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  1. Chindie


    The latest Last Podcast on the Left series has been really good. It's 3 parts on the West Memphis 3 case, which I would definitely recommend listening to, especially if you don't know the case. It's the story of 3 teenagers who, in the early 90s, were convicted of the ritualistic murder of 3 young boys, and the aftermath. There's been numerous documentaries on the case, especially notably West of Memphis, which is on Netflix and is an excellent if tough watch. The series is a bit different for LPotL, it's not as funny and far less dark than their usual fare, but it's still great. They are quite merciless in mocking 1 figure in the case, who is effectively a walking endorsement of the worst in self-righteous religious busybody clearings in the woods.
  2. Chindie

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I've not watched any of the new series yet, but it still blows my mind that anyone could watch any of the Brendan Dassey interrogation and come to the conclusion it's legit. It's a mentally challenged kid being slowly coaxed into saying what the detectives want to hear. And he doesn't even do that that well. It's hauntingly similar to the Jesse Miskelley confession in the West Memphis case. Speaking of which...
  3. Chindie

    Saudi Arabia

    The contradictory reports they're claiming come from people lying to their investigation. Which is fittingly probably also a lie.
  4. Chindie

    Saudi Arabia

    We're back to the rogue actors lie. Or they 'accidentally' strangled him while trying to rendition him back to Saudi. Maybe the rogue actors did it.
  5. Chindie

    Totally useless information/trivia

    Jurassic Park was summer 1993, I'd be surprised if it was still showing 18 months later, even with its success. But the others were out at that time. Gump and Pulp Fiction actually got some of the blame for Shawshank flopping.
  6. Exactly. All the same problems of the last time still exist. The only thing that has changed is a little more talk of the actuality of what will happen. Unfortunately that's only relevant to those willing to listen. And unfortunately there's still a significant chunk of the public that simply disbelieves the reality of things. And there's still MPs and cabinet members pushing lies. And so on. It'd be another shitshow. The argument for using another wrong to right the last one is the peculiar nature of a referendum. The only get out to overruling it with legitimacy is to run it again. I can understand that but I don't agree with it - they're horrible instruments and parliament should be strong enough to defy them if needs be. Referendums are a shitty nuclear option in a democracy and whenever they get used for anything with actual weight to it they potentially fundamentally shift the landscape. With Brexit and the current parliament, that's magnified given how toxic a subject it has become and how feeble our current MPs are. Another referendum is seemingly the only hope. It's a forlorn one mind. The latest Remainiacs podcast this week was an interesting listen, with then 'wargaming' a second referendum. Particularly sobering was the question 'of it happens but it's the dreaded take it or leave it choice, what do Remainers do?' the answer being effectively no deal is so catastrophic that the only sane answer is the lesser of 2 evils, even if only marginally better.
  7. I still don't think a second referendum is going to happen, and even if it did I would stick money on the result coming back as leave or take whatever shitty deal May musters in the best instance. Unfortunately Westminster isn't acting in the best interests of the country, and hasn't for quite some time. May is entirely driven by surviving to tomorrow, and unless a miracle happens her survival requires her to fondle the bollocks of the particularly swivel eyed wing of the party, as well as being terrified of the referendum result. Country's ****.
  8. This is just wrong. And deeply sinister. The police should not be sitting on cases or actively delaying them for 'political sensitivities'. Banana republic stuff.
  9. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    What are the chances that an awful lot of those people are poor and, ahem, not white? You know, Democrats.
  10. Also that march yesterday was really something, wasn't it. It seems to have the conmen and conned a bit rattled.
  11. The Beeb Can't have the Remoaner whining thread forget to include the vast majority of major businesses in the UK whining as well.
  12. Chindie

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Luke Cage has also been cancelled by Netflix. I guess that might lend credence to them making a Heroes for Hire show, but I'm not sure...
  13. Chindie

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Watched the first episode. It's a decent opener. Given where it begins, with the aftermath of the Defenders and where that left Murdoch, it has some unavoidable donkey work to get through but thankfully mostly seems to have been ticked off and dealt with by the credits rolling. Fisk is back and already there's some nice nods to who he was in the first series and the pieces are being set for them to play with some compelling stuff I think. There's also some gap filling with Karen, and an intro for a new character who is a blatant pawn in the making. Otherwise it's a good Daredevil episode. The only thing that stood out to me is it seems to have had a bit more money spent on it than I recall from the older series. There were more cinematic shots, more interesting and thoughtful framing, and most noticeably a very movie-esque score to a scene late on which I really don't recall from older series, but I actually quite liked. It really does feel like there's been a bit bigger budget this time, or the show runner has a stronger vision for it. Either way I like it. I'm looking forward to seeing how they decide to do Bullseye.
  14. Chindie

    Saudi Arabia

    No he's not dead, he left! Ok, maybe he is dead, but it was rogue actors, honest. Ok, he is dead, but it was totally an accident. We interrogated him and he died. Complete accident, could happen to anyone. Ok, we killed him. But it was in a fight. Honest. No we absolutely did not intentionally beat him and butcher him alive and try to hide it because we don't like critics and want to send a message to anyone else who might question or defy us. Not at all. And you better believe it because otherwise we'll turn the oil off, stop buying jets from you and further step up the support of independent political religious violence specialists, and who knows what they could do... Sure got a nice country there, be a shame if something happened to it...