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  1. I’d love us to get a striker but it’s pretty certain our first choices will be unobtainable mid season. With the Euros coming up a striker not getting enough mins, for his squad place to be in jeopardy in on loan would be our best bet. Any ideas ? The mental idea of Costa for 6 months is also starting to look like a tempting prospect ...
  2. I’m advocating or calling for change but in reality Smith will need replacing for us to take the next step up IMO. The club should forever be evolving with little time for misplaced sentiment. He has saved us and given us an identity and hope it continues. There will come a difficult time in seasons to come when it will be a case of stick or twist ... Ps : this is not based on tonight’s result BTW . As @KentVillan points out below, many factors were at play for tonight’s result and performance. I hope Smith stays around for a long time. I was doubting him last season - this season
  3. It will be our undoing if we are not careful. If Watkins snaps his ACL next game we have Davis as back up ... Trarore can obviously also do a job but it’s a risky move relying on what we have. That said buying a striker in January was never going to be easy or likely.
  4. It’s going to be interesting what direction Chelsea will now take under Tuchel in terms of youth development. Mount, Hudson-Odoi, Gilmore, Gallagher, Anjorin, Barkley & Loftus-Cheek would all improve our midfield options IMO and will be vying for places and not all will make it. cheeky bid for mount in the summer rather than Barkley?
  5. @Villan4Life what do make of Kyle Joseph @ Wigan ? Can he make the step up or a jump too far.
  6. Cheeky bid in the summer for fat Franks & teachers pet fav player? ... Obvs highly unrealistic.
  7. WTF with talk of Benteke. He is a spent up has been on £120k a week for his paltry goal and assists is a big fat NO.
  8. Matthew Sorinola @ MK Dons has had an impressive breakthrough season so far and destined for bigger things if he continues as is. Both great shouts for long term Targett competition.
  9. Demerai Gray is reported to have a poor attitude to training hence Leicester’s apparently Will to let a highly talented player leave for free... It is weird how some players get and rep for their lifestyle choices and other don’t. It’s a fact Berkeley lived & loved the west London nightclub scene and isn’t the greatest mate in many ways for Jack. But yet. So many seem against Dele Ali for his poor attitude to training, based on a very edited documentary. He was fine under Poch who is a know hard taskmaster at training. My point is NO to Grey as I’ve heard he is a bad egg.
  10. Exactly. Luiz pushes forward & replaces McGinn who is replaced as DM by Nakamba. Makes perfect sense to me as we cannot afford any slip ups tonight. Must win game ! We can then bring fresh legs in Ramsey to alter the game positively which he is more capable of than Nakamba attacking wise.
  11. It won’t be them as they’ve just brought Dominik Szoboszlai and also have Frosberg & Kluivert. Could be different financials involved which may bring us back to it or we’ve permanently moved on...
  12. Why do you think that is ?
  13. But @Kiwivillan said this was A junk link and we were wasting our time discussing and @villalad21 said no one good can be signed from Marseille... I’m calling BS
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