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  2. VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

    Yeah right, as if I did
  3. Preppers

    Refresher bars... words removed.
  4. Keinan Davis

    Been saying it for a while, against Norwich he was rolling defenders, getting in behind and giving them something to think about. Think he had more shots in that game than he has had all month. He is making it was too easy for defenders, giving them nothing to think about.
  5. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Joe bloody Bennett.
  6. Josh Onomah

    A footballer who is scared of contact. Well, good luck with that.
  7. Yesterday
  8. VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

    There was only one episode! Sounds like you recorded it...
  9. Manchester United

    I'm not sure not being as good to watch as 5 of the greatest club sides of all time is too much to worry about.
  10. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    Because if it isn't then people would have to admit Pep/Man City are actually quite good. Man City do badly = Pep is crap Man City do well = the league is crap
  11. Grand Turismo Sport

    I've just jumped online for the first time. Did a couple of the daily races. Great fun, but very difficult. The first lap or so is carnage. And the penalties are very strict. I consider myself a pretty clean racer on racing games, but I've actually gone down a sportsmanship level. I've done nothing deliberate, it's just been accidental bumps or marginal corner cutting. But clearly you have to be very very careful. Which is absolutely a good thing, but it'll take some getting used to.
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Couldn't make it up if you tried, VINTAGE Villa. 2 of the teams we have been chasing aggressively with little to no ground made up finally drop points (wolves/Cardiff) and we bottle it.
  13. @RequestABet Man City to go unbeaten al season?

  14. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    That comeback will feel like a win for Cardiff. They'll beat Hull. Pressure on us then.
  15. Preppers

    I've got three quarters of a pot of single Elmlea artificial cream and a few packs of Prongles.
  16. Scott Hogan

    Since the QPR game we have really struggled to make chances. We relied a lot on the counter attack and individual skill from the likes of Adomah and Snodgrass. It's not sustainable. We need to start being better with the ball, we look lost when teams sit off us.
  17. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We need to beat Derby. If we had beaten Millwall, we would have been only 4 points of Cardiff.
  18. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I think @Rugeley Villa had some unpaid days off forced in him this week. Proper sucks, especially on the run up to Christmas.
  19. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My company is not paying people who didn't come in today either Unless it was taken as dependants leave
  20. Manchester United

    such dominance that this City team have won a total of zero trophies so far
  21. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    11 point lead before Christmas. Even the famous 1 team leagues of France, Scotland and Germany dont have a gap that big
  22. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    That’s what I thought. The guy is a massive word removed so I’m not surprised. I would definitely have looked into it if it affected me.I doubt he would chase up docking his own pay if he couldn’t make it. All staff there are salaried as far as I’m aware.
  23. Preppers

    You can get a White Russian at @Rodders', and you've got beer in a can. The crowd's at Rodders' place
  24. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Despite poor results for the Top 2 we are no closer to them. We still need to average 2 points per game for Automatic Promotion ( in my humble opinion) and have still, after 15 months of Brucie, never managed that over a sustained period. Nor looked like it. We are in a battle for the far, far, far less difficult and less useful Play Off places. We are as far from second as we are from 11th.
  25. January transfer window 2018

    No, no,no. I don't want him in any position in the club after this season.
  26. Preppers

    Thought it was a thread for paranoid end-of-the-world types.
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