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  1. S-Platt

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    They have played against the dross of the league other the game against us the past few weeks. Long way to go yet have faith.
  2. S-Platt

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Well I am not going to argue if he continues to perform and we stay down we should still use our option to buy him at 5 million and flog him for 20 plus!
  3. S-Platt

    Anwar El Ghazi

    The thing with taking up the option of buying him in Jan is it frees up a loan spot for Heaton. Since Bruce wasted 2 loans on 2 keepers we might as well loan a 3rd! Third time lucky and all that! El Ghazi has been brilliant since coming on against Forest. It's a testament to the coaching of Deano and co. I look forward to seeing other players benefit from this coaching. UTV
  4. S-Platt

    Ratings & Reactions: West Brom v Villa

    the first 2 I will give you ball to hand but as those 2 hand balls pushed the ball wide how you can say the 3rd that diverted it towards goal is not deliberate!!?
  5. S-Platt

    West Bromwich Albion

    it's a compliment that WBA, Blues, Coventry and even Wolves now seem to hate us you know what it means and deep down so do they! Forever in our Shadow and THE ONLY TEAM THAT MATTERS!
  6. S-Platt

    Paul McGrath

    God's Stairway to Heaven!?
  7. S-Platt

    Paul McGrath

    Watched that on YouTube last night well the God highlights and he was like a 1 man defence!! I seem to recall at the time that game kicked off around midnight and I was out hammered in town somewhere but it was like Villa had beat Italy! God, Houghton (scored the only goal) Townsend and Staunton all in the starting 11 I think!? I always used to stand at the back of The Holte but one away game at The Baseball Ground I had to go in the Derby end standing by the touchline on the side of the pitch as could not get in the Villa end. Platt and Daley scored in 2-0 win but what I remember was being so close to God and hearing him shout "Oh Yeah" when he would win a challenge!! Really stood out more than the goals! Legend of a man used to see him in his Ferrari in Moseley too from time to time!
  8. S-Platt

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    The form thing is interesting to me at the moment we have a number of players on top form. As we know you can lose form quickly but what I see with us is a decent replacement should anyone lose form. Well in Midfield and Attack at least!! The defence is where we have issues in personnel so I think this is where Deano will strengthen in Jan. Having Kodija, Hogan, Adomah and Davies as back up to Tammy, Bolasie and El Ghazi is what should fire us up the league. There are not many teams that will cause us enough problems that we can't outscore. WBA Friday are possibly the only other team with that sort of back up. It is going to be a fun ride and we have our part to play as fans. The feel good factor has returned we just need to roar them home to the promise land!
  9. S-Platt


    teams have figured them out and it will only get harder. Need a decent forward.
  10. S-Platt

    Copa Libertadores

    if I was a younger man with no ties I would be making the trip to Madrid for this once in a lifetime chance really.
  11. S-Platt

    Joe Lolley

    perfect job application! He on loan to Forest or permanent?
  12. Dean Smith does not do draws they said!! That was amazing from start to finish gutted not to have won but you can see this team of Bruce's is going to get even better when Deano signs a few. McGinn was playing with an injury for me and that allowed Forest to waltz through us at will. Nyland is awful I expect Bunn to get a run from now on. Tammy is great but missed his easiest header. Bolasie looked loads better than Albert Kod was shocking tonight one of his off games. El-Ghazi nice little cameo another option off the bench which is good. Chester getting worse Axel getting better. Nice round of applause for Grabben classy from us. Lolly put in a good job application! Fantastic entertainment if you are thinking about a half season ticket then do it! UTV
  13. S-Platt

    Copa Libertadores

    Will be played in USA me thinks Pasadena Rose Bowl would be nice 100 thousand in attendance.
  14. S-Platt

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    They played to their maximum and we were below par. I guess you can say they made us look bad for the first 35 mins but in the end the class told. Tougher tests to come this week and we need to be better in midfield to get a result in both games. We can walk tall and smile at work tomorrow so thanks boys! Alan Hutton you just have to admire him plays left or right gets stuck in and scores goal of the season! Legend. UTV
  15. S-Platt

    Steve Bruce

    will he be a guest pundit on Sky this weekend? or too soon?