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  1. While I still think we can finish above halfway would be nice to win tomorrow and be 6pts (plus big GD near =7pts) clear of bottom 3 who are already looking a bit cut adrift
  2. So basically at odds with the entire footballing community's opinion Only 6th most chances created of any player in the PL
  3. That YouTube video posted earlier highlights him going past players. What's the end product? Traore went past players. It's the lack of nouse to convert it into goal scoring opportunities that concerns me
  4. I was talking attacking intent demonstrated by attacking stats. You made it about defensive contributions. Apples and oranges?
  5. Do you have a source? Can bring up Liverpool but could do Mings for 3 goals in the 3 previous before that game but I was highlighting attacking intent
  6. El Ghazi has played 53 more minutes than Trez and has more goals and assists, more shots on target 9 vs 6, more chances created 10 vs 7 and more big chances created 3 vs 0.
  7. Just goes to show highlight reels can be selectively edited to make someone look amazing without translating to goal and assist threat
  8. Ardent Blue nose that flashed Zulu hand symbol in goal celebration against Wolves not long ago? He's cheap in fantasy every season because his record is absolute dogshit. This is the kind of rubbish signing from the past that led to relegation
  9. That's not wrong and yet I still think he'd offer more as a sub than Kodj
  10. Still don't see him scoring from open play like El Ghazi. Gave Trez a lot of stick this week so happy to be proven wrong just gut feeling from what I've seen he's lacking incisiveness needed in Premier League
  11. Trez scores from a good set piece badly defended to add to his assist. El Ghazi 3 goals and 3 assists in all comps count for nothing? He's far more clinical. I can't understand the comparison
  12. Would rather have kept Uncle Albert
  13. Is this the real life? What next? Allardyce for manager posts AGAIN!?!
  14. Trez has 1 assist and looks junk. Passed the ball less than Wesley last game (12 out of 17 attempted) including Sterling breakaway that got Grealish carded. His decision making is awful. He offers no threat. What do people see in him ?!?!
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