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  1. Ramsey hasn’t done a lot in his limited game time either to be honest. Barkley didn’t have a great game against United but was pretty good against Albion and good against Everton.
  2. I assume he’s referring to the fact that Brentford were in the final last year. Seeing as they lost to Fulham, the same team as Villa did, there would be a few similarities.
  3. The same thing crossed my mind. If the ball had gone out sooner it would have been easier for the VAR to call the ref over for a look. Similarly I wonder how many offsides are now not given because of the rule where the linesman isn’t putting his flag up until the move ends. Sometimes play seems to go on for a while when someone looked clearly offside and the attacking team then go on to win a corner with the offside flag never going up.
  4. Tuchel has to have a decent chance too. If he could pick up the FA Cup and the Champions League as well as finishing in the top 4 that would be a great achievement. Given the poor job Lampard had done he’s had as good a first season as any manager in England for a long time.
  5. I’d say especially El Ghazi rather than Watkins. It’s that run from the left wing inside the full back that El Ghazi should be making when the ball is on our right wing especially given El Ghazi will have a height advantage on many full backs.
  6. Given the same poster has previously called him Dross Berkley and has been called out on it before I’d say a typo is pretty unlikely. This habit of giving players childish nicknames is pretty annoying whether they play for or against us.
  7. Agreed. Pretty anonymous today I thought!
  8. This is embarrassing. Sort of thing I’d expect from school kids. Poor performance from Barkley again though which suggests that his previous two performances weren’t the turnaround that I was hoping for from him.
  9. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last to get beaten by a good bit of skill from Greenwood. Unfortunately his keeper hasn’t helped him out of this one as it’s a shot I’d expect to be saved every time. Good game from Mings overall and continuing his run of solid performances.
  10. I’m not sure there’s any rules where that Greenwood handball shouldn’t be a penalty. His hand is miles up in the air and blocks the ball from going into the danger area. It’s 100% a penalty and what makes it worse for me is that you could tell it was a penalty without even needing a replay.
  11. Surprisingly enough we have been about as consistent as Leeds over this season as we’re two points behind with two games in hand. What makes you think they’ve been more consistent given the above?
  12. Leeds couldn’t lay a glove on Crawley Town. Crawley Town lost to Grimsby who are bottom of League 2. Grimsby are better than Leeds. Bielsa is taking Leeds to the conference. I mean there’s some silly things posted on here but your post is up there with the best of them.
  13. O.K. I’ll bite. Any particular reason why?
  14. That has to be a red every time for me. It’s studs up and straight into his leg. If Werner had that leg planted then he could easily have broken it. He probably doesn’t mean to do it but if you’re tackle technique is that bad that you’re endangering an opponent then it should be a red card. As you say it would be for 75%+ of the players in the league.
  15. And rightly so. That challenge should be a red card every single time. An absolute shocker from whoever’s on VAR. Funny how often VAR favours big teams though!
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