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  1. Farage getting milkshaked has made my day. Of course the Sun has set about exposing the guy that did it.
  2. Yes, the let it come naturally thing works. I met my girlfriend at work. I hadn't long started a new job, I needed to print something and the printer was bust, she was closest to the printer and helped me, we got talking from there and eventually I asked if she wanted to go for a drink one night. I am useless with women. I could never, ever pull. I got pulled effectively a couple of times by some women happy to have anything male with a pulse, but that's it. I'm no oil painting, I have severe anxiety issues (that, currently, are completely ruining my life, but even before that were an significant issue). I used to get very morose at the fact I was perennially single and there was nothing in my life as far as women went. And then I stopped caring. I just enjoyed myself for whatever I wanted to do. My social life basically didn't exist, my mates all went around the country, but I just became content with my lot and got on with it. And I met my girlfriend and that was that. Defining yourself, your happiness, as being with someone isn't good. A partner is a support, someone who can raise your well-being, enjoyment of life, to the next level. But to have the need of someone else being to the be all and end all isn't good. It places pressure on everything instantly - you, because the apparent need for someone will exacerbate any pressure you feel to establish a relationship which will become a vicious cycle, and them, because you're effectively putting the weight of your happiness, the fulfillment of your life, on them as well. That's a lot to shoulder, especially early on in a relationship. And that 'neediness' for want of a better way to put it, isn't attractive to most people. Forget dating or the like, set it all aside, find the enjoyment of life for yourself, and see where that takes you.
  3. Hmm. One of the better episodes of the series but that's not saying much... My have some more detailed thoughts later once it's settled a bit.
  4. I haven't bothered to watch much (any?) top flight football in a while, and certainly not Citeh, so I've no idea about this team. I also couldn't really care less about any final that doesn't have Villa in it. But I've got a few minutes to waste so just put the match on. First bit of commentary - 'this is a really special side'. Is it? Really? It's no doubt a very good side, but I'd suggest any club spending the national debt of a small country on it's team would get a very good side. I don't think being good makes a side special. Of course it's all meaningless but I've nothing better to do.
  5. The result is inevitably going to be framed in different ways. The demon pug's fascist dream party will get a bunch of votes (almost certainly around the same levels UKIP used to get) and they'll frame it as a demand for a no deal brexit. In all likelihood the other votes against that particular brand of Brexit will outweigh it and that'll be framed as a majority being against a no deal brexit, and a significant chunk of that will be against Brexit of any colour. Ultimately all you can do is vote for the party that sends the message you want to send. If you want a second referendum/to Remain, then you need to give Labour a kicking to try to force a rethink on their ambiguity, which probably means voting Lib Dem if you're in England. But then you need to weigh up whether you care about giving the Lib Dems an olive branch after their time in coalition. A minor consideration is also that the Lib Dems, I believe, would sit in a European level party grouping that would be unlikely to change much, but of course that doesn't really matter if we leave.
  6. Cringing so hard the cringe quota for the rest of the century might have been used up.
  7. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    Initial reaction was No, but thinking about it he could be a good young Batman and I could definitely see him as a good Bruce Wayne. Affleck had the same gut reaction, but turned out to be one of the best parts of DC's misfire, and was let down by scripts and director(s) more than failing in his own right. I dunno why but I see Pattinson doing quite well in a Capullo era style Batsuit, and with the associated Snyder (not that one) world.
  8. I guess all those donations had to go somewhere.
  9. That would genuinely be worse than my Tyrion brothel dream joke theory.
  10. They followed Bielsa's form to a tee. Stormed the race for 2 thirds of it, stumbled, then the wheels fell off. From where they were, to fail to get promoted is an enormous clanger.
  11. I look forward to this being a interminable topic of criticism for the Tory party to the extent that it is implied it defines them ... thankfully I can look forward for a very long time.
  12. The Voynich Manuscript got back in the news this week, if you look for weird shit in the news that is. The Voynich Manuscript is a book from the 15th century that has been written in what appears to be a completely unknown language. It's 'letters' aren't found anywhere else, and nobody has ever managed to decipher it. The manuscript also includes numerous illustrations, which have been used to infer that the book is divided into sections on different subjects. One section is filled with images of plants and flowers, another with cosmological symbols, another with zodiac diagrams, and so on. This has lead to the assumption that the book appears to intended to inform the reader about varying contemporary subjects like herbology, astrology and the like... Except in a language nobody has ever seen before or since. Even the illustrations aren't that helpful - the drawings of plants are too vague or inaccurate to identify the plants with any certainty. Various attempts at decoding it have been made, none with any success. WW2 code breakers made no inroads with it, the FBI tried to decipher it, and the last century has seen numerous universities look into it. Theories have included that it's been created using various forms of encoding and ciphers, including numerous ones that weren't known to be around at the time it was written (although noone has worked out which or how), that it's an extended script of nonsense written by someone who was suffering from delusion or another mental illness, that it's an extremely early attempt at creating a synthetic 'universal' language, that its an attempt at translating an Eastern language using an invented alphabet of some sort, that it is some forgotten language, and of course, that it's a fake. If it is a fake, it's an old one. The manuscript is written on vellum (calfskin) that's been carbon dated to the 15th century, and the ink and paint used to create the text and art are contemporaneous. It's very unlikely a large bundle of vellum was held onto at least a couple of hundred years. It's first documented ownership is 200 years after its creation, in the 1600s, where it's recorded as having been the subject of a letter between it's owner and a man 'renowned' as being able to decipher languages. The letter alleged that the manuscript was written by Roger Bacon, an English medieval friar and natural philosopher, and eventually had been owned by Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf 2nd. The only things that seem reasonably concrete about the thing are that it's old, and that it seems to be a workable language. The latter point has come about from analysis of it's structure in various ways, including statistically comparing it's language structure to existing texts to see if it appears to match actual meaningful language features, and comparisons of word structure to actual languages - which interestingly lead to it's having many similarities to East Asian languages. The latter point has lead credence to the theory it's an attempt at translating a language using an invented alphabet, which also ties in with various other features of it. But hasn't been proven. It's back in the news as a bloke from Bristol University has published a paper thinking he's cracked it (like many others before). He believes it's a reference guide on the natural world written by Spanish nuns for a queen, who wrote it in 'proto-Romance' language, a colloquial form of Latin that became the modern Romance languages. Unfortunately everyone else thinks the theory is bollocks.
  13. Genuinely don't know. I usually spoil my ballot. But I care enough about Remain that I'm prepared to back a party this time. But I don't really like any of parties that are expressly Remain. The Lib Dems burnt any faith in 2010, Chukka's Not Party I can't vote for and the Greens I usually don't quite align with. Plus with the different way that EP elections work you need to account for the maths of it all. And a minor consideration is also the European party affiliations and the 'Spitzenkandidat' process, which would mean if you wanted to Remain AND have the EU change in direction you'd need to account for the 'group' your MEP party would join up with - if you want the EU to shift left if we Remain the Lib Dems don't help, but equally if you want to Remain and your region would rather cut it's eyelids off than vote Green then you're going to need to evaluate your priorities. I'll have to research how the West Midlands has voted previously. Ignoring the UKIP stuff obviously.
  14. Tyrion walks out of a brothel room in a towel, yawns, scratches his bollocks and goes '...What a weird dream'. Fade to black.
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