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  1. Is Hutton? Hasn’t been slagged off for ages
  2. Love how some fans get behind certain players
  3. Replying to the Hourihsne post
  4. Adomah contributes a lot off the ball which often goes unnoticed, especially when we are winning.
  5. smg

    Tammy Abraham

    Dislocations don’t heal quickly they can go back quickly but There could be a lot of damage around the joint that needs to heal.
  6. You really think they turn up and don’t want to win seriously ?
  7. Why did we get motivated Kodjia tonight instead of sulky Kodjia ? Surely if he is a team player and commited to the club we should get the same Kodjia every game ?
  8. So the most prolific posters on here on match days don’t actually get to matches but feel pissed that they can’t get tickets for the big games. But there is always a reason not to be there.
  9. Match thread is not to be taken seriously. Are you joking ? The ‘supporters ‘ posting are very serious about their contributions to the thread. The heat of the moment is just a cop out for negativity.
  10. All over seriously ? Shit support my lord.
  11. There always has to be someone to have a go at ! He missed a penalty, guessing he didn’t do it on purpose. There are some very poor fans on here.
  12. Jedinak can cover central defence if needed obviously we are looking to attack from the start
  13. Why risk Tuanzebe now with the international break giving him two more weeks full training?
  14. smg

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Not instantly excellent or consistent therefore not good enough for the Villa. We have lost a number of promising players because of this attitude from the fans

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