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  1. nearly half of the cars have retired from the race well done Norris, first ever podium finish, great result for them plus point for the fastest lap
  2. another safety car, that'll kill the race now
  3. glad I didn't switch it off now
  4. Danny Ricciardo out now, he just can't find a car that works for him, when he was with Red Bull he struggled to get a car that would see the race out.
  5. **** hell, might as well switch it off, the only excitement at the front of the race was the fact that Max was running a different strategy to Mercedes, now its a Mercedes 1, 2 with everyone on the same strategy. Ferrari looks a bag of shit at the moment, usually the cars in the middle of the pack just let them past to save time defending against an inevitable overtake but they don't seem to have any fear at all of them now. Nice to see Norris up in 4th, he'll drop off throughout the race but it good to see him up there regardless.
  6. Yep very much business as usual from Mercedes as was unfortunately expected, last season was just a complete bore fest because of Mercedes dominance. Still it makes people take more interest in the middle of the pack. Regardless of the mess that Ferrari are in it was still a shock to see Ze German go out in Q1.
  7. I went round to me Mom n Dads for dinner today, didn't know that my sister, her fella and three kids had been invited, ends up, me Mom didn't even know until last night, ended up having a ramshackle dinner of sh*t that was in the freezer so we had chicken, pork chop and sausages, pretty random combo but it was **** lovely, three slices of bread to mop the grazy up with, all in all it was a good day....then I got home to watch the Villa
  8. Its on sky news now, Twitter is saying that it was just a random loonie, still not clear what has happened yet
  9. mass stabbings and BLM protest in Reading, 3 dead apparently The video on Twitter I have just seen is pretty **** horrific, looks like at least 2 of them were white and it is a black dude filming so whether they were joining the BLM protests themselves or were opposed to it I don't know.
  10. are there any more protests this weekend or are they done with now?
  11. Going off past history I would say it is a case of when he gets injured, not if. Agree though he did well yesterday
  12. Ah it's nice to hear a proper football chant again though isn't it, we won't be getting that in the prem next week that's for sure
  13. **** hell, I'm done for the night... Spent 3 hours on the phone to my best mates missus cuz she has found out that he's been seeing prostitutes for the last 2 years and he's spent £3k of their kids savings on it I get off the phone to her and almost immediately another mate phones me up asking for help cuz he's fell off the wagon and shoved a load of coke up his nose I'm just about to sit down and enjoy my (now cold) curry and I hear a **** load of noise outside, I have a look and there is 6 lads kicking **** out of each other...I just closed the curtains and turned the telly up. **** me, this night has been surreal, all I wanted to do was have a couple of cans and a curry, seems like everyone I know is imploding and coming to me for **** advice... My advice to them all was obviously the same, just **** volley them in the jaw and have done with it
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