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  2. I'm assuming the people who spent hours analysing the planning permission on Dominic Cummings parents house are probably having wet dreams about investigating every planning application law this statue has broken
  3. Some people will indeed view the new statue as the ideal monument to the symbolic act of toppling the statue of a slave trader , but (caveat I've not followed the BLM debate that closely ) weren't there some questionable objectives with the BLM movement that are not really something a lot of people would feel comfortable commemorating ? So , some of those people, who aren't all gammons and racists ,who were probably ambivalent are now potentially going to be a bit irked by it ? Jen Reid might just be your run-of-the-mill activist and not a diehard Marxist , but I'm sure someone is currently trawling through her Internet history looking for dirt. On the general debate , I think it is a mistake to automatically adopted this default position that everyone objecting to the statue is a gammon or a racist ... My view has been that the existing Colston statue was probably right to come down , but the way they toppled it was wrong (Its well documented I'm not a fan of mob rule taking the law into their own hands ). The artists stunt today is quite provocative and should spark some more debate and awareness, which is a good thing, but ultimately the statue has to come down (correctly and not carried out by a baying mob ) .... or they could go through the process of having it approved like any other statue would be . The people of Bristol were promised a consultation of what should go on the plinth ,who knows, they might be proud of the statue and want it to stay in place. That opinion is neither gammon , nor racist , but in effect the conversation is already essentially fingers in the ear and la la la I can’t hear you ..quite sad really , I think its important discussions should be had .
  4. You'd technically lose your money. It was proposed by The Anchor Society. (The Anchor Society, founded in 1769 at a dinner held in honour of Edward Colston) A quick look at their website though suggests they are a thoroughly decent local charity doing a lot of good, irrespective of the misdeeds of their inspiration.
  5. Can I guess it was a charity that bore his name? Doubt the bookies would take my money tbh
  6. Marseille are in financial dire straights so if we stay up a few cheeky bids should be put in as they have some very good players. I really like the look of Duje Caleta-car at CB and they have an embarrassment of riches in midfield in Lopez, Sanson, & Rongier. Just need a miracle
  7. I very much doubt we will replace Reina and Elmo (rightly so), both of whom produced very good performances last time out whilst being part of a defence that kept a welcomed clean sheet.
  8. I was on the phone to Paving Direct because they could get the delivery to us fairly quickly when no one else could. So we bought 21m^2 of real stone slabs, the patio sealant, the pointfix tubs (stuff between the slabs) plus delivery for £800 (i thought it was more!), but I said as we went through the price "so do I get good guy or NHS discount?" and she asked me what I did. I told her, I laid it on VERY thick and she gave me over a £100 off. So yea, Paving Direct.
  9. Conor tries just like Trezegeut, you need those type of players who control there heads in a game, those who carry on till the 90 minutes are done that believe theres still a way to win. I saw exactly that in Luiz since restart and I think Trezegeut felt like that against palace, that never say it's over attitude which weve lacked all season. In fact there were a few players the other day who had the fever of belief, that they could go win the game. Hopefully they all now start to get a little sick and end up with really high temperatures that cause these symptoms of irrational thinking. Three games left and let's hope our players are sick with Belief and there balls are swollen from it.
  10. Hol' up. We're about to do our patio (well, I say "we", as with all major DIY projects I will be paying proper adults to do it for me), what shop's doing an NHS discount? It would be nice to use mine on something more substantial than £4 off at Nando's for a change.
  11. New patio - I did all the labour myself, still cost a grand for slabs (21m^2) and that's with a cheeky NHS discount Rattan for patio - hmmm, why is patio furniture so expensive? cover for the rattan Heater for patio cover for the heater drive extension no cover for the drive extension about to go down the new bathroom/bog fitted in under stairs cupboard route too. **** corona..
  12. Never saw BLM grinding to a halt on the rocks of contravening local planning procedures, but that’s what happens when you don’t get professional advice at an early stage. Any of you guys thinking of setting up some sort of popular uprising, PM me for a fee quote.
  13. Plus points for playing Hourihane are his free kicks, he’s not afraid to shoot from distance his crossing can be very good and he links well with Grealish and Targett. Negative point is that he’s not that strong defensively and often gets accused of going missing when we’re under pressure. You could say the same for the majority of our midfield this season though, apart from Luiz recently. He has to start the remaining games, we’re so much better offensively with him.
  14. sne

    James Bree

    That one is as bad as when Manure payed £8m for Bébé
  15. Is Reina injured ? What has he done to not even make the bench ?
  16. If they ever saw that money. I do wonder how much of the 5m Reading saw for Tshibola. Not that I am saying anything untoward was going on. Definitely not saying there were maybe some agents and managers taking funds out of these deals. Definitely not. They make perfect sense
  17. Great move for him. He'll probably hit the ground running as he has played with most of them during the league one campaign.
  18. I don't know about back in the day of the Colston statue , though Wiki suggests his statue was proposed by a charity and funds raised via a public appeal ... But now its kinda exactly how it works , there are planning applications and public consultations for statues ..
  19. Shorter than Bloomberg's run, though he probably didn't spend as much!
  20. Solid percentage by what measure? If the rich 5%, who could own over 50% of the wealth, does that make it democratic?
  21. Tomaszk

    James Bree

    Probably kept Bury going an extra few months.
  22. They were big misses too. Except the Palace clip every other game we were drawing or one down. El Ghazi in his defence was only player getting into the box but some poor misses alright
  23. Nice... One of my favourite toys as a kid was a Batman figure with a cloth cape and I always wanted a Batmobile to go with it. I do now own the Batman figure in the BvS Batmobile but er yeah... I don't think he needs the car...
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