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  1. Agree. Players with ability but just importantly the right attitude.
  2. To be honest the Semi final aside the only time I have seen Derby play is at Elland Road in the league and twice against us. The second half and first half against us are probably 2 of the weakest performances I’ve seen from any team we have played this season. They were so open and fragile it’s hard to believe it’s the same team in the final. edit: saying that under Smith we were the same vs Wigan and Shef United for 80 minutes. Maybe we just managed to catch Derby on two off days?
  3. This reminds me of the Leeds fans that were saying they didn’t fear either us or Albion after watching the semi finals....
  4. Jacks our best player mate. Under Smith when Jack plays we normally win. Mings and Abraham have of course been very important too.
  5. He was impressive defending set pieces though as he has been all season. Agree he needs to press more though.
  6. Exactly ? If their stance is it’s not fair as wasn’t used in league or semi finals them how can they jusfity using it in some but not all FA cup games? It’s bullshit.
  7. I can’t speak for your on loan players but Mings and Abraham are up there as 2 of the most committed players we have.
  8. Not using Var for such a big game makes no sense to me.
  9. I would argue you’ve been the more consistent team over the season. It was our unbelievable form from the game we beat you 3-0 that got us to 5th. But If you do a comparison in points from the time Smith took over it might paint a different picture. We really were a shambles under Bruce and even the early months under Smith he was trying to repair the defensive mess that was left behind. Anyway as you say it makes no difference going in to this last game.
  10. Vive_La_Villa


    So I very nearly managed to get club Wembley tickets but in the end it will be in the stands (long story). I think in some ways I prefer that anyway. Can relax and main thing is being there.
  11. Vive_La_Villa


    I’m not so sure now mate. It sounds like they are club Wembley tickets being made available to Derby fans as regular seats. Maybe they are on general sale though? They probably can’t offer them publicly to villa fans for security reasons.
  12. Vive_La_Villa


    At £450 a pop I doubt they will buy them and sell them on mate. edit: ok am I misunderstanding? Are they just selling club Wembley tickets as normal tickets?
  13. Vive_La_Villa


    Guys I’m pretty sure you can get these tickets. Just say you are a derby fan. They have only advertised it as Derby tickets because it’s located in their end. They don’t care who buys them.
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