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  1. Birkir Bjarnason

    This guy is bad. I have no idea how he gets semi regular game time.
  2. Aston Villa Home Support

    The booing at half time was completely ridiculous. You can guarantee that teams like Cardiff and Fulham won't be booing every time they go in behind at half time. Bruce had been bigging up the connection between players and fans as well and then at the first sign of a poor performance the boos return. A couple of the guys around me in particular appear to be extremely negative. Quotes of the season so far include "This doesn't feel like a game that should be 5-0" against Bristol City and "They look like the side that are 4-1 up" in the last few minutes against Wolves. It does make you wonder what some people get out of going.
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Very much this. Let's concentrate on winning one game at a time and see where we end up. Go and beat Bolton on Saturday and we'll be four points off Cardiff. Cardiff then have a difficult trip to Derby on Sunday. If we're sat four or five points off Cardiff with 8 games to go, a similar goal difference and a home match against them still to play then I'm sorry but I won't be giving up on automatic promotion. As you say it's a hell of a run that we'd have to go on but those runs happen in the Championship. Cardiff have just won 8 and drawn 1 of their last 9 matches. So yeah let's take it one game at a time - I'm sure we're not the only team who will slip up unexpectedly in the run in.
  4. Robert Snodgrass

    I don't think it's the criticism of his performance last night that people are taking issue with. I think almost everybody would admit he had a poor game (as did every other Villa player). The accusation of him not trying is what most people would struggle to agree with. He tried hard but nothing he did came off (barring the ball for Grealish's header and the pull back for Chester's goal). Actually reading that back even having a bad game he still should have had two assists. Wasn't the worst player on the pitch and certainly didn't show a lack of effort or not try in my opinion.
  5. Robert Snodgrass

    He was dreadful - they all were. However, I don't think his effort can be questioned. He tried hard but had a poor game. Too many players had poor games last night hence the result.
  6. Sam Johnstone

    No brainer at that price for me. Been very impressed for the most part this season.
  7. Alan Hutton

    Interesting. Didn’t put a foot wrong for me!!
  8. Wolves

    I would like to think that if we have substantiated evidence of wrongdoing by any club in the league be they top or bottom that we'd raise our concerns with the appropriate governing body. If we're making baseless accusations then I completely agree we shouldn't be but if we have legitimate concerns with proof then I'd be confused and slightly worried if we weren't making some kind of report.
  9. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    You can feint during the run up but not at the end of the run up. He completely stops for a reasonable amount of time and then takes a small step and hits the ball. Its debatable perhaps but I’d argue that he’s done more than stutter/feint during the run up in that instance and to be honest I’d be happy to see an end to penalties being taken like that.
  10. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Agree with almost all of this. The media seem to try and portray every VAR decision as controversial though which isn’t particularly helpful. I think the Son penalty was correctly disallowed though. Stopping in your run up is considered unsporting and an automatic yellow card as far as I’m aware.
  11. Micah Richards

    Yeah I've never really got the impression that Richards is a bad influence or a trouble maker. He simply can't get fit and hasn't been fit for a long time. Poor signing due to fitness issues and he wasn't very good when he did play. I don't think he ever looked fully fit even when he was playing to be fair to him. Is a bit of a shame for him as he was excellent when he burst onto the scene at Man City.
  12. Weekends Football 25/27 Febuary/29 Febaury/1 March

    I think I mostly agree with you but I think the automatic use for a goal is pretty reasonable as goals are the defining moments of games. I can see why people may have an issue with the pull back by Llorente being given as a foul as that is the only debatable use of VAR I've really seen. Out of interest, the Times has the longest of the delays for VAR decisions in the Spurs game clocked at 1 minute 32 seconds (the penalty decision on Trippier). Too long some may say but not the 5 or 6 minutes that people are claiming. I think the main issue in the Spurs game was that it was used a lot more than in your average game.
  13. West Bromwich Albion

    Yeah I can't see them getting out of this. Realistically they're likely to need somewhere between 17 and 20 points out of that lot. I know you get odd results at this point of the season but with the majority of teams still having plenty to play for it'd be an impressive turn around from here.
  14. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    I don't really agree with this. The same happens with a wicket in a cricket match or a try in a rugby match. Celebrated, reviewed and then chalked off. It's new and its not perfect but if it leads to more correct decisions it has to be kept and improved. Effectively this argument is that we should allow illegal goals because the fans may be angry when they get correctly overturned. I still think I'd rather have the correct decisions.
  15. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    Yeah it was a definite penalty and a good example of VAR preventing a wrong decision. I don’t really like the way the media are so anti VAR. Its making decisions more accurate. I can understand the issue with how long it’s taking and the poor communication but I’d have taken 5 mins of stoppage time for the red card in our 2010 league cup final for example.