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  1. Clacton on sea, it seems to be mainly the location of choice of east Landoners. In the holiday park and in the town, mask wearing is <1%
  2. Must be quite specific to this area then. I guess there’s a tipping point where so few wear masks you look the odd one by wearing one, so people don’t bother.
  3. Genie

    General Chat

    Japan is one of those places I’d have to go to with work as I couldn’t see myself going on holiday there (with my own money) but I’d love to have a look around.
  4. I bought a cheap stop gap X-Type diesel and bloody loved it. Ended up keeping it for 3.5 years. One of those cars that had several faults but you forgave them all. Easily did 55mpg from a 5 speed box. Plenty of power when you put the foot down. Surprisingly refined and had the coldest air con I’ve ever known. Had to let it go for a pittance in the end as we needed something with a hatchback boot for the dog. I did about 80,000 miles in it and only had to replace 1 front spring. They got a very bad reputation for doing what most other car makers do (build a new car off another cars chassis) but were a fantastic used car buy.
  5. Yes, I did that. You’ll just have to fill in your details on a sheet so they can update your NHS record. Then cancel your existing appointment.
  6. I’ve mentioned a few times I’m currently on holiday in a world that Covid forgot. Absolutely no mask wearing or social distance. 5 days in I’m pleasantly surprised none of us have symptoms. A mate of mine is on holiday just round the coast and he says most people wearing masks as they move through indoor spaces. I’ve seen about 5 masks all week. This town seems to be the holiday destination of choice of Londoners, could be something to do with this? Are they more risk tolerant than the rest of the country? I dunno. @Rugeley Villa what’s it’s like up in the North Wales holiday park?
  7. Has to buy midfield talent in for record fees as he can’t manage with Kevin de Bryne, Gundogan, Foden, Sterling, Mahrez, Rodrigo, Sterling. He should absolutely be asked to justify this one.
  8. I was sat on a sunny beach earlier wondering if the UK will get its shit together and rejoin before I retire in 15-20 years? The thought of retiring to the Spanish sunshine seemed very appealing.
  9. This last 18 months so many dead, ill, lost their jobs or their businesses and Harry Kane goes on strike whilst being paid £200,000 A WEEK because the people paying his wages won’t roll over and sell him on the cheap. He needs to have a good hard look at himself in the mirror. It’s pathetic.
  10. Google report my rule breaks directly to @limpid
  11. It’ll be funny if the Kane deal doesn’t happen and he has to go back with his tail between his legs.
  12. Wow, huge signing. If he stays fit we’re onto a winner.
  13. All new Range Rover is out in the Autumn @Xela. If you want to go full word removed it’s the only option. I’ve had my Kuga 2 years now and it’s not missed a beat. Brilliant car, comfortable, all the bells and whistles and I’ve not spent a penny on it apart from a service, 2 tyres and an MOT.
  14. I read something the other day. The difference between Pep and Jose. It went something like: Jose could do what Pep has done at City and Barcelona. Pep couldn’t do what Jose did at Porto and Inter.
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