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  1. As a Villa fan I have often felt blessed.My first full season ticket was 1980 -81 and the following few years were fantastic.Then we got relegated .Graham Taylor came along and we became a major force again . The play off win last year felt very special almost like a rebirth,I know this season hasn’t worked out well but we are in a better position than 4 years ago. Villa are about highs and lows.But when the highs come you have to enjoy them because it probably won’t last. Villa park is without doubt the greatest stadium in English football and when we win there is something almost magical about it. I remember going to Villa park in 2016 the year we were relegated playing really badly and losing to Bournemouth and I think it meant we were mathematically relegated .After half time the Holte end began singing “we shall not moved etc” and I realised this is how true fans react,it’s easy to get carried away when your successful but sticking with your team through thick and thin even when your team is shit is what it means to be a true fan. We have an incredibly loyal fan base,if we were playing in League 2 we would still get 30,000. There will be good times ahead,I don’t know when it will be but when it comes it will feel fantastic.
  2. That was the worst penalty decision I have ever seen(since palace away)I have never seen a penalty given when the attacking player deserved a red card. Thing that shocked me the most was Gary Neville justifying it (previously I had always respected his opinions) We played well for 27 mins had 3 or 4 good chances but after that incident we were done. I thought Taylor ,Hause and Konsa did OK. Is Mings shit ?No .Did he make a mistake ?Yes Is Grealish playing poorly ?Yes.He is trying to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders and he can’t cope. Crystal Palace is must win.Can we win ?If everybody just thinks positively for a few days we can .I am not sure who is going to score for us but it’s possible . We can have conversations about how shit all our players are when it is mathematically certain and we can sell all our players and buy another 10 -15 new players because we know that is certain to be successful.
  3. We are paying for the atrocious transfers that we made in our first season in the championship.We spent a huge amount of our parachute payments on total dross McCormack, Kodja,Hogan,Tsibola etc .I think about 50 million was wasted. Bruce then had to recruit players for low or minimal transfer fees who were mostly coming to the end of their careers Whelan Jedinak etc or fill the squad out with loan players Axel,Abraham . That effectively left us with no stable collective core we could add to when we got promoted.We had to create a brand new team and as we see some of the recruitment has been poor. Has a premier league club ever signed so many players at one time before and been successful?I can’t think of any.
  4. We look solid defensively but weak in attack.We had a number of good attacking positions but seemed to lack belief that we could score. Can we stay up? Yes we need Watford to not beat Newcastle (assuming they will beat Norwich)and we need to beat Palace. Offensively we look weaker than any Villa team for many years and I think that is due to poor recruitment strategy .I think there was an obsession with recruiting young players with sell on value .Purslow suggested that loans were not good business but last year Abraham and Azel were brilliant for us and got us promoted .We needed some high quality loan signings to help the hugely inexperienced squad.
  5. It’s us or Watford for the last relegation spot. Their next game is Norwich so expect them to get 3 points.So after we have played Man U and Liverpool (not expecting much there ) we will be 4 points behind them with much poorer goal difference. They then have Newcastle and West Ham which are difficult to predict. We are going to have beat Palace and maybe draw with Everton to stay in touch. The more I think about it the less I think it’s possible.
  6. They say Prince Andrew is the Queens favourite child- it makes you wonder what the others must have done. Andrew has a new defence against that disastrous interview he did - it wasn’t him being interviewed he was in Pizza Express at the time.
  7. We are now 18th because of number of goals Bournemouth let in. If West Ham lose by 6 clear goals we move out of the relegation zone. At the moment I am getting more pleasure watching our relegation rivals losing than watching us play.
  8. I mean stability in terms of players.I think there are some good players who will do well in the championship.A new manager coming in is probably going to want to completely restructure the squad.We have done that 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years.Many people on here have demanded we get rid players that ended up being good Lowton,Albrigton,Gueye,Traore etc I hope we don’t keep making the same mistakes.Buying lots of new players is no guarantee they are going to be any good. We are struggling at the moment mainly because we lack belief we can beat the bigger teams.The defeats we suffered against Arsenal and Liverpool have had long lasting effects.Our squad is lacking talent in some key areas.I also think our main focus should be on avoiding relegation until it is certain.
  9. There are some very optimistic/deluded Villa fans on here regarding our next manager. Poch??? Rafa who is on something like £12 million in China Why don’t we go for Klopp he seems to doing well at the moment. Dont know what the view on Dyce on here is but I would describe him an very skilled Premier League manager with limited resources who plays industrial football.His first season in the Premier league ....relegated with 33 points...sounds familiar. For me with the huge turnaround we have had with playing staff in last 4 years we need stability .How many new players have we signed in the last 5 years?I would guess the number is very very high. Stick with Smith.
  10. When you look at what we signed in 16/17 it makes me want to weep Cormack 13 million Kodja 12 million Hogan 9.5 million Chester 8 million Tsibola 5.3 million gollini 4.5 million Bree 3 million Elphick 3million R delat 3 million Its quite depressing
  11. According to transfer market site Brighton 17/18. 60 million net spend 18/19 80 million net spend 19 /20 70 million net spend Total net spend £210 million Villa 17/18 2 million net spend 18/19 17 million net spend 19/20 143 milllion net spend Total net spend £ 162 million It surprised me when I looked into it.
  12. Sorry I forgot that we spent £140 million because it’s hardly ever mentioned. Its just that Brighton have actually spent more than us over the last couple of years as have Bournemouth and West Ham.All of these clubs had the advantage of adding quality to established squads. Its just an observation that I think is overlooked.We are not the only team fighting relegation who has spent a lot of money.
  13. Let’s not forget this little Brighton team cosy quite a lot of money to assemble Bissouma 15 million Webster 20 million Maupay 20 million Trossard 18 million Propper 11 million Dunk valued 40 million One of our problems as Villa fans is we think we should be better than a club like Brighton even though they have become established in the premier league and have spent about 200 million in last few years. Although I do have to agree they seem well coached.
  14. I thought the team we got relegated with was terrible but on reflection we had some really good players Geuye,Traore,Gollini,Amavi Veretout,Jordan Ayew, Ciaran Clark(goodish) have all gone on to better things. There are similarities with our side now,firstly recruiting 6 or 7 players from abroad and expecting them to gel together immediately is ridiculous. Both sides lacked real leaders with premier league experience.Add a couple of those kind of players and both teams might fared better. There were a few players in the 2016 team that were toxic and were going through the motions which I don’t think we have in the current team. We are in a better place and if relegation happens I think we can cope better in the championship without the need for a complete overhaul.
  15. Very poor Why can other teams pressure us when we have the ball in defence but we can’t do the same to them .Why does it look like we have no midfield or attack.Why are we so shit at throw ins.Not sure Grealish is right man to be Captain,some of the on field decisions today at free kicks and corners were really poor.Why were Clelsea allowed to keep crossing balls in from the left. Only small positives Luiz looking like a good midfielder,Hause and :Mings generally looking solid . Very big game on Wednesday,maybe Newcastle will be on the beach after there win today.?
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