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  1. This is a bit random. Any evidence for this or just made up speculation?
  2. I mean the pass from McGinn made it into more of a 70-30 in favour of the defender but let's ignore that. Given that he was also on the edge of the Wolves back it just seems like its his luck for a goal to come from it. The goal was 100% not his fault but people will see what they want to see.
  3. I'm starting to think Taylor might be the unluckiest player I've seen at Villa. He's trying to get forward to support an attack and McGinn plays the worst pass to him which leads to a goal and you can guarantee Taylor will be the one taking the stick from the fans. I actually thought he had a decent half especially in comparison to Targett in the first half but that doesn't fit the narrative I suppose.
  4. That pass from McGinn was so bad. Not much chance of stopping Traore after that.
  5. I just don't think he's anywhere near good enough. I'm not sure he'd be good enough if we were still in the Championship. He has no quality on the ball at all.
  6. I do feel a bit sorry for El Ghazi. He has to do the work of three forwards on his own and even if he beats two or three defenders the other two aren't an option for him.
  7. I know we only have one sub left but I'd be seriously tempted to take Trezeguet off. He's offering nothing going forward and doesn't even try to track back. Its like playing with ten men.
  8. Why did it take us 45 minutes to get into the game. Vast improvement so far this half.
  9. That was great defending by Taylor. Not sure he's gonna fare much better than Targett though if he's continually left 2-vs-1 by Trezeguet's lack of tracking back.
  10. Nuno has done a hell of a job coaching Traore. He has serious potential if his end product continues to improve.
  11. I don't think Taylor is in the squad to smash in 20 yard volleys. Does anyone think any of our players would hit the target from that position?
  12. I think this is one of the few times where a lot of the reaction is perhaps justified. We only have Grealish missing from out starting line up in midfield and attack and we genuinely have struggled to put more than 2 passes together at a time. Yes we have injuries and yes we have a worse team on paper than Wolves but you'd expect us to be vaguely competitive rather than looking like a mid table Championship side against Manchester City!
  13. Shocking half and we can't even make a change now given the run of injuries we're suffering. Would be nice to actually get a few minutes of control of the ball but that's wishful thinking!
  14. Yeah the other issue is if he ran the 20 yards to get to our aimless hoofs every time then he'd be dead on his feet by about the 20th minute of the game.
  15. Wesley is getting a lot of stick on here because we're firing balls up nowhere near him and there's absolutely nobody supporting him. I genuinely don't know what our game plan is here to be honest. The midfield hasn't touched the ball at all.
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