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  1. Rather than try and work out which of the many bollitics threads this could have gone in, it’s found a home here because it’s funny and it cheered me up.
  2. Back in the day, many Edinburgh chippies were Italian run (might still be today but I don’t know). The popular refrain was always “salt an a soss?” in a strong Italian accent. It’s been years since I’ve had it but might knock up a batch myself now I think about it.
  3. Interesting(ish) thoughts on that headline (and the reasoning behind it) in this twitter thread:
  4. Thought this was very optimistic when you posted it. Now I’m thinking England could even get as much as 80 now.
  5. Possibly been done already but http://radio.garden allows you to zoom anywhere in the world and listen to radio stations from that place.
  6. I’ve devoured most of his work and am two episodes in to this latest piece. I’m always left with two main thoughts: 1. I wish I could retain even a fraction of what I’d learned 2. I wish I was clever enough to do something useful with this newly acquired knowledge
  7. No doubt I'd be the only one there by the time my two tracks had finished.
  8. Archimedes' screw has always been my favourite.
  9. I would literally watch her read out the phone book.
  10. choffer


    Finished it. I can now fully understand the sense of achievement that @chindie and the like feel when completing a project.
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