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  1. Bullet dodged ! I was pro Butland before but glad we got Heaton even though I was underwhelmed at the time ... I bet they are regretting **** us around and not selling him to us .... they’ll be lucky to get £12million for him now on his form so far this season and he can kiss his England squad place goodbye ...
  2. Spurs say hi .... 17.5 k compared to the Holte Ends 13.5k just sayin.
  3. Please NSWE can I have the following..... Huge single tier 17.5k behemoth stand like spurs should replace the North Stand.... Then also copy the top tier layout of their ground for witton lane and trinity road of stands continuing around but not joining so to preserve and keep the x4 seperate stand aesthetic. Next square of the Holte & Trinity near the exec box tower. Then I’d spruce up the Trinity Exterior taking cues from Aston Hall with the large ground floor windows and contrast stone window surrounds and some ornate stone finishes on top & mosaics.
  4. Can we even fit anymore players in our match day 25 ??!
  5. So we spent including add ons £133 million according to Purslow. So I reckon we spent around between £110-£115 million and hopefully the add ons get fulfilled as that means success.
  6. He is more effective than jack is, but that is because jack allows him to be. Perfect combo that bring the best out of each other.
  7. I have been a staunch supporter of keeping Villa Park as four stands and watching the game today I think we could achieve this by building a huge single tier replacement North Stand and wrapping the upper tier of the Trinity Road stand around just like at spurs but not joining the NS. If we could replicate this and square of the other end of the upper tier of the Trinity and the Holte, that would take us to around 60k and keep the essence of VP. Then long term tackle the Witton as and when. I’m sure Nassef & Wes would of been impressed with Spurs new stadium and hopefully inspire them when it comes around to redeveloping Villa Park.
  8. thabucks

    Dean Smith

    I’m was expecting us to press more but we would of been absolutely thrashed if we did in hindsight. Overall we kept our shape and defended with more players to blood over the coming games quietly confident we won’t be fighting relegation and be a solid mid table club once we get used to this league. He made the right subs at the right time for me and he will learn a lot from this game I’m sure. Having Terry alongside him will be crucial IMO as he knows exactly what this league is about and has a winning mentality.
  9. Once he gets up to full fitness and speed I'm sure he will cause rival teams a lot of problems. You have to bare in mind he was at the AFCON and is new to English football... thought it a very encouraging debut.
  10. Faded but understandable .... what a player he will be for us this season ... more crucial than jack for me.
  11. thabucks

    Wesley Moraes

    welcome to the premier league son ... tough learning curve for him and will obviously take him a few games to get up to the speed and intensity of this league. WIP for sure

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