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  1. ...What's that got to do with the price of fish?
  2. The Film Thread

    Guardians 2 reviews are out. Consensus is generally that it's very good, but isn't quite as good as the first and everyone mentions some tonal issues. But also that it's very funny, very pretty, and surprisingly emotional. And there doesn't seem to be much agreement on who steals the movie which is a good sign.
  3. General Election 2017

    I believe some people believe in chaos magic being based around belief and really wanting something, so I guess if you were that way inclined you might want to repeat things over and over in the belief it would come true.
  4. General Election 2017

    It isn't happening. He's started reasonably well but he's also started miles behind, as has been discussed over and over. And it's only going to take a few high profile duff answers, or unpragmatic policies in their manifesto, until it starts to go backwards again and all the same old problems that put him so far behind will bubble up again. He's had a decent getaway but qualifying had him on the back row.
  5. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    The burqa ban can be a right wing or left wing issue, i agree. In France it should be noted the bill was raised, and became law, under a right wing President, Sarkozy, under the auspices of protecting French ideals, and at the time France had had 3 terror attacks in the previous 10 years, only one of which was Islamic. I think UKIP's support is obvious dogwhistle stuff.
  6. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Are you sure about the lack of anti semitism in the UKIP ranks? I seem to recall they have openly racist in more or less every other form comments, they'll be a few good old-fashioned Bible thumping Jews killed our saviour comments somewhere... In fact a quick Google suggests they've had a fair few run ins with it. If we're going to criticise Labour as a whole for a few daft members we can throw UKIP under the same bus i think (and that's without getting into the old Israel =/= Jewish thing). Their London chairman only last year got binned after throwing around some anti-Jewish slurs. Amongst other whispers about other members. And they've aligned with anti Semitic parties in the EU. As for the French thing... Isn't that more France's immense, inherent to national identity secularism in society thing?
  7. General Election 2017

    That's not really a shocker is it? The bloke is an old school 70s student lefty. They tend not to go in for the extra judicial murder thing, even if it's a proper baddie we're talking about. They generally tend to want to see law rule, which would mean less boom bang spread them over the desert, more order order take him away. Whether that is a vote winner is another story.
  8. UKIP and their non-racist well informed supporters

    Ukip on the warpath to remain relevant today by hitting the far right instincts they've barely hidden for years. They've obviously not quite hit full desperation yet because they've stopped short of openly going for the Jews for but still. Burqa bans and Sharia law dogwhistle stuff. But Jewish courts are alright because we've had them for years. ...Why are they getting any screen time at all?
  9. Comic Books

    Civil War 2 Iron Man spoilers As for Cap, it was recently revealed Rogers is actually a longstanding Hydra double agent. Because comics.
  10. Comic Books

    Marvel's rumoured revert to classic versions of characters and bringing back the historic numbers has been confirmed. They are going to reset characters to their old selves with classic costumes and return to the legacy numbering of issues in autumn, starting with a one off comic to launch what they're calling 'Marvel Legacy'. Popular new characters will be subsumed into the new line, which should mean Morales and Khan make the jump, but presumably Thor will be Thor Odinson again, Iron Man won't be a black girl and Steve Rogers won't be a Nazi any more, etc. This is a good idea, but it really does make all the pissing around they've done recently look even worse. A few of those major lines left the legacy numbering years ago at this point (a few have had multiple new No.1s since) so going back to the issue numbering they left behind years before is weird. But resetting a bunch of characters is a good idea. Whether it brings readers back...?
  11. General Election 2017

    Unfortunately, May and cronies have a very effective double barreled shotgun to take to that, which they'll reload and fire out as often as possible. Coalition of chaos Bang, stone dead any chance of such a coalition happening. ...Not that they need to say it though. It's got no chance of happening. They'd be afraid of cannibalising each others vote so will manufacture reasons to avoid it.
  12. On the one hand, there's something very British about doing the same thing you've done for the better part of a century because it works, even if it's twee. On the other, in light of Brexit, it's perfect that one of the few British car brands is so backwards they still use wood frames. ...And the engines are foreign! Even the headlights on the Aero 8 are from a BMW pretending to be British! Imposters!
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I don't own a cat. I thought I owned my garden though. I've spent some time today in the pleasantly British sun doing some much needed gardening, planning to enjoy the air and listen to some podcasts whilst doing the never ending menial task I always put off. Instead it was done through an air of cat shit. Constant cat shit. You couldn't escape the scent of cat shit. From the moment I got the hedge trimmer going, cat shit. Everywhere cat shit. Even places I swear a cat couldn't shit, they'd shat. This sits uneasily with me. I don't like cats. They aren't an animal I have any fondness for. And historically they don't like me. I wouldn't own a cat. I understand some think differently. And they are free to do so. But as someone whose philosophy is basically 'leave people alone', forcing your cat's excrement on someone else seems wrong. Obviously you can't control the cat. But I don't see why I have to just accept my neighbors have cats and therefore their shit is my problem. I thought about this for a while while clearing hedge clippings and carefully sorting out hair filled dollops of evil before I filled the green waste bin. ...**** cats.
  14. Are there any British car manufacturers anymore? I suppose there might be a few shed outfits (Noble etc?) but they're not exactly cars for the masses and the engines are imported. Even Aston Martin (are they British again?) use German engines now. Does Nissan count because the Mackems bolt some bits together off the ship from Hokkaido?
  15. They'll buy the jam we give them and they'll damn well like it.