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  1. Because he was a drink driver. I think your question is actually more relevant for you. If you’re happy having a convicted drink driver playing for your side, where would you draw the line?
  2. Because you wouldn’t want him representing your club, I’d guess.
  3. In fairness, I’m not entirely sure many people would just shrug off drink driving.
  4. You’re right - probably not entirely shocking you’ve gone for the internet points victory. I do regret getting involved in your posts again
  5. The clue is “might”. Stevo is bang on, but each to their own.
  6. Oh, same. But let’s not jump to conclusions.
  7. So the behaviour that people would be excusing is “quite likely” driving and possibly seeing his mates?
  8. He was definitely driving then?
  9. Just to clarify the matter here, what was his behaviour?
  10. At this point, there are no facts and no evidence though? It’s all speculation and rumour and you’ve taken it as 100% all correct from the off. It may well all be true and he’s been a very silly boy, but no-one actually knows what’s happened at all.
  11. I imagine most high-profile types in society don't just hang around on the street for the police - but I don't know. I appreciate you want him done over this, though.
  12. Most car accidents involve another car with another driver at the time - so even if insurance details are left, someone in the incident knows what's happened. Given the details here are parked cars, I imagine they wish to speak to the owner of the Land Rover to ascertain what actually happened. Pretty standard stuff, I'd imagine, yes.
  13. Where has he been out with friends?! You're basing a hell of a lot on a random rumour here. Even if we go for him crashing a car after a training session to be true, he's a professional athlete coming to the crunch end of the season which has absolutely no end date. I went for a walk with my daughter down by the river today. There were a fair amount of people doing exercise, walking their dogs, out with their family etc. all taking precautions by being a fair distance apart. Is there really anything wrong with him doing a training session somewhere?
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