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  1. Steve Bruce

    Fulham's interplay, passing and movement were always going to be a problem for us as Bruce just doesn't have the tactical ability/awareness to counter it.. Hopefully just a blip , but with us unfortunately you just can't tell... Momentum is key at this stage of the season....
  2. Villa and FFP

    One of the only good things Fox did was insert those wage reduction clauses.... Hutton and Gabby definitely have them. Don't think Richards did as his wages partly include his signing on fee being spread over the length of his contract.
  3. Lyngby (Danish football team)

    Citeh were getting paid I think it was almost £10 million image & intellectual rights from each of there subsidiaries which is basically just a money moving excercise but it all counts.. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/how-are-big-spending-manchester-city-set-to-pass-uefas-financial-fair-play-rules-9097609.html%3famp Wjn win for all of it comes off !
  4. Villa Kit 2018-19

    Think it would be a good time to mix things up and ditch the blue sleeves and go all claret or something along those lines for a season ... we have had that a few times previously... though not since 01/02... http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Aston_Villa/Aston_Villa.htm It would be perfect to hopefully celebrate our reintroduction to the elite and to remind everyone who the original and best team in claret team is....
  5. Proud of our club Donate To Mo

    Done !
  6. Colin Calderwood

    I respect you as a poster Doug for sure .... ! I'm usually in agreement with what you ay just not this occasion .... UTV
  7. Colin Calderwood

    You implied he deserves credit ..Terry is the difference not Calderwood... We deteriated after his appointment especially from a defensive point of view... your right though it's not what you said but it's my response to what you said if that's ok ? Hence not directly quoting you ! But yeah I forgot this a forum where you have too toe the party line
  8. Colin Calderwood

    So Let's air brush how rank we were after his appointment just to give him some dues now ..... ok sounds fair ??! ......
  9. The pitch

    Thought the same. It didn't look in it's usual pristine condition.... and worrying if true regarding cuts...
  10. Match Thread: Brentford v Villa

    Can anyone still defend Bruce and does anyone truly think he will get us promoted???
  11. Steve Bruce

    Well marco silva says hi.... he transformed the way Hull played in a matter of games.... just saying!
  12. Tony Xia

    As I said I doubt it is true. However with HS2, the commonwealth games etc big bucks are on offer to the right developers with the right connections . I really don't care as long as he tries his best to restore us back to the upper reaches of the game.
  13. Tony Xia

    @Dick what is your hang up on the fact I defended a past owner against in some cases over the top personal abuse based on having actually having met the guy and spent time in his company. I never absolved him of full blame, he messed up big time. I really don't see how the two are linked? Xia has paid lip service but where is the tangible change? Why should he be beyond questioning? But yeah it makes you feel better crack on...
  14. Tony Xia

    Question for the good Dr... did you buy villa with the true intentions o rebuild the club and make us great again as previously claimed or did you actually just buy the club with the intention to work your way in with council so you were at the forefront of redevelopment of the city ? Because that is the rumour I've been told at a recent football conference. Don't really believe it and I have faith he is a man of his word.. time will tell.. Be interesting though when the accounts are filed how much the dr has put in and how much has been parachute payments etc.
  15. So what would you do?

    Are the dr plans are as ambitious as he claims or is it just lip service to appease a fractured fanbase after the last owners **** ups..... I'm not seeing the ambition... plenty of attainable names of the list below given the right ambition... Bisella would be the dream ! https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik