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  1. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    I really like Potter. I think he is a class manager and he will go onto big things. Hopefully England will sack old big nose and Potter will get that job. Back on topic. I have given Dean plenty of stick over the past three years but you can’t help but like the bloke. If you don’t like him, you either don’t like life or you are a bluenose. That interview that someone posted yesterday was just brilliant. Dean has to keep improving and continue to deliver acceptable progress but I think almost all Villa fans hope that he can achieve that. He is the least divisive manager that I can remember.
  2. I’m English and I really like Newcastle. I have close family there and visit a lot. However, I would not fancy living there. The weather is bad. It’s cold. It’s really dark and for a young football player there really isn’t that much to do. It’s a small city, they are football mad and you would be living in a goldfish bowl. If you were a foreign football player, moving to England for the first time your order of priority would likely be London, North West, South Coast, Midlands, everywhere else.
  3. At least four of those are from Newcastle to my knowledge and thus don’t count. Of the others, only Tino was a real top player at the time of moving to them. The others made their name at or post Newcastle. The likes of Albert, Ginola, Solano etc were all good but not great players.
  4. They have always struggled to attract top players due to their location. It will be interesting to see if that changes now. I think it’s quite funny to be honest. Clubs like Spurs who have had all the advantages in recent years are now coming under serious pressure. Newcastle are just as big as Spurs but do not have the geography on their side. This will certainly close the gap. Poor old Brucie must be looking over his shoulder too!
  5. He has a real chance of starting games in the first team this season. He is a class player. He’s got everything
  6. I would still like to see us sign a quality centre mid. All of ours have had some good games this season but they are still inconsistent. It’s such an important area of the park and if you aren’t at it, you rarely win.
  7. I have honestly never rated Johnston. He doesn’t command his area very well and was prone to the odd clanger. He would also want massive wages. I think we could get a cheaper alternative. I think you need two serious back ups; an experienced keeper and a young up and coming one. By next season hopefully one of our youngsters will be able to fill one of those roles. We just need to get the experienced one too.
  8. On the lash at Chester races today. I am surrounded by Utd fans. Don’t worry boys. I am absolutely filling my boots. UTV
  9. Our record against Utd is even worse than I thought. It really is utterly embarrassing. I’ m backing us to turn it around tomorrow. 1-2 Villa. Ollie at the double plus the usual penalty from them. COYVBs!
  10. Shakespeare said that Archer has come from nowhere. It just goes to show that players develop at their own rate. As others have said he does remind me a bit of Joachim. It will be interesting to see how he develops over the season.
  11. If we got a last minute penalty, like West Spam did against Man U, I could honestly see Dean bringing him on just to take the pen. Unlike Noble he would score it too!
  12. You can see that he is a class player with a class attitude. That’s good enough for me. I’m sure he will come good. His first couple of months have been very disjointed for various reasons. Once he gets a chance to settle, he will be great.
  13. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Chelsea win loads of stuff. We don’t.
  14. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    Stop being so sensitive. Was that our strongest team in your view? Of course not.
  15. M_Afro

    Dean Smith

    No. Not my take away at all. Spin it how you like but you know what I mean! Why didn’t we go with a stronger team?
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