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  1. Leicester City

    If you were the owner, and staring at relegation and the enormous loss of revenue in the face and you felt he'd lost the dressing room.... would you hang on because of last year or bring in someone who might stop the rot?
  2. Leicester City

    I'm not sure Arsenal would only be offering half of what Leicester paid him. £50k is nothing these days, well below market value for top scorer from the champions. He'd have dismissed it instantly if it were the case.
  3. Leicester City

    If Vardy hated him that much why didn't he go to Arsenal?
  4. Leicester City

    I know if I was the owner and staring at potentially losing tens of millions of pounds I'd pull the trigger. I wonder how many others could honestly say they'd stick it out just because of last year?
  5. Leicester City

    I bet Claudio is not too disappointed. Signed a big money contract this year so will be getting a bumper payoff, won the league last year and someone else will have the potential relegation on their CV. If Carlsberg did football management...
  6. Probably still happier than he'd be at Villa.
  7. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    It's well beyond a joke isn't it.
  8. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    100% agree, it's dire.
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Nothing special, he's an ugly bastard too so he's wasting his time imo.
  10. Leicester City

    I still can't get my head around the fact Leicester are playing Champions League football as Champions of England and sides like Liverpool and United can't even get into the top 4
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I was sat next to a guy at work today, one of those who brings a stack of pre made meals in plastic tubs that he then eats every 90 minutes throughout the day, with a protein shake to wash it down. Each one looks like either shit or sick too.
  12. Leicester City

    Leicester getting battered
  13. Steve Bruce

    I say stick with him and trust him to get enough points to get us over the line, it's a gamble but so is getting a new guy in starting nothing. There MUST be something going on behind the scenes. There just doesn't seem to be any team spirit. It seems like there's been some major rift in the camp which everyone is keeping quiet about.
  14. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    I thought the same, he was in agony. Is there literally no team spirit at the club?
  15. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    ...its at that point Steve Bruce knew...