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  1. Yes - it looks a ****ton better than the current occupiers. You’d rather vote Conservative?
  2. How the **** is anyone watching our current government and thinking “yep, they’re the ones I’d vote for” - let alone 32% of people?! We are utterly ****
  3. The comparisons wouldn't be there because he's not really like any of those players in his playing style (from what we've seen so far).
  4. The chant is about Nakamba, generally, and references McGinn. It's a song referencing two first-team players.
  5. bobzy


    They've literally always been like it. I have no idea where the whole "Wolves are sound" thing came from. They aren't.
  6. I mean, it’s not at all. Comparing starts happens all the time. They’re hardly shit either - just had some bad results. It’s form. It happens. They beat us and drew away at Man City before Newcastle beat them. Were they “shit” then?
  7. Utterly bizarre to suggest they haven’t had a significantly harder start than us.
  8. Maybe. I’d have expected them to lose to all of Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Leicester and Man Utd though.
  9. He’s done pretty well with Newcastle so far to be fair.
  10. Will happily admit that I didn’t see Hourihane being near the first team this season and would’ve been a cup/backup option only. It may turn out that he’s rotated a bit, but he’s taken his chances well. It’s really important that he drives into the box - something he didn’t do often enough for us in the Championship IMO - and he absolutely brought that against Norwich. Cheeky taking the ball off Targett for his goal! Needed to be a great hit - and was.
  11. I thought Douglas Luiz would be the better option and keep Nakamba out of the team - but this guy has been really impressive and is rightly keeping his place. Nakamba, McGinn and Grealish looks a genuinely strong midfield 3, with some quality on the bench behind them. Lovely to see.
  12. Never change VT, never change
  13. Surprised by the Baggies loving - their defence looks pretty shit even if they have lots going forward. Leeds look better than them IMO and also impressed by Swansea and Forest. Going to be an incredibly tight season.
  14. They all reckoned it was a dive and shouldn't have been a pen. You're disappointed, aren't you?
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