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  1. It's one of those things where you have to wonder what on earth they think this is going to achieve. It took a month to get to 48 letters and it's obvious whilst May's Brexit deal is shit and deeply unpopular, there's not really any prospect of her being ousted because there's fears it would either strengthen Corbyn's chances and there's fears about whatever would take the seat next from their own side. It's bizarre. Completely stupid.
  2. Ivan Rogers is worth listening to. The Brexiteers cheered him off when we went, but he was one of the first bellweathers of the actual process of Brexit going tits up.
  3. My point is more that they're scared of Corbyn generally, more widely than in just Brexit.
  4. Vince Cable on for about 30 seconds. Mentions second vote, suddenly they're out of time, they desperately needed to read out Tory tweets they've read 4 times in the last hour. Replaced with a May toady you've never heard of or seen before saying the same shit every other government brown nose has said.
  5. BBC News coverage of this this morning has been a parade of swivel eyed Brexiteers (including the complete moron that is Owen Paterson giving a long diatribe of nonsense) and odd May supporter. There's been I think 1 Labour voice and none against Brexit.
  6. It's an unerring truth they a large amount of the MPs and voters are more scared of a Corbyn government than they are of the outright disaster Brexit will be. Hence May specifically noting him (and McDonnell, to put the tin hat on it) to remind them of the great evil they could get if they kick her out.
  7. Corbyn historically has been against the EU. He's at heart a resoundingly left wing individual who views the EU as generally a force for ill, in short pushing the interests of business ahead of the interests of the people of the world. As leader he's seemingly nuanced that a bit, as I think he realises that he can't just walk away from the EU now. The UK needs the EU too much, and walking away is worse for what he cares about than getting a deal with them. Hence why the Labour position now is apparently do a better deal than May, when in the past Corbyn might have gone further than May does now.
  8. Well mjmooney is positing it as a hypothetical. But it could happen. Brexit has cut through traditional party lines, with the result in the referendum scaring both main parties, and Labour is lead by sideline with an ambivalent (to say the least) attitude to Brexit, whose policy so far has been to walk between the rain drops while the Tories eat themselves. In an election campaign, Labour could continue that policy of the Tories chose to back Remain. It would do them good in all likelihood.
  9. WTO rules is bad. Which is why nobody relies on them.
  10. Because Brexit is so incredibly harmful, that cancelling it is a big enough deal that many would cross party lines to support a party that would cancel it.
  11. Yeah she'll survive it. She hasn't completed her purpose yet for many of them to gun for her. Supposedly there's a bunch of ranking members who want the chalice anyway though - Javid was mentioned as throwing his hat in the ring asap if given the chance. Power prevents you seeing straight it seems.
  12. Rumours now the government is going to try to head off any confidence issues by forcing Parliament to rise early. 'Just a few more days, just a few more days...' thinks Theresa.