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  1. useless


    Don't think their form has been that great of late, only taken four points from the last five games, losing to Watford and failing to beat Newcastle, also got knocked out of the FA cup by United. They're closer to Newcastle in fourteenth than they are to Chelsea in fourth. Still doing better than I was expecting though.
  2. Tulloch young striker at Albion who we apparently had watched in December has reportedly had preliminary talks with Rangers as his contract runs out in June. Only just turned nineteen so would be another one for the future, but our U23s could probably do with a centre-forward, nine goals and four assists in thirteen games at that level so far this season, think quite a few clubs have been watching him.
  3. Hepburn-Murphy made his debut at the age of Sixteen, Grealish played a full season for Notts County at the age seventeen, think he might have been sixteen at the start of that season, both are of those were very slight, you don't have to be fully developed physically to make your debut, what you have to be care of is playing players that young too much as that can have it's affects, but giving them game time here and there if they're good enough (stating the obvious) can have it's benefits.
  4. I don't think anyone is suggesting that he's going to come in and become a regular in the first team squad or anything like that, just given how highly rated he is he might get some minutes off the bench just to give him some experience and help with his development, think that will only happen this season if we know our fate before the last game of the season, maybe we will give a few more of our youngsters a chance in that scenario as well. For the most part he will be involved with the U23s, which is already an higher level than you'd expect a sixteen year old to be playing at.
  5. Barry will make his debut either this season or next... Bellingham already playing for small heath, and if he goes to United make no mistake about it he will be in their first team squad as well and will make his debut, Elliot has already played for LIverpool, Karamoko Dembélé has already played for Celtic, and Barry is rated as on the same level as these players, if he'd have stayed at Albion probably would have made his first team debut for them by now, was playing for Barcelona's U19 team and was their youngest player in that team by some distant, or so I've read.
  6. Initial reports said that Louie was going to go straight into the U23 team and train with the first team squad, with the possibility of him making his first team debut before the end of the season. I think he's signing in the sense that we've signed him and paid money for him, but when Smith speaks of needing a certain number of players, I don't think he's including Barry in those numbers, that will just be players who are going to come straight into the first team match day squads. Also as far as I'm aware there are no limitations on what you spend on the academy side of things, so don't think that Barry's fee will affect our FFP situation.
  7. Back then and before the O'Neill years us finishing even midtable was seen as a failure.
  8. Hadn't seen the film but saw that there was a TV version of Love Exposure, which has an hour extra footage, so watched that... Liked it a lot, one of the best things I've seen...
  9. I'm hoping them putting that up is a precursor to them giving him the money to make a film or TV series, as long as they give him total control.
  10. useless

    The Film Thread

    Watched Andrei Rublev, had been meaning to watch it but after watching Hard to Be a God and lot of people comparing the two, decided to give it a go, really liked it. Also watched Zazie dans le Métro because of wanting to watch something a bit more light hearted, liked it a lot better than I expecting, apparently it's one of RIchard Ayoade's favorite films.
  11. useless

    Louie Barry

    @tonyh29 "how the mighty have fallen , from Juventus to Villa under 23's in one season Jacob " We've also got a player in our U17s called Aaron Ramsey, he's Jacob's younger brother and has already played with Louie for the England U17s... Jacob's also played for England at youth level, but he's a couple of years older.
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