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  1. Shit game management again, it reminded me of watchin us under mon. Making subs when it's too late and not changing the system to tighten things up. Not impressed.
  2. Judging on our last two matches we look like relegation candidates, hopefully something clicks over the next few weeks and we show a big improvement.
  3. Ref is such a turd, I remember him always having it in for us. Cmon villa, big second half
  4. That second half was painful. We had no answer and were completely dominated, I'd of hoped for better than that but hopefully we can learn something from it. Engels motm
  5. I thought it was a mistake to play him for the full game last week, he was shattered for the last 20 minutes and looked way off his game today.
  6. Delighted for him, seems like a good guy and the celebration was quality
  7. That Justin guy has 3 goals and 4 assists this season, sounds like the Luton fans like him as well so hopefully we sign him as we need Taylor out of the starting line up asap!
  8. Change the formation and go 2 up top. Fkn tripe watching this lot trying to pass it around, jokers
  9. We look terrible so far, just too many average players and not enough quality. It's hard to watch this shite...
  10. Bunnski

    Dean Smith

    Eh what? He has inherited a team built by a different person. Mourinho had his own team that he built and still blamed the players so a silly comparison by yourself there. He deserves time, anyone that thinks otherwise is wrong!
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