trusted the source is .... But the article states £12million should secure him which sounds like a fair price .. I just confess know ****-all about him and how he did for Derby last season ... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.footballinsider247.com/revealed-aston-villa-make-approach-to-sign-sensation-pl-giants-will-sell-for-12m/amp/ I smell click bait BS... just waiting for us to be linked with Mount next .
  8. Definitely worth a punt at that price, cracking technical little player and offer something different .
  9. I take it that Ryan Gauld ain’t the new Scottish Messi .... anyone know how he did at Hibs on loan last season ?
  10. Interesting .... so I’m deducing it’s a close mock up of the real thing ...
  11. We need the next Drinkwater .... He was by discarded by Man Utd and worked he was up to the England team ... That’s the type of player we want and I believe we should be targeting... well our own version of... not Drinkwater due to reasons outlined above by @KenjiOgiwara
  12. If we can get El Ghazi, Hause, Jota and poss Aribo for approx £10 million we will have done very well. I’d take Powell as well on a free (I know wages means he won’t be technically free) leaving ya a good chunk of funds to spend on increased quality in key positions... I’m liking our new found approach to transfer
  13. Oh get over yourself ... smith and Suso know him well from previous stints ... bench warmer who can come in and hopefully change a game when required .... in deano & co we trust
  14. If true decent squad player ... and a player smith knows a d obviously trusts ...

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