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  1. smg

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    Why do people expect instant success just because we are a ‘big club?’ we are not. At the moment we are a mid table championship team with the potential to move on. Instant success is not possible it has to be developed and too many Villa fans are not prepared to wait and are constantly looking for the next option hoping it will be better. Perhaps it would be better for some to go and watch another team for a few seasons and come back when the hard work has been done and the Villa are the finished article.
  2. smg

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Booing already some of our followers are a disgrace. The twelfth man what a joke. it’s toxic and the manager hasn’t got a clue we really do get behind our team don’t we .
  3. smg

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    So now the individual slagging off begins. Predict by 70 minutes every player has been described as shite.
  4. smg

    Pre-match thread

    You have no idea howcAdomah has performed in training
  5. smg

    Pre-match thread

    The atmosphere will be cancer. Really, does this mean anything ?
  6. smg

    Pre-match thread

    We are a mid table championship club. We might want better but why do we deserve better ?The fans have a part to play supporting the team not getting on their backs because we are not winning. We do not have a right to win we have to build a team that is capable of winning and that takes time. The fans have to accept that.
  7. smg

    Pre-match thread

    Some people starting to get excited at the thought of hostile home crowds and toxic atmospheres ?
  8. smg

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    ‘Play the kids, the crowd will get behind them’ No they won’t they will be on their backs as soon as they make a mistake.
  9. smg

    Pre-match thread

    how fit is Hause? I thought he had been injured before he signed. Also he hasn’t played that often in recent months so may be rusty add to that playing with new teammates after 2 or three sessions and throwing him straight be too risky
  10. smg

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea FAC

    The atmosphere on here isn’t great either