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  1. Exit wound The lord of the ring- The two towers
  2. I started following Villa from the Nineties and I could not name anyone in particular as the hard man type, possibly Mellberg or Shaun Teale at a push. May be Geroge Boateng the Iron Jaw?
  3. Shame there is no "**** off" button in the bottom right hand corner - what a **** tool
  4. Agree with this - the music part is probably the only thing i thought he was wrong at. With the Marketing lady - it was harsh, but he proves it can be done if you try hard enough.
  5. He was only out patrolling the street making sure everyone stays at home, and only crashed his car when a bluenose ran behind towards the back of his car and swung a punch at it. Nothing to see here folks
  6. Was on Red dead 2 for quite some only managed to chap 3 so far. Lost interest and bought AC Odyssey For 16quid, and it’s so much more enjoyable. Not saying Red dead being a bad game, but if you want fun than that’s not it
  7. I presume the insurance firms (Conservative backers) will have a bigger hit if the govt announce official shut down of business? hence why they are not announcing anything concrete?
  8. So footballers will have a few weeks off while kids in this country carry on as normal, and footballers think they are **** hard hey
  9. Given the history wont be at all surprise by this. "Rumours" has it Xi wasnt even at Wuhan yesterday even though this was widely reported at state news. Was reading an article re their mortality rate as well, they only include the numbers coming from death rate at hospital, and any deaths at home self quarantined process were not included. Hence why mortality rate doesn't quite correlate to numbers of cremation within Wuhan.
  10. Proud - let's get the positive and fight for the rest of the season. And **** refs and **** those tactical fouls
  11. Credit to both Elmo and AEG done well given the circumstances
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