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  1. Ladies top that one Mens has different collar and longer sleeves!
  2. My theory is the kappa logos on the home kit will be blue as that is what is on the face mask I bought from the club shop.
  3. As it was a family ticket my mate paid it and I paid him. I know he got his back in one go too and so did the other season ticket holders I go with.
  4. Strange they called me up and paid it one lump sum! That was 2 weeks ago. Only £100 for me the boy as I am in the family stand.
  5. Its ok lads if we did not loan them Hogan they would be rock bottom. So remember wonder boy Bellingham did not keep them up. It was Villa player Hogan.
  6. Going back to the 18 million wage cap. What is to stop players becoming self employed and invoicing the club so off the wage bill. That's what happens in many businesses around the world. Makes them work harder to keep that income coming in too!
  7. FA Cup plays a big part in the relegation battle for me. Man City v Arsenal Chelsea v Man Utd Man City just rested players ahead of the Semis this weekend. Our game v Arsenal could be easier if Arsenal win but likewise so could Watford v Man City or West Ham v Man Utd. Watford also have Arsenal last game of the season. Only chance of silverware for most although Man City and Man Utd still have European games after the FA Cup. The only thing we need worry about though is ourselves just win every game we stay up!
  8. 12 days of 4 games a day book it off and enjoy it!? If things carry on like they are most people can work from home and watch it all anyway
  9. If you are innocent you do not get fined 10 million. So they are guilty of wrong doing. I really could not care as has been discussed FFP is a complete joke a restraint of trade as football is a business. There does need to be protection for clubs from shady ownership. However if any money pumped in by owners is not saddled as a debt against the club i do not see an issue. I win multi millions on the lottery and want to donate it to Walsall for instance to get them in the Premier League within 5 years. I am not allowed to do that under FFP. Its a joke.
  10. 1. Getting promoted a year early. 2. Having to replace loads of players. 3. Naivety 4. Injuries. Heaton McGinn Wesley was the spine of a new team. 5. VAR it really has **** us over and odd points here and there would have made a massive difference. 6. Corona Virus. Restarting football under a completely different set up. Fans at Villa Park and we would have got better results i am sure of it.
  11. The issue we have whatever league we are in is change manager and there is no pre season. Its literally straight into next season in 2 weeks. I never wanted the season to re-start due to the fact it was not the same with no fans 5 subs and so on. We have been shafted and so have the others that go down. I do not mind The Championship a proper league for the fans. What will be will be. I will be there when allowed and cheering us on.
  12. Depends if Farke plays his best team. Pukki and Cantwell on the bench again yesterday. Last chance saloon for Norwich who will give it a go but come out with a draw is my guess.
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