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  1. Ten years ago today, our Jade (the real People's Princess) went to be with the Angles.
  2. This morning it was 0.001 miles. The road outside my house was being dug up and I couldn’t get off the drive. Had to wait for a guy to make a makeshift ramp so I could get over the hole he’d dug.
  3. There's a new one being built in West London at the moment that is about as far from an identikit bowl as it's possible to be. Of course, that's because they're trying to squeeze it in between two converging railway lines in a space that to the naked eye, doesn't look big enough for a football pitch, let alone a stadium.
  4. Virtually indistinguishable from meat-based meatballs.Would probably benefit from a slightly better name though.
  5. The sensible thing would have been to keep the manager who had you in 4th until you had your upgrade lined up. But, you know, it's West Brom.
  6. My one betting day of the year was a bust yesterday. I had one come in on an e/w which halved my losses but other than that, a disappointing day. Still, Cheltenham is always a good day out.
  7. Stealth totty post. (Scotland looks like she's just about to stick the heid on ye)
  8. Ex-Puma creative says he knows who it is and it's A. a Brand we've not had before and B. it's definitely not Adidas. I wonder where the ex-Puma creative would be getting this sort of info from?
  9. Have to say I completely agree. I don't think RG is a good actor, I think a lot of the dialogue is very clunky, it's very "on the nose" in a lot of ways but it got me right in the feels.
  10. choffer

    U.S. Politics

    Completely off-topic but my dad is called Donald and so is his brother. There are literally thousands of Donald’s on the island. I personally know at least two women called Donalda and several Dona’s. None of them are McDonalds though.
  11. choffer

    The Film Thread

    Presuming that’s a re-make? Pretty sure I saw the original a few years back and it was really good.
  12. choffer


    Quick snap yesterday morning:
  13. Maybe the 80s was full of hope and happiness in the scandies but I seem to remember spending much of it expecting the bomb to drop.
  14. Forget the name of the horse but a colleague and I both had a tenner each on a young colt at 250/1 (or some such ridiculously lengthy odds) at the festival last year. He was winning all the way up to the last - much of it by a comfortable distance. We genuinely thought we were on to a bumper pay out. I believe the horse in question crossed the finish line last Tuesday.

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