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  1. Completely agree with this. I still think a lot of our fan base has a level of arrogance where we expect to rock up and beat teams like Bournemouth and Palace relatively easily. I'd have thought a few years out of the premier league would have given people a bit of a reality check but going in to the Bournemouth game in particular all I heard was how we'd beat them easily etc. These teams have been in the Premier League for a number of years and have relatively settled squads of proven Premier League players. By all means we can go into the games without fear and try to win and I'd argue that we have done that by and large. However the overreacting to defeats and the complete disregard to the quality of the teams that we're coming up against (relative to our own side who have played at most 4 games together) is extreme.
  2. I think I’d actually sacrifice the point if the outcome was not having to watch another game “refereed” by Kevin Friend.
  3. I was a big supporter of VAR being introduced but they either need to revert to how it was used in the last men’s World Cup or get rid of it now. Its a system that has largely worked in every league in which it has been brought in but for some reason we seem to have gone with a completely different use of the technology and it’s achieving nothing. Tielemans’ red card, Haller’s penalty and our equaliser would all have been correctly overturned if they’d occurred in the World Cup or in every other league using VAR. For anybody saying that the whistle had already gone, that also wouldn’t have happened with the VAR use in the World Cup as the refs had been trained to allow play to go on to let VAR and the refs work in tandem.
  4. This is the issue for me. There's no point in having VAR if they're not going to change decisions. The foul on McGinn at Spurs, the foul by Trezeguet on Saturday and the foul on the Man City player were about as obvious penalties as you're likely to see. If decisions aren't going to be overturned then they should just get rid of VAR as all its doing is slowing down the game. Just to be clear, I'm all for VAR in general and, as an example, the way which it was used in the men's World Cup led to much more consistent and correct decisions. The way its being used in the Premier League just seems bizarre to me.
  5. I’ve never known the demand for tickets to be this high to be fair.
  6. It'd be nice to know how many are left. The AVFCsupport twitter seems to give one update throughout the entire time that tickets are on sale. I'd rather know whether it was worth bothering to try and get tickets at 5 as the Spurs game turned out to be a frustrating waste of time with the limited number of tickets available.
  7. Presumably because there will be many with family and kids who wouldn’t go to every game but may make the odd one. I suppose if somebody has paid £400+ for a season ticket then it’s fine for them to be given some priority on tickets for matches. Do you not know a season ticket holder who could get tickets earlier for you?
  8. Kodjia doesn’t have a chance with many on here and unfortunately if last year is anything to go by with many at the ground too. He came on for 15 minutes when we were getting absolutely battered by the champions league finalists of last season and unsurprisingly got very little ball and lost the aerial battle against alderwiereld and Davinson Sanchez. He had nobody anywhere near him on the rare occasion he got the ball and forced to spend the majority of his time on the pitch in our own half. Douglas Luiz was literally jogged past for their third goal but kodjia gets hammered for laziness in a game where he was feeding off absolutely nothing. I’m not sure how he was supposed to press 4 defenders and 2 midfielders on his own either as the rest of our team were pretty much camped on the edge of our own box. Im hindsight it would have been a better game for Davis to come on as an out and out hold up player as that game was never suited to kodjia’s strengths.
  9. I genuinely thought we did have more time on the ball in a lot of areas today. Hourihane looked good because he was given the time to play balls out from midfield, the wingers seemed to have a lot more time on the ball. Jack got caught in possession once and gave away the ball. Yes, it’s a bad mistake and yes, he’ll learn from it but I’d rather our best player wasn’t just hoofing the ball back to the opposition and played his natural game.
  10. I’m not sure how it wasn’t a penalty to be honest. They did VAR it and the commentators on sky just said “never a penalty” but he looked to have got none of the ball and clearly took mcginn out. Just seemed a bit odd to me.
  11. Kane’s one on one was offside and the header he was under a lot of pressure from Elmo. Spurs had 7 shots on target to our 4. Until we tired we restricted them to shots from a long way away. Heaton made 2 good saves albeit they scored from the first anyway eventually. We looked good at the back and I have hope that the likes of grealish, jota and Wesley can come more into games at home and against the weaker teams.
  12. I’m not sure what you mean by 2 points lost as we’ve ended up with no points and could never have got 2 points! Irrespective of that, how on earth can losing to the champions league finalists be points dropped. If anybody went into the season expecting us to get points away at spurs then they’re quite frankly mental. I was proud of that performance. We dug in well. It’s no marker for the season as we’re obviously going to have to take a completely different approach next week but until we predictably tired that was a good performance.
  13. Hutton and Richards joining on free transfers maybe?
  14. tom_avfc

    Ezri Konsa

    In my opinion the rest of the chant is stupid let alone the ending with the racial undertone. Why would we randomly sing about one of our players drinking vodka and jager? There's not even any reason for any of this chant.
  15. tom_avfc

    Ezri Konsa

    Agree with this. It’s one of those songs which is probably funny when you’ve had a bit to drink on an away trip in Europe but in hindsight is a bit embarrassing.

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