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  1. Good game again today. I’ll never understand the hate he seems to get from the stands. Was fairly isolated for large parts of the game and put a shift in along with scoring the winner.
  2. I assume it was brought in to prevent teams from setting up as negatively as possible away from home. If you take the Spurs game last night as an example, even though they had the lead from the home leg, it was encouraging for them to at least attempt to attack as one away goal left City needing to score three times. That's not to say that I agree with the rule but I can see why it may be necessary to incentivise some sort of attacking play away from home to avoid every game becoming a bit of a cagey affair.
  3. I guess he's just saying that there's a core squad of players who have taken England to number 1 in the world rankings. To catapult someone straight into that squad for a World Cup may upset the apple cart potentially. Not sure its a point I particularly agree with but its a similar discussion to those had around football World Cup when players are put in for the major tournament.
  4. The Grealish goal was so clearly a valid goal that the celebrations would still happen and no VAR check would have happened (i.e. nothing would have changed with VAR there). I'm not sure I really get this argument. Of course celebrations will still happen instinctively when goals are scored. I don't see everybody not celebrating goals on the off chance that it may get disallowed. The reaction to offside goals shows this to me. Even when the linesman has had his flag up for a good 30 seconds before the ball goes in there are still people jumping around celebrating the goal. If a few people have a bit of egg on their face in the way that Pep and the City fans did after their celebrations, I don't see that as an issue when the alternative is to have goals awarded incorrectly and matches decided by clearly wrong decisions.
  5. I'm not convinced it's handball even going by this rule. He clearly didn't score the goal directly with his hand/arm as it came of his hip. Did he "gain possession/control of the ball" with his arm? This one is more debatable but I'd argue that had the ball not hit his arm it would have hit his hip and gone in anyway. In short I'm not convinced that the ball brushing past his arm had any real impact on the fact that the ball went in. Given that the evidence should be clear and obvious in order to overturn an on field decision, I wouldn't really like to see a goal like this chalked off under either the current or these new rules. Additionally, we are debating a marginal decision which without VAR would still have resulted in a goal anyway. I'm not convinced this is a good argument against VAR in a game where the winning goal would have been an offside goal without VAR being in use.
  6. Can't see Woakes dropping out even given his comments. He's going to be a nailed on starter at the World Cup if fit. You'd have to think that Willey, Curran, Plunkett and Denly would be more likely candidates to miss out from that list.
  7. That whole game of football was fantastic and VAR has played a big part in it. So glad that we’re not sat with an offside goal having decided a game like that.
  8. It is. Shows the value of VAR to be fair.
  9. That looked like a stonewall penalty to me. He’s slid in with his arm in the air and blocked the shot with his arm.
  10. Could have had a couple of assists today with the ball in for tammy’s saved shot and the cross for mcginn’s header. Decent performance - room for improvement but then there’s room for improvement in all of our wingers at the moment. I think I’d give him a run of games. He’s looking more dangerous than Adomah and roughly on a par with El Ghazi in my opinion.
  11. Can we not just play a two in midfield and have two up top? We’re going to lose the midfield with two there or with three there. Even picking two from those three is pretty difficult though! Not sure why Doyle-Hayes was allowed to go on loan. Now would be a good time to give him a few games and see how he goes.
  12. Bang on assessment for me. The worrying thing is that both Albion and Sheffield United didn’t have to play well to be 2-0 and 3-0 up at Villa Park. The second half today was a complete waste of time. Albion sat back because they knew we could have played forever and never looked like scoring.
  13. Did this player destroy Albion? He scored a deflected goal and smashed one in from distance. He hasn’t shown much in many games for me. The fact that none of our wingers have particularly good end product will mean he’ll still get some minutes but he’s yet to show me he’s anything other than our fourth choice winger when Adomah is back to full fitness.
  14. tom_avfc

    Ørjan Nyland

    Leeds had 8 corners today and scored from 1 which there was nothing nyland could do about. You’re trying to pass blame to the keeper for a horrible decision by a player who looked like his head had gone from the moment he gave away the first goal. I’ve already said Nyland isn’t good enough. I just don’t see the need to blame him for every goal.
  15. tom_avfc

    Ørjan Nyland

    I genuinely don’t see how he can be blamed for any of the three goals. The fact that some are trying to blame him for Elmo heading the perfect lay off for Roofe’s winner kind of sums up the scapegoat he’s starting to become. Not good enough but not at fault for every goal as some would have you believe.
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