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  1. I agree I would say Covid kept us up but has also derailed our champions league hopes! We were flying until we had that outbreak.
  2. If I was to upgrade Villa Park I would keep it simple 2 Holte Ends and 2 Trinity Roads that would give us 60k and keep it special. Ideally some brick work to replace the cladding on Trinity to give us an identity.
  3. Yep me too was awesome great 4 nights of fun!
  4. Nope that was Rapid Vienna we beat Slavia 1-0 in Prague in the group stage.
  5. To be fair this does not bother me we have fans that say KaWanker and used to call Redknapp every name under the sun! Gargoyle brothers and so on its all harmless fun.
  6. Because we only really see him in a Villa shirt and when he was here he was different gravy. Add that as an option off the bench he would offer more than Davis then it's not really that hard to understand?
  7. If he is not injured I am happier for him to be between some large knockers than out for a few weeks!
  8. And Weymouth seem to play in the right colours!
  9. Mourinho if they are happy to defend and play on the break he is the man. Loves life in London so could happen.
  10. XG = 0.2 you have to laugh! Still love Tekkers.
  11. The mythical midfield enforcer we are missing I was watching the championship highlights and Billing is still at Bournemouth could lighting strike twice like with Tyrone and we turn him into a top player!?
  12. Can't believe they are going to knock down the San Siro for a corporate smaller stadium. Its so iconic for me. 1990 world cup it blew me away with its size. Lucky enough to go to the 2001 Champions League Final there Bayern beating Valencia. I prefer Inter to AC after our games with them.
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