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  1. Really happy if the reports are legit that hes a touth coach for us now, a proper professional. Can we move this back to villa talk now please as hea a coach? Will never forget that strut and glare after he scored vs west Brom.
  2. Oh lord......that is a trophy that could be claimed by many many players. We would really have to have some kind of high level review to decide that, I mean blimey, war and peace would look like a 2 page nursery rhyme compared to a document detailing possible "biggest ever tool" to play for aston villa.
  3. MaVilla

    Alex Butler

    Terry front and centre, what a surprise!!!
  4. Genuine question, how many people die each year on average from normal flu? Indontnknow ignites less or more than covid-19, the difference may be every single covid death is tracked, where death from cold/flu related illnesses year on year just isnt publisised. No idea.
  5. Pure greed, it's nothing short of despicable and disgusting. I thought earlier this week about the behaviour of football (FA/PL etc), might just make me rethink my love for the game if all this nonsense carries on. Its definitely got a feeling of Nero fiddles while Rome burns kind of thing to me, I really think all parties around football need to think very carefully how they act, if they are observed to care more about cash and rights than the welfare of the people who make the game what it is (the fans), they would deserve everything they got.
  6. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    In terms of El ghazi and tracking back (and other players), if you look at players like Mane, he tracks back and i have seen him diving in to block crosses down by the corner flag, it's nothing about being an attacker or not, it's just players working hard and contributing. With the athleticism of the modern game there isnt room for shirkers, if 2-4 players aren't working for the team the team suffers big time, because you can guarantee all the 11 on the opposite team are working their socks off (most of the time) Granted some teams can get away with it (Barcelona/other top teams), but generally even top teams these days dont have the old fashioned "lazy forwards", look at liverpool, on balance one of the top teams in the world right now, and they work their asses off. It isnt about being a good player, I can forgive any player their limitations, but I cant forgive not working hard for the team.
  7. How so?, cant see how we could qualify for that?
  8. I assumed that grealish would stay when I commented. If grealish left I would propose different requirements. I would also propose that grealish only went out wide because we realised the wide players we had just weren't good enough. I reckon if our wide players were good enough grealish would have played in the middle. (With mcginn and another MC) Although i would be ok with grealish staying out wide as long as we bought an additional midfielder to compensate for the fact he wasnt playing there. Honestly, no I dont have any names to propose, all the ones i might state are names we have all discussed, and may or may not be good enough. My overall point was, that if we dont fix those 3 problem areas for next season we will continue to struggle, now if it means that we buy less well known players and they succeed, great, my point is more we literally cannot afford to buy players in those positions that dont succeed, or we are probably going to be in a relegation fight again. This all assumes we will still be in the prem next season ofc.
  9. I can see us spending 120m if we stay up, but granted we probably wont spend 120m on 3 players, but still, regardless of money spent, we need 3 very good players in those positions. Imo they are our 3 weakest positions this season, and fixing them would make a HUGE difference.
  10. If we stay up we need to spend 60-120m on three players, 1 x left side W/IF, 1 x right side W/IF, 1 x DM. Imo these are the 3 critical positions where we are short, and with 3 really good players in these positions we would be a totally different team. And they need to be really good players, not prospects or maybe's.
  11. If this season gets voided and we can somehow keep Grealish, it would probably be the best season we have had for the last 10-20 years..... lucky wouldnt even cover it, I think we would have used up a centuries worth of wishes and good luck in one go...
  12. Note: i didnt say "best", i said favourite, but if you want to put best that's also fine. Only other caveat is that it needs to be within your lifetime AND a player you remember playing from when you first started supporting Villa. I started supporting Villa in the early 90s, so here. is my favourite team since then. Bosnich Mellberg - Laursen - Barry Young - Milner - Petrov - Grealish Merson - Yorke Carew
  13. Bosnich Mellberg - Laursen - Bouma Petrov - Gana - Grealish Yorke - Carbone Carew - Benteke "Slight" artistic licence with formation and player position, but eh, sue me.....
  14. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Which is partly why the world is so full of snowflakes and special petals.
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