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  1. Chindie

    Media and punditry

    He went down there like Super Mario when... ... when a bad player is playing. Christ. I don't even know what he was trying to say.
  2. Chindie

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    They are looking at doing Squirrel Girl, as part of a New Warriors comedy show. The New Warriors are basically like Avengers Junior, and usually has a load of really obscure characters in it (Nova being the most well known, which says everything). Squirrel Girl to my knowledge hasn't actually ever been involved with them but it's probably the best place to shove her if you want to do the character and have her in a team up series. She's a completely stupid character that the writers have never really known how to use, shes usually been turned into a gag - they had a long running joke of her defeating iconic villains in weird ways. Famously she beat Thanos years ago. She had a bit of a resurgence when Marvel did their comic reboot of 'All New, All Different' and gave her her own comic, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which people seemed to like. Apparently it's funny and well written, fit a book about a dumpy teenage girl with a **** dumb power. The New Warriors hasn't actually been picked up as far as I'm aware though so no idea what will happen to it. The line up of characters wasn't great and Marvel TV is all over the place. It wouldn't actually have much impact on the MCU generally because the film arm won't let it. Hence why all the TV shows basically have the window dressing from the films and **** all else. You'd think Stark would be interested in the fact there's a bullet proof strong bloke down the road from Stark Tower... Either way don't expect much from Squirrel Girl. She's a comedy character and it's taken years for any writer to do anything interesting with her. A comedy team up show isn't going to do anything but make her a shit gag. If the Fox goes through they will definitely being in the X-Men. The X-Men comic has been one of Marvel's biggest forever. It's so big that when they had the fallout with Fox, they choose to change the X-Men so they could keep the comic going, unlike Fantastic 4, where they ultimately cancelled it. If they get the rights, the X-Men are coming in. It overnight gives them dozens of characters, a great many of which are top tier, and gives them a new Avengers style team instantly. A lot of the characters can carry their own series as well, in the case of Wolverine more than one series if you play up the Old Man Logan arc, which is basically it's own thing. How it ties in is more difficult. There's been crossovers in the comics various times, there's even been Avengers v X-Men stuff, so they work together, and there's crossover in the membership - Wolverine has been an Avenger more than a few times for instance (then again at this point everyone has been an Avenger). There's also been times where the X-Men have kinda sat out crossover events - from what I remember they didn't do a great deal in Civil War. I'd guess they would do an origin of the X-Men, either have it be a case of mutants having been in the world mostly unnoticed and have some event trigger Xavier to form the X-Men or have something happen that makes mutants appear in the population. I'm not the biggest X-Men fan in truth. I like some X-Men characters - Wolverine is a great character when written well, and Old Man Logan is excellent, Magneto is a superb villain for instance - but I tend to find their storylines are too overwrought and they return to the prejudice well too often. So the big thing for me from any deal with Fox is getting the other bits and bobs. Especially villains. So many of Marvel's best top tier villains are tied up in the Fox rights, and so many of them Fox has buggered up it'd be great to see them done well with the rest of the Marvel stable on board.
  3. Chindie

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The original Avengers will be retired. Chris Evans has had enough, RDJ is getting too old and has increasingly shifted towards an elder statesman role, especially with the relationship with Spider-Man being one of a mentor. Ruffalo can't get the solo movie he'd fancy and send a bit jaded. Hemsworth increasingly wants to take his career in other directions. I don't expect them all killed off, and some might actually stay on (there's a chance a Black Widow film is in the offing), but there will be a new focus. They've attempted to position some characters already. Dr Strange seems to have placed as a similar role to Iron Man, Bucky has history as Cap and the films have hinted at it numerous times, Captain Marvel will come in with the godlike strength of Thor, etc. A Black Panther sequel is nailed on. Homecoming 2 is in early production, though where they go after they with Spidey is anyone's guess - as ender4 says the deal with Sony is limited. The guess would have to be either Marvel reckons they can renew it or buy out the rights. A Dr Strange sequel is anticipated and is only likely to get closer to announcement as the character has had a boost from Infinity War and Ragnarok. Guardians 3 is on the way. Beyond that, Marvel will probably look to adapt more obscure characters and play with the even weirder stuff they have. Partly through necessity - they're running out of even minor 'headline' characters. Allegedly they've looked at developing an Eternals film, which is really scraping the barrel. Feige has spoken of looking at doing modern Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, which I can see happening in a few years. He's also said they have looked at adapting Moon Knight (please). Nova is probably a decent bet as he was a popular edition to a recent Spider-Man cartoon and he joins up with GOTG easily (on the downside, his powers are very similar to Captain Marvel and his purpose very similar to the Lanterns in DC). They might dabble with some of the Marvel UK stuff like Captain Britain, which lets them piss about with both magic, folklore and cosmic nonsense, like they did with Thor but weirder. I'm quite up for them delving into minor players. There's good stuff to be found and potentially keep things fresh, obviously with the gamble that there's a reason these characters are C tier and you risk people not getting on board. Iron Man, Cap, are very easy to 'get' - billionaire makes high tech armour, good but feeble man is made into the ultimate human as a super soldier. Captain Britain? Dying man becomes hero when Merlin gives him an amulet, and the world of old fashioned folklore magic is real. Moon Knight? Mercenary gets killed in Egypt and is then used as a god's avatar on earth that drives him mad (or does it?) and fights crime like a nuts Batman in white. Both have that extra stage of silly to get past, that extra element of world building to buy into that makes them a little hokey. So its fairly clear that Phase 4 will have a new Avengers line up. Dr Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, possibly Bucky Cap, Spidey as a sometime member, and probably some new minor members and side teams. It's a key moment for them and why they've tried to organically introduce these new characters to maintain the brand when they walk away from these established names. It could torpedo the whole thing. And that isn't accounting for possibly getting Fox.
  4. Chindie

