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  1. My Canadian wife had all sorts of trouble when we lived over there. Gloucestershire, Bicester, The river Thames, Worcestershire sauce... Though she quickly understood why Paul Tait is pronounced "Massive word removed".
  2. To be fair most of the posts on there have been pretty balanced - and we would have been fuming if the Mings combo of foul (which could have been a straight red) and handball (unpunished) had been their player who was involved in a late winner. I'd wager VT has a small number of reactionary dick heads (though I can't think of any specifically).
  3. It was a game of if and buts, Now Troy Deeney can suck my nuts.
  4. While the chance of him starting vs. Watford is non-zero, it's not much higher. He won't have trained with the team for any meaningful amount of time.
  5. I feel your pain. Pre-season everyone's a mature knowledgeable fan who is expecting ups and downs and can take a high level view, but a handful of poor performances and the toxicity sets in. I don't believe DOL's assessment that Villa fans are uniquely fickle, but a small portion are manic.
  6. I'm with you - this is bonkers. Go back three weeks on the Guilbert thread for a bunch of people saying he was the future, one of their favourite players and integral to the spine of the team. Trez suffers from the fact that he constantly looks like he doesn't know what his feet are doing but he's not a bad player. I'd give Dean the season personally, though I'd imagine that lack of "decisiveness" will not be popular.
  7. This is nonsense. Next people will be saying how slow he is. He's gone from fans favourite, "future elite fullback" with people worried he'll get poached by PSG to a bottler who can't tackle or pass in less than three weeks. It's like people have never come across concepts like form or confidence before.
  8. On a lighter note, the combination of kit colours would really have annoyed me on Pro Evo on the PS2. They'd all be blocky white blobs so picking out those runs would be tricky on the eyes. Remember when Man U had that grey 3rd kit that they said blended in to the crowd so they couldn't see each other? Either way, we're getting battered so far.
  9. Just came in to post this more than two years later. That own goal is worth watching again.
  10. Now I'm really hoping you're one of the people who's been shitting on Wes....
  11. A bit of light-hearted fun... hopefully. You can sign one former or current Prem player in Jan. Transfer fee and wages are irrelevant. Only rules are: 1. They have to have played in the Prem at some point. 2. We get them at their peak Prem ability level, so if you pick Piqué, you get Man U Piqué. Given the squad we have and how we play, who would you sign to take us further up the league?
  12. Looks like the guy who played RoboCop*. Has the engine of a man who's half robot. Tackles like his prime directive is to **** you up. Love him. *(Shit remake circa 2014)
  13. I didn't think it's rocket science - he's knackered. That was 180 mins of international football over the break - he'll still run himself into the ground for us, but he's only human. Tired legs leading to him either being indecisive or shooting because he's about to collapse. Either keep him as an impact sub for the next game, or be prepared to sub at 60 mins.
  14. Vancvillan

    Tom Heaton

    Bosnich will always be king of the white line for me.
  15. It says something when a player who scored a great goal and got a great assist still can't get MOTM in a team with Jack in it. He was a level above tonight.
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