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  1. I once had to entertain a delegation from Chicago for work. One of them properly fell out with me because I called her out on her contention that Pizza wasn't invented in Chicago. I mentioned the Italians, even wen't as far as to suggest the ancient Greeks had something very similar to pizza and therefore could potentially lodge a claim to have invented it. Nope - she wasn't having it. Chicago invented the pizza - end of. So affronted was she with my misinformation, she didn't speak to me for the rest of their stay. That was totally fine with me - especially when one of her colleagues pulled me to one side and told me that she was the bully of the office and nobody ever told her she was wrong. Apparently all of the rest of the Chicagoans (Chicago-uns?) thought it was all hilarious and they still reference pizza-gate regularly several years later.
  2. I think you're understating things there slightly, @HanoiVillan. If memory serves, the feeling he had was that he liked banging his aunt and had been doing it for years with no sense of remorse or regret.
  3. She was a rather adventurous girl. It was only a brief dalliance but if the rumours I've heard are true, you can now find out for yourself. £200 an hour apparently
  4. I've looked at that picture several times, desperately trying to work out which one of those people (none of whom look anything like The Rock) was a young Dwayne Johnson. (It's been a long week).
  5. I know exactly what I was doing on that day. I was on the wag from work, with someone I shouldn't have been with, doing things we probably shouldn't have been doing. I left her that morning with a 90 minute drive home. First I knew of it was when I turned on the radio half way home. Spent the rest of the journey trying to piece it all together. It wasn't until I got in and turned the telly on that I saw what was really happening. 20 minutes later the first tower collapsed. I was glued to the telly for the rest of the day and it wasn't until much later that I checked my phone and saw how many calls, texts and emails I'd missed. A truly bizarre day.
  6. I-pace would have been my first choice but for two reasons. I don't have anywhere to plug it in and there's no secondary market as they're too new. Hopefully neither will be an issue when I'm next looking to change.
  7. And to the countless thousands who lost their lives as a result of America's reaction.
  8. Barely even use it as all my browsing and apps are on my works phone. It’s only just* occurred to me that I’m spending £40 a month for a phone that I only ever use to receive the very occasional call. I’m thinking I buy a cheap handset and the lowest tariff sim-only deal. I guess the question should have been “is giffgaff still the best bet for a sim-only deal or are there now other good alternatives!”. I know I can Mooney around for alternatives, just wondered if anyone had any insight from personal experience. *it’s not really just occurred to me - I’m just trying to be less wasteful.
  9. Appreciate it’s not actually a film but amid the sad news of the passing of Michael K Williams, I remembered he was part of R Kelly’s mental musical soap opera “Trapped in the closet”. It’s so very special and some of Williams’ finest work: (Contains swears).
  10. is Giffgaff still the way forward? Finally ready to get off the Vodafone treadmill.
  11. 20-something years since I worked there (on the S-type prototype). At the time I'd never have considered buying one as the build quality was horrid. I'd imagine they're better now - almost tempted by an F-Pace myself recently but ended up going for the Stelvio. (I don't think any of this adds any value to your research!)
  12. Anyone ever sold a car to webuyanycar? they’re offering me £4K more than I was offered p/x. Am I going to be rinsed when I get there? (it’s a 2018 Tiguan in good nick, btw. They’re offering £17.5k).
  13. When the continuity announcer on sky says “this programme contains strong and frequent language”. It gets me every time. Surely it can only ever be “frequent strong language”?
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