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  1. On one of their forums they've literally just started a thread "The I Hate Aston Villa" thread. Calling us a vile club.
  2. Just hope there is no booing if we play bad like the spuds fans did. First game in so long for fans I hope it has a party atmosphere. Enjoy the day if any of you are going. 1-0 win for us.
  3. Them two strikers should have been subbed on as soon as palace equalised. Poor decisions from the bench today.
  4. I don't know, maybe Smith should have job security because he dragged us from mid table in the championship to promotion in half a season. Replaced a whole squad and survived in our first season back and now has us comfortable in mid table in our second season. That's seem like pretty good progression to me.
  5. Yep. People expecting Europe and calling it a disaster if we don't get in should give their head a wobble.
  6. I did, and I know it wasn't great. No point hammering the team.
  7. A game of football is 90 minutes. Some should remember that.
  8. I should be well used to it. Still irks me though.
  9. Great subs from Dean today. Changed the game. Well done.
  10. No, I'm just sick of the **** hyperbole reactions and comments on here. Get behind the team and stop bashing them at every opportunity.
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