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  1. Hydrogen fuel cells if you’re really brave
  2. I also changed mine online with Nationwide in the past. As soon as you enter the period to switch new products should appear in your account.
  3. Most people will charge them at home most of the time won’t they?
  4. I think even the controversial vaccine passports won’t be robust enough. All people going in or out will need a test at the port both ways.
  5. Tesla has never made a profit, not from building cars anyway. They make a lot of money because certain states in the US require a percentage of the cars sold to be electric. None-electric car makers buy “credits” from companies likes Tesla who do not sell their full allocation in a way round the law. When you factor in the money from pollution credits it only just puts them into profit. Tesla doesn’t make money and never has. It has appalling quality and it’s USP is getting thinner and thinner. Musk is the kind of guy who wants to do exciting one off projects like rockets into space. I ca
  6. Boris forgot to add an asterisk to his reopening plan that if a new variant comes along that the vaccine is ineffective against we go back to the start, do not collect £200.
  7. If we could swap Saint Maximim for Barkley on our team sheet we’d be deadly.
  8. I disagree personally. They were first to market with electric cars but their quality is horrific, worst in the entire industry by miles. Now all the old guard car makers are churning out better EV’s there’s no USP with Tesla. The company has never made a profit either. You never know but my feeling is that their massively overvalued price will plummet over the next 12-18 months.
  9. Ole does this a lot, as it generally works and keeps pressure on the officials to give them stuff. He should be told to stop doing it tbh. I’m not sure how he gets away with talking about the officiating when others get punished.
  10. The results suggest otherwise. A week or so I checked the possession stats as people on here suggested all they can do is just sit back and counter attack and do nothing else. They averaged about 66% possession over the previous 12 games and have scored more premier league goals than anyone else. If people don’t like him, or resent the fact he got a huge job so early in his career then it’s fine. Making up rubbish to discredit how he’s got on as United manager so far is silly.
  11. The second Ole doesn’t win the knives come out. It’s like clockwork
  12. Telling thing for me was the Manchester Derby back in December. 0-0 and both sets of players and staff grinning, laughing and joking at the final whistle. No way that would have happened if Old Trafford was full. Everybody seems to be just going through the motions this year.
  13. I think it’s down to the lack of fans. Teams seem to be happy with stale draws that I don’t think they’d get away with if the stadium was full of screaming fans.
  14. I’m struggling with that too. I have Fernandes in my fantasy team purely for this reason
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