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  1. Urm. Is that a real question?, have you been following villa for the last decade?
  2. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Ohare isn't a panacea, he's not as good as a lot of people on here seem to think he is. There is a reason he's on loan to a league 2 side. Does he have potential?....yes, do I hope he develops in the future to be a good player for us?.....yes. But he isn't currently, and wasn't a replacement for Grealish, at all. I do think there is some rose tinted glasses going on with some of our youth players, especially with ohare. As I say I do think he has potential, jist like a few of our youth do, but ohare definitely wasn't ready to try and replace Grealish and probably wouldn't have changed a single thing in that 12/13 match run. Here's hoping they might help next season though.
  3. MaVilla

    Tyrone Mings

    Unfortunately if the rumours about chesters injury are true, it might be risky to put too much hope in relying on him to be a permanent performer going forward. Personally I love hause and Mings as a CB pairing, both big and fast units who can play.
  4. MaVilla

    Keinan Davis

    I really think Davis can be class for us, I thought that last season when he showed some real talent, but of course still needs to develop and improve. If smith can develop him I can see him being our main striker next season or the season after. Btw I'm not getting carried away and thinking he's a world beater etc, but the lad does have talent no doubt about that. I just hope he can fulfill the promise at Villa.
  5. MaVilla

    Tyrone Mings

    All these lovely comments for Hause and well deserved. Compared to the comments after his first sub appearance it's like night and day!!!
  6. Was thinking about what we actually need for next season transfer wise (assuming two players for each position). GK: Kalinic Nyland LB: Hause (purchase) Taylor CBL: Mings (purchase at any cost!! XXX - need a backup/other player/Revan? CBR: Chester Elphick - Would offer a 1 yr extension so we can spend money elsewhere RB: Guilbert Bree DMC Whelan (worth a 1 ye extension?) XXX - New player? MC Grealish McGinn Lansbury (if we can keep him fit?) Hourihane AML/R Need 2 x new players probably O'Hare Green STC Hogan Need new first choice striker? Overview: So basically as a minimum we need 4 or 5 new players? CD/DMC/AML/AMR/STC?
  7. The guy has talent and would probably suit the DS style if he applied himself. However as we all know the injuries are a massive issue, and tbh what's the point of considering his future, with his injury record and salary nobody would touch him with a barge pole.
  8. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Hello Dave from Rugby, I'm Paul (my friends call me Dave), and I work in Rugby!!
  9. apparently will start training on 11th march?, so however long it takes him to get up to speed from there?, a couple of weeks at least maybe?
  10. i thought we should offer him another 1 year contract before today, but seeing him in the stands its a "must" Even if next season he isnt an auto pick for the first team, at least he would be excellent backup and a good influence around the club, and it means we can spend more on the new first team pairing and he can challenge them, as we arent paying for backup players.
  11. was Carroll injured again or just not selected?
  12. Also been trauling the SHA match thread and in all fairness to the posters there they are / were as disgusted as we were/are about the Grealish incident.
  13. How did Gardner end up playing?, I thought he wasn't allowed to play? As in either he wasn't allowed by the rules or we had said no?

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