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  1. People think Saint-Maximin is like Traore. lol.
  2. Fair play to them - amazing result.
  3. State bare rumours then.
  4. Yeah, it's very unlucky - but it's a pen every day of the week.
  5. What are you on about? It's a pen all day long.
  6. Renting it I think. They’ve been doing it for a couple of seasons anyway, but now it’s been sold from one company to another.
  7. Martinez is doing a very good job at Belgium and far, far better than what Southgate is doing at England. To suggest otherwise is farcical.
  8. More likely Rashford I imagine. I think Grealish will go to the Euros, though.
  9. I’m not sure it would help Ireland in any case to be honest...
  10. Here are the highlights - I missed the red card decision when watching, that was also atrocious.
  11. Fair play to Ireland. Takes some doing to be outplayed by Luxembourg for an entire half of football - but they’ve given it a right good go.
  12. Leganes have just been given a 97th minute penalty against Almeria in the Spanish Segunda Division. The Leganes player runs across attacking a corner and jumps into the Almeria defender as he's heading the ball clear. If anything, it's a foul by the attacking player. The decision has gone to VAR and been given as a penalty. It's an atrocious decision.
  13. Right - so making holding a gun illegal. What's the way round it? I'm not saying people won't illegally have guns - but there's no loophole around guns = illegal.
  14. I'm curious what the "ways around" holding a gun being illegal would be. I agree it, sadly, won't be implemented though. As I've said many times during the reign of Trump and continuing now, the USA is a **** mess of a country.
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