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  1. useless

    Tyrone Mings

    Could well be that. Had a closer look, and it looks like it's the logo of his academy, telling perhaps that he makes no mention of Bournemouth.
  2. useless

    Tyrone Mings

    Has changed his twitter profile picture from him in a Villa strip, to his initials.
  3. I remember when I astutely compared him to Iniesta in this thread, and people disagreed with me and called him an 'hit and run merchant' comparable to Albrighton. Even back before he made his first team debut, and watching him on streams for the reserves he looked like one of the most natural footballers I've ever seen.
  4. I can't believed anything would come of this Wednesday thing, as if the club knows days in advance on which day it will announce a player. Something that obviously started off as an harmless throwaway comment someho
  5. Next month is when everything will happen, when the rest of Europe's transfer window has opened.
  6. I always thought he looked a pretty decent player, but for some reason didn't get the same attention that some of the other youngers got, but he'll be twenty-two in a couple of months, so probably the right time for him to move on.
  7. Corey Blackett-Taylor has signed for Trammere Rovers.
  8. £11.5m is a lot of money for Jack Clarke, he's only made around twenty league appearances, the talk of £20m for him has always been ridiculous. He's a promising player, but not some wonder kid.
  9. Someone tweeted today that he's following Grealish and Ian Taylor, as in following them on social media. I suspect this one is only a matter of time now.
  10. Webster will be 25 shortly, yet last season was his full season in his whole career as previous to that he's been very injury prone. Not worth much more than we've reportedly bid for him, unless we give them an initial fee with the rest based on him meeting certain clauses.
  11. This time last year we were being linked to Trent Sainsbury and Robert Huth.
  12. It just came into my head, like a gift from the universe.
  13. It was all just a hopeless empty dream, no signings for us today or tomorrow, maybe some other beautiful day.
  14. For all Newcaste fans' moaning about Ashley, I'm not even sure if he's even done that bad of a job with them. Both times they were relegated he got them straight back up, and now they're a comfortable mid table side, and yes they've lost Benitez, but Ashley was the one that brought him to the club in the first place,. I don't know the state of their finances, but I'd imagine they're okay in that department as well.
  15. It might seem boring now with all these tedious posts, but guess what, the less transfer activity we do now, the more we will have to do next month when there will be practically new signings and bids for players every other day.

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