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  1. bobzy

    Conor Hourihane

    He’s been a liability for ages. People saying he’s “out of form” are wrong - this is how he plays. The difference is that he is (currently) not saving himself/the team with set pieces. I didn’t watch the game and would be disappointed (but not at all shocked) with or “fans” booing any of our players, but he simply shouldn’t be a starting midfielder. Unfortunately, with McGinn’s 2 game ban in place, he will need to be for coming games. Makes the fans reaction even more **** stupid.
  2. bobzy

    Glenn Whelan

    These aren’t right - but then I’m also not about to praise a central midfielder for attempting 38 passes with a success rate of 76%. He was woeful, as was everyone else.
  3. bobzy

    Tommy Elphick

    He did it all game and finally got punished for it. His decision making really seems to be off.
  4. bobzy

    Glenn Whelan

    Meh, I thought he was as bad as the rest of the middle of the park to be honest. Couldve been down to commentators curse though - at one point, one of them said “Glenn Whelan just doesn’t give away the ball”... his passing just went to utter shit after that. It really was awful.
  5. bobzy

    Conor Hourihane

    Yeah, I remember the touchline thing too and thinking “who the **** is just letting him run?!” - yeah, of course it was Conor! On his big chance, I actually thought it was really good goalkeeping rather than poor from Conor.
  6. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    I think it could have been a top 6 side, but that's purely if everyone was fit because McGinn/Grealish/Bolasie/Abraham are pretty ace at this level. Bolasie has gone, Grealish has been crocked for months and we look awful now. The immediate shortfalls are, unfortunately, unavoidable though. We probably have to play Hourihane/Whelan/Elphick and, if not, would need to play Bjarnason/Jedinak/a youth player(?!) instead, so no strength in depth. meh.
  7. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    Not a pen for me - was soft (similar in standard to El Ghazi's foul on Sawyers).
  8. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    Obviously not true, otherwise we wouldn't have been in for him. I can only assume you've changed your mind on us having a far superior squad, by the way.
  9. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    Midfield is the biggest problem IMO. It's utter garbage. McGinn was poor tonight so it looked worse than usual - but, honestly, we need to sack off Whelan and Hourihane completely. They're just terrible.
  10. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    It's not an excuse. Out of the starting line ups tonight, I'd have picked majority Brentford players. Konsa, Barbet, Canos, Mokotjo, Sawyers and Watkins for sure - probably Odubajo too and there isn't too much in Maupay (league top scorer, looked lively throughout) and Abraham. I have no idea why you'd have more of that Villa side in a mixed eleven.
  11. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    We really don't.
  12. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    They aren't. We're **** terrible in the middle of the park - why overload it? Edit: Or, rather, they are options... but we're **** terrible in the middle of the park.
  13. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    Unfortunately, I don't know how we'd replace Elphick, Whelan and Hourihane at the moment. They're all **** garbage.
  14. bobzy

    Dean Smith

    This all over again today. We're going nowhere with Whelan and Hourihane in there I'm afraid.
  15. bobzy

    Callum O'Hare

    Additional bit because... well, why not. “Thought there was real potential in O'Hare and he grew stronger as the game went on, once he finds his rhythm and knows what he's playing with think he'll be an absolute diamond.”