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  1. WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    This is my favorite joke of all time, I don't know why but if I try to tell it to someone I always end up cracking up before I even finish it, its not even that funny
  2. Totally useless information/trivia

    I can honestly same that I am Kalsarikannit right now
  3. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I'm not gunna list the actual songs but all day I've been listening to The Who I've had a shit week (3 day) week and I've come home with the intention of getting bladdered, I've been listening to the small faces, kinks and the animals. I remember when I was a babby and I had a proper mod haircut, a proper military parker and all that jazz, thought I was a proper little mod I did. I wish I wasn't bald, I might get myself a wig so I can pretend to be a cool mod again.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I would take you up on this but as the team appear to be incapable of defending and they get paid for it I don't see why I should defend anything every again unless I am getting at least £15,000 a week for it.
  5. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    well Gayle going off has killed my bet...yeah I bet against the villa, I also bet for us as well so that kind of balances it out
  6. Match Thread: Newcastle v Villa

    I thought this as well
  7. The Film Thread

    It sacrificed story for nostalgia if you ask me How many nod's to the original do the need to make, the reason I'm watching Trainspotting 2 is because I enjoyed trainspotting 1, I don't need a shot for shot remake. The book was extremely dark and I wanted the film to go to those places but it never did. I thought the choose life speech and the scene when sickboy and Renton become pals again were great, it felt like those scenes were made for fans of the first film who had aged 20 years, the rest of the film was made for fans who wanted to forget that they had aged 20 years. And we get it, you are gunna play lust for life at some point
  8. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    we lost again, meh, can't say I'm overly bothered
  9. Biggest lesson you've learned?

    Don't whiz on the electric fence.
  10. Worthy GIFs 2017

    I keep meaning to change that avatar, it has no relevence to anything, I think I was drunk when I put it on, its been there for so long though I feel like I should just leave it.
  11. black sabbath!

    would now be a good time to mention that I used to go drinking with Tony Iommi's niece...I think she was his niece, she was some close relation to him anyways, her name was Gemma, we used to call her the purple princess....she was quite fit...bit of a knob though.
  12. black sabbath!

    I just typed out a big long post about how much I love sabbath but..........Wheels of confusion, what a band
  13. black sabbath!

    ahhhh I have just this second stuck the paranoid album on and this is at the bottom of the page so I thought I'd stop by and say hello hand me an electric guitar and the chances are that this is the first thing I will play (I love the sound of it on an acoustic as well) but if you want my favourite sabbath song of all time (sit me in front of a piano and its probably one of the first songs I'll play)
  14. Worthy GIFs 2017

    bullshit, that aint a real person
  15. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    ITV were actually quite clever in what they done. I believe that Jr got a very small purse but a large chunk of the PPV money, hence why ITV barely promoted it, they have dipped their toe in the water to gauge reaction and decide if they want to make a real go of it with little risk to themselves.