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  2. I saw some on eBay. Obv didn’t purchase one... feel like I’d be screwing my own club over by buying a fake
  3. Newport / West Ham is on Sky
  4. I still think it's mad how much football shirts are. Fifty odd quid? That's half my clothes budget for a year. I ain't paying that to have some crappy Chinese gambling company plastered all over me.
  5. Iwobi’s a has been at 23? Edit: makes sure you have an early night. You got a long drive to Swansea in the morning.
  6. Wouldn't be very super if he was in it...
  7. 20 % win rate after being appointed permanent manager. Dear...
  8. My Nan is better than Lescott, Richardson & Richards. And she has been dead for 30 years.
  9. Still in with a shout. Fair play to Root, solid innings that.
  10. Joe Root showing great character. 3 down at the close is good. Just one wicket In the first session tomorrow and it’ really is on
  11. AVTuco

    Tom Heaton

    I think Heaton touched it, and then it hit the post.
  12. If this is Ritchie Neville of five. Is there a likelihood of an Aston Villa superband?
  13. Errrr, Everton finished 8th last season.. if thats "just doing enough" then I feel sorry for you Also Delph, Walcott & Iwobi are infinitely better than Lescott, Richardson & Richards. Actually each one of them on their own is better than those 3 combined.
  14. I said on another thread j think Giggs will be the last player-manager in the Prem and that was only for about 3 games
  15. Looking forward to Arsenal Fan TV later...
  16. Really dropped off the last couple of seasons.
  17. The thing is they haven't even really suffered for it. All it would take is them to get the right manager and transfer policy and they'll be right back at the top, instead of being in terminal decline like they should be. I want at LEAST 2 points off this shower this season! But I know they're just saving some Eduardo No-Hoper to make his debut score 2 screamers then end up at Grimley Town
  18. The guy that reads out the team sheets at the ground, does he genuinely not know the opposition players names. Or is it like a piss take, as if to say, who? He reads out the teams as if he's new to football and foreign names.
  19. Play Steer, Nakamba, Targett and Davis at least, they need game time, this is a great chance for it. How many first steamers play alongside them I am thoroughly ambivalent on.
  20. They flooded the inner cities with crack in the 80's after they declared a "War on Drugs", making the drug game as dangerous as it was lucrative. It was all a concerted effort. Here's a quote from a former Nixon official on the war on drugs. One interesting thing is a lot of the OG's from every coast all say that in the beginning of the crack era, they would just find crates of guns mysteriously left on train tracks and the likes. Here's an example
  21. I'm sure I heard Deano say it was a plan to go long to Wesley to stretch Everton who were expected to press us high. So probably explains low percentage
  22. Siblings.... don’t see them for months at a time but when I see my sister, I can barely get a sentence out of her.
  23. DAZN is showing the match so I assume it's also on Sky.
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