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  1. NOt sure if this was posted but a few weeks back the UDA threatened rival unionist candidates against standing in North Belfast against the DUPs Nigel Dodds in fear of splitting the unionist vote and letting Sinn Fein in.
  2. Comparing fees with Hogan and McCormack is pointless IMO, I'd expect Wesley to be much better than them when he gets to their age.
  3. A few mentioning Dunne. I thought he was decent for us until Houllier arrived. A recent interview with Dunne revealed he has a personal grudge, for lack of a better word, against Houllier over the Ireland France hand ball debacle. But as a professional you should expect him to put personal grievances aside for the sake of team.
  4. I like the soundtrack to Jackie Brown. Tarrantino always has some great tunes in his films.
  5. Too big of step up to be leading the line for us. He needs help. I am not writing him off. I think there's just too much pressure on him at the minute. A striker in January is needed and then the coaches can work with Big Wes and ease him back in to the team.
  6. Started Gotham. Half way through the first season. I'm liking it. Quite dark and a bit graphic.
  7. 40 mins into MNF and we have had zero pre match analysis. Eugh sort it out Sky.
  8. We need the points so we have to win this one. I hope the team are up for it.
  9. Article on Sky Sports regarding a meeting between the premier league and the PGMOL. Quick interview with our CEO in the middle of the article. Clicky
  10. Thats on McGinn. lazy ball leaves Taylor shafted
  11. Trez penalised for daring to show some desire to win the ball
  12. I thought we left Don Goodman behind in the Championship. Terrible pundit.
  13. They need a rocket up their arses for the second half. Hairdryer treatment required.
  14. My 8 year old son: "They're still bloody talking about them"
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