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  1. I was actually thinking about this yesterday. Surprised nobody has managed to engineer this somehow getting them into the same side for a charity game, or some kind of La Liga all stars versus PL all stars (obviously before he went to Italy). I'm sure there is a lot of money in it even a 1 off pre-season friendly.
  2. There was very little danger of England doing that back then. Plus, the English press were all over them for every misplaced pass. I could see why the top players really could do without the agro of representing England. I think the opposite is true now. Gareth has the press cutting the players a bit of slack and we're going into tournaments as genuine contenders.
  3. Labour could push the free University education again, that would do it.
  4. Yeah, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. What's the harm?
  5. I agree with that, but then they should not get special treatment because they are police officers. If names are to be kept secret at this stage then it should be for all for the reasons you mentioned.
  6. Genie

    General Chat

    Isn’t it funny that in Russia and North Korea they create these pictures of their leader with big guns and looking majestic riding horses as aspirational figures. Here our leader sanctions a video where he makes a cup of tea all by himself to show how much of a normal guy he is.
  7. How many pre-planned goal celebrations have the likes of Dele Alli and Jesse Lingaard not been able to do since they've been crap?
  8. Ronaldo knocks in Hattrick number 55 tonight. We really are blessed to have him and Messi in this era. International goals: - Cristiano Ronaldo: 98 - Brazil's squad combined: 75 - Spain's squad combined: 63 - England's squad combined: 50 - The rest of Portugal's squad combined: 43
  9. It’s because Liverpool have the worst “fans” in the land.
  10. Genie

    Crypto currency

    If you did you’d be about 20% up today
  11. Never in a million years would he come to Villa for a relegation battle, that's why...
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