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  1. You can guarantee it'll be more gammon faced clearings in the woods.
  2. Remember those European agencies, the EMA and EBA, that employ a few hundred people between them that David Davis told us wouldn't need to leave at Brexit? They've going to Amsterdam and Paris respectively.
  3. The parade of fools on our side of the desk will continue to parrot about how great the deal we'll get will be right up to the point we're dumped out and the wheels fall off. And then it'll be Brussels fault. Because they wouldn't give us what we wanted. And not because we're **** stupid.
  4. The Film Thread

    I don't really know where to start with Justice League. It's not completely hopeless? The was always going to be a messy film, a last minute director change, extensive reshoots, etc. But wow is it messy. It doesn't have pacing, at all, there's absolutely no sense of an act structure to the thing. The entire thing feels like it's in a rush to be over. In turn it seems to have no confidence in itself, it doesn't allow any scenes to breathe or have impact, preferring instead to smash through to the next seem less anyone notice it. I didn't think it was possible, but this might be first nervous movie I've seen. The plot concerns a villain wanting 3 things that will destroy the world, and Batman trying to put together a team to fight back. The are 'subplots' but a few of these last for literally a scene. Cyborg, for instance, is supposed to have a spin on the Frankenstein's monster thing, where he has to accept what he now is, but the movie literally bins this idea at birth. So you get this bizarre situation where he's supposed to be a sullen guy who wants to be left alone, to in the space of 1 conversation with Wonder Woman is joining up with the rest of the team. The dialogue is awful. There's so many horrible exposition scenes, so many scenes with people saying things in a manner nobody in the entire history of humanity has ever said. Introducing us to Cyborg's dad, a cleaner suddenly drops a ton of dialogue lead with 'Good night Silas. By the way, I didn't have chance to say, sorry about your son'. The opening has a criminal just caught by Batman basically fill the role of the opening crawl of a Star Wars movie, but written by someone with a lobotomy. Aquaman has a truly hopeless scene with Mera, played by Amber Heard, who brings to the role the ability to fit into a skin tight suit, but not the ability to sell explaining a character's backstory to that character, without it sounding like it was sledgehammered into the plot on pain of death. This scene also reveals that they need to have some imaginative ways to make sure the characters in his solo movie can speak to each other, because boy is the solution here bad. Then there's the obvious Whedon scenes thrown in, all of which you can spot from different timezones, which are riddled with awful banter and particularly poor jokes (there are 3 decent gags in the entire thing). If you think Marvel's stuff isn't funny, you'll think this is as funny as bad trip to the dentist. The CGI is astonishingly bad for a film that cost as much as this did. Steppenwolf, a bad villain to start with, looks worse than some videogame cutscenes, with dreadful design work to go along with it (and he's barely a character. He's bad. The end). But then you have stuff like a few shots of the Batmobile in action scenes that almost look unfinished, and best of all, Henry Cavill's moustache. You can see his weird plastic looking top lip in loads of scenes where they've thrown some pixel makeup over his 'tache, and it's hilariously bad. And it's tone deaf. This is a movie that contains a scene where, trying to establish the world has gone to pot, decides to show a couple of guys booting over a crate of oranges in slowmo, followed shortly afterwards by a scene of school children about to be executed by terrorists. I literally laughed at the scene of a coffin being dug up by moonlight, a truly bizarre scene that feels like a parody straight of a bad sketch show. Even the action is bad. There's hints of better stuff (there's a few very very brief moments of them 'getting' Batman but nothing to touch the warehouse fight from the last film for instance) and one decent sequence, but largely it's really dull by the numbers stuff thats completely outshone by nearly all of its peers. Most obviously they do nothing with the Flash that the X-Men take on Quicksilver hasn't completely blown away. Pretty much the only thing they do in any Flash moment that stands out isn't even done by the Flash. The film doesn't know what to do with the characters. Batman pretty much sticks to vehicles, Aquaman doesn't do much beyond what we've seen in the trailers, Wonder Woman has a couple 'hero' scenes, the first on which is so daft looking you can't take it seriously even if you wanted to. Superman does... Well, what can you say really? It's... It's bad. There's barely a plot, the villain is awful, it looks ropey as ****, it's all over the place in tone, the script is dreadful... It's a mess. It could have been worse, underneath it's largely competent, it's major flaws, bar CGI, all come from errors in the writing, the cast is mostly fine working with the rubbish they've been given, it lasts 2 hours and literally buggers off at speed. With low expectations you could enjoy it, it requires no effort to engage with it on any level, a few scenes are pretty enough. But wow... BvS is arguably more successful in many ways. Less messy for a start. It's a damn shame they **** this up. There's stuff to like about the DCCU. Afflecks Batman has potential for a more comic true take, they understand how to make him move and act correctly. We finally have a nod towards a good comic Superman. Wonder Woman isn't a great actress but it just about works. Aquaman might be fun. Occasionally it looks right. But they've **** it. They gave the wrong man too much control, they didn't have the studio controlling where things went, they obviously had no arc planned, they've wasted storylines and misused them, got the tone wrong, built the universe wrongly desperate to catch up, and messed up all the planning. And we get this. And all the other mad ideas they have allegedly on where to go. What a mess.
  5. The harm to the EU isn't as bad as you might think based on the analysis I've seen. Some get hit more than others, Ireland, the Netherlands, etc, but in general it's not an enormous blow on on a country by country basis, and they all potentially can benefit in some markets by stepping into Britain shaped holes - hence why they're all scrabbling around to appeal to banks and insurers. At the end of the day it's 27 selling to 1, and 1 selling to 27. The 1 gets **** when the trade gets hampered.
  6. Comic Books

