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  1. Get Davis on for Traore and put Ollie on the right. 10 minutes too late.
  2. Turns out that Arteta is not the Messiah. He’s a very faulty boy.
  3. The referee did not so much blow the final whistle early - minus most of the 5 minutes due from those wasted between the 1st & 6th on VAR - as put Arsenal out of their misery early.
  4. Much better to have embarrassed Liverpool & Arsenal & Leicester.
  5. Gareth Southgate does not rate Jack Grealish as a starter.
  6. Ironic. Sky BO commentator said “Villa fans will be rising up all over Birmingham.” Nope. Before VAR, definitely.
  7. Fresh legs needed. Fresh legs needed. Fresh legs needed. Let’s call it the Deano 65th minute alarm.
  8. Right back at ya! They have ganged up on Cash, so clever to switch Jack over there to scare them.
  9. What a wake up call. Bamford was previously inept. Our coaches know exactly how Leeds play. Our players look disinterested and tired.
  10. Villa have looked leggy and lacked composure. Barkley needs a rest. McGinn has been absent. Give Hourihane and Nakamba a run out.
  11. Nakamba for McGinn and Traore for Trez needed. Shut down their left wing.
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