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  1. Why would you say that? What if he punched a woman?
  2. and nobody tells Gerrard he can’t have his own pick of what music the DJ plays...
  3. He left the house one day but couldn’t get back in again, bloody gates.
  4. Jacks Lawyer: Jack says no comment.
  5. Not for a second. It’s the only one the public know about and not necessarily the only time he’s been out living it up.
  6. He’s embarrassed because he got caught, he wouldn’t be feeling embarrassed if he hadn’t crashed his car outside and been labelled as an idiot on the front of the red tops.
  7. It’s just so stupid, barely half a day after saying stay home he went out to see his mate. What a dickhead. Clearly thinks Villa fans are idiots too.
  8. Everyone trying to gloss over the car crash then?
  9. Shooting the general public tends to have the opposite affect to what you’re hoping for
  10. If we go down we need the proceeds of his sale to prepare us for a year or 3 in the championship.
  11. It’s just a mess. Why didn’t he drive his car home if it was still road worthy? Why didn’t he get a lift with his mate? Why didn’t he get a taxi after the crash? Why did he leave the window open? Why was he wearing odd shoes. The potential answer for all of those is because he was pissed.
  12. Did you go out wearing 1 flip flop and 1 slipper?
  13. He’s hit several things looking at his car, that’s not 1 impact. You can’t crash, then crash again at least one more time straight after if you’re completely “focussed”.
  14. Exactly this didn’t occur on our training ground witnessed and managed by our staff. No police investigation.
  15. It seemed like he’d put his past “lifestyle” to bed, but this (could) show it’s basically just been a front which will cost him millions i’d imagine
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