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  1. Even when he has a poor game he was our most influential player and on another night could made 2 and scored 1. If only he just tried to keep that ball in play at the end through instead of trying to score. Davis would have had a tap in. Off topic but I also wonder if Wesley had scored his second header if there would have been VAR check. He looked on to me.
  2. My dentist told me today his gloves are going up from £4 to £9 after Brexit!!
  3. I agree Wes needs some relief but I honestly do not think Kodjia will offer anything in this league. Too slow and too lightweight. Hopefully im wrong.
  4. My main concern after promotion was we would be too open and get spanked in a few games. After 5 games we’re the only team in the league to have kept 2 clean sheets. I’m content with our start.
  5. From the first 5 games I’d say we have a very good chance of staying up. So far we are yet to play a team I think have a serious threat of relegation with maybe the exception of Bournemouth. We need to stay around the positions we are now by until December. That month will make or break our season for me with every game being a 6 pointer. Burnley at home also now feels like a must win. Hopefully going in to January we’ll be out the bottom 3 and can look to strengthen the attack at the point.
  6. I thought he looked fine. He set up the chance for Grealish as well. I’m not sure what some fans have against this kid,
  7. I fear It’s going to be grim reading for the whole season. It seems easy to forget we’re a team that finished 5th in the championship and needed a massive rebuild. I think there’s concerns in terms of goals but we’ve generally held our own in every game. We also should be on 5 points. Maybe it’s time I had a break.
  8. To be fair we should be 3 games unbeaten now.
  9. Had a bit of a shocker second half. Trying to hard to make something happen rather than just moving it around.
  10. Wasn’t pretty and should have done much better with an extra man but a points a point.
  11. That was never a second yellow. We finally got a bit of luck. Now let’s make most of it.
  12. I disagree. I think they’ve been similar.

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