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  2. What you eatin' there then?

    Chopped pork sandwich with sliced pickles and coleslaw, dipped in tangy BBQ sauce. For desert I had a quarter rack of ribs, same sauce.
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Sorry there's more, but this is it: If we wanted to be a better/more successful club or team, we should have shifted Gabby years ago and prioritised other players over him. Forget that he's a "villa lad" etc. Look at him as just a regular football player and you can see that he's not been at a level (at least technically) that is good enough for a club of our size and stature - even now!!! If we wanted to progress and challenge for honours, we required forwards with far superior skills but instead we stuck with Gabby and he has not paid back that "loyalty" with worthwhile or meaningful performances - ultimately, a complete and utter lack of goals or assists, which is frankly unforgivable. For a so called striker, his goal scoring record is truly abysmal! Even if he had been played out of position at times (which I think was more due to his lack of reliability and skill that certain managers recognised but somehow were forced to fit him into the team, maybe because we had few or better alternatives or weren't willing to pay for them or replace him, for fear of fan discontent maybe?) Honestly, I don't & have never had any personal issues with the guy and wanted him to succeed when he was younger but this has gone on too long. Why did we or have we settled for such a player for so long?? He has just been a drain on the club in almost every sense and I honestly don't know how us fans at least have managed to put up with it. He genuinely offers next to nothing and it's so irritating that certain people get excited or defensive over him on the odd occasion he runs a bit harder and "harries" defenders. Come on now, that is absolutely ridiculous! That is not a skill or art and basic effort is the least we can ask of any player. Tell me, when was the last decent shot, decent pass, dribble etc etc. he did? Honestly, what does the guy offer? Can he do more than run around? And even if he manages to score the odd goal, it shouldn't excuse him. One goal and ppl will be praising him all over again, reserve the praise for the unlikely event that he manages a sustained run of quality performances with goals and assists - it's incredibly unlikely that that will ever happen and why should he keep getting chances over and over again? How many occasions have we "hoped he would come good", over and over again and been let down every time... Come on, we are bigger and better than any one player.
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  5. Super Bowl LI

    Eesh, can someone clean this mess up? Not a good sign..
  6. Super Bowl LI

    1,280,000 RESULTSAny time New England Patriots 1st Seed AFC FOX Feb 5, 6:30 PM Super Bowl Atlanta Falcons 2nd Seed NFC Season stats 27.6 POINTS PER GAME 33.8 Data from STATS LLC © 2016 · All times are Eastern Standard Time
  7. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Ok, just wanted to make and elaborate on 2 simple points on Gabby, mainly as a way of releasing some long term frustration I have had with him and his whole situation. He really should've been shifted some time ago and has been a leech on the club - whether that was intentional or not. 1. Been at the club too long, career has massively stagnated and never progressed since early(?) MON days. Too much time wasted, too many chances, has always had overly preferential treatment from all, such low standards. Gets credit for doing nothing special or worthwhile, putting effort in should be a prerequisite for every player!! Does not have to do as much or perform as well as other players - never been as easily criticised as others just because of claims he is a boyhood fan. Has been way, way too long since he appeared to demonstrate that in any way, shape or form. 2. MON possibly ruined Gabby and he possibly lost some of his main qualities: pace & drive combined with finishing (had a great record for reserves and looked a decent young player) as he wanted to change his whole training methodology and wanted him to just bulk up and hold the ball up rather than be a pacy and impactful forward, like an inferior version of Owen for example. If he valued his football career and wanted to progress or improve his skills, he should have moved on (even just on loan) to a lower level club, change of environment may well have done him good. Too comfortable at Villa...could and should have reignited his career elsewhere and then maybe even have come back if he proved himself. Sadly that just hasn't been the case, I don't know when we will be rid of him, he will never come good and even the odd goal here or there would make no difference (at least to me), his record is absolutely appalling and I don't think he has ever been a beneficial personality or character to the squad and dressing room. Rant(?) over.
  8. Conference Championships

    What a dreadful playoffs overall. 1 decent game. NFL is toast.
  9. Conference Championships

    Here we go Patriots!
  10. Tomb Raider

    What is it with the wildlife in this place? Every bastard with teeth wants to just kill me, and they are not even hungry? Why cant I just shoot my gun in the air so these furry dickheads can just scurry back to their holes and leave me alone? I have got bird nests to raid, mushrooms to pick, rabbits to shoot, and other shit to do, without worrying about these hairy malicious asses as well.
  11. January 2017 transfer window

    I hope the reporter hasn't mis-judged Bruce taking the piss. It's reported as if he's lining up some potential wonder kid but it looks like they're taking it too literal. P. S. What's with the Birmingham Mail? I live in North Wales and have done for a long time and used them as a decent read for info via their site for a few years. Then went cold turkey for a while and ever since I've read things since it's just like a crappy Facebook footy page posting rumour after rumour, nicking from other crap sources. Then the mail gets quoted by the rubbish blogs etc. What an absolute joke it is. These people are paid reporters too, just spouting shite from the Internet. I'm jealous.
  12. January 2017 transfer window

    Akpom seems like a reasonable and realistic link, would definitely prefer a more reliable goalscorer though. I do want us to get rid of McCormack, whatever the problem is (whether he has some personal issues or is just a complete idiot), we just can't afford any more problems and turmoil (had enough with the immovable parasite that is Gabby and a few others) so best to get rid and get someone else in if at all possible. Even if he got over this, I don't think he would ever be cut out for PL and is not getting any younger. I had read, some time back, that Karanka quite rates McCormack therefore a swap deal for Rhodes would be great imo but probably unlikely atm. He may be more up for it, with a bit of a point to prove perhaps. I'd prefer someone better or more talented but time is not on our side right now. Hope the Hourihane & Bree deals are done early as possible this week.
  13. U.S. Politics

