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  1. Rather like our system the Americans are realising that a lot of their system is reliant on people acting in good faith, with honesty and integrity and sticking to conventions. They've also discovered that there are those who will chuck those conventions in the bin.
  2. Hush. It's better for everyone that Corbyn was a Very Nasty Bad Man and that we all move on to centrist positions.
  3. Soft pen but make a tackle and **** up there and you're asking for it.
  4. The cover of Heroes from the game series Rock Band is absolutely horrific. In most cases the games managed to get the masters of songs, or at least an official recording (even if sometimes it's a live version). But there's a few where they ended up having to put in covers done by jobbing musicians. And this... **** hell. It's appalling.
  5. I've had to turn it off as it's too bright in my living room to see anything. First impressions... It's a really, really, really quality bit of kit. It is big. Really big. But it's not as dauntingly huge as many made it out to be. The controller is really nice. The rumble is fantastic, a leap on from the stuff Nintendo did with the Switch, the triggers are awesome with the variable tension depending on context, and the motion is, err, motion. It feels good in the hand and the grip being made up of tiny, tiny versions of the classic PlayStation symbols is a nice touch. It's silent, f
  6. I would say that you absolutely shouldn't ignore Astrobot. It's kinda brilliant as both a nostalgia trip plus a show case of the new controller.
  7. Silent. Only noise comes from the disc drive.
  8. Mass Effect as a series is like Star Trek but with Star Wars tone and sensibilities. It's greatest success is it develops an absolutely brilliant world, undoubtedly one of, if not the, best sci fi universes in the world of gaming. It has wonderful concepts, brilliant design, great 'flavour' stuff to build the world. It then fills it with excellent characters - some arguably in the running for best characters in gaming ever. It's gameplay is more difficult. The first game is messy. Its the most RPG of the lot. The game was intended to combine classic RPG mechanics with more traditional th
  9. I dunno. When every media voice is lining up to rubbish, deride and disparage the leadership at every turn for a few years, it's evidently the leadership's fault when they fail to convince the voting public.
  10. Recruiters sending through BCC'd emails that are written like they're friendly acquaintances looking to 'catch up' but you've never heard of them and they simply open with 'Hello'. Couldn't even be arsed to do a proper mail merge to add a name.
  11. Would you like some bat virus with your turkey Nan?
  12. It's quite simple. They really, really, really hate Corbyn, and they hope that by throwing him to the wolves they can kill off him and retire the tiger used to kill him and his movement. It doesn't really matter that it goes against the report's findings, or that it nudge nudge, wink wink suggests Corbyn is an anti-semite. Which he isn't (as stated in the report). Which in turn riles up people that care about that kinda thing. Which in turn leads to resentment. Which in turn leads to some turning to prejudice. Which attracts the prejudiced. Which triggers the pushback... And away we
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