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  1. Do you trust your source mate? If we have really bid it means there is money to spend on Benrahma because I really do not think this signing has a chance of happening! Hopefully the saved money is used elsewhere.
  2. Be a shame if it was one out of Trézéguet and Benrahma. Still hoping we sign them both.
  3. Depends how successful we get. Can the current ground be extended in to a 60k stadium? Is it even feesible to have an extra 20k people coming to and from the area on matchdays? Again one for the distant future so nothing to worry about.
  4. I opened an Instagram account last week so I could do some stalking of transfers
  5. For me Villa represents much more than just Aston so I wouldn’t have a problem with a new ground being built in a different part of North Birmingham if that was the only way to expand. Ideally we just increase the current ground though Talks of moving are something way in the future I’m sure.
  6. I should have mentioned it’s easy to get to for me personally on a train . In a car i guess it’s a nightmare!
  7. It’s on his instagram mate. Not twitter.
  8. Maybe Aston was nice in the 1950s or something. The area now is a s**thole. To be fair though the only incident I can remember with locals was when a couple of lads that claimed to be ‘Sadams Soldiers’ were asking fans for a fight. They got ignored though. Also once me and a couple of lads walked in to a newsagents a little bit further from the ground and it’s safe to say we wernt very welcome in there. I have no problem with where Villa park is located because it’s so easy to get to for me on train.
  9. You gone back in time? It will always feel safe on match days because of how many supporters are about.
  10. Its legit mate. This will be announced very soon.
  11. You calling us a bunch of crazy stalkers ?
  12. Too lightweight for me. Gets shrugged off the ball to easily everytime i’ve seen him.
  13. Where does it say season ticket holders can only buy one additional ticket?

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