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  1. Are you surprised that managers are aware of fans views online or something?
  2. This entirely. He got abuse, everyone knows it. We’re a shit fan base at times and he was a shit manager for us.
  3. But West Brom or Fulham aren't doing the same.... because they're a lot more shit. I don't really get your point? Leeds are playing well and have been all season and are getting praise for it. This is wrong? They aren't overrated. They're a good team.
  4. "Leeds striker Patrick Bamford talking to BT Sport: "I don't count the first lot of Premier League games I played because I was always playing a few minutes off the bench. "This time I have a manager who believes in me and as long as I keep working hard he will keep trusting me. "Looking back at the Wolves game, maybe I was unlucky not to win it. Villa are a good team. People say Bielsa is a myth but I think we have shown Leeds are here and are here to compete." (Link: BBC Live https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/54500991) Sounds like Gabby did the team talk f
  5. I think it's more surprising that a newly promoted team is top 3 currently than Everton - having signed some truly world class talent - are 3 points ahead of them. I don't really get the hate for the media praise of their style of play and also getting results. Not many teams can do it.
  6. He's part of the problem in a way. Dallas has been playing 1-2's and surging past him pretty much all game - Grealish hasn't stayed with him at all.
  7. The hype is sadly true. Fantastic performance. You've just got to hope they somehow **** up the season and get relegated.
  8. Unit transition IMO - Leeds have been very, very good at turning defence into midfield into attack and backwards. Rodrigo has popped up 30 yards from his own goal to make tackles. It's been a great performance by your lot.
  9. Sometimes you're just outplayed and the opposition have been really good. Let's not have a meltdown after a fantastic start to the season.
  10. We've struggled against pressing sides for a long time. Liverpool and Leicester weren't their usual selves when we played them - Leeds are.
  11. We've been poor - I don't know how anyone has watched this and thought it's been close. Leeds have been really impressive.
  12. Is this some admission that Bielsa is similar to one of the greatest managers ever seen?
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