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  1. **** it, I'm opening my bottle of rum, got a feeling I'm gunna need it
  2. I think you'll find that I'll be down there at the next home game as I'm a season ticket holder and have been for nearly every season since 1995 so cut the bollocks because you are speaking absolute nonsense mate.
  3. yup I went at half time, I wasn't enjoying myself down there, I've got to the point where I won't torture myself and force myself to sit through 90 minutes of utter dross, if the team look like they are trying and there is a modicum of effort on their side then yeah fair enough I'll stay down there and give my full support, I've gone past the point of having to prove that I am "a proper fan" if you want to start throwing that sort of shit around, the club gets enough money off me every season and I can do what I want with my ticket. And for the record there were more than a few people who left before I did, I suppose we just aren't real fans like you are.
  4. before every match I'm going to start putting a fiver on him to get sent off from now, you can see he is getting more and more frustrated game after game
  5. I'm just lucky that I live close enough to the ground to leave at half time and only miss the first 5 minutes of the second half...actually I wish it would have took me an hour to get home so I wouldn't have had to endure the second half.
  6. only just seen this Katie Price Boy George James Corden Ozzy Osbourne (hopefully not) Rolf Harris not sure if we are allowed 6 people but Ian McShane is my last choice
  7. No one is talking about the fact that it is 4 years today since David Bowie died. I'm not one to claim ownership over an artist but the way that everyone was a David Bowie fan 4 years ago was sickening, they posted shit on their instagram and their twitter shit saying how gutted they were because he wrote a song that they knew once upon a time. I've not mourned a celebrity like I did Bowie, it **** gutted me, I grew up with his music, there were albums I didn't like when I was younger that I couldn't do without today, the man was an absolute genius.
  8. Smith has been to blame for a large number of our losses this season, his tactics and subs have killed us in a lot of games, last night though he got it absolutely spot on, can't fault him at all.
  9. leemond2008

    Louie Barry

    It ain't difficult to figure out that Louie Barry is the lad on the far right, you can even see in the picture that he is about to give his boot away
  10. I guess that Fulham have just done a Villa...sorry I'll just get my coat and leave
  11. I barely watched the first half and fell asleep for the entirety of the second half. The one thing that bothers me is seems like whenever we have got a win this season there has been a break in the fixtures whether for the FA Cup, League Cup or International fixtures, makes it difficult to put any sort of run of momentum going. Glad we are out.
  12. That makes a lot more sense to me, I'm obviously massively out of touch with FM
  13. I'm with the bloke who called BBC WM earlier. lets get Big Dunc
  14. lets go one better and say 4 points from a possible 21
  15. what sort of budget will they have to spend? I know of a Brazilian forward worth about £22,000,000 who they could have, its a bit of a gamble but he might make an impact in that league...then again he might not. p.s. that post was purely in jest and not to be taken seriously.
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