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  1. I wrote a few counter arguments but they just had no weight pal. I had too accept I was defeated
  2. He wasn’t even on the bench though.
  3. Good to have villa represented all over the globe
  4. I agree with. When I see veggie or vegan options with meat names i think why not just call it what it is instead. A vegan chicken burger is not a chicken burger. I suppose it’s the only way to fill a menu.
  5. How come he didn’t feature today?
  6. Encouraging to see he looks a stand out player in that league. It’s what you would expect if he is going to make it for us.
  7. After what happened last year I don’t trust any owners or CEO. We can see the accounts and they are clearly breaching FFP rules. So surely it’s only a matter of time before we are next to be punished. I don’t care how rich and powerful our owners are or how in the know Purslow is. It won’t make a difference. If we don’t get promoted I guess we can sell assets such as Grealish to balance the books.
  8. Of course. Don’t know why I thought it was away. So beat Blackburn, Bolton, Rotherham and Norwich and Bristol city. Draw to shef wed and maybe Millwall. Lose to Leeds. Top 6?
  9. You can’t be upset that the punishment is lenient just because it’s the blues. FFP is a farce. They will come for us next.
  10. No team has managed a win streak longer than 7 games. Not sure what it is about that number 7 as im sure it was the same last season too. Our 8th game would be against Bristol. Blackburn and Rotherham look easy on paper but they have both only lost 5 at home all season. Sheffield Wednesday have only lost 3. These 3 games will be very hard. Home records have been crucial for teams in the lower half this season.
  11. They are going to be 6 points off playoffs while in horrible form. Plus going from playoff contenders to threatened with relegation in a few weeks is not going to help confidence. They are far from safe. Edit: I think any points deduction is a disgrace and fail to see how this is going to help a club get its finances in order. i see they ignored a transfer embargo too. They’ve been shafted like we were by their owners. They just haven’t got a saviour.
  12. I wasn’t condoning it and probably best not to go in to detail of the kind of people they are dealing with as it could get controversial.
  13. You just said there’s nothing more despicable than respect built on fear. Obviously these people have no respect for other people’s religions for them to attack a mosque. But the point of my original post was I don’t think they quite realised the kind of people they are messing with by doing that. If they do then they are incredibly stupid as well as disrespectful.

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