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  1. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

    It's not the praise that he gets that annoys me as much as his own arrogance and the way he's conducted himself since he's been Man City boss. Some of his press conferences this season have been particularly poor and he seems to get away with it when other managers are slated for the way they act. I also don't get the people defending him by saying Monaco are a great team. This is the last 16 of the Champions League and every team in it is going to be decent. When Monaco were beating Spurs earlier on in the tournament there was no mention of this great side. Of the teams left in only Leicester are below them with the bookmakers in the odds of winning the whole thing. I just think that if any other manager had gone out over two legs to Monaco with the money they've spent there'd be more questions being asked, particularly with the tactics that were employed in that second leg.
  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Completely this. If either of them get away with less than Bacuna then I just don't get it. Two premeditated attacks which were both borderline assault. I don't get the argument of if someone trod on my head then I'd deliberately try and smash an elbow into their skull either. Is it just me that finds this defence slightly disturbing.
  3. Leandro Bacuna

    Whilst it was only a throw in, it was a throw in from where there throw in taker could reach the middle of the box and this had looked one of their more likely ways of scoring. I'm not disagreeing with the fact that he was stupid for doing it but had they scored from that throw in it would have been difficult to take especially with it being such an easy decision to get right. As for whether he's got what he deserves, judging by the incidents highlighted in this thread (Wenger, Akpan, Bamba, Shelvey) I'd suggest he can feel like he's been treated slightly harshly whilst accepting he was an idiot for reacting as he did.
  4. Leandro Bacuna

    6 matches seems excessive given Akpan got 4 for pushing a referee. Not sure how these lengths of bans are arrived at. His own fault though ultimately.
  5. Sam Johnstone

    Yeah he can't really win now. Even when he makes a good punch now it's "Why didn't he catch it?" The good saves he's made recently are just ignored. He doesn't come for a ball that he's never going to get and the crowd get edgy. The edginess of the crowd won't help him either. Feels a bit like Guzan in his last year. Once the crowd are decided on a keeper it makes his job infinitely harder with the edgy atmosphere it creates. Now obviously this is partly his fault for the big mistakes he did make in a few games but now it feels like a vicious circle which he's going to really struggle to get out of. I think hes done well in the last 2 or 3 games considering this and would like to see him given some kind of support.
  6. Sam Johnstone

    I think Gollini's interview after leaving made it pretty clear that he didn't want to be here. After that, I suppose it's difficult to know how many options we had before signing Johnstone. I'm still hoping he continues to improve and puts himself into contention to be signed permanently. He's not a keeper that I don't see potential in but its taking him some time to get over a few big mistakes. The fact that we're playing a bit better as a team now can only help relieve some of the pressure from him.
  7. Sam Johnstone

    I actually thought he did pretty well against Bristol the other day. Didn't make any big mistakes for me and was a good save from the header. Two decent games for me and hopefully he can push on. I actually feel a bit sorry for him when it comes to kicking. He's not really got a target to aim at up there as Kodjia just isn't interested in the physical battle most of the time. He couldn't really give it short as Bristol were pressing pretty high up against our defenders who aren't very good on the ball. I thought he targeted Adomah who actually was winning a few aerial battles against his full back. Yes a couple of times he kicked straight out but if your right winger is your best bet in the aerial battle that's probably inevitable. As an aside I wonder if it'd be worth pushing Jedinak slightly higher up to contest the headers from his goal kicks. We could easily move another midfielder back to cover temporarily and he seems our best bet at winning anything.
  8. Albert Adomah

    Agree with this. Also means when he's not having a good game it's difficult to bring him off as we lose all our width. Amazing how thin our squad is given the money we've spent to be honest!
  9. Henri Lansbury

    I thought he looked like a Grealish type player. Lots of potential but how long do you keep saying that for when his overall impact is minimal. Both still have time to make it but both seem to need a kick up the backside to really get them going.
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Derby

    Great summary of the game as usual but a few things I disagree on. The challenge by bent on Johnstone was a blatant foul and Johnstone did nothing wrong in that instance. More worrying for me were the couple of times he didn't come for balls that he should have. The decision before Bacuna's red card was possibly the worst decision I've seen live at a game. The linesman was directly on top of the incident and still couldn't see the most blatant of touches. Given that the long throw ins were looking fairly dangerous I can see why Bacuna got annoyed and if he's not back in the team when available I'd be concerned at the management. i also don't think we were crap. We were dogged and did what needed to be done. Probably worth noting that other than the goal, Green's header was the closest either team came to scoring.
  11. Henri Lansbury

    I thought Hughes was ineffective today to be honest. Has always seemed like a bit of a luxury player to me and the derby fans I spoke to were eager for him to get his big money move to a big club's bench. The overhyping of young English players is strange to me. Thought Bacuna and Lansbury looked better players than him today.
  12. Neil Taylor

    Who were the four full backs? Bjarnasson suddenly a right back now? Or are we classing Bacuna as a full back even though he was up front? I get that Bruce has been negative but let's not make things up!
  13. The push for the Play offs ?

    What an odd post! Only Villa could go on a 13 game winning run! A run that would leave us with 78 points and in the playoffs. I think I'm watching a different football team to you but I don't doubt that if this happened you'd still be complaining that the football wasn't good enough!!
  14. Albert Adomah

    So Alan Hutton can go wandering where he wants and it's Adomah's fault if that causes a goal. I actually thought Hutton, Adomah and everyone else did a great job defensively today. Was probably Adomah's worst game for us going forward but that can happen for a winger. He'll have good and bad days and has done this season.
  15. Leandro Bacuna

    I genuinely don't think he meant to touch the linesman at all. Call me naive but that twitter video doesn't look to me like he's deliberately touched him. I think he made a huge difference today. Having someone mobile who can get around the pitch has won us a game we'd have lost otherwise imo. Shame he'll miss the next few but as soon as he's available I'd have him straight back in the team. As an aside, the attitude shown by him, Gardner(albeit for 5 minutes) and Hutton today is exactly what we need to achieve anything. I've had enough of nothing players who show as much fight as Audley Harrison on his worst day.