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  1. If we draw with Sheffield United then Southampton will go above us if they beat West Ham at home, but if Bournemouth lose to Chelsea then they'd drop into the bottom three in that scenario. I can't see us getting anything next weekend, I fear it might even be another heavy defeat, in which case we'll need West Ham to beat Southampton, which I hope they do whatever our result is, need to get as far away from that bottom three as possible.
  2. useless

    Dean Smith

    We've already been outscoring most teams around us but we've conceded two or more goals in ten of the games we've played, we could sign Kane, Abraham, Agüero or any other top striker but would still struggle to outscore the oppo if we don't improve our defensive play. Even Smith himself has said we need to improve defensively and to stop allowing teams to have so many shots at our goal, it's naive to think we just need to sign another striker and all our problems will be solved, especially when you bear in mind we're unlikey to able to find a forward who give us a much better strike rate of one in every three or four games unless we get lucky.
  3. They've got Burnley away coming up and then Palace at home those fixtures are harder than they look, should they stumbe in those they then play, Mancheter United (a), Everton (h), Leicester (h), Wolves (a), Chelsea (h) and Everton (a), so I think the potential is there for them to go on a bad run over the rest of December and January and get dragged back into the relegation fight.
  4. useless

    Wesley Moraes

    Have a feeling come the end of the season we'll look back on a lot of these posts and have a laugh at how hilariously wrong they were about Wesley. It's still but the dawn of his curriculum Villa vitae, all it will take is a few goals in the coming matches and his goals to game ratio will suddenly be looking decent again, just needs to get going once more.
  5. Benteke would do well in our current side, could well be a shrewd signing on loan and could have a sort of master and apprentice relationship with Wesley. But Palace might be reluctant to let him join if they see us as rivals.
  6. useless

    Dean Smith

    Who said that 17th is the goal, that's probably the minimum requirement not the 'goal', I think Smith has more pride in the club and his ability than that and our owners have more ambition than that. It could go either way as it stands, if we carry on like we have over the last seven games we'll be lucky not to finish 20th never mind 17th, but if we can pick up some form make sure we're not in the relegation places come January and make some decent signings then it's not inconceivable that we could finish midtable.
  7. Someone on here made a very good observation when they said he reminds them of Gareth Barry, good point, I can see the similarities, his playing style is definitely suggestive to me of a cultured midfielder but playing at left-back. Edit: Just realised it was me...
  8. Bertrand only played one more game than Targett for Southampton last season, the main reason their fans didn't rate him was because he was playing as a left wing-back, they were relying in him as their main thread down the left hand side he doesn't thrive in that position, but when he plays in a back four he's better as he's showed with Fulham and is showing promising signs of with us as well. Players like Pereira, Traore, and Willian will give anyone a tough time, even left-backs at the very top clubs.
  9. useless

    Dean Smith

    It can't be true surely, but sometimes it feel as though myself and the people who like my posts (whether by actually pressing the like button or smiling in agreement as they read them) are the only ones with any sense of perspective or balance, yes of course Smith's job shouldn't be in any danger and overall it hasn't been a disastrous start, but at the same time it's okay to admit that things aren't going brilliantly currently and to express concern. We've lost five of the last seven and won only one of them, Vengloš, O'Leary, Taylor, McLeish, Houllier and Lamert all did better after sixteen games in all their seasons with us, if we're to have any chance of staying up we need to improve and do better, it's no good being passive about our current situation and pretend everything is going brilliantly.
  10. We've only picked up wins against a Norwich team that had an injury crisis, a Brighton team that played half of the game with ten men, an Everton side that were about to embark on their worst start to a season in many years, and Newcastle who are probably the best team we've beat this season. So it's not just the big teams we're not beating, we're struggling against everyone.
  11. useless

    Dean Smith

    One win in seven and I'd be surprised if it's anything other than one win in eight after next weekend, that's a woeful return by anyone's standards, I don't think we can point to the level of the opposition either, eight games is nearly half of the league if we can't do better than one win in that run, then that doesn't reflect well on us whichever way you look at it. Over three or four games against tough opposition having a bad run of form is understandable, but when it gets to seven and eight games not so much, before it gets to that point you need to pull off a few surprise results like our relegation rivals have shown they're capable of doing, we haven't even beaten anyone half decent yet. Smith's got some work to do to show that he's going to be a good manager in this league, the head honchos will be watching on.
  12. When we signed Robbie Keane he showed our other players up a bit and was a class above everyone else, I think Pedro would be similar with only Grealish being on his level. Would be surprised if it happened though.
  13. useless

    Wesley Moraes

    I've never said he's amazing, just that the defence is more to blame for our current predicament than Wesley, today's game being another example of that.
  14. If we fail to win today it will mean that we will have less points after sixteen games than we had at the same stage in Lambert's last two seasons, the Mcleish's and Houllier seasons, all three of O'Leary's seasons, and also Graham Taylor's campaign when he returned to the club. Today would be a good day for us to finally win against a top six team, like so many other clubs seem to be able to do.
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