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  1. I genuinely think we would have played a better all round game in every game he has played it since he returned had he not been playing. Yes he scored in one but for the most part he really has been a passenger. That doesn’t mean I’m criticising Smith as I understand why he played him to give him minutes in the hope he can again become the player we know he can be. But unfortunately it just hasn’t happened.
  2. Upgrading to 9s is always going to be very difficult. We need to buy more 7/8’s that will challenge each other and have the potential to become 9s whilst moving on any 5-7s that are still in the squad.
  3. I think we could have kept the ball a bit better or at least been a bit more decisive and careful on the break to finish them off. Don’t get me wrong though I’m not complaining. We got the job done.
  4. The reaction to his one bad game against Leicester was ridiculous. A player really is only as good as their last game to some fans. Unless you’re John Mcginn where it seem you are shit even when you play well these days.
  5. That’s the kind of game I can see Spurs messing up.
  6. Well we’re still in it and now have 3 games coming up which look very winnable on paper..
  7. How much you reckon Pereira would cost? Can have never have too many Brazilians.
  8. Whilst we won the tactical battle and the game I do still think they looked the stronger team. They seem to win it back from us with ease but just couldn’t break us down. As we continue to improve as a team and squad I hope we are able to keep the ball much better and control games more. Obviously delighted with the win and how the season is going though.
  9. This is why people get wound up by the stick he gets for his game management and tactics: The constant selection of Barkley was annoying but we just have to trust this man knows what he is doing.
  10. He maybe gave the ball away a bit too much today. I think he will be better for us when we need to break a team down rather than keep a team out. He still played his part though.
  11. Can’t argue with his defensive displays. 4 starts, 4 clean sheets speaks for itself. Would be happy to see him continue playing but as I said before this game, I’m happy to see any 3 out of the 5 midfielders that currently play for us. They all have something to offer. I just don’t want to see Barkley in there.
  12. What I love about him the most is his confidence. The way he comes on to the pitch and seems to organise like he is has been at the club for years. We haven’t seen him play much but I got a good feeling about him.
  13. That was Llorente wasn’t it? Listening to Bamford speak after games. I actually like the guy.
  14. We were always going to be better without him because it meant we’d have 11 players. I didn’t think we’d win though.
  15. Hope the groin strain not too serious. 2 more clean sheets and he’s made history for us. What a keeper! Also you can hear him and Mings constantly talking and organising the team defensively. Both leaders!
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