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  1. We all agree the kid is gravy and his upward curve is faster than the club's. With that in mind and 100m in the bank I am at peace with him going. I am not happy of course not I hoped he would have been the face of Villa and helped us get to where we want to be faster. When he comes back to Villa Park I think depending on how we are doing will decide on the level of animosity. I hope we give him a polite welcome before the game but during the 90 mins it's our job as fans to make life hard so boo and do whatever it takes! A new hero will emerge is my hope and spearhead our charge up the table.
  2. Look lads we have Buendia and Bailey to replace Jack and still have £100m to strengthen the rest of the team. Just be happy we produced a player of this quality we have been banging on about him for years to other teams fans and now the penny has dropped with the nation. it's a kick in the balls but we get up from that and create a team not a one man show. Life goes on and Villa is the most important thing not any player.
  3. Brilliantly put. The magic is Jack and Villa. Just another player at City.
  4. If the bid is acceptable as in the money we want and we know more about his injury then I say we would have accepted. If despite this the offer is pants we reject it. No need to talk to player.
  5. If there is a bid then surely we have either accepted or rejected? it does not stay in the inbox for hours not being looked at. Agent is playing off both clubs to get best deal for his client is my guess. Bid has not been officially made and talks with Jack are ongoing. Family will be in his ear. Wes and Nas will be talking to him. Deano and the players. He has only just landed back so still all up in the air. Keep the faith people.
  6. To be fair that's how I got my Martinez scoop last year!
  7. But they won't be able to show anyone with an E in their name so expect Watkins and McGinn. Basically anyone who is back in training without an E in their name.
  8. Yep but they gave Ole a new contract. Like England and Southgate the players can only get you so far before the manager messes things up.
  9. In a shop in Welshpool today wearing a villa shirt lady owner in her 50s was lording up Jack!! He really has caught the heart of the ladies even the Welsh ones!
  10. I think FFP needs to be banned too and if any one can get it thrown out it's City. The inflated sponsorships in my eyes are justified. They are trying to sell a country as a tourist destination and that means been associated with the best. That will cost money. The fact City are Abu Dhabi and very successful means they have to keep the brand associated they cannot dilute the brand by having other sponsors so they pay the premium.
  11. Yes Jack has not won anything with Villa other than the richest game of football. But he has had an eventful career so far. 5 times at Wembley is more at club level than most. FA Cup Semi Final Won against Liverpool FA Cup Final Lost against Arsenal Play Off Final Lost against Fulham Play Off Final Won against Derby League Cup Final Lost against Man City He knows we are striving to improve. He knows that the team is built around him. Motivation to win things with Villa or almost be guaranteed at Man City? He might get paid more there but it's not all about money. He is Box Office the England Poster boy all things achieved at Villa. I have been to the club shop loads of times can't say I have noticed any modern players on show just legends and winning teams as you exit after paying. So if someone is saying his pic has been removed I would say was not there in the first place!! Let's sign those new players to compliment the boy wonder and strive for that first trophy.
  12. It's defo a grower! Still think last year's training stuff was better though.
  13. Gotta wear an away kit tomorrow as Walsall play in Red so I would say photos are imminent.
  14. The Everton Fan or the player
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