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  1. thabucks

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

  2. thabucks

    January transfer window 2019

    I wonder if Ruben Dias from Benfica would be attainable given our rumoured Mendes connections and our new found wealth ... young cultured CB .
  3. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    I’m surprised Marco Rose or Ralph Hassenhuttl haven’t been linked yet .....
  4. thabucks

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Yep includes Umbro branding http://m.shop.avfc.co.uk/stores/astonvilla/mobile/en/c/retro-shirts
  5. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Faria & JT it is then ..... or JT & Petrov or the Brodgers and JT or Dean Smith or Marco Rose or JT and an other .... or it’s Henry .... or this last week has been a glitch in reality and a Bruce is indeed still our manager .....
  6. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Cause a guy with four promotions had done a great job hadn’t he .... whichever route we take is a risk....
  7. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Be very happy with that considering our circumstances .... or Faria and Petrov ...
  8. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    The thing that excites me about Henry (based on nothing btw) is my belief how he will work individually with players to improve them... imagine what he could teach Davis, RHM Kodjia and Abraham ( think hogans a lost cause ) and also Grealish as well as improve our our overall team shape.... I’d fully expect a top defensive coach like Steve Bould to be appointed to look after the defence... whoever we appoint I expect to see a pretty quick upshot in performance at least, as our squad is technically better than what they have shown under Bruce IMO.
  9. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Just placed a nice lil sum on Faria so watch his odds not change significantly as the betting markets don’t work like that .... or do they
  10. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    You can still get Faria at 28-1 .... worth a pint fits the MO .... https://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/aston-villa/next-permanent-manager
  11. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    Surprised seeing some of the (unrealiatic) names being put out there Rui Vitoria hasn’t been linked from Benfica .... not gunna happen I know but fits the attacking Portuguese high winning % vibe ..... i can’t see past Henry .... Belgium play 12th & 16th .... so I reckon Sunday or Monday ...
  12. thabucks

    Steve Bruce

    Good riddance !
  13. thabucks

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    3points tonight P45 in the morning ..... Happy days !
  14. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    I see NSWE have pumped in close to £3million according to recent companies house listings ...... comp package me hopes
  15. thabucks

    New Manager Speculation

    So according to Brum mail it’s not gunna be Smith https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-bruces-aston-villa-future-15219005