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  1. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I don’t hate Smith. I don’t hate anyone.
  2. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Even Grealish had the balls to say that the Palace goal was not handball.
  3. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Final bit of credibility gone for me in his after match interview. Tried to claim that VAR was right to rule out the Palace goal and wrong to overhaul the Grealish penalty. Wongy wongy Dean. Have a word with yourself! The Palace goal was never handball and goodness knows what Jack was thinking.
  4. He was much better today. Much more like his normal level of performance. Dive was embarrassing though to be fair
  5. He is doing his best to ruin an otherwise fantastic season. Good! Hopefully that means he will still be here next season.
  6. I do agree with this the only slight difference is that Trez is still youngish and its his first year in the UK. Conor has played all of his football in England, is older and is never gonna be good enough. Trez has a lot to do but it’s not impossible that he can still be successful in England
  7. I agree. He is a grafter who looks very low on confidence. Hopefully the goals will give him a bit of a lift. He finished both very nicely.
  8. But we are then left with another player who is not good enough for the PL when we get promoted. It’s too short term. We have strikers who can develop in the Championship, score loads of goals and still make it in the PL (Wes definitely, Ally probably, Kienan hopefully). Our problem is not up top. We will be fine in defence too. It’s the bit in between that needs addressing. The supply chain to our forwards is poor at best.
  9. M_Afro

    Tyrone Mings

    I think he wanted to stay in London for family reasons. It is pretty understandable if your kids are at school and have established lives. It doesn’t mean that more players would choose Palace over us.
  10. M_Afro

    Tyrone Mings

    I am pretty sure we were after Cahill but Palace offered more money plus Cahill wanted to stay in London.
  11. Dwight Gayle is garbage. What a total waste of money that would be. He is also a total tool. Wes and Samatta are so much better than him and hopefully Kienan will be soon.
  12. 4 years out of 5 in the Championship because we have shown zero ambition. Sell the vision and they will come. We have been massively constrained by our own limited thinking. It’s small time I’m afraid.
  13. I just don’t agree. We are a massive club, in Britain’s second city. Ambition is to go for someone that has achieved stuff. No disrespect but wtf had Lambert, Bruce or Smith achieved? Sweet fa is the answer
  14. Please please please get a decent manager. Been hugely underwhelmed every time since we appointed Houllier. No ambition = more torture for us (the only people that matter!)
  15. I blame Boris and Trump! Total pair of pricks who are to blame for all of the World’s ills! Oh.....and Smith......maybe a bit of Suso.....probably Purslow too........and the players, let’s not forget them.....Who cares as yet again we have blown a massive opportunity! That’s what really effing hurts.
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