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  1. That is exactly how I expected it to work, but it doesn't
  2. It seems like the quickest way is to open the setting by dragging from the top of the screen then tapping the speaker twice (once puts it on silent/vibrate, second puts it mute, third goes back on sound on). Surprised there isn't a way to configure the volume down button to mute.
  3. Doesn't do that on mine. I get a horizontal volume scale with the speaker at the left. If I press the speaker it will silent/vibrate the phone (or return to volume on if in silent/vibrate setting). No actual mute/no vibrate option.
  4. I see. I miss the switch on the iPhone as it was instant mute. I'm sure there must be a simple way on Android to quickly mute, rather than put onto silent/vibrate.
  5. Its a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Android v9. Is this slider an app/widget?
  6. It would be incredible. Or Charlie boy is with her when Boris arrives and puts it to him bluntly, gives him a bit of a grilling before QE2 gives it the ok. Charlie: Ok Boris, I don't want the bullshit now. How are you going to succeed with Brexit where TM failed? I want specifics.
  7. I do wonder about how much power she has. She must have political advisors too. I'd love her to question it.
  8. I'm hoping you guys can help with a bit of a bug. When I'm in a meeting etc I want to turn my phone volume off with the down rocker. However, it goes onto vibrate mode rather than full silent/mute. I can fully mute it in the settings but I wondered if it was possible to allow it to go completely muted (silent and vibration off) with the volume rocker?
  9. Do people still take put loans to by premier league clubs?
  10. I heard it differently, he's been offered £1m a week to go there but he'll probably turn it down. No idea what the truth is of course
  11. He got us within a fag paper of going up, even when we were totally shit in the final we only got done by 1 goal
  12. Away with my family in Feb, an absolutely 11 out of 10 was sunbathing next to us on her own all day. It was heathen and hell in equal portions.
  13. Genie

    2019 Holiday Plans

    Florida in Feb just gone. Wales in March. Majorca in October, back to Florida in Feb 2020. Looking for something last minute in the school summer holidays.
  14. Genie

    General Chat

    It says this thread was started by @Stevo985 but wasnt it Laura? I'm sure she started it (before her Brits meltdown).
  15. 71st pro fight, incredible sporting achievement

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