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  1. Reminds me of a similar joke. To the man who translated "beaucoup" for me. Thanks, it means a lot.
  2. They’re used to it. It’s the very model that’s made them a success. They buy unproven players, prove them and sell them on for a profit. They’re not sentimental about losing a player as they all understand that’s what bankrolls them. Well, that and Matthew Benham
  3. Percy said Villa were prepared to trigger the release clause. That is a million miles from being a done deal.
  4. Not at all. He played out wide while Maupay was the main striker. Dean Smith talked about it last night. It was part of Watkins’ development and the plan was that he would end up being a centre forward. Watkins and Maupay were at different stages in their career at the time and they are very different players.
  5. Like all Brentford players, the database has a price that they will accept. I doubt they’d accept £20M. Benham has bankrolled the club for years. He’s paid for the stadium too. There will be debt but for as long as the owner stays interested, the debt won’t be a problem.
  6. Absolute nonsense. I know football can be subjective but he is consistently one of the highest performing players in the league. His highlight reel is great but try watching him week in, week out and you’ll see how often he dominates games. Who knows if he will cut it in the premier league - many have been outstanding in the Championship and not made an impression in the big league but to characterise him as a highlights only player is very wide of the mark.
  7. Ha. I am a Villa fan but I live about a mile from GP so I’ve been there a lot more than VP since I moved to London 20 years ago.
  8. Q: What's the difference between COVID19 and Romeo and Juliet? A: One’s the coronavirus and the other is a Verona crisis
  9. Most Bees I know have long since come to terms with it. A new stadium has been in the offing for two decades now and I think everyone is just pleased to be moving up the road. If you’ve ever been to GP, you’ll know what a special place it is to watch football but you’ll also know how ramshackle, falling down building it is. So many happy memories of the place, I’ve spent the last couple of years making sure I had plenty of photos and while it’s a shame to have not been allowed in there for a while, even if they don’t win the playoff final, the club is on the up.
  10. Looks like I spoke too soon.
  11. 100% this. One of the most enjoyable players to watch that has ever played in this country.
  12. choffer

    Mask Watch!

    Didn’t see a single person in Tesco yesterday without a mask. What a difference a week makes. Of course, social distancing is now completely out the window as a result.
  13. Looks like a bust after the game last night. They always seem to struggle with the playoffs. They’ve looked very leggy and tired in the last few games.
  14. I think this thread is the victim of one of those mod merges. Says Kevan started it but first post is by SGC. I’ve lost a couple of threads to the mod merge in Off topic.
  15. Wait. @sir_gary_cahill is Jack’s brother? (I’ll gloss over his page 1 comparison of Jack to Adam Johnson though.)
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