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  1. Did you divorce the day after your marriage?
  2. Only started to watch Guehi towards the end of last season, plus playoffs. Didnt know until now he is a Chelsea player. Oh, I thought he is a poor defender, average at best at championship level. Viera at Palace and already spending 20m on duds really doesn't bode well, no Eze until end of year too
  3. I know bro! How dare of us even thinking about trying.
  4. Modern days of how you "move on" from things, just make sure you have your rant on social media
  5. That was at least exciting, a bit of cat and mouse chase would have been a bit of entertainment,, shame it was the 1 lap
  6. Media is glossing over the loss on penalty, but forgetting that England stopped playing from 30mins onwards.
  7. Gareth Southgate-Mount, this one is completely on you
  8. That peno from maguire will be a meme forever
  9. With all the right backs in the world england ended up the tournament with Rashford at right back
  10. Great, another well deserved 20mins for Jack
  11. Jack had to sacrifice fpr being sub of sub last game to accommodate for game plan. Yet, I'm still seeing mason mount on the field after 90mins. Yes, players are there on merit
  12. The streaker ran faster than Mount tonight
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