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  1. My mistake it's actually based on streams as well... ' To mark the occasion, Official Charts is revealing the UK's Top 40 biggest studios albums of the 21st Century. The chart, which aired as a special Pick of the Pops on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds between 1pm - 3pm, is based on physical sales, downloads and streams since January 1 2000. '
  2. The list doesn't include compilations or greatest hits, and is based on sales only, if it included streams you'd probably have Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, One Direction and others in there, they don't even make the rest of the top forty.
  3. Solskjær is probably a bigger legend amongst United fans than the likesof Cole, "Teddy Sheringham", Dwight Yorke and most other players outside of the obvious ones like Giggs, Scholes and Cantona. Legends who aren't great players are usually referred to as 'cult heroes' but I'd say Solskjær falls in the legendry status category because of his overall contribution, willingness to be a bench player and of course for his goal in the European Cup Final. His record in the Premier league is 91 goals, 37 assists in 235 appearances, which is very good considering that a lot of those appearances would have been from the bench and I think I'm right in saying he didn't always play as a striker, sometimes he'd fill in as a winger.
  4. useless

    The NSWE Board

    Just because we've spent more than £100m it doesn't mean to say that we've spent our parachute money, I'm pretty sure you get at least £100m for just being in the Premier league, a couple of season ago Palace finished seventeenth and received £109m, then there's the money that the owners are allowed to put it in, and you also have to bear in mind that although Purslow says we've spent £140m or whatever, quite a big proportion of that will be dependent on our signings achieving certain goals, and that all transfer fees aren't paid in one go they're paid over a number of years. If we were to get relegated we'd still receive parachute payments, on top of the circ £100m that we've already recieved just for being a Premier league club.
  5. useless

    The NSWE Board

    The money you get for being in the Premier league and parachute payments are two different things. If we were to get relegated we'd still get the parachute payments, we haven't spent them already because we haven't had them the same with every other club in the division.
  6. useless

    The NSWE Board

    The money we've spent in the summer has nothing to do with parachute payments, we only get those if we get relegated. Regardless of what this 'cash injection' is about, If in January we need to sign a top striker or whatever in order to help us stay in the league then I'm sure we'll pay the money to get one.
  7. useless

    The NSWE Board

    Maybe we're buying the ground back from ourselves.
  8. useless

    The NSWE Board

    Statement of capital on ASTON VILLA FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED following allotment of shares has gone from GBP 300,190,384 to GBP 357,190,384... and the statement of capital following allotment of shares on NSWE UK LIMITED has gone from GBP 208,780,437 to GBP 265,780,437... Whether that means they've put in two lots of £57m making the total £114m, or that they're essentially just moving money around or something else I'm not sure.
  9. useless

    Douglas Luiz

    I had a look on a City forum and they were talking about £25m as a buy back clause as well, some even saying they were shocked that it's that low. We aren'g going to pay £15m for a player and then risk losing them a season later for a couple of million, Purslow has said that we won't be loaning in players without a clause to buy as it's developing other club's players and agreeing to sell Luiz back to City for little more than we paid for him would be no different.
  10. useless

    Douglas Luiz

    No and I don't feel like finding one, as it might not be true, but if it is I think he said in one of his meetings with the fans rather than to the media. It was definitely talked about quite a bit on this forum in the summer.
  11. Charlemagne Palestine ‎– STTT THOMASSS ‘’’’’’‘’’DINGGGDONGGGDINGGGzzzzzzz ferrrr TONYYY’’’’’’’’
  12. useless


    The owner of Dell Computers was meant to be buying them, whether that's linked to this I'm not sure. Edit: It's apparently off now according to The Sun... ' The group, led by Glenn Fuhrman and backed by Dell computer cash, were unhappy with the buy-out plan after due diligence. '
  13. useless

    Douglas Luiz

    I'm sure he's going to be a good player but as it stands City won't be interested in buying him back, even if the release clause was the £15m that we paid for him, they wouldn't make much of a profit on that if any profit at all. Probably got a bigger chance of loosing Nakamba never mind Luiz.
  14. useless

    Douglas Luiz

    If the buy back clause is £25m then we should worry about him improving for us before we worry about City buying him either for their team, or to sell on for a profit.
  15. If 1 looks at Di Matteos signings it was only really McCormack, Tshibola, and Gollini that you could say were a waste of money and I think I'm right in saying that we got most of our money back for Gollini so that just leaves McCormack and Tshioboa who cost £17m if reports are to believed. In the next transfer window Bruce brought in Hogan, Lansbury, Bree, Bjarnason, Hourihane and Bedeau for a cool circa £20m, and when you consider that it's only really Hourihane out of those that's made any sort of an impact you could say that Bruce wasted just as much money in January as did Di Matteo the previous summer. Also Di Matteo signed Kodjia, Chester, Adomah, Jedinak without whom Bruce probably would have relegated us in first season (no offence to Bruce).
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