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  1. choffer

    Said Benrahma

    Generally Brentford’s prices don’t drop. They know exactly the figure that they will sell for and that’s what they’ll get. They’ve a well established plan for managing want-away players (they were doing bomb squads before we were) and they don’t respond well to players engineering moves. If we want him, we will have to meet their valuation one way or another. I guess it’s all about how the deal is structured. Of course, we don’t know for sure that any of the stories reported in the media are true.
  2. I know it’s warm but would you put your shirt on mate, ffs. So many shirtless wonders in Waterloo station tonight. Disappointingly no females have followed suit yet.
  3. choffer

    Science Thread

    Literally the most interesting thing I've read in ages.
  4. Apologies for quoting myself but this is now in stock online and I've just ordered one. Now to see what Kappa sizing is like.
  5. A good number of first choice players weren’t selected for Brentford’s game today. Apparently there was a behind closed doors game yesterday so he could have played in that. Having said that, there is a story doing the rounds that he confirmed to a Brentford fan that he has been sold and has popped home to France for the weekend pending the announcement next week. No indication of which club he’s going to through. (100% not ITK, just passing on what’s been written elsewhere)
  6. choffer

    Douglas Luiz

    I think we just have to get our heads around the fact that this is likely to be little more than a loan but that if that’s what it ends up being, it will be because he’s played really well. City sold Angeliño to PSV for €5M last summer and have taken him back this summer for a reported €12M (the agreed buyback amount). I’d expect them to be doing the same with Luiz presuming he performs well. If it all pans out like that, we could have a quality player on our books for a year or so and then potentially double our money. Appreciate I'm not the first to have made this point in this thread.
  7. I couldn’t work out if I should put this in the US bolitics thread or the corporate evil one. I know it doesn’t really fit here either as I don’t see how “it shouldn’t”. Tribal elders peacefully protesting that someone wants to build a huge telescope on their most sacred mountain, being cuffed and carted off by the Hawaiian rozzers:
  8. You'd get one Bramble and one Cattermole for that.
  9. ^^^ Hardly an ounce of understanding of what you've written there A'V but it sounds very positive so well done you.

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