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  2. Just on that point, I suppose the decision of the local party to select a former ambulance driver as the candidate, and the forthcoming closure of the hospital, were related, and reflected an assessment of what to fight on. It doesn't seem like an obviously wrong decision. Choosing a supporter of Owen Smith and critic of Corbyn however seems not to have delivered any of the presumed benefits. Still, I'm sure that won't be seen as a factor.
  3. Steve Bruce

    he admits he's made them. (not exactly a huge admission is it) He doesn't currently shown any evidence that he knows how to fix them.
  4. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW34

    Name Home Team Away Team Guess Burton 1 0 Blackburn Burton Wolves 1 1 Birmingham Draw Leeds 2 1 Wednesday Leeds Villa 1 2 Derby Derby Barnsley 0 1 Huddersfield Huddersfield Brentford 2 0 Rotherham Brentford Cardiff 1 2 Fulham Fulham Newcastle 3 1 Bristol Newcastle Preston 1 1 QPR Draw Wigan 1 0 Forest Wigan Brighton 1 1 Reading Draw Norwich 1 0 Ipswich Norwich Villaphan04
  5. Keith Wyness

    "he's done it 4 times." makes me think of a statement required in adverts for investment opportunities in the states. "past performance does not guarantee future performance." It also reminds me that the Titanic sailed from Belfast to southhampton without incident.
  6. Keith Wyness

    That doesn't really mean much though does it? And I'd be interested to know if he really does. We lose the next 3, will the message be the same?
  7. Steve Bruce

    No question Bruce has made some bad mistakes recently and he will be aware of that - sooner fortunes improve the better as I'm sick of ruined weekends.
  8. By-election 2017: Copeland[38][39] Party Candidate Votes % ± Conservative Trudy Harrison 13,748 44.2 +8.5 Labour Gillian Troughton 11,601 37.3 −4.9 Liberal Democrat Rebecca Hanson 2,252 7.2 +3.8 UKIP Fiona Mills 2,025 6.5 −9.0 Independent Michael Guest 811 2.6 N/A Green Jack Lenox 515 1.7 −1.3 Independent Roy Ivinson 116 0.4 N/A Majority 2,147 6.9 Turnout 31,108 51.33 −12.5 Conservative gain from Labour Swing +6.7 2015 result[edit] General Election 2015: Copeland[40][41] Party Candidate Votes % ± Labour Jamie Reed 16,750 42.3 −3.7 Conservative Stephen Haraldsen 14,186 35.8 −1.3 UKIP Michael Pye 6,148 15.5 +13.2 Liberal Democrat Danny Gallagher 1,368 3.5 −6.7 Green Allan Todd 1,179 3.0 +2.1 Majority 2,564 6.5 −2.4 Turnout 39,631 63.8 −3.8 Labour hold Swing −1.2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copeland_by-election,_2017#cite_note-38
  9. I suspect it's more a case of traditional supporters staying at home. Some will have voted for the tories or the crazed kippers, but my guess would be the larger number of former Labour supporters just didn't vote. Perhaps we'll see some analysis in weeks to come.
  10. Keith Wyness

    Wyness clearly believes the team will gel and results will come
  11. Leicester City

    No Vardy was already on 70k a week at Leicester. A new contract he signed earlier last season. He was offered a substancial pay rise by Arsenal which would have been more than the 100k a week he later agreed with Leicester. Too easy to be cynical about players.
  12. Leicester City

    Ngolo Kante agent must be the happiest man in the world right now
  13. Keith Wyness

    But again, should time not be given based on what he's doing here? In all fairness what he did in the past is not that relevant. If he was clearly implementing a plan, or players were improving under his coaching, I could understand the call for time. But to just see what happens is just daft.
  14. Steve Bruce

    I hope Bruce's supporters are proven right. But I will always think we would have been much better off, much faster, if we had sacked him and moved forward with someone else. I also can't imagine the wisdom to committing to a manager no matter how dire the results. That in and of itself makes me question the wisdom of Wyness UTV, regardless
  15. Steve Bruce

    He'd better start getting some results out of the **** squad then.
  16. Keith Wyness

    Perish the thought
  17. General Chat

    I think the answer to that is in the question. (sorry, I should have gone for the TL:DR version )
  18. Keith Wyness

    Lambert springs to mind.
  19. Keith Wyness

    Probably the fact he's achieved it 4 times gives him that added bonus - I dare say if we got to November and were not in the top group then patience would run thin .
  20. Keith Wyness

    I thinking sticking with Bruce to see what happens is an absolutely stupid and idiotic move. If time given to a manager isn't based on what they do then we might as well have stuck with black or RDM to just see what happens.
  21. Yeah, the context in which I saw it wasn't clear, and as I say I didn't have time to verify. It would be interesting to know if there was a swing from Ukip voters back to the Tories though.
  22. Keith Wyness

    Well, there are oft quoted examples of what you are saying, perhaps the Ferguson one being the most quoted. We never seem to hear of the ones where managers were kept for too long and failed - I suspect there may be many more of them.
  23. Keith Wyness

    Only the fullness of time will tell .
  24. Championship Predictions 2016/17 - GW34

    Burton 1 0 Blackburn Burton Wolves 2 0 Birmingham Wolves Leeds 1 1 Wednesday Draw Villa 0 3 Derby Derby Barnsley 1 2 Huddersfield Huddersfield Brentford 2 0 Rotherham Brentford Cardiff 1 2 Fulham Fulham Newcastle 2 0 Bristol Newcastle Preston 2 0 QPR Preston Wigan 0 1 Forest Forest Brighton 3 1 Reading Brighton Norwich 2 1 Ipswich Norwich
  25. Steve Bruce

    Let's hope we are all happy this time tomorrow .:)
  26. Keith Wyness

    And yet I would have said the same about this season, but promotion will not happen. They would be taking one helluva chance on keeping Bruce for next season considering his performance so far ths season.
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