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  1. I'd like to see someone with a bit of Prem experience come in and put their arm around Wesley. I think he's got the attributes, I just don't think he's quite adapted to the league just yet. Jermain Defoe is banging them in
  2. I only turned it on for a few seconds to check for MaVilla, but I'm pretty sure my ears winced...
  3. I can get audio on the Villa app under "AVTV". I used to have a subscription but don't any more and it still works.
  4. Back to the topic of the game... Lansbury pass was class but having seen it from every possible angle during half time, their left back was caught in no man's land for the goal. Would like to see us get to the byline more second half.
  5. I just assumed this was sarcasm.
  6. Has he got a brother called Mical?
  7. To be fair you wouldn't have to think too hard to find a few examples of us doing the same in recent years...
  8. The Norwich marking is absolute jumpers for goalposts.
  9. Worked for the first half today. Ironically he looked knackered by 60 mins.
  10. I'm going Davis for MOTM, purely because it'd be nice for him to get one. On we go and another goal from Jack in the cup. Hourihane making another solid case for a starting spot on Saturday.
  11. I thought we looked like a new side that lacked cohesion and understanding, but that will come. I wish we'd get to the byline more often. Aside from that, reasonable performance and about what I'd expect in this first season.
  12. I must be watching a different game. I thought they were both full of energy / industry and looked like our most likely sources of danger. An entertaining game for the neutral, which I know isn't a priority but it's a far cry from our last run in the Premier League.
  13. True story, this happened during the Palace game. Then Kevin Friend knocked on the door and booked her for simulation.
  14. I know this'll happen more and more as I move into my "managerial" years, but half their players look well YTS.
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