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  1. MaVilla

    Wesley Moraes

    To be fair when reviewing the season we did play better with Wesley in the team. I agree he wasn't prolific, but we also didn't support him properly most of the time. I could be completely wrong, but I wonder if we would be slightly above the relegation zone if Wesley, mcginn and Heaton didn't get injured. In hindsight they were 3 really big losses for us (so much that we couldn't overcome it), so much so we are probably going to get relegated.
  2. Maybe, but we have 2 points from 27 and are in the relegation zone, we have lost to a fair few teams just as poor as us.
  3. MaVilla


    Blimey, just when I though we couldn't get any more hyperbolic.
  4. Trez & El Ghazi on the wings.
  5. its not damage limitation m8, its pure carnage. Dean Smith : "we are playing well, we are in games, nothing to see here...........arrrghhhhhh"
  6. I was merely giving my opinion, as numerous people currently are still saying relegation is a 6 way dog fight.
  7. The 2 relegation spots still available is between us, Bournemouth and Watford I reckon. I would bet a fiver its 2 of those 3 that are relegated, along with Norwich.
  8. personally i think he will prove to be a good signing.
  9. They are both different strikers tbh, can see both being useful in different ways in the champ next year. I know Samatta hasn't been on it since the restart, but that headed goal against man City shows he knows where the goal is (unless he was just lucky). Wesley and Samatta should be two good strikers for the champ.
  10. What's the betting he doesn't sign....
  11. if i were drunk on belief and hope, maybe we could beat Arsenal, but we have the worst record against top half teams in the league, and we have thrown away every single opportunity to pick up points against the top teams. I cant see why anyone would think we could beat Arsenal, unless we are super fluky/lucky, which is unlikely.
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