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  2. Rugeley Villa

    Ticket Info

    Nah, they have not released all the tickets in one go. They release blocks of seats in sections. We’ve sold 1300 max I’d say, which is not too bad.
  3. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Speak for yourself
  4. sne

    The MLS Thread

    On a side note Zlatan is being linked to Real Madrid in January
  5. NurembergVillan

    Saudi Arabia

    Or just straight-up actors?
  6. DaveAV1

    Dean Smith

    Above my pay grade
  7. Yeah you're right, there simply isn't the time now. I'm just outlining my preference for another vote if we were to have one. As i've stated before, we're ****. There's no good options left IMO.
  8. Dawnings + Deaths + Younger voters coming in. You can see why she'd want to hold for a year.
  9. I call it as I see it, someone said sha owners are broke and I read they are extremely wealthy, i like to talk/debate with a honest view while others just repeatedly dismiss anything if it’s not calling them shite, I believe they have a good manager and some decent players, guess that makes me a nose
  10. hippo

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Dunno - Had Swansea equalised I would be looking more at our forwards squandering chances as the reason for the dropped points
  11. I think the difference here is your view is more ideological and from that point of view you would be correct, it would be no more legitimate than the original referendum On the other hand, the pragmatic view is that a second referendum is the only way (because of the first referendum) for the (albeit very silly) idea that it's "the Will of the People", this, in turn, gives all those politicians that are currently sitting on their hands the excuse to raise them in the air and dump this shite from a great height because again, it would be the "Will of the People". Once someone decided that a genie should come out of the bottle, the only way to get the genie back is to get the bottle out again
  12. sne

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I think he was played at RB because Bruce had insisted that Jedi was good enough to be first choice at CB and was too stubborn to change his mind when it wasn't working. And perhaps he there also was a promise that Alex must play (daft if so). Also not sold on him being a very good choice at CB, but atm he's the least bad one we have to partner Chester.
  13. The trouble with this, is the potential for the stupidest option to win. All it takes is for Johnson, Farage, The Sun and Mail to start shouting 'No Deal' and bam, we're in the dark ages. Whatever wins from the options list, people will say they were confused, people will say they never realised the consequence of voting 'x' would cause 'y'. Pretty soon there's a people's march calling for best of 3 wins. Why is David Cameron not being hunted across the fields by a mob of 16 million? Millionaire happy amateur politician pig **** has caused this.
  14. sne

    January transfer window 2019

    Apparently ex Rangers CB David Bates is having a great start to the season at Hamburg in 2 Bundesliga. Papers claiming Dortmund and Bayern are looking at him but surely Villa would be a more attractive option U21 player for Scotland and 6 ft 4, might be an option if that other Scot McKenna is too expensive? He signed for Hamburg on a free this summer. Anyone seen him play?
  15. bobzy

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I’m not sold yet tbh. That defence still looked shaky as **** and if it wasn’t for a great save by Nyland and a great block by someone (Elmo?), we’d have lost the game due to more crap defending.
  16. hippo

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I would agree - its the second option. Backfired because he made more mistakes at RB !
  17. TRO

    Dean Smith seems like we have a thinking manager.
  18. STV 3 options No deal Deal that got through parliament Remain 1st round, top 2 go through 2nd round, 2nd preferences move to 1st For example, I'd vote remain, then the deal 2nd. If remain lost first round, I'd rather we have a deal than no deal. It's infinitely more democratic than ploughing ahead or just cancelling it.
  19. Stevo985

    The Film Thread

    No worries. I've made that mistake plenty of times! On topic, I can't wait to see First Man. Will probably get to see it next week.
  20. villa4europe

    The MLS Thread

    i would say rooney is as much as away from the superstar celebrity lifestyle of a mega rich footballer living in cheshire without a care in the world partying, smoking and drinking, i might be wrong here but i doubt he is living the same life over there, maybe calmed him down and matured him a little, bit more professionalism coming back in to his life
  21. HanoiVillan

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    For sure. I guess I'm trying to say that accusing someone of being a secret nose is pretty severe, so needs stronger evidence!
  22. Sure, maybe assume was a little strong. Why would a second referendum with either a vote to remain or to leave be any more legitimate a mandate than a first referendum with a vote to leave?
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