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  1. Weekends Football 18/20 August

    He was very slow starting last season wasn't he (or was it the year before)?
  2. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Danielle Lloyd home video and pics...
  3. Manchester United

    I agree, richest club in the world should be able to afford him as a "luxury". Some of those wages do get offset in shirt and commercial revenue and general club profile. It will depend on ZI as he will know he'll have to spend some time on the bench. At his age, with the injury he just had he might be ok with it.
  4. Manchester United

    I do wonder that because Zlatan won't be cheap obviously. With CL and the domestic cups which Jose always takes seriously they might want 2 top strikers.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Jesus, we've won 1 **** game and you've already got us promoted and slagging him off for potentially getting us relegated again.
  6. The ISIS threat to Europe

    I agree, the amount of discussion on VT is often a good barometer of the amount of "shock" of an incident. Several of the comments on this and other threads on the recent attacks have also been very light hearted which also reinforces the point you're making.
  7. Manchester United

    If the re-sign Zlatan they will be in an incredibly strong position.
  8. Personally I think he just wants the sack, and he seems to be doing a great job of engineering it.
  9. Not sure whether to laugh or cry at that result as it puts us, big spenders and promotion favourites bottom of the table
  10. Viewing / Buying a house

    Had a viewing last night, literally in and out the place in less than 10 minutes, only poked their heads around the door of some rooms and spent 30 seconds in the garden. To our surprise they made an offer today, £10k under asking price, and told us we had to be really quick to respond as they'd move on to something else. Told them too low. Agent said he agreed it was worth more than his offer but wouldn't up his offer. The whole thing has been really bizarre.
  11. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Yes, he joined Newcastle as a premier league club too. Literally zero chance of him leaving to join us.
  12. Liverpool

    They're obviously trying to pull Barca's pants down because they know they've just banked £200m for Neymar. Then when they try and buy a replacement it'll happen to them. Bit like the TV money, clubs aren't actually any better off as it just pushes player fee and wage inflation through the roof.
  13. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    He probably should have retired a few years before he did if the truth be known but a legend none the less.
  14. Liverpool

    Everybody needs money in football, otherwise they'd let the fans in free and not bother with sponsors. £114m for him is stupid money. There must be far better options out there for that kind of money. The problem with these things is the buyers will keep coming back with more and more money. I'd love them to walk away and leave the Liverpool bean counters sweating over the stupid money they turned down.
  15. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    TV royalty, RIP Bruce