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  1. Now that is confirmed Toulouse and Amiens are sadly down IF we stay up, Ibrahim Sangere could be a good option for DM from Toulouse and Bafode Diakite is a good young prospect at CB also worth looking at. Again, no doubt we will be linked with Serhou Guirassy striker from Amiens as his name was rumoured Jan. Also with Toulouse down no chance they’ll be signing Kalinic. McGrath I hope we stay up !
  2. Has quest tv Coverage improved does anyone know cause I just feel now like I should be preparing myself for the drop... And it was so painful To watch ...
  3. Self preservation is human nature ... I’m not sure why some find that notion hard to grasp ( not aimed at you btw!) there is literally hundreds of millions of £££ at stake and I would be super angry if we just bent over said thanks and accepted relegation just because that would be the cricketing thing to do.
  4. No one is putting words in your mouth or making you out to be bad guy though really are they? You said his comments were stupid, myself and others addressed your comment with our views in a respectful manner in response from our POV ... You keep the discussion going but constantly making what some feel are Somewhat cold, sometimes unfounded and misinformed posts which they feel the need to respond to. everyone is entitled to hold different views and air these and you add a different dimension to the discussion which is as valid as others. But at times mate can I say you don’t help yourself..
  5. How many business trips are physically being taken currently during this global pandemic which worst case scenario results in death ??? It’s not a good analogy under the current circumstances can’t you see that ?
  6. Then why is he stupid for airing the reason he is staying home ? It makes no sense as surely the two are mutually exclusive ?
  7. If you read his concerns he said simple questions couldn’t be answered and until such a time as they are he is staying a way for the health of his family and being from BAME background who are at more risk. What’s stupid about that ? Your comments can come across as a stupid and ill informed at time’s and yet some are also insightful and spot on. I thought people from Cali were supposed to be chill...
  8. Do you have kids ... If so would you isolate from your 5 month child and not hold them and see them daily for months just over a game ?
  9. I’d take him. A front line of Wesley, Samatha, Dennis with Davis as support is an interesting proposition... He has been linked with arsenal and wolves and we have more pressing needs in other areas. Maybe Wesley and Nakamaba could help seal the deal IF we are indeed even remotely interested.
  10. thabucks

    Dean Smith

    Be interesting what happens in the summer regardless of which division we are in . Does he deserve another shot at promotion ? If we stay up should we keep him? Dyche has proved a point by being kept on but a whole host of other Examples where it was a mistake ... That’s why I’m currently on the fence with sacking him or backing him at present I‘m hoping he has used this enforced mid season sabbatical to take a hard look at his role in our current position Where he can improve and I hope he has adapted accordingly. We have a good squad Under the circumstances given the turmoil of the past two summers but it’s not balanced enough and something is seriously wrong somewhere . Not sure if it’s tactics or personnel ?
  11. thabucks

    Dean Smith

    Ouch when seen listed like that he really should be under pressure from above and his position under review. Can also see why some people think he is out of his depth. I’m still in the fence. I would imagine NSWE and Purslow would have discussed different scenarios in terms of Smiths position and have a succession plan in place ready (one would hope). I remember reading about how Southampton try and plan managerial appointments two in advance by monitoring and keeping an eye on potential candidates not just next but years to come with the manager fitting the club so not to lose progress and momentum. Chopping and changing between managerial styles. Not always been a success mind you. Edit could find the exact article but this one touches on it ... or I just imagined reading it somewhere. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37954971
  12. Wow times does fly! I had a ticket but was living in south Africa at the time and decided to stay out there ( luckily) J remember watching it at backpackers in Johannesburg and the locals were all routing for villa. The manner of the lose was so hard to take at time... And can now see the damage it did long term.
  13. thabucks

    Wesley Moraes

    Why do you think this is about you? Did I quote you specifically ? Or do you feel like you have maybe been guilty of hyperbole and are acting defensively ? It was a general comment and if aimed specifically at you I would have quoted you .
  14. thabucks

    Wesley Moraes

    All I said was I cannot believe SOME of the comments that are being made after half a season. Never said anything about it being a disgrace to have a different view to me on Wesley. Not sure what those players have to do with Wesley but ... Gestede and to some degree Hogan were just not able to replicate their form which earned them a move here. Don’t care about why as it’s immaterial now. McCormack has personal issues and demons and hindsight is great isn’t it...
  15. thabucks

    Wesley Moraes

    Cant believe some of the comments on here about one of our own ... Wesley is a young rough diamond which huge potential and let’s see how he does after season 2 before completely writing him off..? Also the Maupay comparison are futile. I believe if we really wanted Maupay we would have got him as it would had been a relatively easy deal to complete. Or for the money that would have been involved and Dean knowing him as a player and his potential ceiling they decided he was not the right player for us. I have full faith in Wesley to come good eventually given time and support and he is by no means the worst striker we have had in the last 10 years.
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