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  1. Steve Bruce

    Bruce set up a 4-4-1 with adomah up front. That's not an opinion it's fact. He wasn't starting from the right he was playing up front! I don't particularly agree with him having adomah up front but that's definitely where he was playing.
  2. Other teams transfers

    I don't get this. By far the best midfielder we've been linked with and far too good for us. Is it sarcastic or do people really think we could do better?
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I was there and agree with your assessment mostly. I think he's been decent when he's come on at the end of games as he does look to put the opposition under a bit of pressure. I don't think he should be starting games but I do see why SB considers him an option from the bench. In fact I see him pretty similarly to Rudy at the moment. They are both decent options (for differing reasons) for the last 20 minutes of a game or so but I'd be disappointed to see either of them start. I suppose the real issue with both Gabby and Rudy is the lack of a goal scoring threat but as you said they're good at harrying and at creating space/opportunities for others.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I don't get this attitude at all. He came on in the last game and a good flick from him started the move from which we got the winning goal. Yes he's acted stupidly in the last season or two but for me if he can help the team then we use him. As an aside I like the response he's been getting from the crowd recently and I like the fact that he's acknowledging the support and genuinely seems to be trying his hardest. This good run has massively helped the atmosphere around the club and has worked well for Bruce bringing Gabby back in.
  5. U.S. Politics

    A good post with some good points made. However, I don't see how the highlighted part can be realistic without Trump hiding himself under a huge rock. A lot of what he has said has been racist and sexist and a lot of what he stands for seems to be also This is where the similarities to Brexit/Farage are. It legitimises those "I'm not racist but" opinions held by more people than you would imagine. For me both this election and the EU referendum were won by targetting these tendencies in people.
  6. The push for the Play offs ?

    It's interesting that the 2 teams we have beaten over those four matches sit in 4th and 6th on the form table. This suggests that we're beating teams that are on good form themselves. It also backs up the theory that anyone can beat anyone in the league as does the league position of the teams who are doing well at the moment.
  7. Carles Gil

    I think Gil had a lot of talent but at the time we were horribly disorganised and were introducing far too many new players at one time. I think if you added Carles Gil to a better drilled and organised side like we are now you'd see a very different player. Additionally, this league looks considerably poorer than the Premier League from what I've seen. For me, if he does come back at some point this season, I wouldn't be against him being given a chance and could see him offering similar to a player like Forestieri at Wednesday. He's still young at 23 and seemed to have a good connection with Grealish on the rare occasions they played together. He could be the difference maker in games such as the ones which we have been drawing up to this point. Having said that he was largely inconsistent and he was probably more suited to the style of football we played under RDM rather than the new functional look of Bruce's team. I don't see the harm in trying him at some point, particularly when a few of our attacking players disappear for the AFCON in January.
  8. Steve Bruce

    The areas of the pitch where Fulham had their possession were never threatening though. They barely tried to put an attacking move together in the match. We also lack any kind of creativity in the middle of the park so our best option is to get the ball forward to Ayew/Kodjia/Adomah and play a direct game. I'd almost say that at the moment if we're passing the ball around we're only slowing down attacks for our pacey players up top. In a strange way I think having a lot of possession wouldn't really be playing to our strengths as a team.
  9. Steve Bruce

    But if teams come to play the way Fulham did yesterday I'd be fairly comfortable conceding a large amount of possession. For me it only becomes an issue when we're not creating chances and are conceding chances. Football is about a lot more than just possession. Ask Fulham fans if they were happy with their 65% possession which got them 4 shots in an entire match. If we have close to 20 shots on goal every game we won't be going far wrong particularly if our keeper isn't even having to make a meaningful save.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I don't think the 34% possession did particularly limit our chances to create something. In reality we got the ball forward as quickly as possible to our creative players. If we'd have passed the ball around the back and midfield for a bit we'd have been no more likely to create chances. The natural instinct of players such as Ayew, Kodjia and Adomah is to get the ball and run at players to make things happen. This will limit our time on the ball and they will concede possession a fair few times. I didn't think they played particularly well yesterday but we still had 17 shots on goal. For me it's important to look at the overall game rather than just the stats.
  11. Steve Bruce

    We had 17 shots and 7 on target. That's more than enough to win a game of football. Fulham were pretty good at playing no risk possession football so dominated possession. They had 4 shots with 0 on target. We could have evened up possession by passing the ball around in areas where Fulham didn't want to press but we'd have been less likely to score. If anything, our more direct, less posession based game helped us win that game.
  12. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I would love Gabby to get back in the team to be honest. If he manages this he'd have to be better than kodjia, McCormack, gestede and ayew up front or better than Adomah, ayew and Grealish out wide. For me that would be a huge asset.
  13. Totally useless information/trivia

    I'm not sure Pegasus names many things that would be relevant in the context used! To be fair I'm not usually pedantic but its not often you get chance to use anything learnt from a classics degree!!
  14. Totally useless information/trivia

    Pedantic I know, but Pegasus is the name of a particular winged horse rather than a species so their dad would have to be Pegasus rather than "a Pegasus".
  15. Yellow Card Watch

    We've had a horrible amount of yellow cards for dissent this year. Is really frustrating that we keep picking up unnecessary yellows for it but it's a sign we're up for the fight I suppose.