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  1. Agree with Men’s golf, disagree with women’s golf
  2. I’ll raise you one. Fantastic, but tough to find outside of the east coast in the USA
  3. I can’t stand Wisconsin but I do like this
  4. I did the £19 option for preseason matches
  5. Stuck at work tomorrow. Is there a way to pay for a replay on VillaTV?
  6. To anybody who has gotten a tattoo… Mrs MN Villan and I want to each get one to commemorate our trip. Where should we go to support local and not worry about a Bloser doing it?
  7. Has there been any official reports that the away is white, or is that just speculation at this point based off it being 40th anniversary of our European Cup?
  8. This makes it look like a tank top with blue sleeves sewn on
  9. That’s what happens to me. I’ll go 2-3 weeks being fine, then hit a wall and have to start over. It usually stems from being burnt out at work, I work long hours in the summer. When it gets really bad I cut out alcohol and caffeine until I can get it under control again.
  10. Just seen the rumor that Serie A are banning green kits beginning next season. Not sure what that’ll mean to Sassuolo
  11. That’s not half bad, tbf. Sponsor brings it down a notch, but what sponsor doesn’t?
  12. I’ll be fine, therapy helps a lot. I try to get it out on social media and message boards to help stop the stigma. But mods can feel free to delete if this topic crosses the line on the board.
  13. We might cab home considering it’s a night match
  14. https://www.bestwestern.co.uk/hotels/best-western-buckingham-palace-rd-84244 How is this location in London?
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