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  1. Guilbert and Targett impressed pre season against inferior opposition but clearly haven’t convinced Smith in training that they can perform at the highest level at the moment. The other two with their premier league experience are currently doing well.
  2. Smith out clearly has no idea what he is doing, The jobs too big for him.
  3. The match is a week away and already Hourihane is being slagged off absolute joke.
  4. Hourihane may have been poor in that game but that does not make him a poor player he is capable of producing quality the problem is that once people suggest he is shit the bandwagon starts rolling and even when he performs well it is ignored or sneered at. There have been numerous players unfairly judged in recent years on this boarg
  5. Another positive from the game is this seasons scapegoats have been selected step forward Hourihane and Green enjoy your season.
  6. smg

    Henri Lansbury

    Funny reading the last few pages, before today absolute crap now he is being allowed to be possibly useful in the future, not identified as an impact sub yet but I’m sure someone on here will come up with that.
  7. Can’t believe O’hare written of as not good enough already why can’t players be allowed mistakes by the experts on here in pre season when they are trying to establish themselves. Pathetic comment at this stage of the season
  8. Nice to see Someone brave enough to suggest Mings is less than pure excellence, can’t believe it said that he isn’t doing well perhaps we should try someone else alongside him. Perhaps he might not be the god substitute he has been built up to be over the summer. Perhaps he is just not having a good game. It happens even to superstars
  9. smg

    Björn Engels

    Perhaps he will turn out to better than all of them ? Who knows ? But this is Villa talk so let’s prepare for he worst he’s probably shit .
  10. smg

    Björn Engels

    Good centre backs only tackle as a last resort, they rely on intelligence, understanding, communication and positioning we will see next season.
  11. We are potentially very low premier league and need the best we can get so developing someone’s else’s player may be better than buying an unknown player in the short term I’m not sure we have many of our own that quite match up at the moment We all desperately want to be Barcelona but it might take some time.
  12. I do not understand why it is so late, we were going to have a new kit regardless so surely the earlier the release after the old deal finished the better. Everyone is excited to be back in the premier league and wants the new kit. It should be available to maximise sales

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