    And minus Texas, Clinton would have won by even more, and so on ad infinitum. I must have missed the moment when California was expelled from the union.
  14. January 2017 transfer window

    Terence Trent D'Arby
  15. Ashley Westwood

    What is there to get?
  16. January 2017 transfer window

    Terence Thames London
  17. Conference Championships

    Hogan having a monster game
  18. U.S. Politics

    So it's a criticism of the critics of Trump on the basis that they didn't sort out the problems that allowed Trump to take power? If you don't want people to 'quieten back down to just try to survive' then perhaps you ought to actually start talking about what you mean rather than wrapping it in puff pastry and selling it as some sort of artisan philosophy?
  19. U.S. Politics

    Oh, it's anything but support of Trump. It was more of a general comment at the state of the opposition. Wailing and moaning while the other candidate was the rusty knife. Changes are needed in how society is currently run. Perhaps Trump will be the catalyst for this, but it's much more likely that some shallow victories will satisfy these same "principled objectors" and quieten everyone back down to just trying to survive. It's a bloody depressing state of affairs.
  20. Tony Xia

    cheers bud, lol " the Recon Messi" probably a bunch of sycophants afraid to tackle the Boss
  21. Tony Xia

    @Xela Here you go: Note by Deisler - in the article there are a lot of complicated Chinese words (often used to show off the writing skills) which are impossible to translate, so I chose to use English in its simplest form to improve readability. 1 December, 2016, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Jiantong Xia sat besides Villa Park (note: in the stadium), watching players on the pitch silently. This has been the home stadium to Aston Villa since 1897, one of the greatest British football clubs. 4 days ago, 27th November, Aston Villa beat Cardiff City, holding the unbeaten record at home this season. Villa park, having witnessed a win, still has a chilling breeze, but green grass too (note: you get the idea....). In the stadium, flags of AVFC flying, on which a yellow lion raises his chest. In the UK, lion is the symbol of royal family. In football, the lion flag of AVFC has its own statue – the nickname of the club is ‘The Lions’. It has won totalling 7 leagues titles and 7 FA cups, and reached its highest honour of EUFA Champions Cup in 1982. AVFC used to be the lion of guardian of British football – Princess William and ex-PM Cameron declared publicly that they are AVFC fans. Now, AVFC have their new lead of the lion tribe: June 2016, Chinese giant RECON took this club over. In just six months, the lions became familiar with Tony Xia and his leadership (Note: the original sentence sounds a bit too ‘praising’- I softened it a little bit to make it read better). From here onwards, I will only pick RECON-related content to translate: Nov 2016, Xia appeared at AFM (Note: American Film ?Makers?), he started to negotiate with two film making companies.   Xia went to the Birmingham Children’s hospital and gave gifts to the kids there. But very few people knew that Xia still suffers from pain in the left leg. A few months ago, he played in the RECON game (Note: internal match). People often called him ‘RECON Messi’, but he injured his left leg and still cannot stand for too long.     Love of football is just a start. The decision of buying AVFC was in fact due to his instinct as an entrepreneur. ‘We always wanted to find a way to extend to global market, and AVFC is a perfect opportunity for us’ ‘first, football is the 1st sport, easy to expand our influence; second, Premier League is the most successful football league with best commercialisation – good for us to work on’, says Xia.   ‘we planned to return back to Premier League in 1-2 years, and become one of the top clubs in Premier League and win the ticket to UEFA Champions League. In another 2-3 years, we will fight towards the No. 1 in Europe.’   Apart from this, Xia plans to convert the 10km squared area around Villa Park to a place that involves Commerce, Entertainment, Tourism and Sports theme Park. ‘My plan is not only to improve Villa Park as a stadium, but rather improve the whole area’, for tourism from China and India. He also plans to introduce VR (virtual reality) and AR technologies into Villa Park. AVFC to Xia is much more than a football business. It is a ticket to Commonwealth countries, EU and even the global market. ‘honestly, taking over Villa brings the benefit to our business, much better than I thought’   ‘Apart from Football, RECON’s final aim is to expand into Sports/Film and cultural business, healthcare business etc. In the future, maker of high quality content is rare (Note: this is a bit abstract, but I guess you can understand what it means, a bit like virtual ‘content’ rather than product that physically exists). Football is like film making industry – they are all makers of high quality content’. Recently, Xia acquired (almost done) two Hollywood companies, one leading company in Action films, and another one is one of the eight companies during the golden era of Hollywood (Note: didn't mention the name of that company.).   ‘I am planning to integrate film and cultural elements into rebuilding Villa park, so VP is not only the paradise of the football fans, but also the theme park to people other than football fans, but enjoying equally the joys brought by football’ ----- a long section about his business expansion into Indian market, which is not quite interesting to read…. ---- ----- a final section about the financial performance of his recently-acquired MSG company, not interesting to read either.      Deisler note: to summarise, this article talks about his global ambition, and his approach of using sport as a lead to realise it (with India Engineering section and American Film making industry etc). A typical magazine type of article.... kinda boring tbh.
  22. January 2017 transfer window

    ... Jean-Kevin Augustin
  23. U.S. Politics

    Using art as a dissenting voice. What's not to like?
  24. Conference Championships

    Do they not advertise their military too and it's need for (financial) support? That's what I took from my trip over there #mental
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