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  1. If a woman sends nudey pics early doors on a dating site, it’s fairly certain you’re getting catfished. I say this from (grim) personal experience.
  2. I’m guessing I might have to retire my rarely used “I’ve met Noel Clarke a couple of times and he was very friendly” anecdote entirely now.
  3. Thankfully we went when numbers were restricted last August. Can't imagine what it would be like under normal circumstances.
  4. Count your blessings. I had to go to Peppa Pig world last summer.
  5. See also - every film or tv show ever made where someone picks up a coffee cup that is clearly empty. Same for suitcases.
  6. Thanks @Ingram85 . What’s been most helpful during the last month or so has been friends and family showing they care. The fact that randoms on the internet care too only adds to that. As far as the situation with my mum goes, I’m doing much better with it and I think the rest of the family are too. She’s started chemo which might push the inevitable back a bit and we are all focussing on making the next few months as fun-filled as possible, creating memories and supporting each other. I know many might think it’s a bit snowflakey but getting some therapy has made a huge difference too
  7. Watched Mogul Mowgli tonight. It’s excellent. Sound of Metal tomorrow.
  8. Stuck in the usual Friday night car park that is the M25 and Jamie Redknapp sat in his Bentley picking his nose right behind me. Five minutes later and the car behind me is being driven by Dave Gorman. What a day to be alive.
  9. Pill in 2021 is a cakewalk compared to Pill in the 90's. We occasionally had to go down there to fetch, let's say "supplies" back in the day. Safe as F***, it was not.
  10. Same here but for different reasons. A quick trip down the A48 through Liswerry and up through Pill is a trip down memory lane for me. It often saves the whole Brynglas car park experience too so double win.
  11. Cranford exit. It’s my route home. I’ll remember to flick the v’s at you next time I see you do it
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