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  1. Leeds look leggy and there's a general air of frustration on the pitch. Nothing seems to Klich.
  2. Vancvillan

    AVTV 2018/9

    Audio is always a split second ahead of video, so the commentators sounds like psychics. I have to reload the page 1-4 times per match. Doesn't support Fire stick or Chromecast (by far my biggest annoyance, and I've tried side loading the app), so I had to build a shelf to hold my laptop for Saturday mornings so I can induct my ten months old daughter into the world of Claret and Blue on the big screen. That said, it's way better than any free alternative, and in Canada there's zero interest in screening Championship games, so it's still my lifeline. I'm watching on a maxed out late model MacBook pro and I have fibre 250/250, so it's not the computer or the connection.
  3. Good result, great effort, looking forward to getting Mings and Grealish back though...
  4. John McGinn is the smartest transfer we've made in years. At 2.8m, you could only get 1/4 of a McCormack or half a Tshibola. This season's hero for sure - leaves everything out on the pitch.
  5. I know this has been said a thousand times on this thread, but John Mcginn is **** immense.
  6. Only scored two in the first six mins? Season over. DS out.
  7. It didn't look like a handball from the replays...
  8. To quote The Bunk, better to be lucky than good.
  9. I would feel very hard done by if that'd been at the other end...
  10. @Hornso you can probably set up an auto-complete so that everytime you type Tshibola it automatically adds "booked".
  11. Re: 12m for Hogan, I think the saying goes along the lines of "a player is worth whatever some mug will pay for them".
  12. We shot these on a Pentax 645z and either the 28-45mm or the 75mm (the interrogation one). The last shot is pretty wide - 28mm on that camera is around 22m in 35mm terms. That said, you could have shot them on anything - it's a calendar so the print size is pretty small and we weren't cropping that much. That camera does have killer high ISO performance (the night shot is at 1600, which is crazy high for us), but I don't know how much that matters in the grand scheme of things. The fact that it's very waterproof was useful. For post - they are all composites. Interrogation was the most involved - the dogs couldn't be in the room at the same time, and that room didn't have a mirror on the wall (we velcro'd one on, then took the frame of the mirror from a shot of an internal window in another room). The light wasn't there, and we had to shoot each dog twice (one for the room, the other for the reflection) to get that much depth of field, so getting them into roughly the same position for two shots was tough. That last shot was pretty simple - we set up lights then dragged the shutter for the ambient. Shooting the dog took less than three minutes, but he had been practicing wearing the glasses. We used a different plate for the cars going past, but the dog and car are the same shot. The reflection in the glasses is dropped in, otherwise we would have been seen in them. Even the coffee shop is a composite - the dog can't be near a donut without eating it, and the ceiling / sign is way higher than that in reality, so we bought that down a few feet to fit the aspect ratio of the calendar - we really wanted the "Donuts and Coffee" sign in there since that's part of the gag.
  13. Not quite wildlife, but here are the three months we shot as a pro bono for Vancouver's police dog calendar for next year.

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