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  1. El Ghazi potentially, but Nakamba needs time to develop, not too long ago ‘We’ decided Idrissa Gueye wasn’t good enough, unfortunately he went on to play in the Champions league with a top European team, who knows what will happen but as a group of fans ‘We’ have decided that a large number of players haven’t been goad enough in the recent past and then they have gone on to develop and shine in Europe. Are Spurs still signing that shit Italian goalkeeper from Atalanta ? Yes I know we now have EMI but if we had kept him we wouldn’t have pissed around with loans for a few years. Let’s hope our new signing from Norwich steps up otherwise he can expect the wrath of the Villa talk forum in the coming months.
  2. Scapegoats for the season being lined up early. The Villa way.
  3. smg

    Wesley Moraes

    Sell him, not good enough, never was even before a near career ending injury, then watch him develop into a top class player signing for a top European or premier league team. I believe Spurs are about to sign a shit ex goalkeeper of ours, and let’s not forget Gueye, Veretout and Amavi who were not up to it. Apparently.
  4. We are clearly blessed with a crop of outstanding young players who have just won the fa youth cup, but a one off performance against Walsall (who might turn out to be shit in their division next season) does not make them instantly better than seasoned professionals that we might not like. We need to be patient, but the the signs are promising
  5. Sadly unless Wes scores 3 pre season hat tricks I think he will be written off, a bit like that goalie Spurs are supposed to be signing for a decent fee, fast forward 3 years Bayern Munich sign Brazilian superstar from Lyon, he was not good enough for Villa fans after a near career ending injury.
  6. In previous seasons haven’t we played different teams in each half to maximise players used and get more involved?
  7. Smith out. Looks like he is tonight, isolating with his family.
  8. Ok we will leave it there. Good night
  9. Probably not on a Villa forum but there is a bigger world out there
  10. Sorry don’t agree, Jack should have been used earlier but the comments about other player performances are basically bollox
  11. I think he got some things wrong but no way more than some of your ludicrous assessments of player performance, perhaps it’s time for bed and don’t forget to take off your claret and blue glasses.
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