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  1. Looks like a good signing on paper for Small Heath. Can't say I've seen much of him but he was a highly rated youngster and he's now got over 40 appearances in the Eredivisie. Surprised they've been able to pick him up and looks good value. Unusual for them to have done something positive to be fair!
  2. Well sure, if Ronaldo has raped someone in Las Vegas then I'm sure he'll get the condemnation and sentence which he would deserve. Given that he's not been found guilty yet of this offence I'm not comfortable with passing any kind of judgement on that situation and given the experiences of other sports stars I'd rather reserve my opinion on the matter until more is known. Basing opinions of people on allegations is a dangerous road to start on in my opinion. I completely agree that in the grand scheme of things, ignoring a fan who's after an autograph is a non-issue but that doesn't mean I don't see it as rude and arrogant behaviour. I think a more reasonable Ronaldo comparison to make with this situation is his top off exuberant celebration after scoring a penalty in the Champions League final with the game already won before this. He took a bit of stick for this as again its a sign of an egotistical character.
  3. When a fielder throws the ball back in and this results in the ball going to the boundary the 4 runs are added to completed runs at the time. These four runs are 'overthrows'. Additionally if the ball doesn't reach the boundary the batsmen can run overthrows which are added to runs before the fielder's throw comes in but this is irrelevant here. This appears to have got quite controversial in this case as apparently the rule states that the 4 runs will be awarded as well as any completed runs at the point of the throw and any run in progress where the two batsmen have crossed. Given that Stokes and Rashid hadn't crossed at the point that Guptill threw the ball in, it seems that 5 rather than 6 runs may have been the correct decision here. Obviously there is some confusion as to how the deflection off the bat affects this ruling but its being questioned fairly widely this morning by the look of it.
  4. This is the thing for me too. It's fair game for people to say that Pogba/Lingard/Rashford etc. look like a dick but as soon as anybody says it about Rapinoe they're offended by her or they're a "fat gammon". I don't particularly like the dancing around and arrogance but to be honest I have more of an issue with the lack of acknowledgement offered to a young fan asking for an autograph. I'd have an issue with that if it was any famous sports person or other celebrity and would certainly call them out for it. The fact that a lot of her other actions (the dancing around etc) give off the impression of being a bit full of herself doesn't do her any favours when she's filmed ignoring fans. I have a lot of respect for what she's achieved and for a lot of the principles she stands for but that's not going to stop me from calling out behaviour which to me at least is dickish. I'd extend this to a number of other players in that US women's national team to be fair. The "tea-drinking" celebration, the interruption of the opposition's post match interviews etc. whilst not being particularly offensive just give off an impression of arrogance and to me are pretty classless. Again I'd call out any team acting like this in victory.
  5. Yeah these are all fair points but given that the ICC seems to have asked for slow pitches throughout the World Cup I’d argue that a better batting pitch could probably have been produced if it was requested. The World Cup as a whole had been pretty low scoring given what we’ve seen in England in odi series recently. It kind of negates the home advantage as these pitches don’t really play to our strengths. Completely agree that this isn’t a great advert for the game for any casual cricket watcher tuning in!
  6. Having a pitch like this in a World Cup final anywhere would be ridiculous but in England I’m not sure how they’ve even managed to create a pitch so slow. Winning the toss has won this game as you could see the pitch getting visibly worse even during the New Zealand innings. England have batted pretty stupidly but when Colin de grandhomme is looking like one of the best bowlers in the world you’ve got to ask questions of the pitch. At least buttler is looking to bat the way all of the English batsmen should have been.
  7. Oh, I completely agree with that - I don't think it was a foul either but I'm pretty sure that the foul on the keeper was given and not handball.
  8. I'm assuming it was given as a foul on the goalkeeper. Not sure I agree with it as the keeper never had full control of the ball. I guess the fact that she had two hands on the ball and got hit pretty hard by the attacker has swung the ref's decision.
  9. But you'd have two lanes of queuing traffic which had nowhere to go and were all trying to pull across into one lane of cars which would be moving if it wasn't for the fact that there were two lanes of cars trying to get into their lane. I'm not sure how this would speed anything up at all since wherever the cars were queued only one car would be able to continue once the two lanes were closed. Surely the flow of traffic would be much better if as soon as drivers are aware of the two lanes being closed they move across into the open lane allowing for traffic to flow as smoothly as possible. Sure, if everyone on the road was nice and polite, cars could filter through into the open lane one after the other but, given what a lot of road users are like, asking for this to happen consistently with 3 lanes of queued cars (which likely had been stuck for a large amount of time) is pretty unlikely and impractical. I'm not sure how it's not easier for cars to get across into the open lane as soon as possible and keep moving. If everybody did this then once cars had been let in the traffic would flow and wouldn't be stopped by the people who speed down the closed lanes and nip in.
  10. Well other than the fact that there'd be hundreds of cars trying to filter in at the end which would form the same queue further back. Trying to get cars to filter in from 2 lanes into the 1 open lane would also be a bit of a nightmare I'd have thought. I'd imagine you'd just end up with three lanes of queuing traffic with all cars aiming to get into the 1 open lane at the last minute rather than one lane of queuing traffic with the selfish lot driving as far down the road to nip in last minute like you get at the moment.
  11. Yeah I’m not sure how he’s not in the squad. England must have some phenomenal young centre backs if Tuanzebe can’t get in!
  12. If you're purely watching Netflix do you have to have a TV licence? I thought you only needed a TV licence to watch live TV and iPlayer. May be wrong but I always thought this was the case.
  13. Whilst true to some extent the BBC do have to justify what the licence fee is being spent on. I believe that making this tournament accessible to as many people as possible is a good use of licence payers money to be fair. I know there's always going to be a load of nay-sayers who want nothing to do with women's football but any attempt to increase interest can only be a good thing for me.
  14. Well there’s that reason and there’s also the reason that there’s little to no coverage of women’s sports in mainstream media and on most television channels. Admittedly it is getting better but how can you expect people to have heard of people who are rarely reported on? I’ve enjoyed the games I’ve seen so far of this World Cup. Also, interesting to note given the complaints made about standards of goalkeeping being farcical that there was 1 goal in the two games today. Also, Scotland’s keeper had a great game against England yesterday.
  15. I thought we dominated the first half totally and should have been at least two up. We’re the better side second half too without really creating much. Finishing has let us down as otherwise we’d be looking at a convincing win.

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