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  1. And yet he has played for Wales, GB and has countless premier league matches under his belt!
  2. You are battling against the binary existence of VT posters. He (insert any player) is shit or not shit. If EL James had been a VTer the book would have been called 0 Shades of Grey and nobody would ever have heard of it!
  3. He is better than all other CB’s excluding Mings. He is way better than Chester. Target was not fit so didn’t play. Jota is not good enough. Neither of those apply to Engels
  4. I don’t agree with freezing players out. It’s the job of the manager to deal with issues and move on. He doesn’t come across as a real bad egg so Dean needs to deal with whatever has happened and move on. He is a valuable asset whose value will just decrease by the week.
  5. It’s all gone very quiet. Still hoping for a speedy wide forward and a dominant central midfield player. I suspect we will get a CF target man on loan and that will be us. That would still be a decent window. Especially pleased with Reina. Exactly what we needed.
  6. He always seems better when coming on as a sub. Not a starter at the moment. He does have some class in there though
  7. M_Afro

    Ezri Konsa

    Hopefully takes a bit of confidence from this. He is a player but needs to grow into the shirt still. Time to step out of the shadows. Get in son
  8. Yep. The league table looks so much better for that last minute goal! Had we lost/drawn it would have been so hard to convince players to come but it looks so much better now! We don’t play again until 1st Feb. The other teams who do still play all have tough fixtures. There are no guarantees but hopefully there won’t be any surprises. Therefore the table should be pretty similar come the end of the transfer window.
  9. I keep saying it but he must start every week
  10. M_Afro

    Pepe Reina

    What a signing. Even better than Heaton so far and he has also been class
  11. I would take a point now if it was offered. We cannot afford to lose to them again. Huge 45 minutes boys. We can do this but we may need a bit of luck! Believe boys. We CAN get back into this!
  12. Worst leader Trump or BJ. Kind of irrelevant. A tit is a tit!
  13. Definitely Luiz over Drinkwater for me but otherwise there’s not much more he can do. I get a feeling that Deano would be happy with a draw today. Dean is obviously nailing his colours to the Drinkwater mast! Hope it works for him because it will be bedlam if it doesn’t!
  14. Why do we keep putting new signings in front of Woodward. Especially ones new to the country. Wtf must they think!
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