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  1. Yeah I agree. That’s what usually seems to happen in these cases. Heavy fines with community service work. I would think they would give him court-ordered rehab as well. Or was the drink-driving part dropped?
  2. Spot on. I wish I had a more eloquent response but this is identical to how I see it. Cheers.
  3. You think they would’ve recognized that after what we did to Liverpool’s ultra high line.
  4. You had me until the highlighting his poor performances/ errors part. It’s pretty well documented that he has never been able to shake his major mental lapses during games. It’s also pretty clear that he’s been very hot and very cold since his first England call up and plenty of people have said as much. The problem with anyone on any message board is lack of objective criticism. A lot of comments come across as hyperbole, stemming from frustration and it’s annoying to read constantly. That goes for any player. At least, that’s what I take away from @Indigos comment.
  5. It pains me to say it but this is how I viewed it as well. But I could be wrong. Always assumed ball contact negated any form of foul.
  6. Cause it was the angle that showed he got the ball?
  7. Agreed but no excuse for players like Cash. He’s been off his game today.
  8. Doesn’t Watkins already have more goals than Wesley did?
  9. Completely disagree but to each their own. Konsa definitely has more potential. Mings is pretty much maxed out.
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