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  1. Uber

    I'm not really surprised to see Uber not have it's licence renewed. Every story over the last 18 months about the company has been damning, from the boardroom down seemingly.
  2. Could go in the Brexit thread but might be more specific Labour issue... Corbyn with comments today that are very stupid on the market. We need the market and he's completely wrong.
  3. The Film Thread

    Enjoyed Kingsmen 2. It's not as good as the first but it's very much more of the same. It perhaps has a little less 'energy' about it, it's less fresh and doesn't quite have that feeling of joyful fun that the first has, but it isn't bad. I can see where the sniffier reviews have come from - Theres a few crass moments again, one that just feels incredibly cynical and a little unpleasant and I could certainly see some people perceiving the whole thing to have a nasty undercurrent. I don't think it actually does but I could see someone thinking it. Early on it feels quite workmanlike with very abrupt editing (it has huge sections with completely flat transitions between the separate narratives for instance) and there isn't the imagination in the fight scenes this time round. It also completely runs one gag into the ground. And it makes a few narrative choices I wouldn't have made. But if you like the first one, you'll like this I think.
  4. In more embarrassment, the government has paid for tweets on the continent in local languages with platitudes in the style of the speech ('Britain wants to be friends with Germany' and so on) that are apparently quite poorly translated.
  5. Apparently there were seats offered to numerous European top rank politicians in Florence. None bothered to turn up. Who could blame them? Hence why the room was filled with British journalists - they gave away seats to prevent the room looking empty. Utterly embarrassing.
  6. I don't see how we can't realise the EU is not going to give us this mythical deal we keep hinting at. Today, between the completely empty rhetoric and waffle that formed the bulk of the waste of air May spouted, and nestled under the tiny moments of actual positions given, was this nudge and wink at a 'creative' solution, that wasn't Norway and wasn't Canada. The immediate reaction is 'what does creative really mean?' but then it's obvious. It's what the EU has told us all along, the cake and eating it choice. All the benefits of the market with none of the 'drawbacks'. We can not have that deal. That deal does not exist, and no amount of creativity will let it exist. It's fundamentally against what the EU represents. We can negotiate and beg and ultimately continue the pleading tone May had today and they will not give it to us. This is utterly utterly stupid. You'd need to be exceptionally stupid not to see just how much we need the market. No realistic amount of additional trade with India or Australia or the US or wherever else globally is going to outdo the fact that countries naturally trade with their nearest neighbours and that our economy has doubled down on that with the ease the market has given us. Yes that is a 2 way street and the EU27 rather like selling to us too, but the problem is... They've got 27 countries to readily trade with. Brexit is completely pants on head stupid.
  7. Apparently the Heil asked that question. She also completely avoided a couple of pertinent questions as per. Hopeless. At least the lunatics will have their ire raised, should raise a chuckle from the impotent bluster.
  8. Well, no response from the EU. Presumably Barnier hasn't composed himself and got back on his chair yet.
  9. Hard Brexit it is ladies and gents. As if we ever thought different. Morons. **** imbeciles.
  10. This speech is dreadful, empty rhetoric as expected. The EU will be sat their shaking it's head. And probably exasperated that we appear to think it's partly their responsibility to make this work. No, no it isn't.
  11. Nonsense. Had it been the Tories the people blaming them would be as wrong as those blaming Labour now. As for Brexit, it is and will remain a **** stupid idea and whoever was in charge would be **** it up. Because the only ways not to will not fly for the Brexit brigade. Largely because be best one means giving them the finger and saying don't be stupid.
  12. I'm loathe to defend that stupid letter, especially as it's off topic, but it's hard to blame Labour with a straight face for the impact of a global crisis that wasn't caused by them. Still, people do. That don't get it.
  13. I wouldn't give Labour too much credit on the front of forcing the Tories to back down from a bonfire of the regulations. For a start it might still happen. Then you have to consider there are Tories that understand, in their neoliberalness, the necessity of market access for business and have fought that corner. Then there's the business case in it's own merit. Lots of companies have made it clear there must be market access and that means the regulations stay. And then there's the Tories wider fragmentation on Brexit. Just the cabinet has about 4 different views in significant positions alone. The election certainly plays a part, but I wouldn't credit Labour with victory there at all, it simply isn't the case.
  14. Someone's let Farage out of his box again. Surely it's time for hell to claim him by now and put us all out of the misery of seeing his deformed runt pug face gurning over a pint for another minute?