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  1. Funny was just reading Everton GOT forum and was like being on here after we don't win
  2. I think we'll lose or draw because Baggies need to win for survival and we're going through the motions. For Fantasy PL would love for Ollie to score hat trick though
  3. When I started playing in NZ in 82 there were more kids registered to play football than rugby. I still play 7 a side in 11 week seasons 4 times a year in "social" league in Auckland. Venue I play they have 18 games a night Monday to Thursday and that's 1 of about 8 venues in Auckland.
  4. Afghanistan might be looking for some business opportunities
  5. "And the papers want to know whose shirt you wear" one of my favourite song lyrics of all time that sums up tabloid media
  6. Lol Jim'll Paint It FB post text: I would like to formally apologise for yesterday's post. Out of respect for the late racist and father of suspected paedophile I have replaced Prince Philip with The Count. I trust this will make everything okay.
  7. On VT but actually NZ is kind of old English money puritanical in a disgusting way. Easter drinking and shop opening laws are archaic
  8. I'm swelled by the general disdain that I thought would be taboo
  9. Was worried coming on here commenting on old racist guy from anachronistic family died as is headline news in NZ.
  10. Wouldn't be worried about Arsenal. Has been linked with Liverpool
  11. Would love him but Norwich would not sell for anything but stupid money and all the top teams would be in for him
  12. Reading through match thread is a crack up
  13. Most managers don't make changes at HT. What a shocker
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