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  1. What about the £120.000 pw ages for a striker with how many goals in the last 2 1/2 seasons .... a lot of dough for a has been
  2. forget Louie Barry’s (lack of) fashion sense how has he got just shy of 70,000 followers on twitter for an 16 yo who hasn’t even signed his first professional contract...
  3. Thank fook for that .... He has missed his golden chance at a final pay day in China so Middle East or MLS beckons ...
  4. Wtf are you going on about ... Just wow mind blown by your ignorance I won’t bother debating this you as there is no point if you can’t see anything wrong with what you are saying...
  5. Obligatory YouTube video ... Looks like an upgrade on Connor ... too random to be fake surely ... Que peeps moaning cause he ain’t a striker and we need one and it’s a dereliction of duty ... and Suso kills goats and whatever ... insert hyperbole ....
  6. Wow where to start ... actually I won’t bother
  7. What happens if your first choice is unavailable at the moment as the current club is waiting to sign a replacement is that our fault ? Or if the player we want wage demands do not fit into our structure ... shall we repeat mistakes of old and just cave in ? So many complex factors come into play it’s not as simplistic as being made out ... I would also say we have 16 games left and are one point from safety . Maybe we should support the team rather than just the endless criticism about the summers recruitment that some seem to be revelling in.
  8. You really have no idea how football works do you ....
  9. I don’t understand why some many have such fixed opinions on our summer business... and it baffles me they are now being written off some 6 months later... Fickle bunch much aren't we all at time’s... We are only one point from safety 22 games into our first season back in the Premier League...! ALL players have shown moments of excellence and wild inconsistency. We need it to click again and fast and hopefully we can add 2+ more to the squad and let’s see how the last 16 cup finals go before judging perhaps ?
  10. It’s that or someone like Benteke on his £125k pw wages ...
  11. Jeez some of you need to lighten up with the criticism . It’s almost like some were itching for an excuse to moan and have a pop and now after a few dodgy results and performances all our summer signings are shit and we are doomed ... laughable if you compare where we were a year -18 months ago ... have faith UTV
  12. Clickbait sites have linked us to Cengiz Under from Roma ...
  13. Just for the name alone how about Gonzalo Villar - Young CM from Elche ... Spanish u21 international , one for the future ?!
  14. How about Ian Poveda from Citeh , young winger linked to Leeds ... ? Spent time in Brentford’s academy....
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