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  1. Not really worth discussing due to the source. There is not many people I could name realistically to come in and replace the job Smith is doing. I’ve been critical of him in the past but now isn’t the time to be change for change sake.
  2. Wyness did the same at Everton outsourced everything to his cronies, merchandise catering etc sold control for a pittance and reduced our abilities to increase revenue.
  3. 99% of all living organisms have become extinct since the beginning of time - we are living in the 1 % which is why Sanson injury took so long to heal
  4. I wonder if he will come out with a statement over the Argentina farce as it’s had a severe negative impact on us given FIFAs decision regarding the Brazilian players who didn’t travel. Someone has screwed up massively on this with v.poor judgement.
  5. @Peter Griffin I applaud you on your conviction and reasoned and detailed responses and POV ref: Mings - I see and agree with your point to an extent. Just think it depends on the player and so many other factors in terms on what they offer and bring to the team and squad. Mings loss would be felt for sure in the dressing room .
  6. What left footed CB would you suggest then for us to go for ?
  7. Let’s maybe not perhaps discuss unrealistic player sales and keep this to realistic incomings ? Selling Mings is just a stupid suggestion imo and has been fuelled by boredom in the absence of links… Yes he has the odd huge mistake in him but then if we use that to batter Mings then should we highlight how often Watkins hit the woodwork and use that as a stick to beat him with …
  8. IMO Konsa is the better footballer, but we would find it harder to replace Mings and his missing presence would be felt more within the team and squad due to his leadership qualities and communication skills.
  9. Can sort of see why he did it.. And what’s is with seemingly unable to stop talking about Arsenal -still! He will itch for a move to Athletico given the chance next summer I have no doubts. We are but a stepping stone for him at his age I fear sadly.
  10. Farewell my friend - it’s been emotional - now the king is dead, Long lube the king and Jan 2022.
  11. Geez some y’all are so bored and maybe should stay away from this thread for a few weeks/ months if you think selling Tyrone is anyway forward for us. He isn’t The best but what he brings cannot be easily quantified as it’s not just on pitch performances…
  12. I wonder what effect Bailey has had on shirt sales so far as our headline signing alongside Buendia & Ings. As we have, an obvious, big manchild size hole to fill in terms of shirt sales - (I have 4 + 1 Grealish shirts …) it will be interesting to see the spread and if sales Next summer we will need a marquee signing to truly help push on commercially and increase income to the next level. It’s feels right now an almost impossible leap to catch up with Spurs L€ Ar$e, Ch€l$ki, CryMeALiverpool, Manure and the Kurrupt oil barons financially within the next decade if ever . The chasm grows evermore annually almost exponentially …
  13. So we are to believe that after not signing him this summer we are now desperate to buy Weston McKennie in January - me smells BS Clickbait … Laughable really - until you think someone has been paid to write such shite. Think We’ll go big depending on what’s deals are out there - similar to Sanson and also depending on any long term injuries.
  14. Ah sheeeiiittt DC Jonah has a new from to beat to death…
  15. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/endendevertraege
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