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  1. Good move, another season and he'd probably end up a cripple.
  2. Stepdaughter has been up from London, and suggested True Blood. So I've grabbed it and watched a few. Rather saucy isn't it? I approve.
  3. I wouldn't leave Villa if I was him. The money is great, the fans love ya, playing for England or in the "top flight" would not be interesting to me. Playing for "my" club would. Another Charlie Aitken!
  4. rjw63


    Our neighbours with a really noisy **** dog that we've put up with for 6 years, have **** off. They've rented their house to a family with three whiney brats and another dog. Please give me some drugs.
  5. Got dragged along to a club with the wife. There was a guy on the dance floor going mental, twerking, breakdancing, spinning, moonwalking, back flips, the lot. He was the centre of attention. My wife turned to me and said "See that guy? 25 years ago, he proposed to me and I turned him down". I said "Yeah I see he's still **** celebrating."
  6. Knuckledraggers I've seen on social media think THEY are going to walk the league next year, as they've got off lightly. That's what mass lobotomies does for a community.
  7. The fact that "people" go to a McDonalds drive through, then drive to Asda's car park, devour the food, and throw all the crap out the window. These are the types I'd use for flame thrower practice.
  8. Same here,. first few were tediously slow. It does improve though, to a point where it's quite interesting.

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