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  1. Fingers crossed Heaton is fit.
  2. Id put money on him being a dog owner. You can’t have a white racist without a dog.
  3. My first train cancelled. Second one moves platform. Then just says delayed for 20 minutes. Third train cancelled. Delayed train turns up but stops at a earlier stop! Not one reported issue on the website!
  4. Exactly. He needs to stop this and just try and hold his position more.
  5. I think we press too much at times. Especially Mcginn. He needs to be a lot smarter with his forward pressing. We love his effort but it’s pointless trying to charge at a keeper who will boot it up field and then be totally out the game.
  6. I think we should see if this is real before we get too carried away.
  7. Exactly. You lot are thinking about what is rational and sensible. The average voter will not think this way. I think Labour should have gone with what would have got votes. Not what they feel was the sensible approach on Brexit. Then if they got a majority they let the people decide their fate. I think as soon as they said we will negotiate a new deal they lost a massive chunk of voters. Probably completely wrong about that but just my view.
  8. I just think there are a lot of voters out there that just want Brexit over with it. Whether that means the current deal (which people won’t understand) or to remain. As soon as they hear ‘we will negotiate a new deal’ they think f**k that, this will continue to drag on for months so we’ll vote Tory so it’s over with.
  9. I agree mate but it’s taken Tories years just to get where we are. How long would Labour need to get an improved deal and that’s even if they could. People do not believe Labour are capable of negotiating an improved deal and they also do not want this dragging on. I’m not saying it’s sensible to accept a shit deal rather than continuing to negotiate for a better one. I’m just telling you what the average bloke down the pub (majority of voters) want.
  10. This one is a Must win game for me. Not a fan of Monday night games though. Even with a full house under the lights the atmosphere always feels a bit flat. I wish we had more Friday evening games at home.
  11. Nah the club wouldn’t allow it surely. I think he just needs to work on his fitness so it’s Premier League standard. As do many of the players. edit: I do kind of see what you mean though. He has everything as a player and the potential to really push on.
  12. Probably because they would be being honest for once. Labour won’t even get a chance to negotiate a deal so it doesn’t matter anyway. I also think people do want a referendum. What they don’t want is more negotiations. Remember I’m more in-tune with the average Brit. You lot are far too intelligent and sophisticated to understand what we want
  13. People aren’t going to vote for Labour on the basis they will get a new deal. So we’ll end up with Boris’s deal anyway. If Labour gave people a chance to vote on the current deal I reckon they would have got a lot more votes. I also think people would have then voted against the deal once it was fully understood. I guess we’ll never know.
  14. i think they just look like prats making out they can negotiate a better deal. They should be telling the people they know the deal on the table is shit but they will let the people decide if they want to accept it or not. I think that would have gone down better with voters than this bollocks about negotiating a better deal. People are sick of the negotiations. They want it done one way or another.
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