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  1. Shame. When you play a team who presses and tries to stifle their opponent, the answer is quick ball movement and movement away from the ball to provide options. Neither of those two happened tonight and we were suffocated far too often. Leeds very good on the counter. Pretty much everyone poor tonight outside of Cash, but Mings stood out to me in a negative way.
  2. Most of the time it works, defenders give him respect and space to avoid getting beat. When teams press him and force a move he needs to get rid of it quicker, but it’s also on the rest of the team to move off the ball and give him options instead of standing there and watching him.
  3. Anyone got an update on the length of grass at VP tonight?
  4. Yeah but what if Man U get hammered for 3 years straight in this league? All of those plastic fans might dry up and move on if they’re bottom or thereabouts multiple years in a row. At that point you’d have alienated your local fanbase and your global one. Seems like a risky move to me.
  5. Thought Leicester did a good job neutralizing him out of the match. Scoring a hat trick against Liverpool will draw your attention to yourself tactically. Good news for us is that Jack, SJM, Trez, and Ross are all also capable of scoring. It’s a bit of a “pick your poison” situation for opposing defenses.
  6. MNVillan

    Matty Cash

    Hilarious. You get one f*** up per match in my book, and he made the most of his.
  7. That was an underrated assist yesterday. The way he used his body to shield the ball from the defender was textbook.
  8. As the rest of the world becomes more aware of his talent, his role will change. Instead of waltzing his way through defenses every minute of the match, he’s going to continue to draw more and more attention from opposing defenses. That’ll open up holes on other areas of the pitch and it’s up to other players to exploit that.
  9. 2 AM here while I’m posting this, and the next two days I’m off work, so I’ve had a few pints. But this will never stop bothering the hell out of me. American soccer needs to try and be it’s own brand instead of copycatting European football. Internacional Miami? Please. Beckham formed the club two years ago and to my knowledge they’ve never played a match outside the US.
  10. **** that. Unless you’re counting games already played last season.
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