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  1. Just saw the Bournemouth result, you couldn't **** make it up could ya
  2. Only two episodes of "Dark" left, thank ****. Season three has been a real grind.
  3. I think it was a nickname he'd picked up as he used to drink like one.
  4. I love Fish, and to be honest if my name was Derek Dick I'd probably change it to something fishy as well
  5. They're experts at going down though!
  6. It makes me larf that some in the main forum STILL think we have a chance of staying up.
  7. Villa will probably win this, now it's too late.
  8. Two **** penalties in one game for Watford. We've only had two all season.
  9. Hopefully no more "what if's" from the strange folk that still believe we are staying up. Writing has been on the wall since before lockdown. If you don't score goals, you're down.
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