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  1. Started playing in Jan and I’m hooked! Anyone fancy a game?
  2. He started to fall too soon. He needed to wait for the touch.
  3. I think they’ll beat us this time. They need it more.
  4. It’s great that the targets will be exciting. Whether we are able to sign these players is a different story.
  5. He is. @useless thinks Eze will play for a top 4 club one day so I’d take his view with a pinch of salt. Leicester would want a lot of money for Maddison.
  6. I’m sure loads of fans were moaning Davis doesn’t get enough opportunities. Now I’m seeing lots of posts suggesting we put AEG or Traore up front. Davis should be given a chance to start.
  7. I think it’s good business. Had he signed a longer contract he’d be a very expensive number 2 keeper for another 3 years. If he hadn’t got injured and still our number one keeper, he would have got an extension.
  8. Well it depends on who they play for. If it’s a big squad with lots of competitions then yes you’d expect rotation. We’re talking about a team that just got relegated. If he was that good that he’s going to improve us, You would expect him to start every game for Fulham. At the most rested here and there. But 7 times on the bench out of 33 games? I’d be asking why.
  9. ‘Lacks commitment’ probably explains why he doesn’t start every game.
  10. Fair enough but if he’s that good and better than what we have then surely he starts every single game for a relegated team?
  11. Heard this a lot but I don’t get why he never played
  12. Like Maddison would leave a 3rd placed Champions League team to come to us. For what it’s worth I think he’s a top player.
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