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  1. Elmo plays right back but is naturally a right sided midfielder, so two on the bench that can play fight back
  2. I’d play him a bit wider, on the bench.
  3. In form team for the play offs though, full of confidence. Albion dropped points to day and their goal difference compared to other possible play off teams is ridiculous. Must be favourites to win play offs.
  4. Just noticed when we go down there is a very good chance we could be replaced by Brentford given their current form.
  5. You really aren’t much fun going by your recent posts and you forgot about Ayew, so what about 2-0 bound to happen. On the other hand we might just give ourselves a chance who knows you never know.
  6. smg

    John McGinn

    Don’t see clubs falling over themselves to buy him this summer, Celtic possibly but won’t offer anywhere near what we would want as will no one else.
  7. No but it might prove significant in the next few weeks
  8. Crystal Palace away same thing we got screwed
  9. Well done you, had a word we my dog earlier he didn’t watch game either but thought we gave a good account or ourselves seeing as it was only 2-0
  10. Man of the match difficult, defence as a whole stood up well for the monster part.
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