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  1. Quality player. He’s absolutely rapid but positionally is good too. Adds just so much to our game.
  2. Got a bad feeling about tonight. Hopefully no-one gets on Smith's/the teams back should we lose.
  3. bobzy


    Yet again, though, you’re talking about as if he treated everyone the same and it was all to do with his coaching. “We’ll make men out of these boys”. It’s literally nothing to do with coaching. That’s just his job. You seem to make the distinction at the start of your post (did his bullying whilst coaching) and then go on to blend it back in. “Could have been hard coaching to some and not to others”. It wasn’t coaching. It was bullying. Different things!
  4. TalkSport is utterly terrible... ...I quite like Soccer Saturday though
  5. Maybe it’s just me, but why can’t the rich Premier League clubs stop this from happening? Such a sad state of affairs and it’s only going to get worse over the coming years/decades.
  6. bobzy


    Why are people going on about his coaching approach?! He’s been sacked for bullying. Not “hard coaching”. Not “giving lads a kick up the arse”. Bullying. The publically made allegations all seem to imply that MacDonald constantly gave youngsters verbal and physical abuse. That isn’t **** coaching.
  7. bobzy


    I find it weird that bullying is being equated to “giving a kick up the arse”. It isn’t that at all. That people are brushing this off as old school methods is **** bizarre.
  8. I don't think it's less effort, I think it's just a human reaction to disappointment. If I grafted my arse off at work, got brilliant results but then didn't get a promotion I went for, I think my immediate standards of work would have the potential to slip too.
  9. One thinks he may be disappointed he didn't get a move in the summer and his mind is elsewhere.
  10. He's still a top keeper in the Championship and a very good one overall IMO. Players make mistakes.
  11. bobzy

    Wesley Moraes

    I mean, they're called strikers for a reason...
  12. But that's unclear - especially with crosses. How do you determine whether a cross is going to be good or not and, therefore, a chance has been stopped? Giving a penalty in that situation for an accidental handball is way too harsh IMO. Deliberate handballs and also those which accidentally block goal-bound shots should be the only things punished. They've **** up with the current rule change.
  13. I don't normally care what happens with them particularly - but thank **** he didn't join them
  14. Dear God, no. McGinn is our energy and needs to drive on more from midfield. I think Luiz and Nakamba will interchange depending on if we're likely to retain possession or not.

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