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  2. Yeah. We beat a title contender in their ground, without possibly our two best players while keeping clean sheet and completely shutting down arguably the greatest player ever. I think we are contenders for 5th place, absolutely.
  3. I was tried to think of a smart retort but I just can't. Spurs are muck, we should get our biggest win of the season against them
  4. I loved Ozzie Ardiles. Lets go out and win 7-4
  5. I was with you! I was SOOO excited! Shame it never happened.
  6. Is everyone over Jack Grealish yet? To think that Bailey and Buendia haven't even settled in yet...
  7. I think Ndombele, Royal would give Cash a run for his money, Hojbjerg would probably get into our 1st 11. I would love Skipp at Villa, he is a good prospect, still only 20. But I think that both Kane & Son are elite players it pushes them that bit higher than we are and into top 6. But it is a good point you are making, they are not miles ahead of us
  8. I know you're probably right, but I like to daydream. We did just beat Man Utd away.
  9. I can't see us playing in one of them for a while, though.
  10. And look who is at the other extreme! No surprise there. (Except that Brighton is with them.) It will be interesting when we play them, and not just because of you-know-who. The funny thing is that I don't think of us as a pure counterattacking team in the sense that we deliberately sit back and wait for a chance. This looks only at the speed of the counterattack, not how often you do it. It would be interesting to see a plot of this statistic against possession time.
  11. If he is on 28k now then we may be able to pay less than 50k. But a decent wage may attract him to Villa as it would be his last big contract. We have spent far more than 12m/15m on GKs over 5 years and it has been a disaster. Sign SJ would give us a really strong GK setup
  12. Maybe the hunger just isn't there now that he think he's "made it"?
  13. I don’t think we will be anywhere near 5th. Think 8th-10th is the target for improvement on last season. Mind you I don’t think Spurs will be anywhere near 5th either.
  14. Its early days yet. Both PSG and City will qualify and tonight was only his second champions league game so i wouldnt write him off as a £100 mil player just yet.
  15. This would be my instinctive reply as well, but out of interest who in their side do you think would get in ours? I think Kane, Son, Reguilon. That’s it. I don’t want to be overconfident because… well… it’s Spurs and they have been better than us for 10+ years… but I look at their team and I don’t see the talent I would expect. I’m sensing a draw because they can’t be as bad as I think they are…
  16. That would be a great exhibition match for charity - Acorns or something.
  17. LOL Nobody had that accent except the two of them!
  18. He's on 28k a week atm. 50k for a backup keeper is bananas plus he's not that great and would probably want to play for club where he starts every week which could be WBA who strong contenders for automatic promotion
  19. Looks like Jack glitched tonight. Now getting slated and laughed at which is a bit pathetic as he's been decent for City so far this season. However this is a wake up call on the biggest stage so you can expect to be a hero one week and shot down the next if you don't impact. People forget there are 10 other players on the pitch with him but the 100m tag will follow him around I suppose!
  20. It's the movement that really makes the difference - the young lads are so switched on, it's unreal. I'd love to see a match between the first team and U23's best XI.
  21. Today
  22. We lost 3-1, Jobe Bellingham scored one of their goals, that he played indicates that they played their U18 team, that we lost by that margin suggests that we probably played a younger team made up of the U16s.
  23. tomav84

    Louie Barry

    Was unaware of the recent injury, but wasn't being played when fit either
  24. Everybody thought Kane was a "model professional" and wouldn't throw his toys out of the pram if he didn't get his move. Also, we didn't have the option to refuse City's bid, so nothing we could have done there.
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