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  1. I have been disappointed with Dougie for quite a while now but watching how brilliant Gueye is for PSG tonight is proving a timely reminder of the need for patience. I know they are different types of player but we were all glad to see the back of Gueye and just look at what he has achieved since. Both Sanson and Dougie have got the quality to be very good players for us. I am sure we will see that quality coming through next season. I think they can both be effective 8’s in front of a dedicated 6. Add in a quality and pacy right forward and we will be a different proposition I’m sure.
  2. I don’t get that feeling about him at all. I suspect that it is just age/experience acting as a barrier to consistent form at the moment. That and the lack of quality alongside him. Put him in a midfield three alongside Bissouma and Grealish and he will find his consistency.
  3. If he were free and prepared to drop his wage demands then he would be worth a place in our squad but he’s not and he won’t! Move on chaps.
  4. Spot on. Improve the midfield three so we can dominate possession and territory and Bert will be like a different player. He will boss it!
  5. If we really want to improve, then this is the sort of signing we need to be making. He will cost a lot, at least £40m, but he would make a huge difference. There will be some competition for his signature though.
  6. I think the fact that nobody will want to buy him is a bigger reason.
  7. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Agree. There’s still an outside chance that Wolves could catch us too. That would be very very disappointing
  8. Good God. I dread to think what a motivated city will do to that team! 0-5.
  9. The results have all gone terribly for us this weekend.
  10. Being linked with West Ham in the press. I could really see that happening. So long as he doesn’t come here I will be happy
  11. M_Afro

    Louie Barry

    I have nothing against him personally but he is just so bad. He gives the ball away so easily. He gets knocked off the ball by people much smaller and weaker than him. He rarely beats his man and please don’t get me on his heading. Has there ever been a more ineffectual six foot plus professional footballer in the air. He must close his eyes because more often than not it hits his shoulder or back. He offers nothing at all. He has no future at Villa. Therefore we may as well play a kid who may have.
  12. So tough for Trez. I actually think our best performances this season were games when Trez started on the right. I love his attitude and he is one of the few players who presses the opposition fairly well. He has his limits but effort and enthusiasm are not amongst them.
  13. M_Afro

    Louie Barry

    Could live with that. Anything other than AEG.
  14. M_Afro

    Louie Barry

    With Trez being injured I would now play Barry as the left sided forward. He has done the role before and I think he is up to it. Literally anything has to be better than seeing AEG named in the starting 11 again.
  15. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    The other very obvious thing to consider when it comes to whether or not Smith gets replaced, is who is/isn’t willing and available to replace him. If the owners are presented with a great opportunity to get a clear upgrade in, then they may go for it no matter where we finish. It’s a possibility because we really are an attractive prospect again. If on the other hand there are no better managers available then smith will stay whatever. No matter where you are in the Smith debate I’m sure most people would be happy to stick with him until a clear upgrade becomes available.
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