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  1. I’m not so sure. The cleanest way for the PL is to finish the league. Hopefully by July, it will be safe to play matches without supporters. I can really see this happening. I’m not that bothered so long as it is safe. I want us to stay up but only on merit.
  2. I do agree with quite a lot of this but what makes you think we have a great young manager? Genuine question. I am yet to see anything that would make me rank him above average.
  3. It’s truly ridiculous. People are still burying their heads in the sand. These are scary times when the year on year underfunding of the nhs will be exposed to all and people will die as a result. My wife is a respiratory doctor. The head of service at her hospital gave a presentation on Friday showing how they may have to use tents within the hospital grounds to provide temporary beds to really sick patients. People think that this is going to just disappear but it won’t. The next 2 to 3 months could be devastating for our Country. I’m sorry but football just does not matter in these circumstances,
  4. If this had happened the year before Leicester won the league and they had used average points as a basis for deciding relegation, Leicester would have been relegated and we would never have had that amazing season when they won they title. You often get bolters out of the relegation zone and heavy droppers into it. We either finish the season or it’s classified as null and void. I would rather we either had a half season table to determine the outcome. At least that way everyone will have all played the same teams once (although there will still be disparities around home/away fixtures). Alternatively we let Leeds and WBA come up and run with a 22 team season. You could still have a 3 team relegation with only one team promoted to account for the fact that the Championship is smaller for one season. Their promotion could be based on a 4 team play off.
  5. The Premier League and Football League are separate entities. Surely the PL will stick together and pull rank on the FL. Why do the PL give a monkies about Leeds or WBA. I think this season is over. I think Villa will start next season as a PL club. It’s a terrible and unusual set of circumstances that can’t be rationalised. It really is Force Majeure.
  6. M_Afro

    Scott Hogan

    Great time for the Championship to be suspended. His value hasn’t been so high since sir Steve of Brucetown decided to spend all of his paper round money on him in one fell swoop! We may actually be able to convince some poor fool, hopefully BCFC, in parting with their hard earned pennies in order to procure his service on a permanent basis. Sweet!
  7. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Most bizarre statement ever from you which is quite some accolade!
  8. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Now is the perfect time to sack Dean. Maybe this can be the one good thing to come out of a pretty dire situation. A new manager would actually have a few weeks to work with players before having to play a match. Worst case he has a prolonged period of time to assess the squad before entering the transfer market. If he doesn’t get sacked now then we can only assume that there is no appetite to sack him at all.
  9. It’s all going a bit Duckworth Lewis! We need to stay ahead of the run rate before the storm! Getting out of the bottom 3 is critical now not the end of the season.
  10. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Why are we arguing about what Smith did or did not do at Brentford? It’s the here are now that matters and he is so far out of his depth. I have seen some bad Villa sides but never one so disorganised without a clear plan. I have also never known a Villa manager so reluctant to change tactics when the existing ones are actually detrimental to the team every week. He should have gone ages ago but it’s still not too late. If JT is the best we can do then go for it. No change means certain relegation. I love Deano. He is a top bloke and nothing will tarnish that for me. However, he is a lower league manager who does not belong at the top table. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s true.
  11. Why is he “a bit of a prick?” I think that’s really unfair. He has been nothing other than a top professional in his time at Villa. He has made a few mistakes in the distant past, which have no doubt been spun and blown out of all proportion by the red tops but surely he deserves a bit of forgiveness and a second chance.
  12. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    The bloke is clueless. He should have been sacked months ago. Why are we trying to outpass every other team and play out from the back when we have the most ineffective midfield in the league? Our only hope is staying compact, playing direct football and relying on picking up second balls high up the pitch. With Davis, Jack and AEG/Ally as a front three we could actually cause some damage. It would also stop us conceding so many ridiculous goals and relieve pressure from the defence. It’s certainly not a long term solution but needs must.
  13. As long as the contract expires at the end of the season, what’s the harm? £5m bonus to keep us up and either way, at the end of the season they are gone. We then get a long term solution in after that. Either way I am certain of two things. With Smith in charge we are down. It’s been obvious for weeks and the board have been way too loyal. Secondly, whatever happens a new long term solution is required at the end of the season. We have been woeful at appointing managers for years. Hopefully this time we will get it right.
  14. In each of our 3 Championship seasons we got off to a terrible start and ended up playing catch up. We cannot afford to let that happen again next season, if we do go down. Smith is too much of a gamble. Stay up/go down he must not be here at the start of the new season
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