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  • Posts

    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      Sir, may i politely suggest that you ease off on the kool-aid! Where is the proof that anything has been foiled... anonymous propaganda sources? Please remember, that one of the main results the Snowden aftermath was that we learned quite explicitly how pointless the current programs are. Pretty much all of the Paris guys were known to our mythical "Intelligence" services. Properly resourced police work is what is required not throwing money at blowing things up in the middle east. Regarding your "logically it will.." statement. "Bomb them over there and for god sake don't show me the grisly aftermath on the evening news, I'm trying to eat!" Perhaps, they might think that bombing London/Manchester/Paris etc. is a logical way to attack us? The orientalism appears to be very strong in you or at least the opinion you have written. We are not needed at all, in fact one could quite validly make the case that it is our involvement that has led us to the current situation.
    • Star Wars: VII, VIII & IX
      Yeah, but I spelt it better, so there. 
    • Paris, Belgium and the ISIS threat to Europe
      So do you believe a little bit of extra bombing from another 4 planes will fix this? I know, of course you don't. Just like nobody believes leaving them alone will fix it. So perhaps the plan needs to be developed a little bit? Payload for a Tornado is usually 4 pathway missiles and 2 brimstone missiles, combined cost just under £300,000. Tornados fly in pairs, so that's £600,000 in missiles per mission. Oh yeah, fuel and running costs for a Tornado are £35,000 per hour. The average mission takes 6 hours, that's £210,000. But there are two of them remember, so that's £420,000. So with the missiles, that's just nudged over a million pound per mission. So far, the coalition have launched over 5,500 missions across Iraq and Syria. How many missions are their likely to be? Do we know? Is there an estimate? What's the size of land area we are attacking, what number of ISIS fighters are there? How many civilians do they control? Nah, detail, detail, detail. Detail is for pussies. Bomb 'em. What plan have we got to rehabilitate our wounded? Our ground forces? Our medics and cooks and refuelers? I guess once they come home we can skimp on support and let them live in shit and piss under bridges? Better we do that than spend, er, well spend say £800,000 on rehab and housing. After all, every time we waste £800,000 on our returning military, that's another single Storm Shadow missile we can't buy.  How long do we plan on bombing? It better not be too long, after all, these awe inspiring politicians are reducing the number of Tornados by a third by 2020. I wouldn't trust these people to plan and budget a birthday party. Yet lots of people are happy to let them just go and play war without even explaining what they would consider winning to mean. Even if they just said this is containment and retribution until we have a plan! That would at least be honest.  
    • Star Wars: VII, VIII & IX
      It's why it's worth paying extra for Gold Class at Vue.  Less seats, more space and fewer Nacho crunching, Popcorn rustling, straw slurping peasants  I went to a dine-in AMC in the states. That was ace, full three course meal while the films on! Again though, loads of space and fewer seats, so I could only hear my own fat gob scoffing 
    • Things that piss you off that shouldn't
      The salted caramel is absolutely delicious! It's how I deal with my sugar cravings. I'm actually drinking a cup as I read this, randomly enough. 
    • Adama Traore
      Its time he was given a chance. Everyone else has apart from Kozak and we have only managed 2 pts in 12 games. So give the lad a go!
    • Star Wars: VII, VIII & IX
      Seeing how this is now a general cinema etiquette thread, how do you all feel about alcohol at the flix? I'm not against it as such, but put me in a dark room with ale, and I'll be snoring my head off, an hour into the film.