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  2. @rjw63 this one is coming down to the wire. Hoping the ever reliable Pat's D will maintain their form.
  3. I agree our target for the next two games is 1 point. The Premier League has now turned into the farce that was the SPL with only 2 good teams and the rest make up the numbers. only the European places and the off the pitch issues make it interesting. But look at liverpool without salah.... they look doable they don't seem to have any other natural dribblers. and the run of games without defeat becomes a ball a chain around their necks. everyone knows they're due. a hostile welcoming committee for their team bus with flares etc and a rocking Villa Park and we can give them a bloody nose at least. then look at man city. Midfielders at centre defence? a direct game plan could undo them.
  4. Tomaszk

    Wesley Moraes

    He's a real menace yes. Unfortunately, because of the timing and price of both signings and the fact we (and our manager) have got a bit of history with Maupay, I think they'll get compared a lot. Maupay looked the much better player on Saturday's showing. Yes I know Wes has more goals this season thanks.
  5. Dave-R

    Wesley Moraes

    I said Maupay all along before Wes joined the club, I was disappointed we didn't go for him and still are, I believed he was the answer. You could notice the clear difference between Wes and Maupay, Maupay however has tons of experience at English football and it may very well be that Wes needs that time to adjust like Neil did.
  6. I'd bite your arm off for a point from next two. I'd bite your arm for a point in the four total matches v Liverpool and City. They're the only two really good sides in the league.
  7. Big Dion inexplicably just made it up on football focus! OR Dion thinks he's much taller than he is because of all the headers he'd win and has matched Grealish up. Jacko is somewhere between 5' 10" and 6'.
  8. Tomaszk

    Dean Smith

    It's amazing. My favourite year as a fan. If we can stay up, I think we'll cement ourselves in the coming years. Jack and John will stay and the owners have shown they're happy to shell out. I reckon we'd be strengthening the squad with another 4 or 5 good players next summer.
  9. I think people dislike him for one main reason, he really P***** there teams off by drawing alot of fouls with his quick little touches then accelerates when they commit. Jack also knows how to watch the ball and watch the feet of the opposition very well, i would actually compare him to a psychologist but footballing wise, he knows how to get inside peoples heads. Jack also knows how to speak to officials whether its abit of anger here or abit of a joke there, he knows how to do it. Jack can do all the little trickery and still manage to maintain his little touches, he has a style and skill that clearly annoys footballers playing against him. So what do people do, rather than say he's a complete package and really good footy player, they turn to saying they hate his hair, sock and boots, yet we all know the real truth, they cant stand him because they do not have anyone like him in there squad.
  10. Today
  11. Dave-R

    Dean Smith

    Very lovely post Keyblade I enjoyed reading it. I'd say two decades since we were actually a club who could hold there own in this league, so to read your stats i am more than happy by how good we actually are. I know we have been playing remarkable in every game except spurs, but just didnt relise how statistically we are one of the best in the league on alot of levels. Fantastic, played- Nas, Wes, Smith, Jesus, Purslow, and all behind the scenes at Aston Villa you all brought the joy and love back to the club-UTV.
  12. Keyblade

    Dean Smith

    Some interesting stats: We are 5th in the league for shots per game, and 3rd for shots on target. According to whoscored ratings, we are actually the 5th highest rated so far this season. The table actually makes for interesting viewing, with the top and bottom 4 the same (albeit slightly different order). The only real major outlier is us being 5th, which kind of reflects how well we've been performing without necessarily getting the points. We're 4th in the league for chances created and 2nd behind Man City for assists. In Jack Grealish we have the 3rd most frequent chance-creator in the league...the most from open play, tied with Kevin De Bruyne. Predictably, we're also the 5th highest scorers in the league. Unsurprisingly we're the most fouled team in the league, but also the team that concedes the most shots per game. We're #1 in blocks per game as well as 5th for clearances per game which is unsurprising given that we have Tyrone Mings in defence. Given that a year ago we were floundering against teams like Ipswich and Preston in the Championship, the fact that we are now performing like this in the PL is truly astounding. Dean Smith deserves all the credit in the world for turning us around like this in such a short space of time. It's been a decade since we were able to hold our own in this division, and we're now doing so in style with a young, growing team and staff. We've had to suffer for years, but we can finally say we have a PL team to be proud of.
  13. I disagree, I think he’s a typical, tough, modern day full back Same goes for your next point, I don’t think all are talented, the vast majority, yes, all? No, someone like Serge Aurier for me, is not talented at all
  14. It seems Villas Twitter and YouTube channels have given up with the kids ever since they started the marketing push for the womens team.
  15. Dark chocolate is apparently quite good for you.
  16. They were few and far between in reality, probably less than 1% of all goals scored, now it’s every week without fail, it’s just not comparable in my opinion
  17. Game of Badges... House Arsenal - cannons, good start with an actual weapon but slow to load, inaccurate and unreliable. House Aston Villa - A lion, pretty much king of the mammals. Claws sometimes sharp, have also been quite blunt over the years... House Bournemouth - A human being. Pretty deadly all things considered. Monumentally stupid based on Trump and Brexit however. House Brighton - Scavenging seagull. Useless in a fight unless it's for chips. House Burnley - Another lion, this time flanked by killer bees and a pointless stork. House Chelsea - Lion number three in the list. But dead. Or just very, very cold. House Crystal Palace - An eagle, pretty deadly. Easily trained to land on a glove. House Everton - No animals, no weapons. Just a tower. Try defending that forever... House Leicester - A fox, clever, cunning and often found around bins. House Liverpool - An imaginary bird. Offers nothing. House Man City - A boat. Might be backed up by an armada. Pretty useless on land. House Man Utd - A devil. Might attack through ideological fear rather than actual weaponary. House Newcastle - Seahorses. Yes, really. Magpies are pretty harmless already but Seahorses?! Dead before battles begin. House Norwich - A canary will help you in a mine...but pretty pointless on the battlefield. House Sheffield - Actual weapons are back. Close combat with swords might be effective. House Southampton. A tree...err. Could be an ent?! Simply not in the fight. House Tottenham - A cockerel will get them up nice and early for the battle but they'll be torn to shreds in minutes. House Watford - A deer is pretty big and strong, possibly an issue for anyone with an army using cars. House West Ham - A pair of hammers. Not even bringing a knife to a gun fight. Waste of time. House Wolves - A wolf will work well in a pack, pretty effective in most fairytales but normally dead by the end. So who wins?
  18. I'm just embarrassed when football fans do the rocket polishing gesture at each other like after a decision gets overturned for example. Bunch of grown men acting like children, it's embarrassing.
  19. Caught him clear on the ankle. That was a foul imo.
  20. I am confused by Liverpool whining, lindelof barely touched Origi who went down pathetically Oh wait its liverpool makes sense now
  21. Yesterday
  22. It was recently claimed he was 6'2 as well. You can never really know how tall athletes actually are unless you see them in person.
  23. 2 onside kicks in a row FFS EDIT - out of bounds so just 1 !!
  24. And in Jackson they got to watch a top 5 QB in action as well
  25. This score just doesn’t reflect Saints dominance today , no Kamara .. no problem
  26. The wheels are coming off my wagon
  27. I only wished they'd get rid of the neon green, it's so awful
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