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  1. Sub off your best player of the night, well done southgate
  2. Jack is still the best player in the white shirt by a counrty mile, nothing to do with confidence
  3. Harry Kane playing like a Sunday league player who just woke up slightly sober with a bit of a headache
  4. Just scored a worldie for scotland
  5. Its just so typical aston villa to give in to a team that needs a bit of healing. We've been there before its not new. If anything im surprised we didn't allow the model professional cute diving Harry Kane to score
  6. So apparently they turned the corner on Tuesday night because they were the first team ever won a game in injury time. Have they now turned another corner today?
  7. That was one big **** up from Palace , they were cruising too
  8. Gambled and lost, a bit of a shame
  9. For years Kevin Keegan got ridiculed for his live rant on TV and the media were all laughing at him as if he had "lost it". To me, OGS comments re offside and Peno and behaviour after the loss was probably worse.
  10. Out of European place already, Smith out!!!
  11. Amazing how he has grown into this, fair play to him he was superb vs Che$ki too. I still remember his debut coming on as a sub was poss the worse cameo debut I have seen. Good on you lad.
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