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  1. NFL or Baseball Movies

    Good work, there's a few I haven't seen now. Eight Men Out was very good, haven't seen that for ages, League of their Own...yeah prefer Madge acting to singing TBF
  2. NFL or Baseball Movies

    Seen pretty much all of these , try harder lads
  3. NFL or Baseball Movies

    Seen them all bar Invincible
  4. This might be a good place to share your knowledge. I have no clue or interest in baseball but baseball movies I love. Also, recently watched "Friday Night Lights", with Billy Bob Thornton, great stuff. "We Are Marshall" was pretty good too. I've seen most of the well know stuff, looking for lesser-known recommendations.
  5. The Film Thread

    Watched "The Disaster Artist" last night. Before that I'd never heard of Tommy Wiseau. James Franco absolutely nailed the part, very good movie overall. Of course I just had to watch "The Room" afterwards...so breathtakingly bad it was brilliant The blonde had decent raspberries as well.
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    The annual St Patricks day wankfest, where people all over the globe, with no Irish attachment, wear green clothes, eat green food, and drink green beer. Just **** off the lot of ya.
  7. Stoke

    We did tell em. Total fraud of a manager.
  8. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    I've stopped listening to the game so all should improve soon.
  9. Weekends Football 17/18 March

    Even scumbag Olbiyun are winning, not a good day so far
  10. Weekends Football 17/18 March

    Grrr, **** off small heath
  11. Weekends Football 17/18 March

    Foolham dropping points? Shome mishtake shurely.
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    If some **** ripped the pocket off my shirt he'd need to hold onto it, to put his **** teeth in after I booted them out.