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  1. listen from 4.20 mark. https://twitter.com/BristolCity/status/1117120261923278848?s=19
  2. Just listened to an interview with Lee Johnson. Called Conor a little rat because he keeps scoring against him. Salty much??
  3. Newry_Villan

    Keinan Davis

    Excellent from Davis. Held the ball up well, put himself about by bullying their defenders and almost bagged himself a goal.
  4. Maybe Paddy Riley wasn't so bad after all eh? Down to our coaching staff then it seems.
  5. Last time we won 8 in a row was 74/75 winning promotion to the old first division. I wasn't even a twinkle in my father's eye. Love a win but would be content with a draw...I think.
  6. There'll be a lot of unhappy fans if our jerseys will be a snug fit. Myself included lol
  7. Stumbled upon Designated Survivor on Netflix. Pretty good so far I think.
  8. Do we not have any articulate ex players who could do punditry on sky sports?
  9. Think everyone, bar yourself, would have agreed Nyland should have been the first player to be replaced. Glaringly obvious that it was needed. Kalinic is an improvement on Nyland. Any excuse to keep beating Smith with that stick you have though.
  10. The catalyst for our downfall right here.
  11. He really does think so highly of himself doesn't he. Representative for Wellingborough.
  12. Needs better midfielders around him. Busting his balls and getting no help. Bet he can't wait for Grealish to come back.
  13. I've a mate at work from Bournemouth, big fan. text me saying nice to see us help the little clubs out with Elphick and Mings. I had no comeback. The shame lol

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