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  1. Welcome to Villa. Finally some pace!
  2. Whether this turns out to be true or not why do fans get so upset on twitter?
  3. If you consider he got 16 goals and 6 assists last season plus he is only 23 it’s probably about right. We paid about 7m less for a player who’s never played in this league. edit: a lot of those were in Europe though tbf. I personally think he will do ok as a squad player for them but they could probably find better.
  4. I remember some fans talking about how it’s great we finally had a decent striker and if only we had him all season instead of Wesley.
  5. Benrahma is going to Palace. That ship has sailed.
  6. I think Wolves have already spent their Jota money so I wouldn’t worry about them going for Rashica.
  7. I actually did. Why would I post that after your edit? Very weird.
  8. Don’t believe this is happening now. No idea why.
  9. You lot are cruel man. He scored the playoff goal!!
  10. Glad you said that because I thought I was being polite about it too.
  11. Wtf? Why would you delete the post? Why do you think I was trying to score points? I replied before I had read your edit and was just politely reminding you he had flopped in that league. Unbelievable.
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