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  1. About 3 hours of grown men displaying totally unwarranted hysteria!
  2. He can play the DCM role better than any of our other options. He can tackle, uses the ball well, reads the game well and although he is not fast he can press effectively. Not earth shattering but could be a vital piece of the overall transfer jig saw.
  3. I have been expecting these links to Hughes. Shakespeare is a massive fan and Hughes only has a year left on his contract. He will be much better than any of our current midfielders when taking the ball from the defenders, on the half turn and feeding our attackers. He is not maybe what we were all hoping for but for less than £10m it is a clever bit of business. Hopefully this will mean (if it does happen) that we can sign a couple of more high profile players too.
  4. I am kind of intrigued to see how much Jack would improve working with Pep every day. Only one thing for it. We’re gonna have to create a new assistant role!
  5. He would earn more elsewhere. He is worth it. He is so key to us.
  6. There’s no way Jack is leaving this summer. This is why. His only likely destination is City. If there is no release clause, then I do not think we sell at any value. If there is a release clause, you would have to assume that it is at least £100m. City are not paying £100m for another attacking midfielder when they so desperately need a striker. It is not happening. Lump your money on him staying at Villa. It’s free money people!
  7. What does whatbyiu mean? I think I’ll suspend judgement until it’s written in black and white none gibberish! On a more positive note, the odds on him staying are starting to shorten. That’s a much more positive sign.
  8. If we are being honest, as enjoyable as it was winning those games, we were lucky to beat Arsenal, Leeds and Chelsea. We were dominated in all of those matches and were reliant on missed chances and good goal keeping/defending to win.
  9. The biggest issue for me is how often they give the ball away needlessly. We are not always that great at winning the ball in the first place so then to just give it away is infuriating! McGinn and Luiz are both guilty of some shockingly poor passing at times. McGinn also gets dispossessed way too often whilst trying to arse his way out of trouble!
  10. I have nothing against the guys in question and I am very grateful to them all for the part they’ve played in our renaissance but if we could get decent coinage for McGinn, Conor and AEG then I would not be against selling any of them. None of them are at the required level now and although they could play a part still, if we could get a decent return to re-invest in younger players then we should do it. They are all so wasteful in possession and it drives me mad!
  11. He did. I am not trying to credit him. You are right to pull me up on it. There was a general malaise around the whole performance which was frustrating.
  12. Feel for the big man. He’s had a really rubbish couple of years. Have some compassion people. For now, he is a Villa boy and he deserves a bit more of a chance before we all write him off. He did not channel it in the right way of course but he was literally the only person to show any passion today. The rest just strolled through the match.
  13. This is going to be an interesting thread if we don’t sign any new midfielders for next season. We have some decent players but none of them are top half premier league yet! As many have said we need pace, power and physicality. The second Stoke goal today was a classic example of one of the key reasons that Emi had to make so many saves last season. Parting of the Red Sea!
  14. M_Afro

    Tammy Abraham

    100% correct. It is so obvious. I just don’t understand what Dean is seeing.
  15. Interesting reaction from Wes! I am not sure what happened but the ref had no choice. The Stoke lad was lucky though.
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