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  1. Really hope we add depth in January. Will need to be able to rotate the squad more frequently with the extra games in Europe
  2. Massive to get this result and keep rolling, but this may be the most important aspect.
  3. Yeah absolutely, nobody knows. There’s every chance that he would’ve taken an offer to sell and cashed in on his investment. Although if he would’ve held onto the club it seems inevitable that his house of cards would’ve collapsed eventually. You’re right though, at the end of the day all that we know is that we seem to be in great hands with NSWE. A bright future is ahead!
  4. Considering that every addition to this story that comes out seems more unbelievable than the last, I don’t think it’s a massive exaggeration to say that losing to Fulham may have saved the club.
  5. I got my first shirt from them this summer and was very pleased. No complaints, quick shipping to me in the USA
  6. MNVillan

    The NSWE Board

    Holy sh*t. Even when everyone was calling him a charlatan while the club was on the verge of collapsing, I would’ve never guessed it was this bad.
  7. This is how I feel. I don’t quite think he’s worthy of a start, but he’s a good choice if we’re chasing a goal in the last half hour of a match.
  8. Giving up 3 goals to a 10 man squad. Disgraceful. No excuse for this result.
  9. And now I was just notified that there won’t be any more goalkeeper shorts a available for the year. Ridiculous. At least I get my refund.
  10. I’m having the same experience with the black goalie shorts. Ordered in mid August with “available for preorder from Sept. 2” on the website. Well on Sept. 2nd the website simply said the shorts were “out of stock.” I haven’t received any confirmation on my shipment or any sort of update. So now they have $50 of mine and i have no idea when my shorts will show up. I love Villa and buy a new pair of shorts every year but I’m close to asking for a refund.
  11. Not doing the lads any favors with the shirt sizes they’ve been given for the photoshoot. That has to be the elite fit shirt, right?
  12. I thought our passing was shockingly bad today. Poor decisions and wrong weight far too often. Makes it too hard to break down defenses and create quality opportunities. It’s hard for me to call Wesley shite, I think he suffers from a lack of creativity from many of our other players. He links up well with Jota, but Jota either doesn’t want to run or can’t. Overall our attack is very concerning. If we can’t start creating more for Wesley and capitalizing on our (few) opportunities we are in big trouble. Overall it’s a point, which gets us out of the bottom 3, but this one felt like a loss. We were thoroughly outworked after the red card, and there is simply no excuse for that. Every post match thread I say I’m not concerned yet (and I’m still not), but we need to start seeing results soon.
  13. We have been getting seriously outworked ever since the red card
  14. Please, please take advantage of that decision.
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