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  1. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    I must admit I'm very guilty of using my own snobbery towards Bruce's style of football cloud my judgement and I've been too overtly critical at times for sure. Yesterday I threw my toys out of the pram during the first half ... in hindsight bad call... I have to give Bruce the credit he is due... that's not to say I have changed my mind on him on a personal level but he is one game away from getting us promoted and even I can't knock him for that. Always wanted to be proved wrong and hopefully will be soon !
  2. thabucks

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    I hope Pulis leaves it later in t game again to bring on Bamford.... with his intelligence and our tired legs.... saying that we have Kodija so .... bring on the next 45mins !
  3. thabucks

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Im a Villa fan of 28 years ...been to hundreds of games had season tickets in every part of the ground... have a corporate seat which I give away ... so if it is ok with you I'll voice my opinions just as much as the next man if that is alright ?! Anyways it was not the best time to be so critical I get that .... just frustrations with Bruce and the way we play.
  4. thabucks

    Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Got criticised by some for calling Bruce out after the first game.... not a proper Villa fan was one thing said.... I wonder what certain posters excuses are going to be today for Bruce if this shit show continues.
  5. thabucks

    2nd leg pre match

    Dear Mr Bruce Please shove my negative words regarding your managerial ability down my throat and prove me wrong please.. many thanks #UTV #VTID
  6. thabucks

    Jlloyd Samuel killed in crash

    Yeah he played for Senrab FC along with Terry, Zamora and Ledley King .
  7. thabucks

    Jlloyd Samuel killed in crash

    Tragic news ! So gutted for his kids & wife.... puts tonight's game into perspective. Win lose is really insignificant in the grand scheme of things... I cant believe Ugo, Dalian and now Samuel... 3 villains taken way too early ... so sad!
  8. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    when I go to the game I'm 100% behind Bruce and the team however if it is okay for some outside of that I'm a critic of his in game management and tactical acumen. A better manager then Pullis would of switched play earlier and taken advantage of the fact we struggle to put two coherent halves together and ceased the initiative which was there for the taking. Luckily Bruce was up against a like minded manager. Makes me no more or less a Villa fan sharing my personal views on Bruce than the next.
  9. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    So the 10 fans you sit in proximity with plus random 5-10 you may come across is your sample size to claim the majority of fans are behind Bruce at the stadium.... OK.... We get it Tro you like him...
  10. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Hopefully just three more hours left to persevere with .... Ok result..... typical performance.
  11. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce's personal life has no bearing on my thoughts on his abilities to do the job at hand. Tragic as it is for him I wouldn't keep him just because he has just lost both his parents... The club should judge him only against the criteria set by them at the beginning of the season nothing else should come into it. It may sound harsh but the world is a cruel place. Feel for the man for sure just personally it hasn't altered anything for me IMO he has to go either way.
  12. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Talking to a mate today comparing Villa & Wolves and he made the point that he could see Wolves dumping Nuno for Wenger if the opportunity arose but he couldn't see Villa dumping Bruce if we got promoted or narrowly missed out for Wenger or an-other. We then got talking of ambition and he made the point that just because (in his opinion) Villa wouldn't dump the manager in the pursuit of success does not show a lack of ambition just the clubs have set on different paths to reach this goal and I ended up agreeing with him..... that it would be unfair to accuse them of being unambitious if they stuck on their chosen path... I don't think it is the right path personally but that I shouldn't use my (biased) personal opinion against Bruce cloud how ambitious the club is.... begrudgingly I concede this point. I can't see them dumping Bruce for the sake of it.... sadly imo but there you go... time will tell!
  13. thabucks

    End of season awards/POTY

    Who is this snoddy? Frickin hate footie name abbreviations and nicknames..... Player of the year for me is Chester...
  14. thabucks

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    So a rumour is Luke1977 x Nike Colab.... interesting if true and fair play to Luke Organ if so.... I can't see it being a collaboration with Nike but you never know...