    The classic Thor stories are usually considered to be under Walt Simonson's run, which they've released as a series of collected editions and an omnibus. Simonson took the initial Thor idea and developed a lot of the style and ideas that ended up being parts of the characters mythos, like Beta Ray Bill and more of the Norse influence. The difficulty with Marvel as opposed to DC is Marvel's best stuff tends to be certain runs under certain writers, whereas with DC you can pick up a lot of one shot stories that tend to be classics (particularly for Justice League characters).
  7. The Film Thread

    They don't show the Tesseract much do they? Twice maybe? It definitely ties into Infinity War though - the SDCC trailer confirmed that, together with the mid credit scene. In other comic book movie talk, rumour has it with Affleck wanting out of Batman that Jake Gyllenhaal is in the running. He went for the role under Nolan. I'm not sure I can see him in the role to be honest. It will be interesting to see how they handle recasting. The universe is a mess anyway and recently was said they planned spinning out movies separate to the main universe, so they could have a solo Batman series of its own, but that does for Justice League films I guess. Or do they straight recast? Or play the trilogy as a prequel series and age him up for team ups?
  8. No. But there isn't a solution that plays for everyone. There isn't a way of overcoming it without one group or another in play gets a short straw. No deal and there has to be a border. Pisses off the Irish, some elements of Northern Ireland, kills the GFA. Any deal doing away with the border irritates someone. Either you effectively de facto reunify Ireland (which will reopen a Pandora's box that's barely shut) by creating a border in the Irish Sea and giving Northern Ireland special status, which will infuriate the DUP and large swathes of Westminster. Or you go the Norway deal, which is basically Brexit in name only (a slightly cheaper version of what we have now but with less influence) which will set the Brexiteers alight and embarrass the government as it would tear up almost every red line they have. Or you don't leave, which pisses off the Brexiteers and makes decades of dissent rise to the fore again. But... Brexit is more than the border. The border is just a very important part of it. If a key aim is protect the economy, then the economic impact is disastrous if we lose the market access. That basically makes the border decision for you. If the red line is solely removing Brussels influence and border control, that makes your decision for you - it's either no deal or Canada. In the unlikely event Westminster let's the border decide the decision, it's Norway or cancel. Etc etc. It's not unsolvable. It's unsolvable where everyone wins though. And the default decision is the worst of all worlds and we are increasingly likely to get it.
  9. I've covered this specifically when saying any solution would require a side to have a climb down. You don't need to reiterate the issues to me. I'm perfectly aware of them. The solutions are easy. They kinda get made for you depending on your priorities in the negotiations. The issue is there must be a group that gets pissed off with the result.
  10. The border is easily solvable. It's just all the solutions piss off someone involved to some degree. One of them will eventually climb down. Brexit will happen. The argument is only to what degree. Currently, and increasingly, the answer to that is the terrible result that's very easy to achieve. It's the default one. We crash out in 2019.
  11. Nice to see Boris have a clanger again. His Irish counterpart pretty much immediately slammed his comments whilst stood next to him earlier on the nature of Brexit negotiations and the border. That border... How anyone in this government reckons they can have no physical border whilst also being out of the single market and customs union, I'm unsure. And the Irish don't buy it either. And nor should they.
  12. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'll certainly never look at a rose the same way again.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    *Albert Fish likes this.* Don't Google it at work.
  14. Davis is now whinging about the EU not making compromises when we are. He appears to be under the impression he's in a negotiation between equals. When actually we're begging for scraps from a club we've asked to leave against all sense.
  15. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    If Jim Sterling's review is anything to go by, the game is buggy as ****.