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  1. The thing about Trez is that if you showed me footage of him this season and asked me where he played I'd never say winger. He hardly ever drives to the byline to get the ball across. I could probably count the number of dangerous crosses he's made on one hand. Wearing mittens.
  2. To be fair if we were at war I would have already pulled the old "ouch, my bone spurs" and be sat at home with a nice cup of PG Tips.
  3. If we go a couple down early I'd pull McGinn.
  4. I voted "other". While Biden would win emphatically if the election were tomorrow, Trump still has a (narrow) path to victory and it's hard betting against the latter given his ability to sow and capitalise on division / fear given the current climate. All that said - it's 2020, which started with an impeachment process (remember that?) where even the concepts of lockdown orders, the economy crashing or defunding the police would have been almost impossible to explain to the majority of the electorate. And we only just passed the half way mark for the year. I'll go both candidates dead by November, so Stacey Abrams edging out Mike Pence. Oh, and **** 2020.
  5. This topic makes me yearn for the late 80's and early 90's, when everyone played 4-4-2 and the manager told the chairman who to buy. He even stuffed their boots with the odd brown envelope to keep the squeaky wheels greased. It's was a simpler time and we all knew where we stood. More importantly, we were actually quite good near the end of it.
  6. I'm June 17th too. We've also got Newt Gingrich who is a colossal word removed.
  7. The crowd noises used in the audio feed at AVTV. I was on a long motorbike trip for the Newcastle game and I swear it's on a loop with a goal every ten minutes. I also burned through 2GB of data just listening to crap commentary - about what I use when I watch games on DAZN. AVTV always seems to find new ways to fail.
  8. But it was only a respectable 1-0 because Wolves never got out of second gear. If they'd have needed the goals it would have been a cricket score.
  9. Vancvillan


    Apparently thousands have fans have swarmed Anfield. If they get Covid they'll probably blame the police.
  10. In 61 pages I'm sure it's been said, but this really is a contest to see who's the most useless / spineless out of us, West Ham, Watford and Bournemouth, and no-one's doing themselves any favours right now. Remaining games... Us: Wolves, Liverpool, Man U, Palace, Everton, Arsenal, West Ham Bournemouth: Newcastle, Man U, Spurs, Leicester, Man City, Southampton, Everton West Ham: Chelsea, Newcastle, Burnley, Norwich, Watford, Man U, Villa Watford: Southampton, Chelsea, Norwich, Newcastle, West Ham, Man City, Arsenal From that list I'd say Bournemouth are in deep trouble if they don't get something from Newcastle. West Ham and Watford run ins look easier but assuming Norwich don't give up completely, a lot of those teams still have everything to play for. Ironically Steve Bruce could indirectly decide the whole thing. C'mon Brucey, we love you really. Possibly.
  11. Why the long face?
  12. While individual polls might have shown HRC with a double digit lead at some point, I'm pretty sure I saw / heard Nate Silver at 538 saying that Biden's polling average is better than Hillary or Obama (in 2008 at least) ever had. All Biden really has to do is not say anything stupid. The problem is that he's basically their Prince Philip. He'll be ten points up then do an interview with Oprah where he sniffs her hair then tells her she isn't black.
  13. Another in the "impact sub" category, along with Tresz, Connor, AEG, and (at the moment) McGinn. Just a shame we lack attacking-minded players to cover the other 60 or 70 minutes.
  14. At least we now know the "somehow". 3-1 Chelsea.
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