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  2. I think we will get Tammy...eventually if we stay up. Whether that’s in January or next summer.
  3. I too would rather sign Hayden than Phillips. Hayden is better in my opinion and is about the same price. I think 20m for Phillips is way too much
  4. Doesn’t fill me with confidence that this will be any good then. Daredevil is the only one they should not have cancelled. i have to also add iron fist s02 was very good better than first
  5. I’ve only just started reading again the last few months. Do you think you’ll get through them ?
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  7. Ponky

    Ethan Ampadu

    I think if we DO loan anyone it will be very late in the window if some of our targets have not materialised and we have obvious gaps in the squad.
  8. Thug

    Ethan Ampadu

    Totally disagree when a club has a player they wish to offload, they are more than happy to agree to these terms. See El Ghazi and Hause. When u want a player gone, you want him gone. I’d be delighted to loan out Hogan to someone and agree that they can have him for £5m at the end of the loan. Worst case scenario they will have paid a significant portion (if not all) of his wages for one year. Best case scenario he does well and they take up an option to buy him for £5m. If he scores 30 goals for them, good for him and good for them - because he wouldn’t do that for us regardless.
  9. MrDuck

    Do you read?

    Amateur I have 48 on the shelf, plus god knows how many more sitting on my kindle!
  10. Davis has shown a great deal of improvement and could turn into decent premier league target man. But we would be doing him a disservice keeping him here this season for the occasional cameo. I'd like to see him go on a season long loan to a League 1 or lower Championship club where he will play every week. Then assess if he's part of our plans long term.
  11. Given was a great keeper but not for Villa. He was still good for Villa but he did fumble and flail at balls into the box. He never used to because at Newcastle and City he had his legs and that's worth a good few inches more when jumping and claiming high balls. Once that goes you have a top notch shot stopper still, but still not reaching the shots he used to along with a keeper lowering in confidence the older he got. Friedel was tall enough to compensate for this with us, whilst Given was nowhere near his best days. That said, it's alright being tall but you've still got to position yourself right and be strong to claim balls in. You can't just rely on height when there's the likes of Wesley who are as tall and years younger with a leap and athleticism that elder keepers won't have. Slowly but surely I think that it's getting through that fans think keepers are over protected and will refs will eventually be told to let me contact go. At least I hope so. Keepers can come charging out, leap feet into the air wiping players out and can still be seen as the victim most of the time if they drop the ball. It's dumb as and I hope that things are on the up in that regard. McGinn did sod all wrong against Derby but how many were waiting for a flag or whistle just because the keeper rose high and spilled the ball? Plenty of refs would have given it previously. It's just expected, regardless of whether the keepers knee is smashing into the oppositions jaw for example. The jaw was deemed to wipe out the keepers knee. I don't know what I'm waffling on about. It's 3am. Good job I'm not in work until 6pm. Yeesh!
  12. So as things stand Thailand have lost 13-0 & 5-1. Should a miracle happen & they beat Chile in their final game there is a very real chance that they could qualify for the next round as one of the "best" third place teams and end up playing England
  13. Daweii

    Wesley Moraes

    The theory is solid @8pints keep up the good work.
  14. Last I heard from a bloke who knows a bloke that walks 'Arry's dog is that he's flying in overnight for a medical tomorrow.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Yep. It's unfortunate, but that doesn't help us. I guess Smith isn't prepared to sit for a month or more, miss out on targets which were available in June/July only to find out Tammy is staying at Chelsea after all.
  17. 9 eipsodes in, It isn't very good and the Villain is rather pathetic. Since the 2nd or 3rd episode i have been wondering why the hell i am watching it and contemplating just watching the final episode instead but for some reason i have endured another 6+ hours. I will be very glad when it is over
  18. Stoke getting Lindsay for £2m and Powell on a free is great business. Both could be in our squad next year, and you'd think would prefer us than Championship Stoke. We must have some great players lined up.
  19. deeps

    Tyrone Mings

    Not going to lie, I expected this to be done now. If this isn’t done before the US trip I’d say there could be an issue. Hope not
  20. Have said this before about his time at Swansea and people judging him harshly on it but : He was only 19 when the season kicked off It was only his second ever season, playing in a league higher than he was used to and for a completely different team. Turns out that swansea team were crap, winning only 8 games all year. He only actually started 15 league games (+6 cup games) & averaged 57 minutes played per game so more of a bit part player than someone playing 90 minutes week in, week out. In total (including cup games) he made 39 appearances, 18 of these were as a sub. He scored 8 goals & got 5 assists. In 38 league games swansea as a whole managed a pathetic 28 goals. He got 5 of them (18%) despite only starting 39% of their games
  21. Probably doesn't help that Chelsea do not currently have a manager and Tammy is away with England u21's, possibly until the end of the month. Then he will be off on holiday for 2-3 weeks as us being in the play-offs means he won't have had a break yet. Tthere is a good chance that the new Chelsea manager will not even meet him for at least a month and whether he stays there or goes elsewhere he isn't going to have much of a pre-season regardless
  22. Hornso

    Kortney Hause

    C'mon Villa. Announce Hause's contract length!
  23. If by zlatan you mean mings and if by done you mean not done, then yes
  24. Really? You'll be telling us soon - you want him back. is it really that hard to acknowledge he failed whilst holding a decent hand? The guy did an average job - no more or less.
  25. I'm just going to chuck out there that Valentin Rongier is an absolute baller and I'd love us to sign him. Not convinced he'd work as a DM in the PL, but if we sign another good defensive midfielder he could end up forcing McGinn or Grealish out the team, that's how good he is.
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