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It was the series they were most unsure of so committed less resources to it. They were concerned about how whacky the Iron Fist mythos is, firstly because it's so stupid they worried it would turn off audiences, right siren to his costume, and secondly because it's the kind of thing that gets expensive fast, so they wrote a chopped down version of his origin, only hinting at his early life, and write subplots that focused on the extended family side of things, and severely cut back his powers (by suggesting he doesn't actually know what his powers are, so they could cut down on effects). And then hamfistedly used the show to set up Defenders and tie Iron First to the Hand. Then hired a showrunner known for doing things fast and cheap who had no experience of anything like the thing the character should have been. Then they cast someone who couldn't do martial arts and had no time to train. And then made it really quickly with no time to rehearse fights. The Netflix shows I understand aren't actually budgeted that highly, comparatively, hence why they tend to do small stories. The problem is, you can do a Daredevil show on no money, his power needs more or less no effects and otherwise it's an acrobatic boxer with faith issues fighting a fat man's goons at night and lawyering by day. Jessica Jones is just a PI who is very strong, you can do what you like besides (hence the first series playing with female abuse). Luke Cage you literally get the Jessica Jones set up and switch 'woman' for 'black guy' and change the window dressing. It's really easy to do cheap. Iron Fist? Nope, you can't do it cheap and well. Martial arts scenes are expensive, they take ages to choreograph and you need to hire experts to organise them and then usually trained people to do them (or commit the time to train your actors). That is easier to do if your characters are in costumes, but they bottled the outfit so then you're in trouble filming scenes seamlessly with doubles. Then his power is such that every time he uses it is a CGI cost, and additional strains on filming because you need to account for the fact the guy fighting now has a glowing hand, changing the lighting and how you do scenes. And his whole origin is a nightmare of CGI and set costs - he is raised in a mystical Tibet-esque magic city which literally exists on another dimensional plain, and he gains his power after he proves himself to be a great warrior and is chosen to go fight an immortal dragon to take it's energy. The daft thing with the suit is, you don't need Stark to give him a suit (and that wouldn't happen anyway given Marvel's internal issues between the TV and film seems arms). He has an outfit. It's the outfit of the Iron Fist. And it's not even expensive to do. His best 'looks' are a Bruce Lee style track suit, or bare chested with baggy trousers, always with a yellow half mask bandana over his face. Which is literally the same thing they did with Daredevil in series 1. You can easily do it, and solve a major problem with your fight scenes instantly. It's ridiculous they didn't bother. And yeah he has had some whacky looks, but just don't use one of them. If it's got huge whacky collars, leave it. Edit - I did write out a whole thing about how to improve Iron Fist without making major changes to the plot, and a way of improving the whole thing by shifting the plot (and making Defenders better in the process) but that part of the post didn't save... I'll come back to it.
  5. Genuinely can't recall having seen Pogba touch the ball.
  6. Apparently only does it with things he doesn't like and is quite happy to utilise the things he's so principled against when it suits him. He's a real nasty piece of work. To steal from the Secret Barrister, if theres a side to a debate, he's on the wrong side of it. Proper Tory word removed.
  7. He's basically a word removed. Supported by that other walking chunk of smeg Philip Davies, shockingly. His voting record is just a running tally of shithousery. At least he's in the right party. I hope people keep taking photos of his crotch. See how he likes it.
  8. There are times when you look at the goings on in parliament and have to wonder at the bizarreness of it. Like every time Philip Davis does anything. Today, there was a debate about making 'upskirting' a specific offence in line with other voyeurism offences. It got blocked because some old fart Tory objected. Seemingly he has a problem with criminalising the act of secretly photographing women under their skirts. Officially he likes to block laws he considers 'flabby' being enacted. What an utter word removed.
  9. He also seems to have better movement than most of Uruguay's midfield...
  10. Oddly this reminds me of O'Neill era Villa match against someone like Wigan. A talented with flaws team against a well drilled jobbing team, where neither is quite up to speed. Uruguay are clearly the better side but aren't at the races, going at half speed and lacking any edge. Egypt are well organised and hard working without much spark. Unsurprisingly it's dull. Were this a league game it's got draw written all over it. And probably goalless.
  11. Chindie

    Ultra HD

    Watching the Egypt Uruguay game on the BBC's UHD trial service thing and it's absurdly good looking. It's like I've got a portal into the stadium in the corner of the room. Best looking televised match I've ever seen. HDR combined to 4k on a good screen is just **** incredible when you have the right content to show it off.
  12. Chindie

    Resident Evil 2 remake

    The only things that concern me are how much it plays like RE4, because I've never got on with it. Also I saw one reaction that said there was lag in the controls that would be a worry. I don't normally get on with survival horror but I'm up for this.
  13. They're politicians, and Tory politicians at that. I'd expect pretty long odds on them doing the right thing when the choice goes against the party Besides which, I've no doubt Labour would do their damnedest to **** things up as well.
  14. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    Trump Foundation, including Trump and his family, are being sued by New York over 'extensive and persistent law breaking'. Mostly revolves around the charity being used to support his political campaign. Which is illegal.
  15. Ah plenty more chances to come for them to fold like a Chinese laundry maid then.