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  1. Imagine him explaining that to an alien "So what do you that people admire you for?" "I stand in a field for five days and occasionally throw a ball at someone"
  2. Just skimmed the last two pages and it sounds like we're bringing in Maddison, Iheanacho and Harvey Barnes. I imagine some would still complain about the lack of a 6'4" midfield enforcer.
  3. He was - he sensibly bowed out once Jack broke into the first team squad.
  4. When we signed him from Liverpool I thought Stan Collymore was going to be Villa's equivalent of Ronaldo (who had just torn the Spanish league apart for Barca). I genuinely believed he could be one of the best players in the world. Probably the most positive thing you can say about his career from that point on was that he advocated for mental health awareness and "starred" in Basis Instinct 2. Obviously there are more than a few negatives in there too. He pretty much single handedly destroyed my youthful innocence and showed me that the world is indeed a dark and cruel place. L
  5. I know the guy who runs Bryan Adam's recoding studio. I took a photo of him for a book I was working on. He pulled one of his boss' old guitars out of storage to help dress up the set. I asked if it was his first real six-string. I didn't get a reply.
  6. Either me or you doesn't know what "double figures" means. And I'm hoping it's you.
  7. Agreed - I dont think that's the plaice we should be looking at.
  8. This is the high brow version of Mark Morrison driving round Leicester with his windows down and "Return of the Mack" playing at full volume. What. A. word removed.
  9. Curious - have you been in the last five years? You might not recognize it. A lot of money has come in to the city, especially since the Olympics. All the old buildings are coming down and being replaced with soulless high-rise apartments where a studio starts at $1m. They're replacing dodgy (but slightly charming) buildings from the 70's with towers of glass. Also, every second vehicle is a Tesla, and there are so many luxury cars a Lambo, Ferrari or Maclaren isn't even worth commenting on. A fair few have L plates on. If you really want to hammer the last nails in the coffin, I
  10. Turn it sideways and it bears more than a passing resemblance to Mesut Osil.
  11. Counterpoint: all food served at Vila Park.
  12. 1. Sushi basically means sour. Yeah, I'm that guy. Peanuts aren't nuts, sea lions are related to donkeys, etc. But there are orders of magnitude more dishes without raw fish than those with. 2. The raw fish is flash frozen to the point that all parasites are killed. No different from cooking in that sense. 3. Where I live (Vancouver) it's the most popular and cheapest form of fast / take-away food in the city. Indian and Chinese food are way more expensive, and there's a sushi restaurant within two blocks at pretty much every point in the city. 4. That shit is (mostly) prett
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