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  1. Disappointing from the Brentford front 3. On another note, Fulham is well drilled playing like a proper side and Scott Parker deserves some credit for this. He has the feel of a future England manager in him, may be its just the suits.
  2. Its amazing how Netflix can make such entertainment out of F1. F1 is as competitive as ever
  3. Lovely goal from Auba, I hope the future king did persuade him to join us
  4. "Set your limits" at the front of your football shirt not exactly inspiring
  5. Another nice goal. Really would like to see Brentford to come up even if it means missing out on Benrahma
  6. So next time we score against Small Heath we simply dont celebrate because they are **** shit and they know it too? Can't believe people are actually questioning this still given our positions from a few weeks back (or even after the Everton game) Enjoy the moment with Villa or enjoy have to share a retirement home with Roy Keane.
  7. Was just thinking about that looking through at their squad, seems to have gone to the same route as Gary Gardener
  8. The same Lampard who celebrated at beating Leeds at the PO semi final?
  9. I'm sorry I doubted you Dean. But I hope we rectified those mistakes from this season and improve. Let's go for boring mid table next year. Thanks Dean, Never in Doubt
  10. I salute those who were brave enough to watch this. I had to replied on VT to update as this feels like a lucky charm for me Get in!!!! And please break the bank and get a decent striker
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