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  2. pacbuddies

    Tony Xia

    Tweet him. He's more likely to read it.
  3. sheepyvillian

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    And I just said, " he's been a winger on more than a number of occasions ". So stick your so up your Aris.
  4. Vive_La_Villa

    What do you drive?

    Haha. But why? I haven't bought a car in over 10 years so I need to be educated on these things.
  5. dAVe80

    Cricket: General Chat

    January to March 2019 apparently. Not sure if actual dates of tests / odis / t20s are confirmed yet though. Usually have the test series first. I think Jamaica, Antigua, an Barbados will get the test matches. I did Barbados in 09, and it was amazing. Stopped in Saint Lawrence Gap, and got a taxi / bus into Bridgetown on the days the cricket was on.
  6. Tegis

    What do you drive?

  7. villa4europe

    God of War

    Really enjoying it, i like the rewarding of exploration and the combat is brilliant, still not convinced by the mebu screens, the maps a bit shit, the upgrading and equipment stuff im struggling to reallybget my teeth in to, feels like theres a big chunk of the game that im missing out on by progressing the main story but at the same time the side quest stuff isnt that accessible, not sure what will happen over back tracking and revisiting areas (i left q lot at the lake) Hasnt hooked me the way horizon did if im honest, this feels like something done really really well whereas horizon felt a bit fresher at the same time
  8. sheepyvillian

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Mayweather is an exception to the rule.
  9. Demitri_C


    I reckon Sunderland will win the league with ease next year
  10. Demitri_C

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Really. Crawford is a awesome fighter. He can fight either side and such an intelligent boxer. He has power but we haven’t seen it at this weight s9 be interesting to see if he can hurt horn. you would expect spence to win as he is the natural bigger guy but must remember mayweather was smaller than canelo and he completely outboxed him. Crawford could do the same to khan. He is that good.
  11. Tegis

    Let's check in with Olof (Swedish Football)

    Good few goals so far. This one from David Silva is a goal of the year candidate.
  12. lexicon

    Lewis Grabban

    I think it's a reflection of culture of the respective clubs rather than anything else. Sunderland are like we were a couple of years back, full of players who don't give a shit and are happy to just pick up a paycheck as the club burns around them.
  13. lapal_fan

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    So? I didn't say he was a winger x amount of times or a wingback x amount if times? I just said "he's been a wingback on a number of occasions".
  14. KJT123

    Academy General Topic

    Our front three in a few years?
  15. S-Platt

    Jack Grealish

    Did he miss the thrashing by Le Arse then I have put the game out my memory!?
  16. Villan4Life

    Scottish Fitba

    Proud, Promotion/Champions achieved in my first season working with a football club! Cannot wait for next season and see how we do in the Scottish Premiership
  17. Villan4Life

    The Manager thread

    St Mirren's manager Jack Ross is one to watch. Not been such feel good factor at club since Ferguson got them up as Champions in 1977 and his similarities between him and Ross are amazing. He has already turned down Barnsley and Ipswich. Only 42. Ferguson has already said he is the closest thing to a younger version him!! Not just saying it because i work for the Club he has really impressed me with his knowledge and how he comes across in Interviews. Glasgow Rangers are looking at him and moment and all their fans want him and few other Championship Clubs in England. The way he has rebuilt St Mirren in 18months from near bottom of the League to Champions with games to spare should be commended.
  18. VillaChris

    New Manager Speculation

    I did think you meant Lambert for a second... Edit: Sorry, thought you were the poster who orginally made that point. Garde's reign wil always be difficult to judge given when he was appointed. Wrong place wrong time I'm afraid.
  19. VillaChris

    Manchester United

    Correct. Mourinho is still fantastic generally in one off sort of games (cups and league matches home and away to main rivals) but I don't think his approach works that well over a full league season anymore. Just playing for that 0-0 at Anfield. Yes in isolation it was a fantastic result but the following week they went to Huddersfield and lost and so rendered it useless.
  20. Eastie

    End of season awards/POTY

    You mean Chezzie ?
  21. thabucks

    End of season awards/POTY

    Who is this snoddy? Frickin hate footie name abbreviations and nicknames..... Player of the year for me is Chester...
  22. Today
  23. VillaChris


    Yes he does have an amazing record at Anfield. 1-1 in Norwich season, unbeaten in his three visits there with us and even won there with Wolves last season. Liverpool of course won't put anywhere near their full team out. Maybe it was just a slip of the tongue but Stoke are knackered if they don't win, Swansea do and Huddersfield and West Ham draw.
  24. sheepyvillian

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    He's played winger on more than a number of a occasions.
  25. Zatman


    Rotherham have players on League 1 salaries and level Sunderland have players on 50k a week and dont give a ****
  26. The Fun Factory

    End of season awards/POTY

    For the first time in years it was really hard to pick 1 clear player of the year. In years gone by it has been 1 clear player to be nominated but this year shows how much we are a team. The goals have been distributed fairly evenly throughout the team with Hourihane and Adomah contributing well. Grabban has also been a great addition with 7 so far since January. I think we have had 13 different goal scorers from midfield and strikers this year. In the end I went with Chester as I think he has been our most consistent player and has not missed a game this season. The guy is class and if we don't get promoted I would be amazed if a bottom 10 prem side does not try and make a bid for him in the summer. Johnstone was a close second, and Adomah and Grealish have both been excellent in patches. Terry and Snodgrass have also been good, adding some good experience to this side. Hourihane deserves a mention in getting double digit goals even though sometimes he has gone off form. Kienan Davis should get young player of the year as he led the line magnificently for 3 months when we had no one else in the squad to do this.
  27. sheepyvillian

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    I really don't think Crawford is as good as the hype says he is, but that's just mo. As for him giving Spence a fight, I honestly think Horn would more chance with Spence, that's not to say Crawford won't beat Horn, but at least Horn is a natural welterweight, maybe not a great one, but definitely a natural one. That said , I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Horn giving Crawford all kinds of trouble.
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