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  1. Rogues Gallery

    Dennis Moore? Does he like lupins?
  2. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    Well it was an accident, but... I'll leave that to RugelyVilla
  3. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    My finger went through the bog paper and up my shitter yesterday, does that count?
  4. Gillislee to the Pats, Blount may be on the move.
  5. No surprise really, he's brain dead. Was a thug at Olbiyun so moving to Scumingham was a perfect match. With a bit of luck he'll end up being their manager and **** them up completely
  6. Jammy bastards will stay up, I'll be surprised (and **** delighted) if they don't though.
  7. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Chicago XI, before they went full-blown balladeers. Also the last album featuring Terry Kath and the last time Jim Guercio produced.
  8. The Concert/Gig Thread

    Lucky I'm not, the place was heaving with quality minge
  9. Agreed. First thing he said when he rejoined the scummers was "we need to finish above Villa". Obsessed. Well that didn't quite pan out did it, you square headed shit-spewing retard.
  10. The Concert/Gig Thread

    Not a gig but a bit of musical theatre, me and the other half went to see Wicked in the West End. Although not my cuppa tea it was pretty entertaining and the singers are immensely talented.
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    Still smirking Will enjoy the WM phone in tonight, can't wait for the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Paul "y'know mate"from Castle Vale (mate), Polly Penis Breath and RastaMong Ken
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    Haha, I thought I was a miserable word removed until you turned up!