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  1. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Bill Paxton Game over man, game over.
  2. Transgenderism

    Hence my saying the issue is a difficult one. For absolute certainty I don't have any prejudices against transgender people and would like the law to enable and assist them as much as anyone else. 'Full privileges' is a very poor choice of words for being considered wholly and legally a woman. I suspect there would be a clamour for the law to draw the line at gender reassignment as a quick fix for the issue, and thus in your example they wouldn't be considered a woman, but as said it is a very difficult issue that doesn't fit law very well, because of the immense shades of grey in an issue the law is set up to deal in black and white when it comes to gender.
  3. Transgenderism

    'Not let up an opportunity to push the 'MRA' agenda' is the short answer for you.
  4. Transgenderism

    I believe statistically transgender people are more likely to be sexually abused than be an abuser, so the danger to children thing is probably less relevant. Kids in communal showers are more likely to have a paedophile without gender concerns be a danger. The issue is a difficult one. I suspect the easiest answer is once you've transitioned fully you're legally a woman, and if you don't want to make that complete step you don't get the full 'privileges'. Or we move further away from Victorian values as things normalise and this isn't a thing anymore.
  5. Transgenderism

    Someone biologically a man can't compete against women. Someone being transgender is unfortunately going to mean there are some things they can't do. A man who wants to be or has become a woman can't compete in an event with women. Sport will have more of a problem with intersex people. How do you deal with a woman who by a quirk of nature is biologically capable of outperforming a normal woman? They naturally have an advantage that their peers will struggle to compete with, being women who have some elements of male physiology.
  6. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild is being spoken about in previews as one of the greatest games ever made.
  7. U.S. Politics

    Trump's speech earlier was stunning.
  8. Davies is a collossal clearing in the woods and his constituents should be ashamed he represents them. He seems to do it just to be a word removed. Some of the stuff he's fillibustered is mindboggling.
  9. The Register This looks quite, quite bad. I'm sure our techier users will let us know this is scaremongering or the like, but for now changing your passwords seems sensible.
  10. Nobody is winning votes with a platform founded on a re-nationalised rail system. People whinge about the railways and there are significant problems that should be addressed, but it'll be near the bottom of any list of grievances people would hold against the government. And for significant elements of the traditional Labour voter population, I'd bet its not on the list at all, because trains aren't something they ever use. If anything it's an example of him being out of touch. It's an old student leftie thing. Not something that fills ballot boxes in your favour.
  11. Nintendo Switch - March 2017

    People reporting a problem with the Joycons. They have a very limited range and seem to be severely affected by line of sight and how they're held. Ah, Nintendo. Where's that banging the table laughing emoticon...
  12. The by election result isn't going to change a thing about the Labour Party. Corbyn doesn't care. There isn't a good alternative that has revealed themselves for the leadership. The Party is done. Grassroots and their leader wants a more left party, the country won't vote for that and the more high profile front line party MPs won't support that shift. They can't square the Brexit result with their support or their ideology. They have to become New New Labour, but that is so tainted it's a poison chalice. Blair and Brown soiled it, Milliband couldn't rescue it, and Corbyn has killed it in trying an alternative medicine to make it better than it was. They're done.
  13. The Film Thread

    I don't have Netflix 4k. And I seem to recall a few articles comparing both 4k Netflix and a Blu-ray and being able to see the difference. And Ultra HD Blu-ray blows everything out of the water.
  14. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Giant Bomb have an 'Unfinished' look at this. It looks fantastic. If familiar - it basically looks like they changed the names of things and say it's new... The gameplay doesn't seem to have changed much in the clips shown. But they also say it feels like or has similarities to Dragon Age Inquisition... I liked DA:I but I don't want a Mass Effect version of it. Tbh I don't want another Dragon Age like it. Destined to disappoint.
  15. The Film Thread

    It'll be shit because Alien has basically become defined by its own tropes. So there'll be the chestburster scene, and there'll be the facehugger scene, etc etc. Prometheus was partly criticised for not being enough of an Alien film (and mostly because it was a stupid movie). So this'll go the other way. I'm guessing the colonization is partly going to be described as 'unnatural' so the ship will be full of eggs or whatever, and therefore the crew has been picked to be a cross section of society, including homosexually. Whatever the case, it's guaranteed to disappoint. But it'll be gorgeous because that's what Ridley Scott does. Although saying that some of the editing in that clip is awful.