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  1. The cycle of expansion and contraction is my favourite theory on the universe's creation. A never ending series of rapid expansion collapsing back to a singularity and so on.
  2. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    I've been rooting for Team Cholesterol for a while.
  3. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    The idea that Trump was a puppet with Putin's hand up his arse was always dumb and always going to result in disappointment.
  4. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    Shazam reviews in. Seemingly it's another success for DC. Making Big into a superhero film, a simple concept but fits Shazam very well. I wonder if they reference the fact the character is actually Captain Marvel...
  5. Call tomorrow to determine my fate. Gallows ahoy. Not sure what to expect or what to look out for, bear in mind, etc really. Not something I have experience of really.
  6. Forget America, talk like that should be an express ticket to the asylum. Less premiership, more padded cell.
  7. Chindie

    U.S. Politics

    My prediction - nothing happens. Trump will not be going to prison. Your absolute best hope is that the report is damaging enough to people and organisations close enough to Trump that he is pressured to stand down, and even that is a helluva stretch.
  8. It's changed throughout the day in fairness. They started at thousands, the headline is now hundreds of thousands. I daresay I've they get actual figure estimates later they'll shift to over a million.
  9. Also Remainiacs had Tony Blair on this week. I retched a little, and wondered if they had anyone with any experience of PR tearing their hair out in a corner somewhere
  10. Funny to see how many Brexit supporting commentators are keen to discredit the pointless petition by making out it's being manipulated, and quoting things like signatures coming from all over the world, as if British people can't travel, and that you can sign it multiple times. Except you can't, unless you go to the effort of setting up multiple emails, which is a hassle even with automation. I expect they'll be working on discrediting the march today as well. Sniffy comments of it being like a queue in Waitrose again no doubt, and dying for reduced numbers.
  11. Alyn Smith, an SNP MEP, made a decent point I think on the latest Cakewatch podcast. He basically said that part of the problem seems to be that a lot of journalists with the highest exposure aren't actually that informed on much, and seemingly are more interested in being part of the debate rather than trying to find the truth in that debate. Incidentally Smith seems like a good bloke. It's a shame the rest of the UK seems not to have many politicians cut from a similar cloth.
  12. I dunno, it seems really good of them to think about providing useful things. Material for clothing, a basic means of transportation, and a fuel. Good work.
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