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  1. Ridiculous hyperbole. How many games did Thor play under Smith allowing for injury?
  2. I reiterate what the previous poster said. Have you watched him play for Villa. He was extremely frustrating as per usual constantly missing the easy, better pass under no pressure against Minnesota. As MOMS guy said, he slows the game down and not in a good way. It's no surprise he got little time under Smith last season
  3. Neither should be anywhere near the first 11
  4. 100% on the DM part. Lot of his goals/assists have come when he's played advanced. Last season all 3 goals at AM turns out Grealish wasn't playing and not sure if they were free kicks without checking. Breakdown last season positionally(transfermarkt) AM 3G 5A CM 3G 6A (1 game LM vs Millwall 1A) DM 1G 1A
  5. What a shit team though. Thor Lansbury Hourihane in the middle of a 433
  6. Lol first thing I thought seeing graph was starfish
  7. El Ghazi Trezeguet and Benrahma can all play either wing and Jota looks better through the middle so why not?
  8. I've done very well last few seasons in FPL almost entirely relying on stats as it's difficult to watch a lot of games with time difference and I'd rather watch Villa if any
  9. Yes just aggregating. Posted about the ground buy back story way before anyone including the story text before article published
  10. Kiwivillan

    Ezri Konsa

    CM? Looks like he played there a lot season at Charlton. In a double pivot that can be practically DM
  11. Kiwivillan

    Ezri Konsa

    He could vs he should.
  12. Kiwivillan

    Ezri Konsa

    He has all the attributes of a good DM and as someone else said he has played that position before. Mostly CDM at Charlton I think

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