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  1. MaVilla


    I thought the exact same tbh formation wise. But I would go targett LB, Luiz and Nakamba DM, then trez in place of El Ghazi.
  2. Well looks like a lot more players will start talking to him off the ball and doing other off the ball stuff as he admitted it makes him angry.....
  3. MaVilla

    Tyrone Mings

    yeah almost glad he isnt playing right now cus the defence is a joke tbh he would prob do better than chilwell at LB or either of them at CB...... Maguire an 85m defender my butt.....
  4. MaVilla

    Tyrone Mings

    Wonder if he will get any minutes tonight.
  5. Excellent, will be a good player for us next year when we get relegated.
  6. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    We don't need two strikers playing, we just need to get the wingers, midfielders and full backs etc supporting the lone striker better and offering options and late runners, backup etc. If we can get 2 or 3 (or more) players in and around the box etc then our attacking play/options would look very different. The issue is that we currently aren't doing that consistently, for whatever reason.
  7. MaVilla

    Douglas Luiz

    Will be good when nakamba is up to speed and they can push each other, giving us the option of either (or both) in the DM role.
  8. West Ham have some very good players, this will be a tough game.
  9. yeah, disgustingly bad, and it makes it even worse when VAR isnt being utilised to correct glaring errors.
  10. didnt see the match, but seems we were a) terrible, but b) robbed? Amazing that the supposed best league in the world doesnt have a higher standard of refs, and doubly amazed that VAR cant correct that sh**e. Worrying though, we have Arsenal and West Ham the next two games, whilst also sitting in the bottom 3 (granted only 2 points off 10th). My main concern is the impact on the team that late goal/draw would have had, after the stupid way the goal was denied, it will probably have a double impact of the loss, then the loss again after they thought they had saved a point, i hope it doesnt cause heads to drop. i dont want to panic, but it also doesnt look good as of this moment, hopefully we can turn things around?
  11. lets hope he's not actually injured for tomorrow......
  12. very strange for me. They called up Brendon Mechele (26), from Clubb Brugge, previously uncapped at senior level, but dont call up Engels who has looked class so far. sure he will get his chance, even if not this season, i can see him being part of the future for them, a lot of their more famous central defenders are getting old.....
  13. MaVilla

    Tom Heaton

    interesting watch. Tom Heaton vs RB Leipizg (Full Debut) - Insane Saves and Good Passes (03/08/2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlLOb4DvvP0

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