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  1. Spawney words removed as per usual, hopefully they'll revert to type soon enough.
  2. Eli has been benched. Probably 2 years too late.
  3. We need more firepower in January or we'll be playing scum heath again next season.
  4. Got stuck in traffic in Solihull this morning. I could see Plod had blocked off the main road so knew it was serious. Turns out a woman got hit by a bus and died at the scene. The thing that pisses me off about it...Facebook's Solihull Updates reported this incident, I was appalled to see how many British people now find it "helpful" to send "thoughts and prayers". Thought and prayers do **** all.
  5. Probably me, I **** love it
  6. I preferred Ben Orr's vocals.
  7. I might have to make some of them now...
  8. Shit, can't see us doing that, although it ain't over yet.

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