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  1. The Queen could reject the new PM on the basis they did not command the confidence of the House, but it's very much a paper power never to actually be used outside of expected protocol. And without that the Queen has basically perfected the art of staying out of the political realm (which is why it was widely reported she didn't like being drawn into political matters even slightly in recent years by May, for instance), she would never step in at this point despite having the ability to. It's for the political sphere to fix.
  2. Barely has control in Parliament and a far less overwhelmingly dominant membership majority than expected, as a deeply controversial figure facing an issue that tears the party (and country) in half... ...it's going to be a shit show.
  3. At risk of 'doing a Stevo', over the last few months the girlfriend and I have become addicted to Terrace House on Netflix. It's bizarrely compelling viewing. The shorthand for what it is basically Japanese Big Brother, but it's not really anything like that. It's a reality show were 3 men and 3 women live in a shared house, and go about their lives. They're not locked in to the house and there's no voting people out or the like and there's no prize to be won, the people on the show carry on working, go out as any normal person would, and they decide when they want to leave and they get replaced. Ostensibly the people in the show are looking for relationships but they also are usually looking to experience something different while they're still young or, occasionally, they're there to surreptitiously promote something - the first series had a woman who supposedly was looking for love but realistically spent the entire time working on her hat business and constantly was shown wearing her merchandise and working on the business. The other part of the show is a studio team of Japanese celebrities commenting on what just happened and mostly taking the piss but also discussing the rights and wrongs of the ups and downs of the housemates interactions. I can't quite articulate why it's interesting, but there is undoubtedly something interesting about watching these people fumble through relationships and their lives. It's kinda derided by some as a show were nothing happens, but that isn't really the case. It's just very... Japanese. Everything is very polite, where there is drama it's not a row it's more very mannered people explaining why they think someone else is a clearing in the woods. It's quite good.
  4. Depends who you ask. I would say no. Unfortunately the world has great many forms of prejudice in it and any organisation that gets big enough is going to reflect all aspects of society, which means that, ultimately, undoubtedly, the Labour party has anti-Semites in its ranks. It also means that the Tories also have some people that don't much like the Jewish folk, and so do all the other parties. Now, for a party that is founded on ideas of progressiveness, equality, human dignity without prejudice, any anti-Semites are too many. And you'd think that anyone who didn't like Jewish people would would therefore think that the Labour party isn't for them but unfortunately there is the trope of a lot of things the left is not a fan of, on the capitalist end of things for instance, are run by Jewish people, and they attack them for being Jewish rather than, say, for being whatever bad thing they do. And there's some people that are just stupid and don't see the dichotomy of supporting an anti-racism party whilst being racist. And there's the elephant in the room - Israel. Israel is difficult. It's obvious that what Israel has done with Palestine is wrong. It's obvious that Palestinian people are treated as subhuman. It's obvious that Israel commits war crimes with abandon. It's obvious that a lot of that entire shit show is completely unfair and inhumane. It's difficult to look at Israel and fully support it and be left wing. Which becomes problematic on 2 fronts. The first is some people tend to stupidly fall into anti-semitic tropes when being critical of Israel and assuming Jewish people are inherently accountable for/supporters of Israel. Secondly, there's been a slow movement towards anti-Semitism encompassing many short-handed for criticism of Israel - for instance you could not call Israel a racist endeavour, or make any comparison to Nazism (even if such a comparison may be valid) as these would be considered anti-Semitic by many. Combine all of this and you get a minefield. It's something the party should continue to fight. But there's other stuff at play. The Labour party is currently at war with itself. It's leader, Corbyn, isn't much cop but also comes from a faction that is very different to the dominant one of the last 20 years that still has a lot of influential figures around. Corbyn's trying to shift the party left, and a lot of big figures don't like this at all, and has sought to fight that at every chance. This has lead to a series of attempts at discrediting Corbyn, but only the anti-Semitism one stuck. So it kept coming back, and kept changing. At various times it's been about accepting a definition of anti-Semitism, tacitly supporting anti-Semitism by members through either meddling or inaction on cases, claims that Corbyn has actively drawn anti-Semitic people to the party, to claims that Corbyn is himself an anti-Semite. The latter point is ridiculous, as shown most pointedly when odious Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who is Jewish, claimed Corbyn was an anti-Semite, but neglected to note that he was one of the figures behind a Jewish community group that sought to protect a Jewish graveyard against a new development that would destroy it... which Hodge herself was supporting. The list of pro-Jewish causes Corbyn has backed is huge. The other factor is Corbyn is undoubtedly a critic of Israel. That's a hot potato. Not as hot as it is in America by any means, but still difficult in the public eye, particularly in politics. By being vocally critical, as he is, he's seen as hostile to Israel and that in turn does mean that some Jewish people and organisations that are supportive of Israel (since Zionist is now considered loaded as well) actively don't like him. Figures in this bracket are some of the most vocal and consistently active in the movement to criticise Labour overt anti-Semitism. Chuck all of that in and you get to the answer, for me. There's an issue, a societal one, that Labour needs to continue fighting, and never stop fighting, and fight ever harder. It's been picked up by factions that don't like the leadership for various reasons and doubled down on. It's revealed at times. The ultimate requirement of these varying factions is that the leadership falls. At this point the story is self perpetuating.
