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  1. Most people who are pro-EU immigration are just pro-immigration. Most people who are anti-EU immigration are just xenophobic and/or racist. I do remember that lovely video from the referendum days of that chap in Barnsley or somewhere saying he voted leave because "they" should "go back to Africa". Classic.
  2. 100% the same. Also think I have "FOMO" drilled into my DNA. Just doesn't seem right to go home before the night has actually ended.
  3. Nah - the general public are **** stupid on the whole.
  4. So true. I genuinely don't understand why people vote for the Conservatives - literally anyone at all. I also don't understand how Corbyn is so disliked compared to Johnson. I just don't get it.
  5. They're **** words removed. Still staggers me that anyone votes for them. Scum is apt, tbf.
  6. We used to play in a Powerleague league a few years back - probably in division 3 out of 8 (to gauge standard). Quit after playing in a game where the opposition threatened to put us "in the QMC" (main hospital in Nottingham) and put in some appalling challenges thereafter. After the ref gave us like the 1000th free kick of the game and said he'd called the game off if it continued, one of them broke his nose. Obviously they got chucked out, but we couldn't be arsed after that "season" ended. We now play an organised game between ourselves each week which is competitive without the mindless violence. Convinced that about 70% of people who play there are just chav scum tbh.
  7. Unless he says YES!
  8. There is nowhere near enough recognition for the goalscoring exploits of Ciro Immobile.
  9. 40% Green 40% Lib Dem 13.3% Labour 6.7% Brexit (what the ****?! ) Green policies: Democracy, Economy, Foreign Policy, Immigration, Jobs/Work, Transport Lib Dem policies: Brexit, Environment, Equalities, Health/NHS, Tax, Welfare/Pensions Labour policies: Education, Housing Brexit policy: Crime Not surprised with the overall result (outside of the Brexit bit) but quite surprised with which policies fell under which party. e.g: Loads of "Green" views, but not on the environment. I must look into my views on Crime, though. Terrible
  10. By some distance, for me. Love the way he plays, always in the right spirit too and always with a smile on his face. Absolute class act.
  11. Interesting leafleting so far in Rushcliffe. Haven't had anything from Labour yet (odd), but both the Conservatives and Lib Dems are claiming that incumbent MP Ken Clarke has said he'd vote for them
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