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  2. tomav84

    Soft drinks

    glass bottle, can, plastic bottle in that order an ice cold diet coke from a glass bottle is difficult for any drink to beat
  3. John

    Tyrone Mings

    Tyrone has a good game and may be dropped. Phillips has a good game and keeps his place, because Henderson still isn't fit. I get the feeling that whatever they do, the "wally in the waistcoat" will play his "usual suspects", as soon as he possibly can. So much for playing well enough to keep the shirt.
  4. Stopping the play for Eriksen yesterday. Best of luck to the guy, but that stuff belongs off the pitch not on it.
  5. I mean we paid that 3 summers ago for Wesley. Daka looks more impressive and more potential.
  6. Look that didn't work for Adam Johnson and it won't work for you
  7. Looks like he's getting some time off the bench at best
  8. Agreed, do you think Arsenal would mind if we approached Maddison?
  9. I would personally play him instead of Mount tonight. Don’t think we need 2 holding midfielders and Mount against the Jocks. Foden needs more game time, he wasn’t great the other day but hardly got the ball. Mount seems to be see as a guaranteed starter but isn’t for me yet. He’s been ok for England but not really stood out enough to be guaranteed starts.
  10. I look forward to watching Sterling and then Rashford struggle to trap a bag of cement...but ya know. Pace!
  11. Has to play tonight. Surely.
  12. Would you rather be a high profile footballer, and not know what an encyclopedia is? Or would you rather know what an encyclopedia is, and not be a high profile footballer? I think it's one of those deep questions that we all need to ask ourselves from time to time.
  13. Shaw and James comes in. No other changes. According to reports.
  14. Part of the culture were building here
  15. New Bossk album drops today.
  16. To anyone concerned about us signing a "36 year old"; this is no ordinary 36 year old, as @TROsaid. This is not like the days when we bought Joe Cole etc. This is a serial winner with a top attitude and drive to keep being the best he can be. A player who has by all accounts done very well at Inter, in an Antonio Conte team. This is a coach who puts heavy emphasis on his full backs getting up and down the pitch and demands that anyone who plays for him has to be in top condition. If you haven't already, try watching his interview on the club site and tell me if you think he's just here fo
  17. LondonLax

    Soft drinks

    I get through at least a ten can pack of Coke Zero a week easily, probably more like 2 cans a day. I tried buying 2l bottles but once the bottle has been opened every subsequent ‘hit’ is a little bit under carbonated and not as good. By the end of the bottle it’s just flat coke It has to be cans.
  18. 23 million apparently, a lot for an Austrian league player. His league record is crazy but his European record isnt so impressive
  19. re the interview, the question was that Dean Smith had said Jack has an encyclopaedic knowledge of football. Jack didn't know what that phrase meant. I have no doubt he knows what an encyclopaedia is, he just hadn't heard of it in that context before. Playing tonight, if he starts it's at the expense of Foden who wasn't great last match despite hitting the post early on. Otherwise he probably comes on at 60 mins and then starts the next game.
  20. Mic09

    Soft drinks

    I don't drink anything but water/tea/coffee (obviously alcohol on occasions). But I do very much like coke, a bottle/can once or twice a season, especially on a hot day - I'm not gonna say it's too sweet, and I sort of don't get when people say that. How can you complain about sweetness of a drink that you know is filled with sugar? What else is it gonna be? It's designed to be sweet, it's a sugary drink for the love of god. 2 questions to you soda drinkers; 1) I find that coke is so much better in a can or in a glass bottle. I would not buy a plastic bottle of coke, I just find the
  21. Yeah no Jack, it's a shame he's seem now only as an impact sub by Southgate. Maybe he'll start a game in the 3rd game when England are already qualified.
  22. He gets a lot worse online already
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