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  1. Can only speak for us USA supporters, but NBC has made a great effort to show every game live. Might not always be on TV, but for $60 I got the Premier League Matchday Pass (or whatever it was called) and I could stream every match. Going down to $50 this year too
  2. I’d be so disappointed if he was off to City.
  3. I agree, it’s awful. They’ll wear it a couple times, I’m sure, simply for the sake of selling shirts.
  4. Excited for the 4th shirt speculation to wear in Europe in next year’s version of this thread.
  5. No kidding. Our regular badge doesn’t have enough contrast with the lion/star and baby blue background. FFS, the lion and star are basically invisible in that picture.
  6. Navy shorts would make sense, although lime green shorts would be awesome.
  7. I’ll be going with the black away this year. I like the idea behind the third, but not a fan of the camo.
  8. No idea how legitimate this is, but he nailed the info about the home kit before it came out.
  9. I don’t really get too excited about the home kit release. The claret body, blue sleeves is lovely, but it’s tough to get overly creative with such restrictions. Don’t know how you can react “omfg I love it” or “omfg I hate it.” They’re all very similar. “Good” and “Bad” home kits are dependent on what memories are made in them, imo. I love the away and third kit releases. That’s where we can see some fun stuff.
  10. One of the underrated aspects is that the new shorts don’t have Kappa logos down the entire side. That look was so awful this past year.
  11. Would you also imagine it has a monochrome badge?
  12. Nike/Adidas/Puma, etc focus on large clubs because it is essentially an advertisement for their brand. They don’t try to make money on selling shirts. The bigger we get, the more attractive we become to large manufacturers.
  13. Can’t remember - did we have our sleeve sponsor lined up when we released last year’s kit?
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