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  1. Newry_Villan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I agree when he's not in the mood we're basically playing with 10 men. Hinders us more than he helps us
  2. Newry_Villan

    John McGinn

    If or when McGinn and Grealish click in training and get used to playing with each other it could be frightening for other teams.
  3. Newry_Villan

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Forgot he was on the pitch until he near gave the ball away towards the end but then he scored so it's all good.
  4. Newry_Villan

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    If this doesn't get you in good groove heading out tonight then I don't know what will
  5. Newry_Villan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    He's our marmite.
  6. Newry_Villan

    Scottish Fitba

    Just thought I'd say great support from the Hibs fans today, many thanks for their efforts. I say they should get their own thread
  7. Newry_Villan

    John McGinn

    I'd say his name will going on to the back of a few shirts now.
  8. Newry_Villan

    AVTV 2018/9

    Second season showing games and still teething problems. Hope they issue refunds to folks
  9. Newry_Villan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    That step over/dummy thing he does all the time does my head in too
  10. Newry_Villan

    John McGinn

    He has a sweet left peg on him.
  11. Newry_Villan

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Striker required ASAP
  12. Newry_Villan

    Ørjan Nyland

    Can do better. Lets hope so. Didn't seem very talkative on the pitch, kept his head down.
  13. Newry_Villan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I just can't see him getting his form back. he hasn't come back from injury the same player.
  14. Newry_Villan

    Steve Bruce

    He is a frustrating guy. Odd decision making. I'm still not in the Bruce out camp but if he keeps that up it won't be long.
  15. Newry_Villan

    John McGinn

    Excellent debut. Man of the match for me. Hope it continues.