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    Music, films, history, running, pubs. Taking a bit of break from football these days, so you’ll mostly find me in Off topic.

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  1. As I’ve yet to be asked by the film industry to give my tribute to him, my Top five non Bond Sean Connery roles - The Man Who Would be King The Untouchables Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade The Hunt for Red October The Rock Honourable mentions (due to the more supporting nature) Murder on the Orient Express Time Bandits
  2. No, I think it’s just incorrect. Something that is cringeworthy causes someone to cringe. If they want to comment on something that is cringeworthy but only want to use the word cringe, the sentence should be “that made me cringe”.
  3. Having played some spooky themed tunes for my kid, I think that while The Addams Family theme is the more memorable, the theme to The Munsters would be the connoisseur’s choice.
  4. Going back to incorrect grammar or misuse of words... People who say “that was cringe”, when they mean “that was cringeworthy”.
  5. Probably bin dunne, but the debates have looked quite similar to this. The stuff about wearing masks is appropriate.
  6. Apologies, would you mind clarifying for me which part of this story cheered you up?
  7. Dudley, Telford and Staffordshire all confirmed Tier 2 from Saturday 00:01.
  8. With Eddie Large and Bobby Ball both departing this year, I think the nation can now brace itself for the comedy stylings of the new double act “Little Cannon”.
  9. South Staffordshire is up to a rate of 349 which has come as a surprise (England rate being 213, West Mids being 212 and Staffordshire being 239). Edit or 364 according to the Express & Star Express & Star link
  10. Quite possibly, in fairness the others apps can be spotty from time to time but YouTube is the main culprit. I’m going to investigate to see if there are any obvious solutions to fix it so the next time I run into a difficulty with it, I’ll try those.
  11. Thanks @Troglodyte. I’m going to do likewise and persevere with my current one. See what’s around in the sales and make a decision from there
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