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  1. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik
  2. thabucks

    Dean Smith

    He isn’t a top level manager as it stands .. Has no idea how to set the team up and his decisions are now costing us as he is so predictable... Get the ball to jack & winger for winger after 60 mins ... etc etc As soon as we slip into the bottom 3 now I can’t see us getting out of it and that’s on Smith as I feel a better coach could set the midfield up and effect the games? Something he cannot do ...
  3. Now is now the time to be knee jerk but I just don’t feel Dean is cut out to be a top Flight manager ... there I’ve said it !
  4. Killer question would a better coach have us playing better ?
  5. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/aston-villa-new-shirt-sponsor-17779606
  6. Not sure where else to post this ... From the dodgiest of sources as well but just sharing ... https://tbrfootball.com/aston-villa-reportedly-set-for-new-sponsors-with-everton-dropped-sportpesa-stepping-up/
  7. It wasn’t a clear and obvious pen from the referees angle in real time .. slowed down from side angle he took the man but the ball so **** knows with VAR as it wasn’t a clear and obvious referee error and I thought that what it was actually for. But if it was against us and I saw the replay I’d be saying pen and would be livid if not given so can’t have it both ways. Whatever the reason was behind his absence coupled With this I hope it doesn’t ruin his confidence as we desperately need him back to how he was the 1st games of the season where for me he outshone Mings.
  8. Kinda agree but this stat also stands out ... Basically he is the top dog in terms of last ditch blocks ...
  9. Interesting stats regarding Tyrone ... Danny Welbeck has made more tackles than him ! https://www.90min.com/posts/6557037-tyrone-mings-has-made-7-tackles-this-season-that-s-fewer-than-danny-welbeck-and-more-stats?utm_source=RSS
  10. IF we stay up we need quality over quantity. 3/4 keys players of higher quality I reckon to compete for a place in the starting IX and maybe one or two prospects. I can’t see us being able to get Phillips if leeds fall apart as per usual... He will have the bigger clubs after him. Benrahma, Muriqi and Rashica may be in the same bracket sadly. Wouldn’t be adverse to Sorloth .. a striker failing at palace shouldn’t be used as a stick to beat him with especially under Woy... Sorloth/Muriqi Wesley & Samatta would give us options, depth and quality... Add Phillips & Benrahma/Rashica to the midfield. I’d like us to go for Joe Rodon from Swansea for CB. 2 new full backs would be nice to support Guilbert & Targett but don’t know anything about Robinson from Wigan at LB and think we could of missed a truck by not getting g Tariq Lamptey from Chelsea - a young RB. Just need to stay up first !
  11. thabucks


    I think given the length of time they had to put plan A into action upon promotion knowing it all had to be down before the first game we did exceptionally well to build a squad which can compete to stay in the league. Was it enough ... only time will tell . Hindsight’s a wonderful thing and I would of chosen different players on certain area which were seemingly available but from an armchair that’s easy to say. Have faith and let’s see where we finish before judging the success of the recruitment...
  12. Tariq lamptey to Brighton for £4.5mill could be very shrewd buisness for them and one I would of liked us to have taken a punt on.
  13. 3) we won’t be held to ransom and bribe players through wages to join us. 4) Players we wanted weren't available.
  14. A player Suso knows and he will be cheap and adds cover for Davis so will be 3rd choice at best. Makes sense if other targets aren’t an option until the summer.
  15. Let’s all throw our arms in the air in collective outrage as Chester has gone and championship Boro have just signed Harold Moukoudi on a loan with view to buy .... Another failing of Suso and the club ... Lol Edit: also just read that the mighty Boro are also battling Man Utd and Benfica for Adolfo Gaich Young Argentine striker previously linked or mentioned ... this news will surely top some other the edge and is another failing of the club.
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