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  1. I’d have said B limit it some way. Like the data limit thing for images attachments, but it sounds like that’s not feasible. A well chosen gif reply, whether an old favourite or one less used can be excellent and add a bit of visual levity. But some of it has been overkill. Too many images/gifs isn’t as visually interesting. Less is more kinda thing. The gif button also made things too easy I think. Make people work in posting a witty visual reply I say.
  2. Had my second Pfizer on Thursday just gone. Pretty much the exact same reaction as my first Pfizer jab, sore/dead arm for 24-36 hours. I didn’t experience the headaches or other reactions that were predicted as a possibility by the person who administered it.
  3. I suspect that account also had worries about what “the boy Forestieri” could offer the opposition.
  4. And so it proved to be. Once again, bang on the ****ing money.
  5. In fairness, I did say reconsider using Rashford at all, but I get why they would use him. He’s probably one of the most famous footballers in the country. And I’m willing to guess a sketch might be that Rashford overall comes across as decent and Boris comes across as a prick and it’s all well intentioned and fine. Basically I think they’ve tried to exaggerate him in their house style, and the end result is not quite right. Without wanting to bring back unfortunate memories of Jason Lee’s pineapple haircut, it probably would have been helpful to the creators if Rashford had a more recognisable hairstyle. Something that you see and instantly think “Oh that’s Rashford”. I imagine a Grealish puppet could well make an appearance. For about 5 seconds near the end of the sketch.
  6. I don’t have a problem with them making a caricature of a prominent black person. For instance, their Trevor McDonald puppet I think was ok. It exaggerated his glasses and it had a certain downbeat expression which McDonald has. I don’t look at that and find it jarring. The Kanye West one I’ve seen, I see that and I think “that’s a caricature of Kanye”. I think the problem, such as it is, (because I think it’s just a crap puppet, rather than anything malicious on behalf of the show’s creators as I’ve already stated) is that Marcus Rashford isn’t particularly “cartoony” in terms of how he looks, or his demeanour. Johnson and Trump are basically pantomime characters in both their manner and their appearance which makes them easier to depict in a sort of Gerald Scarfe esque style. With Rashford, I don’t think there’s much “quirkiness” in his look to amplify so the end result is a bit off. I think.
  7. In the office I would tell jokes and everyone would fall about laughing. Now doing meetings for work on Microsoft teams and the like, my gags barely raise a smile. Turns out I’m not remotely funny.
  8. I was having a cuppa with my mate the other day when he found out that one of his friends died, heart inflammation brought on by covid so the doctors say. Not sure of his vaccination status. He was 38. It’s good that the numbers are low. Hopefully they remain that way.
  9. I don’t believe it would ultimately make a difference for me, but they do have a child together (with another on the way, if I read correctly). I think I still wouldn’t want much to do with a partner in this circumstance, and yes the financial side might play a significant part in the decision making too. But him being the father to her child(ren), might well be playing some part in her thinking, I’d be prepared to venture. And yes, I’m slightly uneasy using kids as the rationale, considering what he was in prison for.
  10. Well of course, when discussing the truly great trilogies…
  11. I may be giving them a bit too much credit here, but I think that this is more tone deaf rather than malicious. The puppets are exaggerations (Kane’s and Southgate’s are fairly grotesque having just looked at them), but the creators might, or rather, should have reconsidered using Rashord at all, or at the very least redesigned the puppet because they must know it will draw criticism if they don’t do a “fair” job caricaturing Rashford or any prominent black/non white individual. Edit - and that consideration should have been underlined and bolded following the recent online abuse.
  12. London going for the lost city of Atlantis look. It’s been rather pleasant here. Took a jacket out with me today which turned out to be unnecessary.
  13. I’d like to think that the Mason family could take that as a crumb of comfort during this difficult time
  14. Just to clarify, I like lava lamps. But I don’t think they’re perceived as “cool”. However, they are exactly the sort of item that would arbitrarily become cool again at some point.
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