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  1. tom_avfc

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Great post and agree largely with everything you’ve said. We gave away one goal in a game where neither team looked particularly like scoring. The 20th minute red card may have changed the game but we do have a history of terrible decisions against us at Wembley and that one can be added to the list. Congratulations on promotion and all the best in the Premier League! I think you’ll do fine and I’m sure you’ll be spending a good amount of money too!
  2. tom_avfc

    The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Completely agree with this. Today’s game showed why this (even with its teething difficulties) can only be a good thing for the game.
  3. tom_avfc

    Steve Bruce

    Is that the hull city that he got promoted to the premier league without Tom cairney?
  4. tom_avfc

    Robert Snodgrass

    Kind of agree. He’s been good this year but a bit more pace and directness wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.
  5. tom_avfc

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Ok, let’s boo if we fall behind on the opening day next year. The sense of entitlement is baffling amongst some of our fans. Did people expect us to go to Wembley and outplay Fulham. We lost by one goal in a game that could have gone either way. Again, I’m sorry I’m not calling for Bruce’s head.
  6. tom_avfc

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Thanks for this. A perfect summing up of the day for me. Its a shame that for some it’s a game to beat a manager who’s done as much as anyone to get us to this point! As it seems you are, I’m disappointed but proud of how we’ve done this year.
  7. tom_avfc

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    Not a better fan dig more a reflection on what the vast majority of fans attending games this season have felt in my experience. We’ve won over half the games we’ve played and lost out on promotion by one goal in a game that neither team really looked like scoring in. Sorry I’m not calling for the manager to go. On a side note our support today disappointed me. As soon as we conceded we’d lost as a fair proportion of our support seemed to give up on us there and then. I don’t know where we go from here but ill be there and behind Bruce on the first day next season.
  8. tom_avfc

    Ratings & Reactions: Play Off Final v Fulham

    **** this attitude tbh. Some of us have been home and away over the last couple of years and seen the level of improvement in that time. Good effort Villa. We almost got there (and arguably deserved to) and have had a team worth supporting for the first time in almost 10 years. Who knows where we go from here and it feels a long way back from here but I’ll be there next year to hopefully help us on to the small step further we need!
  9. tom_avfc

    Mile Jedinak

    This forum is crap sometimes. He got us to the final and did ok during the game. Not the worst villa player on the pitch by a million miles. Our support pisses me off sometimes!
  10. tom_avfc

    Trains & Disruptions

    Yeah I'll be on the train from Solihull to Wembley and the off peak return at £30 looks the way to go. Just a bit concerned as to how busy the train will be when it gets to Solihull. Its only an hour and a half so as long as we can get on it'll be fine.
  11. tom_avfc

    Club Wembley

    I was under the impression that Club Wembley doesn't qualify for tickets for the Playoff Finals. Isn't that why Villa are selling tickets in the middle tier which would otherwise be Club Wembley tickets? At nearly 40k tickets for each set of fans plus the corporate seats for sponsors etc. I can't see how Club Wembley members can have tickets for this either with a maximum capacity of 90k.
  12. tom_avfc

    FA cup final, for those remotely interested

    Just posted in the ref thread but I don’t think that’s a red card under the new rules. “Denying a clear goal scoring opportunity” isn’t a straight red now if there was a genuine attempt to get the ball. Open to interpretation but I don’t think that jones should have been sent off. Obviously the Vidic one was a red though!!
  13. tom_avfc

    Referee & Linesmen watch

    I don’t think it’s a red card under the new rules to be fair.
  14. tom_avfc

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    We need to make up a 5 goal swing over the two games. A win by a couple of goals today and then either us or SHA winning by two would do it. Not going to happen but it’s not a ridiculous GD to make up. Having 5 results go our way is where the issue is going to be!
  15. tom_avfc

    Mile Jedinak

    Not really sure I understand the complaints about this one. He's 33 with one year after this left on his deal and has had a good two years at Villa for the most part. Would be a useful squad player next season if we go up and his experience around the club is an added benefit. He's not really a player that I'd be moaning about the value for money that we've had out of.