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  1. Just noticed Bielsa after the game described Bamford as a “noble player”.I think that is a long way from the truth.After his previous acting performance to get El Gazi sent off his play acting to try to con a penalty was despicable and probably why Mings was so angry. The game was in the balance just after half time but they scored and really dominated us and deserved to win.Mcginn looked exhausted and Barkley was poor. I don’t think we played that badly just they played with high energy and good tactics.We are not the finished article and we had no one on the bench to change things
  2. Just been watching the pre Leeds press conference and how Smith seem so thoughtful,honest and likeable. Also how I think he is a great student of the game.Prelockdown we were a shambles defensively but he has analysed it and now we seem to be very difficult to score against. He is the kind of manager that the longer he spends in the premier league the better he will become.
  3. They only post when their winning post when their winning..........
  4. This game will tell us how this season will pan out. Its funny how most of the narrative from our victories against Fulham and Liverpool was how bad they must be rather than maybe how good we are now. It seems reminiscent of 95/96 when we beat Man U 3-1 first game of the season most of the narrative was how bad Manu were and how”you win nothing with kids”.That season we finished 4th won the league cup and got to the FACup semifinal.The season before we narrowly avoided relegation,we finished 18th and the next 4 teams were relegated. That summer we made 3 or 4 key signings (one b
  5. Southgate is going to run out of excuses soon. Why don’t you pick jack He is only playing in the championship he doesn’t have premier league experience(Kalvin Phillips) I cant play him in a position he doesn’t play for his club(Mount,Trippier) Discipline(Sancho,Walker, Maguire,Foden,) We needed speed on the ball tonight against 10men...... He is not as good as Gascoigne I don’t like his hairstyle
  6. Players currently who are ahead of Jack in Southgates mind Sterling Rashford Mount Sancho Foden Greenwood Calvert Lewin (on the left) Lord Lucan Jack only got in this squad due to covid breaking and indiscipline.He has no intention of playing him again Jack has to keep performing for us and public opinion may force him to at least put in the squad but he will never start and he won’t be in the Euro’s squad unless a plague descends on all the English attacking players.I think it’s better to accept that now that be disappointed when it happens.
  7. Most pundits now seem to want Jack to play(the exception Danny Mills) Watching England under Southgate I now find depressing.I actually want the opposition to score to speed up his demise something I have never experienced before.We have had players that were overlooked before but none so obviously suited to international football.Some of the tackles that Jack endures in the Premier league can’t happen in International football,referees are much stricter and so teams will find it harder to stop him. We could field a very strong attacking team but Southgates tactics are too cautious a
  8. I have always been a believer in Smith since he took over.There was a moment after the a Leicester defeat that’s thought he would never be successful because we were so easy to score against. He has proved he can learn and adapt and defensively we have improved hugely.I don’t think we have conceded from a set piece since lockdown which was something that needed addressing. Smiths problem now is our expectations are now much higher.We have a fantastic first team but if Grealish,Mings,Luiz or Watkins gets injured we have weak replacements.I hope we stick by him even when we inevitably
  9. Gareth Southgate was asked about Jack after the game he apparently said he thought Joe Gomez had a good game. This is the greatest game we have played for over 25 years. In fact the game it reminds me of If when we beat Manure 3-1 at start of 94/ 95 season ???You will win nothing with kids! The season before under Little we just avoided relegation but he made 3 or 4 crucial signings and we were transformed.Seems very similar.Martinez just oozes calmness,Cash is an up grade on Guillbert,Watkins is a menace and his holdup play is fantastic and Barkley can carry the ball out
  10. I am not sure if all issues can separated into right,left and centre where Brexit is prime example.People can talk about Labour moving to the left or the right to me it’s not important. Labour needs to find policies that are popular and will allow them to win elections.They can make principled stands on issues and watch the Tories win elections. Starmer is trying to reposition the party to make it more electable.One big issue Labour needs to address is whether we retain our nuclear deterrent.There are many good arguments foe getting rid of it due to its expense and its hard to imagin
  11. Great to see this again.Withiout him we probably wouldn’t have been promoted.That stare is brilliant He was brilliant for us that season and it’s a shame he was injured while Heaton was out last season.We should be appreciative of players who have been with us a long time who maybe don’t play a lot but make massive contributions when they play. Reminds me that Soleskar was invaluable to Manure as a sub they could bring on when they were desperate.Dont think he started that many games.I remember David Geddis In 81 only playing a few games but getting some crucial goals,against SHA ??i
  12. I think we can rule out Newcastle finishing near the relegation zone. I have been very impressed with Wilson never really paid much attention to him before he has pace and good skill.They have bought well Hendrick and Lewis look solid.The have pace upfront and with Carroll aerial power and Bruce always sets up quite defensively as we know. West Ham look crap only good player is Antonio.Is Rice one of the most overrated players ever?I expect Moyes to be one of the first managers to be sacked.
  13. Juventus had an incredible line up. My main memory is the way they kept the ball,I don’t think we touched the ball for the first 30 minutes.In the second half we played much better.
  14. Jack looked like he belongs at this level.He has always had talent but yesterday I saw confidence with a bit of arrogance which all great players need.He did more in his short cameo than Sancho did in 2 games. Phillips who I think is a good player looked like a rabbit in the headlights especially in the first half.To give a cap to someone with no premier league experience is crazy.How comparable is the championship to international football? The good news for us is Jack looked sharp and if he performs like he did last year Southgate is going to be under a lot of pressure to pick him
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