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  1. General Election 2017

    May was warned as Home Secretary about reducing police numbers.
  2. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Argumentum ad passiones.
  3. Manchester Arena Explosion

    I think there's an element of it in there. But fair enough. I'll be astounded if something isn't made of the 'politics' of this. Policing, intelligence services...
  4. Manchester Arena Explosion

    I don't think it's purely arse covering.
  5. General Election 2017

    The Conservatives' pledge of free breakfasts for primary school children has hit the rocks. The numbers have been run and their current pledge would mean schools would have less than 7p to feed every pupil if they all took up the offer. They've apparently now admitted they don't have a clue how much it will cost to fatten them up for Theresa'a table.
  6. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Fair enough, I'd never heard it used in that context. I'd only ever encountered it as for it's racist connotations.
  7. Manchester Arena Explosion

    But it didn't suggest either straight away, which is my point.
  8. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Not sure how you reach that conclusion. Either is possible.
  9. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Is the 'Londonistan' thing not more to do with the fact there was a lot of Asian immigration and population growth in London? Rather than full of threats? The father has been interviewed by Bloomberg. Apparently he was a security officer for Gaddafi before being suspected of being an extremist, after which he fled. He also said his son was against such attacks when they spoke of them.
  10. Manchester Arena Explosion

    I know that. Intelligence leaking is rarely good for the organisations that need it, and sometimes can be very bad - hence the correct uproar of Trump leaking Israeli info to Russia. That potentially kills people. I don't think that excludes arse covering though. It's not a good look when someone you were told was dangerous blows up kids. Mistakes get made, but that has consequences. I'd want to keep that quiet in those circumstances, if nothing else to control reactions. I don't know anything about the group so I'll bow to greater knowledge. It'll be interesting to see if the father was considered a threat or not, for whatever reason.
  11. Manchester Arena Explosion

    No, it's not ambiguous. It's always degrees of bad I advocate using it more accurately. People always quote 'one man's terrorist...'. I don't think it's helpful. Someone on 'our side' doing something despicable isn't a freedom fighter. He's a terrorist with a more just cause in our view. Hence, it's a methodology.
  12. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Indeed. It's also why I have long advocated the change in use of the term terrorist, to describing a methodology, rather than the more partisan use we are familiar with. I'm not that familiar with the group this bloke's dad was affiliated with, whether they are/were the archetypical terrorist or more rebel fighter, or what their particular cause was.
  13. Manchester Arena Explosion

    I'm not expecting every Omar, Mohammad and Ali to turn out, but Imams, community leaders, etc, respected figures within their communities globally can help turn the tide. I'm sure they already do something, they'd have to be morons not to, but they obviously need to do more.
  14. Manchester Arena Explosion

    I can understand why they wouldn't want this to come out. Heavily suggests someone **** up. Or the entire system **** up, which starts to point fingers where many would rather they didn't go. The group his dad belonged to seems to jump around as to whether they're ok or not depending on our position on Gaddafi. They were anti-Gaddafi, hence leaving under his regime.
  15. Manchester Arena Explosion

    US media has leaked that the bombers family told security officials about him being a threat.