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  1. Southgate is clueless. Let's just sit back and let them have the ball rather than keeping it in their half.
  2. Utter BS. Another example of no common sense. The rule was put in place of no stopping originally to stop the taker trying to make the keeper move before the shot. Those massive stutters in run ups do the same. Needs cutting out. Anyway they've been the best team overall. Let's see what happens tomorrow.
  3. It's what commentry should be. Actually commentating on what's going on.
  4. lammy123


    Thanks all for your input. Think I'm going to go with a Tissot in the end, hadn't really looked at them that much before. The PRC200 automatic, similar to @Tegis. Bonus was I also found it with some very good discount so less than £500 from EJ.
  5. lammy123


    Thought you guys may be able to give some advice as I've been toying with buying a new watch. For the last few years I've been using a variety of low/mid range sports watches for day to day wear and a Hugo Boss watch for anything smart. I was looking to get something that I could wear all the time, apart from sports/diy etc but will also stand up to be worn if out on an evening. First i thought about getting a Garmin Fenix6 but I dont want it to be stuck in a drawer/out of date in a few years. So looking around I was leaning towards a Longiness Conquest of some description, I like the design and the price point is right for me. I quite like the idea of the automatic mechanism as I'll be wearing it a lot, but what are the thoughts of that vs Quartz? or is there another watch I should consider? nb. I don't like a metal strap - due to a bad left arm break when I was a kid I wear on the right arm and a metal strap is a pain for me.
  6. That little jink inside from Jack before the pass does the fullback on that first goal. Then the assist. Lovely stuff.
  7. The movement is horrendous and the passing is a little predictable
  8. Still no vaccine for me. After speaking to the docs, which said 'all ok go and get the vaccine' and the vaccine centre then saying they wouldn't do it and the docs would have to do it. The docs have yet again rearranged the appointment, so another weeks wait. Ffs.
  9. Have they got something against Shrewsbury?
  10. I love a good tactical battle, but Selby bores the sh*te out of me.
  11. Maybe a little Spielberg Easter egg.
  12. Me too, or so I thought until the docs phoned today and said wait until you speak to the dr in a weeks time, due to an allergic a few back that they couldn't work out.
  13. Tbh i do this. Mainly when it's some old dear who sat behind for a few mins on a country lane and as I'm a tall barsteward I can see over the hedges. Although I have had it done to me while I'm driving when it hasn't been that safe, usually by the 2 guys sitting 2 abreast on a narrow road, utter words removed.
  14. Indeed this. I get on almost daily basis to our village. 4 / 5 miles where they could easily do 50-60 but sit at 40 then straight through the village at 40. I'm sure it's these tools that cause accidents because they're blissfully unaware of what is actually going on around them.
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