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  1. Now watching the the first goal with the pundits he was shit for that as well . But he is from Brazil so he must be good.
  2. Just watching motd Luiz should be ashamed of that pathetic attempt to tackle Traore.
  3. Did Konsa not make an impact today ? Didn’t score a hatrick or punch the referee but did a thoroughly professional job which he was picked to do and which he has done in the cup games when given the chance. At least you covered yourself with ‘ might be ok in due course’
  4. This is absolute b******s Taylor was given a shit pass by McGinn and then Luiz completely bottled a tackle on the touch line but hey he is shit and they are both superstars incapable of making errors.
  5. McGinn is really very limited without Grealish to guide him, definatEly not a leader on his own.
  6. Luiz is a very poor player with an inflated reputation
  7. Taylor is shit , Traore apparently was shit according to punters on here when he played for us should be a good match up. Or is Traore a better quality shit than Taylor ?
  8. Luis at fault for the goal closed his eyes turned his head, great defending
  9. Why are some people on here so bloody negative?. Nyland deserves a chance (support).
  10. are sky having a laugh ? Go through the teams them back to Liverpool v City
  11. smg

    Wesley Moraes

    Called up to the Brazil squad, can’t be true because he is sh*t, I read it on here many times.
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