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  1. You spoke too soon. Boris must have been hanging around the 5g towers...
  2. In reverse order: Bye Bye Bye - N Sync Another One Bites the Dust - Queen Staying Alive - Bee Gees I Touch Myself - Divinyls Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Junior Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer Hurts So Good - John Mellencamp Finally - Ce Ce Peniston Rape Me - Nirvana
  3. He's going to be a good player in 2-4 years time, I hope that's with us - i just don't think we can afford to carry him until then.
  4. They probably saw that Poch was suggested as a realistic option and assumed this was just the rantings of a mad man.
  5. A connotation means there is deeper or further meaning attached to the words used. You don't get to say there's no connotation any more than you get to say "my words did not cause offence". It's like me saying "classic Boomer reply" and then saying there's no connotation because you are a Boomer. The splitting of fans / supporters / followers / whatever into distinct groups is a problem. It ignores the fact that everyone's relationship with the club is marked with nuance, and encourages a (frankly toxic) "better fan" narrative. A young kid who can't afford to go to games and whose parents can't afford a Villa shirt shouldn't be made to feel like less of a supporter because of it. You engaged in that, made a huge generalisation and think there's nothing wrong with that. I have zero interest in trying to change your mind. My next click is on "ignore user" - just to save you the time responding.
  6. More puns? I'm out - I haven't got the stomachs for this.
  7. My Canadian wife had all sorts of trouble when we lived over there. Gloucestershire, Bicester, The river Thames, Worcestershire sauce... Though she quickly understood why Paul Tait is pronounced "Massive word removed".
  8. To be fair most of the posts on there have been pretty balanced - and we would have been fuming if the Mings combo of foul (which could have been a straight red) and handball (unpunished) had been their player who was involved in a late winner. I'd wager VT has a small number of reactionary dick heads (though I can't think of any specifically).
  9. It was a game of if and buts, Now Troy Deeney can suck my nuts.
  10. While the chance of him starting vs. Watford is non-zero, it's not much higher. He won't have trained with the team for any meaningful amount of time.
  11. I feel your pain. Pre-season everyone's a mature knowledgeable fan who is expecting ups and downs and can take a high level view, but a handful of poor performances and the toxicity sets in. I don't believe DOL's assessment that Villa fans are uniquely fickle, but a small portion are manic.
  12. I'm with you - this is bonkers. Go back three weeks on the Guilbert thread for a bunch of people saying he was the future, one of their favourite players and integral to the spine of the team. Trez suffers from the fact that he constantly looks like he doesn't know what his feet are doing but he's not a bad player. I'd give Dean the season personally, though I'd imagine that lack of "decisiveness" will not be popular.
  13. This is nonsense. Next people will be saying how slow he is. He's gone from fans favourite, "future elite fullback" with people worried he'll get poached by PSG to a bottler who can't tackle or pass in less than three weeks. It's like people have never come across concepts like form or confidence before.
  14. On a lighter note, the combination of kit colours would really have annoyed me on Pro Evo on the PS2. They'd all be blocky white blobs so picking out those runs would be tricky on the eyes. Remember when Man U had that grey 3rd kit that they said blended in to the crowd so they couldn't see each other? Either way, we're getting battered so far.
  15. Just came in to post this more than two years later. That own goal is worth watching again.
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