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  1. Sky TV packages

    Just the TV package.
  2. Snow Watch!

  3. Snow Watch!

    A thin covering here
  4. Snow Watch!

    An old school friend of mine (small heath fan) filmed himself on fb live earlier driving his van in the snow. Just how stupid can you get?
  5. Crypto currency

    So you’d rather see people lose money they can’t afford just to prove your punt right. Ok.
  6. Sky TV packages

    I left sky around Easter and I still get emails 50% and 60% off to come back, if it still works when I move (fingers crossed end of month) then I’ll take them up on it. I got a really good deal with VM but it’s just no match for Sky system.
  7. Crypto currency

  8. Leeds should be fun this afternoon.
  9. Crypto currency

    Do you have BTC already? It’s very expensive to move from exchange to exchange. I tend to trade with ETH if I’m moving from one to another, much cheaper.
  10. Crypto currency

    I spotted the app when some guy on my fb wall posted a screenshot of his £50k portfolio and I immediately realised it was bullshit.
  11. U.S. Politics

    Like the election that was rigged... until he won. same as Brexit too I remember, that was rigged... until the people saying it was rigged won then it was legit.
  12. The Game's Gone

    The clubs are as bad for paying them. They need to walk away, they are literally writing their own cheques, or as has been suggested the player pays their fees.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Is it silver? Should have got a white one. Maybe they can change it.
  14. General Chat

    If I come home from work with a selection of “celeb” magazines and a bar of fruit and nut she knows football is on.