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  1. What the left of the party should do is make some friends in the vocal media, then do a few public resignations, force a leadership contest, keep talking to the media about how crap Starmer is, a few more resignations, and then find something to smear over his name that doesn't wash off, and keep talking about it and reminding the media about it... There must be something in his prosecution background that smells funny.
  2. It's Barca. La Liga would discover an obscure rule that lets them and Real Madrid accept a few billion no questions asked when they need it if they could get away with it.
  3. Brummies are usually seen by foreigners as cheerful and friendly. It's only in the UK that the sardonic downbeat (alongside thick) stereotype is particularly established.
  4. It seems... sensible... to let him get the much needed voting reforms through then bin him off lest another Worzel get in and institute the camps.
  5. It's utterly meaningless as they'll never be in the position to implement it. And it won't get enough media attention to push the matter to move the Tories given how the story so far is Starmer's attempts to reform internal matters to ensure his successors are not from the left.
  6. In his case I suspect irrespective of his involvement with the case I think he's the kind of narcissistic personality that perversely enjoys being part of the story, even if it's ruined his life.
  7. They are **** dire and I love it.
  8. Just keep looking I'd guess. It is a great game, maybe not 'worth' £100 but it's bloody good. Still have my copy, though not sure it's one I've kept the box for. I've still got a mint Pokémon Red and Link to the Past Advance both boxed, amongst others. Bloody loved the Gameboy, Color and GBA
  9. Metroid Fusion is **** incredible.
  10. Chindie


    If I ever get half as good as this bloke at the gunpla game, I'll be doing well. And he's not THAT good compared to some. But **** he's talented. The scribing work and plaplating is awesome, techniques that I barely even touch as it scares the **** out of me, and then he just casually knocks out a scratch built accessory for 1/60 scale model. Just great stuff.
  11. No I'm not sure that's tin foil hat these days. The BBC, in its news output, used to be the voice of the middle of the road establishment. But now it's increasingly a Tory mouthpiece. They installed friendly suits at the top and the voice changed. What's particularly annoying about this is that when this was mainly focused on attacking the Labour party, this was hand waved and pooh-poohed because it tied into aims aligned with particular viewpoints - my enemy's enemy. Now all the arguments have been accepted.
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