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  1. Presumably that's compared to other sides just this season? I can't see how Newcastle could be 18th for points/game and not have been relegated otherwise.
  2. No idea who that is, but incredibly poor taste path to take immediately after an MP has been stabbed. State of the nation summed up quite nicely all round, really. Hopefully the stabbed MP makes a speedy recovery. Edit: Seems that, sadly, reports are he has died.
  3. Which is probably the way I should have put it initially
  4. Yes, true - although Qu in Latin is surely “Kw”? Do those who say “corter” also say “headcorters”?
  5. Aren’t they (generally) words taken from other languages, though? Quiche is almost certainly not “English”.
  6. bobzy

    Samir Nasri

    This a million times over.
  7. I don’t think it’s that confusing that club wanting player gone = good for the club but brilliant player wanting to leave = bad for the club. What it has to do with “being a fan” though, no **** idea.
  8. bobzy

    U.S. Politics

    To sum up: Things that are vital in life (or should be seen to be) - education and work. Something that isn’t vital in life - playing sports. Areas where diversity quotas would likely be a good thing - in education and in the workplace. An area where it wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing - playing sports.
  9. Not sure if for the “don’t get” thread, but it does actually annoy me for some reason (even if “pisses me off” is a bit strong)… …women who have necklaces of their own name.
  10. I’m still amazed at the number of people on here that say quarter incorrectly. I didn’t even know that was a thing, let alone such a high number in a small sample!
  11. Yeah, I think this is my concern - covid mixed with the usual flu. I’m an asthmatic and do tend to get ill over winter (very rarely proper flu) but the thought of getting ill plus having tightness on my chest due to covid does worry me. Thankfully, incredibly doubtful there’ll be the usual Christmas parties so not too much “big” socialising to be had/missed.
  12. Which superpower did he score a hattrick against this time? Liechstenstein? Luxembourg? San Marino?
  13. I do wonder if those "look, I'm not racist I'm just fed up of BLM" people look at the Hungary situation and think "fair play lads, you're standing up for it".
  14. Not sure if they're overrated, though. Definitely good marketing, but a fair few of their songs (whilst not to my taste; I mostly love heavy rock and drum & bass ) are "good" and they did it better than any other boy band I can think of. As an aside, this thread seems to have gone down the route of "famous bands I don't like" rather than overrated ones.
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