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  1. Smith is right. Manager change won't fix individual errors Opta statistics show no team in the Premier League has made more individual mistakes than Villa. “The players need to stamp it out. If they’re making individual mistakes, there’s not a lot we can do on the coaching field about it,” said manager Dean Smith. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/aston-villa-relegation-premier-league-table-transfers-dean-smith-1368990
  2. If took reported 20% wage cut offered 6 months ago only on 130k GBP a week
  3. Targett 5th for tackles and clearances per game, 1st for interceptions, and 4th for key passes. Yet another player that comes in for criticism where player like Luiz does a whole lot of nothing and nary a mention
  4. Mostly agree except Nakamba does but Luiz hardly and Hourihane barely at all. We were letting in too many goals before McGinn got injured
  5. Posted this in another forum. I left out players without enough game time so no Jota, Lansbury, Drinkwater. So Conor is actually 15th per game in squad out of people that have played significant game timeTackles:1st Fred 3pg2 Nakamba3 McGinn4 Hause5 Targett...15th Hourihane 0.6pgInterceptions:1st Targett 2.2pg2 Fred3 Nakamba4 Engels5 Konsa...15th Hourihane 0.3pg
  6. If we paid what Brighton did for him with 2 goals and 4 assists people would be having a rant on the Suso page
  7. He's played 65 mins in 3 mostly miniscule appearances since surgery. You could probably name half a dozen in our team that deserve criticism before Jota
  8. He got paired with probably the worst tackling CMs in the league in Luiz and Hourihane. 19 and 9 tackles they've made all season. Does Dean even pay attention to this?
  9. I know he's not a DM and Nakamba should start ahead of him every game. Was foolish to pair Drinkwater with Luiz and not Nakamba vs Man City
  10. What does Luiz actually do I keep asking myself?
  11. The club will not sign Murray for half a season and Murray is looking for longer term deal. People need to engage their brain and not believe every rumour. Long is shit idea and wouldn't save us from relegation by getting in tomorrow rather than trying to get sensible deals across the line. We need to make a break from the perpetuity of shit signings and build longer term strategies
  12. Sheffield United are not conceding to many teams carrying on from best defence in Championship and Pearson has turned Watford around like I thought he would because he's a good manager and they have good players People make out like these teams we should be beating when that's just arrogance
  13. I thought was suspended at Galatasarey for training ground bust up recently but seems he just couldn't be bothered training and left early. Sounds just the character needed to survive relegation. He got relegated with Blackburn no?
  14. We've scored 28 goals (9th in the league) and Wesley was rubbish according to many, some even said was like playing with 10 men, so what's the problem?
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