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  1. True but it would be more worrying if they weren’t even creating chances. Even after such a bad start they are only 5 points from safety. Im just glad we’re not down there!
  2. They should have won today. I’m not a fan but I think they have enough to stay up.
  3. Agree. Also should loan Kienan out if we do and let’s see if regular football can do him good.
  4. I disagree Tro. I’d argue they did but we set up to counter that and play on the break. The other games we set up to take the game to the opponents hence leaving massive gaps. We are struggling to get the balance right against teams on our level and the so called better teams. A work in progress maybe?
  5. According to google translate it says **** Man City, villa is the only club for me. But on a serious note it says this Shining in the Villa! The Brazilian midfielder has an excellent season, both in the Premier League and in the national team, and already speculates about a trip to Manchester City next season.
  6. Hopefully for Villa him and his buddy @villalad21 are both proven wrong yet again.
  7. Terry was a scumbag in his earlier years. It was pretty much common knowledge.
  8. Nah they’ll get snapped up I’m sure of it. I’ll be trying to get one anyway.
  9. I got a feeling he will play a big part this season. He is coming back to a better more settled team without the pressure of being number 1 striker. Looking forward to seeing him return.
  10. I reckon he will be back for Wolves.
  11. Fair point. I was just thinking about the bigger grounds. You’re right that ideally they should wait until all fans are allowed back in.
  12. Yeh in terms of news worthiness I agree it’s not a big deal at all. I meant more in terms of the offences themselves. I misunderstood your post mate.
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