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  1. I agree on former players to a degree but if its a defender like Keown he would have a different opinion to say a forward like Shearer of what's a foul/dive dangerous play and so on. Let's just go back to no VAR it's was miles better than this crap.
  2. It's free for personal use great tool for fixing the folks devices! Still when I heard they were sponsoring those words removed I looked at alternatives for the corporate licence I use at work!
  3. My only concern in this is I have a Leo Sayer (all dayer) booked in with the boys to watch both games so better not change the date of the play off final!
  4. Chris Wilder if Sam can't be arsed.
  5. Barnsley would mean around 5k away fans so for that reason alone please please please come up!
  6. Now they are safe 8 year contract for Bruce seems fair.
  7. Quitting the end of the season I have heard so maybe not trying to bust a gut before the cup final and a big send off.
  8. What a crock of shit! Bottled it big time.
  9. If he was a decent agent he would be pimping him to every business under the sun. Nike athlete yep but Adidas want to pay him 10 million to wear their boots and stuff. Pony up Nike or he's off. Easy job playing all these companies off against each other to earn more for your client!
  10. One for the kids they played in blue and yellow until 1961 when Revie copied Real Madrid.
  11. Good goal that. We can always say we won it the hard way!
  12. Hail storms they need to change the ball colour!
  13. Think I have said it before make it a summer sport and it would get more fans.
  14. S-Platt

    The NSWE Board

    Kappa only supply what the club ask for so can't be blamed for the lack of training gear. The club admitted this and will order more for next season. I think they are the best we have had in years for design.
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