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  1. Normally I would say never ever but he does have 100% win record as England manager
  2. I've been saying Terry should get the boot since December. Our defence is useless and DS has said repeatedly JT looks after that
  3. 100% agree and I was big fan at the time
  4. This is why Rodgers turned us down and held out for Leicester job. People are delusional if they think we're a big draw card dropping down to the Championship
  5. Them too. words removed. McGinn had injury excuse. You left out Grealish
  6. I sympathise with Smith. Too many of our players have been **** fannies game in, game out
  7. Getting a new manager in won't fix this pile of shite Suso bought.
  8. We did by all accounts and he didn't want it
  9. Amazing what having a super agent getting players well under their market price can do for a team
  10. Taylor one of our best defenders. True facts
  11. People have prejudice against some players so focus on minutiae errors. I'm guilty of it with Trezeguet and Hourihane
  12. A point we arguably didn't deserve with goal not given against team with 2nd best defensive record in the league
  13. Watch his shambles of a defensive performance in the middle vs Forest 5-5. That's Conor to a tee
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