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  1. Ghazi injured? Nice to see Sanson get his first start. Interesting to see Bidace on the bench. Trez to help Elmo out i bet..... I assume this is a 433 with McGinn & Sanson as 8s?
  2. i dunno m8, im not sold on the post covid break excuse, im on the fence but i almost think its not an excuse for our poor form over the last 12 games or so.
  3. Stats time. Our first 13 games returned an average PPG of 1.92 (ie: Champions League qualification form) Our last 12 games returned an average PPG of 1.16 (ie: a 44 point season and just avoiding a relegation scrap) If we continue the form over the last 12 games, at season end we will be on roughly 54 points. The massive discrepancies between our form in the first half of this season, versus the second half.....are striking!
  4. i think its interesting to look at comparable results from last season. In like for like fixtures we are 14 points better off than last season (39 points vs 25 points), but are 15 points better off at this point of the season versus last (25 games). Something that raises a slight eyebrow, is that in our first 13 games this season, we did better in 6 games, the same in 4 games, and worse in 3 games compared to last season, this 13 game stint returned an average PPG of 1.92. However in our last 12 games, we have only done better in 3 games, the same in 6 games, and worse in 3 game
  5. we havent scored more than 1 goal in a game, for the last 7 PL games. That was Sheff Utd's SECOND clean sheet in 27 games (i think). I said this could be a banana skin in the build up thread. Shockingly bad, and unfortunately not unexpected.
  6. yeah there is, but as you alluded to, its much harder to evaluate just how good that attacking talent is when its banging goals and playing lovely football against championship/league 1 defences, or even being unsure exactly what the level is they are playing against. I think what makes it worse is that "good" players in Holland regularly demand 30-40m+ to buy them, so its a risk to some degree, i remember reading an article last year where some scouts were saying its harder now to judge players in holland as the league isnt at the level it used to be, or that the league is where it used
  7. yeah, i mean in reality what level is the Eredevise now?, i know it has one or two good clubs, but i would bet money the overall standard is probably somewhere between the Championship and League 1? the difference has only become wider & more defined over the last 5+ years as the major leagues become more and more physical (in terms of all action cardio and pressing), never thought i would say this (a decade ago), but i think the Dutch league needs to modernise to a degree in terms of the physicality of the league. Not saying there arent good players in Holland, but i think its m
  8. wow......that was one hell of an interview lol! if i were a Newcastle fan i wouldnt be pleased, but as a Villa fan it made me smile!
  9. Djnepo seriously rolls around like he has been shot whenever he is challenged, what a loser.
  10. Integration, they both train with the first team afaik.
  11. he's mercurial and erratic, silky smooth but like bambi on ice, a sneaky snake but a wobbly giraffe......what a guy ! ....at least three or four bits of skill in this vid are just mind blowing tbh!
  12. If it is a similar time frame (3 months-ish), then thats his season pretty much done. Lets hope thats not the case.
  13. i can see Sanson & Ramsey being big players for us next season.
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