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  1. Genie

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Perfect hat-trick at that IIRC
  2. Genie

    Crypto currency

    Yeah, it’s bounced again back at $3,550.
  3. Genie

    Ice rink

  4. Genie

    Crypto currency

    Spoke to soon such is the volatility of crypto, down to around $3,200 now
  5. Genie

    Crypto currency

    Yeah it was flat and in the red for a long time but up in last 10 days or so, I'm currently about $1500 up I think (cost $2,500, value ~$4000).
  6. Genie


    I think the last couple of CL finals BT has screened it free to air (although they didn't have to).
  7. An early goal for Roma and it’s popcorn time
  8. Another now would seriously take the gloss off
  9. Imagine if they get proper dicked in the final, something to hope for.
  10. Genie


    It’s a combination of Liverpool being excellent and Roma being dreadful. Liverpool can play their reserves in the Champions League semi final second leg, insane.
  11. Genie


    You must know how football works, his agent will ask and Liverpool will pay up...
  12. Genie


    Yeah, I guess so. He’s only 1 year into his deal but he must be on for a big pay rise to avoid him and his agent looking elsewhere.