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  1. Is that Gueye of PSG the same one who was at Villa and everyone thought was cack?
  2. Never heard of them, thanks for the tip.
  3. Still going down, stripey words removed.
  4. Six games with a kick off time, the rest without, so...
  5. Having been with Virgin's excellent speeds for a few years I'm now having to get used to the idea of going back to phone-line internet as Virgin haven't put lines down where we are moving to. So, who has experience of a decent company that works off phone-line? I've heard lots of complaints about Sky/BT and a few others. Plusnet any good? TalkTalk? Thanks in advance.
  6. We'd still lose to shit like Burnley
  7. Blimey, last episode of Unforgotten was a bit of a tearjerker wasn't it? Superb acting.
  8. Don't give the inbreds any praise, it's very unbecoming.
  9. Sick to **** death of ending EVERY other team/player/coach's poor run. We do it EVERY time.
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