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  1. London attack March 2017

    As a complete aside, I was a bit irritated to see Frank Gardner on the Beeb go on and on about there 'being no such thing as a lone wolf', when everything seemed to point to it being a lone actor in the first instance.
  2. The Film Thread

    He is. The Justice League is traditionally Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman. Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and the Flash. They've binned MM and replaced him with Cyborg, who nobody likes outside DC Towers, because the writers dislike MM, and they have been unsure what to do with Green Lantern (put your money on a cameo in Justice League to introduce him in time for Green Lantern Corps. Which Green Lantern, who knows). Major Batman v Superman spoiler...
  3. The Film Thread

    I'm not sure about your first point at all. There's different franchises and they use the characters as they see fit, and outside of the franchises they don't cross over. MCU (Avengers, Guardians), DCEU (Justice League. Suicide Squad), Fox (XMen, Fantastic Four), Sony (Spiderman, part shared with the MCU). Certainly for the Fox and MCU franchises the characters haven't changed much or have done so organically (Stark mostly). Fox have even got away with melding a full retcon into the series with 2 timelines and kept the characters consistent. The stories each studio chooses to tell and the characters they use is up to them. It's only really the DCEU that seems to have a problem with consistency and that is mostly due to them **** up, hence the comment on the new Batman having a sudden change in tone within a movie.
  4. London attack March 2017

    There's nothing really to go on yet with what it was. For it to be terrorism there needs to be a political motive, it needs to have a message behind it that the perpetrator understood. So far that doesn't seem to have appeared. It could just be someone losing it. Unfortunately for some, it still remains possible for a Muslim to commit a heinous violent act and it be nothing more than a moment of madness or the actions of a complete word removed that had no more meaning than any random act of violence. It struck me almost immediately that it seemed to be a slightly desperate act. I can see why someone would pick Parliament as a target. But... It's one of the most guarded places in the country. You aren't going to get very far with a knife. Even with the car. If it does turn out to be an intended terror attack, it doesn't seem to have been very well thought through, and as said, seems desperate. Unfortunately even with that desperation a vehicle and the surprise was enough to cause horror. A softer target and more thought? Sobering.
  5. The Film Thread

    It's odd. We established a (grim) character for Wayne in BvS, and a movie later he's Jack Dee. Wonder Woman has no character, but appears to be a lead. Cyborg has no character (which is to from being a boring character I guess on the page...). Flash is just a wisecrack machine. Aquaman appears to be the only standout character there and they've just made him a jock. I dunno. I guess it looks pretty good? But Snyder's films always do. You look at the lineup and it just looks wrong somehow.
  6. The Film Thread

    Caveat - Snyder famously makes very good trailers. I don't think that looks that good. I also can't escape the fact that every single one of the characters doesn't look right, and they don't fit together very well (arguably never have IMO, the Justice League has always been a little dumber than the Avengers, despite coming first). It has also been described in post production as a mess that they can salvage so...
  7. The Film Thread

    This is only really true of 2 characters. There have been 5 'Batmen' in 30 years (ignoring Adam West). And only 2 of those are really in the 'reboot era', Nolan's and Snyder's, and they are very different (the latter closer to a version of the source, the grim Miller version, the former isn't really like the source at all). There's been 3 'Spidermen' in 17 years, and 2 reboots, which is pushing it but the Raimi trilogy finished 10 years ago and the 'Amazing' reboot struggled, and he's now in the MCU and it looks like they finally got the character bang on. I can accept those reboots to get there. Otherwise it's just not true. Yes we've had 2 Fantastic Four's but nobody cares. What else has been rebooted so much? 3 Supermen in what, 40 years? Nah. And Batman doesn't need to be Nolan's take forever to avoid being 'ruined'. I really love the Dark Knight, but I don't need every Batman movie to avoid the source so much for the foreseeable. I'd much rather see a very straight adaptation of the source. Burton got some of the look, but went down his own avenues, the Schumacher stuff is too camp (and eventually shit), Nolan's is grounded but avoids much that makes Batman Batman (arguably it's nearly Batman in name only), Snyder's gets more comic book accurate with how he acts and what he does but leans too hard on DKR grimness. In the middle of all that there's something very close to the Batman on my shelf and in my head, but nobody has quite got there yet. Hopefully the next solo movie, increasingly looking to be coming 6 to 7 years after the last solo Batman, will manage it.
  8. U.S. Politics

    Trump's reaction conference is fun. It's a petulant rant. Just throwing Democrats under the bus and saying they'll just let Obamacare die 'as it definitely will' but remember its a Democrat policy... In before they surreptitiously undermine the act and point across the aisle until they get what they want. Obamacare isn't perfect but the thing they put up was legitimately evil.
  9. U.S. Politics

    I await how he spins it with baited breath...
  10. Persona 5

    I believe the Persona series all standalone but exist in the same world with some character crossovers. So probably not.
  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    My hopes are further tempered. I already had concerns when it became obvious where they were going, but then things came out about them being concerned about going too out there with the series, so the worry is it's just going to be another Hand plot and leader... When you could do so much more.
  12. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    They should have done. But they are too embarrassed of it, and picked a storyline where it doesn't make sense to wear.
  13. London attack March 2017

    That's what terrorism aims to achieve. It projects it's impact beyond the actual action. Had this been in different circumstances to the one assumed (he was severely mentally disturbed, or had a Glasgow style loss of control for whatever reason) it's a tragedy that gets some headlines for a couple of days and then again in a year after an enquiry. But the terror link makes it headline bait and plays into the hands of the perpetrators and those that wish to use it to their own ends.
  14. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    It won't surprise you to know I'd call that a highlight of the show as a whole Along with few episodes earlier, episode
  15. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Ok but should have been much better is where I am. But as well as (mostly) loving the Defenders series, i love Iron Fist, so i had expectations it probably couldn't meet Even so, easily could have been better.