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  1. Each to their own. But if what happens in the actual game doesn't entertain you, why not just read the scores in the paper the next day an do a little fist pump to yourself if we win?
  2. Really enjoying this game, think we're good value for the draw and hopefully even the victory. Trez and Grealish looking great, McGinn looking awful. Wouldn't really mind even if we lost though, I watch football to be entertained at the end of the day.
  3. I'm very happy with 5 wins out of 7, I just don't understand why we can't do things the easy way! (EDIT - if not clear, I'm referring to the teams we're beating rather than having a go at any of the players. Great performance today!)
  4. Went into this expecting to win a close game, but based on the performances I think Leeds deserved the win. Credit to them, they looked a very good side throughout the match although I feel like we gave them a decent match. Goal cleared off the line, forced some good saves from their keeper, possible penalty shout - on another day we might have edged a win there (although Leeds were definitely the better team). It's some much-needed perspective on our season, I think. There's no easy games in the PL and Leeds are a team (much like ourselves) who could turn over pretty much anyone on their
  5. Decent pun, have a like.
  6. To be honest I think if a player trains well enough that the manager could select them to play if they want and doesn't disrupt the club with antisocial behaviour, fans shouldn't be having a go at them for collecting a paycheque. Doesn't matter if it's Lansbury or anyone else. I get it a young player would probably want to move on to try and salvage their career but someone nearing the end of their career on good pay? Nah. Not everyone wants to put in loads of effort to play out the rest of a career that's only going to decline from here on out.
  7. Ah, okay. Interesting. That'd be a shame if true imo. Elmo has played CB recently too, right? I actually think he's decent enough cover for an injury in a lot of positions. Also Cash is doing great at RB so I wouldn't play him away from that position just to accommodate Guilbert, especially give Trez and Traore seem a good combo at RW.
  8. Sorry, you're right - I misread your post. Posters earlier in this thread have criticised him for being willing to do nothing, so sort of went on a rant replying to you and put words in your mouth. Yeah, he's clearly decided that seeing out his contract and doing nothing is preferable to trying to find a role elsewhere. Personally I don't have an issue with that as the post above shows
  9. I think Elmo is only second choice because he covers multiple positions on the bench. If Cash was injured I suspect we'd see Fred starting in his place.
  10. He's 30 and might not want to uproot his life by moving to another club, and maybe feels with his injuries his best playing days would be over at 31 anyway. If he didn't see a decent move to a club he wants to play for on offer in this transfer window then it makes sense to stay. Does he have a family? Maybe that factors into it too. It's easy to bash him for not having the hunger to drop down a league or two to keep playing, but it's also not fair. Would you move across the country and take a harder job just because some random people on the internet who like the company you work for wan
  11. I don't blame the guy for leaving, he looked like he was on his way to the top so it didn't really make sense to stay here. He may have gone to the wrong top club but frankly he was too good back then to be battling relegation every year. He deserved a shot at the big time. Certainly didn't work out for him though, and I'm sure he thinks back on his time at Villa as the highpoint of his career. It must be hard to come back from getting your big move and flopping, especially after some injuries, so it's not that surprising He's stagnated. He's unrecognisable as a player now.
  12. The problem with having two excellent keepers tho is that one may not be happy sitting on the bench, which is why we've now got Martinez and Arsenal don't. So that would be great but I'm not sure if it's entirely feasible.
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