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  1. Cock Womble of the highest order ruins every game he commentates on!
  2. S-Platt


    First time we have entered a team this year. I am not sure how it all works to be honest!
  3. S-Platt


    It was the leasing.com cup that our u21s are in. No need to feel sorry for them its not a serious competition.
  4. Anyone mentioned Zlatan on a free? Could teach Wes a thing or 2 and be the man to keep us up! I will get my tin hat on now.
  5. They know who they want to win games it seems
  6. To be fair to pride rewards it was great when you could get Villa Under Armour training gear with your points. Picked up 2 rain jackets one hooded one without and a lovely grey 1/4 zip top. Last 2 years however I agree complete lack of anything!!
  7. Do you think it was a red? I mean the outcome is horrible but Son should not have been sent off for me.
  8. That's what I get off my phone still top!
  9. That's not true it was top story on the official website last night!
  10. Have a home game to wear it next week
  11. S-Platt


    Whilst I agree it's ok to counter attack the top teams its the lack of plan B after 3 years that would piss me off! Similar to us under O'Neill no clue against teams that sit back. I don't think I have ever seen a team offer less at Villa Park than last night. We gifted them any attack they did make. I think their 1st team is decent be interesting at Molineux in a couple of weeks if they are as unadventurous.
  12. If that is true add in the 28000 season ticket holders and we are touching 50k members!
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