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  1. Kitchen sink time, long balls onto the penalty spot, see what drops.
  2. Corners, goal kicks, free kicks and throw ins... bloody awful.
  3. I think the key word is respect. If you come in and get it, then keep it the players respect you'll have them pulling up trees. The players knew that Zidane wouldn't accept less than 100%. Same with SAF, same with the old Jose, same with Wenger. As soon as the players get a whiff that you're sinking, or you don't have the power or balls to bomb them out then its all over. If United back OGS then he needs to make a few statements by binning off those who are not pulling their weight. Pogba, Sanchez and Lukaku need to go first. I'd rather have players like Young, Smalling and Jones who give the effort but lack the quality than the other way round (get rid of those players in wave 2...)
  4. I’ve seen McTominay a few times and I really like him. He’s a full blooded centre midfielder who seems to have the Roy Keane type of mentality too. Exactly the kind of player United need.
  5. It’s worse because he occasionally looks a good player. It frustrates the fans because they know the player they want is hidden inside him. Id sack him off, make an example of him and hopefully it’s a bit of a wake up call to the other slackers in the side. Sanchez too. Stinking the place out.
  6. Genie


    They’d be absolutely nailed on for the net spend trophy then too.
  7. When it boils down, Gayle could have cost the clubs tens or hundreds of millions. Madness. He might of also got a second yellow before the one he did get.
  8. Would be a disaster for UEFA and the sponsors if all 4 sides in the 2 finals are from England
  9. Genie

    Racism Part two

    Such a stupid thing to do for anyone, let along someone in his position. It goes with the territory as a high profile employee of the BBC you have to be extremely careful with anything that might cause offence. Can anyone explain what he said about it was meant to be a joke about royals and circus animals and not about race?
  10. I feel sick already having watched 5 minutes of the post match.
  11. Liverpool deserve the result, so do Barcelona.
  12. When they had the chances in the first half they were so casual, like doesn’t matter Liverpool won’t score 3/4
  13. Barcelona have only got themselves to blame. Unbelievably average and zero quality

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