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  1. Our youngsters are poor, flukey header by Archer Bidace should have buried that.
  2. Has Deano done the pre match presser yet? Like to tune in to it.
  3. I'd say he got a nice promotion bump up too. Could be close to 40k
  4. Didn't acknowledge the young lad he replaced. Disappointed in that.
  5. Even the sponsors can't resist a dig a them
  6. I'd say he's an upgrade on Hause. Strengthens our squad and bench as, lets be honest, our bench was pretty woeful last season.
  7. Bye Bye Jack. Off to the other football section with this thread.
  8. He should be fine as he would play only half the amount of games for them than he would for us. He'll be rotated in and out collecting his medals. But that's fine. Feck him.
  9. Played full campaign 19/20 season and missed 9 games last season.
  10. Uhh what? Have we signed Danny Ings??
  11. Well, his parting gift should be reimbursing parents who forked out for expensive kits for their kids with Grealish on the back.
  12. Maybe we're delaying it so they have less time to pursue other targets.
  13. There's a poster on here said earlier he has a photo of Jack at the camp taken by his mate.
  14. A poster said earlier that he has photographic evidence that jack is still at our training camp.
  15. We should insert a buy back clause like they did with Dougie. You never know, it might not work out for him.
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