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  1. Very sorry to say that the coaching team needs to be sacked tonight and a hardnose brought in to instil discipline if we are to stay up. Even the dreaded Allardyce or Pulis.
  2. In no way are Villa worse than West Ham. So, survival will all be about cutting out defensive errors. (We’re doomed!)
  3. Shoulda signed Cahill. Shoulda kept Chester. Our manager used to play centre back. Our defensive coach is John Terry. Such excessive levels of incompetence are impossible to comprehend.
  4. Cannot stay up with giving an average of 10 goals away per match.
  5. Every corner has been curled in on top of their goalkeeper. On a stormy day. The old ways are the best ways. Excellent.
  6. We need to score 2 to win because the match officials or VAR or a defensive error will award them at least one more.
  7. Spurs formation and substitution more attacking. Let’s stop giving goals away and score.
  8. Nakamba coming on wisely for the utterly shot Drinkwater.
  9. Tonsillitis for Tyrone.
  10. Your grasp of Wifeish is woeful. To translate: “The next eleven things that I want shall be delivered without delay, regardless of expense.”
  11. It is one thing to beat Leicester’s best ever team in their best ever era, as a newly promoted club with a brand new team. But beating the referee, the media, the pundits, the bookies and that utter clearing in the woods Andy Hinchcliffe and their beloved Brendan Rogers is especially pleasurable.
  12. Penalties will be a bonus. Last minute winner for Vardy the probable outcome.
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