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  1. Agree with this. 14 is too many teams to have any quality in waivers
  2. That twitter troll who sent shit to Jack Grealish apparently got run over.
  3. Conner back, for about 3 minutes. Big thanks to Pittspuke for playing him when blatantly unfit. Ten million Fantasy players say "**** you".
  4. Have Newcastle got a striker who hasn't scored for weeks? I think we all know the script by now...
  5. ratbirds will be a loss. Should (SHOULD) beat cards & Miami. Squealers close games I'd expect. Conner is back for them (and me) and will make a difference
  6. haven't they got the Stoolers two more times?
  7. Swap it for a cat, they're so much easier and more fun than you think
  8. rjw63


    Reading this I'm glad I'm such a bad, bad loser that I've never gambled much in my entire life. I mean I want to punch my sister in the throat if she beats me at scrabble online. No joke. When I used to work in factories we'd always play cards at lunch, no money involved. The amount of chairs I threw around and threats hounded out really entertained the rest of the guys. I know none of that helps, sorry
  9. As we are waiting for shows to finish before we start watching them, after a scour of Netflix for an interim watch we plumped for Gotham. I'm sure I've seen some of you lot rate it...I'm not a fan of comic book stuff in general but the first two episodes have got me suitably interested.
  10. Yeah I noticed that. My "one off" was the Jets, simply because the Giants are shite
  11. Brilliant. One of my favourite characters ever.
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