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    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    Fracking nevermind the handball - Nyland is fracking absolute sh*t.
  2. lammy123

    Ørjan Nyland

    1st Goal - could do nothing about 2nd - He went down a bit slowly (I was right behind it), he hadn't got his feet sorted out in preparation for the obvious shot. But still it was 50/50 even for a good keeper. 3rd - He puts himself a bit into no mans land with both defenders closing in and didnt make himself big. Pretty poor really. 4th - Just WTF he has a clear 20 yards to see the shot and it is close to him. He just hadnt got himself sorted out when the shot was coming. 5th - A crime to get beaten at the near post like that even with the slight deflection. Yes it doesnt help that the defence made so many mistakes but it is the same every other week, he doesnt read the game well, doesnt get his body position sorted quickly enough and doesnt have enough presence. Yes he is a good reaction shot stopper at times but that is all. I cant see all of the bad bits getting significantly better. He cost us the win and we need a keeper in Jan.
  3. lammy123

    The Cabbage

  4. lammy123

    The Rémi Garde thread

    Indeed at least whoever comes in gets a few games to see what's going on with the current shower of **** and get more planning time.
  5. lammy123

    Issues with Tapatalk

    I get this too. The tapatalk support forum is pretty responsive. I just let them know about an issue loading threads in subforums and they're going to fix it in a forum plug in update . ]
  6. lammy123

    Test II

  7. lammy123

    Test II

  8. lammy123

    Andreas Weimann

    The WORST thing about that corner was that not only did it hit the first man, but it actually bounced before the first man. Im not defending the corner but he did slip massively. He should have just pulled up a tried again.
  9. lammy123


    11 :-(
  10. lammy123

    Charles N'Zogbia

    Ive got nothing against the zog at all, but its seems like he just doesnt really know whats he's doing next. A lot of the time when he goes past people it bounces of them or looks like a bit of a fluke. Also he runs down dead ends and into people far too much. Yes sometimes it does come off and look amazing but how is the opponent meant to guess what the zogs going to do when he doesn't seem to know what he's going to do himself. As for his record at Wigan and keeping them up - I've go no idea about the rest of the season(s) he had there but was it just a lucky 4/5 games where he put in a few goals? If it was I would love him to have that lucky run again right now.
  11. lammy123

    The Most Alcohol You've Consumed in One Session

    I tried this with red wine - got to about 60 before giving up. Villa vs Slavia prague was pretty messy. We stated at 7:30am, I vaguely remember the game and then jumping on a Jeep back into town, followed by a few Absinthes in a bar which on the photos had zombies in it - my mates said i went down hill from there - i just remember not being able to see straight and then it was 8am and we were coming out of a strip bar.
  12. lammy123

    Referee & Linesmen watch

    It was a dive but he did get caught slightly but as con says he played for it. Refs at the prem higher level seem to not apply any common sense to situations. When I referee (still played up to last year) the basic common sense rules I use are (1) If he hadn't of dived would he have been taken out? - this catches the scenario where the player dives to get out of being injured - which should be a foul - eg. attempting to trip/kick... (2) If the player that challenged the diver hadn't of been there would the diver have kept on his feet - this catches the Suarez/Young type of dive - which shouldn't be a foul. eg. If Guzan had of pulled up slightly quicker and not brushed against Suarez would Suarez would have still gone down - the answer is yes. Its quite easy to apply when you break it down like this. It could even be looked at in retrospect with match bans as it is hard to tell sometimes at full speed with no detrimental effect to the ref in question.
  13. lammy123

    Ice rink

    This is the only relevant penguin picture for this thread that I could find.