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  1. I suspect alcohol has been consumed.
  2. I think this is very likely. If we are after Barkley then he will play in the middle of the pitch with SJM and Dougie.
  3. Hope not. Kane is a big nosed tool!
  4. I’ve just watched his interview on AVTV. What a top man. He seems really at home already. A real team player and all round humble guy. He even showed the patience to put up with the mad warbling of Captain Jack!
  5. We are going to be set up to counter attack. The way last night unfolded worked against that and we struggled. Ironically we looked more dangerous against 11 men. I think this may be a bit of a pattern for us this season. Hopefully it will lead to more away points and points against the better teams. I think we will continue to struggle against anyone who parks the bus. Overall though it should lead to an overall improvement on our end of season accumulative points.
  6. We need a centre mid who is of similar physique, size, speed and strength to Cash. Someone who can dominate the centre of the park, run all day, move the ball quickly and effectively, put his foot in, score the odd goal and head the ball. Basically we need the new Roy Keane. That shouldn’t be too hard!
  7. He was poor tonight but he has played better games. Worth sticking with him for now.
  8. Yes. Beautiful man he is
  9. Desperate for better quality in the middle of the pitch. McGinn this time last year needs to return soon otherwise he will soon need replacing. Still a bit of money in the bank though I think.
  10. Our midfield is nowhere near good enough. Otherwise all good. Emi the hero. What a great start.
  11. Unbelievable first half. I love him. Cash looked good too!
  12. I saw it too. It was our old friend Rob Dorsett who was stood in front of his book case full of Leicester City books. He knows sweet fa about Villa.
  13. M_Afro

    Matty Cash

    Smith thought Targett was unfit when he first signed. It took him a few weeks to get to a reasonable match fitness. No such problems with Cash
  14. He is the player I am most looking forward to seeing tomorrow night. Think he will be massive for us in every way.
  15. Pace! On the wing? It will never catch on! What kind of madness is this?
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