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  1. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Former Boston drummer Sib Hassian gone at 67
  2. I've found a place in Marston Green thats good, no need to travel to terrorist areas anymore
  3. The Run In

    Knowing us, we will win them all but lose at home to scum city
  4. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Chuck Barris, writer of "Palisades Park", host of The Gong Show, and supposed CIA agent, dead at 87
  5. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    Who's Colin Fishwick you sad bastards?
  6. Things you often Wonder

    Pics plz
  7. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Sounds suspiciously like an Irish terrorist
  8. The Film Thread

    Watched "The Accountant" at the weekend, thought it was great!
  9. What am I on about?

    A retired but bored grandfather
  10. I remember it well, went to the two home games where even at 6-0 the unwashed sang SOTV. Cabbages.
  11. What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Father John Misty??? Elton John, morelike
  12. Rogues Gallery

    Must have been a corker
  13. But it never is, apart from the 5-1
  14. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Farting on hookers no more