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  1. is this even legit?, i cant see Hassan's account actually following Oli Stevenson?
  2. MaVilla

    Douglas Luiz

    well, we wouldnt want him either if he cant get a WP.....
  3. MaVilla

    Douglas Luiz

    We announced Wesley before the work permit was sorted, however it might be that we had no doubt about that work permit so were confident enough to announce it. Possibly the douglas Luiz situation isn't so straight forward, or maybe he hasn't signed on the dotted line yet?, or something else? But in answer to your question, no you don't need to wait until the work permit is sorted.
  4. Dear Villa Please can I have Hassan, Benrahama and douglas Luiz today, I have been a good boy all year and think it would be really good for my friends at VT and would at least stop the fish and Egypt puns for a few hours. Yours hopefully Good boy VT poster and Villa fan.
  5. MaVilla

    Said Benrahma

    then the deeper question is........is it you that i am looking at?!
  6. MaVilla

    Said Benrahma

    he is silky as hell. just watch this.
  7. MaVilla

    Said Benrahma

    I love Anwar, but I would love Anwar AND Hassan AND benrahma AND jota......
  8. 91m spent. We should sign Hassan, Benrahma, Douglas Luiz. Then.....anything left......Butland and a striker, then anything left after that, a backup DM. job done xxx
  9. MaVilla

    Said Benrahma

    hopefully a man eating duck.
  10. MaVilla

    Said Benrahma

    Hassan on the left, Benrahma on the right, Jota/El Ghazi challenging for the spots......

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