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  1. Corbyn's got genuine empathy, the NHS is something he does care about. Johnson would sell his granny if he could. Also the sneering laughing words removed in the audience can get to ****.
  2. Same soundbites over and over, bluster and riding over the debate format. No substance, just cheap shots and slogans of pure vacuum.
  3. I'd probably argue he is. Boris is the same 3 soundbites over and over with a horrible delivery.
  4. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    Their plan is simple. Chuck shit at the entire process and when it comes down to it stand firmly behind Trump and kill the whole thing.
  5. Yeah the first 2 are socially acceptable still, positively encouraged arguably on the one front.
  6. Scottish Tory candidate forced to step down after Holocaust denial. A sorry state of affairs.
  7. Super Mario Sunshine is almost universally held as amongst, if not the, worst 3d Mario games. Not only is the camera atrocious, it's also one of the most bizarrely janky flagship titles Nintendo has released. Watch any clips of GiantBomb's run through of the game and you'll see dozens of moments where they inexplicably fall through platforms or get **** by the camera being awful. The infamous challenge sections are basically a struggle against bad mechanics. I never thought much of the backpack backpack either. Felt by token gimmick, more than anything the series had had before. I've never actually put much time into Galaxy but of the 3d Mario titles, Sunshine is the one I'd avoid.
  8. Episode 5 of Watchmen was by light years the best of the series so far. The guest to actually feel like it had some meaningful connection to the source. It's still not Watchmen, but it was a bloody good hour of TV. Mostly because the series finally realised who the most intriguing and Watchmen esque character they've got is and did an episode dedicated to them.
  9. Chindie

    General Chat

    I started a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately picked up a really nasty bug so I've only done about 5 days so far, but it's good to be back to doing things. And earning some cash without having to flog stuff every couple of weeks...
  10. Chindie

    General Chat

    Thanks. Yes it is. My commute has changed a bit, for the better I hope. Anxiety is still there, still a massive problem, the train journey had me on edge all journey (though not as bad as my first day, where I got on a train that had been delayed by 30 minutes so over the short journey was literally wedged into a corner trying to do mindfulness), but I'm hoping I'll get better with time and get back to somewhere like where I was a couple of years ago at least.
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