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  1. Still no idea he is one of our best and most consistent players yet you choose to highlight one , rare error. Carry on.
  2. Cash was a winger so the transfer to wing back shouldn’t be that difficult
  3. Is Watkins intimidated by Ings presence or sulking because he has competition up front ? (Or knackered because the baby keeps him awake at night?) Whatever he isn’t the player he was last season.
  4. Looks like Sancho is not the only who doesn’t deserve his place in the England squad.
  5. Not at all but if he had stayed and got himself properly fit (after being injured ) he might be contributing more now.
  6. Who has done nothing since he signed except **** of to Brazil for two weeks when he didn’t even make the bench
  7. Alan Hutton loved Ramsey’s tackle on 5 live commentary
  8. I think there is a bit of that in a lot of us
  9. Why ? he is a very good goalkeeper and probably a future number 1 for them.
  10. There is rotation and there is changing the team for the sake of it. At the moment I think it is better to have a settled winning team, the rotation can be used later in the season when players are tired. They are not tired at the moment some aren’t even match fit, it’s a great option to be able to rotate which we haven’t had before but only at the right time.
  11. Good to see both men’s and women’s teams building year on year. Saw the women play Palace 3 years ago had seen Palace a few times that season and they were useless however on that day they easily got a point away from home. They are still useless and the Villa team have moved miles ahead. Onwards and upwards, good time to be a Villa fan.
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