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  1. I have a mate who is an Arsenal Fan I believe he has to buy a membership to buy tickets. I am sure they even have different levels of membership and none of them guarantee a ticket you just have the opportunity before others. He normally only gets a ticket for Cup/European games which I always thought was harsh! They also use the membership criteria to buy on the official reselling site for season ticket holders that cannot go. I think Villa need to explain membership does not guarantee a ticket only a season ticket does that. Add in that season ticket reselling should only be for claret/cub members first. General Sale window after. What having membership does should mean no Man Utd/Liverpool fans in the Villa end for games like in the past. What it should also do is give fans the chance to vote on important club issues such as next years kit and so on. If the demand continues it is something we are going to have to get used to I am afraid.
  2. might end up at Newcastle if Bruce has 90 million to spend and Utd sign McGuire. Probably play him at right back though!
  3. I can confirm they have took Jota down off side of the ground now and updated to new kit so that will keep them happy for 5 mins until we spend a few more million!
  4. S-Platt

    Douglas Luiz

    Wednesdays are cursed!!! would be a kick in the nads if this does not happen now!
  5. With Regards to away allocation do we know when the smaller clubs visit that only bring 500 fans will there be a chance for our fans to take up the empty seats? Are they selling block by block for instance?
  6. need to play finals at edgbaston then we might have a chance!
  7. S-Platt

    Douglas Luiz

    I assume Luiz and Engles are flying to USA to meet the team and therefore will need a kip and so on before doing a few shirt holding photos for the media team to announce it.
  8. S-Platt

    Ezri Konsa

    Rock the Casbah by The Clash goes lovely with Ezri Konsa and is nice and basic for fans to chant.
  9. those shorts and socks are not the real thing shirt is though.
  10. I have to drive past the sty to get to work and i think it shows how skint they are that they still have massive pics of Jota and Adams advertising last years kit on the stadium frontage. Same at the shed they call a club shop. You would think having a new kit to advertise and a Villa player on your stadium would drive the locals mad but I guess they don’t visit the ground much!

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