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  1. Can play striker: Watkins Davis Traore (Wesley to come back) AML/AMR: Grealish Traore Trez AEG CM: Luiz McGinn Barkley Hourihane Nakamba Ramsey Lansbury That's 14 players to cover front 6 plus Wesley to come back
  2. It changed in 2018. The one thing in the link I posted they could've bullet pointed
  3. (Barkley hat trick, Watkins debut goal) 4-1
  4. How do you think we loaned Drinkwater? https://www.premierleague.com/news/464747
  5. I've just checked loan rules and says nothing about only leagues below.
  6. Like the Championship where a back up CB signing would probably come from?
  7. As many as Dion Dublin after his debut at CB
  8. Correct. We can loan players after window shuts if needs be
  9. Every signing we have made is first team intended. Mings and Konsa are first choice. Hause Engels even Elmo plus potentially youth players are cover. Just because fans don't think they're good enough cover doesn't mean management do. We're not willy nilly signing back up players over hypothetical injuries
  10. So from the man himself 1 more which is a loan and people still think we going to sign Rashica/Sarr/Beundia
  11. Barkley has played +90% of games 50/50 split between #8 and #10 so not across the front 3
  12. And Elmo shown adequate CB capable and Dean has said we're not going to stockpile players. I think Barkley is the end of our transfers IN at least front 6 anyway
  13. 2nd best % in Chelsea team last season for passing in final 3rd 90% and played over 1000 minutes. That's better than any of our squad last season
  14. What do you think about his hip injury, hamstring injury, and "unknown injury" all in 2019 and hasn't kicked a ball in 2020 that I'm aware of. What can't people move on from him?
  15. AEG and Trez can play left or right. Trez has played twice as many RW for us as LW. Why you think we getting another?
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