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  1. The best thing about that tweet was the first reply:
  2. choffer

    The Film Thread

    This was my favourite. Saw it in the window of the Curzon and immediately decided to get my hands on a copy. Then I went on Ebay and thought again....
  3. Been too long for me so I started again from scratch at the weekend. At the rate I’m going, I should be watching this by Thursday.
  4. choffer

    The Film Thread

    Exactly my experience last night. Deliberately avoided any spoilers and it was so much more enjoyable for it. Stunning piece of filmmaking. Storytelling of the highest order all wrapped up in the most stunning of visuals.
  5. Stop your messing around. Better think of your future.
  6. Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler Larry Tesler computer scientist responsible for copy and paste has died
  7. I'd forgotten about Toner. Apparently now playing non-league in Ireland.
  8. I neither know nor care who Sneakbo and Dot Rotten are. I care even less about their "beef". Twitter seems to think it's a huge thing and I've no idea why. I am happy with this situation.
  9. choffer

    Pepe Reina

    Can’t believe nobody has helped you out with this yet.
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