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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaand here comes the collapse
  2. Star Trek - Picard starts tonight. SevenOfNine is in it, so better get the lube & tissues ready
  3. Just finished Ray Donovan season 7. Possibly the best season yet, terrific writing and acting. Be a sad day when this show comes to an end.
  4. **** off Yahnited, absolute spunktrumpets
  5. I thought that was a Liverpool fan with an away shirt on...
  6. One of my fave sketches
  7. Yep, sadly I did, @bickster
  8. He's a word removed who should be rotting in a cell still
  9. Haven't listened tonight, just checked Livescore. All I can say is, lose tonight and we are down. And **** off Ugly word removed Deeney
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