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  1. Well at least we will win games in the championship.
  2. I got that shirt for Christmas that year, Santa messed up and put Draper and 9 on the back....stupid Santa. Local clothes shop "fixed" it by putting a navy 8 on top of the 9 and then a white 8.
  3. If the season gets suspended do we stay up and start again in August? Talk about a get out of jail free card.
  4. Couldn't have asked for better results wise today. Up to us now to capitalise on it.
  5. Anyone make a gif of that tackle? Loved it. Studs were not up.
  6. Be warned he still appears when he's been quoted. Can't get rid of him that easy.
  7. Let's **** save our season now. Come on, lads!!
  8. Bournemouth winning and West ham get another. FFS
  9. I just hope we show up with some fight in us. I am expecting a defeat. I just hope we fall on our sword trying and not roll over for them.
  10. At least he tried today unlike El Ghazi
  11. Need a rocket up their arses. Fortunate to go in only 1 down. Could be a sign we nick something here maybe
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