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  1. Completely off the subject of shite for a minute, I had a few stellas last night and got a wee bit happy on Amazon, ended up buying 2 bottles of rum and a bottle of moonshine
  2. I shat the bed last week, had a severe bout of food poisoning and severely sharted during the night, it ain't great when at one o'clock in the morning you are trying to change the sheets whilst firing out of both barrels. I ended off just stripping naked and getting in the bath and just unloading as required, not my finest moment.
  3. I thought that was the best half I've seen from Wesley in quite a while, granted he hasn't had any chances but he's at least been involved a bit more than usual
  4. I've gotta be honest I don't have any interest in the HW's, I watch their fights but I don't get excited about any of them, considering they are all 6ft5+ and supposed to be the biggest and baddest of the best the top 3 are absolute pantomime merchants, AJ who is media controlled to within an inch of his life and does everything possible to maintain the good guy image that he has (yeah we will conveniently forget about the messages to Eddie Chambers), Wilder who has the brains of a shit maggot and thinks that it is intimidating and scary to constantly talk about wanting to kill someone in the ring and then you have Fury who...well he's Fury, he's a **** wrestler for gods sake. When you look at the fights we have had this year in the lower weights they really put the HW's to shame. Smith v Ryder tonight as well, should be a fun fight, Smith won't have any trouble but Ryder will be game.
  5. well the last fight was 18 months ago, by my reckoning that should mean that Ortiz is approx 63 years old now, Wilder will stop him early, I'm going to say that Ortiz will be knocked Sparko before the 5th. But I can't comment on this without throwing out the old cliched "it's heavyweight boxing so anything can happen"
  6. Do you still need a super computer to play FM? I haven't played one in about 15 years. Or failing that cam you get it on the PS4?
  7. Got it on the ps4, agree with everything said, at first it's great then it gets a little repetitive, I don't think the actual parks are big enough either, everything ends up feeling rather cramped.
  8. leemond2008

    Do you read?

    The books I have read this year: Zodiac - Robert Graysmith In the Tall Grass - Stephen King & Joe Hill Exorcist Road - Jonathan Janz The Cabin At The End Of The World - aul Tremblay Misery - Stephen King The Demolished Man - Alfred Bester Reality Is Not What It Seems - carlo Rovelli Dream Fall - Amy Plum The Long Walk - Stephen King The Prophet - Kahlil gibran The Unfortunates - B.S. Johnson Say You Love Satan - David St. Clair The Bell Witch - Brent Monahan Disappearance At Devils Rock - Paul Tremblay Never Sleep Again - Thommy Hutson Fellowship of the Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien The Road Through The Wall - Shirley Jackson Cannery Row - John Steinbeck The Death of Bunny Munro - Nick Cave Brief Answers to the Big Questions - Stephen Hawking Roadwork - Stephen King The Killer Across The Table - John E Douglas The Blooding - Joseph Wambaugh N0S4R2 - Joe Hill The Two Towers - J.R.R Tolkien The Dark Half - Stephen King The Search For The Green River Killer - Carton Smith Reek - Bradley Freeman The House Of The Brandersons - Raymon Rudorff Call Waiting- R.L. Stine The Satanic Bible - Anton Szandor LaVey The Haunting Of Hill House - Shirley Jackson My target on Goodreads was 38 so I'm 6 off hitting it even though I would like to get to 40
  9. I'm gutted that he wants to get rid of them, I always thought they would be mine when he bites the dust but at the end of the day they have sat there not being used for the last 20 years and I don't have the space for them. Idea anyone know of any shops in Brum that we could just take the load to and get a valuation?
  10. Me Mom n Dad have just moved house and my old man has decided that it's time to let go of his old vinyl collection. I've got a mate who is really interested in some of the stuff but can anyone give any ideas as to how to get them properly valued? Off the top of my head he has Beatles, sabbath, zeppelin, queen, bowie, T-Rex, deep purple, Rory gallagher, pink Floyd Alex Harvey, Alice Cooper, ELP, all that sort of shit, absolutely loads of them. They are all in different states of use so some are like new and others are pretty well partied on. Any ideas?
  11. He was rushed to ICU a few weeks back, his wife posted on Instagram and asked everyone to keep him in their thoughts, she gave an update just about a week ago and said that he was demanding food and drink and just generally being very grumpy which was a sure sign he was on his way to recovering. Rob Zombie also said a while back that he couldn't have Sid as a main character in 3 from hell because Sid was basically nothing more than skin and bones. Shame but he was 80 so the big man didn't have a bad innings
  12. I'm not even going to comment on Friend's decision at the end. Smith should have took Trez off at half time, it was clear that he was going to get sent off, poor decision to leave him on after the way that the ref was behaving.
  13. HA I was **** screaming at him for not playing Gilbert in then he played it through to Wesley...he's got better vision than me anyway
  14. I think that we need an additional poll for the fans performance after that. We are going to be a huge factor this season and we were brilliant tonight
  15. superb to a man, **** immense performance, crowd were superb as well I thought that Smith should have made the subs earlier, as soon as they made their first two changes you could see that we needed a plan B, other than that I have no complaints whatsoever, most enjoyable Villa game in a long long time, so nice to be back home in the Prem Before the match I was saying that I didn't give a **** about the performance I just wanted at least 1 point on the board but that has been the perfect night
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