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  1. S-Platt

    Midweek Football 18/22 February

    I will see your Luiz and raise you Jorginho he is Ashley Westwood in disguise how he plays in Kantes position is beyond me!
  2. S-Platt

    Midweek Football 18/22 February

    They did win the title 2 years ago and the cup last year though not bad for a club on the slide!
  3. S-Platt

    Midweek Football 18/22 February

    how long do you think before Roman thinks enough is enough? Not even allowed in the country these days can't be long.
  4. S-Platt

    The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    it was quoted on talksport so take with a pinch of salt that Ramos has missed over a season in games through suspension since he has been at Real! Impressive if true.
  5. S-Platt

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Not sure Kodjia would have bagged that chance in the first 5 minutes yesterday by rounding the keeper. Think he would have scored a few of the chances Tammy has missed and conversely not been in the position to tap in some that Tammy has scored. I would say similar goal outputs played in the same position.
  6. S-Platt

    Dean Smith

    You have to go through rough patches to learn. I am of the opinion that we stick and get behind him however hard that is. We have had highs and lows in his time here he needs to be given the summer to clear the decks. A young hungry team that plays on the front foot from the whistle will emerge next season.
  7. S-Platt

    John McGinn

    yes the rest will do him good and it must be hard playing with the knowledge you are 1 booking away from suspension. He comes back with Jack to hopefully give us optimism for next season!
  8. S-Platt

    Conor Hourihane

    I was in the Upper North Stand he was not booed from where i was, cheered off for the wrong reasons yes but not booed. If he grew a spine and actually tried to influence the game say receive the ball and turn instead of straight back to the player. Or maybe go into a tackle to win the ball rather than a fanny like for the 2nd goal today then the crowd would give him respect. Local derby and you put in that garbage and let's be honest it's not the first time then you get that treatment from the fans. Hologram not Hourihane
  9. S-Platt

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Tammy scores the first it's a different game. Some improvements in defence. Midfield again the issue even though McGinn and Whealen did ok. West Brom won't go up they are a carbon copy of us last year solid and methodical. Sheff Utd were miles better last week. I am not too down probably as I don't know any baggies fans being from Moseley! Hourihane again shocking call him Hologram from now on. Dread to think what midfield will be like without SJM worrying!
  10. another update from the ground I think Steer might be on 2nd Half.
  11. I am at the game if Hourihane is not such a wuss they don't get the ball for goal no2 he is **** shite!! We get the next goal we have a chance.
  12. S-Platt


    Harry Kane and Deli Ali say hi
  13. S-Platt

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    I have a season ticket and have been to watch us all over the country and Europe kid so I think I know when if the players can't be arsed Hourihane Adomah looking at you then why should I! I will be there Saturday hoping for the best but my patience is wearing thin.
  14. S-Platt

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Did not watch as I knew what would happen. Watched Spurs dismantle Dortmund and thought to myself we used to spank Spurs! I watch us I throw something at the TV and get annoyed so bonus! We have been shite for weeks I just hope when Jack is back we are at least competitive again as we have 3 more months of this shit!
  15. Already signed the RB that kid in France. Just need the LB and 2 kids from the youth to cover them.