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  1. I thought he had not signed a contract so how can there be bids? Seems like paper bollocks to me. Just give his family a couple of million and let tribunal decide when he does not sign his first professional contract?? If true Utd have truly lost the plot.
  2. Well what do you expect from German efficiency!
  3. Harsh on Leeds clear handball under the new rules but no VAR!
  4. Yep all songs have to start somewhere. Anthems are a little different even though I have been at Villa Park when people have sung YNWA! No shame in a song being shared as long as the words are unique to your club.
  5. Who copied it off Napoli!? Your point being?
  6. Injured or injured like Kodjia I think there is a difference at this time of year! Tekkers was in my dream last night probably because I was thinking about the El Ghazi header at 0-0 and how Tekkers would have buried it!
  7. How do O'Neill's get away with Adidas 3 stripes!?
  8. Although it has helped us here it is still a complete joke!
  9. Its slim pickings out there. He knows the club and has played with Jack before. No settling in period. So far out of names mentioned he is the best attainable?
  10. Godfather Part 2 Empire Strikes Back Benteke II Unfinished Business
  11. Gabriel Barbosa if were are raiding in Milan please to complete the Brazilan trio ala the Milan clubs of the 90s with their German and Dutch!
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