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  1. https://www.skybluestalk.co.uk/threads/coventry-city-vs-gillingham-match-thread-saturday-24th-aug.105797/page-16#post-1814458
  2. They're doing better than I was expecting but still a long way to go yet. Swansea look dangerous, finished last season quite strongly to the point where they had an outside chance of making the play offs with just a few games to go, after being lower mid table for most of the season, thought losing their manager might derail them but have carried on the good form, but as with Leeds it's still early days for them as well. Norwich were still mid table well into October last year, things can change so fast in the championship.
  3. Just had a look on sky blues talk, and apparently when he was brought on in the second half, their fans or some of them were singing s*** on the Villa. Not a great situation for him if true.
  4. Our best and most influential player, some might not realise it now but if he was to get injured you'd soon notice how much we'd miss him.
  5. Got a feeling that El Ghazi is going to have a really good game.
  6. useless


    Having read the last few pages safe to say that if the posts were the same but written by different posters then the reactions would be completely different. Bullying is bullying one of it's hallmarks is victimizing individuals and making them feel singled out, so of course only a few
  7. A nice refreshing cup of instant coffee : )
  8. useless


    “What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?”
  9. If we survive this season, then he's going to have to make a very big impression in league one to be considered good enough for a premier league side, or even one that's aiming for promotion from the championship should it come to that. Same goes for Hepburn-Murphy, Doyle-Hayes, Green and Davis, all have less than a year left on their current deals, and need to have big seasons if they're to have a future at the club, especially if we're still a premier league side next season.
  10. The inspiratin for 12 Monkeys...
  11. Cavaleiro looking like a very good signing for Fulham, scored another two tonight and assisted another. Was surprised that Wolves let him go, and even more so that he could only get a move to a championship club.
  12. Don't know or can't recall if they had a fall out, but if no,t wouldn't be surprised if Pullis ended up back at Stoke.
  13. Most teams outside of the top six won't have a left-back that costs £11m never mind £17m, and certainly not any of the promoted teams. We also had to spread our transfer budget out very thinley as we needed to sign a lot of players, so no way we'd be paying as much as we did for Targett with the intention of him being a bench player, if we really thought Taylor was good enough for the first team we would have gone for a cheaper left-back to sit on the bench, and spent the money elsewhere. Of Course Taylor might perform in such a manner that he becomes undroppable, but I've not doubt whatsoever that when Targett was signed it was with a view to him being our first choice left-back.
  14. I know he's not our player any longer, but Blackett-Taylor has been sent off for Trammere tonight, they must be wondering what it is with players that have come from us, Hepburn-Murphy is only just returning from his three suspension today, and has been brought on for the final fifteen minutes, they're actually down to nine men, as a player called Banks has also been sent off, so wouldn't expect him to do much in those circumstances.

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