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  1. Vive_La_Villa

    Dean Smith

    We are missing Johnstone, Terry and Snodgrass as key players from last years. Yes others have aged. We finished comfortably 4th. I wouldn’t say the squad has been weakened enough to now finish around 10th. What I will say is had Jack not returned when he did last season I think we would have missed out on playoffs or been very close to it. He’s return is key to saving our season.
  2. The way I see it is the younger players are judged in training alongside the senior players day in day out. If they look better than them then I’m sure they would feature. E.g. jack in the team at 18. If they dont then fielding them will just weaken the team even further in my opinion.
  3. Vive_La_Villa

    Dean Smith

    I wonder if he’ll play a lot more deeper and tighter like previous managers have always resorted too. I personally hope he doesn’t and keeps to trying to play the game his way.
  4. Vive_La_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Exactly. I bet the same fans were calling for youngsters to be fielded when we would lose by 3 or 4 to top teams in the premier league. The 8-0 showed them it can always be worse.
  5. Vive_La_Villa

    Dean Smith

    If we ended the season very poorly then the club would have a very big decision to make. Back the wrong guy in the summer and you are go backwards. Say what you want about this squad it should still be good enough to at least mount a play off challenge.
  6. It was mentioned before that we should be finding our own gems rather than buying them ready mate. Looks like that’s what we’re trying to do and to be honest it will probably end miserable. But if FFP stories are too believed I don’t think we have a choice.
  7. Vive_La_Villa

    Lovre Kalinić

    Think he should have come and claimed the cross that eventually led to the first goal. Apart from that he couldn’t really be blamed for anything.
  8. Yes but easiest is next the best choices it would be a big mistake when the European debt crisis rears its ugly head again.
  9. Vive_La_Villa

    Jack Grealish

    Football gods have been punishing us ever since we appointed Mcleish!
  10. Vive_La_Villa

    Dean Smith

    I don’t think we should be. But it’s villa park we are talking about. maybe more disgruntled than toxic.
  11. Vive_La_Villa

    Dean Smith

    We need a win so bad. Smith looks like he’s about to cry on the sidelines. If we concede first on Saturday it’s going to turn toxic.
  12. Vive_La_Villa

    Birkir Bjarnason

    He’s as shit as Whelan. The shit just moves a little faster.
  13. Vive_La_Villa

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    That’s because teams that were below us when we play them keep leaping above us
  14. So people fill me in. Is it a bad deal for us?