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  1. Not looking hopeful for today. I just saw a tweet appear on villa twitter, got excited and it was a picture of Jack, with his dog sitting on his contract. Talk about a tease.....
  2. Any news on whether this might get over the line today?
  3. Smith said today he has a thigh strain. He seems to be injured a lot.
  4. Hopefully traore confirmed today. I will assume the reports about rashica are correct, hopefully we get him soon. After that the next critical signing is a quality MC. After that, nice to have's would be a LB & CB to challenge the current first team.
  5. Has he played in any of the pre season friendlies?
  6. Manure are painful. We don't want to pay 108m - ok don't. We don't think in the covid world 108m is a fair price - ok don't pay it We think you should lower your price - no Please - no Sancho is worth 70m plus add ons - no You can't demand 108m - yeah we can Stop bullying us - u wot m8
  7. He will get plenty of time, 45 is usually enough to completely write off a villa player.
  8. unless we are buying a new striker, or a wide player that can play striker, to back up for Watkins, Samatta needs to stay around until Jan and we can see if Wesley is fit or not. We do not want to be in the same position as last season, where our only main striker is injured, and we were reliant on El Ghazi as some quasi striker failscade.
  9. Come on. There must be an amazon type express option for a permit? Pay 5 dorra, guaranteed arrival in 24 hour.
  10. Cottage industry. Jobs for the boys.
  11. Yeah, but taylor shouldn't be within 50 miles of the first team.....
  12. I swear lange looks like an evil bond type villain. In the pics with signings, I keep expecting him to pull a cat out and start stroking it.
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