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  1. Given that it was done for Acorns with the aim of replacing some of the money which Acorns would have got for the charity day at the actual game I’d call it admirable that Villa pushed it as hard as they could rather than weird. At a time when many charities are in serious risk with income slashed I’d say that this was a very welcome and worthwhile thing to do.
  2. Yeah I have this too. The dog constantly barking on the rare occasion that the shit music isn't blasting out is quite annoying too!
  3. Given that this would probably mean Spurs being in the Champions League next season its hard to see this as completely impartial! Having said that I completely agree that scrapping the season seems to be the logical conclusion to all of this (this may also not be completely impartial!)
  4. I don't think we can blame Ross McCormack for Jack going out drink driving in the middle of a quarantine (if true). I hate to say it as he's the best player at our club but it's hardly like he doesn't have form for this sort of thing (albeit not for a while) and I'm sure if McCormack wasn't in the area there'd be plenty of parties for him to choose to attend if that's what he wants to do.
  5. Completely agree with this. A pretty reasonable video if people actually watch it. The fact that he's guaranteeing people that they can get their job back if they take short term employment in supermarkets seems a good idea and acknowledges the fact that the supermarkets will need people to take up the additional positions available. Not really sure what else he could do at present to be honest.
  6. Its nothing to do with the fact that its Liverpool or United. As has been said previously, I don't think there's anybody in the world who would have an issue with Liverpool being given the title if no more football was played (other than people showing their bias). If any team was 25 points ahead with 9/10 games to go I'd like to think awarding the title was a fairly easy common sense decision. The real issue is with the relegation places and next year's European places - that's more difficult to make any decision on given the number of teams involved in the chase for both of these.
  7. Firstly, spell his name right - it’s shorter than what you’re actually writing. Secondly, what on earth is he supposed to do. The couple of times he’s brought the ball down there’s three defenders and no villa player within 30 yards of him? Really weird criticism after the shower of shite that the rest of the team have produced in that half.
  8. Didn’t do much wrong but it’s Neil Taylor so he can’t win with most.
  9. Couldn’t agree more with this. Worst song that I’ve heard sang by a large number at villa park in all the years I’ve been going. It seems a lot of people just don’t get what is and isn’t acceptable.
  10. The biggest bottler I’ve ever seen at Villa. I don’t think he’s very good at all and he certainly doesn’t seem to be the sort of character needed in any squad, particularly one battling relegation.
  11. We look like a team going down. Too much work needed in the summer I think.
  12. This is a bit random. Any evidence for this or just made up speculation?
  13. I mean the pass from McGinn made it into more of a 70-30 in favour of the defender but let's ignore that. Given that he was also on the edge of the Wolves back it just seems like its his luck for a goal to come from it. The goal was 100% not his fault but people will see what they want to see.
  14. I'm starting to think Taylor might be the unluckiest player I've seen at Villa. He's trying to get forward to support an attack and McGinn plays the worst pass to him which leads to a goal and you can guarantee Taylor will be the one taking the stick from the fans. I actually thought he had a decent half especially in comparison to Targett in the first half but that doesn't fit the narrative I suppose.
  15. That pass from McGinn was so bad. Not much chance of stopping Traore after that.
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