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  1. How long till the new rule causes problems? August?
  2. WandaVision finale was ok, but felt like it misses opportunities it set up. It ultimately feels a little like they pulled their punches at the death. Not bad, but could have been incredible, and the opportunities were right there.
  3. Chindie


    That's not a sexist joke.
  4. Jonathan Gullis has positions on many things, and if you vote he can have many positions on things you care about, I suspect.
  5. I suspect it'll be a better film than the original release - but that's a long way from being good. The original cut isn't awful, but you can tell it's cobbled together and has an absolutely bizarre tone as a result. The Snyder Cut should rectify that, but fundamentally the plot is there so theres only so much you can do with it - none of which is to make it good. Snyder will ditch the Whedonisms, desaturate it, put on more 'epic' visuals, and go grim dark at every opportunity. Which will probably be more successful than the original film. But, fundamentally, the film is going to be
  6. The one thing this game really really really needed, is a better map. But it's a bloody great game all the same. First game in a long while where I've finished it twice start to end within a year.
  7. Leeds must be making a bit on the side renting the pitch or to a local farmer.
  8. Martinez - never less than assured. Bit worrying he wasn't taking kicks in the second half and read given some painkillers though. Elmo - solid. Not an easy night but did well. Konsa - completely assured, never in trouble. Mings - pro CB display, excellent. Targett - he'd have been off on another night just through a series of niggly fouls. Nothing bad but a lot of little things that might have brought a card. But otherwise he worked hard and had his usual solid display this season. Nakamba - great. He was the constant presence nipping about in front of the defence, ge
  9. Take a shot every time AEG was called 'a big man' in that half and you'd be in A&E.
  10. Dion taking fashion advice from the ghost of Buddy Holly.
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