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  1. MaVilla

    James Chester

    Well Chester certainly does need a break. As far as I have heard Chester has been carrying a knee injury/complaint since the Wales game, but has played through the pain barrier as we literally had no defenders.
  2. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Us in 12 months after after a DS conference: "He is trying to blind is with some honest fake cr** and he keeps telling the truth but does nothing about it! We need a manager who is a bit more guarded and doesn't sprout truth so often and then not act on it!! Truth and honesty is overrated we need someone who keeps his cards close to his chest and tells the fans they are wrong! STEVE BRUCE SHOULD BE THE NEXT MANAGER I HEAR HE HAS A GOOD RECORD OF GETTING TEAMS OUT OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP HIS PROMOTION RECORD IS WAY BETTER THAN SMITH AT LEAST HE HAD WON SOMETHING!!!!" The end
  3. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Im not saying we shouldn't consider ourselves a big club, or want to be a big club back in the prem. What I am saying is we don't have a god given right to be there and only hard work and the right structures will get us back there. My comments are more pointed at the people who think we should be back in the prem just because we have some god given right, which we don't.
  4. Its gone really quiet on the transfer front......I hope to the Lord we have something close to completion.....we need reinforcements
  5. well :), afaik he is kind of an AMC or maybe more of a forward thinking MC, either way im pretty sure he isnt a DMC?????
  6. Oh nice you got to see Brentford, what do you make of Henry?, any others that catch your eye?
  7. I would think that they wouldn't come cheap. I have heard 4 to 6 million mentioned for Sawyers, no idea about Henry but i would guess more than Sawyers.
  8. Brentford fans moan terribly about mceachran, you should go and read their forum. You probably wouldn't want him after that
  9. Yes apparently the is apparently movement on the LB front. Apparently.
  10. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Then maybe we deserve to stay in this god forsaken league for being such a self important bunch. We need to get promoted on merit, hard work and doing things right, not some historic idea of being a big club that deserves to be in the PL but has done sweet nothing expect decline for the last 20 year's.
  11. Grealish on paper doesn't have a lot of goals or assists, his biggest impact is in overall play, he's very often the psss before the assist, or instrumental in the build up play. Assist and goals don't show everything by a LONG stretch.
  12. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    I think half the problem is most of the fans have failed to notice we haven't been successful for upwards of 20 years. We have no right to anything, and the last 3 year's have shown that clearly. Imo we need to back the current project, because if it doesn't work, we may as well forget the next 20 years too.
  13. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    The fact anyone is talking about a new manager, is blowing my f****** mind
  14. MaVilla

    Dean Smith

    Are you actually Ravel Morrison in disguise? You literally mention him in nearly every post you make?