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  1. I like it need something different in a 3rd kit and that ticks all the boxes.
  2. S-Platt


    School night 8pm kick off people selling their kids tickets back to the club.
  3. The lack of stock has one thing in common this year and last which is Fanatics. The sooner we get out that deal the better. Take a look at other Kappa sponsored clubs That have shed loads more stuff on sale. I was excited by Kappa coming in but something is not right when I look at other clubs. Hope things improve and I trust the board to sort it out.
  4. Free for season ticket holders if you purchase online. As there are 30000 season ticket holders I think it's a decent offer! I have got 6 as it's free to give it a whirl!
  5. Got him in my fantasy team too had a mare!!
  6. We don't have a long throw expert though!
  7. S-Platt


    Loads left when I just checked for extra tickets looks like this is the chance for those that buy on general sale. Night game under the lights it is going to be special!
  8. Test cricket is amazing when it's like that I thought I had seen everything at edgbaston 2005 but that was even better!!! Stokes is the man but we need to drill home the advantage now otherwise it will be for nothing.
  9. What is good for the viewer is that all 3 promoted teams have come up to play it seems. it would be nice if all 3 stayed up playing that way.
  10. S-Platt

    Wesley Moraes

    For those mentioning the little tantrums when he does not get the pass Tekkers used to do that all the time too. The difference now is we have better players that are learning about each other so when they all gel this boy makes his runs and players not just Jota seeing them will be second nature. We are still in infants we have junior, senior school, college to go through before we hopefully get our honours degree as a team. Players not just Wesley will have ups and downs but we as fans have to keep a level head and enjoy the ride. It is bloody exciting!!
  11. Chelsea are gonna need Concorde to get to Anfield on time!
  12. I would give my left nut for this one proper rare!
  13. I needed some funds for a house deposit! Missus was giving me grief! I know I know don't settle down kids
  14. Yep I had that one too but sold it!
  15. Sold all my rare ones recently this was my fave

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