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  1. Similarly Birmingham is believed to derive from Beormingaham - Beorma's people's home. Beorma is likely to have been an Anglo-Saxon tribe leader, or perhaps a legendary figure as opposed to a real person. Either way people that viewed themselves as tethered to him called the area home and over the years the name changed.
  2. That period where he was flying down the wing and putting in devastating crosses and corners, where Laursen Carew and Gabby were all knocking them in, culminating in THAT Everton game, one of the best periods we've had this millennium.
  3. I'm onboard with this. He's still a decent player, he's a good pro, been there and done it all, offers us experience and versatility. On free, fair enough. Welcome back Ashley.
  4. I enjoyed Clarkson's Farm. It does have a lot of him being that character he's developed over the years, but equally there are some moments where the act drops, or at least changes, and reveals some more emotional sides. The people around him make the show, he has a small band of people working around the farm either advising him or just doing jobs, and in the best case, the local lad who is basically his farming consultant, both. It's quite funny and enlightening. Particularly when it comes to the nitty gritty of what being a farmer is these days. It's not just hard labour, it's a minef
  5. In fairness that Nintendo Direct was pretty good. A lot of unexpected stuff - a new Metroid, Advance Wars?! Best of the show for me.
  6. Daniel Morgan report out and it's damning of the Met. No wonder Patel wanted to have a look first. Might have suggested the News o- *muffled screams*
  7. Capcom conference, absolutely awful. Absolutely, entirely, meritless crap.
  8. That FFO game was genuinely one of the worst things I've seen recently. It looked appallingly bad - early PS3 standard graphics and the character design and animation was dreadful. The shot were the villain jumps towards the camera with absolutely no weight and totally flat movement had me genuinely laugh out loud at how crap it was. FFS one of the main characters is 'man in T-Shirt'.
  9. It's pretty clear that the effects of Covid on the industry are still being coming through, the lineup of games revealed has been pretty pathetic, with very little new turning up and most of what year been shown being updated to the updates to existing releases or stuff miles off. And even then I don't think a lot of the new stuff has looked that interesting. I had hopes for Arkane's new IP but the 'reveal' quickly put that to bed. Microsoft have had the most successful conference (a low bar) but I don't own a Series console and there wasn't enough from Starfield to make a purchase likely
  10. Good to know the virus doesn't like culture. Now we just need to pack everyone on the planet into showings of Cats at the same time and the virus will be wiped out. Probably because everyone will have killed themselves instead.
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