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  1. For what it’s worth I’m glad that that quick free kick goal doesn’t stand. I hate those goals and it feels like a really cheat way to score a goal. Obviously the officiating around it was abysmal but the people calling for that to be given as a goal should really look at the issues it creates if refs allow a team to score a free kick while the keeper is in the act of setting his wall.
  2. Yeah this is my take too. The Dallas one for me was more than going down to win a free kick too. Elmo has gone in slightly aggressively so Dallas has gone down as if he’s seriously injured and stayed down to try and get Elmo booked or sent off. It was jarring in this game because Ramsey in particular when he got kicked just bounced back up to his feet and got on with the game. Leeds fans will call out Grealish for diving but 99 times out of 100 he is fouled, goes down, gets the free kick and carries on with the game. As you say it’s the attempts to get players booked or sent off tha
  3. Dallas also went down like he’d been completely clattered by Elmo in the first half only to get up and run off moments later with no treatment. Once in a game is down to the specific player. When you’ve got three different players attempting to get people sent off in one game then I think there’s a bigger issue.Given what we’ve seen from Rodrigo, Ayling and Bamford already this season I’m convinced that they’re being coached to do this. Its cheating in a really nasty way yet Leeds fans are the worst for calling Grealish a diver. I saw some comments on Twitter from Leeds fans saying “
  4. Yeah I’d agree with this. The two fouls by Klich when already on a yellow were far more worthy of second yellows than anything Targett did in that match. I’ll hold my hands up on Targett as I’d quite happily have seen him replaced in the Summer. He didn’t seem to be at the level required but the improvement in him has been phenomenal. I actually struggle to believe that he is the same player that used to take one knock and come off at the first opportunity in any game that we were struggling in. He’s now fast becoming one of the best players at the club and an England call up can’t b
  5. I don’t know what annoyed me the most watching that game. The pitch was an absolute joke - the pitches in League 2 aren’t as bad as that. How can they let players play on that - it’s an injury waiting to happen. As for the play acting throughout the game it’s an absolute embarrassment. Something needs to be done as there were three or four occasions where players were rolling around as if they were seriously injured purely to try and get villa players booked or sent off. It’s cheating and they’re by far the worst team for it in the league.
  6. Did Foakes not hit that? Seemed to be a small spike before it hit the pad. Home umpires really haven't worked in this test match.
  7. I do wonder who's looked at this pitch and decided we needed the extra seamer. With the additional fact that picking the 4 seamers has extended our tail dramatically it is a bizarre decision.
  8. I said it during the second test. The pitch there was bad enough that there'd have been points deductions in the County Championship. That test was over as a contest within a couple of days. This pitch is taking it to a new level but if this is how test cricket is going to go then its going to kill the game.
  9. At what point is it reasonable to call a pitch disgraceful at test level? This is complete madness. We're now at 87-12 today with all wickets falling to spin on day two of a test match. The worst thing about this for me is that when India are in England in the Summer we're bound to see the greenest pitches possible in response to this. I reckon I'd have a chance of picking up a couple of wickets on this and I've never bowled a ball of spin in my life.
  10. Yeah fair point. Like you I think an attempt to get to the pitch of the ball would at least be worth a try. I struggle to criticise our batsmen too much though. If India are struggling on a spinning pitch then its always going to be a tough ask for us to score many runs. Having the long tail that we have here means that another three wickets will pretty much wrap up this innings.
  11. I guess the difficulty is that the ball is turning square half the time and going straight on the rest of the time. Playing a straight ball is easy if its consistently straight and skidding on. When its as inconsistent as this pitch then the straight ball becomes just as dangerous as the one that turns.
  12. I'm not convinced that we shouldn't be treating it like a 20/20 match in many ways. There's an unplayable ball waiting for anyone on this pitch and if you can get a quick 20 before you get that ball then it could be more valuable than scratching around for half an hour and getting 5. Obviously someone like Sibley isn't going to take this approach (its completely alien to him) but a quick cameo from a Stokes or Ollie Pope could win this game for England. As you say, both teams have to play on it and so far today India have lost 7 wickets for 31 runs and England have lost 2 wickets for 8 ru
  13. I'm not being funny but if India can't bat on this pitch against our average spinners then what chance do England have? If we get the 33 runs to make India bat again it'd be more than I'm expecting looking at this.
  14. I said in the last test that pitches like this are speeding up the death of test cricket. Its absolutely ridiculous that we're in a position on morning two of a test match where a 31 run lead for India seems massive after bowling out England for 112. Joe Root looks like a prime Shane Warne on this pitch. A lead of 120 for England would make this challenging for India but its all a bit silly isn't it?
  15. I'm not sure you can put much blame on Stokes for claiming that catch. Its marginal as to whether he's caught it or not and it happens in fractions of seconds. Its one of those where he genuinely feels he's caught it. As sharkyvilla says even if its not a catch it would be nice if they took a proper look at it rather than see it once from front on and then overturn an on field out decision. I'd have thought it was worth multiple angles and/or zooming in at least given how slow motion replays will always make a catch look less clean.
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