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  1. When you legitimately can't tell if it's The Onion or real
  2. I mean I try to forget his tenure with us but seriously? "Bruce – previously in charge of Sheffield United, Huddersfield, Birmingham, Crystal Palace, Wigan, Sunderland, Hull and Sheffield Wednesday – has indicated he regards this as the right moment to retire." https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/20/steve-bruce-leaves-newcastle-united-as-new-owners-hunt-for-manager
  3. You can put lipstick on a pig... Mings will always have brain farts and Tuanzebe is a mediocre CB and I don't see much room for improvement. You get what you pay for or in some cases overpay (see Maguire)
  4. We need a Deano Out bingo card made from VT comments
  5. Said long before Newcastle takeover PL and actually all big football leagues need to adopt salary cap system like they have in NRL and other sports. Would put a cap on ridiculous wages some clubs pay players for one. Unfortunately that horse has long bolted
  6. I agree with this in the most part
  7. A reasonable fan regardless of club would apportion blame to car crash performances of a few players rather than the manager having much influence in the last 15 minutes
  8. Formation and manager is irrelevant when 2 CBs revert to pub league standard the last 15 mins of game time
  9. Shades of his shambles in the 5-5 Forest game which I mentioned a few times for not wanting him before we got him. I remain unconvinced
  10. 8 goals 12 assists in 4071 minutes. Traore 7 goals 8 assists in 2387 minutes must be very very good deal for us
  11. If the reported stupid deal they offered him is correct we dodged a bullet
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