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  1. If Villa survive I will still call it shite for whoever goes down. It is not a level playing field. My stance will not change even if we win all 10 games.
  2. I can believe this as if Sky play hardball then the deal can be scrapped and clubs with a worldwide fanbase can sell their own channels to watch games creaming in more money!
  3. Got a 4 year old to look after so he now has the away and 3rd kit to go with the home he had for his birthday last October. I do not see this as wasting money more doing the right thing. The thing I have been wasting money on is Hot Wheels I pretend its for the boy but I am addicted! I am even at the stage of importing stuff from America. HELP ME!
  4. What are the tests showing? Have, Had or Never? I am still confused by the whole testing thing do you need different tests for different answers? Which one are the Prem using?
  5. We will see if there really is equality in the game from this decision. Interesting to see which of the 3 options they choose.
  6. Different shithole in 2010 but I take your point! Old Wembley holds better memories for me than the new one!
  7. Belgium have cancelled their league made Bruge champions who were 15 points clear and relegated the bottom club. European places will be play offs before the start of next season. That would be OK for me here.
  8. If no relegation who replaces the promoted teams? This has to be across all leagues for it to work surely?
  9. Done hope it helps! Great name your boy has!
  10. Brilliant shirt that's why I bought it when it was re-released last year by Umbro. Home version too. Get loads of comments when wearing all complimentary!
  11. S-Platt

    Keinan Davis

    Typical Villa!
  12. Just going on the talk that you need 14 clubs to vote through an amendment then as the media are saying the bottom 6 would vote to void then you only need 1 other club?
  13. Trying it on like most clubs will be. Would not surprise me if votes at that Prem meeting are being used in transfer dealings! If 200m is the cost of relegation we will give you 50m and a vote to void the season seems a good deal!
  14. This copper that has mouthed off about certain clubs not wanting to play at neutral venues needs to explain why its only the Premier League this applies to. If he is telling me its because fans will congregate then I want him to explain why this is different for The Championship? Bournemouth as an example have a tenth of the fanbase of Leeds. Why do they get to play at Elland Road? There are other examples of bigger supported clubs in The Championship compared to The Prem too. It seems to me he has not thought his comments through the daft bastard!
  15. As I have mentioned before this vote thing is not just for this season it sets a rule to follow for future outbreaks. 6 teams that are in the relegation mire at the moment could well change if this happens again. You are voting on something that could cost you big time in the future not just this season. There will be more than the 6 voting on what should happen this season with an eye on the future. I think the vote Monday should be pretty simple. Finish the season as it began with fans. Or Cancel. Anything else will destroy the game.
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