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  1. I'm quite happy to glance at "Livescore" and see them losing again.
  2. Ah the stupid old nonce that did the "Zulu" magazine. Glorifying violence when you're a **** grand-dad age. Probably shares a toothbrush with Pete The Reet(ard). Silly me, they don't have any teeth to brush.
  3. He never brings anything, just repeats the same old shit. I'm absolutely gobsmacked Kenny Burns didn't get another name-check.
  4. Some sad old Nose has just been on, missed the name as I was driving, but he didn't sound the usual spasticky type. But he reverted to type with his "three word review". Keep Right On, said the web footed bishop basher, and we are still the best team in the midlundzzz cuz we won a trophy this century. Yes, they're about 17th in the Chumpionship, averaging one shot a goal per game, but they're the best. Old inbred.
  5. Watch out, it's Germano the Italian dog-head. Just as good as mogadon and totally free.
  6. Lee the olbiyun fan thinks they're gonna get a draw but has absolutely no idea how or why. Three word review was "I'll give him two out of five". Mathematics obviously not the strong point amongst the yammers.
  7. Oh no mate it's Pete the reet(ard). His boyfriend Kieftenbeld is one o the best he's ever seen mate because and I quote "I'm an old Blooze fan". Mate. WTF??? Bang on mate. No pretty boys or old men mate, that's all Cranker likes mate. OK mate seeya mate. Beef bayonet.
  8. Henry: Steve, give us a three word review. Steve: the olbiyun are going down. We're rubbish. Obviously can't count.
  9. Yes indeed. Although a lot of their noise is what most would class as normal, dogs barking, kids whining. It's the nob who thinks Alexa is his girlfriend I'd like to string up.
  10. "The Rifle". More like "The Pea Shooter"
  11. Just had our estate agents round to take pics and video. They are pretty sure we should sell easily, but I'm ever the pessimist.
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