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  1. I think the issue with these stats is what they are classing as errors. If being offside by toe nail is classed as an error then I don’t think most people particularly care that the goal stands. The decisions which it is overruling are so marginal that if they are included in those stats then it’s a false narrative.
  2. I wasn’t going to watch this but should be a belter now!
  3. The only reason for VAR is to get the correct decision more often. The fact that we’re still seeing incorrect decisions with it and that it’s not operating particularly well makes me think they should just get rid of it now. It’s not fit for purpose in the way it’s being used and I genuinely think that the bad decisions are easier to take when it’s human error by the referee than it is now. The number of decisions going in big teams’ favours seems higher than ever. I say all of this and I was a big fan of it being introduced but for whatever reason it isn’t working and is making foot
  4. I don't really understand the nomination of Bielsa. He's got one of the better backed teams in the Championship into the Premier League. I'd be interested to know how far down the list Slaven Bilic is who has achieved the same feat. How often is a Championship winning manager nominated for this award. Given that the points total achieved by Bielsa of 93 is the lowest title winning points total since Burnley also got 93 in 2015/16 it just seems a really strange nomination. Was Nuno even on the shortlist for his 99 point season?
  5. tom_avfc

    Do you read?

    The Game of Thrones books are very good but be prepared to wait a long time (possibly forever) for George R R Martin to get around to finishing them. The above comment on Harry Potter being banded with Lord of the Rings is true but I wouldn't really recommend Harry Potter unless its something which you've grown up with. I am a big fan of the Harry Potter books but would say that's largely due to being the right age to have grown up reading them. They're good books but possibly not what you're looking for. Other fantasy series that I found particularly good are The First Law series by
  6. He's headbutted him. Literally nobody is trying to defend his actions and he's come out himself to apologise. I genuinely struggle to see how anybody could say that what he's done is not a red card offence. Yes Alioski has hit the ground and if Pepe did that to one of our players I'd like to think they'd do the same thing for the reason that you've highlighted above. Alioski could have stayed on his feet and carried on but why would you when its a red card if you draw attention to it? As I said its exactly the same as Trezeguet's dramatic fall in the box. There's no way that the contact m
  7. I don't dispute that and have said the same in my previous comment on this thread: You can't have it one way though and then do the same thing. Labelling their player as embarrassing for rolling around after a headbutt but accepting Trezeguet hitting the floor like he's been shot is exactly what you're calling out Leeds fans for doing.
  8. But it was a blatantly obvious red card and as has been said if the player doesn't go down then it wouldn't get picked up. It's exactly the same as Trezeguet going down in an exaggerated fashion to win a deserved penalty. The attitude that its OK for one of ours to do it but its poor sportsmanship when somebody else's player does it is what annoys me. The actions of Alioski before the headbutt annoy me more. The constant winding up and provoking of an opponent to try and draw the reaction is something which we've fallen on the wrong side of before (Dublin against Savage and Benteke again
  9. This is fine and I completely agree with it. However, the hypocrisy comes when fans can't accept that its the same for every other team in the league. All you see from Leeds fans is "Grealish dives" over and over again when in fact all he is doing is drawing the contact and then going down to win the free kick. Its exactly the same situation. I have no real issue with what Alioski does in this situation other than the fact that he appears to be another in the long line of wind up merchants in the Leeds United squad. Would I want to see one of our players constantly trying to provoke
  10. This is spot on. I’m unsure how anybody who’s played or watched a game of football can think it’s not a penalty. The overanalysing of basic decisions is killing football for me at the moment. If that penalty had been given and we had no VAR then nobody would have had any issue. On a side note the reaction of both Graham Potter and Solly March post game tells you all you need to know. They know it’s a penalty and they know they’ve got away with one. I would say it evens itself out but with VAR I now think it’s clear that it doesn’t to an even greater extent than before.
  11. Yeah to be fair I've got a backlog of games that I've bought in sales on the store and not even downloaded which I decided just to wait for the PS5 to play with the quicker load speeds etc.
  12. Yes - full backwards compatability (or near enough - think there's a handful of games which won't work on PS5 but none that I'd heard of). Graphics won't be any different to PS4 Pro unless its been specifically patched for PS5. People are saying a lot of games are playing like completely different games even without the upgrade patch as frame rates are more stable etc.
  13. I hadn't seen the issue about Ethernet connection. The wired connection always seemed to be much quicker on PS4 but I guess I'll give the WIFI a go if its a known issue. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. This is a bizarre dig. The Villa men just beat Arsenal 3-0 and sit 3 points off the top of the league!
  15. I think we had one against Man City last season that wasn't given. I remember thinking it was ridiculous that the goal wasn't overruled by VAR. To me its not a difficult decision to make. It baffles me more that it took the ref and VAR 5 minutes to give an offside that could have been called fairly easily from one replay to be honest.
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