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    Snowing quite heavily on the south staffs / Shropshire boarder. Brrrrr, Will be putting the fire on soon.
  2. The analogy I tend to use is: use of standard operational apps (word/outlook/gmail etc) is like the use of a electric oven (kind of expected that you can use it) if you don't know how to cook with it you'd read the manual and/or cook book not call the store/warranty helpline or local repair guy. It's something you need to know to do your jobs so in this case the manual is MS/apple user guides or google. If you want someone to show you how to cook with your oven hire a chef. A business needs to know what they want from app support/training on top of supporting the underlying tech eg. Get a
  3. Was in a meeting with the CEO of one the business units we support who was bitching about a couple of large IT projects they wanted/needed doing but didnt want to fund so wanted them done as Business As Usually by the IT team. My boss who's usually a very well spoken fellow turns to him and says "if you need that done how about I go down to Smith's and get some pens and paper because that's f**king cheap". They've not underfunded a project since.
  4. Been saying this for years. There needs to be a path for players to get to refereeing. Currently it's an old boys self preservation club who all started off as too shit to even play u14s football.
  5. My phone woes are the Head of HR yet again "approving" an Iphone for a memeber of her staff when she has been explicitly told that we do not support them.
  6. I've enforced a strict 4 stage software rollout, UAT get it, then a larger focus group and then the rest in 2 groups. They have no choice it happens. We do have a well documented back out process though. Works so well the internal dev team are now using a similar approach to the different instances of their apps. Tough shit users it's happening. Back on topic - fecking users and having to tell them Yes I do work in IT and yes I can probably resolve your issue. But please dont teams/email me directly as there is a process and plenty of people can sort that issue before I hear a
  7. Reading that back I've not been that helpful. Tbh there are so many options of decent bikes that you'll probably be happy with whatever you get, whether it Gravel or Hybrid. Although this comes from someone who now has 5 bikes. Just have fun riding.
  8. I'd agree with @LondonLax and @darrenm that a gravel type bike is a great alround option. Will let you ride on the road and do trails and some mild off road, probably the stuff you'd do with the family. Really depends on what surfaces and the type of distance you want to do, at what speed. Also what feels right for you to sit on to some extent will make your choice. (But remember you can do a lot to adjustment) My personal preference is go for the most expensive frame with a cheaper gears/brake set as those but will get replaced first if you do any sort of distance. But i
  9. I agree something needs to be done. It starts at grass roots refereeing. There needs to be a push to get people into refereeing that have a better fundamental understanding of how the game is played. In general the kids who start to do more refereeing are the ones that aren't quite good enough to play, so ref more. Then to progress you have to brown nose the 'more experienced' refs that asses you and help you move through the leagues. It's about towing the line, being chums with them, selling the most raffle tickets for xmas party and going with the missus. They discuss why they
  10. The real problem is sh*t referees are sh*t referees whether they are on their own in the middle of the pitch, in a group in a van somewhere or looking at a monitor. At least it is palatable when they are making decisions in real time and there is that aspect of error due to the pace of the game. VAR doesn't get to the route of the problem, yes there are ways that it could be improved eg. Challenges like in cricket/tennis and increasing visibility like publishing the audio etc. However the whole structure of refereeing needs looking at, from where new young referees are attra
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