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  1. At last, some pace and skill outside. Welcome.
  2. Chindie

    Wesley Moraes

    How his leg hasn't broken there is miraculous. Probably would have been better if it had.
  3. Chindie

    Wesley Moraes

    Mee is overdue a career ender.
  4. The MCU has its She-Hulk. Tatiana Maslany.
  5. He doesn't seem like a bad guy at all. It's just err... He's not doing the argument for footballers not being the sharpest knives in the drawer much good...
  6. Also the series reveals Eric Dier to be a complete bellend. And Alli is completely thick.
  7. Watching the All or Nothing series you can see why Mourinho is a good coach, but you can also see why he implodes. He seems to be a decent man manager... until he either doesn't like you or until he's put in a corner, in which case he'll throw you under the bus. And you can see how it could easily fester in a squad until you get to the point where he's poisonous. It also kinda feels like he's lost a bit of spark. I don't think the Mourinho of 15 years ago is like this, almost coasting, almost phoning it in. If he hasn't changed, it brings his legacy as a great manager further into question - is it the case that he's actually just a decent man manager and coach who happened to get into a job where he had an unprecedented pot of money and one of the greatest squads ever, and then just did a merry go round of Europe's best teams where chances are he's gonna win a trophy...
  8. Bale is a poser move. Papering over the cracks with an eye catching nostalgia transfer. Bale is still a very good player, on form. But he's lost a little pace and picks up loads of niggling muscle and joint issues, and there's a bit of a suggestion that he's not really all that driven anymore after having won the biggest prizes in the game and earned an incredible amount of money. He's not going to magically make Spurs into a better side.
  9. If nothing else, he really does seem like a bloody good bloke.
  10. Chindie

    Villa Podcasts

    I'll have you know I have a lovely voice.
  11. After lockdown he looked absolutely broken. It's like his fitness just vanished. He looked like he had something about him after signing, but needed to settle obviously. Then lockdown happened and after the restart he just looked off entirely. Still working hard but looking knackered and struggling to do much of anything. Genuinely wondered if he'd been ill. Really, really weird case. I do reckon there's a decent goalscorer in him, but in a particular kind of system and where he's settled properly, which looks like isn't going to be here. A shame. No ill will though - bloke tried, something just hadn't worked out.
  12. And finished the campaign. It's a decent Avengers story with a couple of B tier villains wrapped around a very basic gameplay loop (it's Destiny smashed into a button bash brawler). It's a shame that the game is built around that Destiny style objective gameplay, which always feels rote ('Avengers go DEFEND POINT A! Avengers, destroy ITEMS A B C') and it's hard to get away from the cynicism of it being pure grind based, as there's good fundamentals here. It's satisfying to play, it looks great, it has a few nice set pieces. Unfortunately it's also obviously been kicked out the door half dressed. This is the buggiest, worst running game I've played this generation. On the performance, frame rate drops are all over the place, down to the kind of thing I've not seen since PS1 days with sustained drops in the low teens. This is particularly the case any time you are mobbed by enemies with lots of particle effects, which happens a lot... And on the bugs... The game has hard crashed 5 or 6 times, there's a widely experienced bug I've also encountered where trying to start the campaign from the main menu causes an infinite load requiring you to instead go into the campaign from the multiplayer, and there's been innumerable cases where I've had to fail missions because things like objective enemies disappeared, or the AI just decided to no longer revive me when downed. The latter happened 3 times on the final boss, with in the first instance my AI team just vanishing entirely and the others the AI ignoring my being down for the near minute it takes for you to 'die'. I'm hopeful that they can tinker with this and put together something that, down the line, is a good package. As is, it's a decent but massively flawed title.
  13. Short odds on none of this happening unfortunately.
  14. I genuinely can't see a reason to get the digital version. Same thing, locked into a market. Nah. With the discs I can have best of both worlds.
  15. First day one launch console purchase for me since... I think the Gameboy Advance. Assuming my preorder doesn't get canned.
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