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  2. He didn't look at his physical peak at all IMO - same against us.
  3. Not my cup of tea at all. Could possibly compared with Joe Meek.
  4. Can't see anything other than a regulation heavy defeat here. Our results against Manchester City are about as predictable as night following day. But hey ho, that's just how life is right now and we have to suck the mop and take what happens with good grace. I'm more concerned about 'long Covid' with some of our players. We could still end up being relegated (statistically right now and hypothetical before you all start wetting your knickers and throwing knives). Regardless of the result, it's still very much 'Smith In' and claret and blue love all around B6. Up The Villa... (let'
  5. I'd argue that you're making a leap of logic here. Liverpool have also been completely unbalanced as a team due to their injuries. Salah didn't look like he was suffering any kind of covid-esque after affects to me yesterday (as in he was still quick and so on).
  6. My other half's sister (nurse QE) had both Pfizers. 3 weeks apart.
  7. I do love how local news desperately try and get a hook into an international story. Huge bomb blast in Bolivia - Here’s Steve from Castle Bromwich who’s old neighbour once flew over Bolivia on his way to South Africa.
  8. There are strong Welsh speaking ghettos around the south of South Wales areas now. Plenty of areas around Cardiff and Penarth where the presumed first greeting is in Welsh at a shop or a cafe etc.. What started off as the Pontcanna Taffia has been spreading quite noticeably since the BBC and The Senedd have been recruiting for bi lingual applicants. I’m now regularly caught out with my initial greeting in Welsh and the other person then presumes I know what I’m on about and gives me a machine gun delivery of Welsh language that exposes the limited and slow vocabulary I’ve got. A
  9. Very anxious to see how the players recover and if anyone has longer lasting effects from it. Salah hasn't been the same since he had it.
  10. I habitually check the Google 'here's stuff that might interest you atm' feed thing on my phone. Usually it's rubbish but every now and then there's something I might be interested in. Today, one of the stories is from the Birmingham Mail website, one I was never going to click on because it's the Mail site. But still... The story is 'Heavy snow expected, but set to miss Birmingham'. Why does the Birmingham Mail feel it's readers need to know there's snow somewhere else? I appreciate that is almost certainly down to them producing these articles in bulk across the country and th
  11. My lad keeps nagging for it so he can play football outside all year. I don’t have that sort of money for plastic grass though unfortunately.
  12. As I've said before, I'm not really arsed as long as he goes somewhere and we have a better option available. If the only bit of business we do is replacing him with Sanson, I think it'll have been a very good window.
  13. Nothing new.....all fish stink.....they want to get off their Perch
  14. But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me, just how I should feel today.
  15. Daily Mail indicating we are not alone on our interest. I hope we move quickly and don’t mullet over for too long.
  16. As always they are shameless scumbags. They play a rigged game of bullshit aided and abetted by their oligarch mates in the Sun/Express/Mail/Telegraph square of propaganda lameness. The newspapers are perhaps beside the point as this is obviously a tweet, but it's all part of the same bullshitting process: most corrupt states have to win control of the press. These words removed didn't even have to bother.
  17. We're going to be in a cat and mouse game with this forever now. It's going to be annual vaccination for the elderly and constant tweaking of the vaccine. A couple of years ago a load of people died of Flu because they missed a strain when developing the next year's vaccine which went large. The trick is to identify in advance which mutation is going to establish. Anyway I'm batting out of this conversation now as I'm worried @snowychap might die of laughter.
  18. don't start getting the fickle-back.
  19. Didnt you agree a completion date on exchange? Always agree a completion date before you exchange If you do legally they HAVE to be out by that date or you can sue them.
  20. 4k thats crazy!! I thought be half of that tops. Did you shop around?
  21. The title race is in our own hands after everyone has played 15 to 18 games. I'll take that.
  22. I read that there are now variants in abroadia that are/may be not affected by the vaccine - this is why finally! the government has closed the travel corridors - Brazillian P2 strain for example. The virus is mutating, some mutations will not be biffed by the vaccine, and so it's really important to ensure that wholly effective measures are available and taken, not half arsed steps. Sure, it seems vaccines can be tweaked, like in a game of cat and mouse, but it's better to get the mouse (or is it the cat?) first time.
  23. I’d be another one that is unsure even of whether something has a distinct genre of music. Would Queen, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath all basically be the same thing? Because all of that stuff is a vast black hole of ignorance for me. I can’t stand any of it until it begins to merge in to more bluesy or country elements. So, typically, I’d be fine with The Yardbirds heavier stuff, but really quite wary of anything Pink Floyd or Cream. Based on pre conceived prejudice as much as actual band by band, track by track knowledge. I’m sat here with, I guess
  24. Davkaus

    Keinan Davis

    Davis does offer a certain dimension that Watkins doesn't, but I just don't see it being worthwhile. Who do you drop to bring Watkins out wide? Trez/El Ghazi? I'm not convinced Watkins is going to offer much more out wide than either of them, so we're dropping a good winger to accommodate a rubbish forward. Is his hold up play going to create more goals for the midfield than Watkins can contribute? Again, I don't think so.
  25. TRO

    Keinan Davis

    who does he play rugby for?
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