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  1. Finished watching Destroyer with Nicole Kidman. Not bad at all. I don't recall her doing anything of note for a while so a decent comeback flick.
  2. True Romance OST one of my favourites. Hans Zimmer playing a blinder with "You're So Cool" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bayyRPSXGq0
  3. Thought we had left Andy Hinchcliffe behind in the championship. Oh well. Engels beast
  4. Newry_Villan

    Tom Heaton

    Saved by Engels early on in the game when he was caught in no mans land. Redeemed himself and put in a great performance.
  5. Divides opinion doesn't he? No denying he has a great left peg. Won't start every game but great squad option to have.
  6. Avoid the Villa facebook page when they announce this. lol great assist.
  7. Seen a video of Guardiola more or less stating his frustrations at the whole work permit process. Said that he was sad for Luiz because he would have in or around the City first team but couldn't get a permit, we come waltzing in and get one for him. Two fingers up to you Pep and City!!!

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