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  1. Conor Hourihane

    I thought Hourihane was decent yesterday but he looks like the player that is being restricted the most by Bruce's tactics to me. Seems to have something about him that we haven't seen much more than Lansbury for me. Also liked the fact that he (and Johnstone) made the effort to come right over to applaud and acknowledge the fans at the end of the game as opposed to others who half heartedly clapped and disappeared.
  2. André Green

    This just isn't true for me. He had a decent game but still missed an absolute sitter and again had no end product. Rather than being inconsistent at the moment his end product is consistently not good enough. He's being asked to do way too much but if we continue to play a winger who doesn't score and doesn't get any assists it's not going to help us get up this year. I'd much rather he was getting game time from the bench and we had a left winger playing who was a more well rounded player. For me he's just not ready yet to be a guaranteed starter and therefore we need a left winger.
  3. Steve Bruce

    To be fair Bacuna was on international duty for the majority of pre season. I do agree though that having him in the starting line up for the first match of the season and then selling him a week later is absolutely bizarre.
  4. Steve Bruce

    To be honest I just go to the games and hope we win each one. Its part of being a supporter surely. When I get to Reading I'll be hoping for a Villa win. If Bruce continues to produce crap football and crap results then he'll rightly go and given the Cardiff game I hope he's being made to feel the pressure. However I hope he manages to turn it around and we play well and win matches. All this the fewer matches Bruce is here for the better is beyond me to be honest. Who's to say we'll be better or worse without him. Whoever is in charge I'll be hoping for us to win each match as winning is the only way we're getting back to the Premier League.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I completely agree with this. However, the fact that I don't consider it particularly likely to happen doesn't mean I'm not hoping for us to win the next three on the bounce. I'd rather hope for this than to hope for us to lose matches just to see Bruce sacked.
  6. Steve Bruce

    What if we beat Reading, Norwich and Bristol? Doesn't winning games give us the best chance of promotion?
  7. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Yes I'd agree with that so it's a decent reveal for that reason although there's a character in the books (not seen on show so far) who would potentially render this completely irrelevant anyway. I've put it in spoiler although the character may or may not turn up in the show anyway so who knows!
  8. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Oh I was fully aware of the reveal. It was more the geeky side of me coming out to pick up on the Ginny/Gilly slip! As pointed out above it's more nuanced than legitamizing Jon as rightful owner of the Iron Throne. There's plenty of other characters who will all claim one way or another that they are the rightful owner. I hope it isn't as simple as a Daenerys/Jon alliance winning through at the end. Its been predicted for a long time by book readers and I'd like to think George RR Martin has something genuinely surprising up his sleeves for the end game. I suppose part of the problem with him taking so long to write the books is that it gives people longer to come up with theories regarding the end game.
  9. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Have I missed a Harry Potter crossover epsiode? Sorry to be pedantic and to be fair there are a lot of names to potentially get wrong!
  10. Steve Bruce

    Well he's not going to get sacked on the back of an away win at Reading is he?
  11. Steve Bruce

    Which is fine. That doesn't mean I hope we lose every game until he's sacked. I hope we win the game tonight as I do every game we play. If we continue to play as we did on Saturday I hope and am sure he will be sacked soon enough.
  12. Steve Bruce

    I dunno - I was actually hoping we'd win tonight to be honest. The wish for failure baffles me a bit to be honest.
  13. Leandro Bacuna

    I've genuinely got no idea why he's posted that. The way he's been jeered and abused by villa fans over the last few seasons I'm not sure I'd be putting any message like that out there. Good signing for Reading I think. Decent squad player and better than a lot of what we're left with. Our transfer policy is worrying me at the moment. We seem to have let all our sellable players go and replaced them with players who will have no sell on value at all or with loanees. Seems like a huge balancing the books job this window for me. If Kodjia has another good year I'd expect us to have to sell him next summer and then our squad really is lower half championship in its entirety.
  14. Sam Johnstone

    Wow! Without him they'd have scored 7 or 8. One of the few players who can leave that game with any credit. He seems to be another whose face just doesn't fit. He'll be this seasons scapegoat I reckon.
  15. Scott Hogan

    Well he'd get about 52 if only he could play against us judging by today.