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  1. Yep. People expecting Europe and calling it a disaster if we don't get in should give their head a wobble.
  2. I did, and I know it wasn't great. No point hammering the team.
  3. A game of football is 90 minutes. Some should remember that.
  4. Great subs from Dean today. Changed the game. Well done.
  5. No, I'm just sick of the **** hyperbole reactions and comments on here. Get behind the team and stop bashing them at every opportunity.
  6. Oh look, Trezeguet again. Some **** eggs on faces today
  7. Trezeguet. Happy days. Where's the complainers now. Such an entitled bunch some of you.
  8. Explain. Or are you just trolling? Yea I think you're trolling.
  9. He reminds me of Bret Holman. All the hustle and bustle and energy but absolute zero quality.
  10. WDFAFC, WDFAFT, our set piece specialist is sitting in Swansea and it's starting to look like we are a one man team.
  11. 0 attempts at half time and spurs defence has been really off it. Poor from us.
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