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  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

    100% agree. Look at Brentford and they are playing well, just can' hit the back of the net. Look at us, up until Saturday, and we were just really bad. There's a difference. Smith is a good manager and I would welcome him as a huge upgrade to moaning dinosaur we have now..
  3. U.S. Politics

    Sometimes this actually feels like a nightmare. Normal parameters are totally bent out of shape and there's a sort of surreal fog hanging over everything. Anarchists must be cheering this sh*t.
  4. Fantasy Football Draft 2017/8

    so long as draft isn't a Weds / Sat I'd be up for another game
  5. Today
  6. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Bit harsh, he wasn't front and centre but I thought he played pretty well, that nutmeg and turn in the second half was sublime.
  7. Conor Hourihane

    Easy to say after he bangs in a hat trick, a week ago he didn't look like someone capable of that. Sometimes players come good when they come good, maybe he's just come good
  8. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Did he play full 90? Didnt know he on the pitch
  9. Glenn Whelan

    Played well, before i think he thought he had be creative as well with the ball. Today he did a solid job with couple crunching tackles but gave ball to right players
  10. Keinan Davis

    Whilst I kind of agree with what you are saying regarding hogan, McCormack is the most proven goal scorer at this level so would you put him ahead of the rest? For me it is not about being proven with different clubs but what the performance is like on match day in a villa shirt, so for now I would say Davis should be starting the next match up front until there is a reason to drop him whether that be a bad game or him being subbed off and someone coming on and offering more than he did. He suits us at the minute he is good in the air, strong and direct which is what we need plus he holds the ball up well and can bring others into play. Keep up the hard work Davis and long may this form continue. UTV
  11. Pre-match thread

    Could be tough this, they've won all 4 games thus far
  12. Conor Hourihane

    His goals were great, he could have had another. But i thought he passed the ball well and looked a lot more confident and comfortable on ball with the players in front of him
  13. Andre Green

    Some of his crosses were impressive too. Just a kid so hard to expect total package but he is showing signs he be a good player
  14. Keinan Davis

    Said at half time what a great debut, cant drop him for next game Cross for first goal absolute impossible to defend
  15. Alan Hutton

    Never mind the defending, he gave the ball away on at least 2 throw- ins. Unforgivable
  16. Steve Bruce

    Shit manager but got right selection today and we played well Question is why it took so long
  17. Alan Hutton

    What on earth was he doing for their first goal?
  18. Scott Hogan

    You can't imagine how wrong I was about 'BMH'.
  19. Keinan Davis

    Thing is, above all else he's done today what we've been crying out for, he held the ball up. Hogan and gabby both seem relatively incapable of doing it and Jimmy Danger is a loose cannon at the best of times
  20. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I thought Murphy looked good this morning too, but looks could be deceptive. Hutton would make a 5 year old look like Messi.
  21. Steve Bruce

    I hope he wasn't sincere in his assessment of the kids today, "they showed flashes"....KD ran the show up top and was solid throughout, held the ball up, bullied there players, showed awareness and finesse, just needed a bit more luck in front of goal so no Steve, he did more than a 'few flashes'
  22. Do you read?

    You've got 2 copies of Iain Banks' A Song of Stone. Which is notably odd as it's not exactly his most beloved of works.
  23. Steve Bruce

    Imagine Hourihane scoring a hat trick playing in his preferred position for only the second time since he came here. I fear Bruce was saved through injury to Gabby that he had no choice but to play Davis and it came up trumps.
  24. Players that you think are rubbish

    Alan Hutton
  25. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I don't think Terry has really been bad, but he seems fatigued. He hasn't played week in and week out like this in multiple seasons, but for us he is playing saturday, tuesday, saturday. That has to have an effect. I am really surprised we left go of Baker. Baker-Chester was so solid.
  26. Keinan Davis

    Where might we be if he'd been elevated last season instead of this pointless Gabby millionth rehabilitation chance. This is on Bruce. Today changes nothing
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