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  1. Mrs MNVillan had the same cancer and was also diagnosed at 24. She got her two year all-clean scans literally today. It’s going to be a battle for him, but with good doctors successful treatment is definitely possible.
  2. Until January I lived down the street from that bar and drank there plenty of times. Horrifying.
  3. MNVillan


    I have that. I will be trying to sleep but can’t because of my anxiety telling me that I won’t wake up if I fall asleep. It doesn’t happen every single night, but when it does hit it keeps me up until the early hours of the morning until I just get so exhausted I pass out. I’ve gone nights without sleeping, though.
  4. Somewhat on topic… I’m pumped for the new Diamond and Pearl remakes. An updated version of a classic Pokémon game. Sword and Shield were okay but the huge focus on the Wild area or whatever it was called got boring after a while. I have more fun breaking out the original Pokémon gold on GameBoy color than I did on Sword
  5. MNVillan


    I collect way too many things. Stamps, golf putter headcovers, magnets…
  6. That’s a great question, I honestly have zero clue what gets you into the conference league
  7. Wow, what a result and what a start to the season!
  8. MNVillan


    I caved and drank yesterday. Pissed at myself
  9. Huh, first time getting auto corrected.
  10. MNVillan


    Badgers are the worst. Particularly the version from the University of Wisconsin
  11. I got hooked on Odyssey, then played Origins, then went back to Syndicate and loved it. Thinking about buying the Ezio Collection for PC and hopping back into it
  12. Ah sorry to hear that, but glad you’re getting help. I’m pretty much the exact same way, and I’m also on citalopram.
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