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  1. Scores or assisted isn’t it? Thought I saw that the other day. Immense stat. Its a shame we’re into the annual “Messi is going leave Barcelona, it’s not about money, but then gets offered more money and decided to stay” saga
  2. My mum (or whoever took her) would get free parking at the QE hospital in Birmingham when she had cancer treatment (about 5 years back).
  3. Why must they go so overboard with every young player who has a good few months? Greenwood looks very good, but you’d think he was a super hero the way they are going on.
  4. Genie

    Dean Smith

    Would you agree a new contract in advance though? A bonus and maybe a payrise in his existing contract. But why a new longer deal? Crazy.
  5. Genie

    Dean Smith

    Oh, you’re of the opinion (without any evidence) that Smith didn’t have a say in any of the players that came in? He’s the only manager in the country who doesn’t have a say in who is signed.
  6. Genie

    Dean Smith

    Reina absolutely screaming at Mings after the 2nd goal
  7. Genie

    Dean Smith

    I’d love to know why that happened. Must be more to it.
  8. Genie

    Dean Smith

    Deano should be able to keep them working Deano played a major part in bringing these players in. LOTS (but not everything) to do with Deano. We were utterly pathetic at times in that game.
  9. Genie

    Dean Smith

    Pretty sure he already has a job...
  10. Genie

    Dean Smith

    This. It’s a sad reality. They won’t run for him. Block for him.
  11. What the hell is it with the vanishing act once the balls is crossed in? It’s surreal. Where do the strikers hide?
  12. I rarely call for a managers head, but this club is done under Smith. We ain’t staying up but I’d still get rid now. If as a club we accept performances like this then things will just get worse.
  13. Gary Neville “this could get messy” Too bloody right
  14. Sack Smith and whoever is head of recruitment. Start afresh.
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