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  1. Just noticed that Gemma Davies is now the England U19 manager. Laura Blindkilde Brown, Freya Gregory, Olivia McLoughlin, and Missy Goodwin have been named in the squad for the UEFA European Women’s Under-19 Championship qualifiers.
  2. Bradley Burton has signed for Alvechurch.
  3. Golden Grealicious Jack leaving us to join Man City was a lot more likely and believable than Smith leaving us to join Tottenham Hotspurs. If Man City were to offer their managerial job to Smith then I'm sure he'd very much tempted by the possibility, but him leaving us to manage someone like Spurs I couldn't see happening, and not just because he's a Villa fan.
  4. He's joined Wolves as 'Head of Youth Development' but he was our 'Youth Development Phase Coach', which I'm pretty sure is just a fancy title that we give to our U16 Head Coach, certainly I've read previously that that's what his role with us is. Wolves advertised for the position a few months back, so presumably we gave him permission to apply for it, maybe his contract with us was coming to an end anyway. Mark Harrison is the head of our youth academy, and Steve Hopcroft is the head of Head of Player Talent ID.
  5. Allow me to apply the finishing touch to this point ... The reason Smith might not get linked to the 'top jobs' in the same way that Potter does, presuming by 'top jobs' people mean the Tottenham job, then that might have something to do with the possibility that the media knows the idea of Smith leaving Villa of his own accord to go and manage at Spurs, a is a lot less likely and believable than Potter leaving Brighton to manage Spurs.
  6. Just because Potter has been linked to bigger clubs by the clickbait media that doesn't mean to say that he was ever in serious contention for those jobs, if Spurs were serious about wanting him for example he'd be their manager now. Smith is already managing at a club bigger than any club that Potter is likely to manage.
  7. Unless I'm completely missing something, Potter has shown nothing whatsoever in the English game to suggest he's a better manager than Smith, he finished 10th in the Championship with Swansea, Steve Cooper immediately improved them, and then in his last two seasons with Brighton they finished 15th and 16th with 41 points, hardly an improvement on their finishes under Hughton. How can anyone even in their wildest dreams think that that makes him a a better manager than someone that won promotion from the championship when promotion looked impossible, then managed to keep that team in the Premier league having had to build an whole new squad, and then finished last season on 55 points, which is fourteen more points than Potter has managed in his two seasons with Brighton, and lets not pretend as some do that they're some sort of Brentford-esque club, they've spent hundreds of millions of pounds on their squad.
  8. Dominic Revan was out for six months and is just now coming back, Bridge was out for a similar length of time as well, so that's why those two have hardly featured, they've been injured, and we probably did well to get them loan moves in the first place. Raikhy too picked up an injury after starting the season well with Stockport. Bradley Young has played for 36, 31, 28, 71, and 63 minutes in each of Carlisle's last five league games and has also been playing the EFL Trophy, and Tyreik Wright has played a similar number of minutes for Salford, so we can't say those two haven't been given a chance, that game time will seen as invaluable experience for them, so I think those two loans will be viewed as going well. Injuries aside which isn't really the fault of the loan clubs, I think it's only really the Barry and Seb Revan loans that we will be disappointed by,
  9. I don't think Frith was ever really a left-back as such, it seems he played there once for Chelsea and because of that and very little in the way of other information to go by, some of the stat websites such as transfermarkt, declared left-back as his position. But he's very much a winger, it's where he's played all his games for us and where he played all but one of his games for Chelsea.
  10. Gaslight (1944) - Apparently the origin of the psychological term 'Gaslighting', a really good movie. Jeanne Dielman - I thought it was good, well shot, and for a three plus hour movie where for the most part there's no dialogue and not much happens it goes by pretty quickly. Muriel, or the Time of a Return - I liked the way it looks, and was edited in an interesting way.
  11. I watched small heath's game against Forest a couple of weeks ago, and despite having two or three first teamers in their line-up, including Etheridge, and Jordan Graham, they looked really poor and lost 5-0, this was against a team in Forest who themselves are new to this level. I think they've played first team players in most of their games this season, and wouldn't be surprised if they do it to a greater extent against us in an attempt to get a result, especially as their first team plays the day before this game, meaning anyone who doesn't play in that will be available to play against us. Either way I hope we name as strong a team as possible.
  12. According to someone who posts on another forum he turned a contract offer with Chelsea because he thought that he could get a better offer elsewhere, this poster works for Albion's academy, and posted this just after we played them, so I'm guessing he might have got that information whilst at the game.
  13. Lost on penalties, disappointing result and performance, the fact that Liverpool were constantly time wasting after their equalizer illustrates that a draw and a chance to take the game to penalties was a very good result for them. On the plus side Mayling looks a class above everyone else, could see her getting frustrated at times, and understandably so, probably should be in the England squad, already wondering if other teams might come in for her.
  14. useless

    The NSWE Board

    I think it's the Sawiris family that technically owns us along with Wes Edens, because when the takeover was initially announced it was announced as Sawiris' NNS Group, and I've since read that that company is owned by the Sawiris family with Nassef being the head of it after his father stepped down. Not that it matters in terms of how much we're going to spend anyway.
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