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  1. Vive_La_Villa

    John Terry

    You haven’t been happy to see us score for nearly 2 years!
  2. I think they’re all shit. Players and staff. Sack em all!
  3. Bet you’re licking your lips. For somebody that doesn’t have a clue about football I really don’t get why you don’t just support one of these great teams you love talking about. Do us all a favour and follow one of them.
  4. It ain’t the games vs Liverpool that will relegate us
  5. Didn’t expect anything from this. As expected.
  6. How’s he not scoring from there! Hardly knew he was on the pitch second half. Must do more.
  7. You know we are playing the best team in the world right now. You seriously know nothing about football. Do us all a favour and support a big club.
  8. Of course they’re not. They’d be beating a pub team like Villa 6-0 by now otherwise.
  9. I bet @villalad21 is sharpening his knife in the hope Liverpool score. Stays like this and we will hardly hear from him until the next game.
  10. I saw that too. *******s all of them!
  11. I can’t stand Souness but I kind of see where he is coming from. Too often Jack slows the game down looking for the killer pass and then lays it off when it’s not there. This allows the opposition to get back in place. But Souness is also full of shit so **** what he has to say.
  12. Fernandez is a quality player. Barcelona tried to sign him to but Man U beat them to his signature. It’s hard to know how good Jack will be until he plays for a better team.
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