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  1. Can see it from both sides, I can't stand Ze German so I'm not going to complain even though he does need to get a few wins under his belt soon otherwise it's gunna be a long ol boring season
  2. I'm right here, I wasn't necessarily saying sack him now but I was asking questions. All of the people who were saying 'give him time, give him time' I was happy to go with that and all I was asking for was some tiny indication that we were heading in the right direction which at the time we weren't getting, then Jack got back to fitness and everything clicked and I got the signs that I was asking for. I did think that the job was too big for him and I did think that we had **** up by appointing him, regardless of that he has always been a step up from Bruce. Sometimes it feels so good to be proven wrong, now lets see what he can do when he has some real money to spend, DEANO DEANO DEANO
  3. Just watching the build up on Sky Sports, who are Derby playing again?
  4. We have been debating how to wipe your arse for a decade and still failed to come up with a conclusive answer
  5. Yep, I'll always choose Mercedes and Hamilton over Ferrari and Ze German but Jesus its been dull hasn't it
  6. Had a really good debate about this at work, one lad was saying that he should be arrested for it which I find ridiculous, I'm not even sure he should have lost his job It was a joke, was it in poor taste? yes, should he have known better before posting it on Twitter? yes, should he apologize? yes Does he deserve to lose his job over a joke made in poor taste? no, should he be forever demonized because of it? no One of the lads that was involved in the conversation was almost weeping with faux outrage because of the terrible racist tweet, this was just a few hours after he showed me about 5 racist pictures or memes about the royal baby. Another person involved in the debate said that the police should look into it because it caused offense, then we moved into the whole freedom of speech argument. To be honest it was quite refreshing to have a conversation like that where I work, I did walk out of the office though and think to myself "did I say anything that anyone could have taken offense to, could I get into trouble for anything I said"
  7. I really didn't enjoy it, I'm actually shocked at the overwhelming positive reviews it is getting from everywhere. Yeah it was a fitting end to the story but it was massively derailed by quite a lot of different things for me. I'll try and get online at some point tomorrow to put my problems with it in spoilers tomorrow (it's late and I'm on my phone do I can't be bothered going into too much detail and messing with the spoiler boxes etc) I'm guessing that my opinions will be pretty unpopular anyway.
  8. What about Renault and poor old Ricciardo, both cars just cutting out at exactly the same time, bizarre. Daniel just can't finish a race through no fault of his own.
  9. I did think of doing that but she has pissed me off, I wanna kill her now. My mate who is an avid soulsborne fan has a saying "if you can hit it, you can kill it" I'm kind of adopting that at the moment but I think you might be right. My other mate who is a massive fan of these games can't get passed the shinobi hunter, I think I did him on my second go.
  10. I smashed that drunk juzuro or whatever his name is, I was struggling for ages so I took out the pack one at a time using stealth and when there was only one or two left I went and got my pal and destroyed him piece of piss, I was shaking by the time I'd done it Then I met lady butterfly and realised that my joy was going to be short lived, that's as far as I've got so far, which is probably farther than any of the other soulsborne games.
  11. Bought it today, I like Dark souls and Bloodbourne but I always end up giving up on them after a few hours because they are too difficult, I've give this a go though purely because on the stealth aspect to it. I quite like the combat system in it so far, I'm only right at the beginning so I'm expecting it to get hard as **** soon
  12. I can't wait for the F1 season to start, my weekends have been shit without it, especially Sundays but I love the qualifying and practices as well (practice sessions always provide a welcome distraction when I should be working) I'll be backing Mercedes again purely out of my hatred for Vetel but if LeClerc does well then I won't be too fussed. How are Renault looking? I've got a vested interest in them now that they have Ricciardo, he was shit on by Red Bulls car last season.
  13. I tend to read reviews after I have seen a film, obviously for the big releases it is difficult to avoid the general opinion of a film but these days its too easy to come across major spoilers in reviews.
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