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  1. I’m gonna state quite confidently that Davkaus is now one of the merry men.
  2. Phillip “Streetwise” Allott resigns as North Yorkshire Police Commissioner.
  3. ASMR Glow is my favourite, I love her accent (and yes that wasn’t the first thing that drew her to my attention). I like the tapping sounds, unintelligible noises on ASMR. If I find I’m more likely to fall asleep that way, a bit like rain against a window. Really relaxing.
  4. Do they have meetings where they say “We can make it so everyone who mentions ‘Scream’ will HAVE to say ‘Scream 1996’ or ‘no, not that Scream, the first Scream movie’ for distinction from now on. Shall we do that? Make it awkward for the movie going public?”
  5. What about Muddy Waters, or Howlin’ Wolf? Or a name like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins? I’ll acknowledge that the first two examples kinda sound like they could be names so are a bit different to, say, Fish.
  6. When on the receiving end of some criticism, mild or otherwise, do people find the Irish accent to have a bit more bite to it? Particularly in older people. It’s more sort of…withering I think? It might be the people I’ve spoken to just happen to have a more cutting tone.
  7. Proper answer, it would most likely be whatever beers and ales are available from local breweries. I guess I’d have a sense of what people were drinking there beforehand and go from there. I’d include a handful of mainstream beers and ciders. It wouldn’t be a proper food pub. Sausage rolls, pork pies and the like - maybe. I’m slightly torn between the pub being in a more rural village setting or a town/city centre. I suppose if I had the sort of money that could be won tonight, I’d try both. Thinking about it, I’d look at buying the Brittania in Aston, get that done up and restored. It could be a great match day pub.
  8. I’d buy a pub. I wouldn’t run it, just own it. I’d be in there regularly, sat by myself, reading the paper, maybe by the reclaimed fireplace. Once in a while, a customer might say to their mate “What’s the deal with that bloke? He’s always here.” gesturing to me. And their mate would discreetly say “Oh that fella? He owns this place.” and there’d be a sort of hushed awe of reverence which I assume all landlords command, while I’m still sat there, acting all nonchalant.
  9. Although I’ve read various comments from Brian Wilson basically saying the same thing of Rubber Soul and it’s influence on him. A healthy bit of competition, regardless.
  10. I like The Beatles. However if someone made a case for “Sgt Pepper’s…” being one of, if not the most overrated album ever, I’d probably find myself agreeing with a fair few of the points. For me, the inclusion of “A day in the life” is the main saving grace.
  11. I think most would agree that Bruce is a better manager than Lambert, he’s had the better career in management. Although as a single tenure, I think what Lambert did at Norwich easily surpasses anything Bruce achieved in management.
  12. That’s a great idea. Just need the machine to have some sort of fly repellent and I reckon it could be a success.
  13. Possibly reading too much into what is a nice little video about the manager, so he’s obviously not the focus. However… I do find it mildly interesting that while he features on the periphery in the video, none of the highlights centre on him. No volley against Derby, goals against Small Heath nowhere to be seen, Rotherham goal, his strike at Old Trafford, nope and nope. Crucial West Ham goal - no, goal to make it 7 against Liverpool, nope… I appreciate the focus of the video will be and should be more towards current players. But Hutton’s featured. Tammy’s there. Even Samatta’s gets in among the highlights!! This is more an observation on the club than Grealish, in fairness. I don’t want to take away from a nice little video, but his absence from the highlights jumped out at me.
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