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  1. bobzy

    Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Mourinho needs to stop moaning about money and show how good his managerial skills are, then. Instead, he throws his toys out the pram, talks about the past ("respect, 3 times") and alienates players. His stock is falling whilst Guardiola's is increasing. They both spend loads, but the gulf in quality and class is growing rapidly.
  2. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    Why are people obsessed over him scoring goals? Bizarre.
  3. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    This does a huge disservice to Elmo, who calls for the pass from Grealish and takes a touch to allow room to hit a cross immediately. It's great play from him.
  4. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    What's your point here? Does that cancel out the at least 5 assists/goals from the others? I can see with my eyes that McGinn and Grealish are way, way, way better players than Hourihane. That Hourihane takes a pretty free kick doesn't change this - likewise that he has fewer cards from playing fewer minutes (odd inclusion).
  5. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    Those stats are fine, but they're odd to attribute points against. Hourihane has assists and a goal from free kicks and McGinn has 2(?) assists from free kicks too. Grealish doesn't take set pieces so quite literally cannot get these "points", but they're also dead ball situations and not having an impact in open play. Grealish does so much more creatively than either of the others do - by a long way, too. I had a discussion with the Leeds fan who posts on here regarding "assists to an assist" - Grealish is almost always the player who supplies the pass that allows a cross. He's almost always the player who is fouled which leads to a free kick. He is a massive, massive part of our attacking setup even if he doesn't win points for goals/assists.
  6. bobzy

    Ørjan Nyland

    I think he's fine. Not great, not terrible - just an average goalkeeper who hopefully improves as he settles. Not for the first time this season, though, an impressive save has "saved" us.
  7. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    It would be madness. He's basically one of the top players in the division for every sort of metric other than goals and assists. Rightly, he has to improve that aspect of his game, and today wasn't one of his better games at all, but to leave him out completely would hugely impact us (in a negative way).
  8. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    As I said, when the ball is dead he's good. Outside of that, he isn't. His goal and assists have come from free kicks (although I think the assist against Wigan for Bjarnason's goal was a cross from open play).
  9. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    Crazy wanting Hourihane in ahead of Grealish. The man does absolutely nothing unless the ball is dead.
  10. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    I don't think he played well by his standards, but he wasn't bad today. Didn't shine as brightly as the others immediately around him, but still dictates a lot of our play.
  11. bobzy

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    I thought he played well under Bruce as well tbh.
  12. bobzy

    Tammy Abraham

    Very good today - constantly a threat and should've really had at least 2 more. I guess he just needs to work on his finishing, but everything else was spot on.
  13. bobzy

    John McGinn

    Runs forever. FOREVER. He and Bjarnason just swamped them for large periods in the middle. He gets a bit too excited when a shot is on (possibly since scoring his wonder goal) but otherwise, basically flawless. MOTM today.
  14. bobzy

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Solid performance again in the middle of the park. He lacks vision when the ball is at his feet, but my God he's a pain in the backside for the opposition when they have it.
  15. bobzy

    Yannick Bolasie

    Garbage today. Bolasie coming on was a large factor in Swansea putting us under pressure. Had absolutely zero desire to track his man at all and constantly left Hutton exposed to 2 attacking players when switched with Kodjia.