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  1. It wasn’t all like that, obviously. Just a higher proportion compared to other music crowds I’ve seen. To be fair I think the band were a bit wary of it by that point. I remember watching the commentary of that tour and Colin Murray said of some pissed up lad “that’s your typical Oasis fan right there” to which Noel was defensively adamant it wasn’t.
  2. I was at the Manchester gig the week before the above pictures, same night as Live 8. During the day they broadcast some of the stuff being played at Hyde Park. Coldplay appear on the screen and the stadium starts booing. Next song, Richard Ashcroft is seen walking on stage and the mood completely changes, to the extent that I briefly thought he’d walked on stage in Manchester. They really did have the most football-esque crowds at their gigs. Anyway, the gig was as you’d expect. Enjoyable if you like them, meh if you don’t. My abiding memories are the barriers breaking at the front during the first song, so the gig being halted for 20 minutes, which led to the young women of the audience being encouraged to remove their tops for the big screen. And also for discovering just how painful it is to get beer splashed in your eyes. And yes, I choose to believe it was beer.
  3. I never eat fruit pastilles, but if I can help make Alan’s head turn redder, I will happily consider them now.
  4. The good bits of red dwarf still hold up for me. The newer stuff isn’t great, although can’t say I’ve kept up with it fully. When you don’t have half the creative team it’s going to suffer. And while the narrative isn’t the most important thing, it is nice if there’s some attempt to tie things together. Did they ever explain the two sons Lister was meant to have? The Rimmer that’s in the new ones...is he the original hologram Rimmer or is he the Rimmer that was resurrected with the rest of the red dwarf crew? If it’s the former, well what happened to his stint as Ace Rimmer? If it’s the latter, what - he died again? Was that explained? And where the hell did the lovely Chloe Annett go to? Still, a great theme tune anyway.
  5. I think a significant number of people who vote(d) Tory aren’t really aware of the goings on of the past couple of weeks. It’s white noise. At most, a lot probably think both sides are dicking around and are both guilty. Before the last election I was chatting in the pub to a couple of locals who were planning to vote Tory in support of Brexit. When I brought up Rees-Mogg’s old tweet re a 2nd ref to show some inconsistencies, they literally had no idea what I was on about, or who he is. All the stuff about his Grenfell comments that had taken place only a few weeks previously....nothing. To the extent that the one person assumed that, as I was using what he said back in 2011 in support of 2nd ref, he was another liberal remainer. If that didn’t permeate, then I don’t think this will be either. I do agree that a lot will be pretending that this is what they always wanted and/or burying their head in the sand.
  6. (as per Bicks’ post, yeah it was the egg)
  7. I think it’s some sort of social experiment by the powers that be. I don’t know what they hope to discover, but I think ultimately they’ll conclude that if left completely unsupervised, this place would be The Purge meets Animal House.
  8. I found the actress & bishop by the jam house to be alright for a late night indie music set. Birmingham itself, obviously I’m not a local so can’t comment on too many specific locations (typical villa “shires supporter” that I am). But whenever I’m in the city centre I generally feel safe. I agree with the sentiment that Broad Street isn’t great, but then I am older now so it’s faults are more apparent to me. It may well have always been bad, but I was young and didn’t care. The JQ is my favourite, it’s a bit more relaxed and has it’s own kind of character. I’ve been to Moseley once or twice and that seemed alright, couldn’t give much in the way of detail. I had planned a proper jaunt around Digbeth which had to go on the back burner following lockdown. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can tick off a few more locations in the area (the one so far being the old crown for an audience with God).
  9. I won’t lie, I’m not familiar with Emo Philips. I initially thought “Huh, Plant looks older there but Pete Townshend still looks quite young in that picture”. But yeah, that sort of thing.
  10. Pictures of famous people who you wouldn’t necessarily put together. I think it’s the idea of these different worlds colliding that I like. You can find them online, Chaplin & Ghandi is one such example. But I quite like knowing that at some point, however brief, Alice Cooper and Frankie Howerd crossed paths.
  11. Interesting choice mate. I’m more of a Capri-Sun man myself, but each to their own.
  12. As I’ve had a bit of break from footy I haven’t been listening, but I did give one or two recent episodes a go to see how they’re getting on and yeah I have to agree. When I heard they were moving to daily show I feared I wouldn’t like it. From what you’ve said it sounds like it’s not often the four of Marcus, Jim, Luke & Pete are recording together. For most podcasts, I want to hear the same voices. If the existing format has one or two guests come in, that’s fine. But there has to be a consistent core or it feels like a different show. The dynamic changes too much when the personnel are different. Less is more sometimes.
  13. Only watched First Blood for the first time the other month, was never particularly bothered about the Rambo films because of the reputation of gungho nonsense the later films have (and yes Hot Shots part deux played it’s part in forming that view). Was genuinely quite impressed with it for the most part. Brian Dennehy in particular was great and in some regards it’s kind of his movie. Think a manhunt/cat & mouse style chase film must push some buttons for me. Maybe I’ll sit down and see the others, not sure. It’s strange how, much like Rocky, the later films seem to define the appeal of the franchise. When people think of Rambo, an image of Stallone with a machine gun and headband is probably provoked. Similarly with Rocky I reckon more people immediately think of “Ding, ding”, Mr T or Ivan Drago than they do the first one.
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