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  2. I agree. I would love for Sony to change it. That said as @Chindie stated it's identifiable and iconic which means regardless of overall comfort they'll stick with what they have.
  3. I could cope with that, at least they’ve got your name partly right. My name’s Tim and the amount of emails I get with Hi Team, or Hi Time, really pisses me off. Depending who it is I’m not above replying with.. it’s hi time for what? Or... sorry, I think this was meant for your team.
  4. Gaz, I know exactly what you mean. That is well annoying.
  5. I am actually glad I still have the capacity to be surprised by this.
  6. It's become part of the PlayStation's identity, they aren't going to change it. Just be glad after nearly 25 years they've finally moved on from the DualShock design. Hopefully they use the space they've gained to put bigger batteries in this time.
  7. Relive the commentary of when Villa won the European Cup: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p088z78l
  8. i used to get **** ragey when people I did not know opened emails with Pete when my email address is Peter. Less so these days as clearly as I got into my 40s more and more people call me Pete so I got used to it.
  9. I just recieved a work related email It started... Hi Gaz What the actual F***, you don't know me and if you did, you'd know that isn't something that people call me For the record its not the Gaz that annoys me, it's the absolute familiarity from a complete stranger My reply will start... Hey Ay (Her name is Amy)
  10. Stupid really. Why would it matter? It would give them a better controller. Makes no sense to have the D Pad in prime position when it rarely plays a major part, if any, in any games.
  11. Kinda harsh having lockdown as a factor when buying an apartment
  12. The band name reflects my day, the music reflects my current mood
  13. That is almost certainly the truth. In fact I have a vague recollection of us discussing it at a gig and me going home and downloading it straight away
  14. Sharing with the missus, so 4 or 5 each, and yes we were smashed! Most of them are strong too, some 8% DIPAs, a 12% IS and a 16% iced distilled triple. You didn't notice that I swapped the tea towels around for you
  15. He was dealing with a failing team, with people used to hands off management and no scrutiny. In that situation sometimes there's no turning people around. I thought they weren't that bad- the size of the job was enormous. It just shows how much damage bad owners can do to a club from top to bottom. Yes they got things wrong for sure but I bet there's tons worse out there.
  16. That's a change Sony likely won't ever do. This controller is the closest Sony have gotten to accepting that the Xbox controller design was the better design, but I don't see Sony ever conceding the stick placement battle.
  17. That’s my attitude the rest of the time. I literally never drink at home. Maybe the odd beer with dinner on a special occasion. Im not rushing to drink. Just something about this whole situation seems to have me drinking. And clearly I’m not the only one.
  18. I don't see it happening at my place either, for the same control reasons. They get funny about people working from different offices on request, yet it's somehow perfectly fine during the winter when trains are cancelled for them to work from their local office no problem.
  19. That's me. Flat with no proper balcony and no outside grounds. Great for the train station an very cosy in winter but absolute murder when nice weather comes. Combine that with a lockdown and its depressing. Need to move to a place with a garden/roof terrace.
  20. If and it’s a big if we stay up, I’d love Axel Tuanzebe back, we gave him first team football
  21. Depends on their age. We have a blinking massive garden, it's what attracted us to the house but trying to get my 15 and 17 Yr old kids into it is like pulling teeth. All they want to do is stay in their bedrooms on the Web / games / videos. Both really sporty as well, I can't understand why they just want to sit inside.
  22. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    A month or two ago I would have agreed but now who knows, all bets are off with this virus.
  23. I’m adding to my phone calendar so I won’t forget - I’m sure at least one will slip through the net!
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