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  1. Rico Henry & as @holtend4life I’d also add Konza as well as Maupay .... Brentford could get very rich from us this summer..
  2. See Sean Kimberley has reportedly left ... the revamp continues ... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/exclusive-aston-villa-academy-manager-16149534.amp
  3. Said it before and I’m say it again . The inner child in me can’t help but snigger by covering the tops of the ladies ....soz but it has to said again .... #manchild
  4. We’ve were linked with him previously weren’t we ....
  5. Fulham had no choice but to rebuild due the number of loans ... poorly executed but necessary... We will be in the same position come the summer .... let’s hope we execute our recruitment better ...
  6. I think he gets unfairly criticised due to the fact we spent £6-7 million more than we he should have he was/is a £8mill one .. Bristol City must have been pissing themselves when we made the bid .... but no dr x and wyness spent way Over he odds on him through no fault of his own and pre injury he was somewhat of a hero ..... solid squad player but can se him Going to turkey or China in the summer .....
  7. Probs click bait probs bollox but do you honestly think if given a healthy return on their investment they will turn down an offer from the Qatari’s ? Sawaris lives in LONDON but never attends villa park.... is that a sign of someone that emotionally invested in us ... ?! Right $$$ they will sell in my mind.
  8. Wow that has got to be one of the ugliest badges I’ve ever seen .... traditional yet somewhat tacky for me .... UTV
  9. I was there at his debut and was so excited by him and was saying to all my mates he was the new Owen etc ..... did ok overal. and you have to take into consideration circumstances between the two halves of his career (post O’Neil) .. I guess he should ultimately IMO should go down in folklore as a Villa cult HERO for the good times but rightfully remembered for also not fulfilling his true potential to become a great / legend. Good luck and I hope ( if he deserves on merit ) he can find some role within the club which he obviously loves so dear. Cheers for the good times but can’t forget the bad ...6/10 player at best overall .
  10. Reassuring that as Tammy’s goals dry we’ve found goals from elsewhere and performances haven’t don’t dipped. Hopefully he will soon be back on the trail and help fire us to top 6 six .
  11. I was talking to a scout a few years ago who was scouting Roofe and O’Dowda at OUFC anyways he rated bishop as highly as Will Hughes at the time. Has bags of potential and with the right coaching and attitude could be developed into a great little player.
  12. The child in me still sniggers when you put your thumb over the top of the Kappa logo like a 11 yo man child .... Hope it’s Puma .
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