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  1. Do you read?

    really, I may take a butchers at it then
  2. Do you read?

    My mate read it and I was going to borrow it off him but he said it was extremely hard going so I didn't bother
  3. Do you read?

    It didn't feel like they were crowbarred into head full of ghosts, they just kind of fitted in and for the most part it worked quite well. I had a look at jack sparks on Goodreads not long back but didn' really like the look of it if I remember correctly. Keep us updated on it and let me know if it is worth reading.
  4. Do you read?

    Ive just started a horror called No One Gets Out Alive by Adam Neville, I've read a few of his books in the past and never realised he is a Brummie. I think this is a bog standard haunted house type book but I'm about 20 pages in and there is one major difference to this book to so many others of its kind....its set in Handsworth lolz This bird is living in a run down dilapidated house in Handsworth, Perry Barr has been described as being full of Asians with Eastern Europeans slowly taking over and it has also slated the people who work and shop in the Bull Ring. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out, I think one of his other films has just been made into a film, it was called 'The Ritual' or something like that, good book that was. P.s. sorry Moon Man, I've gone from a classic like The Picture of Dorian Gray to a paint by numbers horror
  5. Do you read?

    I struggle in charity shops, I always have a look but as you say there is so much dross in there that I very rarely come out with anything.
  6. Do you read?

    I end up just going on little binges on Amazon and not really even looking at what I'm buying, its good fun just getting random books drop through your letterbox over the space of 3 or 4 weeks. I've always got a few books waiting to be read so its not like I'm waiting for something to read
  7. Do you read?

    My books are pretty much exclusively from Amazon or Waterstones, very rare I go anywhere else
  8. Do you read?

    Exorcist is one of my all time favourites, I read it about 15 times, its brilliant. Rosemary's baby was a nice easy read, nothing too taxing and it was all pretty telegraphed, the final 3rd of the book was really good though. I couldn't get into Dennis Wheatley, I think I've read 2 or 3 of them and just thought they were a bit 'meh' Take a look at The Entity by Frank De Felitta, its better than the film, I really enjoyed that one, also Shirley Jackons Haunting of Hill House or The Amityville Horror. those are some of the best books of films in the horror genre that I can think of at the moment. If you want something really **** up then read The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum
  9. Do you read?

    What sort of genres are you looking at?
  10. Do you read?

    I thought Bram Stokers Dracula was great when I first read it, that was years and years ago, I've been meaning to re-read it again I'm going to finish Picture of Dorian Gray tonight, its been fantastic, a wee bit ghey for the era it was first published but fantastic nonetheless
  11. Snow Watch!

    Scenario 1 - I had a right game trying to get into work today, I couldn' get my car off the drive so I had to get the bus. Scenario 2 - the busses weren't running this morning but luckily I managed to get my car off the drive so I still managed to make it into work. You see the problem with pretending only one of them is causing you issues.
  12. Snow Watch!

    Maybe if you put your phone down and enjoyed the family time instead of sitting there glued to your phone posting messages on forums, I don't know, kids these days.
  13. Snow Watch!

    Hopefully it won't be as bad as we have had it throughout the day. Its been a good few years since we had it like this though hasn't it.
  14. Snow Watch!

    just opened my curtains for the first time in a few hours, looks like it has pretty much stopped here, hopefully it stays stopped now.
  15. The Film Thread

    Just watched Dunkirk, it was a bit 'meh'