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  1. Cauldron’s marinated tofu is excellent for stir fries. And I’ve never done it in a separate pan.
  2. And as a bonus, your pee is now dayglo orange!
  3. Had the same experience a couple of months ago. I absolutely adore my boss. She’s smart, kind, supportive and a really good laugh but she’s also haphazard, disorganised and forgetful. I had to answer 70 questions about her and about halfway through answering the questions, I got the fear that her boss (our brand new CEO) was going to see these results and presume she was bad at her job (which isn’t the case). The questions just didn’t give me the opportunity to score her strong points so I just ended up scoring everything top-end for the last 20 or so questions. Our brand new CEO probably
  4. I bet Mark Francois’ ex wife wishes she’d stuck around now.
  5. Currently watching the Secretary of State for Health being questioned by MPs. It’s staggering to me to think that anyone could watch this and not (correctly) conclude that he’s not a complete bluffer.
  6. They did a bunch of songs in addition to that scene. I kept trying to Shazam the different songs and every one came up with nothing. I'm not surprised you struggled with it. We had a brief conference part way through and decided to stick with it. One of those where you were kinda glad you did but for me, it was mostly for the soundtrack. Clearly it landed better with you than it did with me or tba. There were a few gaping continuity errors which is always guaranteed to kill a movie for me. Like I say, I enjoyed it but I’d struggle to score it as highly as you did.
  7. Arkansas on Netflix was half decent for a first time film maker. The best bit for me was the soundtrack which had Flaming Lips covering a bunch of old country songs really beautifully. If only those songs were actually available anywhere.
  8. It’s very odd and I’m a little bit creeped out by it but mostly I’m just glad that people like this exist...
  9. Had one like this a while ago. They kept telling me I could get £10,000 for my injuries. I kept saying I couldn’t. They kept saying I could. I told them I didn’t have any injuries and they responded that all I had to do was say I did and I’d be immediately 10k richer. I countered that I couldn’t possibly have been injured as I was in the restaurant when my parked car was slightly bumped. Even then that didn’t deter them. We all complain about our insurance premiums but if insurance companies stopped selling our details to these ambulance chasers, they wouldn’t keep getting stung for comp
  10. How on earth does The Home Secretary think it appropriate to paint herself as the victim here? Staggering conceit.
  11. choffer


    Gutted for you @HanoiVillan . He looked like a very good boy.
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