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    Music, films, history, running, pubs. Taking a bit of break from football these days, so you’ll mostly find me in Off topic.

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  1. On the plus side, me mentioning mousetrap led me to reading about it, which led me to Rube Goldberg (whom I was aware of) and then onto W. Heath Robinson (whom I was not aware of). Now enjoying looking at some of his cartoons, a short, successful rabbit hole that’s proved to be.
  2. I’ve never slept on a plane. Literally impossible. I’ve never been on a motorbike. Or even a scooter come to think of it. I’ve never HAD to change a tyre. I’ve practiced a few times, but not been called on to do so properly. I’ve never been to a funeral that ends in a burial. Just a service at a crem. I’ve never played the board game “Mousetrap”. I sense it looks more fun than it is.
  3. I tend to forget about her but then, occasionally I see the remake of “Bedazzled” she did with Brendan Fraser on telly and then she occupies my thoughts for a good while after.
  4. Huh yeah, never really thought about the odds before, for whatever reason. I’ve definitely played it more than 13 times. Might get the cards out....
  5. Do parents tell their kids not to tell on other kids at school? Or is that just in US family sitcoms? That’s where the idea of the no snitching etiquette takes root isn’t it?
  6. I’ve never won a game of “Clock” (or “Patience” if you prefer). You know the card game where you just turn over the cards one by one trying to avoid the kings, no skill involved, completely won by chance. Admittedly I haven’t played in about 15 years, but still, not once I have won.
  7. What have you done Alex.....
  8. I’ve never had a Facebook account. To be accurate, one was set up on my behalf as a joke which I allowed to remain up for a while (my occupation was apparently a dancer at spearmint rhino...oh I how I laughed). But I did get it removed eventually. I’ve not been the author of one anyway, so when people have complained about some feature that’s been added/removed or “timelines” or some such, I sort of nod my head along politely like I have a clue as to what they’re talking about.
  9. Yeah the dingles, I believe they were/are the scruffy “comedy” family of the soap. Lisa Riley (the big girl who used to present “You’ve been framed”) was/is one of the family members.
  10. I don’t really post in on topic anymore, far too reactionary for me (although one of the off topic threads got moved into on topic after I had posted so I guess I’ve made an appearance there by accident). I’ve been in other football recently, the seductive allure of discussing Steve Bruce was just too much. It was kinda like finding an old pair of slippers you’d thrown out and just trying them on again to see if there was indeed any life left in them for old time’s sake. But on topic.....I’m tired just thinking about it.
  11. That’s quite a big one. I nearly said Emmerdale but I think there was a time in the early 00’s when I fancied one or two of the actresses on there so I can’t be certain. But never watching an episode of Corrie, that’s good going. Off the top of your head, if you were asked to name things you know from it what would say? For example Emmerdale would be “farm, Yorkshire, the dingles, woolpack pub.”
  12. Never have I ever... used Spotify. been to Wembley. broken a bone. visited the Southern Hemisphere. Oh and I’ve never ever had my conscience to fight. The way I'm feeling, yeah, I just don't feel right.
  13. Here’s one that I think might get a few of you metaphorically drinking.... Never have I ever...sat or stood in the Witton Lane (DE) stand.
  14. Never have I ever....been to Liverpool.
  15. It is and I think the vast majority of the time on here people are on the right side of criticism/abuse. Certainly compared to the Newcastle forum that’s been linked, that’s something else. Some of it makes me laugh (the petty “I hope he puts his blue bin out on green bin week” is a personal favourite). But some of it is too aggressive. He obviously went through a terrible time personally when he was with us, so I am mindful of that. On the criticism front, Bruce has always had this hard done by, almost Eeyore persona, which I think is a factor in why he annoys a great number of sup
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