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  1. Genie

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    On Unions I think they do good and bad, but overall probably bad. From what I’ve seen when the going is good they demand too much in return (massive pay rises and bonuses). I’ve benefitted from these. Then, when there’s clouds on the horizon the business cannot sustain the wage bill. Of course the Union are on hand to fight the workers corner and protect as many jobs as possible, but my feeling is that those jobs would probably be less at risk if they hadn’t held the company to ransom in the good times.
  2. Genie

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    I think they might, yes. If you’re going with your other half then you’re filming an adult movie in your room for your website.
  3. Yeah, Joshua never gave any excuses for that loss to Ruiz jr but watching it back I’m convinced that early big hit he took to his ear upset his balance and coordination for the entire fight. He was completely out of sorts that night.
  4. I was just curious if it was 1) Different vaccines hence different results or 2) Same vaccines working quite differently in 2 people. I am happy with what ever is supplied, although I think I’ll get Pfizer or Moderna (if available) based on the previous press releases for under 40’s.
  5. Genie

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    Workers at my place had 2 emails from the Trade Union today. 1) They’ve made a pay claim for a substantial payrise and lump sum bonus 2) The business are looking to “displace” several hundred people. It included some questions to ask if you’re approached and to immediately adjourn the meeting if you’d like union representation. Seems like both sides playing games.
  6. Genie

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    Check the date, mine was end of June.
  7. To fill the void I’ll start complaining about the side effects Tuesday morning at 10am
  8. I’ve just managed to book through the website, looks like they’ve lowered the criteria in the background. Next Monday for the first. Thanks for the tip offs
  9. She booked it through the normal website (which says 40+)?
  10. It’s laughable that they have to sign a deal to agree to a fine. Shows how gutless UEFA are. So desperate not to upset the big clubs.
  11. Pundits should be shaming these players, instead they praise them. I watched the game last night. During the game the commentary praised Zaha for his clever play winning the penalty. Then after the game Darren Bent and Clinton Morrison were giving analysis, Morrison said “it was a definite penalty”. Then the host (who’s name I forget) said “look at this, look at his right leg”, they play the clip where he moves his leg to get a contact, his knee is already collapsing before the very, very minimal touch. Clinton said it was clever play by Zaha. Its obviously ex-players not w
  12. Nice, thanks for the tip-off. I’ll be up nice and early anyway so hopefully get in before the inevitable crash of the website.
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