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  1. The Film Thread

    Warner Bros goodwill asset Wonder Woman seems to have lasted about a month. It's SDCC at the mo, which means comic movie news and rumours. Today's rumours?? Ben Affleck is likely to be replaced as Batman before Matt Reeves solo movie. Reeves fancies a trilogy (of course he does) and Affleck has slowly had his efforts in the movie stripped back (binned as director, full scratch rewrite bung his script...). With Affleck getting on and having his own troubles, they'll likely let him go post Justice League and build the trilogy with someone else, but how they plan on doing that when they've already established Batman in this universe as an older man I've no idea. And mentioning Justice League... Snyder obviously left the film earlier this year citing family problems (which turned out to be the suicide of his young daughter), with Joss Whedon stepping in to finish the post production. This week, Snyder completely purged the movie from his Twitter history. And now rumour has it the reshoots Whedon is doing are going to be enormous. It's not a huge leap to suggest Whedon has basically cast off Snyder's movie and is going to try to make his own thing with a lot of patching it up. If that film isn't a complete mess, I'll be astonished. Oh and they also revealed (via the medium of action figures!) the villain formally. Steppenwolf (no not that one), for whatever reason they choose him, looks dreadful. There's only 1 reason they do a Justice League movie and don't do Darkseid as the villain, and that's because you want him as the villain for the sequel. But there might not be a sequel now. I've no idea how Warner Bros **** this up so badly.
  2. The Film Thread

    War for the Planet of the Apes. Indulgence filmed for 2 hours. Quite disappointing.
  3. Many people would be happy with the army shrinking. I don't really care what Corbyn thinks (I'm not a Corbyn cheerleader). I don't think the army shedding numbers is particularly something to celebrate. But it makes Tories look bad so every cloud.
  4. Bad news buried this week, as is now traditional... Crime is up to levels not seen for a decade Police numbers down Army has shrunk by 7,000 personnel There's a growing alcoholism problem amongst the army Railway electrification plans have been binned School exclusions are up Good old Tories.
  5. U.S. Politics

    Yep. I think the only chance of this not happening is if by some miracle the investigations get close enough that the Republicans do a Caesar on him to save themselves, or in a similar circumstance they can shuffle him off without damaging things too much, persuading him it saves (what's left) of his reputation. Claiming ill health perhaps, which might actually be legit, there's no way he's of entirely sound mind, he acts and speaks like someone at the start of dementia. There's no way an impeachment happens without a literal, completely unarguable and indefensible smoking gun with his hand on it. And even then the Republicans would argue over exactly what a gun is and whether he's allowed to have his hand on the possible gun and what the exact nature of the smoke is. And the Democrats don't look like they'll be able to win over the Trump vote or put up a genuinely good candidate. So Trump is only likely to go when the Republicans want him to. And then the concern is Pence. As has been said, Trump is a buffoon. Pence is a politician with evil views.
  6. U.S. Politics

    His interest in pardoning himself and everyone near him is purely academic you understand. Fake news from the failing Washington Post and MSNBC, who I hear have terrible ratings and everyone says they smell. Sad!
  7. All-Purpose Religion Thread

    Aum Shinrikyo were technically a Buddhist organisation.
  8. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    He sang at Cornell's funeral apparently.
  9. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    It's prompted me to look up some of the stuff they did in recent years, as the last song I remember them doing was 'What I've Done', which I recall not much liking. **** me they did some shit after Meteora. I mean loads of the stuff before that was rubbish too but it had something about it and there's a couple of gems (of their time, especially if you're 14 when you're listening) in there. After? ****. They appear to have become a really bad Coldplay knock-off by the end.
  10. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    I think I was the perfect age when they became 'a thing'. Literally just started secondary school. I wouldn't say I particularly liked them but they had a few decent songs and are probably the only 'nu metal' band that was both successful and managed to do something not completely shit with the genre.
  11. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    I dunno... He had a history of depression and had openly said he'd considered suicide before. And he had long standing drug and dunk abuse problems. And Linkin Park are hardly chart toppers anymore. Still... Not good. Apparently had 6 kids. Only 41.
  12. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington. Suicide.
  13. U.S. Politics

    He's opposed to Obamacare IIRC. I wouldn't wish cancer on many people. But it's hard not to consider that he has it within his power to influence things to ensure more Americans are able to have healthcare at all... and he chooses not to, yet he himself is alright. Still, this is America. It doesn't do compassion. It does profit. Sometimes they have some crossover. Rarely in healthcare though.
  14. U.S. Politics

    Mueller has expanded his invesitgation to the Trump business. How long until he finds himself not doing an investigation anymore? Considering Wikileaks is basically dripfeeding everything they can lay their hands to undermine him, not long you'd guess. And Trump more or less threatened him earlier. Also the list of people that Donald Jr, Manafort and Kushner have been requested to hand over all communications from is hilarious. Includes Putin. And Rosneft. Cough.
  15. The Film Thread

    Abe Sapiens' grandad.