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  1. People seem to be forgetting the transfer business last summer and how we are pretty much in the same place. Baileys been hurt, Ings is finding his footing and Buendia is struggling to get comfortable. So really, if this all continues a mid table finish is actually rather very positive consider what they are replacing. Other than that people just demand too much, too soon. They’re the same type of people that start calling for a coaches head the second a string of bad results occurs. Anyways, I’m still plenty hopeful for Buendia, he’s already show he can perform in this league with an awful Norwich team so there’s really no reason he can’t do it with a significantly more talented team at Villa. The pressure of being a record signing and no preseason has definitely knocked about his confidence but he’s started to look more promising over the last two games.
  2. Missed the bus? Lol they just left him because he was late or did they forget about him and left?
  3. 2-1 loss to Totty on their home pitch when our play has been dreadful? I can live with that.
  4. Surely I’m not losing my eyesight. That looks like it was off Mouras spikes.
  5. A 6.0 for cash? Seems a bit harsh, no? Maybe I missed something though.
  6. Yeah I’m curious to see what changes come in the second half. I’m holding on to hope that we will be much improved lol.
  7. I think the only argument for why they aren’t starting is possibly still injury concern? Plus when Buendia has started he’s looked fairly lackluster so for now having him come in as our “super sub” doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea.
  8. I’m all for criticizing the insane amount of negativity that too many express on this board but after the first 5 minutes it really did become dreadful. Couldn’t make a pass, couldn’t hold on to the ball, standing around during the goal, no real threat going forward… it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them play this bad.
  9. Why are Luiz and Royal swapping kits at half? Isn’t that a full time thing?
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