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  1. Once they commit a few men forward then they concede, no wonder why Bruce setup his team like the way it is. 2-0 They are actually pretty shit at defending even with so many defenders
  2. Or she can milk him " money wise" as much as she can until the point either one of them are fed up and she will still get a huge chunk. Is a win win for her, given how she looks she defo hit the jackpot early. Oh and Rooney, cab see him resigning 4 or 5 games before end of season so he won't have relegation on his CV.
  3. Gary **** Neville needs to stop commentating anything manchester related.
  4. The £40m man Joelinton is right exact opposite at 0.4 x 0.5, so Jack is around 7 times better in making entires via passes/carriers. So fair to value Jack at £280m?
  5. Fair play Bielsa, he certainly did his bit to keep the magic of the FA Cup alive
  6. Was hoping for an interesting live match from the beebs today, then you get Arsenal vs Newcastle live, i mean this is great. I have never heard of them nor I dont think they have play against each other for a while now, interesting choice beebs.
  7. Just waiting for the beebs gossip column tomorrow printing "Manure to offer Villa £2 and a pack of footballs for the service for Louie Barry, player is tempted with dream move".
  8. Quite embarrassing really, I guess their PR hasn't got much of a brain
  9. Am I right this Louie Barry is a local lad and a Villa fan too? Just imagine what was in his mind just then, absolutely delighted for him!
  10. I wonder if the villa boys get the same praise from the beebs as they did with the Liverpool teens from our league Cup win last year vs out reserves
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