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  2. Sorry, not having it. Very tiny minority and not at all representative for every one of those there are a million of these
  3. Yes, but... season three will confuse the **** out of you. Season three only needed to be about four episodes at the very most. The rest is twaddle until the end.
  4. No its not.VAR and the new handball rule are spoiling the game no matter if you are winning or losing.
  5. I accidentally missed the last but one episode of season 3. It made no difference.
  6. Well if things carry on as they are, the Premier League will have 3x the penalties of last season. Who's our taker? Jack was talked of as a good one but missed his last. Watkins I don't think has taken one for about three years. Hourihane hits a good deadball, great one in Albion play-offs. I presume Luiz could casually clip 50 pens in a row right into any corner you asked him to. Wouldn't want Trez, El Ghazi or Keinan touching them.
  7. Monday Premier League Liverpool v Arsenal 8pm SS2 Tuesday Carabao Cup 4th Rd Spurs v Chelsea SS3 Wednesday Carabao Cup 4th Rd Newport v Newcastle 5.30pm SS3 Burnley v Msn City 7pm Brighton v Man Utd SS3 Everton v West Ham Thursday Carabao Cup 4th Rd Fulham v Brentford 5.30pm SS3 Liverpool v Arsenal SS3
  8. There are no problems here . win for us all day long 4 nil and move into third place in the table
  9. They only beat Sheffield 1-0.Maybe they are starting to level out now before their downward spiral.Mind you IMHO the PL is a stronger division with them in it.
  10. Yes, if we don't bring in any more wingers/attackers i don't see how Watkins could possibly go the whole season without playing some games or parts of games on the left, even though i'm quite sure they have signed him primarily as a central striker.
  11. Has he ever managed a normal team with normal $$$ ? I can only remember him managing Barca,Bayern and now Man Shitty.What next,Celtic ?!
  12. Martinez Cash - Konsa - Mings - Targett Luiz McGinn - Hourihane Traore - Watkins - Grealish The team I'd go with. I'd genuinely be tempted to give Ramsey a start instead of Hourihane but we aren't going to do that realistically. Fulham haven't looked too good so far and we should really be getting 3 points tonight if we don't want any repeats of last season, the big concern I have is our results in London since 2015 are absolutely shocking. "Villa are looking to open a Premier League campaign with back-to-back victories for just the third tim
  13. We've already seen him pull wide against Sheffield too, pushing Jack into midfield and making room for Davis. I suspect this will happen a lot, and is at least partly why he was signed in the first place.
  14. Had to give up on it half way through the first series as had not a scooby as to what was going on, is it worth ploughing on with it in a state of mild to middling confusion ? Same with Westworld series 2, what the eck was all that about
  15. I think he will during the course of some games. I think we're looking for a fluid attack with players interchanging positions to keep people on their toes. Watkins naturally pulls wide too. Like Henry did.
  16. Don't worry about being lost right up towards the end of series 3, it all comes together at the end.
  17. Ouch! I've got rid of Werner after that blank. Got it done before any price changes. Went for DCL. Really wanted to go for Jimenez or Ings but the extra money is useful and DCL keeps rising in price so capturing some of that value.
  18. From my experience those who start out radically as young and move more conservative with age, are far more thinking individuals than those who start off as conservatives as young and never waver from that stance. This also is shown in tolerance of opposing views politically. And the willingness to accept different information sources. It's a massive generalization, and there are always exceptions. And I also know lots of very bright people who have always been conservative politically, but this is just my impression on society as a whole. I think reflected, well read people who are
  19. I definitely think we'll end up with one of Barkley or RLC on loan but then that will be it. I've given up on the whole Rashica thing. Get one of those in and that's still a great window for me, if we end up in a couple weeks with not even a new midfielder then I'll say we've **** up a bit. Martinez Cash - Konsa - Mings - Targett Luiz McGinn - Barkley/RLC Traore - Watkins - Grealish This looks good to me
  20. I can’t even see the differential boxes that form quotes from other posts. Each post is just a wall of text. I can’t therefore see what part of each post is a quote from another poster.
  21. I really loved “My Octopus Teacher” on nitflux but it’s left me with so many (uncomfortable) unanswered questions.
  22. Hopefully our English contingent will help sway Loftus-Cheek into joining us. I do have a suspicion though he will end up at WHU in exchange plus cash for Rice. I also reckon it’s one from Rashica/Sarr/Edouard to complete the window. On paper I’d say thus far it is 8/10 but proof will be next summer in terms of final league position.
  23. I cannot now comment or reply using the laptop I’ve been using (work laptop during breaks) with VillaTalk. I’m typing this on my phone. For me, and far be it for my to ride rough shod over anyone’s hard work, but the site is unusable at the moment for me I’m afraid. I don’t expect you to change it just for me, so this might be my last post. My eyesight is terrible for viewing the forum on a phone.
  24. One feature of American newspapers that is very different to British ones is that they have a clear dividing line between 'news' and 'opinion'. At both the NYT and the WSJ these are so separate as to be almost different organisations. The WSJ opinion section is very right wing, but perhaps has a more 'establishment', Bush-type feel to it rather than a Trumpian one. The news section is excellent, and does as good a job as any newspaper of not showing its bias, which means they are more than willing to print stories that reflect badly on the Trump administration as and when. Obviously partisan T
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