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  1. bobzy

    Wesley Moraes

    How far into your save on FM 2020 are you?
  2. No - but greedy dickheads are.
  3. Agreed. What is the point of hiring people if they haven't made an immediate impact? Sack them both, let's get someone who can actually be arsed in.
  4. Can we even play someone who is turning 42 and a 3ft 4 defender in the same team if we have Januzaj on loan?
  5. 24 is not the middle age of a professional footballers' career ffs. What is going on
  6. Oh, you definitely turn 25 after 24. Maybe when someone asks you how old you are, your response is "I'm turning <x>" - as I said before, I might be old fashioned. Ollie Watkins is 24. I would describe him as being 24. Your view on what a good season is may be interesting. To quote the figures given by @villaglint (I can't be arsed checking them myself ): 19/20 - 50 games - 26 goals, 3 assists - 47 games at CF 18/19 - 45 games - 12 goals, 9 assists - 21 games LW, 20 RW, 3 CF 17/18 - 48 games, 11 goals, 5 assists - 36 games LW, 5 CF. 6 RW 16/17 - League 2 - 52 games, 16 goals, 13 assists - 30 games CF, rest all over the place To me, that's 4 good seasons in a row, showing improvement each time. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a young player getting better at his trade. he's basically been involved in a goal every 2 games for his last 2 seasons, and a goal every 3 games at worst, for 4 seasons in a row. That's decent! For comparison, Grealish's figures are: 19/20 (Prem) - 36 games - 8 goals, 6 assists 18/19 - 34 games - 6 goals, 7 assists 17/18 - 30 games - 3 goals, 6 assists 16/17 - 31 games - 5 goals, 2 assists Similar sort of thing, to me. Improving stats over time, as he gets better at what he's doing. Really not very impressive figures when noted down like that - maybe you'd consider him a "no season wonder" - but around 1 goal involvement every 3 games, 1 every 4 at worst. I just don't see him as a one season wonder at all. I'm amazed anyone looks at this at says "ah, he's only done it once". Sure, the most recent season is the one that is most relevant to any upcoming transfer and would naturally inflate his fee - and it should do, he's had a fantastic season - but it really is just a story of progression, at least statistically.
  7. Impossible to do if it's mostly positive things! From everyone who has said anything about him (recently or past few years) the "decent lad" thing always seems to come out. Certainly seems to have the right attitude so, wherever he ends up going, I hope he does well.
  8. I'd just say he's 24 - call me old fashioned Out of interest, would you say Jack Grealish is a one season wonder?
  9. I don't know what your point is. Watkins is younger than Grealish.
  10. “Turning 25” Jack Grealish is older than him and has been nominated for “Young Player Of The Season”. I think you might be out of touch.
  11. Playing in a different position. He's a young player who is improving, which is backed up by the statistics. One season wonder ffs.
  12. "Benrahma isn't good enough - he's only scored 15+ goals as a wide forward in an inferior league. We need someone who has done that at the top level - Marc Albrighton". We've hit peak VT transfer rumour thread content.
  13. I do enjoy the exaggerations - but Origi has performed on the big stage, for one of the biggest teams in the World. He’s been incredibly reliable for Liverpool. I can only imagine people don’t want him because he isn’t first choice somewhere.
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