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  1. Personally, now Davis seems to be fit again: Reina Konsa - Mings - Hause Guilbert - Nakamba - Drinkwater - Targett Grealish Samatta - Davis Only debate is Luiz/drinkwater and Hause/Engels for me. I could be wrong, but I really wonder if davis (battering ram who can also play), and samatta (speedy, busy, ferret) in a front 2 with grealish behind might be a potent front 3. Or play them in an actual front 3 but narrow.
  2. Benrahma and a striker please. Then if any money left a Left back to compete with Targett (and get rid of taylor)
  3. MaVilla

    Keinan Davis

    To be fair will be good for him to get time off the bench. Personally, I would consider playing Davis and samatta with grealish behind them. (Or like a front 3 - a narrow front 3) I kind of wonder if a big battering ram like Davis (who can also play), with a ferret like samatta alongside him , and grealish behind them, might be a real nasty front 3. Like a 3412 or 343 with a narrow front 3.
  4. i noticed our u23s got battered 4-0 by Exeter u23. Im not overly up to speed on the u23s and how it all works, in the sense that, do these results reflect that their u32s are actually better than ours, or are other u23 teams playing older/more senior, and sometimes the odd over 23 player? how good is our u23 first team? Do we think players like Searle, Bridge, Ramsey's etc actually have a reasonable chance of breaking thorugh in the next couple of years? Do we have any u23 that really stand out? (Vassilev/Barry aside), i know the Ramsey brothers are meant to be very good, but are they actually that good?
  5. MaVilla

    Keinan Davis

    A mythical creature rumoured to exist, for more info see "Loch ness monster" on Wikipedia, very similar i think???
  6. For me: Reina Konsa - Mings - Hause Guilbert - Nakamba - Drinkwater - Targett Grealish Samatta - Davis subs: Nyland, Elmo, Engels, Luiz, Vassilev, Trez, El Ghazi.
  7. MaVilla

    Keinan Davis

    Oh my lord. What a wonderful sight!! A striker!!!!
  8. MaVilla

    Louie Barry

    May as well put him on the bench. Cant be any worse than Lansbury.
  9. What annoys me is yeah man utd are as bad as they have been in the last decade. But the issue is more that other teams in the bottom half are picking up wins against top 6 sides, and unfortunately we haven't managed it.....would have really helped our points tally even if we only managed it once....
  10. burnley leading 2-0 now.....wth is going on in this league!!!
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