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  1. Sheffield United are on target for 3.8 points total at the end of the season. Imagine it.
  2. I went to Seaworld about 15 years ago and had a great day and being completely honest didn’t really give animal welfare much of a thought. This year we went to Florida and the park ticket we bought had access to Seaworld included. We talked quite a lot about whether to go. We decided to go and it was heartbreaking. They make a big fuss now about all of the conservation work they do but still. The tanks the orcas especially are kept in are ridiculously small. We basically used it as an opportunity to show the kids what shouldn’t be happening. The yellow zone is the car park, the
  3. He must be absolute dog shit, can’t even get on the pitch in a 0-0 for that shower.
  4. I always like when the “well what’s your opinion?” backfires like that. I think you’re wrong, and the guys in the studio think you’re wrong too.
  5. I’ll go back and correct it and hope nobody notices. I could also blame it on the 1 beer I’ve had.
  6. Decorations and lights have gone up today. We bought a wreath for the front door too. Watching The Nativity and drinking a beer. It’s officially started.
  7. Different toilet, it was in the en-suite
  8. The other day I got the “lazy bastard” speech from the wife for putting the empty toilet roll tube on top of the toilet and not in the bin. 24 hours later she was guilty of the same “crime”
  9. Again I agree, but the powers that be could state that region X consists of the areas A,B,C&D and the average r/1000 or 6 week average needs to be below Y before the tier will be reduced. I’m sure they have some logic behind their planning and it would probably help their credibility if would be more open about it.
  10. All valid points yes. They could share why they seemingly have different targets in different areas in that case. It’s this whole secrecy that causes the lack of trust which fuels the “**** it, I’ll do what I want” amongst some of the population.
  11. Apparently some kind of mix up as he thought he’d agreed to play in an exhibition match only. Maybe he signed the contract accidentally with his phone in his pocket?
  12. So surprise, surprise all kinds of questions and complaints and arguments about the tiers. Is it too much to expect them to share what the criteria was for setting them, and therefore what each region needs to achieve to move down? Is that far too logical and sensible?
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