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  1. Prompted by a family conversation last night, do people wash their legs in the shower or just let the water run down their legs and presume that makes them clean?
  2. choffer

    The Film Thread

    Finally got around to watching this last night. I spent the first 20 minutes thinking I'd seen the movie before, which couldn't have been the case. Then I remembered the documentary I'd seen years ago. It is obviously the source material for the Carell film but it is vastly superior. I'm going to watch it again tonight.
  3. Still haven’t quite caught my breath. We were clearly poor tonight, struggled to work out how to cope with their high press and it seemed the only thing we could come up with was to pass it about for long enough to lump a high cross in for their three at the back to mop up. Im a bit “tired and emotional” now but I’m just delighted we are through. We are going to have to put a lot of work in to come up with a good plan for the final but I’m just delighted we are still in it. Jed Steer though - what a ledge.
  4. Aldi hawking their brand new flat sausage (the sausedge!), Scotland collectively loses the plot, pointing out that Aldi didn't invent Lorne sausage, then Lidl come out of the woodwork with this corker:
  5. I wanted to post this in the Brexit thread but someone will cry spoilers.
  6. It's one of the things I hate most about the game these days, leave a leg trailing to you get contact and can go down. I find it really distasteful and is up there with simulation as something I dislike intensely. That said, it has become the norm and defenders know if there's contact and the attacker goes down, it's likely to lead to a free kick/penalty. That's just how the rules are interpreted. I don't think there was enough contact on Jack to send him down but he made sure there was contact as he knew the foul would be awarded. I wish it wasn't part of the current game but it is and there's been plenty more contentious fouls given than that one so I don't know why WBA, Leeds, etc are getting so exercised about it. It's all in the past now and hopefully we won't be on the receiving end of such a decision in the next two matches.
  7. From Jon Ronson’s “So you’ve been publicly shamed”
  8. I had the misfortune of having my cousins 20 year old daughter stay a few years ago. Utterly, utterly obnoxious. She refused to speak to me unless she needed money, she’d eat me out of house and home and left notes around the house telling me when I needed to taxi her about. When she saw any other member of the family during her stay, she’s tell them she was starving because there was never any food in the house and that she’d run out of money. We reckoned she combed her way to about £300 in total. Never again.
  9. Or so a friend told you, right?
  10. Would have preferred a third but I’ll take that result
  11. Their flat sausage in a brioche bun with a fried egg. Beautiful. Their carrot and beetroot sausage? Vile.

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