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  1. In series 1 of the Netflix F1 series (can't remember what it was called now) Danny Rick is talking about how his Mom is always worried about him before every race and how she is terrified that he is going to die in the car, I'm pretty sure it was Ricciardo who said that anyway, he was quite a big focus on the first series. Anyway, it just goes to show that it must go through all of their heads at some point.
  2. yep, that happened just a minute or two after i posted that. will Red Bull drop Albon at the end of the season? he certainly hasnt done brilliant for them has he
  3. did I hear them say that he has got a 5 second time penalty for his practice lap?
  4. Lewis starting on the soft while Max is on the medium could make the first 10-15 laps interesting at least
  5. I've always been a "bashing out the chords" guy as well, over the last few months though I went right back to basics with my picking, I'm improving rapidly on it and I'm finding that I'm spending more time picking now than strumming, I've always had dreadnoughts so it'll be nice to have something a little different.
  6. Well I think I have settled on this The Martin 000-19E I went into the store today but they didn't have any in stock, I played a more expensive model with the same body and it played wonderfully, its £839 so I'm not going to commit myself until I have played it properly but I'm fairly certain that this is what I'll end up getting, I like the wide fretboards on the Martins. I also had a play on this one which is also £839 But with the dreadnought body it is more of a volume/bashing out the chords sort of guitar, again it was **** lovely to play but I've already got
  7. I am certain that I had it back in February. I had a terrible fever, flu like symptoms which lasted for just 3 or 4 days, completely lost my sense of taste and smell for about 3 weeks and I couldn't go to a run for almost 3 months because my breathing was ****. That was before the symptoms were even made official so I feel confident enough to say that yes I had it. outside of myself, my sisters fella tested positive just the other week (he was sitting in the pub just a few days later the monumental bell end) and there is a girl that I work with who has had it as well.
  8. Me and my mate were in the Acorn in Erdington once and we had a mother and her two daughters ask us if we wanted to go round the back of Iceland to shag them against the bins...my standards are pretty **** low but even I couldn't go for that.
  9. It really was a cracking race but don't be expecting it every week, if Lewis would have stayed out of the pits then it would have been a foregone conclusion. The crash that Charles had looked like a bad one, you could tell on the radio that hurt him, a few years ago and that would have been very nasty. I like Max but I agree it is so refreshing to have a multitude of cars battling for the number 1 position rather than just Mercedes fighting for a 1 - 2, its just a shame that it'll be business as usual next week. I did like it when after Bottas was saying that he isn't concerned
  10. Bottas had a terrible start there and was completely bullied by Sainz and Norris, you could here that he was almost hoping for a puncture as a way of justifying it. I reckon that there is a good chance that Hamilton will win this one. **** nice to see the McLaren's Force India and Renault making up the rest of the top 5
  11. Ze German out in Q1 again, threw a right little hissy fit he did. seems pointless to even comment on the front two again, at least there is a bit of a change between 3rd and 5th
  12. I ain't got any other plans, if there are any jaws that need volleying just let me know.
  13. Yeah I'm all good mate, I've taken a bit of a back seat, we are still talking most days or nights but I haven't seen her for a few weeks, going round this weekend though so I'm just gunna see how things pan out. I feel like I'm in a better headspace now than when I first posted about the whole situation. So in answer to your question no, at present I have not DHUTWU
  14. To be honest I'll probably end up paying £400/£500 but I do fancy stumping up a bit more just to treat myself, the differences between the guitars would most likely be minimal, it would purely be a treat if I found anything really special.
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