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  1. Tony

    Steve Bruce

    It’s feels to me like one of those meaningless wins at the end of a season when there’s nothing to play for. A complete lack of excitement due to the fact I already know how this is going to pan out. That we’ll muster up some sort of uncohesive form and scrape together some wins, that Bruce will come out gloating like he’s won us the premier league, that we’ll then go on yet another winless streak, that we’ll then be told we’re all hysterical and he has 4 promotions don’t you know, that if we’re lucky we’ll end up theresbouts because there is above his abilities, that once again we’ll have just been 90 mins away, that he’ll have his team ripped apart again, and that we’ll be left in the s**t because of his inability to get out of a league at the third attempt whilst arguably having the the best team in it for the last 2 years. And I’m just tired of it.
  2. Tony

    Steve Bruce

    No wins in 5 and the guy then takes a holiday. This tells me enough that he is feeling the pressure / isn’t in the best place right now. For his sake and ours we need a parting of ways. His decisions are becoming worse and worse as the weeks go on.
  3. Tony

    The Villa Finance Thread

    Theres 2 scenarios in my opinion: 1) Xia exaggerated the FFP problems to cover his own back, plus new owners have been given a bit of leniency to get finances in order. 2) They have seen other fines handed out and decided to chance it and have another go, and take the consequences if and when. In reality its probably a little bit of all of those things.
  4. Tony

    New Manager Speculation

    Always liked the idea of klopps old assistant Buvac “the brain” behind developing the high press system as described by Klopp.
  5. Tony

    Steve Bruce

  6. Tony

    New Manager Speculation

    I think you are right. Always worried when linked to Brentford players, who are clearly being coached well in a system that is essentially making them look better than they are. Take Kemar Roofe for instance, an average striker in previous years, now being coached well is looking like one of the best strikers this season. And Bruce is then the type of mug to go out and spend 12m on him.
  7. Tony

    New Manager Speculation

    For what it’s worth Jorge Mendes manager clients include Shakhtar Donetsk manager Paulo Fonseca. Looks a good coach. Andre villas-boas would also be good. Probably stand no chance with both however until you ask you won’t get. Who would of thought Bielsa and Leeds or Nuno and wolves.
  8. Tony

    Christian Purslow

    Assume the stake in shares makes up some of his remuneration. A way of keeping it off the P&L for FFP reason. Could be wrong however, it’s early in the morning.
  9. Tony

    Tammy Abraham

    Someone tell brucie boy please
  10. Tony

    Steve Bruce

  11. Tony

    Tammy Abraham

    think that will be the manager more than any player
  12. Tony

    Steve Bruce

    That’s the upsetting thing. He’ll always just do enough to keep his job, especially with the players at his disposal. Hope the new owners see this.
  13. Tony

    Steve Bruce

    Can a Bruce supporter please point out to me what you are seeing because I’m bewildered as to why you’d think he was a good manager.
  14. Tony

    Match Thread: Villa v Reading

    i dont know what just happened. how did he keep those out
  15. Tony

    Tammy Abraham

    I agree it’s a gamble I don’t agree it’s the best use of of our one loanee left, so I’d take the gamble. But there you go.