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  1. Yeah, it's almost like we're building a quality squad for the first time since...
  2. Go back one page and look at my comparison to Harry Kane. Age, injuries and resale are not an issue here.
  3. For the tiny handful of people who are doubting this transfer due to Ings' age and injury record let's look at the last two seasons. Danny Ings Age: 29 years, 13 days Avg Games Played (Prem): 33 Avg Goals Scored (Prem): 17 Avg League Position of team: 13 Harry Kane Age: 28 years, 8 days Avg Games Played (Prem): 32 Avg Goals Scored (Prem): 21 Avg League Position of team: 7 If he does a job for 3 seasons he'll have given us more time in our new Prem era than Jack did (who averaged 31 games FWIW). Even two years is a long time in football, and I doubt we'll be thinking about the 25m we just spent come 2024. Not every transfer in has to be about increasing value of an asset. We're not some tin pot club who sells a 17 year-old for 25 million and retires their shirt. We're Aston **** Villa. If you think Tammy has a higher ceiling then fine (I don't agree art all), but don't make this about injuries or age. Nothing wrong with bringing in proven experience given the relative youthfulness and inexperience of our squad. This is not the MON era.
  4. It's weird but I'll polarize it. Imagine the line was 10 yards deep. If a defender and attacker are both on the line, the attacker is onside. Obviously the lines aren't going to be 10 meters, but last season they had all the depth of a Danny Mills full-time analysis. I **** hate that word removed.
  5. Darts teams play friendlies?
  6. I'm shocked this hasn't been picked up by Talkshite / The Atheltic / Brum (spit) Mail with the date omitted.
  7. Ah, the Paul Lambert years. I didn't not miss you at all.
  8. There about 400 pages on Southgate too.
  9. Get yourself and Amazon Fire stick or Google Chrome thing. Plugs into a HDMI input and runs off your wifi. Turns any TV into a smart TV for about 25 quid. FWIW back in the Championship days AVTV had an Android app which ran very poorly on my Firestick but a browser was fine.
  10. Pretty sure this is "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys.
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