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  1. Not too bad if its performed by an experienced operator. I've had it done every year for the last 15 years.
  2. I'm embarrassed to say although I knew of his existence for Villa I wasn't aware of his stats until looking him up on wiki. Debut game for Villa reserves in front of 23,000, scores a hattrick against the unwashed. . 167 goals from 226 appearances including ten hattricks.Record 49 goals in a season 1930/31 From Billy Walkers recollections he appears to be the Gazza of his day from his antics. No wonder a Villa legend.
  3. Getting control of fingers four and five is tricky but I'm getting there. Good luck and keep at it Sam.
  4. At 63 I'm finally getting round to learning to read music and play piano (Roland FP30)
  5. Former Chelsea and England goalkeeper Peter Bonetti has died aged 78 after a long-term illness.
  6. My blood pressure is certainly seeing the benefits.
  7. You have eggs!!!!!!????
  8. We can't string two passes together, hopeless...
  9. The good Villa better turn up tonight too.
  10. I don't think half an hour of keepy-uppy then the rest of the day down the boozer is overworking them.
  11. Benson & Hedges? Lambert & Butler? How many of us had to google some of the signings in the last window?
  12. Playing like he's been tapped up and making himself easy to sell.
  13. Scroll down Gary Lineker's tweet to see the clip.
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