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  1. Chindie


    Depends on it's fatality rate. SARS wasn't transmitted until symptoms appeared, but it had a nasty fatality level. MERS had an even higher lethality but didn't spread as widely. This appears able to spread prior to symptoms showing, and we don't really know what it's lethality is yet. Worst case it spreads easily and kills regularly. We won't know with that until more time has passed. Ironically Wuhan is home to a Chinese disease research centre that has been involved in bat virus analysis.
  2. Chindie


    Can spread during the incubation period they are now saying, which makes trying to contain it basically impossible (especially as it's basically had a month to go where it wants). The post Chinese New Year period is going to be a global horror show. At this point it's down to hoping it burns itself out or a vaccine is developed.
  3. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    Turkeys asking a jury of foxes to convict a wolf.
  4. Chindie


    It's a very similar to a flu virus, but it's a new virus that we have no knowledge or immunity to, thus the concern is that it's actually more severe in its morbidity than it might be showing at this time and that it might have a longer incubation time than we expect from things like a flu virus. It's inevitable that the first deaths will be in weaker individuals, but as it's so new, it's hard to be sure if that will remain the case. If there's a bunch of people who are infected but not showing symptoms, and they suddenly start dropping like flies, then it's time to really worry. Especially as the virus has basically had a month to go wherever it wants from China. On the plus side, if there's not many people showing symptoms it might not have had the chance to spread as quickly as it might have if the instant you got infected you started coughing and sneezing, and so far there's not been anyone drop dead who was otherwise healthy, which even basic flu manages from time to time.
  5. Barry will be included in any numbers purchased.
  6. You can't really quarantine a city that big. It's probably more about the Chinese government trying to look like they've done something and hopefully maybe curb some spread, but realistically it's a sticking plaster on a stab wound.
  7. The imperial measurements stuff is all the more bizarre when you realise that, officially, the inch is specifically defined in millimetres.
  8. More overtly on topic, my body's sudden ability to get niggling pains is pissing me off Over Christmas my wrist suddenly started hurting for no reason and hasn't gone away. My left calf is strained somehow. Now I've got a weird ache under my shoulder blade that seems to run around and through my chest. And my ribs hurt. And I'm knackered all the time. I feel like shit. But there's nothing actually wrong with me, besides the stuff that has been wrong with me for years.
  9. Presumably Louie Barry is in the numbers discussed.
  10. He'll be gutted he couldn't offer £250k over 5 years plus Onomah anymore.
  11. I don't expect Bowen to move. He's giving Hull a chance to get promoted, or go in the summer. If he does go in this window, I'd be shocked if it was to us. Hull's price and our wallet are a long, long way apart ATM imo.
  12. Language affects what you 'see'. Russians 'see' more colours than everyone else, because the language recognises specific colours in a wider range than English, for example.
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