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  1. I read this too quickly and just spent 20 minutes researching your diet.
  2. "LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE" [Fast Voiceover: "Ranked 15th in World Freedom Index. Citizens carry guns to protect themselves from own shadow."].
  3. If we'd have signed Maupay he'd have been in the bomb squad now. And do people forget how he played last year? 8 goals, 3 of which were pens. He wasn't exactly setting the world on fire. Wesley had the same number of goals from open play when he was injured half way through the season. Is a fit Maupay better than an injured Wesley? Sure. Hindsight is wonderful. But saying that Maupay was somehow a better choice at the time is revisionist at best, and willingly dishonest at worst.
  4. Yeah, the numbers are 100% skewed by the fact that people who own one own several. I think I used the term "ownership rate" and that isn't right at all - sorry, I should have said guns per 100 people. I think it depends where you live in terms of people wanting to own one. I don't do much ocean fishing so I don't own a boat. They're basically the same thing to me - a "widget" to help get meat in the freezer. They're both a headache to clean, move and store too.
  5. Registered number of firearms divided by population. Australia has pretty strict laws around registering firearms (unlike the US and Canada) so it's easy to extrapolate. And as @LondonLaxsaid there's a huge rural / urban disparity - people in cities don't need them, people who work on farms definitely do (and typically need more than one). That second point is important - city dwellers (a group in which I include myself) who don't need firearms often think of those who do own firearms as a bunch of AR-toting maniac preppers. People who farm or hunt hear that and think that urbanites are clueless hipsters with no connection to their own food supply. Neither is true, but it drives a wedge between the two grouos and makes meaningful dialogue pretty difficult. In Canada, people in cities cheered the AR-15 ban despite the fact that the ban was by name only - you can still buy a semi-automatic rifle that shoots 223. People who knew this (licenced gun owners) criticized the new law and were painted with a very specific brush by the media.
  6. A combination of training being required for ownership and safe storage laws are low hanging fruit to start moving both numbers in a better direction.
  7. For registered firearms in England and Wales it's about 1 in 30. Keep in mind that someone who owns a firearm probably has more than one, so it's not that 1 in 30 people have a firearm. For context, the US has about 1 registered firearm per 200 people. The problem is that they have well over 300 million unregistered.
  8. If you mean Port Arthur that was 25 years ago. Crazy that outside of the US we think of shootings that happened decades ago, while they have a new one every couple of weeks.
  9. Add the fact that the ownership rate for registered firearms is approximately 1 per 10 people in WA (which is obviously lower than the States but there are still a decent number of private firearms owners) and it gets pretty hard to argue that gun control legislation doesn't work. That's not to say I agree with all the details of their (or Canadian) firearms legislation, but the general principle of making ownership very hard for people who don't need firearms is clearly a pretty effective strategy.
  10. After a bright first five minutes they look terrible against Spurs. Absolute Bruce Ball. It's shambolic.
  11. Panic buy? Two notes on this: 1. If we hadn't bought Ings, we would have been playing Archer or no striker up front when Ollie was out. Fans would have been calling for blood. 2. If you take Harry Kane at the end of this season, then (assuming his form picks up) his stats, age and injury record will be incredibly similar to Ings at the start of this season. It was a coup to get him. Opportunities for a team that finished 11th to pick up that kind of quality are few and far between. Whether Deano finds a way to play Ings and Ollie together or if he rotates them, it was still a great piece of business.
  12. Western Australia has some of the most stringent fireams laws I've come across. I had to get a letter from the cheif of police to send a rifle stock (a piece of plastic) to a relative who wants to try building me a wooden one since they don't have a firearms license. Also, spent brass casings are classed as live ammunition for legal storage and transport purposes. It's pretty much the opposite of the US. Can't remember the last time they had a mass shooting either.
  13. If not SJM, enlighten me - who was your MOTM?
  14. Of all the players to single out today you pick our clear MOTM?
  15. I don't get how a team could be on the cutting edge of crypto but no-one though to Google their business name before launch.
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