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  1. Well done and thank you #avfc but TBH we fans really need the next 10 weeks off worrying about you, for the first time since 2010!! Until August 10 2019...
  2. And before the biased journalists start, that is Villa 9 Derby Co 1 this season...
  3. Whelan and Green for Hourihane and El Ghazi, I think. Both booked and have run superb races.
  4. Who cares? Only promotion matters. And also seeing that cheats never prosper. WBA nor Leeds.
  5. VAR is nothing to with venue, but competition.
  6. Dirty Leeds. Clough was correct in The Damned United and it is in their DNA. More red cards due.
  7. Dallas was offside and it took a Tweet from me to make Sky Sports notice. Useless commentators and pundits. Dirty Leeds DO prosper from cheating...
  8. Hourihane fouled with an arm round his neck so he could not jump against scorer.
  9. Stripey bosses have given half of their fans white flags of surrender to wave. Is it me?!
  10. Don Revie irony. The Damned United.
  11. Villa will have to beat Baggies then Leeds to get promoted, making this Sunday a massive game of tactical chess between Bielsa & Smith. Since we do not need the points, one option is to play the reserves and give away nothing.

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