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  1. It’s probably been commented on elsewhere and I’ve missed it, but could you give an idea on how the locals feel about the Brits leaving please? Is there a degree of schadenfreude they’re adopting or is it more indifferent?
  2. Damn and he only had another 138 years to go.
  3. For those of you who like “Catfish”, you probably could do worse than watching “Talhotblond”, the 2009 documentary. From memory, it’s fairly low budget but it’s a fairly diverting look at when catfishing goes really wrong.
  4. Just to give a bit more crazy context, Villa’s transfer record as it stands will be £33m IF Watkins triggers whatever clauses that are in there. Hopefully he does as I assume that means he’s continued to do well. Man City paid £32.5m for Robinho in 2008. Carroll to Liverpool for £35m was 2011. We’re only just now reaching these sort of figures.
  5. My brother and me loved that film when we were kids (“the sandlot”, for those who don’t know). Haven’t watched it in over 25 years, but it felt like we basically watched it on repeat when we did. I think my adolescent film analysis had it on par with “Stand by me”.
  6. The thing is @Demitri_C, the people complaining paid for the bbc to show Penelope Keith* giving her views Prince Philip on both bbc one and bbc two at the same time. So if they think that’s a waste of their fee, they have the option to complain. One channel of mourning, I reckon a lot of people would have been tolerant of and that 100,000 figure would be lower. Based on nothing but my gut feeling. *Nothing personal against Penelope Keith, it’s just it was her who was on both channels when I switched over to have a quick look at the coverage.
  7. This is probably a much more well known fact (considering there appears to be a book about it) but I only found out yesterday... JFK, Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis all died on the same day, it seems within a couple of hours of each other. I’d imagine that the VT deadpool thread would have exploded that day. I thought it was quite hectic when the deaths of Jonathan Miller and Gary Rhodes were confirmed on the same day.
  8. This is another thing that ALL supporters think, that their club is the one that bucks the trend and will give a winless team three points, or allows a striker who hasn’t scored in 10 games to get a hat trick. I bet Liverpool supporters were thinking “Well Villa haven’t scored 7 in a single game for decades. Of course we wait until we’re reigning champions turn up and break that run and embarrass ourselves...” I bet Leeds supporters were bemoaning the fact they bucked the trend and let a Grealish-less Villa take three points “Oh well of course it’s got to be us that let’s them do th
  9. I know. I’m not sure how many “poor” signings there have been across the 18 to 20 brought in. Especially taking into account the fees spent. You should probably point this out to those who have forgotten that Villa had a starting position of having one, maybe two top half premier league standard players throughout their ENTIRE squad when promotion was achieved and take that into consideration instead of just pointing out (yet again) the total expenditure with zero context.
  10. No, I’d agree, not bad for reference purposes but a bit off especially the individual estimates. Grealish being worth £54m? Also, it’s things like Heaton’s valuation. The world and his dog thought that at £8m, that was a great price. Now according to that site his value currently is £1.6m. But I suppose if they’re consistently undervaluing players for all clubs it gives a rough club by club comparison.
  11. But Bruce spent more during his time with Xia than Smith did with NWSE in securing promotion. And Bruce was here when they took over. So the Bruce the pauper card doesn’t fly. Given their spend where do you think Villa should be in the league? By the same reasoning, where should Arsenal be? Sheffield United, they spent more this season than last season, where should they be compared to last season? Spurs, have spent similar to us in the past couple of summers, their league position should be what? You seem to think we’re not aware of the amount spent. We are. We’re also aware that th
  12. If Bruce or Wilder had won promotion with Villa, kept the club up in the first season, then had them in the top ten for most of the following season, they’d also be given that time. Bruce failed to achieve promotion with Villa. Wilder failed to build or consolidate on his earlier good/excellent work. Smith has achieved something. Therefore he’s in credit. How long he stays in the good books is down to the individual. There’s still plenty of good will on my part, that I can overlook a bad run of games. If Villa spend another £80m and they’re scrabbling around the lower half of m
  13. I’ve wondered similar. What would it be like on here if they’d hammered Brighton instead of Liverpool. Or if they’d done the double over Burnley instead of Arsenal. Or if they nicked a winner in the last minute against Newcastle instead of Leicester. Basically if Villa had beaten the teams they were expected to, lost to the teams they had expected to lose to but they still had the same number of points, the same league position, would people feel happier? It comes across like they would. Also, it feels like some on here have never seen a poor second half of the season before. Igno
  14. I’m not exactly a huge fan of the marvel films but they are inordinately superior to the transformer films.
  15. Yep, Leeds might well finish higher, I suspect they will. Good for them. Like Sheff Utd did. Like Newcastle did. Like Wolves did. They’re all still massively ahead of Villa in their attempt to break into the top six. Presumably if Leeds spend 70 or 80m in the summer and they don’t kick on from whatever position they finish in, say 9th....presumably there will be a load of folks in the relevant thread saying Bielsa’s on borrowed time and/or holding them back. That’s how it works, after all.
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