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  1. i hope so! we have strengthened up top with 2 players (inc. 1 who can play nearly anywhere), so i would hope if we had one large investment left to make, it would be at no.6! although tbh, i would ideally like a no.6 and another winger/CAM........
  2. Something i find interesting watching the highlights of his season at Inter, is he really got stuck in physically, throwing tackles all over the place. I think he will have a lot to offer.
  3. interview is up on the Villa site.
  4. i read somewhere Arsenal have 148m owed in staggered transfer payments, the most in the PL.....madness! From what I heard/read Buendia chose us over Arsenal, but also the issue there with the fee was we offered it up front i think, where Arsenal wanted to "spread the cost"..... I wonder how much longer Arsenal can keep it up.....
  5. sounds like a standard Saturday night with the boys where im from......
  6. nonono.... Ashley Forever Young.....
  7. to be honest, i think its a really shrewd bit of business. A good utility player, who can play in multiple positions, could start the odd game, or offer a threat off the bench where he can put more energy in to a final 20-30 minutes. It also gives us another year to develop our younger players, while not costing us anything other than wages and a signing on fee, it also means we have more money to spend elsewhere on key positions. He has clearly looked after himself and seems to play more like a 30 year old than a 35 year old, and if it doesnt work out we havent really lost anyt
  8. i just dont believe thats true. Deano said they had been planning for this window since Jan, i cant believe they are so fickle as to say "eh we wont spend much", then weeks before the window opens we say "zomg lets spend spend spend"! I think whatever we are doing, has been in the planning for months, regardless of what reporters say.
  9. even the BBC are reporting it! I swear we are just trolling them now lol. Arsenal reject Aston Villa's £25m bid for Emile Smith Rowe https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57505196
  10. true but if signing one older utility player on a short term deal, allows us to spend more on key positions with up and coming talent.......it kinda makes sense to me. Im happy with our defence generally (more money needed in midfield & up front), so if you say to me i can have 15m for a new LB and 25m for a new midfielder, or a short term free transfer for a utility player who can play LB, RB, LW, RW and 40m on a key player, i would choose the second option currently (for where we are now and what we need)
  11. tbh i think it might be a reasonable deal. He can play left or right back, left or right wing back, and possibly even left/right midfield and wing at a push with his older legs? Tbh if its a free transfer, a 1 year deal with a club option for another year, to offer quite a bit of utility in various positions, i dont see a negative?, especially as it might mean we have more money to spend in midfield and up front on the type of youngish upcoming players we want to actually invest good money in, by spending no transfer fee on Young who really can cover for Targett, Cash (& Guilber
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