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  1. M_Afro

    Wesley Moraes

    With everything else that has been going on, I feel that this signing has not quite reached the levels of excitement that it deserves. We have signed a highly rated Brazilian striker people! Let’s enjoy the moment. I think he may well score 100 goals next season. Maybe even 150............either way he will almost certainly get more than Hogan!
  2. M_Afro

    The NSWE Board

    Blimey we have got a lot to thank these guys for. What a turnaround in our club since they took over. 12 months of positive change on and off the pitch. I work in the South East and am surrounded by Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and bloody Spurs fans. This is the first time in years that I have really been able to talk Villa up and I am loving it! Thanks to our great owners. Keep up the good work.
  3. Before yesterday I did not believe this rumour. Yesterday has changed everything. Our owners really appear to mean business. This would be another sign of that. He is a top keeper which is something we have lacked for years and years. I would love this to happen.
  4. M_Afro

    Wesley Moraes

    This is a real statement signing. A show of intent. Is it a coincidence that we have made this particular signing early? Possibly but let’s be honest it will create a buzz around the club. It will make Villa look like a good place to be and will hopefully act as a draw to other potential recruits. Our exec finally seem to really know what they are doing. Love it!
  5. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    From a professional point of view, what a 12 months that Deano has just experienced. I doubt that even he would dare to believe, 12 months ago, that fast forward 12 months and he would be spending £20m on a Brazilian CF as a premier league manager. Another example that life can change so quickly. The opportunity arrived and he took it. Fair play. Nice guys can sometimes win after all. Get in Deano
  6. Totally agree with this. It is a joy. Also imagine how bad it would have been if we had gone up last year! We would have been skint and trying to build a squad to compete. Dinobruce and Xia would have been all over Sturridge and the like, saddling is with a load of crap players on massive long contracts with no chance of ever off loading them. This year, even if we do spend big money, it will be on players who’s value will probably increase and will remain saleable assets. We are in a really strong position for the first time in years. With some careful investment and a bit of luck, we can easily finish in the top 10. We really have the momentum. I just hope the fans stick with it, come what may. The relationship between the team and the fans for the final third of the season was amazing. The best I have ever known. That’s worth 10 points in itself.
  7. I totally agree with this. It is ridiculous to think that the same fate would await us. The truth is, if we don’t spend £100m we have a much greater chance of failure than if we do spend £100m. Fulham made poor acquisitions and left themselves with a poorly balanced squad. They then rather foolishly sacked a very good manager, replaced him with another and then sacked him too! Compare the above to our position. The beating heart of our promotion winning team, Jack, Super John, Mings and AEG will still be here backed up ably by Chester, Hause, Elmo, Conner et al. We are being linked with and actively seeking recruitment that will balance our squad effectively. We have owners and a CEO who make sensible decisions and are unlikely to remove Smith from his position regardless of what happens this season. I remember Watford getting promoted and then basically buying an entire new team. I think they ended up finishing in the top 10. Spending the money is not the problem here. The key is to invest wisely. The Jota deal is a great example of this. He was priced fairly low compared to his potential. He can play in a number of roles. He knows the manager well. We only gave him a 2 year contract which is akin to saying, prove to us that you deserve more. We will either sell him for a greater fee next year or give him a new contract that reflects his performances over the season. Win win. Enjoy the ride. Things have not been this positive for years.
  8. M_Afro

    Tyrone Mings

    Ha ha. You don’t have a lot of sex do you?
  9. Maupay is totally different to Hogan. He is a very clever footballer with excellent technique. Signing him would represent a risk but I really feel he will make it. He has all of the right physical attributes, reads the game well and seems to have a good attitude. He reminds me of a young Robbie Keane. We missed out on signing him all of those years back and this has a similar feel to it. For £20m it is worth a punt.
  10. M_Afro

    Kortney Hause

    This is s great signing. He always did very well for us whenever called upon. The way he played in the final after coming into the most highly pressured situation possible was incredible. He is also very young with plenty of room to improve. The last time we were in the PL, we were forced to rely heavily on Clark and Baker as left sided centre halves. This kid is already better than both of them with plenty of room for improvement. Really a great signing. Welcome back the Hause.
  11. M_Afro

    Ørjan Nyland

    In terms of natural ability Nyland and Kalinic are both much better than Steer but Jed is just so much more confident. If the aforementioned can increase their confidence playing behind a higher quality and settled defence then there is hope for both of them. I have seen a lot of Cardiff and Etheridge is not that good. He has had a good couple of years when luck, confidence and form have been on his side. I hope the days of Villa buying form players with no real substance have gone. I would much rather we worked with what we have.
  12. Sat next to Chris Woakes at the Arsenal cup final. He loves the Villa
  13. Not sure but I bought tickets yesterday to watch them in December. I think Miles is the only one left from the original lineup. Sadly Gilkes and Bob are no longer with us.
  14. The author Lee Childs is a massive fan. He always puts random Villa player names into his novels. My favourite is Tony Moon
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