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  1. Bruce Lee 1-inch punch
  2. It's astonishing the amount of people on all forms of social media criticizing VAR when the fact is when the referee blows his whistle the ball is dead. VAR can't rule on a goal scored after ref has blown his whistle.
  3. "Earlier this summer, it was reported that some Premier League clubs wanted the apparent loophole closed." If loophole exists that needs closing what have we done wrong?
  4. Friend should be done for inciting a riot. I'm not even joking
  5. I don't understand how Trez who looks undercooked for this league and tbh, his highlight reel or the Turkish league don't impress me much, not sure why he keeps getting a start
  6. Friend and the steward that gave the finger were absolutely architects of it kicking off
  7. And VAR couldn't rule on the goal because play is dead when referee blew his whistle
  8. You can only appeal straight red cards. Has been this way for donkeys. Related article 2009 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/7992496.stm
  9. 5 yellow cards in 37 minutes before 1 against Palace. I didn't see full game but this seems excessively one sided or were they all deserved?
  10. Never yellow cards only straight reds
  11. Thought we'd get 3-4 points from Bournemouth and Palace. 3pts from Everton was a bonus. Not sure what happens here. Wham hitting their straps. Haller looks decent.

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