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  1. Like I said it’s not about individuals but combinations, and their effectiveness will depend on the opposition so we should perhaps be pleased that we have them both to give us those options. The jury’s out in my opinion who might turn out to be the best because Nakamba has been largely sidelined up to now so we will see if Luiz does turn out to be ‘clearly better’ in the coming weeks.
  2. Better player because he is Brazilian and used to play for Man City (or didn’t) or based on performances? We have to look at how effective the combinations of our midfield players are, Nakamba and McGinn might well turn out to be more effective than Luiz and McGinn, it’s not just about how good individuals are on their own it’s a bit more complex.
  3. Is it really a dip in form or is he just doing what he always did? The difference is he has better players around him now so his contribution is just seen as normal or worse. In a poor side he stood out, in a better side he doesn’t but that should not diminish his importance to the team overall.
  4. A lot of people appear to disagree about Marv.
  5. Nakamba four games no goals conceded, could he be our Kante ?
  6. It’s shit for both teams you can’t control slips so no one benefits
  7. If their pitch is so shit why did they water it pre match ?
  8. No way would Watkins or Abraham accept not playing full games regularly. Top strikers need to get into a rhythm to reach the highest levels of sharpness and you don’t achieve this spending time sitting on your a**e every match.
  9. We all want that, but there has to be a level of what is realistic this season. Even a 12th place finish would be a solid improvement on last seaso.
  10. Unfortunately he put in outstanding performances when called upon and was still left out at the expense of others who were performing less well
  11. We are top 10 and some of our supporters are losing optimism, what the f*** do they want? We were one point from being in the championship a few months ago.
  12. McGinn’s drop in performance levels coincides with Barkley’s inclusion. He is still working hard but is not reaching the levels he did before because different demands are being made of him, I’m not even sure he fully understands what his role is and even if he does he can’t fulfill it properly because of problems caused by Barkley’s poor performances.
  13. Going on current form and performances I can’t think of anyone worse to come on if we are chasing a game than Ross Barkley.
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