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  1. No idea where I picked this one up but it's the first album in ages I've instantly fallen in love with:
  2. I might or might not work for an organisation with a Royal Charter. If it's the former, I'd be able to tell you there's regular conversations about testing the boundaries of its limitations.
  3. Commonly heard in my office: "where's dave?" "Trap 2" or "you should see the state of trap 1"
  4. I’m just thankful we don’t have any estate agents on here.
  5. Hehe. Oops. I’d forgotten that we had members of the recruiting fraternity within our ranks. No offence intended
  6. Recruiters really are bell ends, aren't they? Met one on Thursday - he tells me I'm the front-runner and pretty much guaranteed an interview this week. Either Wednesday or Thursday. I tell him I'll need as much notice as possible but here I am, sitting here in Tuesday evening with no idea how much (if at all) I'm going to have to shuffle my diary about for the next couple of days.
  7. choffer

    2019 Holiday Plans

    If you've small kids and you can't face shelling out for EuroDisney, Efteling in Holland is an excellent backup option. We just had three nights (including four days in the park) for 500 Euro. Really lovely chalet, 8 minutes walk from the park. The park itself is lovely, a huge forested area with loads of rides - a few big scary ones and lots for the younger kids. Lots of random fairytale stuff and a lot of other random trippy nonsense. Our five year old loves the place. 3 hours drive from Calais so eminently do-able for a long-weekend. We are already planning to go back next year. Oh - and I almost forgot - pancakes. lots of pancakes. What's not to love?
  8. My immediate thought was that it's the Aussie actress that @A'Villan was supposed to be dating...
  9. I have a similar issue with some of the screen grabs they use to promote a show. I’m watching something just now (the name escapes me) where the shot they use is clearly from fairly deep into the show so you know the main character didn’t top herself and made it to court to fight her case. Kinda removes all the jeopardy from they storyline up until that point.
  10. I've not worn a suit for about 10 years. Many in my office still do but it's not mandated. Any interview I've had in the last few years, I just turn up in my usual work attire (shirt, jumper, jean-cut trousers) and open with a line apologising for not being more formal but I've other meetings with my current employer today and if I turned up there in a suit, they'd definitely notice. Never been an issue yet (although I've not actually landed any of those roles yet!).
  11. There are good cheese puns and bad cheese puns. Between them, there’s a gruyerea.
  12. Who goes fishing? Theres a new fishing tackle shop up the road from me in London and it occurred to me that I know literally nobody who enjoys it as a pastime. There’s hardly a mention of it on VT either so who is asking for the lovely fruit and veg shop to close down in favour of maggots and rods?
  13. Yeah, I get that. I wasn’t aiming to quite as reductive as I ended up being. Was just trying to say that you can eat a balanced meat-free diet without having to pop pills.
  14. I’d expected this to be the response but as Dav has said, everything we eat can be considered a supplement, regardless of if you’re a fruitarian or a carnivore. I’m having a five guys burger tonight though so no need for further supplements today.
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