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  1. Without reading a single post in this thread: they’re horrible.
  2. It’s interesting. The refs are so interested in keeping the “big clubs” at the top, that they are ruining their own product.
  3. Good shout on the penalties vs West Brom. That was special too
  4. 1. Beating Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates in 2013. The match that got me hooked. 2. Playoff final at Wembley 2019. 3a. The FA Cup semifinal win in 2015 against Liverpool 3b. 7-2 smashing of Liverpool a couple months ago. Happy New Years everybody and UTV
  5. This is my first foray into FM and hell, I’m having a tough time.
  6. They’ve conceded more than anyone in the top half of the league (23), while we have conceded second fewest (14 to Man City’s 12). They’ve scored a lot (31 in 15) but so have we (28 in 14). I can see us battering them by a few goals, especially if we get off to a fast start. Man United is good, but they seem fragile and prone to panic at any evidence of trouble. If we lose I think it will be because of mental lapses like against West Ham. With Emi and our current back 4, I think the chances we get our doors blown off by anyone are slim.
  7. We have games in hand on Spurs and Chelsea, so if anything the table flatters them currently. Man City was too scared to play us in September, so we’re better by default.
  8. Arsenal/Brighton starting off as a pretty tight and conservative affair so far. Pretty much what you’d expect between two relegation rivals
  9. I absolutely love AEG. I’ll never forget that he broke his Ramadan fast for our Championship Final. That’s a big deal.
  10. Starts from the top. Deano is a top quality man. We have a great squad and it makes it all the more fun to watch.
  11. I want a f****** trophy and don’t ever want to see us throw in the towel on one any given year.
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