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  2. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Kicked off big time in London Bridge.
  3. Mile Jedinak

    Good news this. I was thinking of Lansbury yesterday; he'd have been the perfect person to bring on to shore up the midfield.
  4. Keith Wyness

    This silly fat bastard needs to stay off social media.
  5. Got pwoper nawty according to the videos going round on tinternet.
  6. Steve Bruce

    You can’t argue with the outcome. But sat at VP watching it very much felt like we invited them back into it rather than them forcing themselves back into it. I agree it’s on the players that the game wasn’t wrapped up earlier but that doesn’t absolve Bruce of blame for the last 15 mins in my view. We didn’t need to go crazy all our attack and risk an equaliser more just keep playing how we were, but we changed and that impacted on them. I don’t think we changed as a result of them.
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Fulham

    Glad you enjoyed the game and well done for bringing in the next generation of the claret and blue to the Villa. The upper trinity holds about 5.5 K, Fulham barely used the upper DE which must be about 1k and there were some empty seats in the North stand and a few in the Holte so it all adds up! I was against closing the upper trinity but it has made the crowd look a lot less sparse than they could be esp when we get sub 30K crowds. Still a decent attendance- not much lower than we used to play them in the prem.
  8. Steve Bruce

    I think bringing on De Laet was a good move, we need to get him fit and integrated into the side no least so we can get Hutton out the side. But also because the games are going to come thick and fast for the next few months and we need to capitalise on our squad strength. I just would have brought him on at RB and pushed Elmo ahead of him if we wanted to tighten up our right. What we did was more 5 at the back. I’d also have brought Hogan on, for his confidence, the above point about the squad and because I think he would have exploited the space they started leaving behind them as they pushed to try and get a second.
  9. John Stones can't defend.
  10. Keith Wyness

    Office politics
  11. Keinan Davis

    I think he is the new Heskey- no sniggering at the back. Leceister kept hold of him for about 5 years, I hope we can do the same.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Dunno how I feel about the current train of conversation here. We should've been absolutely out of sight with 15 minutes to go, but through no fault of SB we weren't. Then, as you would expect to see in most games featuring any team, the opposition feel like it "might be their day" and start going hard for the equaliser. He could've kept pushing to get a third, but concede and he'd get hammered for it. He chose to go defensive, but again it puts the risk that we might concede. As it goes I think he generally got it right, certainly De Laet made sense, but I'd have had Hogan rather than Bjarnason though i) because I don't rate Thaw, and ii) Hogan's pace would've given them something else to think about. Tough decisions, and I guess looking at the result he got it right.
  13. Sam Johnstone

    Have a H(e)art
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Fulham

    Still only 32% possession so it’s Bruce out for me!
  15. Glenn Whelan

    Sorry but for someone called 'lexicon' you seem to fail, time and time again, to understand the definition of 'scapegoat'.
  16. Sam Johnstone

    I feel like all three of those posts are about the same goalkeeper
  17. Scott Hogan

    Yeah, he'd have been the worst possible substitution yesterday, he can't play with his back to goal or hold the ball for even a second - he's just a poacher and nothing else. The problem is it's hard to think of a time when he would be a good substitution - maybe if we're winning by three clear goals or something. I think he's done here to be honest.
  18. Uber

    I think if this happened to me I'd be phoning my bank and cancelling the payment under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Section 75 can apply when a company "misrepresents what it is selling", which is very clearly the case in the example above.
  19. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Seem pretty similar to last seasons size fittings to me .
  20. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Drop them an e mail and they should get back to you tomorrow customer.services@shop.avfc.co.uk
  21. Steve Bruce

    He is too cautious in his approach - no need to go gung Ho but he is the opposite and it invites pressure on us ; I was surprised to see de laet come on and also surprised not to see hogan get a few minutes as we had little options on the break sitting so deep in the last 15 minutes. That said it was a cracking header from de laet well saved - I think 3-1 would have been a fair score yesterday as we did well against a good Fulham side
  22. Uber

    That’s my opinion too, I’d also expect that is the correct legal opinion. Hiding that you will do this in the T&Cs is highly suspect Cant happen if you don’t give your card details out freely.though, especially to a company as untrustworthy as Uber
  23. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Hi guys. Are the sizes this season comparable to last seasons or do they differ? Thanks!
  24. Steve Bruce

    Agreed on all points. Bruce is vindicated by the result but I don’t have to like or agree with his approach. It’s subjective I guess, he wasn’t wrong to do what he did especially given the outcome, it’s just not how I want to see us playing in this league at home against a side who were poor on the day and who we had largely controlled for 75 minutes.
  25. Adama Traore

    He will have another decent game in 18 months and people will still be bemoaning the fact we sold him, and calling him the new Pele.
  26. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My own mother has two beliefs that drive me to absolute distraction, but as you say, properly tackling it just isn't worth the family based grief. Item one, horoscopes. Apparently, there must be 'something' in it, or they wouldn't still be doing it. Item two, a belief in whatever is printed in a newspaper. A bad base to be working from at the best of times, but she reads the Daily Mail. I've given up trying to tell her that muslamic death flu spiders are not getting here in french cheese and fiddling with celebrities' children. Her response, 'well they wouldn't just make it up'. What's particularly annoying with the belief in whatever has been written in a newspaper is that many years ago, she herself was the subject of an article in a local paper. She spoke directly to the journalist about all the facts. She stood there with a journalist asking questions and writing down answers in a little pad. When the story came out, every single point of 'fact' was changed. It was truly strange, I'd been there in the room myself and witnessed the conversation. It was a piece about a letter she'd sent, to a relative in Australia, that got returned 10 years later, having been held as evidence as it had been in a mail bag on a hi jacked plane that had been blown up on some dusty middle east runway (when that was the fashion). They got her name wrong, her age, where the letter was going, when it had been sent, where it got blown up. They had the whole story, but every single detail wrong. She knows that I myself was once wrongly named in a newspaper for being banned from football for hooliganism.* Having had those personal experiences, to this day, she reads something in the paper and thinks, 'must be true'. *I had been banned, but for non-attendance. The owner believed I was leading a boycott. He told me the ban would be lifted if I started attending games again. He had certain problems.
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