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  1. I've seen that video, only one of them is press, the other is a randomer, you can see he's recording it on his phone and when he says there's white powder on the seats the journo says "no there's not"
  2. Like why would you go to training wearing a slipper and a flip flop?
  3. Its clearly not him in the photo, you lot call yourselves Villa fans, don't you realise that Jack would never wear his socks that high
  4. I got told yesterday that I couldn't buy 16 cans of Stella and I could only have 12, I wasn't stock piling that was just for tonight and tomorrow
  5. I have spent over 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone to my mate and his missus today, I can't get rid of them, I think it's fair to say that they are beginning to struggle with this isolation stuff.
  6. A little update on this... yesterday: its going to take approx 6 weeks to get everyone working from home, its ok though we are weeks behind all the other insurers because we are the biggest insurance company in the country. We are waiting on RSA Tokens, they were ordered weeks ago and once they come through we will get the vulnerable people set up from home and then get everyone else out of the office. yesterday: (after lock down) message from area manager at about 9pm "just to let everyone know our circumstances haven't changed, it will be business as usual tomorrow, if anything does change I will let you all know" Today: 1:30am office is to be shut down after work on Wednesday, before you leave you will be given equipment to work from home and if that isn't available you will be told when you will be getting the necessary equipment. Today: 10:00am I spoke to a manager, I asked why they have kept us coming into the office against the governments advice and constantly told it would be 6 weeks when it appears that they can actually get it sorted within a matter of days, I was told that they have expedited the situation and are now getting Email tokens which will arrive sooner, I asked why they didn't do that 2 weeks ago and he couldn't give me an answer Today: 3:00pm Email sent to everyone to say that we would be getting Emails either this evening or tomorrow morning and that would give us access to work from home, I asked a manager why it has took the government to actually shut down the office for them to pull their finger out and sort out the home working, I asked why they have been willing for people to risk their health by coming into the office every day on public transport when it is quite apparent that they could have got it sorted within a matter of hours (not even days) I asked why the few members of staff have been coming in everyday covering for everyone classed as vulnerable (we probably have about 30% of the staff in the office at the moment) whilst those who are vulnerable have been sitting at home when again they could have been set up and working from home within a matter of hours, I asked why we are constantly being told that we need to "pull together" and "work as a team" and all that office speak when the managers are all working from home and only popping into the office sporadically whilst we are (again) using public transport. They didn't have an answer to a single one of my questions, I told them that the timing is all to convenient for it to be a coincidence and when they are playing with peoples health I feel I have every right to question the company because based on previous experiences I struggle to trust it in these situations and it seems that the decision was taken for some reason to keep us in the office for as long as possible. I was told that I was being unreasonable and that I shouldn't be asking these questions right now as it will upset my colleagues and that I was being far too negative, I was told that we can discuss it further "in a couple of months" On top of that we are having to use our own laptops to log on and when someone asked if we could possibly take a monitor home for whilst we were WFH they were told "you can't take any monitors home because they will end up in car boot sales and we will never see them again" That my friends is the "biggest insurer in the country" Now was I being out of order by calling them out on their bullshit or do they need to be told how people are feeling? P.S. sorry about the stupidly long post but I needed to get that off my chest.
  7. Just been told that we will all be ready to work from home within the next few days. Funny that is ain't it. Again I actually want to get set up from home it just shows there ulterior motive in keeping us in the office for as long as possible.
  8. Had an email to say our last day in the office will be tomorrow, the email was sent half hour after the regional manager messaged everyone to say that their position hasn't changed. Now this is the best on them, they said 6 weeks to get us set up, let's see how long it takes them now, I'm gunna say it'll be ready by the end of the week. Just can't trust them.
  9. We have been told that it could take anywhere up to 6 weeks before they arrange for us to stay at home Those who are vulnerable are at home already but not working. A massive amount of others are isolating as well which leaves just a few people in the office who are now at the very back of the queue
  10. I hope I get pulled and fined by a copper on my way to work tomorrow
  11. I would love to see action taken against them, its not like they couldn't afford it and they prioritize making a few quid over their staff. Last year people were literally passing out in the office in the middle of the summer when the aircon was broke for 8 weeks, temperature in the office hit 39° nearly everyday, they got these great big air con units which made the whole office damp and all they did was come round once a day with an icelol. I actually got sent home the one day because I was struggling to breathe (suffering from thunderfever on that day as well) and the cheeky **** made me take it as sick leave.
  12. well if you class dealing with injury claims as essential work? and it can all be done at home but they haven't done sweet F.A. to sort it out for us, so yeah I could work from home but I can't. Our manager has sent a message around saying "following the PM's announcement our position hasn't remains the same, if anything changes by tomorrow morning I will let you know"
  13. well as I feared, only travel to work if it is "absolutely necessary" that basically means that my workplace will just keep us in the office and will most likely put the homeworking stuff right on the back burner.
  14. I know I might be banging on about this but if they are going to class us as a key worker then they'll just sit on their hands and keep us in the office and won't be in any rush to get us working from home at all
  15. Government website says I'm guessing that is what they would try and lump motor insurance in with...I dunno, if that is the case then so be it, I'll be kicking off daily about it until they sort out the homeworking for us though.
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