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  1. thabucks

    Tony Xia

    I guess his shares will continue to be diluted to zero and it will be a none story when he disappears completely out of the picture .... haven’t nothing but contempt for him and his shady actions .....which are definitely true as I was working at OUFC at the time and the owner warned me weeks into his Dr X ownership things weren’t right ( he is a bluenose who actually almost purchased SHA so I thought he was being a tad bitter...) I also heard other murmurings but just hearsay at the time ..... anyways he deserves all the criticism and more and he will be remembered as he the charlatan he proved to be... I have more disdain towards him than Lerner ... . I was a Randy supporter at times but he was ultimately awful owner of our football club no denying .... I do think extenuating circumstances with his divorce ... o’neil... citeh ... and his ultimate naivety/ stupidly were his failings..ending in relegation ...But . Xia irresponsible wasted an golden opportunity to rebuild and lay down any lasting good ... he gambled ..He is a very astute bullshut artist who got lucky .... lost a lot of other peoples money (sic?) got his 15 mins of fame at our expense and will continue his life no worries .... We will hopefully look back and thank his ineptitude in years to come to leading us to NSWE .... !
  2. thabucks

    Wes Edens

    As per the article he sold his stake but will still play a role for a minimum of 5 years so I guess this has nothing to do with Villa as such and more to do with purchasing a stake within the stadium / club.... which if I’m correct Is the national stadium and also a major concert venue .... oh and with one of Denmark’s top teams attached to it .... I can see some mutually beneficial crossover happening, but I don’t think it’s the start of a villa global sporting team empire ala Citeh IMO ....
  3. thabucks

    The NSWE Board Thank McGrath for that !
  4. thabucks

    Tammy Abraham

    Forgive me if I missed it but he has reportedly ruled out a temporary switch ..... What’s to stop wolves bidding to sign him permanently .... I wouldn’t be too confident until the 15th January .....
  5. thabucks

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Hopefully last ever game for us .....
  6. thabucks

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I must admit to being distracted for the second half so missed that .... great in the first half though ....
  7. thabucks

    Scott Hogan

    His confidence is shot and I cannot see him recovering sadly .... to think we have spent £23 million on him and McCormack! .... just let that sink in for a second ...:
  8. thabucks

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Great game today .... shouldn’t have come off when he did. Did he get a knock ?
  9. thabucks

    James Bree

    Didn’t think he did too badly today all things considering ... yes should of not stood off for Clarke’s goal that split second hesitation cost him dear but overall I can’t criticise him. Hope he stays in the team now .... though shifting to RB and gets a sustained run there .... #effoffelmo
  10. thabucks

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Wrong substitution to make at the wrong time.... would of kept kodija on .... it was a sub I didn’t feel needed making ...
  11. thabucks

    Dean Smith

    Poor today and wrong substitutes .... has to take a whack of the blame for today ...
  12. thabucks

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    **** off to whatever club is unfortunate enough to end up with Bruce next .... woeful
  13. thabucks


    There is a clear difference to being shouty shouty & strict and mentally abusing young vulnerable minds through bullying.... It doesn’t matter that only a few of the hundreds of players he’s coached experienced alleged bullying there is no excuse for singling out young boys as is claimed .... It has to be said though you can’t ignore his record and achievements with 99% of the players he’s coached but it doesn’t balance out if found guilty . I would question the timing of these new claims .... it does seem weird to randomly bring it up before Xmas just as he is qualifying as a lawyer so many years later.... why now ?
  14. thabucks


    About fricking time .... should of been removed years ago ... the sooner football is rid of dinosaurs like him and Bruce the better ... spiteful insecure man