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  1. Favourite moment was Engels fist pump to himself after his clearance off the line. Got to love a defender who loves defending that much.
  2. lammy123


    This is essentially what a mate of mine said who is unfortunately a nose. Said once a fullback works him out he needs backup to be effective in any way.
  3. Was probably me blasting the Sabbath coming past the Barton to park up. I've never heard it from anyone local to the area.
  4. They are both subpar, if you like them fine they're not horrific. But I think there will be some disappointment at B6 when they review sales figures.
  5. Oh dear. Dont think we're going to get this
  6. True, he looks good when he has little pressure, but his positioning, reading the ball and decision making are pretty poor. I would be happy to be proven wrong though.
  7. lammy123


    Did anyone get a Virgin train from New St last year? if so what was it like? I've got seat reservations at 8:50 but was considering getting an earlier one.
  8. The big change in the match was Smith changing the side of McGinn and Hourihane at half time. Gave us so much more balance. Cracking game should have been 5 or 6.
  9. lammy123

    Ice rink

    A sneaky one. Bonus points for guessing the location.
  10. Fracking nevermind the handball - Nyland is fracking absolute sh*t.
  11. lammy123

    Ørjan Nyland

    1st Goal - could do nothing about 2nd - He went down a bit slowly (I was right behind it), he hadn't got his feet sorted out in preparation for the obvious shot. But still it was 50/50 even for a good keeper. 3rd - He puts himself a bit into no mans land with both defenders closing in and didnt make himself big. Pretty poor really. 4th - Just WTF he has a clear 20 yards to see the shot and it is close to him. He just hadnt got himself sorted out when the shot was coming. 5th - A crime to get beaten at the near post like that even with the slight deflection. Yes it doesnt help that the defence made so many mistakes but it is the same every other week, he doesnt read the game well, doesnt get his body position sorted quickly enough and doesnt have enough presence. Yes he is a good reaction shot stopper at times but that is all. I cant see all of the bad bits getting significantly better. He cost us the win and we need a keeper in Jan.
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