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  1. he probably has the 50 diamond crusted 4x4s that he bought from the exorbitant salary for doing nothing to go and pick it all up, and all the 4x4s are probably chauffeur driven........ we should do a list of Villas most wasteful/terrible/worthless signings that cost us mega bucks over the last 20 years........would be quite a list
  2. I get the strange feeling there is a championship theme in here somewhere, not sure why I think that.......just a feeling you get, you know?
  3. Isn't it 30.06.19? One pay packet to go....
  4. Are you lot blind?, that isn't Grealish in those pictures......
  5. I'm pretty sure those pics aren't even Jack.........
  6. Needs hause with him down that left side, now that would be a partnership to develop.
  7. My main concern with the derby game is we are so relieved and almost shocked that we aren't playing Leeds, coupled with how well we played against derby twice so far this season, that it actually works against us. We really need to be on top of our game and guard against complacency, but I'm sure DS has it all in hand
  8. I finding interesting how he talks about how physical the league is and the adjustment it needed. And also how he wansnt used to the consistent high tempo and work rate and having ice on his legs after each match. Lol, the it must have been a bit of a baptism of fire for him in England from being used to the Dutch and French league which aren't as physical or consistently such a high tempo. Seems like a decent bloke.
  9. The thing is there is a good chance that youbwoukdnt be able to buy it back or buy it back at reasonable price. Its basically legal asset stripping, and with a lot of these owners once they get they hand on a huge asset and land that will greatly inflate in value over time, there is a real risk that they will just say......no it's mine you can rent it forever but the asset is mine. It's super risky tbh and although I'm sure you could trust some owners to do the right think, there are probably just as many who wouldn't. It's like you owning your house outright and being in some personal debt, then selling your house to a random business person under market value on the promise that you might get it sold back to you later and not have to rent it off them for the rest of your life.......that house appreciates in value every year so where is the incentive for them to sell it back to you at a remotely good price, or at all. Feels wrong and shifty to me, as I said it's basically legal asset stripping of a club if your owner isn't 100% legit.
  10. The problem is they didn't sell it to themselves they sold it to their owner who could keep it and lease it to them if he ever left, the owner now owns a prized asset that will go up in value over time and derby basically own nothing but their training ground. Basically derby don't own that asset anymore.
  11. There are a couple of points for me in relation to Man U. First is they compared the team cost when man u played man city towards the end of the season, man citys first 11 cost 440m and man u cost 420m, granted both are obscene amounts of money but the performance and achievement output from that similar cost is staggering, man u have wasted so much money on poor or average players it boggles the mind. Secondly if you look back to when I was young(ish), when man utd were at the peak of their powers in the 90s and early 00's, I saw am analysis of them that they basically used to just buy the best player from the teams around them to cement their position at the top of the division, ie: cole, young, yorke, sherringham, berbatov, etc etc, coupled with their golden generation of youth the other teams couldn't compete. Now the time of being able to do that is pretty much gone due to the world wide recruitment of players and man u couldn't corner the top division market. Thinking about it like that it makes you consider whether man utd ever really got past that in terms of the fact that other clubs now have much better recruitment of talent (a few players aside like Ronaldo). It's going to take them a while to get back to the top I think they are in a right mess and miles behind man city and Liverpool. Most of their team aren't that good or have a poor attitude, for example pogba, good player in theory but i dont think i would want him playing for my team, his attitude reminds me slightly of ballotelli, if not quite as blatant, indont deny his talent but oh my Lord his attitude..... Add that to all the other poor purchases and they are in a real mess. I say good though, not really keen on them.
  12. MaVilla

    Tyrone Mings

    He was injured for a large chunk at Bournemouth, almost immediately after he joined them, he was jist recovered from the injury when he joined us as he couldn't get back in their team immediately (not sure if he would have). His loan to us is kind of getting back fit and playing, fortunately he has shown how good he is, unfortunately that will probably make it very difficult for us to sign him I think if we don't go up this season.
  13. Both times we played Derby this season they didnt have Mount playing, he is to Derby what Grealish is to us tbh. I think we do go in to this as slight favourites due to our previous meetings, but if we dont perform at the top of our game we could easily lose it. Also, its a final, literally anything can happen, and does sometimes. If we think we have won this before playing, that the single best way to lose, we will have to perform at the top of our game to win i think.
  14. I tend to think he's more of a driving forward type of player so if the opposition sits back in two main defensive banks it kind of nullifies his all action gut busting style. Doesn't mean he's bad in those scenarios but it does remove part of his main strength.
  15. its worth noting that Mount didnt play in either of the League games this season when we played Derby, he seems a bit like their Grealish (aka improves their team greatly), obviously its a one off match and will be a totally different game. I think we have a better chance vs Derby than if we played Leeds, but we need to ensure we arent complacent, if we dont turn up on the day we will lose, we need to play it like its our final (which it is)!!!.

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