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  1. Next Villa Manager

    Maths not your strong point I'm guessing
  2. Squad / Team - how do you see it?

    could take a while for the team to gel. will not get overly worried if we do not start winning every week. but would like for us to be within distance of automatic promotion/ play offs around January, when we can at least expect for them to have had enough sessions together to put a push in second half of the season. still a little worried about wingers. Ayew is clearly in my mind a striker as he thinks of himself when in and around the goal. could do with in my mind someone who is looking to feed in those positions.
  3. Ravel Morrison

    But I put a £1000 on it ... I'm joking I'm not an idiot
  4. Jonathan Kodjia

    Gut feeling he won't be worth the money. But we'll see.
  5. Abel Hernandez

    Deal dead supposedly. Kodijia in advanced talks
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    With a core of leaders now in the squad I'd seriously love for us to give this a chance.
  7. Tony Xia

    Probably not the first owner who's watched a player he's about to spend a lot of money on and thought he's not worth the value. Porbably the first owner to actually tell us this though.
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Yes! what this guy said, we do not want strength in depth. serious though, id assume tshibola is seen as more box to box midfielder, and this signing might mean the end of westwood or gardner. big if though.
  9. The 2016 Takeover Thread

    buy low sell high
  10. The Rémi Garde thread

    I think that's the only hope we have that he will invest to get straight back up and not sell our best players, being that If we remain down at some point if he wants to sell he'll have to take a big hit. I'm just scared he's that dumb he thinks we can cut and still go back up. And all his decisions up to know point to that.
  11. Tom Fox

    Who actually is the one deciding on the direction the club is taking, set up and what not. I'm assuming it is fox.
  12. The Rémi Garde thread

    What does having them in achieve ?
  13. The Randy Lerner thread

    Can not understand or believe that his only role as a member of the board would to be eyes and ears for his dad. Surely can do that without being given a position like that. Would be a terrible decision anyway to put his 18 year old son Infront of the firing line like that.
  14. Steven Hollis

    Don't know if anyone seen this or if I read it completely wrong, but seen collymore tweet yesterday that Brian Little was being appointed as a board member. Seems to have deleted that tweet aswell know. Could be complete garbage.