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  1. Bold statement and widely inaccurate
  2. Has he really been picked as a right centre back ?
  3. smg

    Pre-Match Thread

    I can’t believe people are suggesting Reina plays again, it has to be Nyland surely otherwise why bother with a squad,
  4. And what happens when the quality is injured ? We need both but that takes time, if we hadn’t driven out those players in the past that are now performing far better than our current squad around Europe and the Premier league we might actually be building a squad that could cope with the premier league. Sadly most want instant success.
  5. Except they are the owners and as such can do as they like. Fat Sam , then what ? New owners because ours are shit where are they coming from?
  6. Any chance Davis could have made any less effort to win that tackle before their goal ?
  7. Agree with your comments but can’t be arsed to pick a different team
  8. Fans like me , you have no idea what my history as a supporter of the club is or any other associations with it that I might have, what I do know is that statistics can prove anything you want them to if it backs your own pathetic comments.
  9. Stats are bolloxs perhaps you should watch the game
  10. As good as he has been all season he was limited in his contribution today.
  11. Sat back or pushed back end result the same cause very different.
  12. Wow never knew that , not sure that’s a strength of his but who knows
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