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  1. Genie

    Formula One - 2021

    Absolutely, Suzuka similar to Brazil in many ways.
  2. Pep blames Saudis for lack of support at City home games.
  3. Genie

    Formula One - 2021

    Starts and ends in the middle east Bring back Australia race 1, and Brazil finale.
  4. I assume if the MP thinks it’s necessary then it would be arranged.
  5. Genie

    General Chat

    It’ll be fine for 4 year old. It’s a great day out. Have a look around for vouchers or deals as they tend to do lots.
  6. Really shocking news that he’s been murdered. Its hard to know what the answer is, it’s not really practical to give 650 people round the clock security.
  7. It’s pretty shitty, as soon as he loses by 2-3 goals he knows he’s done. They are just waiting for a point to sack him without looking overly harsh.
  8. They’ve probably got a SkyBet market on it that makes them money if he goes.
  9. They’ll probably be talking about Villa some how
  10. You nearly broke the VT auto correct machine with that joke
  11. He’s done well if he’s survived being stabbed multiple times.
  12. This morning I thought I mustn’t of won anything as no email from lottery HQ, then realised the draw isn’t until tonight
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