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  1. Brilliant game.6-2I remember before the game started they were saying Neville Southall was the best goalkeeper in the world Watched it with a few non Villa fans who were quite dismissive of Platt before the game and he ended up with a hatrick. Taylor really created a great team.
  2. Always really liked In Rainbows.This was the album they gave away for free. Reckoner - YouTube
  3. Brilliant to see this again. Kenny Swain =Matty Cash Allan Evans =Mings Garry Shaw=Watkins Morley <Grealish Cowans> Luiz Bremner>Trezaguet Mortimer>?=Mcginn Rimmer=Martinez Few things that struck me was how Morley and Grealish have some similarities especially carrying the ball and cutting in. That fast direct attacking is quite similar to team now. I had forgotten how beautiful the Trinity Stand was.It was a crime to not replace it properly.
  4. I feel Birmingham City fans are most closely associated with Kant.
  5. This is so true.If there is one area we can improve on its being more clinical with our chances. I often feel when we get into the penalty area we make poor final decisions. It’s great that we are playing so well but we could be even better
  6. This might be the secret of our success.We are not predictable.Sometimes we play out from the back and sometimes the keeper kicks it long to one of our players.Means teams take a big risk if they play a high press. What I love most about our play is when we break at speed there always seems to a number of options.I think it helps that most of the players are comfortable on the ball even our centre backs and for Villa that is rare.
  7. One major change I can see coming in for European SL or revamped Champions league is where a clubs record over 5 years is taken into consideration for qualification for each year.The major worry for the big 6 is they have Champions League squads and Champions league wage bills but are at serious risk of not qualifying especially now with the reemergence of Everton and Leicester and others. Someone suggested if they used this “historical “method for qualication Arsenal and Tottenham would have qualified for champions league this year. What I can see happening is expansion of Europa le
  8. So many different emotions after the game tonight. So proud of our young players,some of them will hopefully make their way into our first team. Klopp is someone I previously had a lot of respect for but after seeing his pre match interview I saw a cold ruthless guy trying to avenge the 7-2.Playing a pretty much full strength premier league winners against a group of 18 year olds lacks class in my opinion. Especially someone who is consistently moaning about fixture congestion and player tiredness.He wanted to demolish us.I did think before the game we would have been better to
  9. There have been many great moments and I would agree with the ones mentioned above,for me others stick out Beating WBA at home in80/81 with a last minute winner from Withe.A magical night,very cramped felt like there was 60,000 in that night. Beating Wolves 4-1 in 2018.I was with some lapsed Villa fans and the atmosphere that night was very special.Felt like this was the beginning of the rebirth and we were emerging from our dark days.
  10. I always had a lot of respect for Lampard as a player but as a manager he lacks a lot of class.His post match comments seem delusional.Hodgson who is under huge pressure spoke honestly after our game and he seems a dignified person. Our performance was gritty and determined.We play as a team.A very organised and well drilled team with some extremely talented players.I think one of the keys to our success this season is a strong team bond and I think everyone seems such good characters. Why are we so shit at throw ins?We have improved massively at corners but not throw ins.I remember
  11. Not sure if this is a Villa thing or maybe other clubs are the same. Guy scores 2 goals could easily have 2 more but for good saves and there is a bit of negativity on here. If fans aren’t behind him tonight then he better move club. Maybe we should shell out another 15 -20 million on another forward and people can get on his back when he doesn’t perform. No team has a complete squad of brilliant players who play brilliantly every game.Players form ebbs and flows. Look at Solskar at UTD I am sure there are united fans whocriticised him at the time,he hardly ever start
  12. I like El gazi.After the Everton incident that may be difficult to explain. He shows some great technical ability eg Free kick tonight and penalty last week. He can be infuriating like the chance when Grealish passed to him and he shot with the power of a 2 year old. I think confidence is a major factor with him and I hope the coaching staff can somehow make him realise his ability.
  13. It’s funny this talk of Cowans and Grealish on here. Grealish for me is the finest player Villa have ever had.He has more natural talent than any Villa player I have seen(Dwight Yorke close) But Cowans is certainly very close as greatest ever Villa player.They were completely different players,Cowans had great long and short passing,great dead ball delivery,great engine and good at tackling.He served us well went to Italy(broke his leg I think) signed by KennyDalglish for Blackburn then came back to us and was still brilliant.But he always gave everything and had a huge part in our
  14. I think tonight he has moved onto another level in the eyes of non Villa fans. The performance tonight was no different from the performances he showed us for the last 3 years.But for him to do it against supposedly the number 1 team in the world just shows how far he can go. If anything I think international football might suit him more than than the premier league.The free kicks he wins in danger areas could be crucial and I don’t think international teams can assign 2 or 3 players to close him down. His problem is the lack of creativity in midfield .How often did Henderson or
  15. I think we have been incredibly lucky to have these owners. They have invested heavily but not so they put us at risk of penalties. They seem to enjoy our success and we can see them celebrating at certain games but they don’t seem to seek limelight. They don’t seem to meddle as we see from other owners.Sticking with Smith when things looked bleak was for me a great show of loyalty and the best option.We seemed to be prepared for relegation if it had happened. Long may it continue.
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