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  1. We don't need one. Our form was great without Barkley running around doing fark all. Nakamba did great if we want to play a DCM
  2. Red herring. Foden got no minutes. Sounds like Jack wanted to leave long before. That he left it this close to PL kick off just makes him a bigger snake
  3. If they don't get punished hard for their back channeling of money from years ago the PL is a farce
  4. Wow. I'm ecstatic with our transfers in so far. I think you're going to be disappointed
  5. Bailey and Ings in last 24 hours are not fantastic?
  6. From Corinthians via a dodgy 3rd party deal along with Mascherano. No relevance to what you're replying to
  7. Bailey at Bayer 90 games LW 41 games RW Last season 21 games RW 11 games LW
  8. He's gone to the club that represents everything wrong with football and that's not even getting into the oil state owners and if the background stuff about him angling for move ages ago are true which they do sound so then he's a total snake
  9. Nah there's no question about NSWE ambitions besides even discussing FFP it's about Jack and family not being from money and being dazzled by the agent on what was on offer
  10. He does fancy stuff like Bailey that make people go wow but has terrible end product. He's not as fast as Bailey from what I've seen.
  11. @Fairy In Boots has covered this in detail recently and to me it makes the most sense that Grealish, his family, and his agent have been angling for a move long ago regardless of club's ambition and how many times he's said he's a boyhood Villa fan. He's snaked out on us
  12. I think he offers a lot more than ASM who I've never understood the hype about him
  13. What Bertie scored last season in 2300 minutes and some people don't rate him and you have people wanting to sign ASM with a PL season best return of 3 goals and 5 assists
  14. Wiki says born Dereham, Norfolk and joined Norwich academy under 10s
  15. We should sign Lionel, Ritchie, and the Kamadas
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