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  1. You spend WAY too much time on Blues forums. Something about obsessed?
  2. Poor buggers just can't compete with their rivals who ruin football.
  3. A Birmingham City player is very unlikely to be good enough for the Premier League so I don't know why we'd be loaning one, or why you've brought this up - but I would much, much, much rather stay in the Premier League and develop a Blues player who was on loan than get relegated. I struggle to comprehend why anyone would rather get relegated. Most clubs outside of the top 6 "go down the loan route". I couldn't give a shit how other clubs do in the Premier League - I only care about what we do. At absolutely no point last season did I think "**** me, look at us doing Bournemouth and Chelsea a favour with Abraham and Mings. I wish we hadn't loaned them" because they did well for us, and that's good for Aston Villa.
  4. I have no idea what point you're trying to make here - sorry!
  5. Makes no sense. Much more important to survive in the Premier League than care about developing another teams' player.
  6. He’s a lifelong Villa fan - why wouldn’t he leave Forest for us if we were in the same league?!
  7. Could we have got him for £5-7m? How do you know this? Mings was (IMO) a major reason we made the playoffs in the first place. May not sign him, but he’s helped us get £130m or whatever. Well worth it.
  8. I think it would be extremely naive of them to completely rule out loans given the lack of squad we have at the moment.
  9. The reason bigger/more successful clubs don’t loan players is because they can chuck vast amounts of money at it and, if it doesn’t work, they aren’t hindered at all. They can sell at a loss if need be. A lot of clubs underneath that elite level loans players. It’s a fairly risk-free way of bringing in genuine quality that you otherwise couldn’t afford and gives you a chance to view a player before committing to a transfer fee and long term contract. The whole “let’s not develop another teams’ player” argument is such a Football Manager way of thinking (FWIW, I never loan players on FM).
  10. Amazed at people being so completely against loans. We need a squad for the PL and are currently very light.
  11. Watching Stoke last season, I remember thinking Butland is the keeper we should be in for. I think £20m is a tad overpriced (although, really, who the hell knows anymore) but he’s a very good goalkeeper IMO.
  12. Past experience of expensive Championship strikers: McCormack, Hogan Past experience of expensive strikers from Belgium: Benteke I mean, I can see why...
  13. I think I'm the only one worried about potentially spending over £130m this window
  14. bobzy

    Wesley Moraes

    SO MANY clubs linked to him recently... also seen Lazio, Valencia, Fiorentina, West Ham, Cardiff... he's obviously got potential.
  15. bobzy

    Wesley Moraes

    The Edens Project.

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