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  1. There are very few goals in this team as things stand.
  2. What's depressing is the number of people who will swallow it. "Typical bloody europeans, trying to show us up. This is why we need to leave".
  3. If that's the obit, the funeral must've been fun:
  4. You have to love Cassie for finding a way to finish her airbnb review on a positive note.
  5. So he's going to blow up the Mosque? Old Tommy approves.
  6. He's out, presumably now calling himself Tommy Robinson Crusoe. Seemingly he's trying to kid on he's been in a gulag for years. He's fooling nobody - we all know you're allowed to shave in prison.
  7. This is on the door of one the meeting rooms at work. I'm left wondering what happens when someone walks out of the room and forgets to turn the light out?
  8. (I'm sure I've read variants of this story several times before. I wonder if it's actually even true or if it's just a standard column-filler story that gets re-used every once in a while?)
  9. Not sure how true (or how amazing for that matter) but possibly interesting....

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