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  1. or just to be doubly sure you should have enquired about getting "eeeeeeee" printed
  2. I ended up finishing 8th in League One, played the first game of my 4th season and won that 2-0 I think I'm going to struggle this season though, I haven't made any signings of note and my (already very limited) transfer budget has been slashed because they are building a new ground for £8m
  3. I agree on that, he is a better dm than Luiz, he isn't as versatile though, I'd have Marv starting over Luiz majority of the time but as I say he still isn't on the level of where we want to be.
  4. I love Marv, he definitely deserved to start a hell of a lot more games last season. He's the perfect squad player, he can come in and do a job and won't let you down, is he good enough for where we want to be? nope, as much as I like him we should be looking to improve on him. I didn't realise he was 27 either I thought he was around 24. I'd be happy to see him stay as a squad player but I wouldn't begrudge him at all if he left, I think that Palace would be a good fit for him.
  5. He's **** rubbish, can't even displace Mount from the England starting 11...oh wait a minute
  6. I only got FM about a month ago, first one I've played in about 10 years. Took me a couple of attempts to get the hang of this one, currently playing with Solihull Moors, started in the Vanorama National and I've got back to back promotions and I'm now in League One, the board wants me to "battle bravely against relegation" I'm currently 12 points above the drop zone after 21 games so its all going pretty well at the moment. I've been invited for interviews with Carlisle, Oxford, Barnsley and Middlesbrough so far but I've turned them all down. Oh and Dean Smith is managing Charlton in League One, The Villa are 10th in the league and Jack is worth £69m and is playing for Man City.
  7. I'm not a fan of the sprint, call it what you like but I call it a race and watching that has kind of taken the shine off the race today, I also don't like the fact that the top 3 get points towards the championship, that is nonsensical to me, the prize for finishing first in the quallies is that you start on pole, imagine if a championship was decided by the quallies before they even got to the Sunday race.
  8. Man I honestly think that I am better off on my own. Everything is just **** hard work and everytime I think I'm making some headway some word removed throws a curveball, I'm honestly going to go back to being 100% misanthropic.
  9. If you want a job you need to be more thorough Jack Grealish may be off for between for anything between £80m/£110m but if not he doesn't go he will sign a new contract with the Villa Birmingham Mail will be kicking your door down for stories like that
  10. I had to find the full video for that
  11. Only just seen this thread. I've had more fun watching Wimbledon than the euros, I was really backing Kerber to do it in the women's but Barty is pretty damn good for a stumpy midget, Kerber put up a good fight against her but was easy beat in the end. I felt sorry for Raducanu, yeah nerves got the better of her but she wasn't helped out at all by them putting her match back by 6 hours just so she could be the main watch, for a young 18 year old that must have been **** gut wrenching.
  12. If this goes to penalties and Jack steps up to take one I'm switching it off
  13. That was the equivalent of villa beating Leyton orient and everyone saying that we are going to win the Premier league
  14. what a session from Norris, glad to see Perez getting in there and pushing the mercedes further down the pack as well
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