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  1. No Morty slotted his past the keeper - my favourite ever villa goal. I actually thought this first benteke goal - as soon as the cross went in - towards Benteke - I knew it was a goal...
  2. Me to.... That pass is top, top, quality though
  3. smetrov


    Yes Ive read it. to be honest it just re in forces what i think. A group of smaller and unconnected facts are built up into a whole story - the hot dog incident, the stadium being due fore demolition, etc, etc, - on what basis is that article being held up as the truth ? Im not accusing anyone of anything. I'm just saying over 25 years they have con cocted an argument that now suits them - for example reports like this don't often make the public eye "Several times both back then and since I have studied the CCTV footage of clearly identifiable Liverpool fans crashing one of the gates into the doomed semi-final" no that's not me, its here https://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/hillsborough-herewith-probably-the-most-unpopular-post-on-the-net-today/ Good summary of more or less my thoughts:- The illegally forced entry placed an intolerable pressure on that end of the ground – and led to the sickening suffocation of innocent people who did have tickets. While I accept entirely that the Yorkshire police (a) moved at the speed of a snail on valium to do anything about it, and thus ( displayed all the bravery of a hermit crab trained by Health & Safety, later © doubling their cowardly amorality while trying to fit up innocent fans, I do not accept this lachrymose rubbish about saintly Scousers….any more than I would have turned a blind eye to the criminal behaviour of Mancunians, East London skinheads and Celtic fans during that sorry era Brian Clough and Jimmy Greaves have said similar.
  4. smetrov


    Hey - if you want to believe a report 25 years in the making fine. I will trust my instincts - it was an all ticket match - to many fans without tickets = overcrowding. You need to rewind to the 80's the scousers were very much the loveable rogues, - numerous TV series about loveable scousers generally being up to no good - but all in a way that made it ok. Thats my opinion - I don't see what's so offensive about it - other than it doesn't fit the mood of today and tie in with hours and hours of campaigning to get a report that said what they wanted.
  5. Until we are mathematically safe there is always going to be a sequence of results that relegates us. 2 home games - and all 3 games look to have nothing on them - and our main striker is in the form of his life. It could be a whole lot worse.
  6. Ive said this a few times. You don't wanna be playing a Burnley relegated or not, they will go down fighting and not want to lose there last game. Hang on Burnley are playing to actually stay in the premier league now and they can't score or even draw games. I can see Dyche fielding some fring/youth players aswell just to give them experience. No one will convince me Burnley at home on the last day will be a more difficult game than Chelsea away or Man. United at home. Benteke against Duff and Ben Mee ffs. We have to play someone on the last day - and its going to be a premier league team - it won't be a gimmeee - but it could be lot worse than having to face Burnley.
  7. I think what he is looking for is a poor or game or 2 and you're benched. Perform and you stay in the the team KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
  8. I forget he was playing yesterday to be honest. I presume he leaves on a free in the summer - or does he have another year ?
  9. Ive said this a few times. You don't wanna be playing a Burnley relegated or not, they will go down fighting and not want to lose there last game. Who would you want then ?
  10. Sadly this the chant 'He scores when he wants' looks almost factual the way he is playing at the moment.
  11. smetrov


    Have you even read up about either incidents before forming an opinion? Yes - but I don't really need to. To many in the ground without tickets - disastrous consequences Liverpool fans charge at oppositions fans - wall collapses No amount of evidence, leaning on people, finding any tom dick and harry to give revised version of events over 25+ years will convince me otherwise.
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