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  1. If you are have a lot of pronation or supination look for shoes that have a lot of support, and less cushioning. If you have only a little you can probably get away with a neutral shoe, which has a mix of support and cushioning. If you don't need any correction you can take a more cushioned shoe if you prefer it to the neutral. If the websites you are looking at don't tell you enough about the shoes, try looking some on a site like run repeat.com where they give all the details. Edit: this is better advice than mine! https://runrepeat.com/guides/best-stability-running-shoes
  2. Go to proper running store that can put you on a treadmill and do a proper analysis. I think it's really the only way to make sure you get the right shoes. As long as they explain everything properly then next time you'll have a good idea what to look for without doing it again.
  3. That would vaccinate the whole of Nepal, or some other countries in similar situations. India obviously has a crazy population, but they're also the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world so if blocks on materials were lifted (the US has been holding up exports of some of the materials needed) and intellectual property rights done away with they could get a lot out quite quickly. To be clear, I've no problem with people being able to travel to see family (I was lucky enough to be able to travel to the UK last year to see my Dad before he died) or travel between safer countries. But any talk of normality is premature because it can only be a limited normal until it includes everyone.
  4. I've no issue with travel corridors or arrangements between safer countries, but it's far too early to talk of travel going back to normal because most of the world isn't in a normal situation. There still need to be limits on mobility. Free travel between safer countries sure but restrictions elsewhere. It's talk of normality that gets my back up at the moment, and a general anger at western governments that are hoarding vaccines and holding up efforts for free patents, wider manufacturing etc in the name of profit.
  5. There are certainly some good reasons for travel and blanket bans aren't the answer, but it needs to be a cautious approach. God knows, I'd like to escape from here if there were any flights. I don't blame anyone for taking the vaccine or think it's their fault, I'll take any opportunity I can to get jabbed, but I am angry that the west has ordered millions more vaccines than it needs and countries that are in absolute crisis can't get any. Some of the complaints about restrictions (and I'm not particularly referring to you, I only dip in this thread now and then and have no idea what your general position is) don't sit right while we're burning bodies in car parks and putting covid patients 3 to a bed.
  6. My perspective is going to be different because I'm sitting here in Nepal and frankly shitting myself at the moment because the situation is seriously scary. I know if I get sick there is almost zero chance of getting help, so anything that could increase the risk in South Asia, South America or Africa is going to get a negative reaction from me. Focus on getting the world vaccinated, then you can have your international holidays. Until then it's pretty low down on my list of priorities.
  7. Theoretical maybe, but it's new variants are popping up all the time and some of them are going to be vaccine resistant and serious if people from all over the place start mixing freely. Then what about the unvaccinated populations (?I.e, most of the world). Open up travel, vaccinated travellers can still carry the virus to unvaccinated populations. Just having the west vaccinated is not enough. There needs to be a serious effort to get everyone vaccinated and that is not happening.
  8. A lot of people in rich counties have been vaccinated. But most of the world hasn't. If you open up travel, people start jetting off to different locations with lower vaccination rates and bringing back new, vaccine resistant variants. Time for the west to stop hoarding all the vaccines, get them out where they needed, then maybe international travel can return to some sort of normality.
  9. Ha ha, yeah I remember spraying blood up all the walls, my bedroom looked like a murder scene. Even while it was happening I was finding it funny, and as it happened in a shared student house with all my mates there I knew it was going enter into legend.
  10. Likewise. I remember eating and drinking as little as possible to minimise the numbers of times I'd have to go to the toilet. The incident itself I don't remember as being very painful, but that may have been to do with how drunk I was.
  11. Our lockdown starts at midnight. This morning I've seen 7* different buses going to different weddings, plus various cars and jeeps, because obviously today it's totally safe to have massive parties, with guaranteed zero social distancing and masks almost certainly coming off for photos, dancing and after a few drinks. It's hard not to feel a lot of Nepal's problems are not self-inflicted. *I've only been outside twice, once to buy water and once for groceries (I can't carry both at the same time), probably for no more than 25 minutes in total. How many more buses have there been the rest of the morning?
  12. Just take your time. Go back the last week in C25K that has something around 15 minutes as the longest run and start from there. It's frustrating but it's normal. Through the last 2 months I've lost loads of running, to 2 lots of food poisoning and severe pollution. I've always gone backwards after these but I just run what I can afterwards and the fitness comes back quickly enough. Now I've got lockdown and I'm not sure outdoor running will be allowed, so loads of indoor strength work, cardio and maybe try some yoga for me.
  13. Nepal. Not a nationwide one but in my district.
  14. Back into lockdown from Friday for me. I know it's totally needed and I was first in line to complain when the authorities were doing nothing, but that doesn't make me dread it any less. Edit: the news I read was incomplete, it's only a partial lockdown. I can still escape the house for my runs and keep my sanity.
  15. It's not just the numbers but the serious lack of health infrastructure. There are also issues now about access to and availability of testing, so actual cases are likely much higher. I'm next door in Nepal, 40km away from the open border and feeling very nervous right now.
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