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  1. Interested to see how we fit him into the team. Don’t feel he’s coming to sit on the bench.
  2. Wilder has spent 120 million last 3 windows but still seen as plucky...
  3. My take on who / what we are looking for this window based on the rumours we know: CF - a striker who is adaptable to play on the wing: Watkins (clear no.1 target), Edouard, iheanacho, Origi (reservations as I don’t know what his motivation would be). 20-30m CF - short term option while Wesley gets back up to speed. Read on article from MoM’s which made the case for Brewster till January which made sense. Loan Winger - fast, direct with good output: Rashica, Benrahma, Cervi 20-30m CM - Box to box midfielder, good aerial ability, adaptable to be more defensive if needs be: M
  4. Tammy grealish ... odegaard.... sarr is my dream
  5. I’f palace is a winnable game then why aren’t Arsenal and Everton ? Giving more respect to the name rather than their current states. Everton are sat in 12th place. Either way I think it’s doable rather being something which is a certainty. We would obviously have to improve.
  6. 3 wins, 3 draws, 3 loss puts us on 38 points which I think will be enough and is doable from the games remaining. Only game I don’t expect we have a chance of getting anything from is Liverpool.
  7. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that an upturn in his goal / assists output this season has coincided with a move out to LW. Worried if he is moved back to a central role we’ll loose a lot of that goal threat.
  8. Will be interesting to see how others teams owners react to this. in the same way that you could argue the Man City takeover lead to some disinterest from Lerner, I wonder if Abramovich is going to be happy to keep ploughing money in, or the Everton owners.
  9. Personally think it will even out. If you have Newcastle consistently making top four at the expense of spurs, then their top players likely won’t want to stick around as long and therefore they become weaker and easier to compete with in the long run. We don’t have the money at the moment to even compete with Man City’s, Chelsea’s, United and Liverpool’s. So I don’t think this effects our “plan” which effectively looks like a poor version of Dortmund’s at the moment, but to invest in youth and develop rather than buy ready made stars. Think the likes of spurs Everton etc.
  10. Let’s be honest it doesn’t really change anything for us.
  11. The articles by Neil Moxley so you’d like to think it has a little more weight to it than an unknown reporter. Interestingly it puts our owners wealth at a combined £12bn which would put Eden’s own net worth at +5bn based on Sawiris per Forbes. A lot more than previous estimates, which suggests it could be bull. Either way he’s got this from somewhere and you’d like to hope it’s Villa’s side.
  12. In Percy’s recent article on constructive talks being had at villa r.e wage reductions, he mentions that we are one of the clubs in favour of the season ending. You would hope if true that that would mean the most popular option being discussed does not include relegation. He also says we have a salary cap of £45k barring Grealish which I thought was interesting.
  13. Latest news saying lockdown to remain till the end of May, and from that point they will start opening stuff up in reverse order, schools first etc. It also says that potential poverty impact from the economy being in lockdown could end up creating more deaths than were currently saving. It seems given most information that it is very likely the season will be finished behind closed doors, starting some time in June. Unless this lasted till start of August, a voiding of the season is looking highly unlikely.
  14. via the athletic, Matt Slater: Several leading sports lawyers have raised serious doubts about the implications of extending the season beyond June 30, with one lawyer saying it is simply “not realistic”, while another said the situation would be an “absolute nightmare”. The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is, of course, bigger than football or any other sport, but that does not mean the professional game is not dealing with significant and unprecedented challenges. One of the most complicated issues is how to finish the current season in Europe, where many players
  15. With regards to the remaining TV games. No relegation + top two from championship promoted would create 78 additional games next year (correct me if I’m horribly wrong). surely they could do some sort of deal around Offering those in place of the current year.
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