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  2. Agreed , I work in coventry and their fans tell me he’s been their best player this season - miss aside yesterday he had a real impact after coming on , has had an extremely good loan season so far
  3. Don't know about Southgate, but that type of behaviour is true for many managers, football and others. So what they'll do is they spin it around in a way that it looks like it was their idea all along. No probs I don't think.
  4. At which point, he'll obviously choose ... the Villa!
  5. Missed a sitter against his beloved blues - but I think he is worth a new contract , has great potential and needs another loan next season maybe in the championship
  6. Stay up and get some competition for him and Guilbert we’ll be in a good position for full backs. Go down and we’ll have 2 of the best full backs in the league.
  7. imavillan


    Are you travelling on holiday or for work? If it was me i would not be going for either. I would not put myself at risk. Indeed, i was planning a months holiday touring the place in September this year which i have now decided to put on hold. I will probably go next year now when its all cleared up. To put it into some context, the outbreak of SARS in 2002/03 lasted for 8 months !!!! This outbreak has all the makings of lasting for a long time. Perhaps even lnger than the SARS outbreak. Take a look here for the complete time line November 16: The first case of atypical pneumonia is reported in the Guangdong province in southern China. July 5: WHO announced that the global SARS outbreak was contained.
  8. Exeter had several first team players (over age) involved, Villa on the other hand had several regular u23's missing due to the youth cup game the previous evening and first team commitments. Add to that the apocalyptic weather conditions, although the right team won the game, the scoreline flattered Exeter.
  9. Weird thing to say "oh right, yeh him, ....." When Hanoi was referring to me then.
  10. It shouldn’t be illegal and should be used medicinally too. There is a bad side to it though, although it’s nothing compared to some heavy prescription drugs you can get.
  11. I liked it that he took two shots from a crossing position, second of which lead to our first goal. He scored against Brighton as well, I think Dean has told him to look for a shot from those positions too, not just automatically cross the ball.
  12. The idea that Southgate has been having a good chat with Gregg Evans about his next squad has really given me a good chuckle this morning.
  13. hogso


    It always reminds me of The Stand, especially those viruses with flu like symptoms.
  14. Based on you watching a few highlights on Quest?
  15. Rugeley Villa


    It will pass. There will no doubt be cases here in the UK, but can’t see it doing too much damage. Until China get to grips with their disgusting animal food trade, then it will keep happening.
  16. He should earn his playing time in a team like Coventry.
  17. villa4europe

    Louie Barry

    I see barca lost their 1st game without him...
  18. Just bought Northguard & The Touryst for the switch.
  19. No resting anyone. We want to win. Edit: we can rest Drinkwater. We're both happy, eh
  20. AVTuco


    Lauri out for a month now... sorry guys.
  21. An expert on infectious diseases this morning on the BBC news said that number is now around 2.5.
  22. Today
  23. The thing is, when Lingard was playing for Man U and England he always looked like a lower league player who had won a competition. He still does but he doesn’t seem to play for either these days! He will go somewhere, hopefully not us and will just disappear into obscurity.
  24. I'd keep him just in case the worst happens and we get relegated. Might be a good option to have in the squad.
  25. zab6359

    Louie Barry

    If he's as big a talent as is being claimed I'd expect him to break into the first team very soon, not sure on the rules for 16 yr olds and loans but 6 months at a localish league 1 club may be an option let him get kicked a bit and score some goals.
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