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  1. Potentially not as a foreigner though. I'm not sure if they've openly said it but a lot of analysts seem to think the government would be happy to let the losses fall disproportionately on overseas investors where the opportunity exists.
  2. I agree with you that he shouldn't treat Grealish any differently to Barry or Benteke. But really, you should have net positive memories of those two players as well - I've certainly got a lot of good memories of watching Benteke play. I don't idolise him but I also don't act like him leaving has personally wronged me and burned away everything good he ever did for our club. You don't have to care about him now he plays for City but expunging his history here and the memories you have of him is another step further than that. Not saying that's what you're doing, but that's what most of the Grealish defenders on here are arguing against (rather than demanding all Villa fans continue to idolise a City player).
  3. I'd certainly be disappointed if Jack celebrated against us (unless he'd been really heavily booed prior).
  4. Do you always show absolutely no empathy towards anyone that refuses to do exactly what you want them to? Are you typing your messages from the inside of a high-security prison?
  5. Sounds like her son has the final say either way though? Just tell him his mum is wrong on this one.
  6. Yeah, gotta say I also appreciate all your little updates on the youth players. Thanks!
  7. My point is that it's not as simple as saying "our second string should still be able to beat relegation candidates" (even if that were true, which is in itself debatable). Players being unfit or not having settled means that they may not be performing as well as they will once the season gets going, but you're advocating replacing them anyway because the team isn't good enough. Targett looks unfit. I refuse to believe Buendia has hit his ceiling already. Chukwuemeka was making his first competitive start, so I'd expect him to improve significantly. Young has only been at club for three games, as has Ings. You don't think they'll improve in the future as they get more familiar with their teammates? Clearly they will. So why not see what they're capable of before demanding we replace them?
  8. And if we did buy new players, would they have a chance to get familiar with the team and their role in it? Or would they also need replacing if they didn't perform literally immediately? Its game three of a season that barely had a pre-season. If this was midway through the season I might agree with you but you always get weird results in the early games, particularly if you've bought or sold a lot of players. I mean, I seem to remember Man City had a bad start to the season last year but it didn't hold them back too much.
  9. If you genuinely think we were aiming to improve on last season's haul of 9 points from the first 3 games then I think you're the one that's lost the plot. There's 38 games in a season.
  10. Yeah, I could believe that interpretation too. Although I don't think it's that far fetched to think that he just didn't care as much about the Everton player because that player happens to be white. It's not a good look in either case.
  11. I'm very aware of this as well. I think there's a huge difference between a player that looks promising during their cameos and a player who can fight their way into a starting role in the best XI for their club. And then there's another step up to being one of the best players on the pitch, and another one again to do all that while just a teenager or in your early twenties. That said, we've done everything possible to give ourselves the best chance to have a great crop of youngsters coming through, so maybe we'll be lucky and have a golden generation. I'd just be cautious about hyping them up too much; the Academy would more than have justified the investment if it can unearth even one Grealish from the current bunch!
  12. No, it proves the reasons why Laurence Fox disagrees with taking the knee. It has literally nothing to do with my reasons for disliking taking the knee, and I suspect many other people could say the same. If your point is "racists exist and dislike taking the knee" then you're just attacking a straw man. I don't think anyone on this forum has ever claimed that there aren't racists who dislike taking the knee for obvious reasons. The scope of the debate on here has always been whether everyone who disagrees with taking the knee is a racist or not. Anyway, no sense rehashing arguments we've already had. I've explained my point and I'll leave it there.
  13. Laurence Fox is actually making the same point as you, but in inverse. He's saying people who support taking the knee are keeping company with a literal rapist, and trying to tarnish the anti-racism movement by association - i.e. "who are you to moralise at me when you've got rapists in your ranks?" It's a stupid argument, of course. But it's equally stupid in reverse. The existence of Laurence Fox doesn't invalidate the opinions of anyone disagreeing with taking the knee any more than the existence of Benjamin Mendy invalidates the views of anyone who agrees with it.
  14. You laugh, but I believe Chukwuemeke is indeed the correct plural! It's from the Latin.
  15. It it's worth 10 points a year from set pieces then he'll have been the best acquisition in the history of the club!
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