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  1. Watched all ten episodes of Ted Lasso over two nights. You lot on here said it was good, you were wrong. It's **** great!
  2. Finished Virgin River, it really is a bit for girls but even my wife was getting bored of the syrupy storylines. So I've acquired Ted Lasso, as you lot keep giving it the Ivor Biggun
  3. Motherland. Funny and annoying in equal measures (good writing I suppose as some characters really piss me off).
  4. It seems to be getting worse. Think I'll stay over here.
  5. From her? Oh yes, I've got lots of joint stiffening...
  6. rjw63

    The NSWE Board

    **** used to LOVE the Viz. A mate of mine who supplies me with rare records from Jawdeeland knows the Donald's (Viz creators) quite well. And Jimmy Nail lives round the corner. I still don't wanna live in Jesmond though
  7. rjw63

    The NSWE Board

    Have you looked in the Grealish thread? Bit late for that
  8. rjw63

    The NSWE Board

    These guys need to make an official statement on the Grealish situation, before Villa fans start stabbing each other (if the thread on here is any pointer)
  9. Personally I'd like AVFC to make some kind of statement. Not withstanding...this thread is **** hilarious
  10. I was actually driving near Sixfields stadium today...thought I could smell something funny.
  11. What about the Washington TyneandWears? Better still, the Washington MonkeyHangers.
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