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  1. I'll start off by looking at the hosses on the day of the race and kidding myself that it is anything other than a lottery and will have a few bets on some of the outside favorites and then I'll stick a couple of quid on a few horses that I like the name of....then about 10 minutes before the race I'll panic that I haven't picked a winner and I'll put some more money on some more hosses. In the end I'll end up having money on at least half of the ones that are running and I can guarantee that I'll still lose
  2. Only just found out that I was 30 minutes early, better to be early than late though
  3. It comes to something when I care more about the team selection being announced at 3pm than the actual game at 4pm
  4. Frampton has always been a counter puncher but giving so much away in height and reach Herring just needed to stick to the basics and Carl was always going to struggle tonight. I'm glad he's calling it a day now though, he's had a good career and doesn't have anything left to prove.
  5. From what I've seen the jam along function is a bit of fun and looks like it could be a decent learning tool but ultimately I'm guessing it'll be pretty limited as to how much use it'll get. The other functions look like they'll be brilliant (if not a little overwhelming at first) I think I'll play around for the first few weeks and then settle on a few settings that I like and mainly use them. But I have been waiting 2 months for mine so I haven't actually used one yet, I'll give a beginner's update in a week or so, when I've (hopefully) received mine
  6. Finally should be getting my Spark Amp soon, had it on order from GuitarGuitar since mid January, can't wait to get my hands on it. Also going to be looking to get a Fender Strat soon as well
  7. I tend to noodle about on the guitar by ear or with tabs but for the piano I 100% need sheet music to play. Saying that I'm actually looking a flogging my piano, Yamaha P45, by all means if anyone on here is interested give me a shout.
  8. Paul McCartney Billy Shears
  9. I won £17 on a free bet from SkyBet on the 13:20 today. I had precisely £0.23p in the bank, just ordered myself a chicken madras, pilau rice, chilli naan and a mixed kebab starter to celebrate
  10. Not knocking the "yoof" of today, but maybe some of the VTers with kids of there own could clear something up for me. When I was a kid (say between 10 and 15) there would be an army of us down the park, actually there would be an army of similar ages kids down every park, not getting up to much trouble but just playing football from 9am till 9pm. My sister has 3 kids and none of them have played football in the same way that I did, the oldest two have been playing for teams since they were around 10 years old, they don't ever go out for a kick around with their pals, they train two o
  11. No idea, it is just some random shite that I just read on the Daily Mail, but yeah, posting memes of black people now equates to digital blackface apparently
  12. so now white or non-black people who post memes of Oprah are now racist and it is a form of digital blackface
  13. they do a good sea shanty though
  14. so, about these mousemates...how do I get one?
  15. The best game for side missions was Red Dead 2, the fact that they weren't a flashing beacon on your map constantly and there was only ever 3 or 4 at once made it a lot more manageable, when you look at the map and it is awash with things to go and investigate I always find it overwhelming and ultimately get distracted by trying to 100% the game. RDR2 I got 92% completion on mainly through just roaming around and stumbling across things
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