  5. David Harbour's character in Black Widow is confirmed as Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian. Red Guardian is basically the Russian Captain America, and similarly to Cap there's been various people to take the mantle, but I think Shostakov was the first (or the one with the most well known/longest story - I'll spoiler that). I'll be interested to see if he actually suits up - I feel like this film will avoid a character wearing what is basically Cap's suit but red. Shostakov's story... They also revealed some concept art which gives us a better look at the final idea for Taskmaster. It's cool they have kept the shield, down to the logo on it. I'd prefer something a little closer to the comic look, the full cape certainly, a mask closer to the skull look (which is still there but it's slightly too far away from it. Taskmaster has also worn what is known as the udon outfit which doesn't have the skull but still evokes it, this kinda looks dumb)... But it's Taskmaster, he's a cool villain and he's a good fit for a lower level threat. Taskmaster is Tony Masters, a former SHIELD operative who 'sorta' has a super power - he can copy any fighting style (or human skill) he witnesses perfectly, to the extent if he watches someone fight he can predict their moves and counter it, and in the case of weapons can use them all to an expert degree (which is why he carries weapons associated with various heroes - Cap's shield, Hawkeye's bow...). He's used this skill to become a villain or hero at times, and has been used to train various characters to take on particular threats. Sounds stupid but he's a good character who lends himself to great fight scenes. Story theories - possible spoilers Or something like that.
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    Temperatures like that'll mean you could put an egg in your pocket and get on the Northern line and have it nicely boiled when you got off at your stop.
  7. Britain currently has a barely functioning government, there's not much danger of any escalation as things stand. There's also not that much desire to go monster hunting in Iran outside of a few rooms in Washington. Most of Europe is much more keen on getting back to flogging stuff to Iran again.
  8. Wesley with a ball so good even Hogan couldn't quite **** it up.
  9. If we put a team like this out at any point in the season, we're ****. Unless we end up playing a pub team (literally) in the FA Cup.
  10. Wesley has immaculate touch. On the basis of him bringing that ball down you could put his feet in a fancy gold box and the Pope would worship it.
  11. Eternals coming November 2020. Cast rumours were seemingly on the money. Villain to be Gilgamesh, played by Ma Dong-seok of Train to Busan fame. The Eternals aren't my strongest suit in the Marvel canon but of what I know, this will be weird. Gilgamesh is a bloody shit villain though - in the comics he's on the weaker end of villainous. Cool casting though. Shang-chi and the 10 Rings is to follow in February 2021. It's going to deal with the real Mandarin, and tie together hints from the very beginning of the series (aka all those references to the Mandarin they didn't use for anything but references as Easter eggs are going to be tied in. And don't think about Iron Man 3...). Title role goes to Simu Liu, who I've never heard of, but he's of East Asian descent and **** ripped so if he can do some martial arts he's gold. Tony Leung, who is a huge actor in Chinese cinema, is playing the Mandarin it seems Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to feature Daniel Bruhl's Zemo as the villain, and he'll be in the traditional mask. WandaVision series is going to be weird. Loki series will feature the Endgame 2012 Loki on the run it appears. Doctor Strange 2 is 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'. Poor title. Derrickson claims it'll be the first scary MCU title. We'll see. (Really, really, really don't like the multiverse for this series. Contain it to this film for the love of all that is holy). Scarlet Witch will feature in the film and it will tie to WandaVision. Rumor was this film would feature Strange going up against Nightmare, which would fit. With that title I expect this to be Lovecraft-tastic. Should work with Strange. The What If...? series is going to be an animated anthology with various actors reprising their roles. Peggy Carter as a hero shown - Union Jack or a female Cap. Jeffrey Wright will play the Watcher, presumably he'll form the narrative device for the series. Hawkeye series seemingly inspired by Matt Fraction's lauded Hawkeye run is coming. Will feature the Kate Bishop incarnation of Hawkeye. Thor: Love and Thunder is the title of the next Thor film. Logo is very 80s, very He-Man. Clearly early days. Looks like they are doing Jane Foster Lady Thor... Portman was on stage with Mjolnir. That'll go down like a lead balloon for a lot of people. Black Widow cast confirmed with Florence Pugh, Rachel Weiss and David Harbour... Prequel filling in Natasha's backstory. Money on David Harbour playing Taskmaster? I'd guess pretty safe. GotG3, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, F4 and X-Men confirmed as on the way, plus a surprise - Blade, with Mahershala Ali. That should be fun. Also would completely consign the Netflix stuff to the bin of the canon, as expected, given Ali has already played a villain. Wouldn't be the first actor to do double appearances across the films and Netflix, but would be the first to have major roles in each. Interesting that these films, certainly the sequels, should be bankers, but they're not even on the confirmed schedule it seems. Weird that there pushing other stuff first. Unless they drop these titles in over the coming years - the confirmed stuff sees us through 2022. Not quite the barnstormer I expected in truth but definitely some interesting stuff. I'll gladly take Blade coming back, the Dr Strange sequel should be one of the most interesting things they've done, there's potential in Black Widow, if only for Taskmaster, Shang-chi might be good. I'm fairly lukewarm on everything else. Eternals don't have a place in my heart and of the stuff I know it easily could fall apart. Not bothered about the Disney+ stuff - the highlight of that is Bruhl's return as Zemo, but I don't really care about Bucky or Sam. The rest? Shrug. I'm not that buzzed about the Thor film on this early concept stuff. I'm not a huge fan of Lady Thor (although I understand others are and the Aaron run she comes from is well liked), I kinda don't care much about Valkyrie. So yeah... Hmm. If Marvel are going to wobble again, it's in this run.
  12. John Bolton's decades long blue balls says yes. In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, it'll be like a wax dart.
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    Edit - perhaps too cruel.

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