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  1. Any confirmation he is playing yet? I love Steer but let’s face it he’s no premier league keeper.
  2. He will not only play. He will score and do the Bebeto celebration.
  3. I think we will win 3-0. UTV
  4. Don’t exactly sound positive. I think we’ll smash Everton and I’ll get behind the players with that mind set. I hope you do the same.
  5. Yep, and I kind of feel you’ll be disappointed if we do.
  6. People react based on goals conceded. Mings makes too many errors but then people forget how many goals he prevents. Hause on the other hand didn’t make an error last season but I saw a Chelsea team miss massive chances while he was in the team. Had they scored at least one of themit would be a case of Hause isn’t good enough. It’s almost like some fans can only judge players on scorelines or other teams taking chances rather than actually watching our defenders play and judging by that.
  7. I can’t believe one of our own fans is talking about considering offloading our captain if want to make profit from him. Wtf have we become?
  8. So 2 seasons ago we’d actually give Chelsea a game? edit: I remember quite clearly with Jack in the team they won both games comfortably. Unless you’re one of those that doesn’t watch games and only looks at scorelines? We have quite a few.
  9. He needs to build on his strength thats all. Good job he’s only 18. Crazy one or two already think the kid won’t make it.
  10. Still think a better keeper would have cleared that pass back and took out the Chelsea player at the same time if he attempted to challenge for it. Not excusing Mings at all, but we’d never even be having all these pages of debates had Emi been in goal.
  11. I liked Ramsey last season. I didn’t think he was great but I always thought he did a decent job. This season he has stepped up a notch and is showing his potential. It’s great it’s getting acknowledged but I do think so of our fans get carried away. When he doesn’t have a cracking game it means he is shit and will never make it. It’s like some of our players have to be brilliant to be appreciated.
  12. Haha, thanks mate. Still good to know Villa have won league and European cup in my lifetime.
  13. The quality makes all the difference but I remember the days of going to places like Stanford Bridge to park the bus and losing by the odd goal. I’d much take the 3-0 but give them a game. Agree MOTD is a joke.
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