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  1. The 2 metre rule on the pitch will make an interesting game. Should be high scoring.
  2. They’re going to have to void the season. Give Liverpool the title and decide something else for the rest. Football ain’t happening anytime soon.
  3. Of course people will steal lanyards. As mentioned earlier that will be the least of the scummy things people will start to do over the coming months. It will be a very small minority of people I’m sure. But shit will happen. It’s going to turn a bit dog eat dog.
  4. I thought we’re all going to get it eventually anyway. We just need a staggered approach so health services can cope?
  5. Bruce’s idea could actually work. They just need to stagger the games so there are 3/4 matches every day.
  6. I went to Tesco today and saw some chap with two full trolleys loaded with cheese and milk! I thought ’’How Dairy!?!’’
  7. I guess so. If they sacked him I wouldn’t be upset either though.
  8. Sorry I was being facetious in an attempt to be funny. My bad. I couldn’t care less about football right now mate. I just ventured in to on topic out of habit. Hope you’re keeping well. edit: I also think sacking Smith at a time like this wouldn’t be the right thing to do either.
  9. That’s no win in over 2 months now in the league. He’s gotta go!
  10. I think he should be good enough for the Championship. I mean Adomah thrived and he was a pretty average player. In the Premier League he looks way out of his depth.
  11. Sorry to hear @Villarocker Get well soon pal.
  12. The stock market is recovering. Everything will be fine.
  13. So ummm, anyone ever read this? Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America. i see it’s being plugged by some conspiracy theory messages. It’s £45 in Amazon!
  14. Military invention is a matter of time. A real shame it has to come to it. Ive always tried to defend the intelligence of people in this country when it came to topics such as Brexit. But after what I’ve seen today there’s just no escaping it, people really are thick as shit.
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