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  1. I misread the table, but given they've got more games left to play and are in better form than we were going in to the close of the season, I'd still say that we survived from a more perilous position than the one they're currently in. That's not to say I think they'll survive, just that teams have survived from worse positions both form wise and in terms of points.
  2. They could be back in trouble if they lose on Saturday.
  3. Wolves may have planning permission, but their owners have apparently backed out of plans to go ahead with a stadium redevelopment, so I don't think that they will be extending the capacity any time soon.
  4. We survived last season from a worse position than Albion are in now, we were seven points adrift with four games to go, they're six points adrift with seven games to go. And they've taken more points since Allardyce came in than we did over the same span of games last season, so they're actually in better form than we were going into the final games.
  5. I've just watched some highlights of Moussa Diaby, he looks like a good player.
  6. Looking at the remaining fixtures finishing above Everton might be our best chance of a top half finish. So a Brighton win would be good for us, but based on how results have gone so far this weekend I'm expecting an Everton win.
  7. I remember when we were being linked to Watkins some were against it because of other championship strikers that haven't done well in the premier league. But if you'd have seen Watkins play it was obvious that he had a very good chance of succeeding in the promised land because his all round game was so cold, and I feel similarly about Dike, albeit I haven't as much as him as I'd seen of Watkins. He's still raw, but has age on his side, such is his potential and reputation that if we don't sign him then he will probably end up at another big club.
  8. If we beat Burton tomorrow then we will play Newcastle away in the quarter-finals after they won their fifth round match against Watford on Sunday.
  9. Form tables based on the last six games don't really tell one anything that one doesn't already know without looking at them, it's based on such a small quantity of games, that a single result can change standings drastically.
  10. Looking at our remaining fixtures we will be doing well to average a point per game between now and the end of season. If we do manage it, fifty plus points won't be a bad progession from last season.
  11. I wonder if Madueke is someone we're looking at, nine goals and eight assists for PSV, England U21 international so would fit in with the profile of a young player that's looking to get into the national team, can also play in all of the attacking positions.
  12. The three or four times I've seen Dike he's looked good, I think he's more direct and agressive than Davis, and obviously has shown a better knack for scoring goals, and he's doing it in a Barnsley team who if you watch them play don't actually look that good, it's pretty much Dike's goals that has elevated them to their current heights. Also worth remembering that he's still only 20 years old. Presuming that we're not going to be looking to replace Watkins as the starting centre-forward, and are therefore unlikely to be looking to spend £40m plus on a player to come straight into the fir
  13. Lingard's doing well, but before long his form will drop off to it's typical level, and people will go back to not rating him again and this current spell will be remembered as that of a ephemeral flash in the pan. He was never as bad as some made out, but equally based on the evidence of his career up until now he isn't as good as his current form suggests. Also I think a most were against the idea of swapping Lingard for Grealish rather than signing Lingard in isolation.
  14. Today's starting line-up was: Marschall, Appiah, McBride, Swinkels, Aaron O'Reilly, Afoka, Tommi O'Reilly, Lindley, Bradley Young, Abldeen-Goodridge, and Reddin... So not a particularly inexperienced team, four of those are in their second year with the U18s, and most of the others have played a decent amount of games this season, and no U16s involved. But we've been out of form for a while now, We were doing well up until Christmas, since then Bogarde, Raikhy, Chrisene, and Bradley Young have been promoted to the U23s and we've been rotating the team more to give some of the first y
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