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  1. I'm gutted that he wants to get rid of them, I always thought they would be mine when he bites the dust but at the end of the day they have sat there not being used for the last 20 years and I don't have the space for them. Idea anyone know of any shops in Brum that we could just take the load to and get a valuation?
  2. Me Mom n Dad have just moved house and my old man has decided that it's time to let go of his old vinyl collection. I've got a mate who is really interested in some of the stuff but can anyone give any ideas as to how to get them properly valued? Off the top of my head he has Beatles, sabbath, zeppelin, queen, bowie, T-Rex, deep purple, Rory gallagher, pink Floyd Alex Harvey, Alice Cooper, ELP, all that sort of shit, absolutely loads of them. They are all in different states of use so some are like new and others are pretty well partied on. Any ideas?
  3. He was rushed to ICU a few weeks back, his wife posted on Instagram and asked everyone to keep him in their thoughts, she gave an update just about a week ago and said that he was demanding food and drink and just generally being very grumpy which was a sure sign he was on his way to recovering. Rob Zombie also said a while back that he couldn't have Sid as a main character in 3 from hell because Sid was basically nothing more than skin and bones. Shame but he was 80 so the big man didn't have a bad innings
  4. I'm not even going to comment on Friend's decision at the end. Smith should have took Trez off at half time, it was clear that he was going to get sent off, poor decision to leave him on after the way that the ref was behaving.
  5. HA I was **** screaming at him for not playing Gilbert in then he played it through to Wesley...he's got better vision than me anyway
  6. I think that we need an additional poll for the fans performance after that. We are going to be a huge factor this season and we were brilliant tonight
  7. superb to a man, **** immense performance, crowd were superb as well I thought that Smith should have made the subs earlier, as soon as they made their first two changes you could see that we needed a plan B, other than that I have no complaints whatsoever, most enjoyable Villa game in a long long time, so nice to be back home in the Prem Before the match I was saying that I didn't give a **** about the performance I just wanted at least 1 point on the board but that has been the perfect night
  8. Some random bloke called Conor Hourihane is co-commentating on the Blues v Barnsley game, apparently he used to play for Barnsley.
  9. I thought Wesley looked pretty good at times today and I've seen enough of him to know that he will be a good player given time. The problem is how much time it is going to take, its a shame because we really don't have a lot of it and he is going to be under an immense amount of pressure if he doesn't start showing very soon
  10. Targett and Gilbert should still definitely come in for Bournemouth. Hourihane did well but I would still like to see Marvelous or Luiz in the team ahead of him.
  11. I'm usually really pessimistic when it comes to the Villa but I am genuinely surprised by some of the reactions here. Massive positives from that for me. Mings and Engels (Mingles) were superb as was Heaton Trezeguet looked good in the first half, I think the pace of the game caught up with him but that will come I thought Hourihane played well defensively in the first half and I am one of his biggest critics Taylor played alright which is a massive improvement for him Wesley looked out of his depth but come on that was a baptism of fire for the whole team, I was fully expecting him to struggle today, completely different level to what he is used to playing at When Jack took too long on the ball and gave them the goal they were always going to come at us in a big way but for 70 minutes we defended like heroes, don't forget we were playing champions league finalists here, there will be much easier games and there will be teams who come away from Spurs a lot worse off than we have today. I'm confident that we have nothing to worry about on that performance, when the rest of the new signings are integrated into the team we will only keep on improving
  12. really enjoyed that race, only 2 cars to look at throughout the whole thing which is usually pretty dull but it was brilliant when Hamilton made up those 5 seconds in lightning time after his pit and the final pitstop was just brilliant tactics. Gotta feel for Max there, he did absolutely nothing wrong in the whole race and still finished in second.
  13. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrows race. Vettel in 10th, Hamilton in 5th, Bottas in 3rd, Max in 2nd and LeClarc in first. It'll be nice if Max can keep up with Ferrari and make a race of it but Ferrari have looked dominant. Its just nice to have the Merc Monopoly broken even if it is just for one race.
  14. Can see it from both sides, I can't stand Ze German so I'm not going to complain even though he does need to get a few wins under his belt soon otherwise it's gunna be a long ol boring season
  15. I'm right here, I wasn't necessarily saying sack him now but I was asking questions. All of the people who were saying 'give him time, give him time' I was happy to go with that and all I was asking for was some tiny indication that we were heading in the right direction which at the time we weren't getting, then Jack got back to fitness and everything clicked and I got the signs that I was asking for. I did think that the job was too big for him and I did think that we had **** up by appointing him, regardless of that he has always been a step up from Bruce. Sometimes it feels so good to be proven wrong, now lets see what he can do when he has some real money to spend, DEANO DEANO DEANO
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