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  1. I'd hate to be in your quiz, Mike. Normally there's a bunch you kick yourself for not getting but There's a huge chunk of these I'd never get. 17 this week for me.
  2. Peston is putting himself on the shitlist here.
  3. “What is the point of having people like me around?” A more pertinent question I cannot fathom.
  4. Drove to Durham, went for a 90 minute round trip to a castle, drove back to London. Didn’t stop at all. In a Range Rover? That’s some seriously fuel efficient driving.
  5. Turn up late and then keep talking as long as possible and there’ll be no time for questions.
  6. bank holiday traffic on the A66 is murder.
  7. I’m sure all the residents of his street will soon be outed as Labour activists.
  8. We are living in the end times.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if a story "leaks" in the coming days about how Mr Johnson is still struggling to get over the virus.
  10. I won the day a couple of months ago. First time for me. All for a couple of jokey covid-related posts. I feel bad about it now but eff it - I won the day.
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