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  1. The amount of stick that Mings gets sometimes baffles me. The number of times he bails out team mates who make significant mistakes ( see the ridiculous free kick we took that should probably have led to a goal) is ignored completely. For me Konsa had a worse game than him but we’re now criticising our captain for being unhappy with other players making mistakes. As it is he’s probably the player in our team who I’d be least inclined to accuse of being an “utter knob”. Yes he makes the odd mistake as does every single player we have on the pitch. Feels like he gets a lot of stick for every mistake where others get off lightly.
  2. I guess it just comes to how much you trust our medical department. If they don't think he has any more minutes in him than what he's played there then I'm not sure I'd want Smith to just leave him on regardless. To me the glaring issue in it all is that the squad that everyone was saying was much more rounded still has Nakamba as the first defensive midfield option off the bench. As we discovered last season if you have no options from the bench then it becomes very difficult to maintain form and gives other teams far more chance to change the game than we have.
  3. I also find the reaction to someone getting a yellow card for time wasting to be a bit odd. In the ground there was a lot of "how stupid can you be?" and "that's always a yellow card" when in fact it seems to be pretty random when a referee decides to book a player for wasting time or not. For a case in point I thought the moment when he threw the ball over the keepers head as he went to take a goal kick was more stupid and probably more of a yellow card. It frustrates me when a ref can't give basic yellow cards for cynical fouls which stop a counter attack but manages to find his card to book a player at the first sign of time wasting particularly when he allows other players to waste more time.
  4. Sports science has moved on a long way from the 70's. As was mentioned above the majority of players who had travelled to South America for the internationals didn't even play at all over the weekend. I too would prefer a half fit Luiz to Nakamba but that is more of an issue with the squad at the moment than the substitution being made. If bringing Luiz off for 20 minutes when we were leading a game at home has avoided him picking up an injury then its worth it. The fact that the players we have to bring on aren't good enough doesn't mean that the decision to take Luiz off isn't for the best if that was how long are medical staff recommended he play for.
  5. Why would we ignore transfer fees received though? We lost a player worth £100m. We then spent £95m on players in the summer. It seems pretty ludicrous to me to only look at the money spent. By that logic if we lost our entire first team for around £300m but spent £50m to replace them you’d consider that £50m spent so we should kick on?
  6. This just isn’t true. Atmosphere from when we scored up to the point they got it back to 2-1 was pretty good and the wolves fans were very quiet. The shift after the first Wolves goal was noticeable as you’d expect.
  7. It’s Potter who is flavour of the month now. Could be Vieira or whoever can put a 3 game winning run together next. The rule is that you always compare Dean Smith to whichever manager is having a purple patch at any time regardless of any context. Personally I’d stick with the plan that seems to be working so far. If we finish mid table without Grealish it wouldn’t convince me that we’re not progressing as a club.
  8. I guess you could make the argument that our first eleven is close to theirs although in Leicester’s case I think even that is a stretch. Neither of those clubs have subs benches made up of the likes of Nakamba and El Ghazi and a bunch of kids which is a pretty big difference too.
  9. I don’t really agree. We signed Bailey, Buendia and Ings without European football. If you offer players the money they want then you can get them. I’m not sure many players are looking at the European Conference League and thinking they want a bit of that. The better players that we would look to sign would likely be rested for the majority of that competition if we were in it anyway. If we made the Europa League it might be different but I don’t see us threatening to do that this season.
  10. Based on what? We finished 11th last season. We lost our best player in the summer and had a net spend of -£5 million. If we finish in that 9th to 13th bracket I don’t see that as a really poor season. It’s about what I’d expect and to be honest with having to completely change our system from the reliance on one player I’d be fine with that.
  11. Yeah I completely agree I just feel that it shouldn't be necessary to have to do this and I feel like it'd lead to having to do the same thing in numerous other places in the rules. If referees weren't so quick to look into the rules for justification of bizarre decisions then it wouldn't even be an issue. If a referee can't apply the most basic common sense to their decisions then we'd be constantly updating the rules until every possible scenario that might happen in a game is specifically included in the rules. I guess my main point is that if it hasn't been an issue previously for however many years without said clarification then surely the people interpreting the rules are the issue rather than the rules themselves.
  12. Whilst I agree with your post in a lot of ways I don't think the issue is with the rules but more the people interpreting them. That goal is offside. It has always been offside and it has always been given as offside. No matter how many attempts are made to make the rules watertight there will need to be an element of common sense applied when refereeing the game. Any referee who agrees that the rule should be applied how it has for that goal shouldn't be refereeing football games. Its the same as the City goal against us in that if a referee wants to look for hidden meaning within the rules to the game then they can probably justify almost any decision they make. In reality if they just came out and admitted that it was a mistake then we could move on and everybody would know going forwards that this should always be given offside. If we were to go forward with the rule being applied how it was here then football becomes a completely different game.
  13. If failing massively constitutes finishing in the top four in the majority of seasons while regularly reaching cup finals and winning a few trophies I think you could sign the vast majority of teams up for that. Newcastle cannot fail to be up there challenging spending the amounts of money which they will be spending. Yes, it might take them some time to get there but there's no doubt that they will become the next Manchester City but with even more money behind them. I would say that I am pretty glad that this takeover isn't happening at Villa. I felt pretty uncomfortable with the Dr Tony takeover and I'm not sure I could give my support to a team financed by the Saudi government. I guess its difficult to know what you'd do until you're put in that situation but this takeover more than any other must be a particularly difficult one to ignore and continue to support your team.
  14. Just looking at this point on Leicester's rotation from a quick Wikipedia search I get the following appearances: 38 - Schmeichel and Morgan; 36 Mahrez (1 sub) and Vardy; 35 - Huth and Drinkwater; 34 - Albrighton (4 subs); 33 - Kante (4 subs); 30 Christian Fuchs (2 subs) and Danny Simpson. Thats 10 players that started at least 30 games in a Premier League season. Vardy, Drinkwater, Simpson and Huth were all suspended for at least 1 game in that season. Additionally you'd have to take into account the fact that injuries will have reduced some of these appearances. I think to say that Leicester won the league without rotating is a pretty valid point given the above. They got on a good run and didn't see any reason to change things with the momentum they were on. For me it would have been more of an issue if we'd "rested" players the week before an international break and then lost the match. As it is Spurs have one or two players who are head and shoulders above what we have and therefore are capable of beating anybody on their day. Slating a manager for not rotating a team that had just won away at Old Trafford over a week previously seems a bit much to me.
  15. I'd normally be fully in agreement with what you're saying here. However, with this particular Tory government I think it is difficult to see how anybody can look at what they are doing and think that is something that they want to vote for. The people at the top seem to be incompetent, terrible human beings or a mixture of the two yet people still see that as what they want to vote for. It genuinely amazes me that they have so much support still. I remember when Trump was elected in USA there was a lot of "only in America" type comments from a large number of people. I look at what we have elected and seemingly would continue to elect and I'm not convinced we're much better off over here.
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