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  1. bobzy

    Gun violence in the USA

    What do you need your guns for? Genuinely curious why you're so against giving them up/banning guns etc.
  2. bobzy

    Players you've completely forgotten about

    Youri Djorkaeff as well. Unreal that those 2 were at Bolton.
  3. bobzy

    Italian Football

    I'm fine with that. I like cyclical football and don't want the same old teams at the top necessarily. A whole generation of football fans know Ajax to be just another average Dutch side, but that mid-90's side was incredible. Van der Sar, the de Boer brothers, Davids and Seedorf, Overmars and Kluivert - just such a good Dutch production line. Also, Jari Litmanen! Pretty sure a load of that Ajax side (who beat Milan in the CL final) ended up going to Milan as well.
  4. bobzy

    Callum O'Hare

    It's a "good start to the tournament" if you meg a Hong Kong player and fail to deliver any sort of end product? I blame Soccer AM
  5. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    ....which was said because the entire post was about teams staying up. How are your armbands?
  6. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    Have they just been promoted?
  7. bobzy

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    During a wildcard (I.e: hit “random” 3 times and play as the team it lands on) game on an old version of Pro Evo, Bernard Mendy scored a hat-trick from right wing-back for me as my Hull side beat my mates’ Chelsea side 3-2. One was a screamer from about 40 yards. Complete cult hero, purely because of this
  8. bobzy

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Don’t know many of those defenders, but that attack
  9. bobzy


    You’re missing the point with the Aurier thing. Some transfers work - some don’t. The point is that they’ll recycle players with any money earned. They’ve lost Walker and still finished comfortably top 4 by spending elsewhere. The posted above mentions Soldado not working - they sold him for £10m and Townsend for £12m and brought in Son for £22m. Job done, gap filled. Lost Mason and Bentaleb (£29m), brought in Sissoko (£30m). Gap filled (not worked, of course). They’d have a big problem if Kane and Eriksen went, but everyone else is replaceable for the money they’d bring in IMO.
  10. bobzy


    Maybe so - maybe no. Unless Man City (in England) are coming in for you, then you're solely leaving for money; and those are the characters that Spurs are quite happy to let go of (I think Kane would be the exception to the rule). They buy younger talent up and blood them through the team so stop gaps are always filled. Likewise, they're still able to attract players from overseas by paying sufficient amounts - and maybe bonuses too, as mentioned by Stevo - so they lose Kyle Walker for £50m, but bring in Serge Aurier and Lucas Moura from PSG for that money. The stop gap (RWB) is filled and they've bought an additional player. It'll be interesting to see if any club throws money at Spurs' players this summer. I actually think Alderweireld would be absolutely fine to leave - very replaceable, even if he's a good defender. Also noticed they bought Juan Foyth (for £10m) last summer as well; 20 year old Argentine centre back. So, again, buying young, blood them through. What would Alderweireld cost another club? £30m, say? They'll re-invest that amount with cash to spare, and the cycle will continue. Again, as per original point, I don't understand people wanting this system to fail. It's madness.
  11. bobzy

    Jordan Amavi

    Marseille missed a glorious chance first half. I thought they played alright bar really obvious mistakes but, eventually, Atletico's quality shone through.
  12. bobzy


    But so what if they're getting less than half of what they could elsewhere? Well done chairman for having the balls to stand up to the completely outrageous wage demands that people have these days. Alexis Sanchez is probably being paid £300k/wk at Man Utd - well done Levy for keeping Kane "down" (lol) at £150k/wk or whatever. Runs club well, gets criticised. Game truly is gone.
  13. bobzy

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Think he'd have a chance after this season - same with Thauvin who has been immense for Marseille. Their squad announcement is today (might have been?) so will be interesting to see who is going!
  14. bobzy

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    I quite fancy France, but that potential blow in losing Payet may hurt them (hopefully just a small thing for his sake). England squad is underwhelming but pretty much as expected. Huge lol having Heaton on the backup list who has played, what, 0 games this season? “**** you, Joe Hart!”
  15. bobzy


    Yeah, OK