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  1. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    Holy crap, big apologies needed here - I've only just realised I've gotten you mixed up with another poster of similar name . Your posts aren't that negative on the whole - may be why you became defensive after me saying you were. Sorry Dave!
  2. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    I don't think we are that inconsistent compared to any other side. Form is something that happens in football; sometimes teams will be on great winning streaks (Fulham last season) sometimes teams will be on terrible winless streaks (Fulham last season). The huge disappointment last season was that, after being in great form and beating Wolves 4-1, we then somehow didn't turn up against QPR, Bolton and... was it Norwich? I'm not even sure that comes down to Bruce's lack of style/coaching, the players just seemed to think "oh, well we've hammered Wolves - job done". Perhaps this was the message behind the scenes too, I don't know, but it was all very odd. You say about amazing winning runs and follow them up with poor form, but this rarely happened last season - certainly not outside the norm anyway. Aside from that blip after Wolves (1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses - hardly completely horrific) our main error was a really poor start to the season (1 win, 4 draws and 2 losses in the opening 7). Perhaps that was down to poor coaching or not being setup well to start the season - if I'm honest, I can't remember those games at all - but otherwise.... I dunno, teams just sometimes beat other teams in football?
  3. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    Of the teams on there, I'd only say that Brentford have a clearly defined system and purchase players to fit that system. Fulham possibly have a style, but that's more from being settled. They still mixed it up by bringing in Mitrovic as a target man figure to hold the ball up field. Wolves spent big on big name players at this level and made it, have now signed Adama Traore for a club record fee. They didn't utilise wide forwards last season at all - in fact, their wing backs were a huge part of their success (I'm surprised they let Douglas go). They don't have a style, they had a well assembled (Neves and Jota in the Championship was ridiculous) squad. Cardiff were assembled well and became a sum greater than their parts, but their style of play varied massively over the season. Maybe they were generally physical - Warnock side after all - but at times they dominated sides, other times they broke with loads of pace up front. I don't know what you'd have called their style? Leeds have been well coached and drilled for 3 games this season, but were all over the place last time out. Huddersfield are a very well drilled side defensively, probably not really a style thing, but certainly good coaching. They surprised everyone by being so solid (crew) and used the loan market well. Again, not sure what style they had. Counter-attacking? Maybe. Sheffield Utd are often cited as some example of great things to happen as they punched above their weight so to speak, but, again, I have no idea what you'd class their style as. They played quite direct football last season and Clarke and Sharp worked well together, coupled with David Brooks who is an exciting prospect (interesting to see how he does at Bournemouth). They didn't last the pace, unfortunately, and have lost to Wigan this season (who we beat... maybe they aren't so bad?). On the bit in bold, I'm pretty sure we were the most in form team in England over a 2 or 3 month spell at some point last season?!
  4. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    "Losing their shit" "2 years of failure"
  5. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    This post sums everything up very nicely. It’s worth about 10 likes.
  6. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    I wasn't doubting your support, which is what you may be implying in this response, but just genuinely wondered what you get out of it at this moment in time. I mean, you say you neither hate or even dislike the manager, but every post you make regarding him seems to be negative. We're going through our best period in recent years (granted, in a league below where we want to be) but there's a group of posters (and, again, fine - opinions are what we live on) just constantly posting negative things. Look at this state of this thread - it's a joke! Apologies if you feel I'm being superior or sneering, that wasn't my intention at all. Was a genuine question regarding what you're getting out of the team right now. You want the manager gone, every victory is seemingly followed up with negative posts - where's the benefit? As an aside, I'm probably actually where you are generally - I think Bruce is limited and ultimately I'd like to see a lovely, attacking, fast paced side. However, we're doing well. We finished 4th and missed out on promotion by a tiny margin. We've won 3 out of 3 this season. This isn't "failing considering our resources" or whatever else keeps getting trotted out (not by you) - how are people not satisfied right now? We've been a state for years and Bruce has helped turn it round. I guess I'd just like to read people getting behind it all rather than slagging it off all the time. Differences of opinion are great, repetitive criticism really isn't. I'm probably done for this thread tbh - but good post anyway Dave.
  7. bobzy


    So odd, though. Same with Liverpool - reached the CL final but didn't win so FAIL. My Dad isn't a Spurs fan, but I like them too. Ideally, of the realistic clubs who could, they'd win the league this season.
  8. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    Same - counter-attacking football is fine, but wasted against a side like Ipswich. Against Leeds or Brentford or a team which will generally retain the ball and work openings, sure, be solid defensively and spring counter attacks. Ipswich aren't like that, though.
  9. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    Ipswich do look pretty terrible. The problem will be if we try to play counter-attacking football, which Bruce seems to enjoy more, than controlling the game as you say. Would hope for a comfortable 2-0 win.
  10. bobzy

    Players that you think are rubbish

    Seems to be this. It's amazing they're still a Premier League side.
  11. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    What are you on about? He said he read comments but didn't see the game at all. How would you know whether comments were right, wrong, spot on, way out of order etc if you've got nothing to base them on? Not even an argument. Just a statement of fact.
  12. bobzy


    Don't understand the dislike for Spurs at all. Well run club, invested sensibly (on the whole), developed some really bright talents, don't just throw around ridiculous money for the sake of it and yet still able to compete with the top European clubs. I hope they have another good season.
  13. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    Why? That’s the league we’re in. We don’t have a Premier League quality team.
  14. bobzy

    Steve Bruce

    It seems that, given all of this is entirely negative about Bruce, you perhaps don’t sit between the two groups and are very firmly in a “please **** off now Brucey” camp? I mean, you’ve said he has no plan, cannot pick a side, doesn’t use valid tactics, have questioned whether or not he signs good players (I assume he’s pretty much entirely responsible for those who haven’t worked, though) and plays for a draw rather than winning. Not the most balanced piece for someone who is on the fence!
  15. bobzy

    Jack Grealish

    The club would be crazy to do anything like that. If a clause has been put in, it will be on a new and extended contract. I’d hope it’s a non-promotion type clause too.