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  1. What a player. I don’t know England’s depth, so based on competition at their respective positions this comment may be off, but I think he may get a call up to England before Jack. I certainly think he’s been our best player so far this season.
  2. YESSSSSSSSS!! Winning feels so good. *disclaimer: I only got to see the last 30ish minutes* - Wesley was immense. I love his feisty spirit. Sticking up for his teammates shows he cares about his teammates. Seems like that is something we’ve had under Deano that had been missing for years. - I dare say, Mings has been our best player so far this year. - I thought Jack played well, and I’m not all over him for his play so far this year. However, I wish he would shoot more. Although I know he is more of a facilitator, there was twice in the last 10 minutes where he walked into the box and passed it off. Wish he would’ve let one of those go towards goal. - This team certainly can compete, and will only get better with more time to gel. We just beat a good Everton side. I hope this result calms the nerves of the fans who were getting ready to press the panic button. - Villa Park is a magical place. Every time I watch a home match on TV I find myself thinking “I absolutely have to get there.” The atmosphere tonight was immense.
  3. Anybody out there who has joined me in the misery that is being a Minnesota sports fan?
  4. Haven’t touched the series since AC3, but the wife got me Odyssey last year for Christmas. I fell in love with it, spent about 75 hours completing the entirety of the 3 main story lines. Now I’m almost done with Origins, which isn’t as good as Odyssey but still very solid. Syndicate is up next for me.
  5. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/08/17/unprecedented-demand-for-kit According to the club, demand for the home shirt is double from last year and the away shirt demand is up 500% from Luke’s white kit.
  6. The lines are weird, but it’s the 3rd kit so I’m all for trying something crazy. I like it.
  7. Would love to get a point just to get something on the board to boost the boys’ confidence. Sooner or later, praising good performances that still result in losses needs to stop. Everton are good, but on our day and especially at VP we are very competitive. I’ll be curious to see what Dean does with our fullbacks. Guilbert and Targett were solid in preseason, so it makes no sense to me why they haven’t even been available as bench players the first two matches. I say start both of them, if nothing else just to see what they offer. I find it hard to believe they aren’t superior options to Elmo and Taylor, but something seems to be going on behind the scenes that is preventing them from getting the nod.
  8. Quite like this post. I agree and think most people who watched the match could see that it was there for the taking. A few bad bounces and refereeing decisions that didn’t go our way played a part in handing us a loss. It wasn’t our day, and that’s football. Only worry about what we can control. Eliminating the mental lapses and finishing our chances would have flipped the result today. Those need to be addressed for future fixtures. If anything, today showed that on our day we can and should be competitive in the Prem. However, we can only tout moral victories and good performances for so long, and at some point those need to start translating into positive results. I’m confident they will.
  9. Tbf, they were only at fault for 1-2 of the goals out of 5.
  10. Not sure whether to be encouraged by the performance or frustrated with the result. Very nervy start today. Understandable, but it killed us in the end. Need to clean up sloppy mistakes or we’re going nowhere in this league. If we can avoid those, though, I think today showed we can certainly be competitive. Fair play to Taylor for his performance against Spurs, but he doesn’t do much for me. Hoping to see someone else starting in his spot going forward. Much better from Wesley today. McGinn all over the place again. Trezeguet seems to be like a solid signing. At the end of the day, it’s points dropped in a very winnable match at VP. Still not nervous, but can’t afford too many more of these results.
  11. I’m encouraged by the last half hour. They’ve capitalized on our mistakes, and we haven’t taken advantage of our opportunities. But the opposition in this league is not too big for us.
  12. Outside of random individual efforts, our attack seems to suck.

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