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  2. This is worth a (long) read on the Labour AS issue Clicky for article on medium
  3. There just isn't a balance. Both parties have a serious problem. Yet people namecheck Corbyn directly when it comes to antisemitism, despite him never saying anything antisemitic, yet ignore both The Tory party's issue with Islamophobia, and Johnson's own comments on Muslims.
  4. If Labour is heading for where the polls suggests then the only course of action come Friday will be to set the wheels in motion for removing Corbyn as leader and removing some of the more high profile idiots (such Abbot, Thornberry, Gwynne, Butler, McDonnell) from prominent positions. Labour could do a lot worse than Keir Starmer as leader to be honest.
  5. But that wasn't what the BBC story was about, it looked at a wider picture. You want the article to be about point A only, it;s about points A,B, C... There is absolutely nothing wrong with it apart from you don't think they should have done the story like that. Complain about the BBC when they do show bias (which they have done quite a lot) but stop wrongly complaining about it when they haven't. It completely diminishes the biased reporting argument
  6. No chance IMO. We'd have more of a chance nicking Liverpool's current target Sander Berge at Genk before they get him. But I don't see that happening either sadly.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-50728590 says they covered it in plastic straight away sorry read it in full...the defacing was spraying the noses red
  8. They knew they had to go back into big Dunc so in fairness it probably was!
  9. Admittedly I've only seen highlights - but I like the look of Keita. He's not first choice at Liverpool.... ... would he even consider coming here? (after he's picked up his PL winners medal, that is)
  10. Anyone suggesting shutting the tax exploits and rebalancing wealth will be 'unelectable'. Just kick the can down the street whilst the Tory filth sell everything. Your kids can pick up the bigger mess down the line, eh?
  11. ait-nouri, ihatteran psv amc, yari something or other from Anderlecht, armini from Lazio, theres a 16 year old attacker at lyon, striker at inter, Hungarian central midfielder at Salzburg, haaland, Bellingham at blues... none of them cheap, the lyon kid, Bellingham and another one I cant remember are all available to sign with compo
  12. got a dodgy looking paypal email come through but slightly more on the plausibility scale so I decided to log in to my paypal account just in case. Didn't think I had anything in there, and found £40. Marvellous!
  13. Yes, frustrating that it will take the disaster of Brexit for UK Labour to wake up and smell the coffee (presuming they do actually dump their leader after a second lost election) when the writing has been on the wall for a number of years now.
  14. The BBC have been embarrassing this election. Totally played by the Tories.
  15. I mean, he wasn't exactly playing against the most quality opposition on his debut. I heard he was shakier in the more recent England games.
  16. Matt Hancock looks like the bloke at work that no one likes and no one talks to... unless they have to. A little bit odd and doesn't quite fit in. The sort of person that was desperate to be a prefect at school because he might get some friends One suspects he'll be requiring chemical castration at some point
  17. Amazing. He's got the same approach to personal space as Rod Hull and Emu
  18. Since we've spent so much time moaning about the media, here is an example of one of the absolute worst offenders proving that he can, actually, do this stuff properly: Simple, clear, with some information about consequences, obviously impartial but still stressing the importance of the election rather than performatively rolling eyes at it all. Just do this every time please (and don't tweet so much).
  19. It's all about the DIPAs and TIPAs, like these two beauties: https://untappd.com/b/other-half-brewing-co-double-dry-hopped-double-citra-daydream/2310360 https://untappd.com/b/cloudwater-brew-co-good-things-for-everyone/3509476 Or how about a milkshake IPA: https://untappd.com/b/northern-monk-patrons-project-19-02-pigs-pigs-pigs-pigs-pigs-pigs-pigs-psychopomp-multivitamin-tropical-juice-ipa/3440779 This Gose was incredible, served with a slush puppie head of the same beer: https://untappd.com/b/omnipollo-bianca-blueberry-maple-pancake-lassi-gose/2491559 And this is the best Imp I've tried so far: https://untappd.com/b/zagovor-brewery-algorithm-maple-caramel/3262660 Will get on the Necessary Evil though...
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  21. From what I've seen the bulk of the new registrations were in Labour / Urban areas, rather than equally spread across the country so are unlikely to have that big an impact. I agree with your thoughts - still a small Tory majority most likely but can hope that for once I can wake up post election to something not terrible having happened.
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