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  1. Obviously this... ...but if he does leave, don't go to a plastic club like Man **** City.
  2. It was the same for the Euro final at Wembley I believe (according to a mate), so not just an Edgbaston thing.
  3. I'm failing to see the cool/fun/whatever side with this clip. Can you enlighten?
  4. bobzy

    John Terry

    Yes, this is true. I should state that I'm only referring to their football-linked side. Bamford is a smart chap and possibly has lovely views on the world. But, in football, he's a cheating word removed.
  5. bobzy

    John Terry

    Bamford is a diving, cheating word removed - and has been shown to be that regularly. As I said, it isn't like Terry is a likeable guy (he isn't) and neither is Bamford (as he also isn't). Both have done well for our clubs, though.
  6. Sure, but if your errors leading to goals = 0, how the hell can you be 69th centile for 'errors'?
  7. It was actually my missus. Errrr, wait a minute... surely not?!
  8. I've just heard he's staying from someone who is always right
  9. bobzy

    John Terry

    He's been great at the club, irrespective of how dislikeable he is as a person. Sort of like how Leeds bang on about how Bamford should be in the England setup, even though the guy is and always will be a world class bell end.
  10. bobzy

    John Terry

    It's just where the money is going. 2 + 2 and all that.
  11. bobzy

    Wesley Moraes

    I can see Wesley being kept as the "hold up" striker (lazy description, Davis is far better at this role and Wesley seems to prefer moving across the front line, but he's strong so....) with Davis being loaned out and Barry playing a handful of games.
  12. bobzy

    Wesley Moraes

    So that’s a yes on the writing off, eh?
  13. Transfermarkt now has the transfer as “85% probable”.
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