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  1. Newry_Villan

    Dean Smith

    Yes he took training. said he only had 13 or so available to him, but so far signs are good that players are hungry and keen to learn.
  2. Newry_Villan

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Smith near burst out laughing when Purslow pronounced his name at the press conference.
  3. Newry_Villan

    Steve Bruce

    He should resign tonight.
  4. Newry_Villan

    Steve Bruce

    Why two games? Just pull the trigger. Potentially 6 points dropped before that happens. Watch him fluke two wins to get a reprieve.
  5. Newry_Villan

    Guess the player/manager

    @PompeyVillan your go.
  6. Newry_Villan

    Guess the player/manager

    I thought Nicky Hunt too.
  7. Newry_Villan

    Guess the player/manager

  8. Newry_Villan

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Actually listening to an Oasis album, enjoying a few beers with The Masterplan on. Their B-sides are just as good as the stuff they released. Listen Up what's the time said to day I'm gonna speak my mind.
  9. Newry_Villan

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol City v Villa

    More points dropped. One win in nine games is it? Not good enough. I'd say Bruce must do better but I don't think he can. Owners need to act and fast.
  10. Newry_Villan

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I had Povetkin ahead by one point and then he gets knocked out. The Hearn gravy train rolls on ffs.
  11. Newry_Villan

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    The entrances are getting more cringeworthy with each fight.
  12. Newry_Villan

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Would be perfect if Fury gets KO'd by Wilder. I don't care if he was lineal champ he walked away from the sport on his own accord. Comes back fights two bums and lands a world title fight. Doesn't deserve it but sure what can you do? Anyway, onto tonight's card, surprised Katie Taylor isn't on the card but she is scheduled for a bout next month so can see why she isn't. Would love to see Povetkin win just to derail the Eddie Hearn gravy train but this guy got rocked by David Price so unfortunately can only see a Joshua win. Agree with @AshVilla, shouldn't go more than four. Will be a huge upset if Povetkin pulls a win out of the bag.
  13. Newry_Villan

    New Manager Speculation

    Did John Terry not lead a revolt against AVB at Chelsea which led to bad performances and then AVB getting the boot? Had a decent win percentage with Spurs but they weren't the team they are now.
  14. Newry_Villan

    Steve Bruce

    To his credit, Forrestieri never got a touch.