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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bolton

    Not sure about your Bruce comments here. As you said it was nice to see an unchanged 11 which did reasonably well in the first half. When we came under a little more pressure he brought on Onomah and Hogan for the tiring Kodjia and Davis and moved to a 4-4-1-1 which then sparked our best spell of play where Snodgrass particularly impressed. His final sub was a good defensive sub to counter Bolton's tactic of hitting it up to their big men and played a large part in us winning the game. I don't think Bruce can be particularly criticised today. For me the real negative was the lack of end product from a number of players. Snodgrass and Elmo had a lot of chances to put decent balls into the box but never really threatened. I think a lot of it was down to the numbers that Bolton had back in defence but we just didn't seem to flow particularly well and it looked like a bit of an off day offensively.
  2. Chris Samba

    Was the perfect player to bring on for the last few minutes today so full credit to Bruce. Made a number of headed clearances and then that last header which was as good as a goal. Much better than when we were bringing him on at the other end of the pitch desperate for a goal!
  3. Jonathan Kodjia

    Fair enough - I was the other side of the pitch from him and I must have just assumed he mishit it as there was never a shot on!!
  4. Neil Taylor

    This times a million. The one thing which disgusted me was the tackled player's reaction. He rolled around for the 10 seconds it took for the ref to get across there and then once he saw the red card he was up and running immediately. Like many have said, its a yellow card 9 times out of 10 but its not one that'll be rescinded.
  5. Jonathan Kodjia

    Was that actually a shot? It looked to me like he was trying to hit the ball hard across the box and just hit it completely wrong. He didn't seem to shape as if to shoot. That may be me giving him the benefit of the doubt though and I haven't seen any replays of it. His decision making can be very poor at times though (as seen with the Adomah one). He seemed to take the ball forwards as if he was going to pass it so narrowed his own angle and then still took the shot on. One of the worst pieces of play I've ever seen at Villa and then he goes and wins a penalty from nothing from the corner.
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I agree with the give everyone the option but the sandwich from Tesco is one of the few things that I might actually want a receipt for to stick on the expenses. Completely agree that 99% of the time I don't need a receipt though. Some self service kiosks seem to give the option now to be fair.
  7. Keinan Davis

    I think the kind of player he is means that he's got a better chance than Delfouneso of making it. He's a proper target man which means there is more to his game than simply scoring goals. For me it's much harder for a player like Delfouneso or Hepburn-Murphy to cement a place in a team because if they're not scoring goals then they don't tend to impact a match. He's made an extremely promising start and is a large part of our mini revival due to how he holds the ball up and brings those around him into the game. Hopefully he keeps it up for as long as possible. My only worry would be fatigue as he can't be used to playing games as regularly as he has, especially at the higher level.
  8. England v Slovenia Lithuania v England

    I thought Foster had retired from international football but may be wrong. I don't really see the need for having 4 keepers in the squad to be honest so you could just remove Hart from that squad really. Antonio hasn't had a great start to the season (who has at West Ham to be fair). Again I'd have no issue if he was in the squad rather than Oxlade-Chamberlain but I don't see a great deal of difference between them. Similar could be said for Dawson in for Smalling. Livermore and Delph are the two who most have been critical of but there's been no alternative suggested for central midfield. Picking on form is all well and good but if you have a lack of on form English players of even average Premier League quality then there's not a great deal you can do. Henderson has also had a pretty poor start to the season but its reached the point where nobody even questions his inclusion. That sums up how far the England squad has declined to me.
  9. England v Slovenia Lithuania v England

    I largely agree with your assessment of the players. However, I can't think of many players you could really replace them with and that's why they're in the squad. It's all well and good saying players in the squad aren't very good but if we have no alternatives then I don't know what Southgate is really supposed to do.
  10. Jonathan Kodjia

    Has been excellent since he came back. I think Saturday is a great chance for him to get off the mark for the season. If he can start banging in the goals like last year we'll be a real force to reckon with given the improvement of the squad around him.
  11. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    I think this is a bit of a generous summing up of the goal. Real had pretty much 8 players up front for the last 20 minutes which left them open to a counter attacking goal. The goal came from a nice cross to an unmarked player at the far post due to this. I’m sure there’d be examples of this happening in the premier league when a big team is so desperate for a win that they completely neglect defending as an idea. Betis could have had a couple before their goal on the breakaway but on most days real would have scored 3 or 4 with the chances they had.
  12. Albert Adomah

    Agree with this but Green isn't left footed. I think Adomah is the better player at the moment and Green could do with the competition for his place when he's back as you said.
  13. The Championship thread

    What is this assessment of Liam Lindsay based on? I had no idea who he was until today but maybe you've seen a lot of him to know he's woeful. Just interested as I also think Heckingbottom is doing a reasonable job given the circumstances.
  14. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Completely agree. It's a bit rich laughing at a team losing 2-0 away to the league leaders when we've failed to score a goal against a relegation candidate and a team with 10 men from the 4th minute, both at home.
  15. Henri Lansbury

    It was an almost identical red card to one I saw xhaka get for arsenal - might have been against Swansea. At the time of that one I applauded the sentiment of the red card. They're both completely deliberate fouls made with absolutely no intent of getting the ball. I'm completely in favour of these being red cards as I hate the games where teams will just take turns to completely wipe out a counter attacking player and this is a way to prevent that. Having said all this, it's not a red card by the current rules and Lansbury knows he's 'taking the yellow for the team', another part of modern football which I can't stand. Add this in with the diving seen yesterday (Kodjia, Lansbury, Snodgrass for us) and you can see why people are getting bored of the game really.