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  1. Gayle has scored 46 goals in his last two seasons in the championship, at Newcastle he scored 23 in 32 appearances. His goal record in the premier league is actually surprisingly good as well when you look at it closley, 24 scored in 5.327 minutes of football that's just over 59 games worth. His contract run out in July of next year. if Albion go up I think they might go for him.
  2. Aston Villa are poised to sign two exciting youngsters from Europe to boost their under-23 side, according to The Athletic. Birmingham Mail
  3. Arsenal have taken only one less point than Liverpool over the last ten games, but they're beatable if they have an off day and we have good one. Think we just have to worry about Everton for now though, hopefully a good result in that one will give us the confidence to give Arsenal a good game, and if we could sneak win would hopefully make them all the more determined to bounce back against Watford on the final day.
  4. Has scored the same amount of goals this season that Costa, Adama, and Cavaleiro scored between them for Wolves last season, also scored three more than Sessegnon scored for Fulham. Hopefully he can get a few more before the end of the season.
  5. Leicester's form since Christmas has only been marginally better than relegation form, have taken just eleven points from the last twelve games, they were twelve when they sacked Puel, they're not the kind of club that waits to drop into the relegation zone before sacking the manger. Rodgers will probably survive this season, but if he gets off to a bad start then he'll be at risk of losing his job. Just had a look on 'Foxestalk' and there's a 'Rodgers out' thread, only looked at the first page, but seems a surprising amount of them are in agreement.
  6. I've reviewd the incident again and he might have put his hands on his leg but it wasn't as if he was rolling around the floor, or appealing for a penalty, he stayed on the floor but I think that was just out of exasperation that after going on a good run it had come to nothing.
  7. It wasn't a penalty, Grealish dived... But I don't think he was diving to try and win a penalty, he was standing on the Palace defender's foot so he was just diving to get off it, so well done to him for doing his best to avoid causing injury, and well spotted by the referee, which is why I think he avoided being booked.
  8. With the elect execption of me everyone on here yesterday was accepting that we'd already been relegated. That we've even given ourselves some hope is the main thing, has been a good day for us regardless of the Bournemouth result, better that they won and we won than both of us had have lost, we're three points closer to safety than we were with a chance to close the gap to one point on Thursday against a team with nothing to play.
  9. Said it before but the way things are going Brendan Rodgers might become available.
  10. The main thing is that we won our game and are now four points from safety rather than seven. We still have to beat Everton, do that and we will go above Bournemouth providing that they lose against Man City.
  11. If we're to get enough points to finish above one of West Ham or Watford then that will probably be enough to finish above Bournemouth anyway, so not much has changed in that regard.
  12. Hogan probably did enough to save them, but his form has now dropped enough that we mght still find it difficult to sell him, if he'd have carried on his form we might have been able to get a decent fee. If they still want him I'd be tempted to offer him in exchange for Sunjic.
  13. useless


    It is a one off, Wolves last season finished fourteen points off fourth spot, and are only closer this season because the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Man Utd are having poor seasons by their usual standards. Shouldn't really matter though, It's not as if Wolves should be challenging for top four, at least not at the moment, so to be doing as well as they are is still a big achievement, with potential to improve.
  14. Brighton aren't out of it yet, have three tricky games coming up, if they were to lose the next two, and we were to get four points from our next two, then suddenly we'd be in with a chance of going above them on the last day of the season.
  15. Just looked at their results and they haven't won in the league in twelve games now, in all competitions they haven't won in fourteen games. They now have the inexperienced duo of Steve Spooner and Craig Gardner managing them and If they lose to Charlton in the week they could be in trouble as their last two are against Preston and Derby, both still in with a chance of the play-offs. What will probably save them is how poor those around them are, and possible points deductions for Wigan and Wednesday.
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