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  1. Kiwivillan

    John Terry

    Thank you Kanye, very cool.
  2. Kiwivillan

    John Terry

    Get rid already. Worst in every defensive stat in the league. WTF is his role? Placing cones
  3. To paraphrase Churchill on Attlee, Hourihane is a modest footballer with much to be modest about
  4. Should've played same lineup as 1st leg SF where Hause had most clearances and won loads in the air. That and starting Hourihane after shambles cup final appearance says Smith doesn't learn and is throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks so finally I'm out
  5. Suso has to go. His shit signings smack of cosy arrangements with agent mates. Surely I'm not alone and loads of PL management people would've looked at Trez highlight reel and said this guy will not cut it in the PL
  6. If Smith leaving meant Terry gone as well I'd probably consider it
  7. If I was Smith I'd think of quitting but for the wonderful remuneration. Imagine trying to polish some of these turds
  8. I'm resigned to going down even though Leicester 3rd best in league. This will put us -3 worse than 3rd worst GD team EDIT: make that -4
  9. I've been backing Smith forever but this selection has me flummoxed
  10. This will be in the Daily Star tomo as source close to the club confirms
  11. Why did he start in first place? He was shit coming on in cup
  12. Some people keep saying it's Smith. I say Klopp and Pep couldn't get a tune out of some of these
  13. Yeah keep avoiding the fact that no one knows what he brings because it sure isn't good defensive training
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