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  1. My opinion as someone who is not averse to voting Tory when they're in souless accountancy mode rather than their current culture war / fact denial incarnation is that Starmer isn't doing a bad job, and I'll likely be voting for him at the next election (whereas I wouldn't have voted for Corbyn and voted Lib Dem instead). I can see where the criticism that he's not doing enough to make waves comes from, but with regard to criticising the Tory handling of the pandemic I think he's in a difficult position. In the early stages of the pandemic our response was disastrous but I think he'd have
  2. I'll certainly grant you we should probably stop taking Chelsea midfielders on loan
  3. The incredibly obvious counterpoint to this is Emi Martinez, but someone like Jesse Lingard at West Ham also disproves it too. There's no magic formula to recruiting players - you can get some good ones from lower leagues, and some good ones from teams above you. Recruiting based on attitude seems a good idea but we do still get the occasional dud (like Ross). I think a lot just comes down to luck.
  4. It's a real shame he's out, but I guess it's a chance to see what the rest of the team is made of. Our entire playbook seems to be "pass the ball to Jack Grealish" so perhaps it'll give us the chance to add a few more strings to our bow, and we'll be even stronger when he comes back. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.
  5. Great interview. Really interesting to hear him say how much Terry in particular has helped him improve his defending.
  6. I feel like Swansong's thread might end up going the way of the Milo Rachina one at this rate. I just hope we don't see any fish puns.
  7. Maybe some people hate him, but I think most people just think he shouldn't be playing. The reason people are frustrated is that he may well not be dropped, and if the coaching staff apparently like what they see then we might even buy him. He needs to go back on the bench and try and force his way back into the squad through performances, that's all.
  8. After all the talk of giving Grealish a fat new contract, they should maybe be thinking about giving Emi a new contract too. I think he'd be just as hard to replace.
  9. His first little touch when he came on was great, but then didn't do much else but run around and get carded. Still, I think the Sansa >> Barkley swap is worth doing. He did at least look like he had some energy.
  10. Hope he's back soon, the drop in passing ability was quite obvious when Elmo came on.
  11. We really have dodged a bullet getting Ross in on loan, imo (which I assume is good fortune rather than good planning in this case). Sometimes a signing just doesn't work out despite being a great fit on paper, and it's really nice to think that we don't have to have him sitting on our books for 4 years on £100k a week or something insane. Unless we decide to buy him in the summer, of course...
  12. Needs to be dropped. Maybe he'll play better when he's had a bit more training time, but we don't have the luxury of letting him try and play himself into form game after game. Unless his form dramatically improves I'd like to see him headed back to Chelsea at the end of the season.
  13. I'm not pleased with a point or the performance, but we should be pleased with a point after that performance. Martinez so obviously the MOTM that anyone not voting for him needs their head checked. The defence were good too, Mings in particular. Everyone else was poor, Jack included. No threat going forward. Trez and Samson added a bit more dynamism when they came on. It's nice to have Elmo on the bench if needed, but I really noticed the drop in quality in that position after Cash went off. Please no more Barclay.
  14. Not an enjoyable half to watch, but I still think we'll win this. Our gameplan seems to be to riskily pass it around our back 4 and then kick it long and lose the ball. Thankfully Martinez bailed us out. Barkley doesn't seem to be offering anything, not sure why he's on the pitch. Traore has hardly seen the ball but every time he does he seemed to pass it behind him to an opposition player. Madness. Lucky that it's still 0-0 really. Credit to Brighton but we've got to step it up several gears if we want the 3 points.
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