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  1. useless


    He didn't do that great of a job at Derby, finished sixth, the same position and with less points than Rowett did the season before, and Rowett didn't have the likes of Harry Wilson, Tomori, or Mason Mount available. I think Chelsea are the only premier league side that would have even considered giving him a job at that point, but now he's had that experience he might get another chance, but doubt it will be with one of the top teams, might end up somewhere like Brighton or Newcastle, or maybe even England manager.
  2. Traore has good CF stats playing in a front two, as far as I'm aware he's never actually played as a lone forward, so I think this idea that he'd be a ready made replacement for Watkins is a bit of a myth, might be okay for a game or two but not something we'd want to depend on for a lengthy spell of time. Also he's doing so well on the wing why would we want to risk moving him from that position just because we're short in another area, you would be penalizing yourself in two areas of the field when you're only short in one area.
  3. Doubt the replys would be as flippant if the rumour was that we were going to lose Barry or Chukwuemeka, can only imagine that some don't realise how highly rated Philogene-Bidace is or how well he's been performing for our U23s. Not someone we want to be losing, and not really something you can dismiss as 'it happens', as it then sets a trend for other younsters to leave. Really hope that the rumours aren't true.
  4. That's what Newcastle fans are worried about, quite bizzare to see some of their comments about the game, using words like 'sadly' and 'unfortunately' when predicting that they could win, even seen some of them refer to some of their games as 'must not wins'. Not a good place to be if you're so displeased with the manager that you're hoping that you're team doesn't win, or you can't take any enjoyment from it. They have to be careful though, if Fulham's form continues then they'll be in a genuine relegation battle, they're already one of the worst three teams over the last ten games, if t
  5. I wouldn't rule them out of beating Leeds, Newcastle are the kind of team that can be on a bad run of form and then from nowhere go and beat a decent side, they're a bit like Palace in that sense, and it's not even as if Leeds themselves are in the best of form at the moment.
  6. useless


    At the start of the season people were talking about Chelsea as title challengers, and certainly there was a feeling that they had to improve on the last few seasons after the money they spent in the summer. They're currently nineth in the table, below the likes of Us, West Ham and Everton, doesn't really surprise me at all that they've sacked him, in fact I was half expecting them to do it after last season. Sarri did better, and was treated worse, but can't recall any massive outpouring of sympathy for him when he was fired.
  7. A lot of Sheffield Wednesday fans surprisingly seem to like him and say they would take him back, despite the fact that when he first signed for them there was that thing of him staying in the Caribbean for the first month to watch cricket, and then he left them as soon as Newcastle came calling, despite the fact that he'd already signed five players for Wednesday that Summer, so he kind of left them in limbo.
  8. This idea that Bruce 'stopped the rot' is the biggest myth going, any manager would have improved us because of the massive amount of money that we had spent by championship standards, if Di Matteo had have stayed he probably would have done just as well as Bruce did in that first season, we weren't even playing badly in the lead up to him getting sacked. Similarly if we'd have appointed Pearson, or Moyes instead of Bruce, they'd have done just as well, and probably better, it's not like Bruce did anything that any half competent manager couldn't have done in that first season, after spen
  9. I'd wait until we get some official news, seems that the 'AVFC Faithful' account have said that things are going to happen in the past, and those thing haven't happened, and their response has been, 'people think that nothing can change in football'; with that caveat you can say pretty much whatever you want and you've got an excuse if it doesn't happen.
  10. Are the 'AVFC Faithful' very reliable? I've scrolled through some of their tweets and it doesn't look like they usually deal in speculation, but apart from a Brugge fan account linking them with Philogene-Bidace earlier today I can't find anything else, yet people are reacting to the AVFC Faithful tweet as if it's confirmation that he's going. If there's any truth to it and they're going to give him game time, then surely it would benefit him and us more, if it was a loan move. Along with Chukwuemeka he's probably been the best and most consistent player for our U23s this season from
  11. I'm not sure if youngsters signing short term contracts when they get their first professional deal is that uncommon, think it's usually one or two years.
  12. I've just noticed that... Would be very disappointing if true.
  13. Could probably do with a loan if he's out of contract this year.
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