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  1. Genie

    General Chat

    Wow, incredible. What weight were you initially?
  2. Nobody is going to take those points off them. They're in the bank.
  3. Our football is awful. I don’t understand this perception that having someone like Big Sam or Steve Bruce in charge would degrade our style.
  4. Being organised and working hard. 2 things we lack at Villa.
  5. But if Real come in with £350,000 per week it’ll be hard to say no.
  6. It’s not real, his buddies in the media.
  7. Playing cards with the kids, the masked singer is on in the background. One of the singers just said that they were singing in an accent. What’s the **** point if they are in a full costume and singing in a put on voice?
  8. It was funny that Maupay was mocking Jacks hair at 1-0 then he’s having a full on tantrum at FT. I hope Jack said something to him.
  9. Still can’t believe he scored from where he was. Absolute class.
  10. Genie

    Dean Smith

    Game came to us when Brighton sat back and tried to see out the win. Funny because it’s the same small club mentality which we adopt when we find ourselves in front, with a similar outcome.
  11. Leeds need to sack Bielsa at Christmas and bring someone else in for the second half of each season.
  12. At the bare minimum the players should look interested and put in a shift. That’s the absolute baseline.
  13. Like a never ending nightmare. I’m half expecting Reina to go off injured.
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