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  1. Formula One - 2017

    Anyone get up to watch qualifying? I didn't but I will be setting the alarm tomorrow (plus an hour less due to clocks going forward).
  2. Republic of Ireland

    The shape of colemans leg as a spoiler rather than an embedded image for those of a nervous disposition.
  3. Republic of Ireland

    Ah right, I wasn't aware of the background to it. Just came across incredibly annoying.
  4. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    That £35k fine has probably hit them hard
  5. Republic of Ireland

    Looked like a horrible leg break there, proper flopping around as he fell Terrible game, and how annoying is that trumpet player??
  6. It was also about how the victims are remembered, nobody has a clue about who those police officers were yet LR is one of the greatest heros of this generation. I find that odd.
  7. I could be wrong with my dates here but I'm pretty sure that the same day 'hero' Lee Rigby was attacked in London by 2 dark skinned men Dale Cregan was in court for luring 2 police officers to his house with a fake burgulary complaint and then shot them and blew them up on the door step with grenades. The police officers killed in the line of their work and Lee on his way back from the chippy. Its odd years later 1 of these tragic incidents still gets so many headlines and the other nothing at all. I wonder if Dale was a religious convert it would be different?
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I dont think about the best one, I'm hoping for the fittest one (yes, they are all female at the barbers I go to)
  9. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    He's not allowed to pass at City? The manager who shipped out Hart to bring in a passing goalkeeper who can't stop shots or crosses.
  10. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Still a good finish even if Cahill didn't block it.
  11. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    I saw one bookie earlier had them 1.3 to win, no idea about Canada but I thought there is no way Scotland can be that short to beat anybody. Should have layed them.
  12. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    It was a top quality finish
  13. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    The gulf in actual quality shown right there, lots of huffing and puffing from England, Podolski smashes one on the top corner from 25 yards.
  14. Germany v England/England v Lithuania

    Second half has been dreadful
  15. Yep, I got it Mobile phones along with drugs and booze are rife in British prisons despite obviously being banned.