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  1. Why risk Tuanzebe now with the international break giving him two more weeks full training?
  2. smg

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Not instantly excellent or consistent therefore not good enough for the Villa. We have lost a number of promising players because of this attitude from the fans
  3. smg

    Pre- match thread

    Indeed I would
  4. smg

    Pre- match thread

    McGinns ‘high energy’ could also see him booked early not good in a Derby game.
  5. smg

    Pre- match thread

    And if we win the midfield battle I will blame him for that
  6. smg

    Pre- match thread

    Covering all bases then
  7. smg

    Pre- match thread

    There is probably a reason why he couldn’t get a game at left back.
  8. smg

    Pre- match thread

    Muck in is not the same as experienced defending. Perhaps Jacks presence in the structure of the team allows Whelan to perform effectively which was impossible in his absence .
  9. smg

    Pre- match thread

    I think the debate is about if McGinn plays who makes way for him after Saturdays performance ?
  10. smg

    John McGinn

    It’s ok having the tools but it isn’t necessarily that easy to use them effectively with little experience in that role. Whelan may lack certain things but he definitely knows how to play that role. Putting McGinn in there on Sunday from the start would be a huge risk.
  11. smg

    Pre- match thread

    Last 6 league games at St Andrews won 3 drawn 3. One defeat in the cup. Don’t up their game that much.
  12. smg

    Pre-Match thread

    So Smith is dammed if plays him from the start and dammed if he doesn’t. Can’t win.
  13. smg

    Pre-Match thread

    Why do people feel the need to come on here and predict losses ?

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