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  1. Talk about dragging that last result out. Piss poor competition, as usual the scoring is the entertainment. Special shout out to Madonna, retire.
  2. Get in with it u pair of words removed
  3. Bring back Fatty Banana, this is crap
  4. Madge sounds bloody awful
  5. What the **** is this yellow apparition?
  6. Bring back the Polish washboard girls.
  7. Last one up, Spain. Another dude. Tragic lack of decent minge tonight. As for the final song...it's a very poor Enrique Iglesias cast off. One of the least entertaining Eurovisions ever.
  8. Australia, what the ****...are they on drugs?
  9. Switzerland. Graham Norton said this was good. It is if you like Bruno Mars. I can't stand the little word removed. Rubbish.
  10. Serbia. Oh dear OK she's female but nowhere near totty enough to save yet another depression tune. Get me a stool and a length of rope.
  11. Italy. How the **** has this been streamed 50 million times. Awful. And no totty.
  12. Saw the tresses, thought clunge was incoming. You let me down big time, France. Awful song to boot.
  13. Azerbaijan...Serj Tankian has defected. It's OK, nothing more. Another totty-free entrant, sadly.
  14. Belarus. Sounds like Aguilera but doesn't look as hot. Song is meh. Nice boots though.

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