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  1. Xbox let's you mod it, which can add a helluva lot to Skyrim. Don't know if the Switch allows that.
  2. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    Jasmine was played by Naomi Scott, who isn't Caucasian. Her mom's of Indian heritage, her dad is English. She's also gorgeous, so who cares either way.
  3. **** scandalous. But, you know, people clapped the other night. And vote Tory.
  4. Italy had nearly a thousand die yesterday. **** hell.
  5. Quick, everyone in Westminster cough.
  6. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    100 seconds to midnight as of January.
  7. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    Even predicts Covid-19. Brilliant stuff.
  8. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    Eh, yes and no. The squid is stupid. It's intensely silly. But that's arguably part of the point of it. It's another angle of Watchmen mocking superhero comics, for going with completely daft plots, but then it uses it for an absurdly more serious point. The film ditches the silliness for a cleaner narrative and it kinda still works to the same degree, but not quite. It still makes the same point, that humanity could only be saved from itself by threatening it with something else, but part of the point of the squid was that it was a completely unknown completely unexpected unknowable threat from nowhere. Whereas Manhattan was a man, and he was a logical and reasonable being, who everyone knew. He's less of a horror, even though he is framed as having committed a global atrocity, because the world knows him, has seen him, knows he was a man called John, etc etc. There's the impact of the squid being so out there, the apparently random attack from what is believed to be an interdimensional being that the world simply does not understand, which isn't quite there for Manhattan. I can completely understand making the change though and it doesn't really alter the points the story wants to make. It's a much cleaner narrative and it's an easier sell to an audience. It's completely fine. Incidentally iirc the Manhattan ending was, strangely enough, David Hatter's idea. Solid Snake tried to fix Alan Moore's genius.
  9. Sounded like downtown Sarajevo circa 1994 here
  10. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    I know Zach Snyder is a hack who with no subtlety at all and a 11 year olds view of what's edgy and cool, but... I rewatched Watchmen the other night, and it's still a really good film. Admittedly all he's done is transposed graphic novel panel to panel with a few minor tweaks to the overall plot, and he's copied the dialogue wholesale, so he couldn't really **** it up, but still... It's bloody good. This title sequence is still brilliant. Sets up the world the story takes place in superbly, and hints at some of the themes of the film with it's playing with conspiracy theories and myths. Also the only thing I've ever liked involving Bob Dylan. Even @mjmooney might approve with that soundtrack The rewatch also made it more clear than ever that the story is mocking Rorschach throughout, all of his dialogue is a satire of right on wannabe hard men, as well as obviously being critical of his political views (the whole point of the character as everyone knows). But then also allows him to ultimately be the hero. You can see more clearly in the film why Alan Moore was always dumbfounded that people related to Rorschach, because Jackie Earle Haley is able to subtly imply how pathetic he is in a way that isn't so obvious on the page. Edit - so many great sequences keep coming to mind The whole Comedian funeral sequence with each recollecting their time with him... Brilliant.
  11. The issue with Thunberg is pretty much her background and presentation. A privileged kid with a brattish delivery is going to put people's backs up, even if she's right. Which she is. Off topic anywho. She'd probably approve of the fact the planet seems to be reacting well to large numbers of people doing sod all.
  12. Affluent would appear to be a fairly significant criteria.
  13. It will undoubtedly be far, far more widespread than the numbers report. The moment you started seeing 'remote' and 'elite' people come down with it, it was evident it was extremely widespread.
  14. There are scenarios were the system doesn't work. This is one of them.
  15. Yeah. If you're badly affected by this, it's pretty grim. Part of the reason it's managed to kill quite a few people is it seems to cause such a nasty reaction in some that if you have any existing conditions affecting any part of the respiratory system (including heart and blood problems), the body just can't cope for long enough to fight through it. A lot of older Italians have chosen to just go home and die. And you can kinda understand why. Hospital bed where the best the staff can do is try to make you comfortable while you try to recover, or go home and take your chances in familiar surroundings where if you do die, you won't be alone? Grim. And then you look at the stuff going on in Spain - elderly care homes left abandoned to let the residents die. This whole situation is horrific. Meanwhile Britain has an argument about when you can work from home.
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