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  1. So we play Burton Albion in the EFL Trophy on the 5th October. Is it going to be available to watch somewhere?!
  2. ye agrred, he does need to be getting in better goal scoring positions, but tbh, i dont know what the issue is, becuase i have seen him many times in "positions where if the ball got to him, he would have a chance to shoot/score". Maybe its partly that he isnt getting forward enough, and partly that he isnt being provided with the required balls/passes enough, i have noticed that he doesnt seem to be passed to or looked for much in and around the box, maybe Deano is telling him to play more left and/or deep? I noticed against manaure, when watkins got that great ball out wide on the left and cut in, Ings was open and free, but Watkins chose to shoot with at best a half chance, rather than try and pass to him. I dunno, i think there is more to it than just "Ings needs to be in scoring positions more".
  3. Wesley made his first start for Club Brugge, away versus Charleroi on 18/09/21, played 56 minutes before being subbed.
  4. I think with Caleb developing nicely, we can probably offload Wesley & Davis in the summer (or jan). Even with Wesley & Davis offloaded, we would still have Ings, Watkins, Caleb & Archer to cover the forward positions, and maybe even Young depending on how he develops.
  5. he has missed more games for us (6 months +), than in his entire career at Marseille (11 games between 2017 and 2020).
  6. we dont need to spend 20-30m for a replacement, we have Aaron Ramsey coming through & Bidace already pushing for his squad position. Selling El Ghazi would just be straight profit, we dont need to replace him, we can replace him from the youth setup. Next summer i really think El Ghazi will be surplus to requirements, hopefully A.Ramsey will progress to the senior squad fringes, Bidace will cement his place in the squad also, job done.
  7. Credit for the graphic goes to For the Love of Paul McGrath podcast, which is on youtube if u wanna watch it. The below is Ings' touch map versus Manure, the guy works his socks off!
  8. just watched the 8-0, we have some top young layers, exciting times.
  9. The Chukwuemeka brothers. Two for me, two for you.
  10. he literally created a really good chance for Ramsey within a few minutes of coming on, who unfortunately fell over himself and i think lay injured from pure embarrassment.
  11. tbh he is such a part of the first team now, i dont consider him an u23 player, to me he's just a young first team player that has progressed from our youth system. Where as the others like Archer, JPB, Carney etc, arent a staple in the first team yet, and are kinda half and half right now, at least imo.
  12. Interesting challenge!! Sinisalo Kesler - Bogarde - Swinkels - Chrisene Iroegbanum - Raikhy Bidace - Carney - A.Ramsey Caleb its a hard one though....what a youth system we have right now. What is just as amazing, that we have promoted, invested and developed our youth system so much, i would say for the first time ever, i can name or recognise nearly every one of our youth players, and probably give a basic overview of every player, and i actually really enjoy seeing our kids develop. How many of us could basically name most of our youth system before?, and know each of them fairly well!? I could prob name the odd one historically, but right now, i could reel them off like i could reel the first team off.
  13. if we cant watch it, i assume there will be highlights somewhere later?
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