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  1. Hello Jim, when are you coming back to predict a 7-1 win?
  2. I've got a Faces LP on the way, will put a pic up when it gets here
  3. Perhaps DEF should start at zero like everyone else?
  4. Generally accepted as the first "concept" album in rock music.
  5. Cup tied now isn't he?
  6. I suppose it's better than hanging out by the primary school gates with a bag of pick 'n' mix...
  7. Trolling the rest of the league
  8. small heath forum, right about now...
  9. Not very complimenrtary about Loftus-Cheek are they?
  10. Just saw this on Facebook, pretty surprised to be honest.
  11. Someone on here recommended "Kingdom". It's pretty good actually. I'm not a fan of MMA but the show is full of violence, bad language and shagging. What's not to like?
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