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  1. Terrible play by the defender if you ask me, we all know that when someone plays a cross into the box the last thing that you do as a defender is try and defend it just in case the striker is offside.
  2. The new Wandervision trailer looks promising
  3. I watched Wandavision last night, really didn't enjoy it, I'm not a fan of those type of sitcoms anyway so it was a tough watch. Every time I was thinking of switching it off though something would happen And it decide to give it a few more minutes. Even though I didn't really enjoy it, I'll probably stick with it for a few more episodes to see where it's going.
  4. I'm 99% sure that I had it back in February last year, obviously this was before the lockdown and testing and all that but I had a cough, full on flu like symptoms for about 4 days, completely lost my sense of taste and smell for about three weeks and was constantly out of breath. I couldn't run for about 6 weeks and it honestly took about 3 months before I felt like I was anywhere near the level that I was at before, and to be honest I'm not sure that I've ever quite got back to that level. Granted I'm not the fittest or fastest but the drop off was quite drastic.
  5. I've been looking into these and I've gotta admit I'm extremely tempted, if I can get my electric playing back up to a decent standard over the next few months I'll definitely be investing in one. Only problem I will have is not buying one until I feel I'm good enough because I have the money in the bank already. The reviews online are almost too overwhelmingly positive, the cynic in me thinks it is almost as if SPARK have paid the youtubers for positive reviews....but if its good enough for the MoonMan I'm sure it'll be more than good enough for me
  6. My old amp is absolutely **** and I was thinking about getting another one but to honest I'm pretty terrible on the electric so thought the £35 option is the more sensible one at the minute, if I can get myself to an acceptable level then I'll look into a new amp (probably a new guitar as well, I've had this one for knocking on 20 years now)
  7. Thought I would give this little gadget a shout out. I've had an Epiphone Les Paul for ages and I've neglected it for years as I've always preferred the acoustic, the problem that I have with electric guitars is that they are a bit of a faff, living in a one bed flat the volume is always a problem as well, I saw these on Amazon and took a punt on the classic rock one. Literally plug it into your guitar and plug your headphones or bluetooth speakers into it, it sounds great, for £35 it is a bargain, so much easier than **** about with amps and leads. For the price I'd highly
  8. Martinez is almost definitely one of the players with Covid...that **** catches everything
  9. I go full retard whenever I see numbers, you might as well have said that in German to me
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