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  1. Sam Johnstone

    Outstanding today as he has been for the majority of the season to be fair. After a couple of mistakes we are so quick to jump on the back of young players.
  2. Cricket: General Chat

    I'm not massively sure I agree with this although I'd agree it's been an issue in the past. The run rates in the series so far don't really show a team that is looking purely to attack. Players like Stoneman and Malan have really dug in at times during the series. Cook's natural game isn't to have a swing at things. I think the real issue with some of England's batsmen is just a lack of ability/technique when trying to dig in. Players like Vince and Ali aren't technically good enough to "block for 5 hours". I think the number of batsmen giving away wickets has been relatively low compared to many recent test matches. Some excellent Australian bowling has accounted for the majority of the wickets with Lyon and Cummins being particularly impressive. We're seeing two pretty evenly matched teams playing in conditions which completely suit Australia. There's no coincidence that when the conditions favoured England Australia were skittled for 140. A series in England has an entirely different result for me and to be honest the home advantage in test series is so great that one sided series are now becoming a bit of an issue in my opinion.
  3. Cricket: General Chat

    The Aussies have always been quick to get on the team's (and the captain's in particular) back when it starts to look a little tougher. It's why a good start in an Ashes series is essential. Smith will be starting to feel the heat a bit at the moment and I think his performance today showed that - a dropped catch, using up the reviews early doors and his general demeanour in the field. Unfortunately I do think we've left ourselves a little too much to do. If we managed to win it, the pressure on Smith would be huge and as their best batsman that's only going to play into England's hands.
  4. Cricket: General Chat

    Good summing up. I think if Woakes and Root could put on a 50 partnership first thing tomorrow then all the pressure will be heaped onto Australia. Could be a huge momentum swing for the series as a whole if we manage to pull a win out of the bag here. Smith will get a lot of criticism for his decision not to enforce the follow on and the Aussie confidence will take a bit of a beating for the first time in the series. As you say though, I also think we'll fall slightly short. The new ball could be pretty key and if we can get through that with recognised batsmen still in then the chase really will be on. It's nice to see some fight from the England batsmen though with only Vince likely to be massively disappointed in the way he's got out. We need to find a way to score off Lyon though as the difference between him and Moeen Ali at the moment could be a large part of what wins this series for Australia.
  5. Cricket: General Chat

    I kind of understand this but you have to back yourselves to put the runs on the board IMO. If you put the Aussies in and then they go and make a huge total then you lose momentum and also show them that you’re scared of their bowling attack. I’d always be playing the conditions and backing the team to perform.
  6. Sam Johnstone

    Yeah I was going to add that he wasn't given a great deal of help from our defenders who had switched off and gave the Sunderland player as long as he wanted to pick out his cross.
  7. Sam Johnstone

    It was just a poor first save for me. Could probably have held it but if he was going to parry it he had to ensure that it went out for a corner. He was always going to be out of position for the return cross and with 2 vs 1 at the far post the goal was inevitable. Just a bad mistake but he hasn't made many this season and has won us a decent number of points so I wouldn't want to make too big a deal out of it.
  8. Match Thread: Preston v Villa

    I don’t think it was a booking but he’s done so many fouls he would probably have been due one for the number of fouls alone.
  9. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Although 7 of those draws were under RDM last season who definitely didn’t ‘play it safe’. Im not sure I get the obsession with 1 up front being negative either. When we play well we look far more effective with a front 3 than 2 out and our strikers for me.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I don't think our away form has been disastrous this season to be honest: Cardiff (L) - Cardiff are currently unbeaten at home (4 wins and 2 draws) with the 4th best home record in the league Reading (L) - This ones a bad result - probably our worst of the season Bristol (D) - Decent point - Bristol currently have 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss at home Barnsley (W) - As expected - Barnsley have lost 3 out of 7 at home this season Burton (W) - Again as expected - Burton have lost 3 out of 6 Wolves (L) - Wolves have lost 1 out of 7 and have the second best home record in the league So in total we've taken 7 points from 6 games leaving us 9th in the away table having played a game fewer away than a lot of the sides above us. Considering that 2 of those games are against the current top 2 in the league who have 1 home defeat between them I'm not sure we've done too badly.
  11. Steve Bruce

    This isn't even true. We've played 5 out of the top 10 (Cardiff, Wolves, Norwich, Bristol and Fulham) and we are also one of the teams in the top 10. Considering we've played 13 games you'd expect us to have played around 5. So in the remaining 10 games up to half way through the season we face 4 top 10 teams. If you then factor in that we've played the teams in 12th, 13th and 14th I don't think you can argue that we've had easier fixtures than other teams in the league up to this point. Additionally, the highest team we've beaten at home are Norwich who sit in 6th in the table and are also the highest team in the league who we have played at home. The next highest team we have played at home are Fulham in 10th and again we beat them. I'd agree with you that winning some more away games would be nice although with two of our away games this season being against the top two and with the recent upturn in away results I'm slightly more confident.
  12. Wolves

    And was the only player to score a penalty for them in the shootout!
  13. Leicester City

    Their qualification campaign never really got going did it? They drew too many of their first games (with Bale playing in most of them) and then were always playing catch up from then on.
  14. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I’m not being funny but with teams like Millwall and Blues the reputation of their fans is going to go against them. If I was a policeman and with the knowledge of previous games between them I wouldn’t be taking any chances when fans start acting like idiots either. The police don’t just get involved for the sake of it. If I was a fan of one of these teams I wouldn’t go around looking like causing trouble as it’s inevitable what will happen.
  15. Glenn Whelan

    Yeah I think this was kind of my point! If Whelan was more mobile, he wouldn’t be playing in the Championship!