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  1. Absolute nonsense. Read article above about how delighted he is to be Villa captain. Also we have 3rd richest owners in English football who only held back by FFP which will evaporate with promotion
  2. I refuse to be anything but nervous until we get the result but mate from Leeds thinks we'll beat them easy
  3. For Fantasy purposes. Palace =18th for home form
  4. Kiwivillan

    Glenn Whelan

    We need to replace Whelan as we don't have anyone else that can play that role as well. Conor ain't it
  5. "Nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Leeds staying in the Championship."
  6. 2AM in NZT time to book the Monday off work
  7. I wouldn't mind dropping Adomah and Green and playing Whelan McGinn in double pivot with Hourihane behind Tammy and 2 of Grealish and AEG or Kodjia either side
  8. I'll say it again. Hourihane is never a DM

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