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  2. I think he and Luiz won the ball several times in midfield. He is strong and combative which is something Conor obviously lacks. On the ball in the main he did OK, he definitely is overthinking things and is constantly horrified of making a mistake. Without a doubt he is struggling with the pace of the league, given he’s played several games for us and struggled to go far beyond half time it’s difficult to see him getting up to speed in the time frame we need. I’d go with Marvelous because we are in no situation to be carrying passengers.
  3. Would take a draw all day long. Sometimes you just know we are going to lose a game and this is one of those occasions.
  4. I don't think Drinkwater is a bad player, but this system just doesn't work for him. He's too exposed, has no pace, no strength. The space around him mean players can quite easily bypass him as if he's not there.Really needs to be DL/Nakambad in there, then 1 of those + McGinn when he's fit.
  5. Do you think Grealish is too good for us? No player is bigger than the club
  6. sne

    Dean Smith

    And still he was the lowest rated midfielder on the pitch on Whoscored and the lowest rated of all players on Sofascore.
  7. The season Leicester survived relegation they were on eighteen points after twenty-six games, and four points from safety, so not sure why we're being compared to them, as we're in a completely different situation and aren't required to go on anything like the run they went on in order to survive.
  8. supermon

    Dean Smith

    I'm sure Nakamba would probably better that stat if he played, i don't remember Drinkwater making any positive or key passes in the game
  9. Stevo985

    New York, New York

    It's definitely worth doing, but I found it probably the most underwhelming part of my trip to New York As v4e says, maybe int he summer when it's a bit greener it would be better, but I didn't think that much of it. New York in general is fantastic though. I'm looking forward to finding an excuse to go back.
  10. West Ham away last game of the season - could be very tasty.
  11. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    There's no two ways about it. We need to tighten up, and we need to do it now. I understand what Smith is trying to do, but we lack the firepower to outscore teams at this level. Our "pressing" is just too easily bypassed, and at the same time we are leaving ourselves way too exposed at the back. We play almost like a youth team, and we keep making the same mistakes game after game. I don't think I've ever seen a Premier League team give as much space to the opposition in the final third as we do.
  12. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    We had 55% possession against last seasons champions league finalists and could have been out of sight after 20 mins had we just been able to finish.
  13. As I said on the last page, I don't think you should judge a player just on their mistakes. They should be judged on the good and bad things they do consistently. IIRC, Engels has had one short sub appearance since late December, so he's likely to be a bit rusty. I think he'll be dropped simply because he gifted 2 goals (I can't be bothered to get into the penalty decision that other teams haven't been given a penalty for this season), but I don't think Smith will think that those two errors make him our worst defender. In my opinion, he's better with and without the ball than Hause and Engels, so naturally he'll replace one of them at some point.
  14. Bit too much doom and gloom on this thread imo. Yesterday was shocking (the defending was worse than the Lescott/Richards era) but it was par for the course without Mings. It was the same with the awful performances around xmas, yes the new formation got a load of credit at Burnley but I would say it was more his return. I have said it all season we are basically a 4 man team, Grealish, Mings Mcginn and the keeper. The rest are periphery players who aren't good enough and basically follow the lead of the aforementioned. However, I think we can upgrade it to 5 based on Samatta's performance. Now Targett is playing out of his skin (so possibly 6?). Luiz is still showing glimpses. So we are getting better no about doubt it, but it's a given if we lose Mings / Grealish we are not going to win and if we lose either for the season and we are relegated. But we knew that anyway?
  15. Ideally we'll be on our near level with Newcastle when we play them. That's a proper 6pter. I think they're awful and could get sucked in. Need a couple of wins before then and they keep dropping points
  16. Thought he had an ok game but two huge errors giving away two goals. THat can't happen
  17. Hard to disagree. It's been like it too many times. Decision making, passing and just standard defending has been comical far too many times. The last time we went down, with okore, lescott, Baker and Richard's, me and my brothers would always say, only Villa concede such laughable goals. Its starting to happen again.
  18. That's the reality of it. I'm pretty sure Smith would happily drop them all if he had the luxury.
  19. I was pretty frustrated with the villa teams set up yesterday . I think spurs played pretty poorly yesterday and still came away with a win . Im fed up of the way the team is organised.We cant defend so high up the pitch and allow teams to break into the space (once again on offer) WHY cant the coaching team see this. TBF Spurs on a better day would have scored 4 - 5 goals with the space on offer. This happens time and time again. If the coaching staff cant see this we have a problem. Im not convinced the system is suitable for the players with have , and lack of mobility in midfield. To be honest it looks almost last chance saloon football already..
  20. Well thanks for proving my point. Another extreme example. We had to break a club record to do it. Again, these aren't the normal or common things.
  21. They were all very poor. Trying to pick who was 'the worst' is a depressing job, and one that I guess Smith and Terry have to do, but I'm not giving any credit to any of them for yesterday's performance.
  22. 50 attempted passes with 86% completion best for starting Villa player. Probably wanted to go for it rather than play for draw
  23. If we could beat all the poor teams that would probably be enough - but last time out we lost to Bournemouth - the way things are shaping up we now have to beat some of the decent sides - something we have consistently failed to do and failed again yesterday.
  24. I agree, he is merely a championship player, but so is Drinkwater too, based on what we've seen so far. Hourihane's been with us longer, knows how Smith wants to play, and has shown he can link up well with Grealish. Add to that his goal threat, and it's not even close which of them should be starting.
  25. This is where I disagree. If he was the best defender yesterday then he wouldn't be dropped in the next game. I think he will rightly be dropped because he was the worst.
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