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  1. Honestly, though, the “general public” don’t read about what’s actually going on or, IMO, particularly care.
  2. Basically, yes. If you voted that way, you ensured a Conservative government - even though its completely correct to vote for the party you align to. Absolutely agree that it isn’t how it should work. Badly needs reform.
  3. Really? From all Leicester fans I know (there's a few working in Notts), they don't consider us a rival at all.
  4. Very, very sad that this is happening. Just pay up you **** cretins.
  5. Anyone citing out "no credible alternative" is a part of the problem. A utter shambles of a Labour government wouldn't hand out the harshness to the nation that the Conservatives will. But, hey, loads voted for the blue so loads will suffer. Excellent stuff. Edit: I should add, "part of the problem" if you actually consider well being for all humans as a good thing. If not, then I guess one would have just voted as their beliefs sit.
  6. At the risk of opening that can of worms again... ...now that we've signed Samatta, would anyone take Benteke on loan to the end of the season?
  7. Worth noting the role he played in our first goal too, by the way. Won his battle very well and started the whole move off.
  8. He pre-empted it too! Barnes had just given up, Guilbert saw the ball had a chance of hitting the corner flag and went after it. I like him. Very tenacious and breaks up a lot down our right. As @Tomaszk rightly points out, he does sometimes cost us bombing up the pitch only to not win the ball but, for me, that's the reason he's not at a better club right now.
  9. bobzy

    Keinan Davis

    Forgot to mention when I posted last night, I loved the bit where he took the ball down the byline. Soyuncu (who is a very good defender, by the way) loves to absolutely clatter players when challening - he tried it against Davis, pretty much from behind, and just bounced off him . The guy has a place here, for sure, and if his contract is genuinely up in the summer then we need to be getting him to sign a new one ASAP.
  10. bobzy

    Ørjan Nyland

    Not a **** chance. Completely the wrong message to send out, too.
  11. He's been good for us overall, IMO. That ball is absolutely stunning. I wondered why Guilbert was coming off really but... BANG. Job done.
  12. bobzy

    Keinan Davis

    Another handy little cameo IMO. I quite like him, even though he'll never be a great goalscorer. Application and impact always seems to happen.
  13. He's very obviously VERY right footed. Should have connected with the Grealish through ball - the Targett cross one was tougher. Not much to take from it. He got in the right positions but didn't manage to get shots away. As long as he keeps doing the first bit, then the second should follow.
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