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  1. Oh I agree I just think we're going to need a large squad to deal with the fixture congestion for the next two years and loaning Nakamba out just means an extra body to get in. I'm all for the idea but if we're going to be restricted to the number of players we'll bring in then I'm not convinced this would be the best use of any money we have available.
  2. So he is on closer to £5k than £55k then to be fair. On Nakamba, he's a backup central midfielder who we will need around the squad to make up the numbers. It makes no sense that we would be looking to loan him out at the present time.
  3. Agreed other than the fact that his second yellow wasn’t even a foul. I did think he could have gone earlier and would rather see repetitive fouling punished more consistently.
  4. tom_avfc


    Thought this one should get bumped up. Giving us 3 points and then beating Watford has done us a huge favour.
  5. These really hate us don’t they. Genuinely seem as obsessed with us as Wolves and Albion have been lately. Don’t really get it with Leeds. Couldn’t care less how well or badly they do to be honest.
  6. Why would Watford sue? We finish above them even if that goal stands.
  7. tom_avfc


    I thought it was a pretty good showing from Till to be fair. It’s the best he’s looked in a long time and he could easily have won the fight against a very strong opponent.
  8. Pretty strong overreaction here. Similar to when Hourihane made his comments. I don't get the difficulty in realising that if Jack gets the chance to go to City or United that it'd be a good move for his career. Gabby probably should have left himself when the likes of Arsenal were showing interest so he's pretty well placed to comment.
  9. I can't agree with this - surely its just people being realistic. Jack Grealish is one of the best players in the entire Premier League. Any team would struggle to keep hold of him when he is performing at the level he is. If he has the opportunity to go to one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the country what makes you think that he'll stay? In reality about 5 or 6 teams have a realistic hope of winning trophies in a season with the odd surprise thrown in every now and again. Why would Grealish not want to go to a team who have a genuine chance of winning trophies year on year. As long as we get the price we want for him I have no issue with him moving on and wish him all the best. Hopefully he can perform for us in the last game of the season and keep us up. Maybe if we can convince some top drawer players to sign for us we may be able to persuade Grealish that we are going somewhere.
  10. What a man! For a relatively uncelebrated player, my love for this guy is bordering on weird. Already asking the wife what the female version of Frederic is for the unborn child. Having seen Freddie’s celebration for the goal Kick today Freddie has actually made the boys name list now.
  11. That would have been the perfect send off for Jack tonight. A man of the match performance in a crucial game. Just a shame that nobody could be there to see him off in style. What a Villa career he’s had already to be fair. If we didn’t have him we could have easily sunk without a trace. Its been a pleasure watching him play. Without a doubt the best player I’ve seen at Villa and I hope he goes on to achieve great things wherever he goes. Its going to be painful wanting whichever of the Manchester teams he joins to do well though!
  12. tom_avfc

    Dean Smith

    This has got to feel good Dean. All those stats thrown at you of not winning games against top half teams. All those late goals conceded and the repeated reminders of near misses earlier on in the season. With two games to go you pull off a deserved victory in a massive game like that. I’ve never wanted us to win a game as much as on Sunday purely for the amount of crap that smith has taken from Villa fans before today. Do we have the squad to survive in the Premier League? Probably not. Do we have the desire and the tactical set up to keep us up? I don’t doubt it at all. See this through and we’ve really got something to build on here.
  13. This. Its another example of something which is turning the conversation away from the real issues. It seems to be almost every week now that one of these stories comes out and everyone can spend a few days debating the merits of names in a film rather than actually address the serious issues around racism in this country and elsewhere.
  14. Brighton drew with Southampton so its already wrong!! Only kidding as Brighton's results really don't matter. If you've got Bournemouth's, Watford's, and our's right I'll be happy.
  15. Yeah I think there has to be some margin of error built into the offside decisions. I think you stick with the on field decision and overturn only in cases where the technology can prove without doubt that the wrong decision has been made.
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