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  1. Not to say you have not done your research but 17th place could have 50 points but if 18th only got 29 you would still only need 30 to survive! More interested in what points total 18th had! Looking at 2009/10 Burnley went down in 18th with 30 points whilst West Ham in 17th had 35 but really could have survived on 31.
  2. To be fair to Bruce he picked an attacking line up yesterday! Just does not know how to coach them to attack.
  3. Good call yes you get more peoples details for marketing with AVTV but if you do YouTube right you can get more fans. Kids are all over YouTube and they are the future. Have a few adverts/links for our merch and bingo you have sales.
  4. Why is there never any sizes left that fit normal people in the training wear. Why does it take so long to restock. Keep up the good work on leading the fight against the so called elite wanting all the power. What are his thoughts on that?
  5. Talking if this i saw that he is 7/2 with some bookies for a yellow card surely free money!?
  6. I uploaded a picture but it always puts in landscape mode anyone else have this issue!?
  7. This is led by American owners as they hate relegation. They run sport as a business and cannot budget correctly if there is a chance they could lose out on the money pot if relegated. You cannot fix footy in one country needs to be done globally with wage caps and so on or you just get the best players going to the leagues that pay the most. If you cap wages you can then unify ticket pricing and make it cheaper for fans. They can structure the cap down the leagues and include the reduction in salary should you be relegated. No need for parachute payments and a level playing fiel
  8. How about this so it works both ways. If its £15 a game and we all want to watch Villa the other games are just window dressing right? So I think we should be able to cancel our standard sports packages and use that money to buy Villa games. I think that is fair. You cannot expect people to pay double.
  9. Agree with all this but the Wife bit! He is still with his Childhood sweetheart a model and I think she is the one that keeps him grounded.
  10. 2 x New Kappa Polo Shirts arrived today and they are top quality! No more ironed on shit! Proper polo material embroidered badges logos and even the stripes on the arm. The only issue is size not what you are thinking! Ordered Medium as that was the size that fitted last year but too big and I like my clothes to be tight fitting so I will be swapping for Small. Honestly guys and girls Kappa are smashing it this year! Kitbag have 30% off majority of Villa Stuff until midnight tonight code BAG30
  11. I concur the big nosed cock is clueless if you have 2 wing backs no need for 2 wingers!! 2 up top and Jack in the hole.
  12. The fat bastard that was a Sunday League tackle how he only got a yellow I will never know!
  13. And our rivals will be.... Make it happen Villa cherry on the icing on the cake!
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