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  1. Seen some shouts in other threads for Elmo to make way for Kesler. In a world where it's questionable that Barkley will be dropped, there's a zero percent chance of a start for Kaine Kesler. Anyone who's seen a Deano first 11 over the last couple of years must surely know this.
  2. What would need to happen for you to know different?
  3. Yeah, I'd keep in mind that when a certain rotund / cheating Argentinian coke fiend passed away, Twitter was ablaze with rumours that Madonna had died.
  4. Hard to argue with your lineup. Also think you're right on who will actually be picked (and the end result).
  5. People who are annoyed by stats not being completely predictive shouldn't look at stats. Each individual stat is just one of many metrics you can use to make decisions when trying to predict an outcome. It's like people who complain that political polls aren't completely accurate - they don't understand things like margin of error, biases is collection methodology and dozen other mitigating factors that are attached to any stat. These numbers are very useful, but if they actually had true predictive value on their own (without other stats, context, etc) we wouldn't have things like a
  6. Conor's contract expires in June so we're getting **** all for him. That aside, I feel like a lot of your sell prices are high and the buy prices are low.
  7. That cover of Shout he did with Dizzee Rascal for the World Cup was a national embarrassment. When he sang "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough", I'm pretty sure an entire nation was thinking "I'd love to James".
  8. I actually think their squad isn't that terrible - better than the current bottom three at a canter. It's just the whole package - including manager and owner - that make them toxic.
  9. I do wonder if in a hypothetical world you could keep the same teams and swap managers, how that game would have gone (obviously the players have to follow the manager's instructions, etc).
  10. If you lay on the floor near them, they will literally hop over and take a selfie with you. Friendliest animals alive, but one Jack Russell could wipe out the entire species in about an hour.
  11. The music industry is full of people who prove that how much you admire someone's work is in no way related to how much you admire the person. Talented guy but mad as a shit house rat.
  12. While you may have had a hit with "Africa", my gut tells me you're no longer situated in the most productive of the wheat-growing states.
  13. 1. A lot of people are talking about how lucky Man U were to snatch a late win against Wolves - they seem to have already forgotten our 94th min smash-and-grab less than 3 week ago... 2. They don't look as potent at home as they do away. That said, they have Fernandez - switch off for one minute (which we have been known to do) and he'll punish you. I think we'll scrape a 2-1. Tight game, then penalty in the 97th minute, slabhead hacks down Jack, AEG steps up with another of those training ground finishes. Kevinkeeganiwillloveit.gif
  14. We all see the game in different ways but for me Nakamba, Hause, Elmo and Emi were all did their job enough to rank higher. Grealish was the clear MOTM. AEG got in some good positions, made a good run and hit a good free kick but his job is to score at least one goal out of all those chances and frankly he failed. Not saying that's the end of him - he'll get sharper with more games - I'm just saying I think he was a long way from the best player on the pitch.
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