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  1. Spurs have made some changes to the stadium in order to get the Bale deal over the line
  2. Genie

    General Chat

    About 10 years ago I went on a business trip to Germany and back with a stanley knife in my hand luggage. I didn’t realise until I got back and was unpacking my bag. It was quite worrying it didn’t get detected at all.
  3. I’ve interpreted it as he has retired but just doing a bit of football for fun
  4. Genie

    General Chat

    I was just getting some fuel and noticed Orange twirl by the till so decided to grab one each for me and the wife. Surprised at the new total I said to the bloke how much are they? £1.69 each cos they are limited edition he replied. Robbing bastard.
  5. I’ve been impressed by Romero every time I’ve watched him. They should give him a run of games as number 1.
  6. Theres good news and bad news... The bad news is that some of your elderly relatives will lose their lives as a direct result of government policy, yeah I know gutting, you didn’t see me in there. The good news is, we’ll be able to pay for MP pay rises out of the savings on pension payments, so, every cloud. ah, you’re still thinking about the bad news aren’t you.
  7. Signings like McGuire for £85m and the ludicrous deal for Alexi Sanchez do them absolutely no favours. People know they have they money and will be back if they really want the player.
  8. I really should watch the early Red Dwarf again. Watched it and loved it in my school days. Fortunately I avoided the recent newer stuff
  9. Not horrendous then, £9m all in. Maybe he had a chunk of signing fee.
  10. He must be finished in club management after this job. He’ll either do Portugal then retire or some random Middle Eastern / Russia jobs.
  11. The fact that there’s a thread with 314 pages for a player that doesn’t even play for us.
  12. This is what I was getting at. The employing business need to be asked why they are paying so much money for so little work, when he’s actually disgraced himself in this field of work already. Name and shame them all for effectively “buying” a public official. This is the only way this practice will stop.
  13. It’s not his fault someone is giving him £100k for a few hours work. The company who are planning this need to be named and asked what their motivation is, because it’s not due to his excellence in the area.
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