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  1. Spotted on the wall of a Vets surgery.
  2. choffer

    General Chat

    They've recently made a big issue out of consent permissions. The "star" of the film would be entitled to residuals. More hassle than its worth these days.
  3. choffer

    General Chat

    I considered it as an option but I'd have probably lost my seat so decided it wasn't worth it.
  4. It's Brentford. They've already got the replacement in.
  5. choffer

    General Chat

    I know I’ve detailed my loathing for them on here in the past but I almost had a punch up this morning because of one. The usual oblivious bloke gets on the tube, rain cascading down his recently closed umbrella all over my lap. I somewhat forcibly moved it away at which point he screamed “what you doing, you prick?” Me and the three other people he’d soaked all showed our displeasure, he got narky then someone else shouted at him to watch what he was doing. He then stood menacingly over me until the next stop before he got off. Oh how we laughed.
  6. I've got a joke about Sean Connery's sister's baby daughter. It's a little niche.
  7. choffer

    The Film Thread

    The Guilty on Netflix. Stunning Scandi Thriller. The most tension-filled thing I've seen in ages. Echoes of Locke/Buried in that it's basically a film about a bloke on the phone but (and I stole this line from a review) it's like the episode of Black Mirror that Charlie Brooker wishes he's conceived.
  8. Oh the originals have always been a dirty secret. You just know how little actual meat is in them but I’ve always loved them. Think it’s probably a childhood memory thing. They aren’t good sausages but sometimes needs must. Their veggie option is probably the closest I’ve had to an actual real sausage. Still a mile away from the real thing but eminently edible.
  9. Richmond (meat free) sausages. A revelation. A touch heavy on the spices but other than that, they were great.
  10. choffer

    Ice rink

    Didn't expect to find an ice rink in my meat at Christmas
  11. Initially thought that was a score prediction.
  12. The best cure for a persistent cough is to stop drinking milk. My elderly neighbour had a hacking cough for months but since he started leaving his milk on his doorstep a couple of weeks ago, it seems to have cleared up completely.
  13. Having really enjoyed the vivera shawarma, I thought I’d give the steak a go. It looks a bit like a steak but doesn’t really taste like one. Not a bad experience and I’m sure I’ll have them again but my brain spent the whole time telling me it definitely wasn’t steak.
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