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  1. Only football fans could make something out of that comment. Managers, players, coaches really do have to watch everything they say.
  2. Stay up and get some competition for him and Guilbert we’ll be in a good position for full backs. Go down and we’ll have 2 of the best full backs in the league.
  3. I suppose so. Still be surprised if he made in it the top flight.
  4. Oh Shit! and there’s me thinking I got lots of fanny!
  5. Didn’t even know about the miss when I posted. Meant in general.
  6. Surprised to see he is actually older than Luiz by a few days. I reckon he’ll be sold in the summer.
  7. Screw Giroud. We need players up for a relegation scrap Not this fanny:
  8. Google it mate. 2012. Sentenced for 10 months but only served 3.
  9. Maybe his prison sentence after kicking a ‘defenceless’ student in the head sorted him out.
  10. Just watched his YouTube clip again. He looks good but not clinical. Also likes to run past players but it won't be as easy for him in the Premier League. I think we're going to have to be very patient with him as he gets up to speed with this league. I think some fans are expecting too much from the off. His biggest quality seems to be headers and thats something were massively missing.
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