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  1. I think it depends on if Rory Delap has already thrown one Januzaj to us on loan? I could be wrong.
  2. He looks the business, to be fair.
  3. Time is right for all parties here I think - ultimately he just isn't good enough at the level we're at. Solid pro and a cracking left boot. He played a big part in us getting promoted and I doubt we'll see better set pieces for some time. Good luck to him.
  4. Yeah, I thought that. Plays in a similar looking style to Barkley - the player we currently have on loan. Would suggest this is a half season to get used to us while Ross is here, before (hopefully) kicking on.
  5. Good idea - will be nice when we‘re able to be out and about again! And yeah, south of the river is best of course
  6. bobzy


    Very different type of player, though. Mane and Salah are incredibly direct, Jack is much more considered. I mean, I could still see them being interested as he's brilliant, but he's not the "type" of player they currently have in their setup.
  7. Hasn't really worked out. They have three first team squad goalkeepers - a 36yr old (first-choice, good keeper), a 33yr old (backup) and a 27yr old (recently signed, decent keeper). I can sign the first two but the board is blocking the £45m transfer of the last guy - they're only willing to spend £33m. Annoying. Still, check out this regen I've got. The best regen I've ever had. Picked him up for £1m aged 18 and he didn't look anything like he was going to become this good. Made a promise with him to loan him out on the purchase - Real Madrid () wanted to loan him and made him thei
  8. I don't plan on taking the job - just buying their players (and instantly transfer listing them ) on the last day of the transfer window. They'll need to rely on free transfers to put a squad together (I think?) and it may be too late anyway. They're currently on 27 points after 25 games. I've never seen a big club (traditional top 6) struggle so much in a season. Man Utd finished 11th last season, but this is something else. I'm going to try it...!
  9. I'm resurrecting the old thread as this is the version I'm playing... but more of a "general" question. Has anyone intentionally just **** up a club to try and see them get relegated? The current game date is 24 Jan 2043 and Liverpool are sat in 14th place after 24 games, 6 points above the drop. Their side is alright and they're definitely underperforming. I've got a transfer budget of £1,007bn and am basically thinking of buying all their goalkeepers and defenders at the end of the January transfer window to see what happens. So, has anyone done something similar before?
  10. Sure, league table yadda yadda. They don't look like a side that will be challenging for playoffs at all. They looked awful.
  11. I suppose my point is that this wasn't really West Brom being any good that makes you think "Big Sam might do this". They weren't good. Wolves just didn't defend properly.
  12. Nah, they look shit. This was basically terrible Wolves - defending was awful and they badly miss a striker. West Brom aren’t getting out of this.
  13. I hope Smith gets all the plaudits for showing Bielsa how to lose at home to Brighton.
  14. Massive win for them - but they still looked shit and are still going down.
  15. bobzy


    At least their fans have shut the **** up these days.
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